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Popular Young Couple United
In Congregational Church.
Interesting Ceremony and Splendid
Decorations Will Make Their
Home .it Columbus Where Groom
Is Engaged In the Hotel Business.
NellRh. Nob. , Oct. 15. Special to
The Mows : Mlns IJcrtlw KomliiKton
of this city , ( liuiKhtor of M. C. Horn-
tngton , mid Prof. George II. Wlmloy
of Colunilius were mnrrled In the
Cuucrouutlonnl cliurcli lnnt nl ht at
8 'cloclt , Uev.V. . .1. Turner of Nor
folk officiating.
The church had boon very boautl-
fully and profusely decorated In
Kreen and pink which appeared very
pleasing ilurliiK th ceremony under
the aoft lights from the electric
lamps. MlHH Hess Oaasboek of Ains-
worth presided at the organ and the
music was very sweet and uppropri-
' - < fc. Mrs. O. A. Wllllinns , wife of
Attorney Williams , acted as matron
of honor ; .Miss IJess Ciiillawny of
1 'Omalm as bridesmaid , and Mr. Waiter -
| ter KomlK of the Atlas bank of this
city as groomsman.
5 During ( lie gathering of the guests
.f at the churcli Misses Ilernlco Andersen -
_ , son , Uoldio Holf. Daisy \Vlnn and
* Claudia Gotoholl acted as uahors.
Tlie bi'ide was becomingly gowned
in wliite avellan cloth over silk ; the
maid of honor wore liluo silk and the
f matron of honor wore her wedding
; gown of white brocaded satin. The
1 ushers were wliite shirt waists , with
, black skirts ami black ties. Tlio
i gown of the organist was green , over
After the ceremony the guests assembled -
sombled with Mr. and Mrs. Whaloy
! at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
1j * ' Harry S. Rollins , where a reception
vrns hold and wltero the guests en
joyed themselves until summoned to
T ' the home of the bride where refreshments -
\ ' ments were served. Holh of the
homos were artistically decorated in
* white and yellow , with roses , carna
tions and chrysanthemums in rich
profusion. Mr. and Mrs , Lehman
i/'ul ' Mrs. Gray of Columbus , and Mrs.
M. Remington of Syracuse were in
The bride is a graduate of the
high school of tills city , a graduate
of the music conservatory of Gales
academy , and lias been a. special
student in the Anna Morgan school
of Chicago. She is a charming lady ,
of very excellent disposition and tal
ented both in music and elocution ,
( while in her work in the Sunday
( school she was greatly beloved by
those with whom she labored.
The groom is a graduate of the
state university , was for some time
superintendent of the Neligh schools
and later went to Norfolk where ho
was principal of the high school for
some time. He is now engaged in
the hotel business at Columbus , be
ing one of the proprietors of the
Thurston house.
Kiliiciitlimnl Item.
"Have you hoard the latest education-
ill Item ? " asked Biggs.
"No , " replied Wiggs. "What it is ? "
"They have just decided , " said lliggs ,
"to rewrite the primer in words of live
yllables for Boston children. " Smart
Heroism is simple , and yet It Is rare.
Every one who does the best he can do
U a hero. Josh Billing ! * .
K. 0. Harnum was in Norfolk from
Bntte , Neb.
llov. W. .1. Turner returned from
felifih Thursday.
George A. Brooks was in Norfolk
from Bazile Mills.
| George Herry , the ranclimnn , was
, in Norfolk from Battle Creek.
John Stafford has gone to Omaha
to undergo an operation for appendi
Mrs. N. A. Uainbolt and Mrs. Da
rius Mathewson have returned from
H. E. Glissman has returned to his
home at Doon , Iowa , after a visit
with Norfolk friends.
) Mrs. II. L. Spaulding went to
" Lynch Thursday noon to visit nnd
care for her daughter , who is sick.
. N. A. Halnbolt who read a paper
V before the'state bankers' convention ,
returned from Lincoln on Thursday.
J. J. Kennedy of Itibiake , Wiscon-
jv sin. Is visiting W. H. Butterfleld in
Norfolk. Mr. Kennedy is onroute to
- Idaho.
Captain Isaac Griffith of Glenaltlne ,
Autolopo covm'.y. Is visiting his old-
' " time friend , .L K. Simpson , for a day
or two.
> , llobert Utter has returned from
Omaha where ho had charge of a
department In a wholesale house dur
ing the Ak-Sar-Hen.
P. II. Scott is home from Mason
City , Iowa , where ho has boon at
tending a meeting of the directors of
the Modern Brotherhood of America.
Mr. and Mrs. Sol G. Mayor nnd
( laughter uro homo from Lincoln.
Mrs. Mayor had boon visiting friends
fjc several week' nnd Mr. Mayor
went to Lincoln on Sunday to accom
pany her homo.
A. Lagrotta with bin Italian trio
rchestra , arrived in Norfolk and bp-
C tholr season Thursday morning.
They will headquarter in Norfolk all
winter , playing for danceg and the
like in tributary towns.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Utloy nero In
the city Thursday morning enrouto
to fro to where they will probably
spend the winter , leaving for Cali
fornia next year. Mr. Utloy has re
cently disposed of his farm Interests
west of Crelghton.
Dr.R. A. Mlttlestadt.dentlat , Bishop
ilock. Telephone GO.
Sandy Bottom.
"Sandy Bottom" Is said to bo n
play combining both pathos nnd com
edy In that way which has so often
boon spoken of as that "tho laughter
chases away the tears. " A play to
enjoy lasting popularity must pos-
ss these qualifications or else fall
to bng In'orost a tickle public. It
Is necessary to touch the strings of
the human heart. A simple , plain ,
truthful story. The drama will lie
presented here under the manage
ment of Hampton & Hopkins , who
successfully piloted "Humi n Hoatrs"
during Its most successful moneymaking -
making trips. It is promised that it
will lie given in a superb manner by
a company of unusual excellence.
"Sandy Bottom" wll be the attrac
tion at the Auditorium Friday night.
Wanted Manager for the now
branch of our business here in Nor
folk. Write promptly , with rofor-
dices. The Morris Wholesale House ,
Cincinnati , Ohio.
20,000,000 , Farmers Wanted.
The secret to keep your hogs and
chickens free from diseases. Kor par
ticulars send in 0110 dollar in money
order to I' . S. L. B. . 481 , Norfolk , Nob.
I'nfurnlHhod rooms for family of
two or three. Iteut reasonable , ll'ii
South Fourth street.
Extract From the Paper Rend Before
the Nebraska Bankers' Asso
ciation at Lincoln.
N. A. Rainbolt , ex-president of the
Norfolk National bank , road before
the state bankers' meeting at Lin
coln Wednesday afternoon a paper j
relating to the repeal or modification
of the present bankruptcy law. He
detailed the history of the law from
Its Inception , and took a stand ROII-
orally in opposition to legislation of
that character. A quotation from
Ills paper follows :
"If no one would take advant-igo
of the law but those for whom it
was intended there would be no oppo
sition to it. Ilut _ where'one deserv
ing seeks relief , live or more un
worthy resort to its use. I examined
the records of the ninety-four cases
of bankruptcy In the district where
I live. With twenty-one of the bank
rupts I was personally acquainted
of those twenty-one I found one
worthy case , six unworthy or dis
honest cases , nine doubtful and live
farcical. Ninety-one of the cases had
small dividend each , not exceeding
ten per cent. In the two years end
ing September ISO , 1002 , theru were
In the United States 20,1)70 ) volun
tary cases closed. Of those r > ,8ti9 had
liabilities less than $5,000 , and nearly
one-hall''or ] i'lS-l ! cases , bad no as
"Such an exhibit of the actual
working of the law excites our con
tempt and disrespect for it. We
feel ready , in an almost united cho
rus , to call for its repeal Every
man here past middle age , if ho
passes in mental review those he lias
known , who have had financial re
verses , will find very few of the real
worthy who have over appealed tea
a court of bankruptcy. Men of the
stamp of Wm. MeKlnley. S. V. White ,
Jay Cook , Sir Walter Scott and Mark
Twain , when once overwhelmed with
debts , did not sit down and whine ,
and then ask the law to relieve them
of their just obligations. Just the op
posite spirit that never knows defeat
Is what wo want to dominate every
man in tills country. To discourage
it or lesson it , is to weaken us and
to mark the beginning of our degen
eracy. It is to the credit of our na
tion that the individual hero depends
upon his own efforts , assumes the
responsibility of bis own acts , and
is willing to abide the consequences.
This attribute lias In no small meas
ure caused us to forge ahead and to
advance to our present high stand
ing as a nation. Nor are we want
ing in charity and benevolence. "Wo
need no law to protect the suffering
and oppressed. Our public provis
ions , numerous charitable institu
tions and associations and sponta
neous impulses of our people are
abundant in that behalf.
The paper mot with such general
favor that a motion prevailed direct
ing the appointment of a committee
to draw up resolutions in harmony | ;
therewith , directed to the Nebraska
congressmen and senators and that j j i
a copy of the address bo sent to i
each member of congress.
The News has a position in a drug I
store at good wages. None hut those I
who are neat nnd dressy need apply , j I '
Two experienced dining room
girls wanted at Fry's restaurant.
Dr. F. Q. Walters succeeds to the
practice of Or. Kiesau. 'Phono , of
fice and residence IS.
A. big school tnblot for So at The
I News office.
Pugilists at Fremont do Not
Get the Money.
At Cnrson City nnd San Francisco
the Scrappers Get the Wnd , But It
is Not the Rule In the Nebraska
Town A Couple of Douts.
Fistic bouts are not managed In
Fremont as they are in San Francisco
and Carson City. At those places the
principals always receive a purse for
lighting , and spectators pay a big
price to see the match. In Fremont
the sport is treennd the purse , which
Is made up by the pugilists them
selves , goes to the police.
lOlmor Corcoran and Tom ICthertoii
fought two rounds at a late hour lust
night In front of Jens' livery stable
at Military and Broad. The affair
was iusulllch'utly advertised and the
attendance was rather small , but
while the mill was going on It wan
lively enough.
Corcoran , however , seemed to have
things all bis own way. lie report
ed his victory to I'olico Judge Cook
today and turned over $5.Sit as the
proceeds of the exhibition. ICthortou
was not called on to contribute , as
ho complained that Corcoran had
violated the rules of the ring.
A one-round go-as-you please affair ,
In which Gilbert MeCliutock , hotter
known as "Rusty , " used ,11m Ainu-
worth as a tenor drum , was pulled oil'
last night. "ltustys" donation to the
police fund for his part In this per
formance was equal to Corcoran'H.--
Froinoiit Tribune.
Wo liavo bargains to offer in city
residence property. Call and see us.
G. R. Seller & Co.
Chief of Police Smith and Mrs.
Smith depaited yesterday for Koota ,
Iowa , on a three weeks' stay. Frank
Laase lias ( alum Mr. Smith's place
in the service.
Mrs. ( ! . W. Jones and daughter ,
Mrs. Clark and children , drove over
from tlioir homo north of Wayne and
were guests at the Tracy homo Sat
urday and Sunday.
P. Pryor reeehed a telegram Tues
day tolling him of the death of a
brother at Waterloo , Iowa. Mr. Pryor
and wife started Wednesday for
there to attend the funeral.
Mr. and .Mrs. Wookoy of Haw
thorn , Iowa , and Mr. and Mrs.
Ponnory of Rod Oak , Iowa , ar
rived in Winsiile Tuesday night for
a visit with the W. H. Fisher fam
ily. .Mr. and Mrs. Wookoy are the
parents of Mrs. Fisher and Mrs.
Peiiuory is a sistor. _
The republicans of Winsido mot
lu County Attorney Simau's office
Thursday night with F. S. Tracy as
chairman and H. 10. Siman as sec
retary. C. H. Fisli and Walter Gaob-
ler were nominated for justices and
H. G. Smith and Hiram Ramsey for
constables. The republicans wont
on record in favor of a "non-parti
san judiciary" by the nomination of
Mr. Gnohlor , whoso true blue dem
ocracy Is known to every man in the
On the front page of this paper ,
under the extra black lines , will be
found today's late telegraphic matter.
Sale of Tickets for "Sandy Bottom. "
The sale of tickets for "Sandy
Bottom" which Is to be presented at
the auditorium Friday night , will bo
on at the drug store of Asa K. Leon
ard Friday morning at S o'clock , and
those who are desirous of securing
seats will do well to be there early to
get their pick. Tills meritorious at
traction lias boon presented in Nor
folk before to an enthusiastic audi
ence , but it is said that the company
presenting It this season is bettor
than over , while the special scenic
effects have been materially im
proved. The. Auditorium should bo
packed to overflowing and those who
attend will be amply repaid by the
entertainment given.
A Wonderful Trans-Pacific Journey
via the Northwestern Line.
In line with its well known policy
of development of trans-Pacific travel ,
the Chicago & Northwestern railway
Is now organi/Ing a personally con
ducted round-the-world tour , to Icavo
Chicago In October , visiting Hawaii
Japan , China , the Straits settlements ,
Ceylon , India anil ISgypt , return .g
via the usual European points 01 In
terest on the way homo.
The party will bo most admirably
provided for enrouto. The railway
trip will bo made on luxurious fast
trains through the great Mississippi
valley over "tho only double track
railway between Chicago and the
Missouri river , " and west via Denver
and through the mountain wonderland -
land of Colorado and Utah. The trip
ac.ross the Pacific will ho on one of
the magnificent now Pacific Mall Go's.
Thin trans-Pacific traffic has grown
to such proportions that the service
has boon improved and elaborated
until in many respects it is said to
vlo with that found on the finest transAtlantic -
Atlantic greyhounds.
The trans-Pacific route U the com
ing highway over which American
pleasure seekers will travel for rec-
MAN You may luvvc i$30 Suit for from
to $30 , on easy payments of
i Get into
will organ i/t my third suit cluh of I lie year ,
| this iiiing Monday , Ocloher 1'J. The limil is To.
OIHI iinmluM' is drawn out of a lint every Tuesday
! ni hi and each niemhcr slops paying \vlien his
. . . SUIT CLUB coupon is drawn. The chili runs ! ! ( ) weeks , so Mint
the maximum paid is $110. Thirty pay less and
' Oldest Tailoring Most Workmanship , ami P
IKRAHN'S In Norfolk. Absolutely Service In North h
* * : * * > : * : * * : * * : : * * : * * : * * * : * * * * ! : : : : : : * : * : : : : : ! * : : <
roallon and sightseeing. Hawaii , !
.lapan , Australia and our own I'hlllp-1
pine possessions are full of Intercut
and the number of visitors to those
far-away hinds lne.ronsoH with the In
creased facilities for travel.
Mrs. T. M. Sisson Was Chosen Dele
gate to Foreign Mission Con
vention. i
Mrs ! ' . M. Kisson and Mrs. .1. 11.
Oxniini returned Wednesday evening
from Central City , Nob. , whom they
have liecii In attendance al Iho annual
nual br.inoh mooting of Topolui
brunch of the Woman's Foreign Mis- I
Rlonnrv .society of the Mothodlsl |
church Mrs. Slsson bad tlio honor
of holmclnmoii an ono of two dele
gates \\lmso duly II is to represent
Iho branch al the mooting of Iho gen ,
e/nil executive commit too of the society
ciety which convenes ) In llaltlnioro '
October : ! ! ) . It IR the duty of tills
executive coinniltloo lo review Iho
oiitlro work lu the several foreign
Holds , to make appropriations ami to
send mil new missionaries.
Sandy Bottom.
Hampton & Hopkins' niininnonl : ; :
production of "Sandy Hottom" that
ooinoH to the Auditorium Friday , Oc-
lobor Hi. like the "Old Homoslixl"
and "Sag Harbor , " appeals lo th'i
general public tastes. It deals nnnir-
ally with life as it Is among Lbo sun
kissed hills of Arkansas , where the
scones are laid. There Is no cl'tp
tray or artificial element in tlio play.
It IH a mirror of human nature that
Is graphically pictured. lining n m 'l
odruma , of eourso thorn are evrillug
Incidents , villainy and pathetic seems
but they are relieved by whole-soon
comedy , HO the play possesses light
and shadow In various forms. The
company carry absolutely every ploc- >
of scenery used in the play.
W. A. King.
After a brief tuncrnl service con
ducted at the homo , IIUU Nebraska
avenue , by Rov. .1. F. Poucbor , the
remains of W. A. King , who died
Wednesday morning from dropsy ,
were taken to Soribnor , the former
lionii' of the family.
August Lenz.
Funeral services were hold over
the remains of August Loiiy. Thurs
day afternoon. The service at the
home took place at I : . ' ! ( ) o'clock and
the service at Christ Lutheran church
shortly after. Rev. .1. P. Mueller in
charge. Interment was made In the
new Gorman cemetery north of the
August Roecker.
Tin1 funeral of August Roocker will
be lichl at the homo on North First
street at2'W \ : o'clock Friday and
from there the remains will ho taken
to tlic normal ! lOvangelicul churcli ,
corner Pasewalk avenue and Sixth
Hired The interment will bo made
in tin- cemetery at lloskins.
Sore Toe Cause of Illness.
Phlladelphio. Oft. Lr. . William L.
Elkltis. the millionaire traction ownrr ,
is seriously 111 at his country homo a
few miles from Philadelphia. Mr.
Klklns Is suffering from organic troub
les and worry lias added to his unfa
vorable physical condition. It Is also
stated that Mr. Klkins' illness began
with inflammation caused by a tight
fhoe irritating a corn on his too. Tills
trouble became so acute that It was
fnared the toe would have to bo anipu-
New York Yacht Club Will Show Its
Appreciation of the Efforts
Made Defending Trophy.
Now York , Oct. 15. Special to The
News : The Now York Yacht club
is going to show its appreciation of
what has been done for tlio defense
of the America's cup since the days
of the I'uritan by giving a reception
at the clubhouse this evening to all
those who have been Interested in
any boat that has raced since that
Among those who will bo present
are J. Malcolm Forbes , who owned
the I'uritan ; Gen. Charles J. Paine
of the Mayflower nnd Volunteer ; C.
Oliver Isolin , who Bailed the Vigi
lant , Defender , Columbia In her first
year , and Itellance ; 13. D. Morgan ,
! who sailed the Columbia in 1901 ;
1 W. 0. Duncan , Jr. , who had charge
of the Constitution ; August Belmont
of the Constitution syndicate and
many others including the members
of the l'i 'iaiiee ' ndlcate
II Him llrlfliMl I'riini | | HIT ! t it I lint
mill Orluliiiil MH n HU'ii life.
Nowndn.iH "iiielmlniina" IH In
liMe us denoting n innch sci
play , with mi all Inn Impossible hern ,
heroine and \lllntu ninoiii ; llie ebiirtie
tcrs I'epresc.ilod. I'dimcrl ) the \\onl
kepi mure ci.isely In Us slKiilllnitlou In
actual dcrlviilliiii. "Mctndr.iinn" N rum
pnnniled of the ( ireeUniils uielo > , n
song , and drama , an netloii , n pli\ :
and \MIH applied In t\\o sorlM of per
fiirniiinecsheii It llrsl c.ime Into live ,
It xlgnillcd a plivv. KciiiMMlly of the
romnutlc m boid , Inhleh the illnlo ui *
WIIH freiUenlly | relieved by Ulil-nc ,
Hnmotiiiic * of an Itieideiitnl nnd MIIIIO
time * of n purely dnmuith' eluraeti"- .
On the Mirciii'tli of bs ! "Pymiiiilluu" .1
,1. Knllsseiiil Is credit > dllh the Inveii
linn of this M.vlc. Some oi' Ihe vi enllcd
F.ugllsh ope.iiM of the older school , such
as the once famous "'s opera"
mill the oiiee popular "No Sinn. N"
Supper , " arc lu reality true iiielu
lu the second place "melodrama" ua
applied In a peculiar Mini of Ilienlrlm !
composition In which the actor recited
bis port In an ordinary MpcnUtig voice ,
while the orchestra played more or
less elnlioralc acciinipiililiiienl appro
prlatc to Ihe situation anil raleiil.iiei !
to bring US s.illenl features inio th >
highest possible relief. The in i it "
the Invention .of thin desi-riptl > '
nielnilrallia licloliu * lo ( ieiiiue I'.eli'l.i
Who used It xvllll rtll'IMim i licit III In
"Ariadne anf N'a.Mis , " nnnliieeil at
In 1771. London lilobe.
The Ucili'tiln if ti llnrlor.
It Is ni'ieu claimed l > . \ ouiMilcrs Ihat
having M profession dnlN a unman' *
sympathies , hut I cannot believe thai
Ihls Is irne ! u the practice of meilieine
where one side of ( lie work is so im
incasiinilily sad. 1 bate s i a hal > . \
that came after llfteen years of wait
Ing and hoping and was rejoiced mis-
dally anil hourly for a wonderful yeai
Hilddenl.\ struck down and gnsp ils lit
tic life mil in a day \\llh pneiiiiinni.i
These are the times when It hurls | i
be a doctor , to llnd thai all the know I
edge that , \ou possess , nil Ihe skill at
your coiiininiid , Is as so much rim ft
before Ihelnd. . To have a woman
cllllg to you , begging you to save her
baby. Is an orilcal to which no human
being can Ki'ow callous. You inusi
feel its though the brand of Cain ueie
upon you when , with all your etl'orts.
you cannot save the little life. Not
years nor experlcm an lighten hours
such as these. IJvorylmdy's Maua/lne
Slonii" of ( Hi ) Kiiuliiinl.
Ill the year'.Ml In London alone l.iiin
houses were blown down : In October.
10 ! I , a great number of churches ami
500 bouses were destroyed ; In'S \ > i il
thundered for llftot'ii days eoiiM'cUllvo
ly. The dreadful night during which
Cromwell's spirit passed has formed
a theme for poet and partisan. \ml
the gri'tit Moriu thai "o'er pale Itrilaii
Ilia passed" In November. 1701 ! , the
most lerrltile In British annals. nl > o
has Ils eiiiliirlng record lu poetry. It
did damage In London lo the amount
of L'J.OIMI.IXMI ; over M.OIIII people were
drowned in Hoods inanoiis parts of
the country ; Iwolvo inen-ol'-war. with
over I .Sid i nieii on board , went dmn in
sight of land , and the Kdilystoni * light
house , along \ \ \Ylnstniiley. . ils in
venlor , was swept away.
Illlixl Sn Iniinrr'n SlrnlKliI Icrrliiu.
It is a standing pux./.le thai all blind
swimmers are able to bold an almost
perfectly straight course for very on
sldcnihlc distances , thouxb no more
guidance Is given lo them than some
species of call or whistle coming from
tlio winning goal. A blind man. in
fact , desiring to go In a straight line
possesses the curlolls power of heini ;
able lo do so almost exactly. A pro
vlnclal mayor Instituted a MTU- {
contests In an open lake between Mind
men and ordinary ones of about eiiial |
skill and strength , and the result \\a -
marvelous so far as the straight steer
Ing of the blind was concerned. Lon
don Chronicle' .
Modi * and Huttrrfllr > .
Butterllles are active in I lie day ainl
fold their wings together v\ hen ihe.v
settle. Their antcnnic cud in cluli *
The fore and hind wings never ImoU
together. Tim chrynalls is angular and
not Inclosed In a cocoon or Mlkcn ca-c
Moths , on the other hand , are usunllv
active in the dusk or at night and d
not fold their wings together on M-I
tllng. The feelers , are very various in
shape , but rarely clubbed. The for.
and bind wings are generally fasti ueo
together dining flight by n "hook mill
eye" amiiitfomont. The chrysalis I * n "
ungulnr and is Inclosed lu HOIUO sort ol'
CUSP or coeoou.
.ItMvi'lH on an Idol.
The jewels uf uu Indian idol must In-
worth itealilitif tnuuy of tuona rv
oiarkubly hidcoug Images powoss uch
valuable he id nrnnmcnt * as ono uiudc
for the Idol ParthaHatuy , In the TrlpU
cane tuc.i'l" ' at Madras. The oruaiucu
Is VMM III some IMi.oon rupees nnd IM
tniide of .MiMMvlun cold studded with
diamonds , emeralds nnd rubles , the hir
KCS | emerald belim valued at I.IHio rii
pees nnd die blu'uesl ruby and din
inond al 'tuo rupees apiece.
Grim Stnys Six Rounds ,
Philadelphia , Oct. l" > Hob Fllstnlni-
inoiis fulled to knock out .loo drltn In
the Rcheiluh'd RX | rounds. The plucky
Italian , who linn mot tunny gooil fliht-
oi'H nnd never been knocked out , wn. <
given HOMM-O punishment nnd win
knocked down probably n dozen limes ,
hut was on his fcot nt Iho end of the
Hold Dnnquel In Sewer.
Waterloo. In. , ( ) i t ir , The sixth
nnuiial mooting of the Iowa Loaguu
of MuillcipiilllloH henaii hero with 300
dolomites enrolled. Dry Hun sownr
wan used an a hnmpicl hall hut night ,
Iho Drnl lu Iho world to hi' used for
tlio purpose. Mayor .loncs of Toludo
was the principal speaker.
Inspector Stnrto with Stern.
Toronto , Oct. LY Unltod SlatiM
Pnnlolllco Inspector Mayor of Wash
ington left lor homo with Leopold .L
Stern \vho Is wanloii ( hero in connec
tion with the poslollli e f i and *
Special Reduced
Excursion Rales
tioin all points mi
Hi Wetern
. ' hi'lim :
To Ciilil'orniii. Orison , Washington
and other points MHO way second
class colonist tickolH at grnatly re
duced rnIos , uill ho sold dally until
November ' . ' , ( ) .
Snn Francisco , Cal. , American Bankers -
ors association --0110 first class lim
ited faro. Soil October 8-17 ; return
limit November : < u.
Detroit , Mich. ChrUtlnn church
national cojivontloii. Ono fare plmi
$ li.UO for the round trip on October
It to 17 , with final return limit leav
ing Detroit not later than October UK.
For Information an to rates , dates *
of sale , etc. , of those or other oc
casions , call upon the ticket ngoiit of
the North-Western lino.
II. C. Matrau. Agent.
"Quo Vadis' '
means , "Where
are you f'oine ? "
Ol cuiir-r this is none ofour
business , hut when it comes
lo going after < M , ( > THINi (
is our business.
Wti vvniil your trade on
high class wearing apparel
and we believe the stock
we carry entitleus to the
No whom in this corner of
tlm universe will you Hud
such an array of good
things for the artistic
Remember us for your
suit , , overcoat , hat , collar
or lie
3 < M Norfolk \\e.
Norfolk , Nebraska.
Block , Norfolk , Neb.
Visit * Battle Creek l- > cry Holiday.
liavo u lid of snaps for buyers
of farm luml or city
property ,