The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, November 06, 1903, Page 16, Image 16

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    Till' ' ! NORFOLK NKWSj FHIDAY , NOVICM131311 0. M)03. )
Son of Carl Rrichc Hurt but
Not Killed.
Hole Torn Through the Roof and
Joists .ire broken by the Force Os
car nicclic Wna Mixing Chemicals
When the Accident Happened.
\Vltli the Ullolion slovo shattered
Into lilts no ono of which IH bigger
than a dollar ; \vltli a hole toni through
the roof of thn house * hy Urn torrlllc
foroo of tlio explosion ; \vHli three
Joists Hpllnt < < n < il and Hunt , broken ,
Into HID I'ollur , I ) turn r Rlocho , who
lives several inlloH south of Norfolk
on First street , and who WHH In tlio
tnldsl of tlio whole frightful accident ,
IK Hllll allv ,
Mr. Rlooho IIUH a moving pleturo nw
chlno with which ho wan preparing
to give a lltllo ( 'iitortalnnionl In ! IH !
own homo. Ilo manufactures ( ho gnu
for hlH InHlniinont and In preparing
tlio chemicals created an. explosion
> vilcli | KliooU tlio wliolo IIOIIHO and
which , inarvoloiiHly enough , did not
Instantly Itlll tlio chemist. AH a ro-
wilt , ho Is wearing a hadly cut arm
tmd IK severely hruhiod In Hovoral
pnrtH of hlti body.
It KOOIIIH that when 0110 chemical
TTIVH mixed with the olhor an oxploidon
resulted , OHPIIIWHH acting according
to dlroutloiiH and IH unahln to oxlaln |
the niyntorioiiH effect. Ilo had nilxod
I ho Ingredients before and had nuvur
boon troubled.
"Not a particle of tholdlehon Htovo , "
snld liln father , Carl Rlocho. ono of
the ItoHt known fannofH In thin section
of the country , "remains unbroken.
It wna hattorod Into fragments about
tin Inch mumre and the hole In thereof
roof and the breaks In the Moor toll
the tale of vlolonco hotter than wordH
can describe It. "
II. .1. Ciiulttold Ifl In the oily from
KHHOX , Iowa.
August Haancli linn completed a line
now burn on bin farm near llattlo
The NVodnowday clnh will moot to
morrow afternoon -vlth Mrs. W. II.
Huttorllold at 2 o'clock.
\V. M. Kalnholt IIUH accepted a po
sition In the Norfolk National hank ,
and began his work Tuesday morning.
Martin Raasoh IIUH returned to Lin
coln to resume his university work' ,
aftar visiting his paront.s anil casting
n vole at the polls.
Uov. Father llaloy ofVayno ; llov.
Father Muonleh of Atkinson and Hov.
Father 1'etlach of Vordlgro are guests
of KatherValsih at the Catholic par
Mrs. T. ,1. Morrow ontortalnod a
company of lady frlonds Saturday afternoon -
tornoon In an Informal manner and
will bo at homo to another company
tomorrow aftornonn.
There are a largo nnmhor of can
dldato.s hol'oro the people today who
would much rutbor got wet than to ho
hurled In snow , and to thorn the weather -
or may ho far from disagreeable.
Mrs. 11. V. Sldler loft this morning
for Iowa where she will visit with her
parents' until her son , Fred , Is roaily
to leave for Chicago when she will
accompany him to that city and make
that her homo.
llonry llnnso has purchased the ci
gar store formerly condnctod by Frank
Sledschlag on Norfolk avenue between
Third and Fourth streets. Mr. llaaso
intends to renovate the building , remodel -
model It throughout and put ! n a now
line of choice tobaccos.
A soft track at Crolghton on the
Bonostoel branch of the Northwestern
was cause for sending a wrecking
train up the line Tuesday afternoon ,
in anticipation of trouble which might
happen if the soft spot was not re
paired. The train left Norfolk at IrSO ,
ahead of the passenger , so that It
might , tlx the rails before the regular
train came along. Water is causing
the damage.
Gossip of Football.
There are now only four contenders
for championship honors in the west.
Last Saturday's contests leaves Min
neapolis , Chicago , Michigan and
Northwestern still in the fluid. How
ever , it does not seem likely that
Northwestern will win out as she had
a very narrow escape with Illinois.
Wisconsin also claims a look In but
is not regarded as being serious. The
Chicago Tribune has the following
.solution of the situation :
"If Chicago beats Michigan nnd
Wisconsin defeats Minnesota nnd
Northwestern , Chicago will ho the
only unbeaten team. If Michigan
beats Wisconsin and Chicago nnd WIs
conaln wins its two big games , Mich
ignn will bo the only team with a
clenr record. If Minnesota heats Wis
consin. Michigan heats Chicago , and
Wisconsin heats Michigan and North
western , Minnesota will bo the lead
er. If Northewstern beats Wisconsin ,
Wisconsin beats Minnesota and Mich
igan , and Michigan beats Chicago ,
Northwestern can claim first honors.
This last looks like a long shot , but
those four nro the only possibilities
for any team to show a score sheet
unmarred by defeat. An unbroken
scries of victories for Wisconsin , with
u defeat for ( . 'hlrago on Thansglvlng
day , would give Curtis' team a chance
to claim llrHt rank. Other comhlnn-
tloim of deefulH and victories would
roimlt In various ties. "
Never WIIH the value of the drop
kick heller dnmniiHtratod than It wan
last Saturday In the Chlengo-WlHcon-
HII | famo. ; Although Chicago WIIH un
able to croHH WIscotiHln'H goal line
aim pulled Ihn game out handily by
a Mcoro of 15 to fl. All of Chicago's
polnlH were made on drop kick goals
from the Hold. Today there are no
drop kickers of ability , with the pos-
Hlhlo exception of DoWltt. of Prince
ton' and KclierHiitl of Chicago , and
I hero HoeuiH to ho a tendency to al
low thin method of Hcorlng to die
out. In the dayH gone by the drop
kicking of Pat O'Day of WlHcoiiHln ,
HorHchhorgor of Chicago , and IlndHon
of the Indiana played a largo part In
Hie Una ! Hcoro. In ICngland drop kickIng -
Ing hi given Iho preference over pnnl-
Ing. It IH reported that Leo nurd
Slnkos , Iho great Kngllsh player ,
yearn ago dropped a goal against
Scotland with Iho wind which wan
SO yards.
Dr. and Mrs. Ira were Lincoln vis-
Horn thin week.
Win. linker , of linker , was down
the first of the week.
Mrs. Win. Weltof Norfolk , came
up Sunday to visit her Hlater. Mrtt. .1.
ItliiHH. and HOO the now hoy.
MHH ! Cora Cobb und llltlo HlHtor ,
lOdmi , caino down from Honesteol Sun
day and are staying at C. C. Irwln'H.
Miss lOdmi IH also attending Hchool.
Mrs. Clara HogHhoad , of Stanton ,
came up last Friday to visit with her
daughter , who Is teaching near Gross ,
and also a sister , Mrs. Win. McKonsoy.
Joe Melona IIUH had the IIOIIHO that
ho erected on the lot hack of Louis
PoHplHliol'H Hhop moved east onto the
lot north of the old Canning properly.
10. 13. Nlcolls and F. A. Drown returned
turned Monday from Missouri , where
Mr. Drown purchased 200 acres of land
and will move down there at onco.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Post started Sun
day for Montosano , Wash. , where they
were called by a telegram announcing
that his brother-in-law , n Mr. Voman ,
had boon accidentally shot.
Cioorgo A. Mohr and Miss Dolphin
Murray were married at the homo of
Iho bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Murray , In Lynch Tuesday mornIng -
Ing In the presence of the relatives
and frlomlH of Iho contracting parties ,
Itev. Muller olllclatlug.
About twenty-one of the ladles of
Lynch at tended an at-home party at
L. .1. Wolgol'H Wednesday afternoon
In honor of Mrs. Welgel's sister , Mrs.
A. A. Logan of Crolghton , who Is vis
iting there this week. A very pleas
ant time Is reported.
Married : At the home of .Indgo
Sanders Sunday , Oct. 25. Mr. Win.
Johns of Cedar county , this stnte , to
Miss F.dlth Stnll of this place by Jus-
lice Sanders. The happy couple
started for Cedar county , their future
homo , Monday morning taking with
them the best wishes of this entire
Married , at the homo of the bride's
parents , east of Monowl , Orrio N. Just
and Miss Minnie Fuller , Uov. O. Muel
ler of Lynch olllclatlng , on Wednes
day , Oct. US. The contracting parties
are both well known here , Mr. Just
having boon raised In this vicinity
and the bride taught several terms of
school nour Lynch. Wo understand
that they go to South Dakota to live.
Lynch Journal.
Ch.imberlnln's Stomnch .and Liver
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When you have no appotlto.
When you have a bad lasto in the
When your liver l torpid.
When your bowels are constipated.
When you have a headache.
When you fool billons.
They will Improve your appetite ,
cleanse and Invigorate your stomach ,
and regulate your liver and bowels.
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Stepped Against a Hot Stove.
A child of Mrs. Goo. T. llonson. when
getting his usual Sunday night hath ,
stopped hack against a hot stove
which burned him severely. The child
was In great agony and his mother
could do nothing to pacify hlni. Re
membering that she had a bottle of
Chamberlain's Pain Halm in the house
she thought she would try It. In less
than half an hour after applying it
the child was ( inlet and _ asleep , nnd in
less than two weeks was well. Mrs.
llonson Is a well known resident of
Kellar , Va. Pain Halm is an antisep
tic liniment and especially valuable
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The discovery of Kiduoy-Ettes boa
proved a' blessing to thousands of
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stored to perfect health. These tablets -
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Now , All Eat !
AYBE youtve had some
difficulty in getting your
share of Uneeda Biscuit
but now we are pre
pared to satisfy every appetite so
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Removal of Roundhouse Would
Relieve Crossing.
By a Shifting of the Switching Yards
by the Railroad Company the Train
Crews Would be Greatly Aided In
Work and the City Relieved.
[ From Saturday's Dally. ]
"Now that the old roundhouse has
burned down and another must bo
constructed. " snld n. business man to
day In spcnklng of the flro at the
Union Pacific yards , Thursday night ,
"why wouldn't It bo a most opportune
moment for the railroad' company to
so arrange their switching tracks that
the crossing over Norfolk avenue may
not need to bo blocked with cars and
engines so constantly hereafter ? "
For years and years the railroad
crossing over Norfolk avenue has boon
n plnco of much notion with the rail
road cars nnd switch engines and it
has often boon cause for comment
that so few accidents have thus for
happened. It is a dangerous place for
persons coining nnd going cither walk
ing or driving and the Incessant travel
nlonir this avenue Is no doubt onuallv
disturbing to the railroad crows who
are trying to work.
By a shifting of the roundhouse to
some out of the way spot the tracks
could also bo moved about and the
trains could bo made up and kicked
about Indiscriminately with neither
danger to human llfo nor inconven
ience to passers-by.
The company will without doubt re
place the hurned building with a mod
ern brick structure. The ono which
burned was old nnd dry and rather too
small , anyway , to accommodate all of
the engines which must of necessity
headquarter under its roof.
The lack of pressure upon the water j
during the fire was caused by the fact
that someone hnd entered the building
before the fire got much headway ,
and had turned on the hydrant inside ,
letting it run during the flro and tak
ing a great deal of force off the stream
which came from the hose.
The firemen stayed at the building
for flvo hours , never quitting until
11:30 : o'clock.
Lo Uoy Leach of Wood Lake , our
county surveyor nnd candidate for
re-election , gave an exhibition of his
skill with tlio rifle Wednesday after
noon In the presence of a largo crowd
a little north of the Episcopal church
snys the Valentino Republican. Mr.
Loach holds the world's champion
ship for rille shooting at Hying tar
gets , having twice beaten the record
made by Adolph Topervein of San
Antonio , Texas , who hit SOfi out of
n possible 1,000 Hying targets , throe
Inches in size at a dlstanco of eight
On August 2 , 100 ! ! , at Wood Lake
Mr. Leach broke OflO ono and three-
fourths inch targets at a dlstanco often
ton feet and on October M. 190 ; ! ,
ho made the unsurpassable record of
1,000 out of a possible 1,000 at a dis
tance of twenty foot , accomplishing
this wonderful feat In forty minutes.
While in his shooting here he did
not equal his former records owing
to the unfavorable condition , there
being a rathqr strong gusty wind dur
ing the entire afternoon , yet ho did
some excellent shooting , the most
skillful that has ever boon witnessed
bore. Had the wind been lighter ho
doubtless would have equalled some
of his previous records. As it was
ho hit 95 out of 100 targets at the
commencement of the shoot and af
ter having hit all sorts of objects , in
cluding pennies , small rubber balls ,
short shells , pins , souvenirs , pocket
mirrors , match heads and lead pen
cils ho concluded the exhibition by
hlttiift 211 targets out of a possible
211 at distances ranging from ten to
sixty feet. Ho also made several
doubles on double targets and several
doubles on single tnrgets nnd hit n
small tin can four times while in
the air. A bullet was driven through
a rubber tube the si/.o of the bullet ,
hold In the hand of a boy. and ho
exploded a 22 shell , striking it on
end at twenty-five feet. The most re-
mnrknblo font wns the hitting of
three ordinary brass pins thrown In
the nlr. Mr. Leach says he had never
tried this before and has never heard
of anyone else attempting such a
shot. He uses a repeating rifle with
solid ball nnd shoots off hand.
Besides his reputation as the
world's champion rifle shot Mr.
Loach Is a clover writer and has a
national reputation as the author of
Orl/el , a classic poetical legend , of
which there have been throe editions
published. Ho has also written a
novelette entitled Don Homoro , a
Mexican romance.
The Illinois Horse Co. can supply
( JO pedigreed draft stallions ; 30 of
them imported ; 5 breeds Perchoron ,
French Drnft , English Shire , Belgian
Clyde ; 5 colors blnck , brown , bay ,
ronn. gray ; rich blood , extra shlro
breeders 2 to 5 years old. Some will
mnko 2400 pound horses. Easy pay
ments. The general manager will bo
In Sioux City for a week. 22 Balton
block. Permanent address , DCS
Molnes , Iowa.
Pass Through Norfolk On Their
Way Home from Ft. Riley.
Travel in Pullman Cars and Tourist
Sleepers Again Express Their Ad
miration for Norfolk and Norfolk
People Met by Guardsmen.
The Twenty-fifth regiment , United
States regulars , were In Norfolk for
several hours Monday on their way
home from the Fort Hiloy encamp
ment , and expected to bo In quarters
at Fort Nlobrara , near Valentino some
time "Monday night or early Tuesday
Tlio regiment came in on a special
train , the officers having Pullman
sleepers and the men tourist sleeping
cars for their comfort and conven
ience. They are traveling homo over
the Northwestern.
The special arrived in Norfolk
Junction soon after 10 o'clock and
left for Valentino after 1 o'clock , giv
ing them several hours hero and of
ficers and men were permitted to
come up town , make purchases and
renew some of the acquaintances
they made on the trip down.
They are the soldiers who marched
to Norfolk from Valentine , nnd
camped at the race track north of
the city for a couple of days. A num
ber of the national guard officers and
men wont to the train to meet thorn
and the regulars roltoraled their high
estimation of Norfolk and Norfolk
people and expressed regret that they
could not remain here longer on their
return trip.
A. K. Barnes Is In the city from
Lincoln and will remain until after
ho has voted.
Arthur Pllgor , deputy county treas
urer , Is expected In Norfolk tomor
row to meet his old frlonds and work
in the interest of the straight repub
lican ticket.
Hemnn Walker arrived In the city
from Lincoln to vote for Judg
Barnes. Mr. Walker is In his third
year of university work and Is tak
ing the medical course.
Judge J. B. Barnes , who has been
campaigning in the southern part of
the stale , is homo to see his friends
and vote the ticket tomorrow. Ho
has boon kept busy since his return ,
shaking hands.
That load of coal that was set on
fire during the burning of the round
house Is still burning and sending up
smudges of smoke. To the person
with an empty coal bin nnd a flat
pocket book it looks like one of the
most serious losses of the fire.
Stanton Register : Yesterday after
noon Judge Vlnlng united In marrlago
Mr. J. V. Johnson of Norfolk and Miss
Ada Ogden of the same placo. The
groom is 2fi and n native of Illinois
and tlio bride is 21 and a native of
Iowa. May their future over bo as
pleasant as at the present time.
S. R. McFnrland , acting for the
Knights of the Maccabees , has effected
a settement of the death claim of Mrs.
Luther Marshall , whose husband was
killed some time ago on the North
western track north of the Fred
Krantz 1 > lnce by falling from a wild
engine and being later cut to pieces
by a passing freight. The beneficiary
certificate maintained by Mr. Marshall
called for $1,000 and this amount was
paid over to his widow.
The Best Remedy for Croup.
[ From the Atchison , Kan. , Dally
Globe. ]
This is th8 season when the woman
who knows the best remedies for croup
is in demand in every neighborhood.
One of the most terrible tnings in the
world is to bo awakened In the middle
of the night by a whoop from ono of
the children. The croup remedies are
almost as sure to he lost , in case of
croup , as n revolver is sure to bo lost
in cnse of burglars. There used to bo
nn old-fashioned remedy for croup ,
known as hive syrup and tolu , but
some modern mothers say that Cham ,
berlain's Cough Remedy Is the better ,
and does not cost so much. It causes
the patient to "throw up the phlegm"
quicker , and gives relief in a shorter
time. Give
this remedy ns soon ns
the croupy cough nppears nnd it will
prevent the nttnck. It never fnllsand
is pleasnnt to tnke. For sale by Kie-
snu Drug co ,
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