The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, November 06, 1903, Page 14, Image 14

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Judge Barnes Carries Nebraska
by About 8,000 , Plurality.
Democrats Mnkc Gain * In ths Legis
lature Success o ( Governor Dsck-
ham Over Dclknap In Kentucky
Seems Asnurcd by 25,000 Majority.
Mill-Din , Noli , Nov t IH'llnUc fig-
nios on I lie election will probably bo
lacking for days. HuMldum rcturna
linvo liwu lorolvoil , liowovor. to malic
It corlnlu Hint Barnes IIIIH boon elect-
I'll HHsncliilo Justlro of tlio supreme
rourl tiy from 7.000 to lo.oon. and Iho
balance of tlio Itupulillniit Mate ticket
by nliout 5,000 OhiilnnnnVoltr or
tlio 1'opiilUt Htnto rominlttoi' ? nld on
tlio faro of tlio lulimm lie com > .led
Jinnies' olortlon , nnd with him tin1
two lloiinhllcun regents of the unt
Of tlio twenty-seven dialilet Judgrs
in the Htnto Imllolod for Hits year ,
tlio Republicans elected llfloon. the
liiBlontstH four nnd seven urn In doubt
The Republicans nni'ln ' iinliiB In conn-
ty nfllcoH In this ( Lancaster ) county
the Republicans made n clean swoop ,
electing every county olllcoi by i/ > t
lesfl tlinn 1,100
A factional fight In the First Judic
ial dlfltrlot , the extreme HoulhonHtorn
croup of counllos. usimlly overwhelm
ingly Htipiihlloan , rosullod In ( ho do-
font of ono Republican Judge nnd hnd
the offocl of cutting down tlio ma
jority for the Hopubllcnn Blulo ticket.
The total vote of the Main. It ) B
thought , will not exceed 190,000
.Total Iowa Returns Indicate This
Plurality Over Sullivan.
HOB MolnoH. Nov. P. Complete ro-
tuniB from every county In lown ro-
celvcd by Iho RoglBtor-Lcador nhow
flovornor CunnuliiB' plurality over
Bulllvnn , Democratic cnndldnto for
goVernor , to bo fiO,802. The sl7.o of
the jilurullty wna n Burpi'lso In all
quarters. Governor Ctinimlnn had
confidently predicted n plurality of
CO.OOO or more , but nt Republican
boiuUmartors no more tlinn GO.OOO was
claimed nt any tltno , while nt the
Democratic headquarters not more
tlinu 110,000 was conceded In n largo
measure tlio vsult Is concodeil a per-
tonal victory for Governor Cum
mins , who ran somewhat abend
of the remainder of the Republican
Mate ticket The Democrats will have
twonty-threo of the 100 members of
the noM house , a pain of six and eight
of the llfty members of the senate , n
loss of two.
Governor Cummins received a num
ber of telegrams of personal oongrntu-
lutlon. Secretary Slmw telegraphed
him : "Accept nf congratulations on
your well deserved re-election , nnd
by a very largo majority. " Other tel
egrnms were In n similar vein.
Governor Beckham's Victory Over
Morris D. Belknap is Decisive ,
Louisville. Nov. fi Returns which
BK complete save for n few scattered
jierclnets In remote parts of the state ,
plvo Governor Bochhnm ( Dem ) , for
governor , a majority of H0.40S over
Morris n. Helliiinp. his Republican op
ponent. The missing products nre In
lioth Rpiih1lcan | ) nud moorntia
ttroimholdH. yet the assertion seems
warranted that the final and olllclal
majority will not be less than 23.100
This Is the largest majority Riven to
n Democratic Kitliornatorlnl candidate
in fifteen years.
Returns from the mountainous coun
ties comprising the noith district ,
tive llolknnp a majority of in,353. with
two or three precincts yet to be heard
from. This Indicates a falling off In
thp Republican vote , as this district
usually returns about 20.000 majority
lor that party.
Tom Klloy. the Democratic election
Judge who wns shot In a light with n
Jlcpubllcan election sheriff. Is pro
nounced out of drngor.
Warfield's Plurality for Governor Will
Probably Reach 8,000.
Baltimore , Nov P. This morning
the returns of the election from RaltJ
more city nnd the state of Maryland
had not nil boon received. The fig.
xircs of the missing precincts i ro
promised this afternoon. They will
not materially change the result. In
Kaltlmoro city the entire Democratic
ticket , comprising Edward Warftcld of
Howard county , governor ; O. T. Ack
Inson of Summit county , comptroller
nnd William Hryant , Baltimore , at
torney general , was elected by about
6,000 plurality. The Democrats elect
ed in llaltimore city three state sen
ntors and fifteen members of the
Louse by large majorities The Re
publicans elected one state senator
and six members of the house of dele
gates. The returns from all the conn
ties of' the state have not been re
celvcd , but enough reports nre in hnni !
to assure an overwhelming ictr.o
cratlc majority on Joint ballot Gen
eral Warfield's plurality In the state
will probably reach 8,000
Garvln Wins In Rhode Island.
Providence , R. I. , Nov. 5 Complete
returns from the 152 districts of tlio
etaic received re-elect Governor L. P.
n Gorvln bv 1.6R7 nlnrnlltv a decrease -
crease of 6,151 votes. The v/jto for
Colt ( Rep , ) was 29,304 , for Garviu
( Dem. ) 30,891. The Republicans elect :
the entire state tlck t with the excep
tion of governor.
Naval Arsenal on lena Island In the
Hudson River bxplodes.
lena Inland , N V , Nov 6 Six men
were killed and ten slifthtly wmmilo'l
by an explosion at the United Status
i.iviiI lU-MMini , ono of the .argent mag
fi 71 lies In thu United States The explosion
plosion of urrod while men wcro
dinwlng the explosive clmrguH horn a
consignment of old shells recently
fiont here from the battleship Mussa
chusetts Throe massive t = hul ! houses
wore to'nlly dim , yod and n rain of
fragments of projectiles of nil
was scattered In uvery direction
The force of the exploHlon or series
of explosions , bioko windows nt
Pooksklll , throu miles below on the
opposite sldo of thu Hudson and the
detonation was heard for man- ' miles
Adjacent buildings Including two
otoiohouscM for fixed nmmiinltlon ,
wuro ilddlud with the 1'rnntnontH and
the < | iini tors of the eleven marlnos
composing the garrison , were com
pletely demolished.
The dead , all of whom \voro work
men employed by the naval ordnance
department , nro Fred Ward , George
Morehond , Fred 0. Locke , Patrick Cur-
ran. Fred llrowu and .lames Connelly
The bodies wore frlghtfiily mangled ,
fragments being hurled for huudrcdu
of fee >
Frightful Accident Occurs During a
Fog at Kansas City ,
KniibiiH City , Mo , Nov fi Ono per-
KOII was killed outright and llfty-ono
ethers Injured , two of them perhaps
fatally , In the collision of two cable
.cars In n fog on the stoop Twelfth
street viaduct. Most of the Injured
wore shopgirls on tholr way from
tholr homes In Kansas City , Kim. , to
the big department stores on the Mis
souri side The dead girl. Nellie Lus-
combe , aged twenty , a cleric , was
killed Instantly. She was found burled
beneath the debris of the wrecked
trains. A small piece of steel , the
size of a Icndponcll , had boon driven
Into the girl's skull between the eyes
nnd the left side of her head was
crushed , Of the Injured , Carrlo Mooney -
oy , also n dry goods clerk , who suf
fered both lens broken , nnd Herman
Wntklnu , n clerk In the Methodist
Hook Concern , whose jnw was broken
and who was otherwise hurt , will die.
it Is believed.
Victor Bank Closes Its Doors.
Victor. Colo. . Nov. r. The First Nil
tlonal hank of Vletor.fir-sod Its doors
by order of Hank Kxnminer Lazoar.
Shrinkage of deposits as n result of
long-continued minors' strikes Is giv
en as the reason for suspension of
business. I'losidont F , M. Woods
states that all depositors will ho paid
In full The closing of the bank
causes no apprehension In linnnclal
circles olthor In Cripple Creek or Col
orado Springs.
Funeral of Lieutenant Beecber.
Newport , R I. , Nov. 5. The funeral
of Lieutenant Albert M. Heecher , ordnance -
nanco olllcor of the battleship Maine ,
who was Killed by u fall on board the
ship , wo. held on the battles-hip The
casket wns covered by the stars nnd
stripes and floral tributes from the
otllcors and crew. Many naval otn
cors wore present nt the services The
body wns taken to New York In
charge of Paymaster Heecher , V. S
N , who will accompany the remains
to Foil Dodge. Kan. , the homo of the
Carmen Voting on Strike.
Chicago , Nov. 5. Employes of the
Chicago City Railway company com
menced voting on the question of a
strike nt 4 o'clock this morning. The
polls will remain open all day and un
til -t o'clock Friday. There may bo
a cbanco of settling the dllllculty
even after the vote Is taken , nlthough
ofllolnls of the union declare all no
gotlntions for pence have ended anil
the future course of action now rests
with the ballots of the indlvldua
members of the organizations.
Barred from the Malls.
Kansas City , Nov 5 Judge Hall
master-in-chnncery. who hoard the
evidence In the Homo Co-operative
company of Kansas City , which was
denied the use of the malls-11111110 his
report upon the facts and the law ir
the case to Judge Phillips , sustaining
the action of Postmaster Harris li
excluding the company's mails The
company WHS a lottery concern an <
had hundreds of subscribers , most o
whom wore worklngmen.
Letton to be Commissioner.
Lincoln Nov. 5. Judge Charles B
I.i'tton of Jefferson county was ap
pointed supreme court commissione
to take the place of Roscoe Pound
who resigned to become dean of the
law department of the university
Judge Letton has for two terms been
district judge of the First district am
his appointment has been expectei
for some time.
Tenant Shoots Landlord.
Kansas City. Nov. 5. As a result o
a dispute over n water bill of (1.25
George N. Redman , n salesman for a
cracker company , shot and mortnll >
wounded A. W. Burns nnd his brother
John Burns , contractors , in the pnrlo
of A. W Burns' residence. Redman
Is n tenant In n flat owned by A. W.
Burns. He Justifies his act on the
plea of self-defense.
Not tlio Sump.
"Come along , " said Mr. Is'upop , fresh
from his interview with the Janitor.
"We'll have to look at Hats elsewhere. "
"Hut why can't we take this ? " de
manded Mrs. Nnpop , "It's like heaven
here , and"
"Not much U Isn't , and that's the
trouble. They take children la heav
en. " Philadelphia Press.
England and Germany Will
Keep Out.
ountrlcs Having Large Interests at
the Isthmus Will Not Take n Hand.
Dixie Due at Colon Tonight Anx
iously Awaited ,
London , Nov. -Special to The
OWB : The HrlllHli government IIIIB
ocldoil that It will not Interfere If
ho United States c'culduH to triko n
and In the Colombian omlimgllo.
AdvlcoB from Horlln nro to ( ho of-
oct that Uormnny will maintain u
oiitral position during the sottlomcut.
Doth Knglnnd nud ( ionmuiy lnivo
nrgo IntoroBlH at the American Isth-
U. S. Gunboat Due Tonight.
Colon , Nov. ( i. Spoclal to The
JowHi - The commotion nshoro hero
H InluiiBo nnd It IK fonrod that fur-
Imiors may como to harm.
The Ainorlunii gunboat Dlxlo In duo
ioro tonight nnd it coining in anx-
oiisly uwnltod by Iho Americans
oHo HVOH nnd property nro In dan-
Act of Independence Is Slgnca at
Colon , Colombia , Nov 6 \\iii.otit
.ho firing of n shot and amid F < < r.o ]
of great enthusiasm the Independence
of the Isthmus nnd the departnuir of
t'unama was declared The clt > of
Panama is now In the hands of revo-
utlonlsts nnd no serious attempt has
3oen made to recapture It The Co-
omblan gunboat Bogota arrived and
: hrcw n few shells into the city with
out damage Perfect order prevails in
Colon and trains arc running with
out Interruption. In Pniuunn the new
flag. In colors of red , white nnd blue ,
floats over the government buildings.
The movement for independence has
been in progress since the rejection
by the congress nt Bogota of the Hay
Herrnn canal treaty , but its sudden
ripening was duo to the news of tlio
unexpected arrival nt Colon of the
Colombian gunboat Cartagena , with
Generals Tovnr and Amaya and a
number of troops. The movement h
been promoted by prominent an'
wealthy isthmians , nnd Governor Oh
nldla of the department of Pnnann ,
on computing the troops and citizens
In favor of Independence , found that
they numbered at least 1.POO The
advocates of Independence both at
Panama and Colon are now Jubilant
The presence of tlio United Staler
gunboat Nashville nt Colon , which
has la ml ad fifty blue Jackets , Is bo
llevod to hnvo resulted in tlio avoid
nnco of serious trouble As the ro
suit of n conference hero. Colonel
Torres , commanding the troops .it
Colon , has sent on a special train to
Panama n representative to confer
with General Tovnr , whoso unrondl
tlonal release is demanded.
In reliable quarters It Is bollevotl
that peaceful results will follow n
proposal Just made to Colonel Torres
and that the American troops will return
turn to the Nashville If he piarantoes
to maintain order.
This proposal was accepted hy
Colonel Torres. The British consu
has suggested that If requested a con
tlngent of troops will bo sent to Colon
from the British cruiser Amphlon ,
now at Panama. It Is believed tha
the Nashville will hardly bo sufficient
for all emergencies It is reporteil
that the Dixie will soon arrive here
Public alarm in Colon is now some
what abated. The act of indcpend
ence has Just been signed at Panama
During the excitement the blue
Jackets from the Nashville quickly
placed bales of cotton on the tops o
freight cars , forming excellent harri
cades. Many of the citizens were
armed with rifles and revolvers. Sov
ernl Americans nnd other foreigner
took refuge on board the German
steamer Mnrkomannla The opinion
of everybody here Is that the isthmian
canal Is now assured.
Requests Washington to Grant I
Rights Accorded to Nations.
Washington , Nov. 5. The state department
partmont received n prompt rcqucs
from the representatives of the revo
lutlonary department of Panama tha
the United States recognize the nov
state of Panama , but pending ofllcla
advices from United States consula
ofllcors at Panama that a new govern
ment has been established and Is a d
facto government , the state depart
ment refused to commit Itself. However
over , attention wns called to the fac
that It is the Invariable policy of th
United States to deal with the d
facto government In any country
This statement is taken as favorabl
to recognition should the new Pana
ma government have an active exls
enco. News was received of the slicl' '
ing of Panama by the Colombian gun
boat Bogota , and instructions were a
once cabled to the United States vie
consul there to protest against thl
bombardment , whllo the commander o
the cruiser Boston wns directed t
prevent the Bogota resuming firing ,
It early became apparent that thl
government Intended to take actlv
stops to protect life and property o :
the fsthmus and to take an advance
position. Instructions were cabled
commanders of warships on their way
fo the Isthmus or already there to re-
Eort to any necessary measures to
prevent bloodahead.
West Point Republican.
West Point , Nob. , Nov. fi. West
Point IB hy 192. The coun
ty IB democratic with the exception
of Kloko , Bhorlff , nnd possibly Moycr ,
treasurer , nnd Lliim-i/mn / , clerk , nnd
the outcome on judgu IB uncertain ,
but favoring Lnntiip. Dcsplto the fact
( lint rain brought out u full democratic
vote , the fnnnorH being nnablo to do
Hold labor , the majorities are cut down
considerably , a fact notlccahlo In the
punt two elections. Sullivan , demo
cratic candidate for Biipramo judge ,
IB In the load here with about 210 ma
he Nrbrast-p Boys Loved Booth and
they Would Have Worked Till
Carried Off the Field.
Lincoln , Nov. fi. Spirit genuine
Hplrlt won the giimo for No-
ranka at Iowa City. Booth thought
o and Booth knowH. Seldom has
ion1 boon BOOH a team , working in
10 faoo of nngry onomloB , where such
lyulty IIIIB boon shown , where every
inn worked with .such determination ,
s In the Kiimo last Saturday. With
holstoroiiH , mndilonoil , uncoiilrolhi-
lo mob on the aldo lines , ongor to
( art n riot on the gridiron , tlio SOIIB
f Nebraska worked llko fiends and
von a wolf earned victory.
Iowa's touchdown wns unforlmmtu.
fho ball was kicked off to Iho No-
raska l.wenty-llvo yard lino. Watson
ere around loft end for Ilvo yards ,
ut the umpire took the ball back
.wonty-llvo yards for holding , placing
t on NcbniHka'H five yard line. The
Jornliuskoi-B tried a line buck nnd in
ho scriminago the ball was fumbled.
own got it and the Iowa rooters wont
A-ild. Suddenly the crowd wns qulot
s death. Iowa made a yard , and
lion two. Nebraska was holding' , 1ml
omo Cornhuskor got off side and Iowa
> vas given her first down with the
mil on Nebraska's two yard lino. It
ivas. all over and the next play the sa-
: rcd goal line of Nebraska was crossed
'or the first tlmo In two years. No
irnsknns turned pale , the bravo men
bad defended the line so gnllant-
y hardly know what to do. They
loomed almost .stunned , and for the
llrst tlmo In two seasons of football ,
Nebraska lined up under the goal
nnd saw a llnwkcye man kick
onl. It was not a sight for jollill-
mtion. Captain Bender did not at
empt to cover up his sorrow and
very Cornhuskor countenance here
ho signs of inward chagrin.
But how manfully they rallied was
soon in the second half. Some teams
night hnvo become discouraged , but
mo of Coach Booth's little heart to
icart talks during the intermissions
fixed maltoi-H and sealed tlio fnto of
own. As 0110 of the players said ,
At'lor hearing BooUi wo just had to
win. Ho didn't say much , but when
wo started in that second half every
nan would have fought until carried
) ff the field. Wo told him wo never
would go back to Nebraska if wo lost
the game. "
Conch Booth said in speaking of the
so.oro against his team : "Winning ,
iviiiniug , winning Is that all there
Is in football ? I would not coach a
lick if I thought winning was the ob
ject of my coaching. Victory is all
right , but it is not tlio best thing in
football. "
Republicans Win.
Randolph , Neb. , Nov. fi. This pre
cinct is republican by 58 on the state
ticket to 100 on the county ticket :
Barnes , 188 ; Sullivan , 130 ; Robinson ,
for judge , 205 ; Graves , 132. On supreme -
promo judge there Is a loss of 13 over
two years ago. There wcro nearly
200 scratched ballots. The republican
county ticket is successful.
Burt County Republican.
Lyons , Nob. , Nov. 5. Burt county
gives a republican majority of be
tween -100 and 500. In Kvorett town
ship the vote on supreme judge Is as
follows : Barnes , 108 ; Sullivan , 81.
Citizens Carry Dakota County.
Dakota Cit , Nob. , Nov. 5. Incom
plete returns from Dakota county In-
dlcato the carrying of the entire citi-
/ens' ticket by a good majority.
Stanton Very Democratic.
Stanton , Nov. 5. Stanton county ,
which usually gives a democratic ma
jority of less than 100 , turned In an
overwhelming vote for that party at
this election. The district clerk is
the only man who was not elected by
the democrats and the majority runs
about 500.
Columbus , Nov. 4. Flro at an early
hour Monday morning destroyed the
village of Creston , twenty miles north
of here. The flro started in a furni
ture store owned by Theodore Wolf
and burned to the end of the block.
The loss will bo $ lo,000 , with but little
tlo Insurance. The origin of the flro
is unknown.
Penitentiary Report.
Lincoln , Nov. 4. It cost the state
7 cents a day to food the Inmates of
the penitentiary last month , accord
ing to the report of Warden Boomer
filed with the secretary of state.
Guards and other employes consumed
food to the amount of 12 cents a day.
The largest number of prisoners con
fined any ono day was 270 , of whom
five were females. Ten now prison
ers were received , flvo discharged ,
two paroled and ono died.
Agent Asks That Indians Under
Arrest Be Released.
Governor Chatterton of Wyoming .In
sists Upon Holding Braves Who
Killed Sheriff No Answer Received
from Governor of South Dakota.
Cheyonno. Wyo. , Nov C. There Is n
prospect of a clash between KitVy >
oming authorities and the govern
inenl over the Indian troubles The
Indian agent' wishes Governor Chat-
torton to order the release of nine
bucks hold at Udgcmonl , S U Gov
ernor Clinttorton lotelvcd the follow
ing j toll-gram from Edgemont , signed
by Indian Agent J R Bronnan :
"From best Information I tun get
the killing of seven Indians In Con
verse county on last Saturday \va ?
totally unjustifiable Indians wore
traveling on road with thulr lamllio ?
In wagons when fired Into by bherlll
nnd posseTho Indians and their
families under arrest here and hold
by order of sheriff of Conveise toun
ty. To avoid any further trouble
would recommend you order tbctr re
lonso nnd allow them to return to
ngoncy. I will bo responsible for
them and after an Investigation , if
any of thorn are wanted , will turn
thorn over to proper officers. They
wcro arrested In Dakota Ly one of
your sheriffs , "
In aiibwor the governor wired as
follows : "You cannot expect Wyom
ing to waive right to conduct Investi
gation as to violation of Its laws The
supreme court of the United States ,
In the Rnco Horse case , passed upon
these rights. I would advlso respect
now , though late , for this state's
rights. I must Insist upon these In
dians returning with our sheriff , just
as I would for the return of a white
man charged with crime. My Informa
tion regarding killing differs from
yours as stated. A legal Investigation ,
In my judgment , Is to the Interest of
your Indians. "
No answer up to this tlmo has been
received to his telegram to the gov
ernor of South Dakota asking that
the Indians be turned over to the
sheriff of Converse county
Decide After a Conference that They
Will Surrender to Officers.
Edgomont , S. D. , Nov 5. The posse
which started from hero Monday night
captured twenty of the Indians at
Halt-rook. The Indians prepared fern
n fight , but the Indian policeman ,
Charley Black Elk , with a posse , went
to them and after a talk of two hours
the Indians mounted their horses and
gave up their guns and asked to betaken
taken to Edgomont.
The Indians have arrived In Edge-
mint and are a sorry looking lot.
They say they were attacked three
times. Ono old man lost his fourteen-
year-old son nnd had been crying
There arc still two wounded Indians
out. but they will be brought In at
once. The Indians were shut up In a
store for the night.
Women Missionaries Meet.
Baltimore , Nov. 5 The session of
the Women's Foreign Missionary society
cioty was devoted to reports of stand
Ing committees nnd offlcial corres
pondence. Miss M. 13. Vickory , who
works In Rome , made a report of the
conditions in Italy and laid especial
stress on the opposition offered by
the Catholic church to Methodist mis
sionaries. She stated that It was
very much to bo regretted that the
now pope , whose liberality has been
widely proclaimed , has directed that
renewed efforts be made to check the
activity of her fellow workers In
Refuse to Honor Catholic Bishop ,
Detroit , Nov. 5. Twenty Lutheran
ministers of Detroit have sent a let
ter to Mayor Maybury declining to act
on a reception committee at a civic
reception to be tendered Bishop Foley
of the Roman Catholic diocese of Do
trolt tonight , on the bishop's seven
tieth birthday. The Lutheran clerg >
say : "We are loyal Americans am'
our loyalty forbids us to do honor tea
a poison representing a church which
Is opposed to the fundamental prlncl
pies of our great country and which
condemns government by tha people
as a boundless license. "
Chamberlain Speaks at Birmingham
London , Nov. 5. Joseph Chamber
lain made a speech last night to 9,000
of his fellow-townsmen at Binning
ham. It was by far the largest audl
ence the former colonial secretary hat
faced during the fiscal campaign am
the enthusiasm , naturally , exceeded
the remarkable scenes in the other
cities and was emphasized by the
Chnmberlalnite victory at the munlcl
pal election In Birmingham.
Anarchist Arrested at Milan.
Milan , Nov. B. The foreign anarch
1st arrested hero has been Identified
as Slgfried Macht of Vienna , who was
arrested lait summer at Gibraltar a1
the time of Kins Edward's arrlva
there on his way to Naples It Is
thought that Macht was premeditating
an attempt , on the life of the king.
Two Burned to Death.
Montpellor , Ind. , Nov. 6. drove
Gosi and Harry Eltzrach of Marloi
were burned to death , Ray Ward o
Greenville , O. , fatally burned and Mil
ton Crozier seriously Injured in
fire which destroyed tha McDonald
livery burni here.
Rancher Kills Sweetheart and Then
Cuts His Throat.
Sioux Falls. S D. , Nov 5. I'nrtlcu-
are have reached here of a double
raged } ' , In which a young rancher
Ivlng In the western portion of the
Black Hllla and his sweetheart wcro
ho principals
Albert Jensen , .rancher , killed his
woothenrt. Tina Johnson , by striking
T on the head with a shotgun , and
hen took his own life by cutting his
hroat The tragedy occurred In Jen-
en's rabln , near the home of the
ohnsoiu :
Three Shot by Unknown Man.
Strand , Okla. , Nov 5. A man rode'
ip to the Ames house , nine miles
south of Stroud , nnd phot Mrs. Amos ,
and Jackson , the hired man , and
voundod Miss Ames , nineteen years
old , by. shooting her in the shoulder.
The murderer first forced Jackson
and Miss Ames Into the collar at the
mint of a pistol. They heard n shot
and ran to the head of the stairs , and
ound that Mrs Ames had been killed.
Jackson wns next killed. The young
voinan fell with a bullet In her should
er , hut when the murderer went to
he collar and shot Jackson agalnyahe
regained consciousness and ran to tha
lolghbors She says the murderer
vas a young man. Cevcral ofllcors
Rre in pursuit of him.
Farmer Hangs Himself.
Butte , Neb Nov. 5 Jacob Bu-
cbol7..a farm r residing near Gross ,
lianged himself in his brother's barn.
No cause is known for the act.
llc-i ilH of au UiiUMiml
by I'l-ofcMKor
Professor ( 'enure Lombroso , the Ital
ian scientist skilled in detecting traces
: > f abnormality , explains in tlio North
American Review the imperfections of
the loft haiulcd.
People who are more ngilo with the
left than with the right hand are most
numerous among "women , children ,
savages and criminals. " The percent
age Is about 4 per cent among men
( operatives and soldiers ) , G to 8 per
cent among women nnd about the
sumo niiiong lunntlcs.
But among criminals Professor Mar-
ro found lu per cent of the men ami 22
per cent of the women left handed.
Swindlers offered a greater perccntnp
no loss than . ' > . ' > , and murderers nnd
ravlshors only from I ) lo 10 per cent.
Professor Lombroso also discusses
the fur more complex subject of "left
Bldodnoss. " Certain people arc more
sensitive upon the left side than upon
the right. This condition has no con
nection with loft handedncss and Is
highest in lunatics , 4-1 per cent.
Parrots nro left handed , and so nre
lions. Rollot found in twenty-seven
monkeys the loft shoulder heavier than
the right.
Women , children and primitive races
uniko gestures and simple movements
from right to left. This Is why wom
en button tholr garments In n different
direction from men and why early
languages , like the Arabic , are written -
ton from right to Ipft. Very old chro
nometers were wound from right to
left , not from left to right , us at pres
However , Professor Lombroso hedges
by. saying : "One can without dllllculty
find nniong good men real left handcil-
ness , as among the greatest evildoers
there nre some who have not that char
acteristic. I do not dream at all of say
ing that all left handed people are wick
ed , but that loft hniuleilness , united to
many other traits , may contribute to \
form one of the worst characters
among the human species. "
lie took life too seriously.
He did not choose upward.
He starved from mental poverty.
IIo saved his money , but starved his
Ills social faculties atrophied from
IIo thought he could not be happy
without wealth.
IIo did not develop his manhood
along with his business.
He murdered his capacity for happi
ness in getting ready for it.
IIo sacrificed the friends of his youth
and hail no tlmo to make new ones.
IIo never learned the art of extract
ing enjoyment from common things.
IIo had developed a colossal power
for receiving , but had never learned to
He was a victim of habit and rou
tine ; he never could rise above his vo
Ills only enjoyment was In repeating
what he had been doing all his busi
ness life.
Ho had never learned to enjoy ns he
went along , but found that postponed
happiness was n delusion. Success.
Too Stronir.
"My boy tolls me you discharged
him , " said the late office boy's mother.
"You advertised for a strong boy , nnd
I certainly thought he was strong
enough. "
"Madam , " replied the merchant , "he
was too strong. Ho broke nil the rules
of the olllce nnd some of the furniture
In the two days he was with us. "
Hard LuoU.
"Did yer git anything ? " whispered
the burglar on guard as his mate
emerged from the window.
"No. The chap wet lives hero Is a
lawyer , " replied the other In disgust
"That's hard luck. " replied the first.
"Did yer lose anything ? "
Short anil Merry.
He I have saved up enough for ns
to live nt the rate of $10,000 a year.
She For how long ?
He Oh , ono year. Life.