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Hrrj-lck Ilurkr nnil ( Jrrnorr
lluoiuril by Their HcMjicotlvr Com-
imnle * Kilcn nnil IHcknon nrc He-
vent Addition * to the Ncvr Country
Reports from the throe now towns
of llerrlck , liurke and Gregory Indi
cate thut there Is going to lie consid
erable settlement upon these sites
thin fall. In this connection Hcrrlck
is fur In tlio lead at the present time ,
with Gregory following for Hocotul
pliice. It seems thut the triple fac
tions battling for sway nt Uitrko have
deadlocked all progress nt this place
temporarily , but It Is believed that by
spring , when sottlotnent of the reser
vation begins In earnest , this town-
fllto will boom Into prominence and
leadership and offer the most attract
ive prospect for business. The fourth
site has at last been definitely hoard
from , and Is christened Eden , In hon
or of W. V Eden , the C. & N. W. agent
at Fairfax. A fifth town by the
name of Dlckson , Is reported as
launched on the northwest quarter of
section sixteen school land , In town
ship 99 , range 73. A private Individu
al Is the solo promoter as far as can
bo learned.
At Herrlck Just at present the out
look Is very flattering , Indeed. Tlio
many tents and buildings on this per
fectly level tract looms up handsome
ly In the distance , giving the now city
a prominence at this early stage of
its growth which augurs exceedingly
well for Its future. Many of the build
ings and shacks which were erected
ns temporary structures at lionosteel
during the registration are being
wheeled entire , ! o this townslte Two
wells have been completed so that
good water is now assured. There Is
no lack of competition In the rush for
business establishments. Six lumber
yards are at present on the ground ;
several saloons are moving In ; res
taurants and general stores are nu
merous ; a bank Is In process of es
tablishment , and the Rosebud Times ,
the llrst newspaper In the city , has
already been given Its first Issue.
As to the surveys and the legal as
pects , the "sooners * " Incorporation
still has possession. However , Judge
Stnrchor Is proceeding undaunted with
his own survey and will make every
effort to file and prove up the city
lots through his townslto petition. It
is an accepted fact that the register
and receiver of the United States land
odlco upholds him in his stand , from
wnlch decision a representative of the
incorporation is at present in Wash
ington making an appeal. The out
come will be awaited with Intense
interest ,
At Gregory , the third townslte , set
tlement Is likewise well under way.
A few of tne temporary buildings
which are bidding farewell to Bone-
steel are headed upon a long journey
for this town. Lying upon the west
ern border of the county , and as dis
tant from the distributing center of
Bonesteel as it is , a number of per
manent business establishments are
sure to be founded there this fall. As
to organization the occupants of
Gregory have been a unit from the
start. While friction and litigation
have marred the early success of Her
rick and Burke to a certain extent ,
Gregory will undoubtedly nourish un
der the benign Influences of peace.
Eden is practically in the hands of
people from Fairfax. Besides being
named for one of the latter's leading
citizens , the choice lots are In possess
ion of Fairfax people , a fact entirely
proper by virtue of priority. County
Judge Starcher , accompanied by a
number of his fellow citizens , made
his way to this site last Friday and
laid out the town. They reported a
beautiful location on a table of land
lying fairly in the fork of Bull creek
and surrounded by one of the best ag
ricultural districts of the country.
Eden will undoubtedly be heard from
ere many years.
The report as to the new town of
Dlckson , started on the northwest
school quarter of section 16 , town 99
range 73 , though coming from a relia
ble person , Mr. John Fllsram , brings
little with It to show that the Individ
ual promoter Is going to be successful
in his venture. The gentleman who
evidently believes that he Is going to
establish a town there. Is one Mr ,
Wllcox from the White River district
Mr. Wllcox is on the ground with his
tent , and has several loads of lumber
on the site preparatory to building
his general store. He says Dlckson is
going to be the terminal of the North
western railroad. Bonesteel Pilot
Friend * of Enrnent 1'nul do Nee Re
lieve lie WDM Rllty of Strnl-
Ing the Wenpon.
Investigation Into the case of Fry
vs. Paul , In which Ernest Paul was
arrested charged with stealing a gun
belonging to John Fry , convinces the
friends of the young man that Pau
had no thought of thievery. The
friends of Paul state that he and Frf
have been good friends and closs
neighbors for a long time and hav
been in the habit of borrowing eacl
other's Implements , wagons , etc. On
a certain day two weeks or so ago
Paul wanted to do some shooting ant
found that his own gun was broken
He wont over to Neighbor Fry's to
borrow his gun. Not finding Mr. Fryer
or any of his family at home and b
ing prefectly familiar with the place
through the visits he had made there ,
ho went Into the house and took th
gun. The next morning when Fr >
saw him ho asked htm If he had hi
gun , to which the young man repllei
that ho had. and straightway returno
It. This should have ended the mat
ter , but It didn't. It Is alleged tlm
meddlesome neighbors then took
hand and persuaded Fry that it wa
his duty to have Paul arrested , whle
10 did. At the trial , which was hold
n Pierce , Paul ncknowtodgod that he
> ok the gun but ho was HO oxcltod
vor the fact that he was being tried
lefore n court that ho neglected to
tnto the circumstances , and the re *
tilt was that ho WIIH nssensod n lno. )
'ho friends of Paul , however , main-
aln that ho Is no more u thief than
two-year-old child.
iiNNrlt VlnKfil Inn KIrotrlcnl Driu-
onNtriitlon Our Hum Vk'im
lltirnril ,
BASSHTT , Nob. , Aug. 22. Special to
'ho News : Saturday evening nt 11
'clock one of the most terrific thun-
or storms 'over experienced visited
Ills vicinity. Tlio nlr was FO charged
vlth electricity that distinct hissing
ounds wore plainly hoard.
Tlio barn of Wm. Kennedy , east of
own , together with four horses , har
ass , buggy and wagon , was burned.
fo damage to crops Is reported.
'lie Humphrey Trnni Scrum to lir
MrrlhiK nil Comer * \Vltli Vnry-
HUMPHREY , Neb. , Aug. 22. Special
o Tlio News : Howclls and Humphrey
layod ball yesterday afternoon , ro-
ultlng In a score of 9 to 2 In favor of
lumphrey. In the evening the Sioux
ndlans played a seven-Inning game
vlth Humphrey , resulting In a score
f 19 to 2 In favor of the Indians ,
lurnphroy Is playing Columbus this
ftornoon. Dodge will play with
lumphrey next Sunday and Columbus
ho following Sunday. This will bo
he closing game of the season.
.S AHKSTIM , I'll.lN'O
ooil I.nniln nre Left Vet After the
Seel Ion Trnvln In Woxtorn Nehrnnkn.
The Stock IttiHli nnil the Pnekrrn'
Strike lu South Onuihn.
nig nil ! Haley , one of the best
cnown among gamblers who worked
it Bonesteel , and who was with the
'atsy Magnor party when they paHHed
hrough here onroute home , was a
passenger on the early train today
rom Gregory to Omaha.
Haley has been In the now town on
he reservation for the past few
veoks , and Is leaving for n few days.
"Gregory Is going to bo a second
Bonesteel , " said the gambler with
> ure white hair. "It promises to be
a rattling good town. Just now It
s quieting down , the tiling being
learly at an end , but If the railroad
oes through It will be all right. "
In regard to the number of per
sons who are dally dropping out , pas
sengers state that now about forty
or llfty of each 100 fall to take claims.
The numbers from 1,300 to 1,400 are
filing today. Friday thirty-live
dropped out , that being the day when
eorgo Davenport of this city was
"There are some fairly good chanc
es even yet , far out on the reserva
tion , " said a locator. "The land Is
good , and Is being passed because it
s so far away. But some day a rail
road will connect It. "
It Is said that Nos. 1 and Z nro not
so good , In point of land , as many
jthers , having been selected more for
the location next a town.
\VItJ , JOIN I-'AllMS.
Tnkerx of Klnknlil Section * Combining
Their I.nnilx.
Every west-bound train passing
through Norfolk carries landseekers
who are anxious to look over the
ranches In western Nebraska that are
being offered In 640 acre tracts under
the Klnkald law. The hotels at Long
Pine are crowded every night with the
rush. At O'Neill , Valentine and Craw
ford the land offices are still doing
rushing business and at nil Intermedi
ate points the trains bring many to
look. A number of parties plan to
go In together and join six or eight
farms. Most of the land worth filing
on has now been taken up , but now
and then a patch remallns worth going
.Sfven Uxtrii Trulim Went Through
Norfolk .Snturiliiy.
The annual stock rush on the
Northwestern , carrying cattle from
Belle Fourche , S. D. , and other far
western points , has begun. Saturday
seven extra trains ran through Nor
folk and from now on there will be
many more.
"If the strike were only settled , '
said a railroad man today , "we woulc
ho pushing so many trains through
here that the rails wouldn't cool off. '
Regarding the strike situation , a
packing house representative said
"It will probably end today. We ha <
promises of many men to come back
to work today. They need the monej
and South Omaha workmen had no
grievance , anyway. "
Dispatchers Merrlam and Adams
who handled the Rosebud rush with
out a fluke , are beginning to get busy
again with trains In the stock run.
.Surgical Work WIIN SncceMHfiil nnil In
illcnllniiH nre Futornlile for nn
HurlIlerovery. .
[ From Monday's Dally.l
The family of Dr. F. M. Slsson ro
celved n message after noon toda >
stating that he had miccensfully
passed the operation for the remova
of gall stones at the Methodist hos
pltal in Omaha this morning and tlm
Indications favored his early and complete
pleto recovery.
All Norfolk friends of the popula
churchman will be glad to hear of th
favorable prospects for his recovery
Vt Sioux Clt.i , ISrlluli , Iliiltlr Crook
mill the County l > 'nlr TO IIN Much
nnlliliNliiNiii , U Mniilfoxtril Sumr
1'imt Time l llcliiK Mmlr.
KntlnishiHtle horsemen mid their
oet footed Hteeds are gottlng In tend-
to partlclpato In one of the bent
ace clrcultH that ban boon known to
his section of the country In recent
ourn The Sioux City race meet , that
t Nollgh mid the one at Uattlo Crook ,
ot to mention the several county
ult'M with unusually attractive npecil
rograniH furnish them Inspiration for
raining and the purnoH olfered arc of
generous nature that will HOI-VO to
ring out the best that IH In them
W. 11. Vail IIIIH JiiHt returned from
loux City ami Is enthusiastic ovur
no prospects for the fair and race
loot there from September fi to 10.
'horo are llfty-otio hofHOH now In
raining on the Sioux City tracks and
omo of thorn are giving promlxu of
ow records and iliiUHiuil Hpenl when
he races are run. The working of
ho animals on the track iiftordH a
plondld night to the horse liner mid
ho people of Sioux City nro taking
u unusual Interest In the propaia-
IOIIH. Walter Vnll of Norfolk IIIIH a
trlng of throe promising horses In
raining for the ovout. "Plouty , " mi
nlmiil well known throughniit thin
octlon , has made a mile In 2-10 on
ho track there , covering the hiHt
imrtor In S9S1. Frank Sttong of
Vayno IIIIH a thruo-year-old timro In
raining that Is doing splondld work
nd making flue time. Muck Miller ,
Iso of Wayne , hiiH a four-year-old
. .ockhart colt that bus douo a mile
n 2 2514 and there nre several other
nlmals from north Nobriisk.i that
to show n nimble .sot of
when the time for the mooting
in Ive.s.
Some of these horses will naturally
be soon at some of the north Nobrus-
i mootliigs mid from the Sioux City
neot there will be nn Influence tend-
ng to greatly Improve the races to
10 hold In this section.
At Uattlo Creek and Nollgh great
irogrcss Is bolug made for the rue-
ng events , mid strings ot horses are
> eltig worked on both tracks UH well
as at many of the county fair ground
tracks. At Nollgh W. O. Hall IH
vorklng a green marc with encour-
iglng prospect of speed showing , mid
. 'at C.ivaniuigh of Nlobrara IIIIH n
: ? urtwood mare on the name track
that l.s making good time. Kay Broth
era are likewise In preparation to
i.trtlclpnte In the event and the racing
luallttes of their Shade-One Is ox
> ected to bo one of the attractive
features of the meet.
At the Uattle Creek tracks local
lorsemen ate working their animals
mid they with those who are pro par
ug to atttMid from surrounding towns
will furnish good entrtalnmont for
the horse lovers who nre certain to
)0 present on September 1 , 2 and 3.
Altogether the HCIISOII has oxtraor-
llnary promise of good sport and It
will 1)0 a time for those who admire
good races and speedy Htock to take
i vacation and attend them all.
Less Than One Half Fare
to Boston and return , via Wabash
Tickets sold August 11 , 12 and 13 ,
account G. A. R. The Wabash has
> een selected an the official line and
special train will leave Chicago via
Wabash R. R. from Dearborn and
Polk St. station at 1 p. m. August 14
for all G. A. R. comrades , their fam-
ly and friends.
Train will pass Detroit and a stop
made at Niagara falls. Aside from
this the Wabash has fast trains dally
from Omaha , Kansas City , St. Louis
and Chicago to Boston allowing stop
over at world's fair and other points
See that your tickets read via Wa
bash , the only line with its own sta
tion at main entrance world's fair
grounds. All agents can route you
this way.
For rates , beautiful world's fair
folder and all Information call at Wa
bash city office 1601 Farnam St. , or
address Harry B. Moores , G. A. P
D. , Wab. R. R. , Omaha , Neb.
Will Meet nt Miidlxon .Soplomlier 14 to
I'lucr In Noiulniitlon Cnnill-
iliitrii for County Ollli-cn.
A meeting of the republican county
central committee was held In the
city hall yesterday afternoon to ar
range for the calling of the republi
can county convention , the olllcla
call for which appears In another col
umn. The date was set for Wednes
day , September 14 , at Madison , am
coming as It does on the second day
of the county fair It will make I
convenient for the delegates to take
In both events. There Is more than
the usual Interest taken In this off
year county convention from the fac
that this Is presidential year and there
Is a desire to have the business o
the meeting so conducted that It wll
contribute to the success of the na
tlonal ticket.
Three ottlcers are to be placed In
nomination a county attorney , rep
resentotlve to the state leglslatur
from this district and a candidate fo
commissioner of the Third district
There Is already talk as to who thes
may ho hut there Is expected to h
an Increase of interest between not
and the convention date , althoug
there Is no prospect of a light develop
Ing for either of the nominations.
C'oiiiiullliMMnkliiK I'rrpnrndon * fen
n n Inlorcntlni ? UNplny.
MNCOLN Neb Aug 22 Promoter
of the state fair have been untlrin
i their effort * mid tlio dlt < pliiy prom *
no to tin unusually iittrjiollvo The
rack In bolng put In oxoollont oondl *
ion fur tlio Bpood ovoutH and tin'
niinty exhibits will ho of umtnunl In-
Tlio showing of fruits will doitbtloHH
iiml. | If not oxoood , anything hoioto-
ore soon nn tlio grounds , nn tlio fruit
rep of Nebraska thin your Is Im-
lotiHt ) In addition to the nhnwlng In
10 horticultural building , tint grouudn
i It * Immodliito vicinity nro the moxt
leasint ; and onr.y of any part of the
tate fair grounds. Alroudy the troon
i thut vicinity afford a grateful hade
nd the horticultural people have
hinted numerous Hhrubn and vlnoH ,
hlch add to the bounty of the stir-
oundltigs. In addition to thin the
lortloultiirnl people mo oxpondlng a
onslilornblo Minn of motioy In thooon-
truotlon of a largo bantu 40xlSf > foot
i Uo. The walls will bo of brick
ild In content , and the bottom ofcoti-
rote , and when llllod with puruvn -
or , will cortalnly ho cool and Inviting
0 the stuto far visitors , especially IIH
1 the renter will ho a fountain and ,
wlmmlng In the cool wntor.M , will bo
poolmon.i of the fish vocurod by the
tate tlsh commlHHlon especially for
Ills occasion.
MOMMPH. Younger and UiiHuoll have
lie matter In chargn on the part of
ho Btato horticultural nooloty which
suro.M that no piilns or oxponno will
c spa rod to miileo this otto of the
lost attractive locations on the
Fly Nets.
A discount of from 15 to 20 per
out on nil tlynota tlio next thirty
lays. Now Is the tlmo to buy them.
Paul Nordwls.
hl'ltAIMU ) FOOT.
\rrrMlril Mnn Appnirril Tlilx Mnrnlnu
In 1'ollrr Court nnil 1'nl.l Mix I'lnc
of > 7.K > Another ArrrM Miiy Hf-
Niilt from HIP Cnnr.
Olllcor CV. . Davidson IH another po-
Icomnn who has yet to lonrn that the
inn of a cluli Is not cxHotitlat In hand
ing drunken mon , and the sooner ho
nits It aside the hotter olllcur ho will
A tailor by the name of Martin , In
ho employ of J. W. Humphrey , has a
Kid eye and a .sprained ankle ns the
osnlt of an encounter with the olllcor
uul his club during a drinking bout
Saturday night. The olllcor had plenty -
ty of provocation , to ho mire , but n
cult by the nldu of the head would
mvo accomplished the fiamo end IIH
he use of the club , without leaving
the mark for days and possibly for
I fo.
Davidson first requested Martin to
go homo hut ho said he would go
when he got a good ready anil the of-
Icor then wont to take Martin to the
lull but Martin , who Is ordinarily do-
ont and well behaved , fought and
when lie saw that ho could not handle
the man alunu Davidson requested
ICmll Moeilur to hut mot with a
refusal , and uftor wioMtllng with Mar
tin for a tlmo the olllcer drew his
club , whlcu IUH Intended prisoner
grabbed , and when the lupresontatlvo
if the law wrenched the club free he
ihed It with damaging offuct on Mar
tin's hoid , who wait llnally thrown In
all and ye.sterday molding wus r -
oa od on his own lULOgnlzaiico to ap
pear this morning.
At the appointed hour today Mar
tin mude hid appearance and was
taxed a line of $2 and costs , the total
amounting to $7.10 , with full assur-
tnce the line and costs would be paid ,
the case was dismissed.
There Is every probability that an
other case will ho the outgrowth of
this Incident and that Is the arrest of
Moeller for refusing to assist the olll
cer In making the arrest. Hail the as
sistance been glvon It Is probable that
the club would not have been usm
and It Is contemplated to IHe a com
plaint and Hwenr out a warrant under
the statute against Moeller.
Atlrmpteil Crlinr.
A warrant was sworn out on Tues
day charging John SCerka with at
tempted rape upon the 7-years-oIi
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Myers
near Olcott church.
The crime was committed last Sat
urday (13th ) and on Monday he re
turned to the Myers home In the ab
sence of Mr. Myers and Insulted Mrs
Myers. He then loft and the warrati
was sworn out the next morning.
Zerka was caught on Wednesday
evening at Nlohrara by Constable
Smith. Crelghton News.
In Great Demand.
The demand for Chamberlain's Col
Ic , Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
here has been so great that I have
scarcely been able to keep It in
stock. It has cured cases of dysentery
tery here when all other remedies
failed. Frank Jones , Plkevllle Ind
This remedy is for sale by Leonard
the druggist.
Stuck In thr Mud.
The alley between Norfolk am
UraaHch avenues connecting Fourtl
and Fifth streets has been a terror to
teamsters for some time , and sine
some of the worst mud holes hav
boon filled with clay there has been
no consldarable Improvement. Load
ed wagons get stuck about every da
when there has been a rain , and to
day was no exception to the rule ,
dray loaded with salt getting stuck
back of the Bishop block. The effort
of the team to pull it out wore fruit
less and a faithful , hut smaller team
was substituted that did their love
bent to draw the wheels from th
mire , but the footing was not goo
and after they Uad slipped and fallo
several times both teams were at
tached and the wagon was pulled t
dry land.
i > r.H < 'imiis :
\ ( iss ; or MoiMTtiiii : IIAUMIMH , ,
erliiiiN Injurj lj Illiiek nnil licit Html
nnil Pink Mold U Niillernlile In Vii-
rluiiN t.nciilltle * I'liriiMllr nnil UN
l > iMi > loiiiH-nl | IN ItrMfrllH-it ,
Ur Krodnrlck K. ClnincnlN , a liota-
lnt of the university of NolmiMkii ,
intrlhittoH to Ihn July IHHIIK of ( ho
lltimto ntid ( 'roii bulletin ItiMiiod by
10 NeliniHlm unction of the United
IntoN ilepiirtinent of agriculture , nn
itlclo regarding the runt and inolil
f Hinall graltm which IH of piirllcular
iloiest ut thlH tlmo when they ap-
car to ha vn cioated Hitch Inivnc In
ic Htiiiill grain tlelilH of ( ho eiitlio
cut Of piirtlciilnr value IH bin mig-
oHtlnti fur the prevention of the
timblo In tliii future by the burning
( the Htiihhlo mid the Htniw HludcH
f liileoled lloldH. The article fot-
i WH :
Hunt and pink mold have been un
mially prevalent mid de.Htnicllve In
elilH of wheat mid iiutH dm Ing the
romml Hi'iiHon. Tlio frequent Hluiw-
I-H. which weio almost dully In ier-
iln localities , furulHliod Ideal ciitull
IOIIH for the Kerinlnatloii of the fun-
IIH HPOICH mid tlio Infection of
bent mid out plant * Tlio heavy tain
ill of the punt two yearn hud CIIUHCI |
lie rod runt to appear early mid
biindmitly In the Holds of thin year
'he Hpniei of thlH Htagn fiiiitnl the
teat mid niolHturc oxtiomely fuvor-
hle to their riijild dovolopmoiit , wllh
lie result that Hcnrcoly a leaf of a
talk oHcapod Infectlnn. The | IOMIH |
voro but little affected by the red
list AH the cropH matuiod the ner-
nil Hlago. tlio black niHt , appeared
pou the HtalkH and leaven mid Dually
poll the lieailn thouiHolvoH. The rilHt-
ng of the lieuilH WIIH especially pro-
ouncod In tliDHO plnciiH that ro-
olvod the most rain and In UIOHC
olds that were low ami oxpiiHcd to
ho sun. In many noctlniiH ralim woio
reiient ( | during the formation of the
mads mid the opening of tin ) MOWITH
Ono roHiilt of thlH undoubtedly wan
D prevent , the pollination of man >
lowor.H and tlio Hiibsoiiueiit formation
i > nHoiiiniicu , however , wan the np-
icarmico of pink mold upon tlio hciiilH
' | IH | dlHcaHo IH much IOHH common In
NeliniNkn than giuln niHt and ap-
iiuontly It devolopn only In very miilHt
HCIIHOIIH , but during tlio present HUIII-
nur It IIIIH boon In many places an de-
Htrucllvo us rust.
The Injury wrought by red niHt and
ilack runt IH brought about In varloun
vay.H. The chief harm arl.seH from the
not that the runt IH n piiniHlte which
ipproprlatoH to Its own IIHO the Hiigar
mil protold maiiufiictured by tlio
eaves for the nutrition of the wheat
ilant mid for Htorago In tlio grain. In
iddltlon , tlio rupture of the leavc.s and
HtomH by the IIIIIHMUH of red and black
HporoH destroys the tlsHiies and por-
nltH the Hap of the plant to he lout
ty evaporation. Tlio food material
hat CHcapUH the runt threads In tlio
eave.s pays a heavy tribute to the
rust masHOH on the Htalk. In ordinary
yearn the food supply of food laden
nap reaches the head without further
II.MH , and a largo amount of It ovoiitu-
illy Htored In the grain Htarch and
gluton. The proHont crop , however ,
rooolvod UH most HorloiiH Injury from
ho iiroHonco of black runt and pink
nolil upon tlio bond. In many lloldH
n the southeastern part of the Htato. two fungi iiHod the greater part
> f tlio nourlshmont ilontlned for the
graliiH , and the latter became more
Hhrlvcled hullH. Of the two , the pink
mold canned by far the most damage.
is it wan much more frequent In the
loads and was more abundant when
> oth wore present.
The runt grows within the tissues
) f the wheat or oats ; Its presence Is
readily told when the spores burst
through and appear on the surfaco.
The pink mold , on the contrary , grows
In tiiftH or even layers on the surface
( if the heads , sending little HUJkora
down Into the tlxsues of the host
plant. The runt has two kinds o (
spores ; the red rust HporoH , or sum
mer spores , which nro formed con
tinually during early summer and
germinate at once to Infect new
plants ; mid the black runt , or winter
spores , which are formed as the grain
matures and have thick walls for the
purpose of living safely through the
winter. The pink mold ha.s for the
most part a single kind of spore ; It Is
thin-walled and germinates within a
few hours under proper conditions ,
but it Is also capable of lying through
the winter.
When rust or mold has once ap
peared In a grain field there Is no
adequate remedy for It. If the sea
son be a dry one or the Hold upland ,
the damage will be lens ; In a wet
year and In low lands , the loss will
be great. In combating these serious
dlHeaset . , of the small grain the only
measures worth while are preventive
ones Young fields of grain are regu
larly Infected from the black rust
Hporen of the old stubble , of straw
stacks , etc. There Is little or no
danger from the seed grain. In con
sequence all badly rusted straw and
stubble should he burned to destroy
the Hpores. Where a header Is used
to harvest a rusted Held , the whole
field should be burned over afterward.
In addition , rotation should be uni
formly practiced , as corn , alfalfa , etc ,
are not attacked by the rust of small
grains , and wheat and oats are much
less subject to rust when they follow
other crops. As wheat and oats ma
ture early before there Is serious dan
ger from drouth , as a rule , they
should bo sown largely upon upland ,
where conditions nre less favorable
to the development of rust and mold.
Careful draining of lowlands will
greatly diminish the ravages of these
fungi. The greatest hope of the
farmer , however , lies In the produc
tion of rustroststant varieties , a work
which barely begun aa yet , contains
great promise ,
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