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    TI1U NOUKOMC NKWS : 1'MUDAY , NOVIOMHKIl , 11)03 ) 1 ! !
Edith Reynolds Missing From
Near Petersburg.
Her Father , B. P. Reynolds , Leaves To
day for Denver to Find Her and
Bring Her Home Missing Since
Tuesday From the School.
Petersburg , Nob. , Oct. 111. Special
to The News : Hdith Reynolds , be
tween 17 and 18 years of age , who has
been teaching school In a district
about ten miles east of this place at
Foster , is missing , and her father , 11.
P. Reynolds , who clerks In one of the
stores hero , is of the opinion that she
has been kidnapped by an aunt who
lives in Colorado , and loft today for
Denver to endeavor to locate thoyoung
woman and bring her homo. Much ex
citement has been occasioned by her
mysterious dlsappoatanco.
( Miss Reynolds' school was to have
been closed last evening for a month1 ! !
vacation. Her father drove out to
bring her homo for the holiday , but
on reaching her boarding house was
surprised to learn that she bad not
been there since Tuesday. It was
learned that a strange lady had driven
to Foster from Newman "flrovo , ac
companied by a man , and that they
had by some means Induced Miss Rey
nolds to accompany them , since which
tlmo she has not been seen or hoard
of , and It Is supposed that they drove
to some nearby town and took the
train for Denver.
Mr. Reynolds states that there has
been some trouble in his family , the
nature of which ho did not state , but
it is supposed that it was a kind of
family feud and that ICdith has been
taken by her aunt to avenge some
real or imaginary wrongs that she has
charged up against Mr. Reynolds.
The young lady's father is so con
fident that she has boon taken to Col
orado by her aunt , that ho departed
today for Denver , determined to leave
nothing undone that will locate the
missing girl and restore her to hori
i home.
Meantime officers and citizens will
attempt to learn to a certainty that
the young'lady is not kept in hiding
somewhere In this section of the
The people of Petersburg and the
neighborhood of Foster'are greatly dis
turbed by the sensational disappear
ance of the young lady and arc await
ing with como anxiety for the unravel
ing of the mystery that surrounds the
West Point , Neb. , Nov. 3. Mrs.
Harvey Miller has returned to her
homo In Pittsburg , Pa. , having spent
the summer hero with her cousin ,
Mrs. J. Miller.
M. O. Gent/.ko , the veteran e.x-ed-
itor of the "Nebraska Volksblatt , "
who sold out his paper to enter the
Spiritualist lecture field , is mooting
i with marked success in the east. He
was accorded signal recognition by
I the National Spiritualist association
in annual convention at Washington
last week , that body having created
for him a special department , and
given him charge of all spiritualistic
matters pertaining to the German
language in this coiuitry.
Rev. L. L , . Llpc , of Mount Morris ,
111. , has accepted a call to the pastor
ate of the Grace Lutheran church of
this city , and will preach his initial
sermon on Nov. 8. Mr. Llpe was pas
tor of this church some years ago ,
and loft to the great regret of his
parishioners , who have boon even since
trying to induce him to return. Ho
was one of , the most popular pastors
West Point over had.
Irwln Jastram loft yesterday for
Detroit , Mich. , where ho will attend
college this winter.
Mrs. Hollistor , mother of R. H. Hoi-
lister of this city , arrived here from
Chicago Saturday.
B. T. Brown and wife have returned
from a six weeks' trip throughout Ok
Mr. and Mrs. Hoffer and family , of
Center , have returned homo after a
week's visit hero with Mrs. Hoffer's
parents , Mr. and Mrs. D. Gronor.
Miss McLaughlin of Ohio , is the
guest of her brother , M. McLaughlin
iul family.
Mrs. S. S. Krako has returned from
> Jorth Dakota , where slio had gone
n account of the death of her mother.
< 3ho also visited her adughtor who
was recently married , and is living
Rev. Gcorgo Scott , the llrst pastor
of the local Congregational church ,
was in the city.
In some Oregon counties , before the
coyote bounty law was repealed , hunt
ers developed the business by merely
removing the scalps and then turning
the coyotes loose. The anlmajs be
came so well disciplined that they
would como to the hunter's cabin to
bo scalped at the end of every six
months , that tlmo being rcqulrori to
renew the growth. The coyotes are
easily trained and get so they like to
bo scalped , appearing as regularly and
cheerfully as a family cow imbued
with the habit of going homo to bo
milked. They relish the approving
snillcb of the hunter and trot off , after
yielding $2 worth of hldo apiece , foci-
Ing that they have gained a mark of
good character and can plunder chick
en coops and sheep corrals undis
turbed. The Herald Htiggostfl this
profitable pursuit of the industry for
the consideration of hunters In Dlxon
county In case the proposed bounty
IH granted by the voters there at the
coming election. Wayne Herald.
G. W. Hodges of Norfolk has rented
the I'M ) building , now owned by Mr.
Smith of LoMars , la. , and haa opened
nn oxcluslvo shoo store. Mr. Hodges
has a very complete stock of wares
and will no doubt receive a nlco pat
Mrs. T. ,1. Thompson , who waa so
Rovoroly burned while using gasoline
Monday Is slowly recovering , lly her
timely action and presence of mind
Mrs. Thompson saved the hoiiso from
being burned and protected herself
from more serious injuries.
Mrn. D.V. . Follies entertained a
few young people at her homo Friday
evening In honor of her friend , Miss
ICdlth llorton , of Crelghton. Progres
sive Hindi was the principal amuse
ment of the evening. All present en
joyed the evening most thoroughly
anil pronounce Mrs. Forbes a delight
ful hostess. Pilot.
A bad prairie flro raged Friday on
the reservation south of thoPoncaand
much loss was unstained. The lire
started , by a cause unknown , a llttlo
south of Charley Miller's ranch and
was driven by a stiong northwest
wind to a point in the settlement a
short distance from Napor. Several
parties along the south line of the
reservation wore burned out. Much
range and considerable hay was de
stroyed. IJy hard work the Indians
and other soltlors along the Ponca
prevented the Hro from running down
the crook and destroying their homos.
"Dick" Kllston had about the closest
call , the flro burning to within a few
foot of his house. From his place the
wind drove the bead lire to the south
east ami the side lire was easily ex
E. R. Gurney , Well Known In This
Section of Nebraska , Goes to
Wlnsldo , Neb. , Ort. 31. Mrs. E. R.
Gurney and children departed Monday
for their new homo in Fremont , says
the Tribune. They drove the family
horse and expected to arrive at Fre
mont last night. Ed. wont over yes
terday by train and thought he would
get there a few hours In advance of
his family , but will return to Win-
nido the last of the wool ; . He informs
the Tribune that ho will bo hero the
most of the time until the first of Jan-
nary as ho has so very much business
to attend to. Thus another one of
Winslde's very best families have
left , mid while it Is a source of re
gret to lose this estimable family , and
a citizen who has always done so
much for Wlnsldo as Ed. Gurney has ,
yet it is gratifying to know that we
shall still retain his interests In the
bank. Though ho goes as vice-presi
dent and business manager of the
First National bank at Fremont and
resides there , as long as he has an
Interest in the Merchant's State bank
born ho will be interested in the town I
and it will not be like losing him en-
tiroly. The Tribune is glad of Mr.
Gurney's promotion in the hanking
business and hopes that he may go on
until ho roaches the highest pinnacle !
of fame and fortune.
Last Saturday ovonlngan impromptu 1
reception was hold in the opera house
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Gurney , who
were so soon to leave Winslde. The
Idea originated with several of the
ladles Saturday afternoon and many
invitations sent out , in fact everybody
was invited and about a hundred people
ple from the town and country congre
gated and spent the evening in a so
cial manner. There was music , games
and a lunch consisting of coffee , sand
wiches , cakes and apples , after which
F. M. McElrath told in a few words
why the people wore there , tUo object
of the gathering , and praised the la
dies who were so thoughtful. To these
remarks Mr. Gurney responded in his
usually interesting manner , but as ho
said ho had secured Len Ncodham , A.
II. Carter , Sam Row and W. N. Wright
to make speeches for him that evening -
ing , ho did not take up much tlmo.
The gentlemen referred to did not
fill their engagements , however , mod
esty forbidding , probably , but Dr.
Curry had a few well chosen remarks.
Before the evening was over familiar
.songs were sung , closing by singing
"God bo Witli You 'Till wo Moot
Again. " It was a most enjoyable oc
casion yet tinged with sadness when
the significance of the occasion was
the paramount thought. Mr. and
Mrs. Gurney stood by the door when
it was time for the company to dis
perse , and received the good-byes and
best wishes of all their friends.
Snow In Black Hills.
Load , S. D. Nov. 4. This vicinity
was visited by a snowstorm and al
though the snow only foil to a depth
of an inch or two-horo , at Preston ,
Crown Hill and other higher.points
the snow lay to the depth of six
inches. At Deadwood It amounted
only to a rain shower.
Bloomfield Man of 30 and Neigh
bor's Daughrer Disappear.
Valentine Takes Away the Hill Girl ,
Fourteen Years of Age and the
Father of the Girl Has Notified Of-
fleers to Arrest Them.
Crolghton , Neb. . Nov. 1 ! . Special to
The News : The olllcors of Crolghton
and surioundlng towns have boon no
tified to keep a lookout for n mini
named Valentino , thirty years of ago ,
and a garl named 11111 , who dlsap-
I eared from their homos at lllooiu-
Hold joHttM'dny.
The families live on neighboring
farms near Illoomllold , . . and Valen
tino's attentions to the young girl
have lioen against the wishes of her
parents. Yesterday ho Induced her
to accompany him and Ilioy have not
wlnco boon seen , so the supposition
Is that he has kidnapped her and
taken her out of the country.
Mr. Hill , lather of the girl , was
very greatly exorcised and has noti
fied the olllcors of neighboring towns
to arrest the couple on sight. If ( he
ngos given are correct and Valentino
has Induced the girl to run away with
him the penalty will ho quite severe
If ho Is caught and proven guilty.
A settlement between the two fam
ilies would bo the only recourse for
evading the penalties of the law.
Took a Livery Team.
Crolghton , Nob. , Nov. 2. Special
to The News : Later Information on
the Hloomflold kidnapping case has
boon received. The man In the case
Is Ilort Valentino , who has been workIng -
Ing on a farm near the town , and so
far as known , has no relatives in this
part of the stato. The name of the
girl is Grace Hill , and she is hut
fourteen years of age.
Valentino hired a rig at a Hlooin-
Held livery barn and drove away with
the girl Sunday afternoon at I o'clock ,
since which time nothing has boon
scon or hoard of mini , girl or team ,
and a charge of stealing a team and
buggy is quite likely to bo lodged
against the fellow along with his
other crime , if the team is not soon
returned. An earnest endeavor is
being made to locate the missing
couple and the rig.
Crolghton , Neb. , Nov. 3. Special to
The News : Hert Valentino , the farm
hand who ran away witli the fourteen
year old Hill girl from llloomflold
Sunday afternoon , was arrested last
night in Niobrara by'tho town mar
shal and Is hold awaiting the arrival
of the Hloomlield officer who will take
the couple hack to Hloomlield where
Valentino will probably bo given a
preliminary hearing under the charge
of kidnapping or some other law that
will bo applicable to the case.
To the Niobrara oflicial Valentino
said that ho bail been in South Dako
ta with the girl and that they were
married there. Ho explained that ho
wanted the girl to become his wife
and that she wanted him that It was
a case of love , and not an attempt to
violate the laws of the stato. If , however -
over , it is true that the girl is but
| fourteen years of ago , as assorted by
I her lather , she is not yet her own
I mistress and the angry parents may
j succeed in making it decidedly nn-
j comfortable for the man in the case
if they are determined to prosecute.
It may bo that the laws of South Da
kota will legall/.o such a marriage ,
i but the lawrf of Nebraska are out
spoken on the subject , and may form
a Imsid lor prosecution regardless of
the South Dakota law.
At an early hour this morning the
Hloomlield official had not yet arrived
In Niobrara , and Valentino and the
girl wore still in the custody , of the
Niobrara olllclal.
Miss Allbery spent Sunday In Fre
F. M. Heeler has returned from a
business trip to Chicago ]
Court Reporter Powers passed
through Norfolk Monday enrouto to
his home at Nellgh.
T. K. Hanson and A. J. Dunlovy
are in the city from Tllden talking
politics and other things.
C. W. Crum , county superintendent ,
Is over from Madison , meeting friends
and talking some politics.
S. F. Oilman , miller at Nollgli , was
in the city today on his way homo
from Plorco , where ho has been to
look after his milling Interests there.
Mrs. Andrew Teal returned Sunday
evening from a visit at Missouri Val
ley. She was accompanied homo by
her sister , Mrs. M. E. Stevens of
Grand Rapids , Wis.
A boy was born this morning to
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Snyder at War-
Miss Nadecn Cole , daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. H. J. Cole , Is suffering from
a broken arm. She was coasting
down a hill on her bicycle when In
attempting to pass a pedestrian she
wont into the ditch and was thrown
from her wheel with the above result.
Showers * have boon a , feature of
the weather since Saturday night , but
thus far only enough rain has fallen to
Is Liable to Break Down Pe-ru-na is
Sure to Restore.
Hon. Frank Dunn , Alderman Twenty-Fourth District , writes
from 232 East Fifty-Eighth Street , New York City :
The Pcruna Medicine Co. , Columbus , O. :
Gentlemen : "There is no remedy for a broken-down system
tliMt I know of which will so effectually restore health as Peruna.
"Whenever I am overworked or suffer from the consequences of
* cold M few doses of Peruna builds me up again more quickly than
anything I ever tried. I find It especially valuable for catarrh.
Three bottles cured me three years ago of catarrh of the stomach and
I bnve never had the least symptoms of it since. "
Very truly ,
FRANK DUNN , Aldcrmtn 24th Dlst. , N. Y. City.
make It disagreeable and mudd ) nn
dor foot. The temperature contlnnoH
high for the season and seeds are
sprouting and growing as though it
was early spring.
The old plank walk is being 10-
moved fioni the west side ot the Cot
ton block and the street will hi ; lllloil
to grade with dirt so that It may sot-
tie during the winter and In the
spring a cement walk will bo laid
along the Cotton property so that
when the other property owners do
lil < o\\iso there will be a permanent
walk from Norfolk avenue to the now
federal court house.
II. E. Hardy Is now located In his
brand now olllro on North Filth
street , which , though not yet entirely
completed , is ready for occupancy.
The olllco fixtures wore transtonod
Saturday night and the coal business
of the firm is now being transacted
In the now quarters. Water Commis
sioner .T. 10. Simpson will continue to
ollico with Mr. Hardy and Is now
piuparcd to attend to the wants of
water consumers and his other cus
tomers in the now building.
Mother Gives It to Girl and It Kills
McC'ook , Neb. , Nov. I. Little Eva
Inglls , the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
.lames G. Inglls , is 'lead as the result
of a dose of carbolic acid which her
mother gave hor.
Monday morning the child was suf
fering from a severe cojgh and the
mother wont to the medicine chest
to get some cough medicine. She
made a mistake and got carbolic acid.
State Treasury Report.
Lincoln , Nov. 1. The monthly re
port of State Treasurer Mortensen for
the month ending October III shows
that the total receipts in the different
state funds for the month was $21 ! I-
] .r.I , the disbursements were $182,311
and the total balance now on hand is
$ : iiT.u7C. : The report shows that all
of the .school funds arc now invested
and are drawing 1 per cent Interest.
Children Poisoned by "Rat Biscuits. "
Nebraska City. Nob. , Nov. 1. A
young boil of William Crawford , a H.
M. conductor , was poisoned In a
very peculiar manner a few days
since. A neighbor was moving and
on top of one of the articles moved
out was a package of rat biscuits
and the child ate ono of them. It was
taken sick and vomited. Nothing was
thought of this sickness until another
child was found with ono of the pois
oned biscuits. Then the whole story
came out. A physician was called
hut neither child was dangerously ill
after they throw up what they had
Nebraska State Commission
Wants Best for St. Louis.
Farmers of Madison County are
Asked to Save Out the Finest Spec
imens of the Crop from Their Fields
to be Shown at the Exposition.
The Nebraska state commission In
the world's fair nt SI Louis.i"liin ,
In exhibit the finest samples o | N' .
braska-grown corn at the exposition
In I'JOI , offers a splendid oppoiiiiintv
to the tanners of this comit > to < nti i
Into competition for valuable expos !
lion premiums as well as to widely ad
vertlso the corn-producing lands An >
farmer who IIIIB giown line , large sain
pies of corn Is aske-1 to ship at least
twenty-live ears of each variety to
the secretary of the commission , Mr
H. G. Shodd , 111 McCaguo building ,
Omaha , Nebraska , notilylng him of
such shipment and sending him the
bill of lading. All such collections of
corn , If acceptable to the commission ,
will bo sent to St. Louis and entered
In the individual growers' names for
the premiums offered by the oxjositlon
authorities without expense to the
growers. In preparing ears of corn
for such exposition purposes , the fol
lowing suggestions should bo followed :
The oar should stand on the stock
until fully matured. The selection '
should be made when husking the en
tire crop , as there is then an oppor
tunity to see every car and compare
the quality. For this purpose a box '
may bo carried on the rear of the I
wagon and desirable ears laid carefully
in this box. The ears should bo dried
in a heated room , but the kitchen Is
not a good place ou account of the |
steam. Great care should bo taken
not to shell oven a single kernel from
the ear.
To ship , wrap each ear separately in j
cloth or paper , pack carefully In a box , |
stufllng paper in any remaining space i
to prevent the ears from shaking abou1
in transit.
Each box hhould contain the ship
per's name and address. Ship by
freight , prepaid , to the secretary of
the comlsslon , 111 McCaguo building ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
Frank Nelson made a business trip
to Lincoln Monday morning , return
ing Saturday afternoon.
Miss Jessie Hammond went to Na-
In a nipillnlno tint Rlvoi lone
ATONIC purl of Ilio Hvulem. Thnr *
am illlTcriinl klmlH of lonlcH , but
thu loulo merit needed In Ihh country ,
when * catarrh IH HO prevalent , U
tonic IhalopuratcH on ( ho imicoim mum *
I'orunu Is a ( onto lollio mucoiiii IIIIMII-
brauort of tbt < \ \ hob * body. 11 pi VCM lonn
lo tin * capillary circulation which con-
NlllllloH HICHO delicate liiemlmuHM.
1'criiuii IH n Bpeclilc In tin opiirullnii
upon the mucoiiH ineinbraiie. It IH
( oulc that nil-Ikon at the root of all mi-
taribal nffoelloiw. II glvet louo to llio
inlnulo blood VOHH 'In and HIM ( ormlnul
iiervo Hliroi. Catarrh cannot oxlql loiitf
Vthcro I'ornua IH uw'tl lulclllgontly.
I'enina nookri out catarrh In all thu hid
den partH of the hotly.
Paul Laudruin writing from AtlnnU ,
On. , i
" .Innunry hint I began the USD of
your PCI nun ami Matialln for what wan
termed organic hem I tioulile. At that
HIIIK 1 cotiltl Hcarcely walk to my plueo
of liiiHlnoflH without Htopplng lorenl. mill
on arrival foil completely oxhnuR ( d.
IladHovcropalnnlu my heart and gunoriil
dl//lncHH. AfleriiHlng Iho llrnl liottloof
Poniiin 1 began ( o Improve and today I
feel that I am n Hound man and I work
fourteen bourn a. day without any hitd
feeling. " Paul Land rum.
A. M. Ikerd , nn employed of IhoC. H.
iV C } . it. 11. , West Iturlington , la. , wrllo-i :
'T had oatarrh of llm Htomaeh and
Biuall InloHtlticH for a uiiiiibor of year * .
I went to a number of iloctorH mid got
no icllef. IFIually mio of my dootorn
Kent mo to Chicago and 1 mot the HIIIIIO
falo. Thuy Hiilil ( buy could do notlilnt ;
for mo , that I had cancer of the Htomaoli
wiiHiiociiro. I nlrnoHtthought
Iliennnii , for my lirei ill -i Homothlng
awful. I ould liiinli , . 1 It , It wiiH
HO olTeiiHht ) . I could not cut anything
\vllhoul grout mlHury , and I gradually
grew \\orno.
" Klindly I got out ) of jour bookH , anil
concluded I would tiy Peruna , ami thank
( Idil , I found a relief and n euro for Hint
dicadfill dlHoaso. I ' ( .ok flvo bolllun ot
I'd mm and I\M > of A'analln ' , and I nv
feel like it new man. Them Is nothing
better than Peruna , and I kcnp n bottlu
in my IIOUHO all the tlmo. " A. M. Ikerd.
If yon do not dcri"o prompt und nutU *
factory rerfultn from the u u uf I'orunu ,
write nt once lo Dr. Ilarlman , giving a
full Rtatumont of your CIIHII and ho will
be ] > leiiHcd to glvu you bin viduahlo tul-
vlfo gratlH.
Address Jr. Hardnnii , PrcHldcnt ol
The Ilartman Haultiiriiini , Columbu
per yesterday afternoon to visit with
her sister , Mrs. Kublc. .
The work at the brick yard is pro
gressing very satisfactorily and con
sequently the management Is well
pleased. The machinery has all been
put In place and a test has boon made
of the brick machine , producing seine
very line samples. It Is the intention
to make a start next week , If for
nothing more than to test the machin
ery. Hut It IH probable that a kiln
of brink will be burned > et this fall.
Digests what you cat.
Tills preparation coot i n- . all of the
ditfcstants nnd ( lie < -ts a > l kinds ol
foc'l. It gives itist mi relief and ncvet
( alls to cine. It , allows > < -u to cat all
the food jou want. Tlie most sensitive
btninacliscaii lake It By Itsiisu many
thousands of \spcptirs h.i-o been
cured after everything ol ; failed. la
unequalled for the stomach. Child-
ten with wea'c hioinai hs thrive on It.
Cures all sto.nnch troubles
I'rrna.til only bv ! " r Inirr.vro , t'hlcaw
" % uil.lj' * p < iitn " ' - Him tlitCOc. site.
Sold by Klosan Drug Co.
A. C. ONO , A. M. , U , . H. , I'rcs. , Omaha.
I'IIOK. A. J. LOWKY , PrJnc.i /
j . 'IrstNat'l
ItatiKaiiil hiistness men.
SIO.OOO In Koll Ton DcsUs. Hunk ruturesand
W Tyi iwrltnrs. StwIiniUcaii work forliujnl.
cnil fur free catalogue , IKXIIK ! In alligator ,
llnpst ever liulill-ilied by a Business CollL'KO ,
Itciid It and 71111 will attend the N. II. C.
Liver Pills
That's what you need ; some
thing to cure your bilious
ness and give you a good
digestion. Aycr's Pills are
liver pills. They cure con
stipation and biliousness.
Gently laxative. An drifts.
. . .
> \ ml ) lir in in. nil
fnr Children. MoUu.rt.ra ) , for > onr n mir > ' in the
C luMrrn'ii Home it New \ork , treated clnMmi uc-
ccaafu.l ) \ > uli it rt'ini'ily. now iiri'pHrviluml plan d In
tiu'ilmi ; alortii.ralli'il .Mollicr Iriiy' S\ml Vowijer *
fur > liililrt'ii. 'I lie ) arc hariiiU-fs tie milk , plr.itaut to
'ake uuliieviT ( all. A cirtaln cure for fo\t'iUlnnn ,
cnn tuuion ! | , liomlacliv , ticllilnu' nnil stomaih illbor-
1 < T < niulrealmunnnnit. MnllilruiMSltl'iMc. Ilon't
4 < cviittiiy ul > etiuU | > S.uiml cat I'll UK.uitrfrs
Allen S. OluitU'd , Leltoy.N. Y.