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That is What the Man From
Washington Thinks.
It Is Confidently Expected That the
Senate Will Have Passed It Before
Saturday Night Rush of People Is
Already On Expect 75,000.
Yesterday's Northwestern trnln
which imsseil through Norfolk to
Bonostocl , carried Special Representa
tive'Uackua ' of that place from Wash
ington , where ho had been In the In
terests of the Rosebud reservation
bill , back to his homo In Gregory
county. Mr. Backus was In Washing
ton the other day when the Rosebud
bill went through the house of repre
sentatives and ho predicts that be
fore Saturday ulght It will have
passed as safely through the scnuto
of the United States. It Is hoped that
the bill may oven bo passed at the
senate's session today.
Having once passed through that
high body of the country's lawmakers ,
nothing will remain In the way of
opening up the Rosebud reservation
of 416,000 acres of choice land , except
the signing of the bill by President
Rooosevelt and It Is thought by the
Boncsteel man that the chief execu
tive favors the measure and will ap
ply his name the minute he gets sight
of the paper. I
"Tho Ulll went through the house
without a rlpplo of objection , " said
v Mr. Backus In speaking of the suc
cess which ho and Mr. Lucas have
had In Washington , together with
Congressman Burke and others who
have been boosting hard for the passage -
ago of this measure which means so
much to Gregory county and to the
entire new northwest. "Everybody
seemed to bo heartily In favor of It
and I confidently expect that before
next Saturday night the bill will have
passed the senate as easily. It may
oven como sooner. "
May the Month.
At the beginning of the fall , things
looked far more dubious for the openIng -
Ing of the reservation but now that
they have brightened up and the bill
Is actually being taken through the
halls of legislation , there seems every
prospect In the world that the openIng -
Ing will soon take place. Mr. Backus
oven goes so far as to state that ho
thinks the drawings for those 416,000
acres of free land will bo held in
Expect 75,000 People.
"Few people can realize what a
mammoth Influx of humanity will re
sult the minute thattaNdzflletaoslnhr
opened , " remarked a Northwestern
ofllclal who was In the same car. "We
look for fully 75,000 people Into the
Bonesteel country as soon as the land
* J. { Is thrown open to the outside world.
I don't see how wo arc over going to
] take care of the traffic , but that is
what wo earnestly anticipate. "
Rush Now On.
"In fact , " he continued , "tho rush
has already begun. Every day right
now we are hauling a large number
of people up Into that territory for
the purpose of being on the ground
floor. " And to substantiate his state
ment the railroad official pointed to
over a dozen men In the same car
who had bought tickets from different
points east for the end of the railroad.
Last Government Drawing.
"You see It Is the last chance that
the people of the United States will
have at a drawing of free government
land of this sort. Look at the masses
of people who went down Into Okla
homa. What was a vast prairie on
ono day had developed into a real
living city by the next. Besides that ,
the Rosebud has so long been adver
tised and the people have for so many
moons had their eyes upon it , that
the minute they are allowed to get
Into the game , they will rush Into that
country by the tens of thousands.
"Why every man I meet Is going
to take in that drawing. It isn't a
small per centago of them , mind you ,
or oven a large one It is everybody
you meet from the shores of the
Mississippi to the sago brush of the
far west. Why It Is actually astound
ing when you ask people if they are
- going up. 'Going ? ' they say. 'Why
of course I'm going. It doesn't cost
anything to try and I'vo just as good
a chance as anybody else to win a
bunch of land. To bo sure I'm going
, * up just the minute it is opened. '
' Where Will They Sleep ?
' "I don't see what on earth the people
ple of Gregory county are over going
' to do with those people when the rush
comes on. There aren't hotels enough
In the state of Nebraska , hardly , to
take care of the crowds that will
como this way and if there Isn't a
little hit of lighting for feed and bat
ting for beds , I don't want a cent.
Even on that excursion up the line
on September 12 , there weren't enough
beds In Bonesteol to take care of the
people who had como to see the reser
vation , and the stores wore lined with
strange sleepers that night. And if
a crowd like that would go up for a
look at the earth several months be
fore there was anything definite In
the way of n prospect for opening ,
what kind of a crowd would you ex
pect when the real drawings are begun -
gun ?
"They toll mo , " , went on the railroader
reader , "that there Is already a floatIng -
Ing population of over flfty strange
people In Bonosteel every day right
now. Sonio of the cltl/ens there , who
have gene in and helped make the
town , have been devoting a good share
ot tholr lives for a long tlmo In get
ting ready for this rush which Is
about to come.
Means Much to Norfolk.
"Of course , " ho said , "tho opening
ot the reservation will mean a great
deal to Norfolk. It will mean moro
to Norfolk , perhaps , than It docs to
any of the towns which are right In
the territory. It will mean the openIng -
Ing to this city of n vast amount of
retail trade which will bo positively
brand now. It will mean the opening
up of a territory for Norfolk which
ought to support a city ot consider
able size. And of course Norfolk
can't help taking advantage of It
when It comes although there Is a
great , great deal of it already that
ought to count very much and no
doubt docs , "
Report Says That They Will Build
West From Hastings to Counter
act Burlington Move.
The Nebraska State Journal pub
lishes the following on the authority
of a Northwestern railroad man :
"If the Burlington railroad falls to
build the connecting link with the
Great Northern from Sioux City to
Ashland this year , it will be because
the Northwestern has been able to
frighten It out of the undertaking with
threats of tin extension of Its own line
from Hastings to Denver. Olllclals
who know the Insldo of the situation
have given the Information privately
that an ultimatum of this kind has
been laid down by the latter road and
that It will bo adhered to.
"Ever since the announcement was
made that the Burlington intended to
build the Sioux Clty-Ashland line , the
Northwestern has been up in arms
against what It considers an Invasion
of Its territory. The new line would
run close to the Minneapolis & Omaha
west of the Missouri river and below
Norfolk would almost parallel the
main line of the Northwcstern's Ne
braska & Wyoming division. The ob
ject of the Burlington Is not so much
to secure local business as to provide
a gateway to Lake Superior , but the
Northwestern looks upon any building
scheme in northeastern Nebraska as
direct aggression upon its rights.
"If the Burlington should persist In
its Intention to build the connecting
link , the starting of work upon It will
be the signal for the Northwestern to
begin the extension of its Hastings
line west to Denver. The construction
of a Denver line by the Northwestern
would have its effect on all other west
ern roads and probably destroy the
balance existing among them. On
this account , It Is not unlikely that
pressure will be brought to bear on
the Burlington by the Union Pacific
and the Rock Ilsand to abandon Its
"Tho question resolves Itself Into
this form : Will the Burlington bo
benefited more by the Sioux Clty-Ash
land line than it will bo injured
through Northwestern competition into
Denver ? Another query that sug
gests Itself is this : Would not the
Northwestern welcome an opportunity
to build westward upon any pretext ,
In order that It might become Inde
pendent of the Union Pacific ? "
His Wounds , However , are Healing
Nicely and No Bad Symptoms
Have Developed.
No unfavorable symptoms have thus
far developed in the case of G. A.
Lulkart , who is still in a precarious
condition. Ho suffers a great deal of
agony from his many wounds. Yes
terday Mr. Luikart was restless until
5 o'clock In the afternoon when bro
mide , which ho had been given at
noon , took effect and quieted his
nerves. This morning some of the
stitches were taken out of the wounds ,
which shows that they are in good
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at the postofllce at Norfolk , Neb. ,
February 2 , 1901 :
Mrs. Maggie Brown , Miss Grace
Case , A. B. Dillon , John Elfgren , Miss
Minnie Folletz , Mrs. Hultz , Miss Fan
nie Mohll , Miss Joslo Miller , Mr. R.
E. Miller , Mr. Cecil Miller , A. J. Mil
ler , Miss Elsie Nan , Miss Nellie Nel
son , Miss M. E. Smith , Albert Sum-
morvllle , Mrs. George Tyler.
If not called for In fifteen days will
be sent to the dead letter office.
Parties calling for any of the above
please say , "advertised. "
John R. Hays , P. M.
Four Bodies In One Casket and Two
In the Other.
Council Bluffs , In. , Fob. 4. The funerals -
orals of the mother and flvo children
of the Chrlstensen family who lost
their lives early Tuesday morning in
the fire that destroyed their homo at
Council Bluffs , will bo held at 1:30 :
o'clock this afternoon.
The family will bo burled in two
caskets. Ono will contain the bodies
of the mother and the baby , Httlo 5-
month-old Peter , and the other will
hold the corpses of the other four
The services will bo hold at the
Scandinavian Baptist church , the pas
tor , hto Rev. Ed Rydoback , officiating.
A good ad. will do It.
Farmers Living Southwest of
City arc Petitioning.
The New Route Will Cover a District
Which Has Not Yet Been Traveraed
By the Government Mall Delivery
Less Than 25 Miles Long.
There Is a strong possibility that
another rural mall route out of Norfolk
may bo established In the near futuro.
Residents of the district southwest of
the city which Is not now traversed
by any one of the government lines
of delivery , are anxious to have a
service from Uncle Sam similar to
that which tholr neighbors are ro-
celvlng and they are going after the
matter In a thoroughly organized man
Already a petition has been circu
lated and no less than 100 names have
been placed upon It. Burrol Reed Is one
of the patrons whoso farm would bo
on the line of travel. "It would go
south on Thirteenth street , " says ho ,
"and would traverse the section in
which llvo a largo number of people.
The route would not exceed twenty-
llvo miles In length. "
There are now four routes out of
Norfolk. They have proven wonder
fully successful In many ways and
those farmers who nt first were not
heartily In favor of them , are now be
coming fast friends to the system
and are cvon boosting for its promo
tion throughout the agricultural dis
The rural carriers are ubout us
hard worked people as the next In-
dusrlously Inclined these days. Out
early In the morning , no matter how
cold the wcathor may bo , they drive
over their territories of some twenty-
live miles apiece and never return
until the afternoon. They servo tholr
patrons faithfully and are becoming
absolute necessities In the life of
every community.
Ono thing that ought to bo reme
died Is the pay that these men re
ceive. They are obliged to furnish
their own horses and wagons ; they
nro compelled to wear government un
iforms ; they do nothing else , to
speak of , for Incomes , and they do
not receive compensation of the prize
package sort for their labors.
Yodler Concert.
Rcilhofor's Tyrolean Yodlors and
Concert company of Bavaria will be
at the M. E. church Friday , Feb. 12 ,
at 8 o'clock p. m. and will glvo an
entertainment. Following Is a speci
men program : ,
Part I.
Yodling march , quartette.
Greeting , zither solo.
"Tho Holy City , " quartette.
Mountain flutes , duo. A
Sunrise in the Alps ,
Franz Rellhofer , the mimic , Imfer-
sonatlng prominent people.
Part II.
Am Woerther See , vocal waltz.
Alpine violin solo , Franz.
Contralto solo , Miss Wallio Gruber.
Xylophone solo.
Hunters' march , yodllng quartette.
Evening Bells , zither solo , Miss
Kathie Kirchmler.
Echo in the mountains , yodllng solo ,
Theresa Rellhofer.
Finale : Medley , popular American
airs , quartette.
Instruments : Original mountain
flutes , zithers , xylophones , bow zither ,
Alpine violin.
Impersonations : George Washing
ton , Admiral Dewey , Napoleon , Bis
marck , Ex-President Harrison , Ex-
President McKlnloy , General Logan ,
the man who wrote "TararaBoom
De-ay , " old man , "The Miser , " Jew ,
Prof. Charles II. Seaver , principal
Middlebury academy and Wyoming
High school , Wyoming , N. Y. : "Tho
yodlers gave general satisfaction , and
I've heard nothing but praise. An
other time they would fill our hall , I
am sure. "
At the M. E. church , Feb. 12.
Conrad Werner , who will move to
his homestead which ho has recently
taken in Lyman county , S. D. , the com
ing summer , has rented his farm south
of town to John Dlnkel.
Albert Campbell of Petersburg vis
ited at the homo of Henry Stoltenberg
nt Blakely Sunday.
It Is reported that Owen O'Neill has
rented his 440 aero farm , a quarter
of a mlle south of town , to W. F.
Rcavls for $1,000 cash.
Al. Ommerman of Norfolk was a
business visitor to Battle Creek Fri
Arthur Parsons , who lives four
miles north , lost fifteen head of cattle
from corn stalk disease last week.
Mr. Maher , who went to Portland ,
Oregon , about three weeks ago , on
account of the sickness of his mother ,
has returned and reports his mother
well again.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
John Slckel Friday.
L. Flower , who Is running the Blue
Front livery barn , is going to have a
big horse sale on Saturday , the 20th.
A little boy made his appearance at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs , II. R. Ly-
man Saturday.
S. II. Thatch has bought the Mark
Scssler property on the creamery road
for $1,500 and InUmtlii to occupy It
soon , routing hln ronldonco near the
L. B , Baker lumber olllco to Munclo
Ed. DlorHdnrf visited with hhi pa
rents nt Norfolk Sunday.
James Cassalrt of the Platte Center
roller mills , wan visiting with rela
tives hero the first of the wook.
llowoll A very of Tllden visited with
ruliitlvi'H here Monday.
Elmer Marsh and Harry Reavln will
start Friday for a pleasure trip to
California and other states on the Pa
cific coast.
( loo. S. Berry shipped two double-
deck carloads of fat shuup to the
Omaha market Monday.
Ono of your subscriber ! ) said when
1m got his Monday dully that It was
very newsy and that ho would not bo
without The Norfolk Dally News If
It cost as much money again.
Rev. J. Hoffman on Sunday at the
Lutheran church announced the be
trothal of Mr. August lloltorf of Hoi-
stein , la. , and Miss Kathorlno ( lliiniU
of this place.
Mlko Plouzek returned Monday
from Omaha , his brother , Joseph , who
has nerve troubles remaining ( hero
far treatment In a hospital.
Tuesday , for the Ilrst time , August
Steffcn had use for his now hearso.
Station Agent W. C. Day got a now
assistant Tuesday In the person of a
son of Carl Wilde , of Norfolk , his former -
mor assistant , Peter Krugor , being
transferred to Brlstow.
G. M. Mitchell of Dlxon wan here
for the night.
T. F. Memmlnger was In the city
from Madison.
George J. Podell of Wlusldo WIIH
hero over night.
11. C. Hanson of Vordol was In Nor
folk this morning.
J. J. Gnrgorgor was In the city over
night from Wayne.
Ellis Kowlck of llosklus was In
Norfolk last evening ,
Churlos Vollmers was in the city
last night from Stuart.
Florence M. Nowhall was an early
morning visitor in Norfolk today from
W. A. Cunningham of Nlobrara ar
rived In the city on business this
O. A. Nelson of Wlnnetoon was In
the city yesterday on business.
There will bo a social session of the
Ladles guild on Friday afternoon at
2:30 at the homo of Mrs. N. J. lloag-
The members of the Omaha Rescue
Homo auxiliary will meet at 3 o'clock
Friday , February 5 , at the homo of
Mrs. J. L. Beach , 1103 Madison street.
Everybody Invited.
Company L , N. N. G. , has decided
to put on a homo talent play , "Where
Was Thompkins ? " under direction of
Mr. Willis Dunlap. It Is planned to
give the production on Monday night ,
February 15.
It Is said that the Cedar telephone
company has made arrangements to
connect with the Petersburg local
telephone company and as soon as
the weather will permit a line will
bo run to Elgin. This wllj glvo con
nection with Elgin , O'Neill , Cedar
Rapids , Newman Grove , Oakdale , Ne-
llgh and Tllden.
Nasixl Catarrh quickly yields to trcnt-
tnont by Ely's Cream Jinlm , which is agrco-
ably nromatlc. It IB received through the
nostrils , cleansed and heals the whole sur
face over which it diffuses itself. Druggists
sell the GOc. Bizo ; Trial nize by mail , 10
cents. Tout it and you ate uuro to continue
the treatment.
To Accommodnto tliobo who are partial
to the use of atomizers in applying liquids
into the nnnal passages for cntarrhal trou-
llet , the proprietors prepare Cream Balm in
liquid form , - whichwill bo known as Ely's
Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the
spraying tube is 75 cents. Druggists or by
mail. The liquid form embodies the med
icinal properties of iho uulid preparation.
Winter coughs are apt to result In
consumption If neglected. They can
bo soon broken up by using Foloy's
Honey and Tar. Kiesau Drug Co.
Foloy's Honey and Tar cures the
cough caused by nn attack of la
grippe. It heals the lungs.
Kiesau Drug Co.
Four doctors said I would die of
stomach troubles and appendicitis ;
three packages of llolllstor's Rocky
Mountain Tea made mo well and
healthy. Daniel Winston , Burlington ,
Vt. 35 cents. The Kiesau Drug Co.
Mothers can safely glvo Foley's
Honey and Tar to their children for
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opiates or other poisons.
Kiesau Drug Co.
A Cure for Eczema.
My baby had eczema so bad that
Its head was a solid mass of scabs ,
and its hair nil came out. I tried
many remedies but none seemed to do
any permanent good until I used Do-
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. The ecze
ma Is cured , the scabs are gone and
the llttlo ono's scalp is perfectly clean
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Salvo. Frank Farmer , Bluff City , Ky.
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Advertising when the busy season
is over , is the buslncss-llko way of
bringing results. Then Is the tlmo
that a business man can Introduce
Hoy. IT. Rtul > onvollof Elhhorn , Win. , In pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran
31. Jnhn'H Church of tltul plucu. Kov. Hlubonvoll in the poH oHHor of two billion
irc'HdtiIcil to him by T'mparor William of Oormiiny. Upon the Jly leaf ot ono of
lie bllilon the Emperor him written in liln own handwriting a text.
'i'JilH honored piiHlor , In a rucont Inltnr to The Poruniv Modlrlno Co. , of Colum
bus , Ohio , Biyn concerning tholr famous catarrh remedy , 1'oruna :
The Pcrunn Medicine Co. , Columb'is , Ohio.
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thai Poruua euros uuturrh wherever
his business to the people and re
ceive attention.
Better Than Gold.
"I was troubled for uovural years
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caster , N. II. "No remedy helped mo
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Escaped an Awful Fate.
Mr. II. Hagglns of Melbourne , Fin. ,
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A Nlflht Alarm.
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cum : von
B !
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