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Market is Flooded and Shippers
Will Wait a Month.
The Week In Court After Handing
For Eighty Hours , the Jury In the
Case Agnlnst John Cearns Flnnlly
Disagreed Robinson Re-Arrested ,
The hay market has received a con-
Bldorablo Jar thu past few weeks and
shipping has about come to a stand-
Htlll from this point , lloth Omaha
and Sioux City markets are Hooded
and the probabilities are that there
will not bo any more whipping for a
month or more yet. Local buyers for
shipping purposes are not buying anything -
thing at present as they have a large
stock on hand. The Amelia Creamery
people are stacking up quantities of
hay In O'Neill to await the opening of
the market. Pretty fair local prices
prevail nevertheless. Thu baled pro
duct Is selling for $ l.fiO a ton , and
loose $3 to $3.GO.
In the county court yesterday J. II.
Meredith was given Judgment for $110
In a suit to recover rent from a far
mer named Stewart from the vicinity
of Stuart. Meredith claimed to be
the properly authorized agent of land
that Stewart had leased from another
party for an agreed price of $1)0 ) a
year. The plaintiff sued for $100 but
was given Judgment for the amount
Stewart had agreed to pay to the
other party. Stewart claimed ho did
not know but what his transaction
with the other man was all right and
was ready to pay the $30 to the right
person at any tlmo.
The brldgo and other Improvements
on the road between the Northwest
ern depot and the river are completed ,
making a very commendable change
In traveling conditions In that strip of
hitherto bad road.
McOreovy's orchestra has been en
gaged to go to Stuart next Wednes
day to furnish music for a Thanks
giving hall that evening. This Is the
second call this orchestra has had
from Stuart In a short tlmo.
District Court.
District court continues In session
since November 9. A great many
unimportant matters have been clear
ed oft' the docket , as has also several
more Important cases.
.Tudgo Harrington has presided dur
ing thu sitting this week.
In the ease of the state against
John Cearns for alleged rape of the
person of Ida Uarnes the Jury dis
agreed after hanging out for eighty
hours. It stood eight to three for
The other cases which wont to
trial wore :
August Holmors vs. Bertha Rolm-
ors ; decree of divorce entered.
Ewlng State bank vs. J. 1C. Spears ;
suit over attachment of goods , ver
dict for plaintiff.
State vs. W. J. Robinson , violation
of game laws ; not guilty. Robinson
had boon caught by the game warden
with eighty-nine prairie chickens in
his possession. George L. Carter ,
the game warden , was on hand at the
trial and ten minutes after the ver
dict was rendered had Robinson un
der arrest again. Robinson 1ms been
taken to Omaha for trial and was
lined $100 and costs.
Delia M. Reed vs. Douglas Jones ;
jury disagree. This was a retrial of
a case involving the ownership of n
largo quantity of hay In Swan town
ship. The jury hung for about two
days , coming in last evening , and being -
ing discharged until January 19.
The Slattory-Shaw case which was
expected to come up for re-trial at
this term will not bo hoard until Jan
. uary. A special term will then ho
hold to try the case. In the mean
time Edward Slattcry , the defendant ,
is out on ball. O'Neill Frontier.
I ; !
Lots of People In Town , an Auction
and a.Horse Race Saturday Bat
tle Creek Items.
Battle Creek , Nov. 23. Special to
The News : It was very quiet In our
city last week excepting Saturday ,
when the town was crowded. In the
afternoon a public sale of implements
and stock attracted lots of people ,
and the auctioneer , Col. T. D , Preeco ,
sold everything. Horses wont from
$1.00 up , and at last sold his 5-cent
whip for 15 cents. After the sale the
crowd was Invited to the race track ,
whore T. D. Preeco's running horse
met George Fry's of Plorco county.
Preeco won.
John Shrader Is building a resilience
lienceIn Highland park , 24 by 24 ,
with an addition of 12 by 1C feet , Aug
ust Stoffon is the contracting car
On the 19th a daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. John Schereger.
Mrs. H. C. Relf , who has been very
sick for two weeks , wont to the Ger
man Lutheran hospital at Sioux City
for an operation Saturday.
Editor F. E. Martin wont to Omaha
Saturday to the sick bed of his aunt ,
Mrs. A. D. Jones ,
Carl Johanusen was hero Saturday
from Tllden.
Mr. James P. Carow and Miss Mag
gie Sosslor were married Friday even
ing by Rev. Mr. White of the Baptist
church. Tlio groom IB n well known
> oung innn In the employ of I \ J. Hnlu
mid the bride In thu oldest daughter
( if Mr , mill Mi'H. Hutu T. Bonslor. .liiHt
a few of tlio frlcnilH anil the relatives
ntloiuliMl tlio lecoptlon at tlio homo of
tlio hrlilo'H jmronlH on Depot street ,
following Hio coroniony.
Itoglniiing next Siiiiilny services
will ho hold twlco at the Oorinnn
Lutheran church. The first mooting
will coniinonco at 10 o'clock In the
morning and the next at 7 In the
evening. ' 1'ho tniHtooH of the church
have onloroil HOIIIO line chandollorH to
lllil the building. The population of
thin congregation IH ahoiit 700.
I'M. lllorsilorf visited yontonlay
with his parents at Norfolk.
Hovlval meetings began In the Bap-
tint church yoHtonlay. Ilov. Mr. Will to
will ho assisted hy Ilov. .1 , II. Clay of
Thanksgiving HorvlcoB will ho hold
it the Gorman Lutheran church and
the M. 13. chnrchoH Thursday.
MIHHOH Myrtle and Laura JohiiHon ,
who nro employed In the railroad ho-
ul at Ixmg Pine , are visiting here
thin week with tholr parontH , Mr.
and Mrs. C. 1' . Johnson.
llohort 1'arkH , who UVOH seven mlles
Houtli of Tlldon , wan here on business
.Tohnnlo Borchors han routed the
1) . J. Drajo farm four mllet } Houth , on
.ho crook. It Is rnmorod that some-
: hlng olHo is llkoly to happen before
ho moves onto the plnco.
0. Cameron of Norfolk was here
Friday In the Interest of Omul's boor.
Commissioner FInnogan was In Battle -
tlo Crook Saturday.
Win. Dogan of Meadow Orovo has
taken T. J. Taylor's place as suporln-
tondont of the comity poor farm until
ho first of March.
Miss Hattlo Mayhow of Norfolk vis-
ted with relatives here Friday.
The Cornhuakcra are Working to the
Limit In Order to Meet Illinois.
Hard Game.
Lincoln , Nov. 21. That the corn-
makers have n florco proposition on
, holr hands In the game against Illl-
iols for Thanksgiving day , is Just
low conceded In university athletic
circles and Coach Booth Is working
its men to the limit of practice In
order that they may bo able to moot
Woodruff's bunch when they get here
Ex-Captain Wostovor stayed in Iowa
ast Saturday to watch the game
igalnst Illinois and ho admits that
the victory of Nebraska over Iowa
iffords no just comparison and no
grounds for thinking that because
o\va boat Illinois that the cornhusk-
ors nro going to do the same thing.
'Iowa has Improved marvelously , "
says WoBtovor , "and wo will have the
worst light of years In Illinois. "
Illinois has had a representative at
several Nebraska games and Booth is
irranglng a few surprise parties In
the Thursday gamo. To win this
tlmo will glvo Nebraska another year
of unbroken victories and every effort
will bo made to boat the visitors.
Perry of Norfolk Is pleasing the coach
ind has a reputation ahead of him.
There Will be no Football Game at
County Capital on Thanksgiv
ing Day.
Madison , Nob. , Nov. 21. Special to
The News ; The Madison football
team will not play upon the gridiron
Thanksgiving day at all because of
a lack of practice which has very
much crippled the local organization.
It had been thought to moot Wayne
hero for a game but this will not ho
done and the cloven young athletes
will eat turkey at homo Instead of
battling over the pigskin.
[ It has been rumored In Battle
Creek during the week that the Madi
son team was to play against Colum
bus in Norfolk on Thanksgiving but
this was without foundation. A num
ber of young persons had planned to
drive down for the event. ]
Her Feet Wholly Dead.
Humboldt , Neb. , Nov. 24. Mrs. Roy
Leach , wife of a farmer a few miles
north of this city , has boon the vic
tim of n peculiar malady , which
seems to have loft her foot wholly
dead , the result of imperfect circu
lation of the blood. The condition
became so serious last week when
gangrene set In that her physician de
cided amputation was necessary , and
took off her right foot above the an-
klo. They hope to save the remain
ing member , but are in doubt.
Over 100 Homestead Filings Have
Been Made In the Last Month
at O'Neill.
O'Neill , Nob. , Nov. 21. From a Staff
Correspondent : The United States
land olttco hero has been doing a "land
office business" In the popular sense
of the term during the past month ,
over 100 homestead titles having been
filed. There is every prospect that
the rush will keep right on in earnest
as Garllold and Wheeler counties , not
far distant from hero , are settling
very rapidly Just at the present time.
O'Neill itself has been keeping pace
with the land ofllco and is doing just
as much business ns Uncle Sam's
agency In this city.
m finger Mark
orTrade Mark-
- \ Common Soda Crackers fingered from the time
they leave the baker till you get them in a bag ,
' '
* > /
. , , .
OR - ' > WAV.- *
i *
JJ *
Uneeda Biscuit in the In = er = seal Package with ,
all that the In-er-seal Trade Mark means / . ;
sealed tight , kept right , from the oven to the table. .
Which Will YOU haVe ?
North Nebraska , South Dakota
and Black Hills.
Town of Humphrey , Neb. , Alone Es
capes from the Blanket Which Cov
ered the Earth When This Territory
Woke up this Morning.
North Nebraska , southern South
Dakota and the Dack Hills country
woke np this morning underneath a
heavy blanket of pure , white snow
and the blanket grow thicker every
minute. When this section of the
globe went to hod last night the sky
was not particularly clouded and the
nlr was rather too frosty for snow but
not a dark colored bit of the glebe re
mained visible when the sun didn't
dawn today.
From telegraphic and telephonic re
ports received at The News ofllcathls
morning. It Is Indicated that the storm
has stretched over the entire Black
Hills country , covers all of north Ne
braska and goes up along the North
western In its terminus at Donesteol ,
at least. The area scatters as far
southeast as Fremont , northeast as
far ns Wayne and southwest to Col
At noon today the snow had not
reached Omaha or southern Nebras
ka. Another very peculiar feature
of the extent is that while the low
pressure has covered a wide range
of territory throughout this part of
the earth , Humphrey , Nob. , is high
and dry and hasn't seen a single
sparkling hexagonal crystal today.
It Is anticipated that the storm will
glvo some slight trouble to trains and
they will no doubt bo delayed to a
certain extent by the clogging of the
Engineer Fatally Injured by Striking
a Mall Crane.
Alliance , Nob. , Nov. 24. W. J. Ry
an , traveling engineer for the Bur
lington , was fatally Injured at Reno.
While riding on the engine and In
specting the operation of a new de
vice for dumping ashes , ho loaned out
of the cab window and was struck
on the right side of the head by the
crane used for catching mall. Ho
was brought to Allllanco and placed
in charge of Dr. Bollwood , who found
the skull broken and depressed and
pressing on the brain a part of
which oozed out. Trephining was at
once performed , and Ryan Is resting
as easily as could he expected. There
Is practically no hope of recovery.
Ho is a single man. His parents re
side , at Wymore , where his father is
road in as tor.
November Term Convenes With Judge
Harrington Presiding The Im
portant Cases.
Valentino , Nob. , Nov. 21. The No
vember term of district court which
convened hero yesterday , Judge Har
rington presiding , promises to bo a
long and interesting session. 'There
are forty-one cases on the docket ,
seven criminal and thirty-four civil.
The criminal cases consist of one
shooting with Intent to kill , Robert
W. Tollies ; assault with intent to kill ,
W. R. Boddy ; altering note , ArtloT.
Mead ; horse stealing , Joseph Bud
Hand ; assault with intent to commit
rape , Culla Stockton ; stabbing with
Intent to kill and wound , Lame Dog ;
obtaining money under false pretense ,
Ida M. and Irving M. Jones. Of these
the case against W. R. Boddy ( col
ored ) will perhaps take up the most
tlmo. Boddy is proprietor of a res
taurant here and it is alleged that ho
struck a domestic therein named Boo
Molllt on the head with an Indian
club causing Injuries which will al
ways trouble hor. Jeffers of Omaha ,
has the defense. The case against
Robert W. Tello is on trial now.
Among the civil cases is that of
Willis Ashby ( colored ) against James
B. Hull , Thomas A. Yearnshow and
the Metropolitan Mutual Bond and
surety Co. for $5,000 damages. He
alleges that having got drunk In the
defendant's saloon and had his fin
gers cut off by a train ho Is entitled to
compensation. Only three divorce
cases appear on the docket.
Howard Johnson and Miss Mabel Krlse
Married at Noon.
Nellgh , Nob. , Nov. 24. Special to
The News : Howard Johnson and
Miss Mabel Krisc , both of this city ,
wore married at noon yesterday by
V. F. Clark , of the Congregational
church. Mr. Johnson is a member of
the harness firm of M. M. Johnson &
Sons and is one of the esteemed young
men of the city. Miss Krlso Is a
graduate of the high school ahd has
spent a number of years In teaching.
She Is also quite proficient in music.
The wedding was rather a quiet af
fair , the bride's father having been
laid to rest only a short tlmo ago.
State Has Made Greater Growth
Than Any Other.
Today Sixty-two Cities Have More
Than 1,000 Population Nearly All
Provided With Waterworks , Lights
and Modern Improvements.
Lincoln , Nov. 21. Statistics com
piled by the department of labor show
that Nebraska has made probably
greater progress than any other
state in the union. Briefly it is
shown :
- Population fifty years ago , 3,000.
Sixty-two cities now have more than
1.000 population , excluding Omaha ,
South Omaha and Lincoln. Beatrice ,
Fremont , Grand IslandKearney , Hast
ings , Nebraska City , Plattsmouth and
York havp more than 5,000. Tholr in
debtedness is $1,547,292.
All but three of the sixty-two towns
have waterworks ; fifty own their
own plants. Forty-nine have lighting
plants , the value of the light plants
being $804,500 and the gas plants
$273.500. Edgar , Fairfield , Friend ,
Geneva , O'Neill , Oakland , Ponca , Sid
ney , University Place , Weeping Wa
ter , Red Cloud and St. Paul have no
light plants. Sidney. Fairfield and
Auburn have no water plants.
Private corporations own water
plants in Broken Bow , Falrbury ,
Kearney , McCook , Nebraska City ,
North Platte , Plattsmouth , Wahoo
and York. The total value of the
water plants Is $2,337,500. The one
at North Bend is worth $12,000 and
the Fremont plant $200,000. Hast
ings has a $175,000 system , Nebraska
.City one worth $150,000 , and Beatrice
In the matter of indebtedness Be
atrice owes $375,892 ; Nebraska City
$300,000 ; Hastings $277,400 ; Fremont
$208,000 ; and Kearney $70,000.
There are 4C9 churches , 217 sqhools
and 273 saloons In the sixty-two
towns. Aurora , Falrfleld , Hebron ,
Humboldt , Lexington , Pawnee City ,
Tecumseh , University Place , Weep
ing Water and York have no saloons.
In the other towns an average II-
cense of $1,000 is exacted. At Wayne
the license is $1,000 , the highest price
charged. Sidney only charges $500
for a license.
Nebraska City and Beatrice have
eighteen churches each. Wahoo has
fifteen , and Geneva and Beatrice own
ton schools. Forty-five towns own
103 public halls , and forty-four have
sixty-seven parks. City halls valued
at $173,200 are owned by thlrty-flvo
of the towns. Grand Island and
Kearney public buildings are worth
$25,000 ; West Point and Wahoo $14-
000 ; Fremont and York $10,000 , and
the others range from $800 to $8,000.
Statistics of growth are Interest
ing. In the last year there were
1,058 new buildings erected In the
sixty-two towns , 950 being residences
and 108 for mercantile purposes.
The aggregate cost was $2,083,300 ,
which Is an Increase of $70,850 over
last year.
People Believe In It.
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day its popularity Is greater ' ; u
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