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    TUB NOKKOUC NKWS : I'MUDAY ' , Al'llll , 2' ' ) . IHO-K
Mustang Liniment
curcB CutB , Burns , Bruluca.
Mustang Liniment
curea Siirulua uiid Strains.
Mustang Liniment
In u positive cure for Plica.
the dissatisfied traveling public in.
Miss Laura Williams Is visiting
with friends at Nellgh this week.
The bank was closed yesterday and
Banker Denning was roaming about
the streets like a stray lamb.
Broke Into Place There This Morning
and Took $25 Break Glass
to Enter.
Lindsay , Neb. , April 23. Special to
The News : Robbers entered the
place of Mr. Tederman hero at 2:30 :
o'clock this morning and secured $25.
They broke the glass in the front dor ,
thus unfastening the latch. They took
$20 in nickels and $5 In chips and
made their exit through the rear door.
Nothing was heard of them at the
time. There is no clew yet.
Northwestern Line Anticipates an In
flux of From 50,000 to 75,000
People There.
The news that Fairfax and none-
stool will both bo available as points
for the land office registration , has
mot with hearty approval In Norfolk
and In northern Nebraska generally.
This will mean that the crowds of
people who como into the territory
will have to visit the towns Jn Greg
ory county and must pass along the
Northwestern line to arrive.
The distance from Norfolk to none-
steel is about 120 miles , making the
faro a llttlo over $3. The train leaves
at about 1 o'clock In the afternoon
and arrives at Bonesteel at about5:30 :
Mustang Linjment
lu tine fur over Hlxty yeiirM.
Mustang Liniment
cures Spavin mill Itlnjjbimc.
Mustang Liniment
cttrcH nil forma
Last Act For Opening Indian Reservation South Dakota
is Accomplished at Washington ,
Will Open 416,000 Acres to Settlement Northwestern Expects
to Bring in 75,000 People and Will Extend Line.
Washington , D. C. , April 23.
Special to The News : President
Roosevelt signed the Rosebud reser
vation bill at 10 o'clock this morning ,
In the presence of the South Dakota
The measure opening 410,000 acres
of land to settlement In Gregory coun
ty , S. D. , Is now a national law , final
and complete In every detail. . The
land will be opened In July , probably.
The lottery system will In all Ilkel-
hood be the one adopted.
Today is the greatest day that Nor
folk and northern Nebraska and for
that matter , the entire now northwest ,
has known In Its history for a great
many years. The throwing open to
settlement of the 410,000 acres of land
on the reservation means moro to this
section than any thing that could have
happened. It will be the making ol
the now northwest.
The Northwestern railroad expects
n crowd of 75,000 people Into that ter
ritory , via Norfolk , In the near future ,
beginning at once.
This is great news for Fairfax and
for Bonesteel and for Butte and Spen
cer and Lynch and for that matter
all of the rest of the towns between
here and Bonesteol.
The Northwestern railroad will
now extend , no doubt , into the unde
veloped reservation land as soon as
; > It builds up. The rush has already
' begun. It is the opportunity of a life
time for Norfolk and for northern Ne
braska In building up. And the op
portunity will bo grasped because the
country can't steer out around It.
Meadow Grove Child Dies.
Meadow Grove , Nob. , April 23.
Special to The News : The infant
child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Doud
died yesterday morning from bron
chial pneumonia. The funeral was
bold at 10 o'clock this morning.
Willis Keller , night operator for the
Northwestern road here , has secured
a week's leave of absence and loft
last night for Ncllgh , accompanied by
Shorrod Williams.
Dad Harrison has put a picket fence
around the Harrison house , to keep
in the evening. Last fall there were
two big excursions up into that coun
try. The llrst one was the largest
and it carried many hundreds of people
ple Into Gregory county to get a look
at the land which Is to bo thrown open.
They wore given a ride out to the
reservation , where they nicked up dirt
and bottled It , to retain Rumples of the
The crowds were so great that Hone-
steel could not handle them all. Uut
every person living In the town
opened up his building , his store , of
fice or shop , and gave freely of Hour
space to the tired and sleepy strang
ers. From the front to the roar of the
stores were long lines of sleeping
men , with new blankets , hauled down
from the counters , wrapped around
Those who could not be accommo
dated nt Honosteel went down to
Fairfax and there they found a com
munity of most hospitable people- .
They were willing to do anything to
make the visit to their county a pleas
ant one and those who shared in that
cordial greeting never could forgot it.
Gregory county will have , in all
probability , from 50,000 to 75,000 vis
itors. That is what the Northwestern
road expects. The country lias been
well advertised and it has hung lire
for so long that people from all over
the country know about It.
It will take some time to get the
new district permanently settled.
There will bo about throe layers ol
settlers before the foundation Is fixed
forever. Hut that will work well
enough for the towns of that territory
for each one of the three layers it ,
bound to leave a little money.
V. C. Holbort. P. D. Corel 1 and
Uruco Sires of Plalnviow are visitors
in Norfolk today.
William Ureitinger of West Point
is in the city , visiting Norfolk rel
atives and friends.
Mjss Fannie Davenport has gone to
Sioux City for a two-weeks' visit with
relatives and friends.
.1. L. Fisher , banker and D. C. Hus
ton , real estate dealer , are In Nor
folk today from ICwing.
W. M. Halnbolt was among the Nor
folk bankers who attended the asso
ciation meeting at Ponca yost6rday.
Mrs. Kircheeser , of Freeport , 111. ,
a niece of Mrs. O. A. Luikart , was in
the city yesterday from Tllden where
she is visiting.
Mrs. E. II. Luikart is in the city
from Tllden , visiting at the homo of
Mrs. G. A. Luikart , Norfolk avenue.
13. II. Luikart arrived at noon to spend
Sunday here.
13. 13. Heckwith , county clerk of An
telope county , was in the city yester
day from Ncllgh and Banker Payne
was hero from Clearwater. They
took advantage of the Arbor day
holiday and the Durland lot and
acre sale.
A pair of hoboes occupied bunks at
the-city jail last night.
Miss McNeil has accepted the posi
tion of head clerk with Wilson Bros.
Boreus has again made an appear
ance and will endeavor to reinstate
grim winter on his tottering throne.
There will be a business meeting
of the household economic depart
ment at the close of the club meet
ing Monday afternoon. All members
are urged to lie present.
With a few bright days now to dry
up the mud and the extra spring ac
tivity will lie manifest in Norfolk , in
fact some of it is not being delayed
by the Inch or two of mud oni the
Engineer Wm. Bracken , who has
had the run on Nos. 110 and 115 be
tween Norfolk and Missouri Valley ,
has gone back to his old run between
Fremont and Hastings. Newt. Owen
will take the run ho has left.
The warm touch of spring has given
the rising generation a bad touch of
the fishing fever and many of them
have supplied themselves with bait
and gone to the Northfork today to
attract the rare nibbles of the slug
gish tribe.
The beautiful weather of last evening -
ing and the regimental band concert
and ball attracted a largo crowd of
Norfolk people to Main street and
Mustang Liniment
for Man , lieiiMt orl'oultry.
Mustang Liniment
liciilH Old Sorcn quickly.
Mustang Liniment
eurcH CtiUeil Udder lit COVVB.
nmdo U appear like a busy
Chopping evening In tin * "good old
Hummer tliuo. "
Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Durlaud of
Plalnvlew are In the city , the guests
of Norfolk relatives this week. They
came down Thursday evening to bo
here for the beginning of the lot and
aero sale.
High school alumni should not for
get the mooting of their association
which Is to he hold at the high school
building next Tuesday evening at 8
o'clock. Theru uro but a few weeks
In which to make all arrangements
for the reception.
Wilmm Bros. ' dry goods store at
! ! 2I Norfolk avenue was opened to the
public today and a largo crowd of
Norfolk ladles together with those
from thi ! surrounding country have
taken advantage of the spring weath
er to pay a visit to the now retail
The dog belonging to Phillip Me-
Noilly IH another which has been cut
up by the human boast of a vicious
anil dangoroiiH nature in Norfolk. The
bird dog belonging to Gone Huso re
ceived another wound yesterday af
ternoon in Ilio way of a bullot. The
police have now developed a clew and
think they are on track of the culprit ,
who will lie severely dealt with.
The Fremont Tribune nays of the
bill opening the Ho.solmd reservation :
A great many Fremont people are interested -
torested in the opening and some may
participate In the drawings. The set
tlement of the Hosohud country will
also mean something to Fremont In
another way. It will make tralllc
heavier through this place on the
Northwestern main line , which has a
branch tapping the reservation.
Was Declared the Most Successful
in the Organization's Entire
Norfolk bankers returned from
Ponca. where they attended the north
ern Nebraska association convention.
It was the best meeting yet held.
Laurel was .selected for next year.
Sixty-three non-resident members
were enrolled. A. W. Yates , Nebras
ka National bank , Omaha ; Frank
Hamilton. Victor Caldwell and .1. 0.
French of the Union Stock Yards Na
tional bank of South Omaha were
present. Exhibitions were made of
manganese safes , electrical protec
tive devices , adding machines , and a
fire escape Invented by W. U. Porter
of Ponca.
Officers were elected as follows :
W. T. Graham , Laurel , president ; A.
L. Tucker , Wayne , vice president ;
Guy Wilson , Laurel , secretary ; W.
L. Mote , Plalnvlew , treasurer. Trus
tees : 13. T. Kearney , Jackson , C. 13.
Burnham , Norfolk ; George I. Parker ,
Coleridge ; C. H. Randall , Randolph ;
T. A. Anthony , Wausa.
In the evening a tasty and generous
banquet was served by Ponca matrons
and twenty young ladies. Among the
toasts responded to ably , Mrs. George
Merrill of Carroll , was given a special
vote of thanks. Her remarks on the
home , with her singing of "Sweet
Home" at the end , will long be re
membered with pleasure by everyone
who was privileged to hear her.
There Were Six Jurymen For and Six
Against the Defendant Case From
Sprlngview , Neb. , and Witnesses
Passed Through Here Saturday.
Sioux Falls , S. D. , April 25. The
jury In the case of Daniel K. Roby ,
charged with murder In the United
States court , after being out about
twenty hours reported It could not
agree and was discharged by Judge
It is said that the vote stood con
tinuously 0 to C commencing with the
second ballot.
TiltSlIliK Alining I IniNnirlltf - .
The Inhabitants of Palestine mad *
use In very ancient times of the Klin ; ? ,
the most skillful In Its use being the
trlbo of Benjamin , whose boast It was
novcr to miss their aim. What mnkc.s
their skill appear more surprising was
that they managed to sling with the left
hand. The men who camu to David's
help atIking were no less adroit.
They used at will either the right hand
or the left. The Ming was also the fa
vorite weapon of shepherds , who with
It drove away wild beats preying on
their Hocks. This makes David's vic
tory over the giant Goliath less sur
prising , as lie hud no doubt great prac
tice in the tine of this instrument whlla
guarding hl father's sheen.
Mustang Liniment
IJcHt for HOI-MO iillmuiitH.
Mustang Liniment
for Ciittlo itllmeutH.
Mustang Liniment
for Sheep iillinuutu.
Residence Property on The HoluhtB
Goes at Dnrgiiln Counter Prices and
Many Bidders Pick up Good Things.
Snle Goes on Today.
If the day had boon cut out , It
couldn't have been moro Ideal forth1 *
A. .1. Durlaud lot and aero tmlo than
thai which cleared up yesterday uf-
tonioon and dawned again thin mornIng -
Ing The land was all molHl and
green to took upon and the eyes of
the prospective purchawrH snapped
\\hon they walehod Iho property go
down miller the hammer.
About twenty loin were Hold yester
day afternoon , all at a low llgurn. The
average price was a little over $100 !
a lot and Mr. Durland had llgurod that
he would ho Hallslled with an average
price of $200.
At ! ) o'clock this morning Iho buy
ers and the auctioneer again headed
for The Heights , led by the Twenty-
Ill'th regimental band. At noon a free
lunch was served on the grounds and
the bidders have been active since
they arrived on the scene , all day
'ong. '
A largo crowd of people attended the
hand concert last night In Manpiardl
hall and were well pleased with the
program of ten pieces. Mr. Thomp
son's cornel solo was an especial fa
vorite. After the concert , the lloor
was cleared and no loss than JUKI per
sons danced until after midnight to
the inspiring playing of the colored
toys from Fort Nlobrara ]
The lots have been selling at fair
figures today , and the l.uyers feel that
they are getting bargains.
Below Is a list of sales of pianos
mil organs made by the Sturgeon
Music Co. , the Norfolk piano men ,
since the commencement of their
> l > onlng sale. At the close of this
sale we will give away absolutely free
to some two of our customers a $11(10 (
! > lam > and a $75 organ. If you are
going to purchase an Instrument HOOII
it will pay you to got In on. this
scheme. Don't forgot about it , the
lime will soon expire.
C. F. Benton , Vordol , Nobr.
Furrand organ.
N. Vandorhoof , St. Edwar Is , Nob.
Schubert piano.
Fred lieckwlth , Nellgh , Nob.
l'"aiTuud organ.
A. H. Cropper , Norfolk , Nob.
Furraml organ.
C. 13. FurgoBon , Stuart , Neb.
Newman Bros1 , piano.
Minuio Foil K. TildPii , Nob.
Fnrraud organ.
A. 13. Gore , Spencer , Nob.
Schubert piano. *
D. II. Kay , Wakotleld , Nob.
Sturgeon organ.
Carrie Storm , Royal , Nob.
Story ( ft Clark piano.
Ervln Stringfollow , Oakdalo , Neb.
Howard piano.
Clias. Snider , Tllden , Neb.
Schubert piano.
E. A. Walker , Stuart , Neb.
Schubert piano.
Frank Dobnoy , Stuart , Nob.
Farrand organ.
L. M. Carvllle , Fairfax , S. D.
Sturgeon organ.
Win. F. Anderson , Fairfax , S. D.
Story & Clark piano.
Ella Hatiptll , Norfolk , Neb.
Farrand organ.
W. P. Gauming , Vordol , Nob.
Newman Bros. ' organ.
A. M. Churcl- Atkinson , , Neb.
Farrand organ.
H. A. Oborshaw , Cloustcr , Nob.
Farrand organ.
Ellna Halbert , Emorlck , Neb.
Farrand organ.
Gco. Hunter , Oakdalo , Net ) .
Howard piano.
Milan ! Green , Norfolk , Nob.
Farrand organ.
John Browning , Clearwater ,
Farrand organ.
Mary C. Ollno , Monroe
Story & Clark piano.
C. W. Rood , Wlnsldo ,
Newman Bros' , organ.
Gco. H. Mathew , Gross , Nob. ,
Farrand organ.
P. Billcter , Butte , Nob. ,
Farrand organ.
W. B. Shorbahn , Emerson , Nob. ,
Schubert piano.
M. Phllben , Monowl , Nob. ,
Farrand organ.
Highly Exciting Game With Score of
5 to 4 , Saturday.
Oakdalo , Neb. , April 2. ! . Special to
The News : The Oakdalo high school
baseball team defeated the Nellgh ball
club In a most exciting game Saturday ,
/rV\ustang / Liniment
H up
Mustang Liniment
jiunutratuH to tliu very bone.
Mustang Liniment
iilwuyM jglvuM HiUlHfuetlon.
l > \ u MCOIT nl' fi lo I The NHIih team
finlrd to Hcore until Iho eighth In
nliiK and ilien only l > y au error. Only
lour miff hllHoro iteciiroil off Hay
of OiiKdalc , who pitched with Iho
xpocd ami curves of moro than mi am
ateur. The attondimoo WIIH IHIO ; lime
of game ! : ( ) .
Score by | IIIIIIIH | ; :
Oakdalo 0 0 0 1 ! 0 U 0 0 I -fi
Nollgh 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 0- !
Batteries : Oakdiilo , Ray and
Slrlntl'ollow ; ; Nellgh , Dowlll and
Thornton. Umpire , I Merer.
K. L. WamlHor ami A. M. I'olonion
of Plalnvlow were In the oily yester
Mr. ami Mm. G. F. Durland returned
to their home In Plnlnvlow ycHlorday
Judge .1. II. IturnoH wont In Hullo
yesterday afternoon on biiHlnoun con
nected with Iho lloyd county land
( 'UNO.
The ImHolml ! proposition BOOIIIS to
lack the encouragement which II
tihoulil receive In order to make It a
complete HUCCCHH.
The North fork river IH especially
high for thiH HOIIHOII of Iho year , wllh
no mirplUH HIIOW or rain water lo
involl the current.
A number of coiiploH enjoyed dune '
ing In Hit' dining mom of ( he Pacific
hotel Saturday night. The Italian or
chestra I'lirnlshoil mule.
Those wlio would llHh are waiting
patiently I'or the ihiyH when Iho HUH
will warm up the almosphero enough
lo nlhiw them to Hit upon the rlvor'n
bank without an overcoat.
A good Hi/oil part of the Twenty-
Ill'th Infantry blind , which had been
In the clly for the A. .1. Dnrland lot
and acre sale , stayed over Saturday
night and gave a dance lu Manpinrdt
Former gniduatoH of the Norfolk
high Hchool are urgently reminded ( , f
UK ; mooting of the uhiinnl aiiHoclallon
which will lie hold at Iho high school
building tomorrow night , for Iho pur
pose of making arrangements for thu
reception in tlio chins of 11)01. )
At Iho school of agriculture at , Lin
coln Hlxteon young men graduated
Friday night and will go back to Ilielr
ionics prepared to liiauguralu new ami
Mclentllle mcthodti of agriculture , lo
hi ! general hotterinoiit of their pa
rents , thi'iiiHolvoH and the country
{ one-rally.
Alfred OBhorii , Hit ? iiui'Hcrymaii , linn
loon conllnod lo Ills homo during the
past three weolts by 0.11 attack of slck-
IOSK , mid Is jtitH beginning to ho ublo
o attend lo biislnosH again. This IH
ho uurHoryman'H busy KIHIHOII and Mr.
Dsborn's sickness has thcrofore boon
llsadvantagoous In more wayu thai }
Saturday wan an extra big day for
Norfolk. Numbers of people in addi
tion to the regular shopping trade
were attracted by the Durland sale ,
and the side streets , livery barns and
vacant lots in the uptown district were
full of teams while the pavements
were thronged wllh people anil the
stores with purchasers.
The Now Orleans Colored Concert
company will hold the hoards at the
Auditorium tonight , and those who en
joy good , old-fashioned negro songs
and mimic will undoubtedly bo well
repaid for attending. This com
pany has apparently met with more
favor than any colored company on
the road in this section * this season
and have a nice line of recommenda
tions from press and pulpit.
The A. .1. Durland lot and acre sale
closed successfully Saturday after
noon. About fifty pieces of property
were disposed of In all and the pur
chasers were very generally buyers
of excellent property at bargain coun
ter rates. As a result of the sale ,
there will no doubt be a large number
of new homes spring up In the vicin
ity of The Heights. The Inclement
weather kept the crowds small and
the bidders were not so lively as t
run the prices up to within a long
way of the real value of the lots.
Albion Republicans.
Albion , Nob. , April 23. Special to
The News : The republicans of this
city hold their primary mooting at thu
district court room , and as a demon
stration that politics is warming up in
this locality It Is only necessary testate
state that there was a largo crowd
In attendance at the caucus.
Fourteen delegates were elected to
the county convention which Is ' .old
in Albion next Saturday , aim there
was no appearance whatever of any
trouble. In the ranks as to the nomin
ations and so forth.
Following Is a list of the delegates
as nominated : John Peters , J. A.
Hudlow , T. A. Thompson , Dllllon Rob-
liiBou , R. Carston , A. K. Anderson , L.
G. Brian , Chas. Klovor , G. B. McGIll ,
Dr. J. W. B. Smith , J. W. Roberts. H.
It. McConnell , Dr. W. L , Manchester ,
H F. Lchr.
Mustang Liniment
I'liri'H l-'roHtliltoM mid C'lillhliilim.
Mustang Liniment
HoHt Ihlny lor n liuito hoi'HUt
Mustang Liniment
driven out nil hilliiiiiuiiitlou.
Seven Dead at Falrfleld , Six at Prior
Creek and Seven Othcrn in the VI *
clnlty of Pine Dlutfn Low Preoiiur *
SwRcpn the Country.
Oklahoma , O. T , April 2Coux (
plole repot-In from Iho tornado Htrlcli-
> n dhilrlelK of Oklahoma nliow thai
a ficoro of pei'Hoim were Killed In dif
ferent pluooH. Koveii were killed at.
Kalrlli'ld , six at Prior Creek and nov-
en olhoni In the vicinity of Pine
HhiffH , making a total of twenty. Fif
ty were moro or lomi badly Injured.
Atklnuon Itemo.
Atkinson , Nob. , April 21-Special !
to The News : Huv. S. K. Slmrploim
of Norfolk preached In ( ho Flrilt
Pretiliylorlun church of Atklnuon on
Iho morning mid evening of the ! Mth
lo a very good congregation , which
WIIH pleased to hear him. Ho will
mil return to hln homo until TuoHday.
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Allen oir-
ciirreil from the MolhodiHl church
yoslcrdiiy In charge of Iho Rev. Ju
lian , and Itov. DoWeoso. Shu had
been In very pour health I'or some
lime. The end WIIH not unexpected ,
II. A. Allon'H Hlnler of Lincoln arrived
Saturday ulglil , and will remain with
him for the proHenl.
The business formerly owned by
AloHlioiiHc In Alkimion Is now In the
bauds of .1. I1' . Mrady.
Thu old morcanlllo business of J.
II. Stuyvesant has recently been pur
chased by Mr. Donnan of Wlsnor ,
who IH now doing biiHlnoss In Atkln-
mm , and will continue to bo at the
old Hlund.
Married : At thu homo of the
lirldo'H parents , sixteen miles north
ol Atkinson , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Em
erson , Miss Gorllo Emoi'Hon and Mr.
Roy Erway of Valley , Nob. , by Rev.
S. l \ SharploHH of Norfolk. The brldo
was a former Atkinson teacher , ami
the groom Is a druggist , who formerly
was wllh the Wilson Drug Co. of At
kinson , and who IH a graduate of Iho
Omaha college of pharmacy , and at
present In business in Valley. Thin
young couple liuvo a most promising
future before them , and the wall
wlHhoH of I lie Atkinson frlonds will
follow them to tholr now home In
Crack ShoUs at Kalamazoo.
Knlamayoo , Mich. , April 20. A
three days' lruishoot Ing tournament ,
opened here today under the auspices
of the Kalama/oo Trap Shooters' as
sociation. A number of well known
sliolH are among the participants and
tills , together with Iho excellence of
the program , combine to give promise
of one of the successful tourna-
monlH of the kind ever hold In Mich
( 'lilriiKti IIIH ] 'SorllMtrMt-rn *
Ham. Arrive. Depart.
) maha PaBnungcr 6:03 : am. . < i:03um :
VordlgreVay F't 7 10pm. .
loniiHlcul Freight. U.uo pin. .
Vnnllgiu Way F't. 8:10 : a m. . 8:16 : urn
UoiiuHtmil Pas'ng'r. .1:06 : p in. . . 1 : OB p m
Kant. Arrive. Depart.
'Omaha PasHungor
main line 6OCuin :
'hlcago passenger
main line 12:20 : p m. .12:40 : p m
Jmalm l'asHeng r ,
HonRHtoel line . . 6:10 : am. , C:30 : a m.
Way Freight
main line 7:00 : pin
itook Freight.
main line 9:30 : p in
Way Freight ,
Uonextrel lino. . . . 7:20 : pm
ttonesteel Freight ,
HoiiuHteel line. . . . 9:15 : pra
Way Freight
main linn 0:69 : a m
Vordlgro Freight . . R:00 : a tn
Bonusteol Pass. . . .12:35 : p m. .12:55 : p tu
Long Pine Pass. . . 1:00 : p ra
Way Freight
main line f > :50pm :
iilack Hills Pass. . .7:30 : p m. .8:00 : p m
Freight trains are liable to be an-
nuled without notice , they do not come
to station platforms and some do not
arry baggage
H. C. Matrau , Agent.
Union I'nrltlr.
Bust. Depart.
Columbus Accommodation . .3:00pm :
Diimlm. Denver and Puclllc
Count 10:50 : a ra
North. Arrive.
ColumbiiH Accommodation . . 11:45 : u in
Omaha , Denver and Pacific
Coast 9l5pm :
Connect * ) at Norfolk with C. & N.
W. , going west and north , and with
the C. St. P. M. & O. for points north
ind oust.
J. H. niseffor , Agent ,
ClilctiKO , St. I'niil , Mlnnrapolla H nd
South. Depart.
Sioux City and Omaha Pass. 6:20 : am
Sioux City 1'uHsonjjer 1:10 : pin
West. Arrive.
Sioux City Passenger 10:50 : am
Sioux City and Omaha Pass..7:37 : p m
Connects at Norfolk with C. & N. W. ,
Solng west and north , and with tbe
. P. for points south.
J. 13. ElsetTor , Agent
Dally except Sunday.