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    TlIM NOHKOIiK NKNNS : KK1DAY , AI'KII , If ) , 15)01 )
Looping the Gap , In Which n Man
Flics on Bicycle , Inverted In Mid
Air , Is Rut One Riding Down Stnlrs
on Single Wheel Another.
Advance matter for the HnrmtAi &
Dalloy clicus , still Urn ' "greatest show
on cm Hi , " lias IIPOU received by Tlio
Ko\vs and this innv bo taken as Indl
cat Inn tliat there will boBotnothlng do
ing In tlio gateway to llio new north
west before tlio autumn drives nwny
the clown anil the fat livdy anil tlio
lilnk lonionndp.
Tills joar tlio circus Is snld to bo
bolter tluin ever , with the marvelous
"loop the gap" us an extraordinary
fonluie to allrael the Amorlean public
ot which I'ntmim once spoke
Concet nlng tlio circus this season ,
'tho New York World says-
"If > ou can liueut a plan to fapp
donth Hiioocssfiillv and dramatically
twlco a day 1 will pav vou the salary
of a bank picHldent" So snld Mr
James Hniley , tlio gieat showman , as
ho slooil In Madison Square Garden
wutchliiB the whlillng ovolntions of his
aimy ol athletes As he spoke ho
pointed to a tall ladder slanting up
ward at an angle of GO deBiees. On a
imnow plalfoini at tlio top stood I wo
swaitlo loielRiiois.
Suddenly the inoio niiisculni of tlio
two mounted a single wheel , lltted
with pedals and a handle bar Tlio
smaller man swung himself to a
standing position on tlio othci's
A moment's pause and then down
the ladder with the speed of an express -
press ttain came the two men with
a nimble and elattci , both bolt tipiight
on tlio single wheel.
Hero was an Hnstintion , showing
more plainly pcihaps than anv thing
else could 1 a\e done , the tendency of
modem atnletlcs tow aid despoi.ito
deeds A sweive of an inch to either
side , a second's faltoilng in the hands
that giipped tlio handle bais , a 1110
incut's blindness and death would
have been ( meltable /
Up ho goes as lightly as a bitd , and
app.uontly as much at homo as a
in the water. So tapidly that the ejo
can hcaicely follow his movements ho
makes two lound tumbles stiaight
Then for a moment he seems to
slialgbton out in u soil of
piojectile As he passes the top of
the pyramid ho ghes a soil of queer
twist , which tin us him sideways and
then doubles up into another tumble.
Jiibt at the right moment he puts
out his feet & < | iiaiolj in the pioper
place and in a jiff } lie la standing on
5 > the sbouldeis ot his "catchei , " smiling -
J [ ing at tlio tumult of applause
"I nevei think of getting hint,1' he
said in broken Iviigllsh : "It is pait
of tlio things wo ha\o to look out foi
Once I had my ami broKen , but that
did not scaie mo a bit I am alwavs
smo that 1 will find papa waiting foi
me and I Know that ho will stop mo
"It tok me about a year to learn
how to , hut now I can do the tiiplo in
my stieet clothes. Oh , no , I'll never
got hint "
Another cxtiaordlnary method of
tempting death Is that shown by An-
clllottti , the man who "loops the gap"
Ancillotti is an Italian , now perfoim-
Ing foi the fii at time in this country
The "gap" in tliib iiibtanco ib the top
side of the oidlnary loop which has
been cut out for a distance of tweho
or fifteen feet. Across this aeiial
bpaco the daiing cjpllst must fly.
wheel up and head downward
It would be hard to think of a
oractical feat moio suggebtho of
neck-breaking or foolhardiness
lie starts from the top ot an In
clined plane , and when he strikes the
"loop" ho is traveling at a speed which
almost bailies the cjo to follow.
Thcie is no aitiflclal method of holdIng -
Ing his equillbilum or sustaining his
wheel in the air save the pontilfugal
fotco which cairies him upward and
onw ; u d
As ho i caches the "gap , " by a nice
calculation in mechanics ho is hung
suspended tor a lightning's flash as ho
ciosseb the vacant space , but his
wheel strikes truly on the other side
The feat isory neaily the culminat
ing point of difficulty and danger , and
must i cumin so lor many jeais , with
out a doubt
The "unicycle" feat of Solo and
Chlco is another thrilling exhibition
of Unman dating. It Is said that the
man jet lives whom Hlondin , the
gicat tight-iopo walker , can led over
Niagaia Falls on his back , showing
that oven foolishly daring men may
llvo to a great age
But "consider the culminating cli
max of cool conrugo , " as .Mr. Hamil
ton remarks Solo on the single wheel
has at least something to cling to ,
but tlio man Chlco , standing on his
shoulders as ho comes flying down the
Inddur , has nothing to do but think
of his sins and maintain his equilib
When all those things are consider
ed It becomes hard to Imagine a direc
tion in athletics whoio human daring
can go further and escape death.
iethodlst District Conference ,
a Norfolk district conference of
the Methodist chuioh will ho hold at
Stanton , tomouow. Chancellor II A
Hni'htol of Denver unlvciKltj will lit
pioKont to deliver the pilnetpnl ail
dioss of the Hosslon and a largo nutn >
her of p.istots of the dlatik'l as well
aH lay delegates aie expected to bo
In attendance. lr F M. Slsson , thu
piosldlng older of the district , will
attend fiom this oily , and Ilov .1 P ,
Pouchor , pastor of the local chinch ,
will lead it paper bofoio Iho mooting
.1 M llethwoll of Madison WIIH n
Norfolk visitor .vostorday.
11 II Mohr of Pierce was In the
slty on huslnosit jpstorday.
I' J Wright transacted business 111
the city jostorday fiom Wayne
Mrs A II. Kane of Serlbuor wan
visit ing Norfolk friends yesterday.
Mr and Mrs .1 K Hrovvn ofCrolglt-
ton were Norfolk visitors yesterday
Hcrboit Daniel Is In the city from
Omaha meeting frlondn and acquain
\V C Ahlmann has commenced ex
cavating for litn nc.v residence on
South Fourth shoot.
Many durhH are flying , but the ac
tivity of the hunters hno made them
wild and haul to got
Prank Lambert of Poster Is In town
today lie owns properly here and
at one time lived on Norfolk avenue
This thing of keeping the weather
cold to save the finlt by preventing
budding and blossoming may be inn
to the limit
Some ot the tennis enthusiasts
have opened the noai on at the com I
corner of Noifolk avenue and
I'jlevenlh sheet
Pi opnations are about completed
tor the Injlng of the cement walks
about the government building site.
The woik of grading and tilling Is
neailng completion
Dimension stuff for the new louii-
diy at the comer of Madison avenue
and Seventh stieet Is on the gioiind
and the woik of electing the frame
will be pushed foiv\aid
NelnasKa's ii'tiiaikablo lesouicosin
the weathci line has been shown din
ing the past few da > s when fiom one
spot in the stieets the dust has been
blowing , while adjoining it is a spot
ankle deep In mud
The pi Ice of Noifolk piopoity has
advanced cousideiably during the
past few joais , but those who ic.iliro
the value ol the cltj's location aie
confident that it will advance to a
much higher pi ice during the next
veai or two
The nursoiy men aio getting busy
making dellvoiles of hoes and pro-
pal Ing-otlicis for use when the sea
son for tieo planting actually ai-
ilves Many tiees weio planted In
this section of country last > ear , and
the piospects aio that an increased
number will be placed in the giound
this year.
People in the city fiom Cieighton
yesteiday leported that the fnimeis
up in section of countij weroHtill
having consideiable dilliculty in get
ting to and Irom town on account of
the high snow diifts in the load.
The Not folk asylum will bo built
of Twin City biick or equally as
good The boaid of public lands and
buildings at its meeting Monday al-
temoon , decided not to alter the oiJg-
inal specifications , the conti actors
objecting to a change after the con-
tiact had been entered Into Kopio-
bentatives ot the Omaha Uilck com
pany and the Twin City company
weio piesent at the meeting and told
gf the peculiar moiitb of their 10-
bpoctivo biick The boaid also
opened bids for the contiact foi con-
bh tiding the cement stops and ap
pioaehes at the comers of Capitol
square and awarded the contract to
Heimer & Filed of Lincoln , for $1-
91590 The work will begin as soon
is it is warm enough to prevent the
cement fiom free/ing while setting
Alaska Not so Cold.
The genetal conception is that the
whole of Alaska is a bleak region of
extreme cold in winter While this
is hue of some sections in the inte
rior. It is not the case with the coast
region. In a letter recently received
by Mrs W P Wliittomoto fiom her
daughter , Mrs Taylor , who lives at
Valdeit is stated that the coldests
weather has boon but lltlo below rcro
The town has all the modem improve
ments , Including eloctt Ic lights and
city watoi , and except for Its Isola
tlon from the rest of the wet Id , would
be a popular health resort. At a recent -
cent banquet given to tlio bishop of
the episcopal church on his return
fiom a trip of 11,000 miles , (1800) ( ) being -
ing by dog team ) on an inspection of
missions , the Invitations and monn
woio elegantly ptlntod on white sat
in Nollgh Leader.
Baby Daughter.
Mr. and Mrs John H Smith Imvo
we'comod n new daughter to their
homo on Notth Ninth street
The Illinois ? Horse Co can supply
CO pedigreed dralt stallions ; ! ! 0 of
thorn imported ; 5 hrcoJsPorchoron ,
French Draft. English Shlro. Belgian
Civile ; f > colors black , , liny ,
roan , gray ; rich blood , extra nhlro
breeders 2 to 5 years old Scmo will
mal.o 2100 pound horses Uasy pay-
moulij , The general raanacoi will be
in Sioux City for 11 week 22 Ilnlton
block. Permanent address , Dos
Molnus , Iowa.
Two forma of Wank leases at The
Nowa ofllce.
This Grant Business Concern Started
In One Room With n Cnpltnl of
$250 Has Since Trnnnactcd Busi
ness to the Amount of $35,000,000.
The linn of N W Ayer K Son. of
this city , Iho largest adveiilslim
agono.v In the 1'nltod ' States , cole
bintod yoHtoidav the thlrtv llfth an-
nlvortwry of a business whose HUP *
COSH and growth can bo ini'iuuned
on'y ' by the progtenH of ndvoiUsing
itself in this country , says the Phila
delphia Press
StaitIng at a limn when I ho 1m-
nionso rosouieos and power of modern
nd vet lining woio unknown , N W
Ayer and his son , P W. A > oi outer
od the field with tlio idea of making
It a business and conducting that
busltipxs along Philadelphia methods.
They started , father and sun , H
a loom only twenty feet minute , on
Sansom whoi-l , nonr Sovoniih , mmr
Iho piosont ' 1'iosn" building , on
April 1 , IMi'J Their capital was
$2fio , and , as Mr F. W. Ayer , the
present bend ol the firm , laughingly
said jesli'idio. "Father was the
head , I was the olllco hey , and wo
woio equal paitnois"
With this capital the Him proceed
t"I to develop newspaper ndvei Using ,
and In the Hi si .voar did a business
of $15,000 In the thiili'ono vents
since they have furnished to the
newsp.ipoiH of Iho United States a
total of moio than $ : tr > ,000oiii > ol ad-
vei Using Today they aie dealing
with 18.000 publications and their
payments to those nvoingc $10,11110
n day , oi , longhlj speaking , $ ! , i00 ! ,
Oiio a
"Kept Everlastingly At It. "
This onoimoUH business ontoipilsc
was stinted with the settled convic
tion that Philadelphia was tb > city
In which It could bo made a success ,
and that. Philadelphia business meth
ods would make It a sticct ss In the
little loom on Sansom iHiool , lalhei
and son adopted Iho now well known
Philadelphia motto , "Keeping evoi
lastingly at it In ings success" On/ /
the walls of the two entiio Hoots of
the Maiino & Meiclinnt building , at
Thiid find Chestnut stieots , and the
two Hoots of pi ess and work looms
In the i car , that motto Is today on-
giaved tor the 229 employees ol the
hlg Hi m to i end
in 1S7.I N W Avei passed to Ills
test ami left the business and the
name to his son , F W. Aver , who
Hun took Into his paitnoishlp an em
ployee named Oeorge O Wallace ,
who died In I8S7 Uefoio Wallace's
death another omplojee , Henry N
MoKinnoy , had been tnKon Into the
linn in 1875 , and finally Albert G
Uradfoid and Jaivis A Wood were
made paitneis In 1S9S , they also hav
ing come up tlnongh the business
These last Unco paitners , togthcr
with F W Ayer , conduct the business
In 1870 increasing tiado hiought
the Him to the then new "Times"
building , at eighth and Chestnut
sheets , wlioio it icntod one floor
This was befoio the "Tlmos" moved
in Dining twenty-five jcais N. W
Aver & Son giadually spiead until
they occupied all the upper floors
Then they moved to their present
quaitois at Third and Chestnut , on
the site , by the way , of the first ad
vertising agency In America , which
was established by Volnoy 15. Pal
mer , in 1811.
Story of a Success.
Speaking of the Immense growth
of adveitising , F W Ajor , the veteran
member of the linn said jostorilny :
"There was hnidly such a. thing as
adv 01 Using until aftoi the civil war.
Then Iho oounhy began to feel Its
muscle and to stietch out Into new
lines Wo have seen a gicat evolu
tion In journalism. When wo started
It was In the days of the weekly
nowspapoi , which was a great power.
There wore the Toledo 'Hlado , " the
Atlanta 'Constitution , ' Colonel For-
nev's 'Press' and the New York 'Trib
uno * and 'Sun ' Hut now Increased
postal faetillties have rendered tlio
dall > papoi the vehicle of news in
every pait of tlio country The farm
er 150 miles from the city gets It the
same day it is issued
"Yes , this is the day of the dally ,
and moio and more Is the public de
pending upon it for an occoiint of
what it cannot personally see and
hoar , and moio and moie the adver
tiser Is depending upon it to toll the
people that ho canirot moot poisonal
ly of the goods ho has to soil.
"Do I think advertising will In
crease ? Yes. Wo began In the days
when staples were not advertised ,
when business men thought it all
right for makers of patent medicines
to advertise because they were sup
posed to bring a great deal of profit
Hut for sugar , bread , biscuits and the
like , on which profits were close , It
waa thought there vas no margin
for advcrlltlng
Advertising Staples.
"That wan the idea wo started ti
disprove , and wo have by no moans
oshaustel the list of etaplea that will
bo csplc'toJ. Let mo to.l you coma-
thine the imsianso advertising of
Unceli blFciit wit ) done by Letting
nsldo a fi action of a tumt on oarh
' VPS the old Idea that corlaln
things will not stand advertising In
passed Mon an- advertising toilnv
who told us ( Uo .vcni'H n go that ad
vonmlng would di thorn no gond
Others who now snv the HIUUO thing
will ( honiHi.'lvpH bo advertising In ( in
other llv years
"Why , " conclude ! Mr Avor. with
a smllo , "thorov io mime who told
us when wo ntartod that Ihh' Imsl
news could mil ho run ftiircomiftillv
from Philadelphia Think of tnnl "
That this theory has long since
boon exploded Is well vvltnossod bv
the onornintm HIIOCOSH of N W Avoi
A Hon , which has made ( ho mini" ol
Philadelphia and a I'hlhtdelphln linn
known fiom nn < < end of Iho I'nlled '
Htnten to the other
Or L ( ' Hlelcli , X lltu and Tliiinn
penile Luliaraton KolieitHon block ,
Norfolk , 'Nob 'Phono lllnoh L'fii ?
James J. Corbctt onys Running and
Shouting Are Two Deal Forma
of Exorcise.
"It iliM'ii not take mi ) m-Nete > \ < i
else to Keep a man in good plivslcal
condition , and thoiefoio In houllh , '
said .lnmos ,1 ( 'mix It ( o Ciltlc In Hie
Phlhiih Iqhht Toll gram " \\hcii I am
not training for a boxing coud si I ul
wa > s nmiiago In hold mshnpe h\
sovpinl molhods which could nol lie
culled IralnltiK , as boxois nnderntiiiul
the term Ho as much In the < > | H n
nlr as vou can Don't von icnietiiliii
when vou WOIP n boy , how orn/v von
iilvvnjs woio to gel out doois ? Nalttto
lauglil you Hint- gave jou Hint doshe
And If von follow natuto's pt iiiplluKs
, \on will not go astta ) When . \on
got out of Iho house what did vou
do' ' You ran about IIKi > a HI I IP savage
which jon woie , and savages do nol
have tick at the drug stoio. You also
voili'd Thal'H the liesl exeiclsu. "
" ' ' "
"Whaf Yelling'
"Hiinnlng and .veiling , " continued
Cot bell "Itiinnillg ( le\ eloped ( he big
muscles and yelling opened the lungs
I'oi HIP icceptlon of the puto air Unit
meant life to thorn "
"You'd look nice dashing down
Hioadwav and giving \onl to war
whoops , " I vcntuicd.
C'oihctl lauglicd
"Yes. wouldn't I * I wouldn't got
verv fai liofoie a policpinan would tag
me Hut you can got the same losiills'
oven on Inoadway. of the inn and yell
game without any one being the vvlsoi
-policeman or civilian. "
"How' "
"I'll loll you Walk all you can , and
while walking lake long bioalhs
TIioio Is nothing like a long walk with
a congenial companion , who likes
walking too and plenty of gab during
the hip Talk away It's good sitli-
slltulo for the yelling , besides being
moio dignified
"If you must Uiho vom walk alone ,
keep leclling something In a lone low
enough not to be hoard by n passerby ,
and In I he noises of I he city you may
make II pielty loud without being
nol Iced Singing In the same modi
Hod key Is even better than the loci
tntlon Whistling may bo vulgar , but
It will add to join client inonsuieinoiit
' If I am piosHod lei u time or have
a long tide In the siibinbs I have a
scheme of lung calostlipiilcs that de-
IU H detection I got In an open car I
hold my hi oath and count the tele-
giaph poles at ) we pass them , seeing
how many go by befoie I have to
open m > lungs again It is something
of a contest , and thus engages the
mind The mind should always bo oc
cupied when taking oxoiclso ol any
kind. "
"Does holding tlio biealh help the
lungs' ' "
"Not In itself. Hut holding thorn
gives an Incicased desire to fill up
with the nlr of which they have been
depth od You will Hud that after
holding the In oath as long as jou can
jou will have to take long and deep
In oaths to replace the empty spaces
It's deep breathing that does jou good
"You can pi notice tlio same thing
without the aid of a holly cm Take
out join watch and see how long vou
can hold your bieatli A inlnnto Is a
long time , unless you are used to tlio
game Johnson , tlio piofeslonal cham
pion swlnunor , could slay undo : water
four and a hall minutes There was
nothing the matter with his lungs. "
"You attach gicat importance to the
lungs' "
"You can't attach too much The
lungs are tlio things that glvo you all
power If jonr lungs are not sound ,
you may have the muscular development
mont of a Sandow and you won't bo
worth a cent for any exertion. "
Churches Received Many New Mem
bers Yesterday.
The four churches that paitlclpatod
in the union evangelistic services
which closed hero last Sunday under
the leadership of Uev M. H Lyonof
Chicago , held largo and Interesting
ingathering meetings yesterday morn
ing and evening Many now mom-
hors were welcomed into the several
denominations and the meetings were
full of religious Interest. Baptismal
services were included In the day's
Will Meet Early.
Members of the Commercial Trav
elers of America will moot Saturday
afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Pacific
Thnl uc urn cotisliiiil ly rouin in Ilic art of
making I1 HIP IMmlos , , unl uiir ' ' uill al-
\\ll\S _ ( fdllllll Id ( MllllllHV I III'
3VJL"c > fi-j-t
mill Niwt'Hl . ( 'unhand Finish We ahn
tMirry u line line of Moldings , smlal l I'm all
kinds of f ruining.
. ivc.
! ( Ril
. .lOUi
Conscrvnlivc M
Tlt.oroircjli iiiSpiucu ( | { .
CoiniTUKlioiis Rooms ,
Superior Instruction. |
I Fxidl Business Courses.
t U will pay you lo < illcn < l U\is School. No vn- |
t cations. Enter diiy lime.
* AtllllOSH ,
i C. II. BRAKE , Norfolk. INel ) . t
Instead of n Plvu-Cent [ lit of Nickel
It Will be n Sllvor Cliclo Worth a
Dime That Noifolk Drlnkois of the
Ucvoiiiye Put Up.
When von wan ! lo ill Ink Ice cioam
soda In Not folk Ibis vein , you will
have lo pnj Iwlcc IIH much lei It as
von ovei have hofoio AH Iho losnlt
of a comblnallon thai Is ropniloil to
have been foi tin d among the soda
fountain people , the ptlce will advance
foi the season IKo cools to a dlmo
poi glass
Norfolk ban for years been Iho
lowosl pi iced Ice ciciun soda ( own In
the country While the pi Ice has boon
set al ton cents everywhere olno , the
druggists have Hllll maintained tholi
gtado foi a nickel and 11 will woik
something of u luudshlp upon UIOHO
who have foi mod the habit Poihnps
the druggists have boon getting you
Into the habit at a bargain oonntoi
i ate JIIH ! ( n keep yon going at Iho
logulnr fa 10. Hut still there Is no
lo.ison foi ( oniphilnt vvhon you icall/o
that you'd have to put up a Hllvoi cli-
clo lor a glass of the bovoiago If you
went lo Pails 01 Chknno 01 Slanlon
or Ualtli' Cii'dc or Tali fax lot Iho
Heat So jon'll likely pay and wiy
Alnsworth lad Puts Hands Over Bar
rel and Load Shoots Into Them
AliiHwoith , Nob. Apill la-Special
to The N < VVH Shot man I'ddy , the
lri year old son of ( ' I , I-Mdy , was out
wilh ii shotgun > osloiday and as ho
was Hied walking , hn sat doun and
placed both bands ever the inn//loof
the gun The gun was dlschaigcd
and Die cbaigo wont through both
bands Ho was brought Into the of
fice of Or .Miiiphy and the left hand
was amputated at the wrist
The doctor thinks lie can save part
of the light hand.
Mother Recognizes Son But Will Not
Give Her Name.
Lincoln , Apiil 12. It Is probable
that the name of the young man found
muidorcd at Humphrey will never bo
known. Ho has boon rocognUod ,
however , by his mother , who refused
to glvo ho : name She arrived and '
lool.od at the face , declining that ho
was her block sheep Then she went
away , allowing the bed } to go to the
medical department at the state uni
Years of Special Practice Affording
Excellent Opportunities.
By Dr. Caldwell.
Several years ago while In private
practice , I thought It wrong to advor
tlso , simply because I had been told
so and had not had experience enough
to know bettor After a while I dis
co vorod a valuable plon of treatment
in certain cases , and fortunately ob
tained a laigo number of patients , I
enough to fully tebt my plan and
provo its success. I thereupon pro- I
pa : ed a lengthy paper upon the sub
ject and rend it before the state med
ical society. What was the result ?
A half a do/on members took the
floor to say what the treatment had
boon for a hundred years hack , and
to claim that the old treatment ,
though unsuccessful , should bo con
tinued , notwithstanding that the now
treatment had boon successful. I
thought dlffoiontly and continued to
use the now method , and made re-
inarKablo cures of cases that hqd , '
In i n PKHIIIIIIII > ' < ! Inciimliln My him-
IIH in Im leaned tapldly an each poi
son thai I ( ined ( old iiiiino frlond ,
who canto In turn and wan ciiiod
l'a < h patient advcillHod inn n little.
Whal then ? In Hint huge city Ihoro
wen > no ) nioie limn lee ciiHnH of ( ho
kind I ctiicd < > voi > caH ( < Unit caino
lo mo and I lien had nothing to do
exeepl Urn oidlnaiy bnnlneaii of a
local physician I Know thoio woio
hundiodri and Ihotmiindu of othoiii
olnevvhoio , who might bo curnd 1C
they only know , and I tidvoillsod
( 'mod ImndicdH of otliois and I have
adveitlxod over nlnco I have 10-
llnvod moio nuffeilng , curnd moio p.i-
tlonlti , made mine pcoplo happy , and
done moio good genoiiilly hocniifio I
have told the people what I can do ,
and I shall go on with the good woik
as long an my sliength will permit
1 advoilbio hccaimo I Imvo HOIIIO-
thlng woith advoitlidng I have niailo
niiself competent l > v yoani of spec
ial Hlndy and ( \ | > oiioiio , and by the
oxpcndlliiie of Inij'o Hums of inonoy.
Itj advoi Using I place befoio Iho people
ple the InctM which enable thoiii to
Vitow what I can do I thoioby roach
thousands , who , t'lvon up by local
phyidcliuiH or tinsuccensfnly tioated ,
glvo themsr > V ( > s up as Incurahlo I
euro thorn and thereby enlarge my
Hold of usefulness My no olhor way
limn advutlHlng could those people
have known lhat they could ho cured
Hvoiy thrifty and piosporoim IIIIH- !
ni'Hs In life , save tlioso of law and
inodlclno , advoitlse liooly. Luwyorn
do not , foi they only use In business
what otheiii have made for them
yoais before They only do what has
boon written "Itegiil.u" doctoio do
not adveillso fm the same loason
They Imvo nothing now , nothing
which someone osn ! has not written
or told them of , they get their know
ledge fiom the books A man may
load inodlclno until ho Is blind and
tin n know nothing of It To bo auo-
tesHtul ho must apply his own mind.
Make his own i ( 'searches , and to do
that ho must have mom and oppor
tunity Ho must have cases , hun-
dieds ol them , and compare results.
If ho does not do this ho Is a urn-
ehliio without novelty , skl'l ' or In
genuity , still plowing with a wooden
plow , still I : moling on foot or horso-
bnck , and Ignoring the advantages of
steam , living but not learning. The
HIUIIO Is true of a lady doctor.
liclow vou will find published the
names and addresses of some of the
recent cuies that I have made These
people's allllctlons were , under the
oi dliinry physician's care , considered
hopeless , and no piospects for a
Mis Kato Schall of Albion , Neb ,
cured of catarrh of head and stomach.
Mrs William Xtiorg of Hluo
Vale , Neb , cured of nervous heart
and female disease.
Mrs J. C Connolley of Akron ,
Neb cured of cancer of long stand-
Mrs. Augusta Soydon of Ponder ,
Neb , ciiiod of nervous liver and
stomach disease.
Mrs. nila Scochman of Wayne ,
Neb , cured of rheumatism , female
disease and skin diseaso.
John Harper of Columbus , Neb ,
cured of heart disease , stomach and
lh < r disease
Kmma Stalke of darks , Neb , cured
of Hkln disease , heart trouble and
Digests u/hat you eat.
This preparation tout i n- . all of the
dlgcstaiits anil diesis ail kinds ol
food. Jtplu'sintint relief and never
falls to It allows jou to catall
the food jou want. Tuom istsensltlve
stomachs ( . .in ul.o It , U.t . > u-u many'tlof ( h iUU-s lire bceu
cured nl'i r vcrylilntT ol i fulled. I ?
uncqu.iiii n fur 'tho sto : iaoi I'hUd *
rcn with wc.i't t > touia < 'li tlirlvc on 15.
Cures zll s 3.j20 : tro
l > rooi.l m v \f-1- \ P III \ . in & < n .
t'o 11. tx 1 i W i n T in f
Sold by all druggists.
The most reliable preparation for
Kidney troubles on the market is J-'ol-
qy's1 Kidney Ciirc. '
' " 'i ' 'iKlesau ' Brtig Col'
in ' I"i i'-'l-