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    Defeats Shamrock in by One
Minute Nineteen Seconds.
Takes Lead at the Start and Is Never
Headed Rival Companies Interfere
With Marconi Wireless Service.
Storm Strikes Sandy Hook.
New York , Aug. 20. In a. glorious
whole eall breeze , over a triangular
courbo , toil miles to tha log , the Meet-
looted cup defender , the Uollnnco ,
ncaln allowed her heels to Sir Thomas
Llptou'a chnllenger , taking the second
race of the cup series of 1903 by the
narrow margin of ono minute nnd nineteen -
teen seconds. It was as pretty and
ns hard fought a contest as has over
been sailed off Sandy Hook , and had
the wind not fallen during the last ten
minutes , the record for the course ,
throe hours , twelve minutes and fif
teen seconds , made by the Columbia
two years ago in her memorable
race against the Shamrock II , would
have been broken. As It was , the Ho-
llanco sailed the thirty miles within
two minutes and thirty-nine seconds
of the record , which speaks wonders
for her speed in the wind that was
blowing , The Reliance's victory , nar
row as It was , would have oven boon
mailer had not Captain Wrlnge , the
flklpper of the British ship , bundled
the start , sending his craft over the
line nineteen seconds after the last
gun , and handicapping her to that
extent. At every point of sailing the
defender's superiority was tlemon-
etrated. She gained ono mlnuto and
.flfty-one seconds in windward work ,
forty seconds on the run to the second
mark , and forty-five seconds on the
close reach for homo.
Believe Cup Is Safe.
Based on the magnificent showing
eho has made in the two races already
Bailed , it Is the belief of many experts
that the cup Is safe and that it will
take something bettor than Fife's lat
est creation even to budge It.
An assemblage of excursion vessels ,
nltnost as large ns that of last Satur
day , poured down through the Nar
rows nnd out Into the broad Atlantic
to witness the vanishing glory of the
challenger. Just before the finish of
the race the wind died down , but Hell-
anco went across In nmplo time to win.
There followed the usual riot of
whlstlea , the clamor of bells , the exultant -
ultant shouts of patriota nnd the
booming of cannon. Shamrock was
about a mile astern and crossed four
minutes nnd forty seconds Inter to a
repetition of the riot which had wel
comed Hollnnco's victory. Then the
great observation fleet started at top
Bpeed , not waiting to follow the racers
! n. And it was well that it was so.
Before half the fleet had reached the
upper bay a green-gray squall out of
the northwest , raising a curtain of
epray as It came , struck the fleet ,
bringing jrrlof to many excursionists
nnd carrying a'.vay yacht and steamer
awnings and top hampers generally.
[ Had the equall found the racers and
tha fleet out on the ocean race course
the day might have chronicled a
ereat marine disaster.
Marconi System is Interrupted.
The experience of two years ago
aemonstrnted the uncertainty of all
wireless tulegraphy , but no ono was
prepared for the utter collapse of the
system. There were four competing
systems , three of which were most
active. The atmosphere above the tri
angular course was beaten into a
hopeless confusion , so that the Mar
coni system , with all its careful
preparation , was available but for a
elnglc message throughout the day.
It would not have been so exasperat
ing if the rival companies had been
honestly striving to send their own
bulletins , but much of the interfer
ence was obviously malicious.
Storm Strikes Sandy Hook.
A terrible northwest wind and elec
tric storm struck Sandy Hook shortly
after' a p. m , and the Shamrock III
and the Reliance and a fleet of half a
dozen fine yachts were In great dan
ger for a time. The yacht Eureka
breaking from her anchorage , was
blown violently " .gainst a coal scow
nnd carried the scow before It. It
eeemed for a tlmo that the two boats
Trould crash into the Shamrock III
which lay almost in the path of the
tale , not 100 yards away. Two steam
yachts , the Giralda nnd the Alllta , an
chored further In the horseshoe , were
torn from their anchorage and came
V Into bow and stern collision. The
bowsprit of ono crashed through the
Btorn of the other , and the two , thus
locked , drifted before the wind dan
gerously near the challenger. The tug
Cruiser saved them , pulling them apart
nnd away from the other boats. The
Reliance lay In a position more out of
Wright Is Designated for Governor
General of the Philippines ,
. Oyster Day , N. Y. , Aug. 20. Secretary -
tary Root , under date of AUK. 10 , pre
sented his resignation formally to the
president. The resignation was ac
cepted by the president , witn inc un
derstanding that Mr. Root contlnuo
ns secretary of war at least until J , n ,
1. Governor General Willlum H. Taft
of the Philippines will succeed Secre
tary Root as secretary of war.
President Roosevelt announced that
ho would appoint General Lulie IE.
Wright governor general of the Phil
ippines , to succeed Governor Taft
when the latter becomes secretary of
war. General Wright Is now vice gov
ernor general.
Mll1C V.AKfAV C " ,
Land Forces Guccc.sful'y ' Hold the
Fort nt Portland.
Portland. Mo. , Aup , lo.Tho ! attack
on 1'orlhiud by Admiral HnrUor'a com-
lilted North Atlantic Hoot liosnn
irompUy at midnight. Yossols from
.ho Hoot entered the harbor. At least
two landings were madu. At 2:25 : n.
in , n heavy cannomullng from the
ships and fortifications had been In
progress over two hours. Fort Problo ,
: ho acknowledged key to the defenses ,
WIIH surrounded by landing parties ,
who were fought buck by all the land
'orccs massed for the defense of that
point. A launch and cutter were cap-
Lured by the Port Problo forces.
Wlnfleld Daker Given Indeterminate
Sentence for Assault on Sheriff.
Danville , 111. , Aug. 2G. Wlnllold
Baker , formerly of the mountains of
Kentucky , was convicted In the cir
cuit court of assault to murder Sher
iff Whltlock. Ho was sentenced to a
term of from ono to fourteen yearn.
This IB the first conviction nnd trial
of a member of the mob that attacked
the Danvlllo Jail the latter part of
July , after having lynched the negro
James Motcalf , and burned his body.
The trial bf eight others accused of
bolng In the mob was begun.
Lynchbaum Captured at Indianapolis.
Indianapolis , Aug. 20. James Lynch
baum was captured here by Andrew
Young , acting sergeant of the Royal
Irish constabulary , and detectives. Ho
had been pursued from County Mayo ,
Ireland , across the sea nnd through
mnny'largo cities of the United States.
As soon ns extradited ho will bo taken
back for trial for attempting to mur
der Agnes McDonnell In County Mayo
In 1894. Ho escaped during his trial
last September , was recaptured and
again escaped. Extradition will bo op
Pursued by Armed Posse.
Marshalltown , la. , Aug. 2G. An
armed posse Is In pursuit of a man
who entered the homo of Laura Lnrl-
son , at Albion , nnd criminally assault
ed her. Miss Lnrlson , who Is forty
years old and lives alone , fought her
assailant for an hour , when she became -
came exhausted nnd the fiend accom
plished his purpose. Thp ofiloorfl be-
Hove they know who her assailant Is
nnd if he Is caught there may be an
attempt at lynching , ns the people of
Albion are greatly excited.
Krlegerbund Elects Officers.
Tcrre Haute , Ind. , Aug. 20. Del *
gates to the Krlcgorbuml of North
America encampment voted unani
mously In favor of consolidation of all
German societies in America com
posed of men who have served In the
German army. If the action of the
Krlegerbund Is Indorsed by other bodies
ies , It will mean a national society of
30,000 members. The election of offi
cers resulted as follows : President , ' I
William Vnch of St. Louis ; color bearer -
er , Wllhelm Yung of St. Louis ; secre-
tnry , M. Langeman of Cleveland ;
treasurer , Martin Gnss of Chicago.
Rich Gold Strike In Mexico.
Mexico City , Aug. 20. Rich gold
fields have been discovered about 100
miles west of the city of Oaxaca , and
twelve miles from the town of EJutla.
The ore found is said to assay up to
? 50,000 a ton and so great is the local
excitement that cavalry has gone to
guard the claims. The ledge is said to
be 150 feet wide.
Flag Raised on Iowa Building.
St. Louis , Aug. 20. Iowa's flag was
raised above that state's building at
the world's fair grounds by Miss Mln-
nlo Bronson of Iowa. Short addresses
were made by W. T. Shepherd , a mem
ber of Iowa's commission and chair
man of Its building committee , and
President Francis of the exposition.
French Steamer Given Up for Lost.
Marseilles , Aug. 20. The French
steamer Admiral Guoyon , of 3,110 tons ,
which sailed from here July 15 for
Saigon , by way of Colombo , Ceylon ,
which port she left Aug. 11 , has not
since been reported , and has been
given up for lost. There were fifty-
seven persons on the vessel.
Cereal Makes Favorable Progress In
Nebraska and Kansas.
Washington , Aug. 20. The weather
bureau's weekly summary of crop con
ditions follows : ! '
Portions of the south Atlantic states
experienced heavy rains , while the
Ohio valley , the greater part of Texas
nnd the Rocky mountain and Pacific
districts are suffering from drousht.
On the whole the corn crop has '
made favorable progress , especially j
over U.o central and western portions
of the corn belt , the most decided ad
vance bolng reported from Nebraska
and Kansas. In the upper Ohio val
ley corn is suffering seriously for ) In ,
which Is also ncedod In portions of
Illinois and Missouri , and much of the
crop In Iowa will suitor unless ram
falls soon. The reports Indicate that
early corn will bo safe from Irost by
Sopt. 15 to Oct. 1 and lave corn from
1 Oct. 1 to 15.
1 Considerable spring wheat lomalns
' to be cut In North Dakota , but har
vesting Is practically finished else
where in the spring wheat region. In
' southern Minnesota murh grain In
1 shock Is dump. In South Dal.ota , Ne
braska nnd Kansas the weather bus
j been highly favorable for threshing.
Files Mortgage for $5,000,000.
Guthrlo. Okla. . Aug. 20. The Fort
Smith and Western railway filed with
the territorial secretary a first mort-
i gage for f5.000.000 In favor of the
i Mercantile Trust company ot Now
Nominated for Supreme Bench
bv Acclamation.
Nebraska Democrats In Session nt Co.
lumbus Nominate the Snmo Ticket
Put Up by Populists at Grand Island.
Kansas City Platform Endorsed.
Columbus , Nob. , Aug. 2li. The Horn-
ocrntlo state amvontlou met nt 8:30 :
last night nnd placed In the Hold a
fusion tlckot. hoiidud by Judge John J.
Suillvan for associate Justloo of the
supreme court , nnd named \V. O.
Jones of Adatna county nnd 13. O.
Weber of Saunders county for regents
of the Btnto university. The conven
tion , soon after convening , was noti
fied that the Populist convention at
Grand Island had mimed those men on
tholr ticket , and the announcement
was received with wild enthusiasm.
Soon after the convention came to
order State Chairman Hall named
George L. Loomls as temporary chair
man. Mr. Loomls made a loiiRthy ad
dress , arraigning both the state and
national administrations , and predict
ing victory hi Nebraska this fall for
the fusion tlckot.
The temporary organization was
made permanent and Mayor Rood of
Kansas City. Matthew Wyvnll , a Cor
nell university student , guest of Mr.
Bryan , and Mr. IJrynu himself ad
dressed the convention. Following
these speeches Chairman Loomls an
nounced that nominations were In
order. The nomination of the ticket
took but n short tlmo , nil the candi
dates bolng named by acclamation.
The platform reaffirms the Kansas
City declarations , nnd opposes the pro-
poseil asset currency legislation by
congress .On state Issues It nrralgiiH
the present Republican administration
for extravagance In expenditures , for
failure to enforce the oil Inspection
laws of the state , and for permitting
corporations to dominate Its policy.
It also takes to task the last legisla
ture for Its railroad legislation nnd for
Us failure to pass laws to protect the
farmers of the state against the grain
Nominate Him Ahead of Action by
the Democrats.
Grand Island , Nub. , Aug. 20. W. R.
Weber , chairman of the Populist state
central committee , called the state
convention of Populists to order nt
7:30 : last night. Ex-Governor Poyntor
nominated Judge Parsons of North
PWtto for temporary chairman. Ho
was elected nnd later made permanent
presiding officer. Judge Parsons paid
a compliment to the Denver confer
ence nnd the convention proceeded to
the nomination of a ticket. Judge J. J.
Sullivan was unanimously ronomlnnt-
ed and W. O. Jones and E. O. Weber
were named for university regents.
The platform adopted reaffirms alle
giance to the principles of the People's
party , "as expressed In Its national
platforms , but recognizes that the elec
tion this year Involves no national
politics. It does , however , Involve the
right of the people to have the su
preme court of the state kept frco
from the control of evil Inllnnncos. "
It condemns the action of the Repub
lican state convention In its selection
of a candidate for supreme jirlgo ,
"selected months In advance by the
railroad lobby , " and protests against
the domination of corporate Interests
In the court which finally determines
the rights of the citizens to his life ,
liberty , property and the redress of his
wrongs , vrslng the ppoplo to "prevent
these selfish IntorMts trom subvert
ing our highest Judiciary. "
It also endorses the efforts toward
higher education and advocates the In
terests of the state university and the
agricultural department of that insti
Panic In Newark Theater.
Newark , N. J. , Aug. 20. During s
heavy thunder storm the lights in
Blaney's theater were suddenly extin
guished nnd the audience , composed
chiefly of women and children , became
panlc-strlckon and rushed for the fire
escapes , many of the women fainting
and being trampled upon. Florence
Kctrlgel , aged six years , fell from a
fire escape platform and was probably
fatally Injured.
Despondent Girl Is Dead ,
Bloomlngton , 111. , Aug. 20.Alien
Sample of this city killed herself by
firing two bullets Into her breast
Despondency over lov affairs Is re
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Ltixntivo Brome Quinine tablets
AU druguists refund the money if i
f ilstoouro I . W. Grove's nigiwtui
is ii oiich box. 2."c
Notice of Incorporation.
Notice is hereby KJruu that n corpora
tion boon orguni/-rt under and by
viriuof the laws of Nebraska , siiii
corporation to bo known us thu "K'k '
horn Valley Telephone Company"
whoM ) principal plnoo of business snail
lie nt the city of Norfolk , county of
MadiKnn , and stutn of Nt-bni'ka
Thu general nut are of the business to
bo t'lincactt'd by paid cnrpcnation , is
the erectini' , co struc'tliiR , nmintnhiint :
and operating tolnphomi sys'-oms and
oxobangCH , switches , toll linni and the
buying , selling and leaning of telephone
Hystems , switches , toll lines and appai-
The authorized capital stock of said
corporation is ( $100 000.00) ) ono hundred
thoapund ilollurB , divided into (1,000) ( ) one
thnnandtha-Q'i whosa pir value shall h1 *
( $100 00) ) one hundred dollars each , and
all stocks subscribed for shall 1x3 hsacd
nudiildfor | tMi . , ol thu liimul nf
ar ctoix , linn all nlul ( i HIU * i ll.ilun
tally iMiil up mill mm IIHM.-.KU > a ,
Tw nty five thiiiiHund ( lullurH ( $ „ > , > ,
lX)0Kot ) ( ) ) llin Hi > til.a.'i | > Hiil Htoi'lt ch.ul l > o
IHMIKI it'i pn fnrrou t-lnik , upoii which u
ilivlil ii'l ' of ton (10) ( ) pur com pir
ituiuitn , piiyulilu soiiil uniitmily Hlull bt <
puttl in llou of nil tui-tlur divuloiiiiH , or
niton nt in tun piolltH of the huMliU'Hn to
IKI comluuti'd.
The Haul profurrod Mnok shall bo u
Una linn ngaliiNt. nnd upon nil of the
prop rty and MHROti ot Hunt o fi | trillion ,
mid the dividends of minh protrrroil
10 I ; Mmll Ini l.i mldtlion a lion upon
ud uhnrgo against the not incoino
liuroof ,
Scvonty-fivo thousand dollars ( $75 ,
00 00) ) of mild capital stouk Hhall bo IH
uod us roinmon stock upon whtoli 'hern
hull bo iiuyablo un dividends all the
rollts oarnoil by tlin oorporutlnn ever
ml above the divldond of ton (10) ( ) nor
out. per annum as ulmvo doslgimtinl ,
pen the mild iiroferrod ntook
This corporal ! n t-liull beuiu buslnoHS
u the ICth day of July , HIOII , and oou-
Inuo f ir a n riod of twenty ( SO ) yours ,
vtth poworand right of r < < nowul.
The indohtodnotn of said corporation
hall not ut any time u.\o > Tl ( ono hulf
ho amount of Its piUd up o.ipltnl stock
The hiiHlnohS all'alrs of said corpora-
Ion shtill bo uoii'luotod ' by a Ixmnl of
Ivo ( fi ) dlrootors , who shall bn ihomm
iy tlio stockholders nt the annual ni"ot.-
nit of the corporation on the Tliinl
Wodnosdny in Doomnhur in HIM h year ,
ind who shall olcct as provided In the
irtiolofl of incorporation , a pr. ldoiit.
Ico-proi-idont , secretary and trtivumir.
Until ihnir suooessnrrt are oltotod and
inalilled the directors and olllcors of
his corporation shall bo us follows :
Directors O A Tjiiiknrf , Gee 1) )
lhri toph , 15 Duke Nnvon , P O. Dings
ind I. S Miihnu.
Officers K. Doko Nuvon , President ;
? eo. H Obristoph , Vici'-Presidi'iit ; I. S.
Mulmii , Suorotixry mid Treasurer
Oio : H Ointisroi'ii ,
G. A. LiriKAiiT ,
Incorpnrntors ,
Nothing so Wonderful in the
Days of Specialism.
Dr. Caldwcll.
The success ot JJr. ( Jnlilwtill is iitirili-
ited to her special hiu .y of spuoluliNin
) Uulilsuill , Miuluiit , ) > liiliintliroiiHt |
mil physioum of widu reputation , Imv-
ng given her entire liiuu and pruonco to
t line of hpuuml diM'iihus , which on
iblcs her from long rxporioncu in Imixll-
UK these trouble * to uurtuuily eume
cirwaid as u inustor spi-cmliM. Hoi
nullity for nmsturing discuso , liur
ilnlity to diagnose , and hur plan ot
ruatinunt iH not I'Xcollud by few ether
iliysiuiuiis. Dr ( J.ildwe.11 , although u
I'OUIIK woman in life , u plain woman ,
ind onu who in usuil to thu ups ami
towns in lit'o , puts herself on n love !
with ht rpiitiuntH and douH not proUnil
to practice thi ) old plan of fiiNhioii ,
winch is to look WHO and Hity nothing.
Sim knows disouso ; Hho knowH where to
look for diticiiHu , and the spot wliuru
lee , it tid , and moHt of all she knows from
experience , from whutHlio IIIIH done in
rliu pant , nht > oiui cortiunly do for others
in the future. It , is hii\ii \ by Dr. ( Juld-
well's fricuilH that , bho can diagnose a
fliHeaHO of any patient without unking
thpin a single ( ] iiuNtinn , Unit h"ing the
cine , Hho is not hlutly to doctor them
lor the wrong atlmunt ; HIU ! will no
take an iiiciinihlo diioiuo and lead tin
[ iiitiunt to Doliovo that Hho can CHIT
tht'in when there in really .no liopo for
them. Her basin * us i largo and sin
: UIH plenty to do , ovnn , at times , mori
than HIU ! can do , without taking incur-
iblo ( HnoiiHcH and duo iviiiK her pati ntK.
Dr. Oiihlwoll JH n griidnato from onit ot
the bi'Ht HuhoolH in America. Shu IIIIH
[ tract iced her profession in HOIIIO of the
principal hoHpltals in tliiH country
Her fipoi'ialty comprinnH that chins ol
diseases which the ordinary hnmo does
tor fails to euro , such a female disnitHOH
lii'iirt difieaFUR , discaHPS of children nnr
the many special disoiiHOH of hiddri
tiaturn. Her praotico i montly amoiifj
the plain , hard working pcnplo who nn
unable to como to her eity olllcn foi
treat niont ; KIO I'M roiiKniiablo in hoi
ohar OH and very lenient with thoR (
who are not able to pay. She is nhnrit' '
olile , nnd it is said lias never beci :
known to refuse to treat a patient whr
is worthy and in need A nnmbpr ol
thn important , nasos that wo Iiornbj
tnko the liberty to publish , whicl :
mik'lit bn of intercBt to some whii wisl
to know more of Dr. Caldwell's gn-ai
work :
Sophia Krau , Albion , Neb , cured ol
a bad flcin dlRnnno.
Mrs. Lnln Towslny , David 0 > ty , Neb.
onrrd of female trouble and femnli
Mrs O W. Killinn , Wakoflold , Nob.
cured of n tumor and liver and stomaol
Mrs , E A Studor , Wayne , Nob. ,
cured of female and norvouH trmlilns.
Mrs. O. Linn , Iloskins Nob. , onrod
of ovarian trouble and bladder trouble.
F J Rob , Albin , Nob. , cured of bion-
ohial trouble , oidnrged liver and dropsy
MM. Minnie llndat , O dnmbns , Nub ,
cured of ski/i dinoaso and kidney trouble
Mrs. W D. Burr , David City , Nob. ,
cured of pkin diicoHo , nervousness ami
los of appctito.
Mrs Ohsis Mu > r , W.iyno , Nob. ,
cured of dropscy , kidney and liver
troubles nnd nervousness. She had
boon tronbli'd for years.
Mrs O. W. And-irson , Norfolk , NH > . ,
cured of Koneriil debility , enlarged
liVitr Mid pun in cliRKt.
Mrs John Htunmn , Honton , Nd ) . ,
cnrc.d of bladder trouble nnd ooiibttpa-
Mrs S. P. Amiek , Ttkanmh , Neb.
cnrnd of tnuior , womb trouble , loss of
appntito and constipation.
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist.
Graduate Chicago V"torinary College.
Assistant State Veterinarian.
Ofllco : nrunson'fl Livery , South Third
Street. 'Phono 185.
In S. vS. H. Nattiie IIIIH provided a tonic united to
ovcty miuiicmcnt of thu system when in a debilitated ,
inn down condition. It coiilaiiin no hitting iniiienil.t or
hut irt a pluiimmt vegetablepiopiiintioii. . Ymi find no holler
remedy for tcmitijr up thonervi-s and lirinjjinjr ii-fiwiliinjr , u-stful .sleep when
in iUow Htato of health , or sick and \voin out with voile orvoiry. .
S. S. S. ililpiovort the I hiwo no liimliitnoy IiirncnimnnmllnK your H.ll.ll.
npjielitv , indrt the dini'S- " " lh" 'I'1' ' ' Hnrlnw tonio on the nmrknt. I imvn imnit
1 1i ill ritlil .einfo.ccs . the 11 it. i * _ . . .1 . . . * J * .I * . * ' * * f. . ' * * * 5. IO IB 1lltlOlIt ) ) *
, i'tiwiu u
the fust dose. It nets Onro " ' " . Hamilton ft. Go. , .
ptinptly in ( MiHcsof rhionio dy.spep.sin , indi e.-ilion and all filoimu-h troiihles.
and does away with tliLMineoinfoilahlu fullness , nausea , shottnu.ssof hiciith '
drowsinesd and iti//.iness that so often eonie after eating.
S 8. vS. is not only the best tonic lint possesses alterative or pniifyini'
propei ties , nnd if theie is any liiinl , lininor or poison in the blood it
seaiehes it out , and lemoves it. Many times a low stale of health is duo
to a bad condition of the blood and ean only be tentcdicd by a blood purifier
nnd tonic combined , or such a lemedy as S , S. VS.
If yon sulTer from debility , insomnia , nervousness , loss of appetite ,
bad digestion , or any of the symptoms of a disoideted blood , nothing will
so soon put your blood in jjood condition , invigorate and tone up the
eyatem us S , S. S.
H Our Seasonable Goods Inoludo
Lawn Mowers ,
Garden Hose ,
Garden Tools ,
Gasoline Stoves.
w Refrigerators ,
Ice Cream Freezers.
, ' KM
Tliiil.vo . uro cunslaiilly { fi-owiu ' in Ilio arl of
making lim > I'holos. ami our products will al
ways bo found to embrace Uio
and Newest Styles in Cards and l'ini.sli ( Wo also
carry a line line of Moldings suitable for all
kinds of framiii } , ' .
Conservative Management ,
Thorough Equipment ,
Commodious Rooms ,
Superior Instruction.
t Fxill Business Ccmrses.
l It will pay you to attend this School. Mo va-
I cations. Enter any time.
Address ,
C. H. BRAKE , Norfolk , Neb. ; ;
. .TRY THE. .
Daily News.lob Department
Arc n Positive Cure for Indigestion.
Constipation , Pcavcrs , Foul mid weak
Stomachs. A noted doctor of Chicago
stated that he believed n Mc. ) box ol
Slocum's Worm Cake would give
more relief than ? T > 0 worth of ordinary
doctor's fees. Price SOcls. by mall
ony- | R. v. SLOCUM
725 W. North Avenue , Chicago , III.
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Cannot < :
Push \
a Man <
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to any particular store. You
can win them by convincing
A convince-1 ? argument at
tractively displayed in the ad
vertising columns of this paper
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of buyers in this community.
Stains nml flnMics floors at
0' > or"tluni
Bo SWad Bo Oil ! Bo Vail
Ktmh nw > l.Ml | . ntid drlos over
night " > It cun tx > used
nuxt iimrnluK
Hate Piiie HOOFS look like Uvood ,
Wtethcr Fainted or not.
Ash us for DooUatom Treatment of Tloors.
Manufacture. ) by Detroit White Lead Works ,
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