The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, November 06, 1903, Page 8, Image 8

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    8 Till' ' ] NOHFOLK NKWS : FJllDAY , NOVEMBER ( I , 1908.
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12 O'clock , Saturday Evening , November 7
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We arc EXCLUSIVE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AGENTS for the following manufacturers for Nebraska :
Knabe , Kranich & Bach , Hallet & Davis , Kimball ,
Lindeman & Sons , Mathushek and Melville Clark Pianos ,
All Strictly High Grade Instruments , and Thirty Other Thoroughly Reliable Makes , which we will RETAIL during
this Sale at WHOLESALE PRICES , and as an extra inducement to buy this week we will extend to you the EASY
PAYMENT PLAN a small cash payment when delivered and a little each month. They are soon paid for and you
do not miss the money. Stool and Scarf Free with each instrument. Old Pianos and Organs taken in part pay
Write for Catalogues and Bargain List.
. . . . . . .
t .j.ji * * * * * * * : : * * * * * * : * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * !
* I *
To Out of Town Customers : $
Wo will pay railroad faro and all expenses of the trip to any person living |
: within 1115 miles of Norfolk , who will attend this sulo and purchase a piano. It is | Opposite New Government Building. 128 South Fourth St.
\ cheaper for us to do so than to come and see yon. WRITE 10 II BARGAIN LI ST. |
. . . . . . . . . H. R. WARD , Manager.
* * > * * < > * < * * > : : < * * * * * < * * : * * H'4. * < * < * * * * .H ' > *
When.The Results Were Tabulated
by The News , Norfolk's Son
Was Ahead.
Good values In blenched or un-
blenched muslin at Gc.
Full standard prints In light styles
nt Gc.
Outing flannels at Cc , 7VjC , 9c , lOc ,
12 % .
Good Canton llannels at Gc , 7c , 9c ,
12c. IGc , 20c.
Ladles' Fleece lined underwear ,
good values , at 2Gc and GOc.
Anytlvlng In our dress goods , un
derwear , cloaks , blankets , wrappers ,
otc. , at equally low prices.
If you have feet ,
prepare to clothe them
no\v. We sell the best
hosiery in town the
Wo , are agents for the celebrated
Peerless Pattern. The cheapest , best
fitting popular priced pattern to bo
found anywhere. Gc , lOc , IGc.
The Fair Store
I' ' ' -
W. H. Johnson has gone to Chicago
on business.
W. M. Wagner wont to Pierce
Thursday on business.
Dr. William Keller of Princeton ,
111. , Is a guest nt the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Moldonlmuor.
Miss Hiittlo Maas and Miss Anna
Mints of Moillno , Minn. , are visiting
Norfolk relatives and friends.
Ex-Senator Win. V. Allen of MadIson -
Ison was In the city Thursday meet
ing his numerous Norfolk friends and
Ivlng his opinion of the meaning
convoyed by the election returns.
Dr.R. A. Mittlostndtdentist. Bishop
block. Telephone GO ,
Got ready for the roast pig supper
to bo given by the men of the Moth
odlst church on Friday evening , No
vember 13.
Wanted Men at C. & N. W. now
roundhouse. Call for Mr. Schinncer.
New Belts.
Wo have just got In a largo line
of now belts.
The now silk stitched Tailor bolt ,
pleated satin bolts , with fancy buck
les. The elastic bolts and the wide
girdles. Prices range from GOc to
$5.00. Mrs. J. Benson ,
So. ICth St. , Omaha , Nob.
l.nvr In tilt * Muli
Political economists have told us
Unit self Interest Is the mainspring of
Industry. H Is not true. Love Is the
mainspring of Industry. It Is love for
the home and the wife and the children
that keeps all the busy wheels of In
dustry revolving , that calls the factory
hands early to the mill , that nerves
the arm of the blacksmith working at
his forge , that Inspires the farmer at
his plow and the merchant at his desk
that gives courage to the soldier and
patience to the teacher.
Krsklne was asked how he dared , as
an unknown barrister , face a hostile
court and Insist on his right to be
heard. "I felt my children , " ho re
plied , "tugging at my robe and saying ,
'Hero Is your chance , father , to get us
bread. ' " It N this vision of the chil
dren dependent on us that Inspires us
all In the battle of life. Uev. Lymau
Abbott in Atlantic.
Origin of 11 Kniiiou *
nucllil. who Is Mimi'tlmes called the
father of mathematics , taught this
subject In the famous school at Alex
andria. liclug asked one day by the
king of Egypt ( Ptolemy Soter ) whether
ho could not teach him the science In
a shorter way , Euclid answered in
words that huvo been memorable over
since , "Sire , there Is no royal road to
learning. " Not many scraps of conver
sation have lived , as this reply has , for
2,200 years.
Phat Will be the Subject for
Mission Week at the Sacred Heart
Church Is Proving Very Successful.
Crowds Fill the Church for Father
Shyne's Every Lecture.
The chilly weather of last evening
in no way kept the Sacred Heart
church from being packed by persons
eager to listen to Rev. Father Shyno ,
the brilliant lecturer who ds conduct
ing services at the church through
the entire mission week. Every mornIng -
Ing before the sun has thought of
coming up , people nro to bo soon walk
ing along the streets to the church at
the corner of Fifth street and Mad
ison nvemto for the early service and
Instruction. Again there are crowds
during the middle of the forenoon and
nt night the church is taxed to the
limit to accommodate the audience.
Tonight will bo a lecture upon "Tho
Great Conqueror. " Last night was
upon "Man's Greatest Help to Happi
ness. " The choir sang the hymns ,
"Tantum Ergo , " and " 0 Salutarls"
with feeling , bringing out all of the
meaning powerfully.
Meditation on Hell.
For ono hour last night Father
Shyno meditated with the big congre
gation on the pains of holl. Ho
brought out clearly that a meditation
on hell Is n protection from sin. Ho
first showed that hell exists ; that It
Is eternal ; that , as in sin , there Is a
double malice the turning of the will
away from the creator and a turning
to n forbidden creature so the punishment -
ishmont of sin Is two-fold the loss
of God and the positive Infliction of
These two elements arc pointed out
In the words which must bo hoard by
all who dlo in mortal sin : "Depart
from Mo , yo cursed , Into everlasting
rtro. " Wo call these the pain of loss
and the pain of sense. The pain of
loss Is the fooling of regret for hav
ing thrown away an eternal good for
the sake of some potty pleasure. "Wo
fools esteem their life madness ant
their end without honor. Beheld -
hold ! how they are numbered among
the children of God ! " These are the
words which the wise man says the
wicked will use on the last day when
they see these whom they though
to bo fools on earth honored by God
and His nngels.
The pain of sense Is Inflicted by
fire. "Depart from Mo , yo cursed
Into everlasting flro. " Borne people
vhoso conscience tolls thorn that
hey must cease to sin or suffer for
ever try to persuade themselves that
his flro means remorse , but no ono
can depart Into remorse which ho
carries about with him , nor was that
emorso prepared for another person.
'Depart from Me , yo cursed , into ev
erlasting flro prepared for the dovll
ind his nngols , " if meditated upon ,
vill remove all doubt about figures
of speech.
It Is an article of Catholic faith that
ho pains of hell are eternal. The
loctrlno Is taught expressly In scrip-
urn. It Matt.xvlii:8the : future pun-
shment is called eternalIn ; Apoc.xiv :
.1 , xlx : 3 , wo are told It will last for
ever and over ; In John ill:3(5 : ( and Matt.
xxv:4G : , etc. , the same duration Is as
cribed to hell as to heaven. It wcro
jotter for Judas that ho had never
icon born so wo flnd In Matt , xxvl :
24 and this would not bo true If wo
wore destined one day to reach heav
en. St. Augustine says that eternal
woo Is duo to him who destroys in
itmsolf eternal good. This destruc
tion is wrought by deliberate mortal
sin , which cuts a man off from God.
In that sinful stnto the sinner is llko
a branch broken off from Christ the
vine which withers and is cast Into
; ho flro forever.
Protection From Sin.
When Father Shyno had given the
logmntlc proofs hinted at above , ho
jegan to show how a meditation on
ioll can bo made a protection from
sin. To do this ho asked the congre
gation to reflect frequently upon the
following points :
First The habitation of the damn
Second The company of the damn
Third The punishment of thorop-
rebate through the powers of his
soul ( n ) torments of Imagination ,
( b ) of memory , ( c ) of understanding ,
( d ) of will.
Fourth Punishments of the damn
ed in the senses of sight , hearing ,
smell , taste and touch.
Fifth Ho ended with the torment
of eternity and said :
"How many years or centuries shall
tha lost soul ho Imprisoned ? Forovor.
How many years shall ho groan In
tears of regret and despair ? Forovor.
How many centurion shall ho bo con
demned to the society of demons ?
Forovor. How many ages shall ho
burn In flames ? Forever. Will there
bo no Interruption of these torments ?
Never. Will there bo no mitigation
of this awful pain of loss ? Never
Stretch your imagination ; add years
to years , ages to ages ; multiply them
llko the loaves of the forest , the sands
of the seashore , the drops of water
in the immensity of the oceans you
will not concolvo the moaning of
these two words over , novor. On
the brazen arch of hell they are writ
en in letters of eternal flro and are
mrnlng into the marrow of every
ruined soul. "
The Brock family are certainly a
race of soldiers. In talking with J.
I. Brock recently , ho remarked that
ils grandfather had fought with Na-
) oloon and participated in the battle
of Waterloo. Mr. Brock himself was
a soldier through the entire civil war ,
John Brock , jr. , Charles Brock and
saac Brock , all cousins to each other ,
were In the Philippine war , and a
young grandson of J. R. Brock shows
ncllnations of the war spirit as ho
went "with the militia boys from hero
; o York this summer ns their mascot ,
ind his grandfather believes he will
make n soldier some day. Columbus
A happy wedding and n beautiful
ono was Thursday for the ceremony
which united Mr. Arthur Kaum and
Miss Martha Welch , at Christ Luther
an church. The service was per
formed at 10 o'clock in the morning
by the pastor , Rev. J. P. Mueller. Af
terward the bridal party drove to the
homo of Herman Welch , northeast of
the city , and a glorious feast was held
throughout the day. Many persons
wore Invited.
The News for job printing.
Fred Bergman and wife of Ponder
visited at the homo of Wm. Test over
Sunday and on Monday they left for
a visit with Columbus friends.
Mrs. J. J. Clements has returned
from Marengo , Iowa , where she was
called by the illness of her brother.
Gumboil & Bloy shipped to J. S.
Armstrong , nt Bearing , Iowa , ono of
the finest Poland-China boars which
wo have seen shipped from those
parts for many a day.
Mrs. Thos. O'Shea returned Monday
from Omaha where she had been nt
the St. Joseph hospital with her sister ,
Miss Eustochium Carrnhor who was
operated upon for appendicitis.
The Madison football team have
inado arrangements to play a game
with the Genoa Indians on Thanks
giving day at this place , and the boys
are putting In good time getting In
shape for the game.
Jos. Nichols and wlfo returned Sat
urday from tholr visit with tholr son
Frank and wlfo at Plalnvlow , and vis
ited their daughter , Mrs. Brlnckman
until Sunday when they departed for
their homo near Croston.
Mr. H. W. Davidson of Foster , Ne
braska , and Miss Luqlnda Jones of
Omaha , drove down from Norfolk Sat
urday night and were married at this
place the same evening by Rov. Both-
well. They returned to Foster Mon
Rov. Wlgton of Norfolk preached
; wo very able sermons In the Presby-
lerinn church last Sunday morning
and evening. Ho was sent by the
synod to declare the pulpit vacant
E. H Brewer , who lives west of
town , received quite a serious Injury
Tuesday afternoon while loading lum
ber nt O'Shea & McBrido's yard. As
nearly as can bo ascertained the team
started to run and Mr. Brewer
grabbed the linos. The team turned
In such a manner as to place the un
fortunate man between his own and
another wagon which was standing
nearby and catch him. Mr. Brewer
received a gash over his right eye ,
and his right log from the thigh down
to his foot was severely bruised and
cut. It Is thought a portion of the
bone may bo fractured. Star-Mall.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Torpln went
to Wahoo Saturday morning to visit
their daughter , Mrs. Zanuck.
Miss Emma Molrs , of the Nlobrara
schools , visited with Miss Flnlay last
Saturday , on her way to Nellgh to
visit with her sister.
A new house Is being built for Thos.
Warner on his farm three miles north
east of town. H. Cllngman has charge
of the work.
R. McAdam left this week for Clln-
ton , Iowa , where ho will visit for ono
week , after which ho will go to Hot
Springs , Ark. , to spend the winter.
Mrs. B. W. Caldwell came from Norfolk -
folk Saturday to visit her parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Thornburg. Her
mother accompanied her homo on
A. H. Bohannon , cashier of the now
Antelope County bank , has moved his
family over from Elgin and they are
living dn Mr. Strlngfellow's house.
Jas. Bartlett contemplates moving
onto a farm next year and for that
reason says ho will sell his six acres
of ground by the creek in the wast
part of town.
The interior of the Antelope County
bank's place of business ds undergo
ing a complete remodeling and rent-
ting. The room has boon enlarged
by tearing out a partition , and when
repainted and repapered will present
an entirely now appearance. Senti
i. "STAUMY , A ]
" " ' " ' ' " " ' men Between
, T"n" . 'i'c""V..w
or 21 mid 3B. citizens of "
of Brood character ni "
IXs , who cun GDGtilc
f % K * °
A * $ . i ,
Dr. J. H.
. . . Mackay *
'Pl > ° ne 11 , NORFOLK , KEBB.