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    THE NORFOLK NKWSf I'KIDAY , MA Y (5 ( , 190 !
President Will Issue His Rosebud
Proclamation Within Week or Ten
Days , so that Entry May be Made
on First of July , This Year.
'Washington , D. C. , Mny 4. Nine
million acres of land In northwestern
Nebraska will ho taken up by settlers
tlors as a result of the Klnkald hill ,
which President lUxiscvclt signed on
the last day of congress. Although
the measure nffects no state hut Ne
braska , It Is of a special importance
to that stnto , and will result in a
marked Increase in the population of
the land In northwestern Nebraska ,
and In the assessed valuation of prop-
The measure provides that CIO
acres , or one section of land , may betaken
taken updor the homestead laws. As
the land In northwestern Nebraska is
suitable chiefly for grazing purposes ,
It was impossible for a settler to make
n living on one-fourth section. With
C40 acres at his disposal , a homestead
er can keep enough cattle or sheep
on his own land to make it worth
while for him to take land in that
part of the state.
Sixty days after April 28 , the No-
hraska land will ho opened for settle
ment , under the provisions of the now
law , and it Is believed hy Congress
man Klnkaid , that all the government
land In Nebraska will ho entered un
der the now act before next fall.
Nehraska lands which are capable
of Irrigation may bo set asUlo hy the
secretary of the interior , under the
reclamation net , and as most of the lr-
rlgahlo land has already been taken
up the now law will apply to grazing
land only.
The Rosehud country containing
410,000 acres in South Dakota , which
will be opened under the Burke act ,
just passed , is immediately north of
Nebraska land , which Is to ho opened ,
and a great rush of settlers is ex
pected into the two states within the
next six months. The president will
Issue his proclamation , opening the
Rosebud country within a week or
ten days , so that the land may he en
tered on or about July 1.
McAII Mission Body Meets.
East Orange , N. .T. , May 4. The
American McAll association began its
annual meeting here today with Mrs.
Charles H. Parkhurst , wlfo of the pas
tor of the Madison Avenue Presbyte
rian church , New York , presiding.
Branch societies ae far west as Chicago
cage , Milwaukee and St. Louis arc
represented at the meeting , wh'cli '
will be In session two days. The list
of speakers includes prominent mis
sion and settlement workers from va
rious parts of this country and several
from London and Paris.
Right Reverend Richard Phelan , Cath
olic Bishop of Pittsburg , Re
ceives Congratulations.
PIttshurg , Pa. , May 4. The Right
Rev. Richard Phelan , bishop of the
Roman Catholic diocese of Pittsburg ,
was the recipient of a Hood of con
gratulations and numerous valuable
presents today on the occasion of the
golden. Jubilee of his priesthood. In
observance of the anniversary there
was a special pontiflcial mass In the
Church of the Epiphany this morning ,
attended by the clergy of the diocese
and a host of representative lay mem
bers of the church. A public recep
tion is to be held in Carnegie hall
this evening , at which it is expected
announcement will be made of the
completion of a fund of $250,000 for
the finishing of the interior of the new
St. Paul's cathedral.
If you are a dyspeptic you owe It
to yourself and your friends to get
well. Dyspepsia annoys the dyspep
tic's friends because Ills disease sours
his disposition as well as his stem
ach. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will not
only cure dyspepsia , Indigestion and
sour stomach , but this palatable , re
constructive tonic dlgestant strength
ens the whole digestive apparatus ,
and sweetem the life as well as the
stomach. Wlien you take Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure the food you eat Is
enjoyed. It Is digested , assimilated
and its nutrient properties appropriated
ated by the blood and tissues. Health
is the result. Sold by Asa K. Leon
" These days so rapid is the pace ,
The man of action wins the race ,
And If the finish you would see
Go take some Rocky Mountain Tea
Mill Finishes Work.
The work of Installing the now ma
chlnery at the Sugar City Cereal mills
Is completed and has been inspected
with satisfaction by officials of the
manufacturing company. The wheels
will now turn with added fervor
greater output and better cereal pro
ducts than over.
Metropolitan Handicap Today.
Now York , May 5. This Is the open
Ing day of the meeting of the Wesb-
chester Racing association and every
thing pointed favorably to good sport
This morning the candidates for the
Metropolitan handicap , the event o
the opening day and the princlpa
eaturo of the entire meeting , were
nit for final practice and were
vatched by a throng of rail-birds
eager to get a line on the possible
vlnncr of the rich utako.
Peculiar Interest attaches to the big
race this yqar , because It IH the last
nasmuch a August Uelmont and his
associates expect to open the now
Uelmont park , at Queens , L. 1. , next
ear , and the MetroKlltan | ) handicap
season that \Vestchester Racing
iss-oclatlon will use Ita present home ,
vlll then bo transferred to the Long
stand track.
For township plows drag or wheel
scrapers elevating graders cutting
edges for road machines or repairs
) f any kind , write Stroud & Co. ,
Omaha , Neb.
Gubernatorial Campaign .Has Been
Spirited and Indications are that
Crawford Will be the Nominee.
Iowa Democrats at Des Molncs.
Sioux Kails , S. D. , Mny 4. The ro-
uibllcan state convention to cheese
eight delegates at largo to the na
tional convention at Chicago , and to
lomlnnto two candidates for congress ,
candidates for the judiciary and n
full state ticket , met nt noon today in
his city. Frank Crane , chairman of
he state committee , called the con
vention to order , and Introduced the
temporary chairman. The opening
iddrcsses criticised the democratic
stnto and national leaders , and de
clared that If the republicans do their
luty as they did In 1000 , there can bo
jut one result , the triumphant re
election of President Roosevelt. At
.ho conclusion of the opening speech
es , committees on resolutions and
icrmanent organization 'were appoint
ed , and a recess taken to permit the
committees to draw up their reports.
The report of the committee on res
olutions will vigorously commend the
whole course of the Roosevelt admin-
stratlon and strongly indorse the
president for renominatlon.
The campaign for the gubernato
rial nomination to bo made hy today's
convention has been one of the most
spirited In the political history of
South Dakota. The Indications are
that Coo I. Crawford , the antl-machlno
candidate , has more than enough
lelegates pledged for him to assure
ils nomination. The selection of
Crawford will break up the machine
rule which has prevailed hero for six
Minnesota Republicans.
St. Paul , Minn. , May 4. Pursuant
to call the republican state commit
tee assembled at the Windsor hotel
to fix the time and place and make
other arrangements for the state con
vention which is to nominate candi
dates for governor and other state
officers to be voted for this fall. Doth
Duluth and St. Paul had delegations
on hand to bid for the convention ,
which will probably be held the last
week In June or the first week In
Congressman Birdsall Renomlnated.
Waterloo , la. , May 4. The Third
district republican congressional con
vention met here today and renoml-
nated Congressman Birdsall , who was
without opposition ,
A Mutter of Opinion.
Time was and thin , too , in modern
ages when no one was considered n
scholar unless he could discourse In
Greek , and In one age of the world red
eyes were in the highest type of beau
ty. In China now the greatest beauty
is the one with the smallest feet. In
Peru a lady Is not considered dressed
unless her face Is hidden. A dozen
different doctors will maintain conlllct-
Ing opinions touching both diagnosis
nnd remedy In n nick patient. A story
Is told of a certain artisan who was de
signing so simple n thing as an ax
helve. SCVPII different people who pro
fessed to know what was the correol
thing advised him to make It In seven
different ways. He followed no one's
advice , but made a perfect helve this
according to his own opinion , Ex
The Site of fluMoon. .
As seen by dlCferont persons , the slr.o
of the moon varies from that of a cart
wheel to a silver dollar. To many It
seems about n foot In diameter , from
which Professor Young eont'ludcH thai
to the average man the distance of the
surface of the nky Is about 110 foot. Ii
Is certain that artists usually reproseii !
the moon nuu'h too lnr c In si7.0 In tht'lr
paintings. Occasionally they rcpreson
It In I'venin scenns with the horns
turned downward Instead of upward
whereas they must always point awnj
from the sun. The true angular size of
the moon Is about half a degree , BO
that it can always be concealed bohlm
n lead pencil held at arm's length
A Quick
The Duchess of Lauraguals , who was
somewhat given to making poetry
could not think of a word to rhyme
with coif. Turning to Talleyrand , who
chanced to bo by her side , she said
"Prince , give me a rhyme to coif. '
"Impossible , duchess , " replied Talley
raud without a moment's delay , "for
that willed pertain * to Uvo head of n
WOIIMUI baa ncltbor rhyme nor reason. '
Accused on Four True Dills for Crook-
ednesB In His Danklng Methods , the
O'Brien County Jury Drlngs In Its
Sheldon , la. , May 4. The O'Hrlen
county grand Jury has voted four In-
HctmontB against Kil C. Brown , chair-
mm of the Iowa railroad commission
and president of the failed Sheldon
Stnto hank of this place , for alleged
rregularltlcs In connection with the
innk's affairs. They are understood
o Include one and possibly two , for
'inhe//.lement , one for declaring a
llvldond when ( ho bank waa Insol
ent , and at least one for receiving
leposlts after Insolvency. The In-
llctments have not yet been report
ed. Mr. Hrown was waiting to he
called , hut was not called , the Indict-
iioiitH being based on records.
The largest embo//.lement charged
s based on a loan of $71,00 ! ( > to .1. W.
'Ix & Co. , a firm of which Hurl Hi-own ,
cashier and son of President Mrown ,
vas a member. Hurl Brown signed
ho linn's name of Fix .t Co. , to the
lotes , the loan being made without
authorization of the directors , which
s contrary to statute In case of an
> lllcer of the bank. H Is charged , In
mother Indictment , that April 1H ,
! )0n ) , the hank declared a dividend of
learly $1,000 , being then Insolvent ,
n another Brown IB charged with
laving borrowed $ d,000 from a Chicago
cage bank on his personal note and
ater writing the Chicago bank to
charge It against the Sheldon bank ,
vhich is alleged to constitute cm-
lez/lement. There are several spe
cific charges of receiving deposits
after the bank was Insolvent. The
mnk originally had $100,00. . ) capital ,
nit in 1895 was reorganized , the cap-
tal being cut to $50,000.
H is charged with carrying over
$78,0(10 ( of practically worthless paper
o the new organization , and there
fore , being Insolvent from the hegln-
ilng of the now organization.
13,1 C. Brown loft Sheldon after it
vas given out that the indictments
md been voted to attend the congres
sional convention at Cherokee. On
the train ho told friends that In view
> f his Indictment ho should not fur
ther attempt to stand as candidate
for renominatlon as railroad commis
sioner , his term expiring this year.
I'ho hank Is expected to pay 40 to GO
cents on the dollar.
An effort will ho made to hold the
irlglnal $100,000 of stock for 100 per
cent assessments on the ground that
ho bank was Insolvent when they or
ganized and retired , and therefore
they could not escape liability , mere-
y reorganizing.
Under the reorganization the $50-
000 of stock was chiefly held In Du-
juque , but was later bought hy the
Browns. Under the purchase It con
tinued to be hold hy the Dubunuo people
ple as collateral security , the Browns
: o pay for It In installments. The
Duhuque men retained the right to
vote it. Creditors Insist that this was
equivalent to continued ownership by
the Dubuque Interests , therefore that
an assessment against them will hold
good. If these two assessment con
tentions are made good at law a large
share of the liabilities will bo paid ,
as the eastern Iowa people are weal
An Orfrntal Sherlock
A book on India tells of a native de
tective whose methods were anything
but scrupulous. One important matter
Investigated was a robbery of about
half a lakh of rupees' worth of silver
Ingots ( about ? 2o,000) ) that was sent
down on camels with an escort of llf-
tccn armed men from Indore to Kotnh.
The escort was killed by Dacolts nnd
the silver taken. Isrl Pershnd , the ori
ental Sherlock Holmes , rasseldar major
of a native regiment , made It his busi
ness to bring these men to justice nnd
when asked In after years how he ob
tained hl proofs remarked , smilingly
stroking his beard , that If a man was
judiciously strung up , spread eagle
wise , by his thumbs , much useful In
formation mlghf bo extracted , nnd ,
having no marks of 111 treatment to
show to the sahibs , he generally held
his tongue. Of a certain witness In
thla case ho wrote that ho had "given
'awfully good evidence' nt the trial , but
ns there was 'just a little discrepancy'
between this and his previous deposi
tions before the political agent , when
the original files were called for by the
higher court , 'It would be better to
omit this one nnd say It had been eaten
by white ants. ' " '
I | i unil Down.
First Student A funny thing hap
pened to me In class today. Second
Student The idea ! First Student Yes
The professor called mo up , nnd then
he called mo down. Princeton Tiger.
Pnrlliilly Ill-turned.
Algy You say she only partially re
turned your affection ? Clarence Yes
and that's what I'm annoyed about
Bho returned all the love letters , but
retained all the Jewelry.
"Money , " enid Uncle Ebon , "la wha
makes do mure go , but sometimes 1
wants n sensible driver to proven
somebody film glttln' throwed hahd , '
Baltimore American.
Five Hundred Delegates From South
ern Stntes Assemble nt Jackson
ville Convention !
Jacksonville , Kin , May 4. The- In
terstate Sugar ( IroworH1 association
began ItH second uiituiiil convention
In .InrkKonvlllo today with P. ( J. 1'urmi
of Savannah profiling. Tim dele
gates number more than 500 and
coino from Arkansas , Texas , Louhi-
tana , Mississippi , Alahiuna , Florida ,
loorgla and South Carolina. Hon.
antes \VllHon , secretary of ngrlcul-
lire ; Or. II.V. . NVIloy , chief of the
uroau of chemistry , United States
opartmont of agriculture anil other
imminent speakers will address ( ho
laving Grnduntcd from the Norfolk
Hlh [ ] School , the State University
and Later a Llbrarlan'n College , She
Now Holds High Place.
Miss .loanna Hagoy of thin oily ,
lanihlor of Dr. and MIH.V. . H. II. lla-
gey of IhlH clly linn boon elected over
i largo number of olhor applicant * !
o tlic poHlllon of city librarian nt
, lneoln. This will ho received wllh
ilonsnro hy her many Norfolk frhmdH.
MI.SH Ilagoy IH a ! ; railnalo of the
Norfolk high school. She aim ) has a
llploma from thu state university ,
graduating with the HUMS of 18117. Af-
or her graduation thuro Hhu taught
chool for a period and then took a
ourso of two loriim at a Hlmirlan'H
ollego In thu oast. Hcturnlng , HIO !
van elected a year ago to the position
if city librarian at Hoatrloc and wane
o successful and KO highly rocom-
nondod to I ho Lincoln authorities that
ho has boon placed In the new C'ur-
logio lllirnry there.
Another Norfolk girl , Miss Kinmn
Shearer , IH doing successful llhrary
vork In Lincoln. She IH In the library
> f the state university , us asHlstant.
Mlos Slsson In High School.
In the list of teachers given to The
> ! OWH , as elected hy the hoard of oil-
icatlon Monday night , the nanio of
Miss Slsson wan placed among Ui
grade teachers , uiKissignod. Miss Sis-
on still retains her position as a high
ichool teacher , however.
'neumonla Is Robbed of Its Terrors.
iy Koloy'a Ilonoy and Tar. It utopn
ho nicking cough and hcaln and
strengthens the lungs. If taken In
line It will prevent tin attack of
inonmonla. Kcfnso substitutes.
Klcsati Drug Co.
Foloy's Kldnoy Cnro makes kid-
leys and bladder right. Don't delay
liking. Klosau Drug Co.
No business IH HO small that It can
not advertise successfully If judicious
ly. And no business Is so largo that
t can afford to dispense with adver
tising. The News now roaches inoro
people In northern Nebraska and the
country tributary than any ether
newspaper from whatever locality.
An advertisement In its columns Is
a good investment and will bring re
turns if handled right
Cheap One-Way Colonist and
Round-Trip Homeseekers' '
"One Way Colonist Rates. "
To points In Montana , Idaho , Wash
ington , Oregon , British Columbia and
Alberta territory. Tickets on sale
dally until April 30. Liberal stop
overs allowed.
To points In Minnesota , North and
South Dakota , Manitoba , Western On
tarlo , Saskatchawan and Asslnlbola.
Tickets on sale every Tuesday during
March and April.
To points in Tennessee , Mississip
pi and Louisiana. Tickets on sale the
1st and 3rd Tuesdays In March and
"Homeseekers' Round Trip Rates. '
To points in Alabama , Georgia , Ken
tucky , Mississippi , Louisiana , North
and South Carolina , Tennessee and
Virginia. Tickets on sale 1st and
3rd Tuesdays .In Mhrch nnd April , at
rate of ono faro plus $2.00. Stop
overs allowed.
Further Information cheerfully glv
on at city ticket office , No. 1402 Far-
mini street , Omaha , or write-
W , H , BRILL , Dlst Pass , Agent
Frank Smith , n Wnnon Driver In Stock
Ynrdn City , Quarrels With Hln Wlfo j
nnd Wipes Out Hla Whole Family'
With Three Revolver Shotn.
Kouth Omiilm , Nob. , Mny I Hpo
clal to The NOWH : Frank HinlMi n' '
wagon driver In Mouth Onmhn , Hhot ,
and killed liln wlfo and baby and Ihon
look hlH own llfo yesterday The
tragedy n'Hultcd from domestic dlf
lU'lllllc'H. I
The woman wan itlaylng wllh n-l |
allvru whiMi her husband vlnllccl her
They ipiarrelod and ( ho iiuarrd wan
followed by Ihn double mnrdor nnd
Smith drew a revolver and llrcd a
murdoroiis bullet through liln wlfo'ii
heart. Then 1m wont to the baby's
cradle and llrcd a build through lli > <
holploHrt Inl'anl'H hoad. Tlion lu < cum
plotod Ihn tragedy hy sending a bill
lot Into liln own brain. All Ilin'c
inomlierH of I ho family died alumni
The hnillon Imvo boon liikon clutrgn
of by the coroner , who will limmll-
gale Ihn affair from dolalln glvon by
The Best Family Salve.
DoWltt'H Witch Hnv.el Salvo given
Instant relief from burns , cures cuts ,
hrulHCH , Horos , ec/oma , teller and all
abrasions of Iho Hltlu. In buying
Witch Hasiol Salvo 11 lu only ncctm-
Hiiry to HOO that you got the genuine
OoWltl'ii and a euro In certain.
There are many cheap counterfellii
on ( ho market , all of which are
worthless and qullo a few are dan
gerous , while DoWltt'H Witch Hir/.ol
Salvo Is porfoelly ImrmloHH and
cures. Sold hy Asa K. Leonard.
Foley'ii Honey and Tar contain ! ! no
opiates , and will not constlpato like
nearly all ether cough modlclnoH.
Itofuso substitutes.
KIcBau Drug Co.
I'rrlty New York Woman'n Recovery
the Talk of Her Numerous Friends.
: : . .igfc P ?
Mr * . ,1. 10. Finn , nt : High Hlrout ,
JlnlTiilo , N. Y. , wrlti n : i
I'linniii Modlolnu Co. , ColiimhtiK , Ohio. I
( ! i'nlli'incn-"A fnw
: - yearn ngo I hurt
to gho up Modal llfo entirely , na my
hi'iillli wan romplntnly liroknn down.
The dni-lnr lulvlHcd a oomplulu runt ror u
year. Art thin WUM out of the qiiUHtlon
fjrulliiic ( , I licgnii to look for Homo ether
immim of nirtl < irlng my hriillh. i
"I had of ten liuard or I'uruna n n
exi'ullcnt tonic , no I bought n botllo to
Kdo what It would do for mo , anil Itcor-
tnlnly tnok hold or my Hystcnii and ro-
Juvntinli'd IIKI , and In IOHH than two
niiiiitlin I wan In purred lioalll nnd now
when I fuel worn out and tired n done or
two of I'urnnu In ull that I need. " Mr .
J. K. Vlnii.
Address Dr. Hart man , President
of The llurtninn Sanitarium , C
I tint bus. O. , fur free advice.
m * * *
During 11)01 ) SOUTH ! oppoi'iiniil.ios to fjo
li.icK Ivisl ill tfiviilly n'diiri'fl nitos will lie
ofl'crcil by t | K >
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lime and destination of yonr trip.
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the main line of the Union LJaciii < ; Railroad
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F , A , NASH , Gen'l ' Western Agent , 1524 Farnam St ,
I I Kansas City , St , Louis , Ft , Smith , Little Rock , !
Memphis , and the World's ' Fair. I
The Famous Health and Pleasure Resort , HOT SPRINGS , ARK. , and all points East , I
Southeast and Southwest.
For depcriptive and illustrated pamphlets , books on the different states ,
I maps , folders , etc. , write the passenger nnd ticket agent at Omaha. 1
, . . . . . ' , . . .
TOM HUGIIKS T. P. Agent. T. F. GODFHFA' P. & T. Agent.
S. K. Corner 14th and Douglas , OMAHA , NEB.
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