The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, August 14, 1903, Page 12, Image 12

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    K NOHKOMv NKWS : KHIDAY , Al'llt'ST M , 1M3.
Under the IUAV owm-rMilp n
Complete No\v \ HeivU'o linn licen In-
stnllud. Hvi ry modem i-onvciilonco.
New Carpet. * ,
New Oecorntlon.s ,
New Purnltiiru.
G. H. VAIL , Manager.
HIM Just boon opnnud by Mr * .
JoHOpli Sohwart7 , at l)0 ! ) South
Fourth stroot. All sorts of
Fancy Embroidery Silks ,
Sofa Cushion Covers ,
Kto. , are for snlo. A
department , also , for
Kmhroidory IOHHOIIS glvon. MHR | Kiln
Sohumuuhur nsntfltH in this branch.
Brainard & Armstrong Silks ,
DINNERS , 25 cts.
( Sunday Included. )
Fry's Restaurant.
310 Norfolk Avenue.
Undertakers and Embalmors.
Soailoiii lllk , , Norfolk Avomio ,
The Harpist
"Will furnish muslo for dancing parties ,
private parties , etc. Address OJJ24 Nor
folk nvoiuio. ,
Ostcopathlc Physician.
DltaaiM both noutn and chronic uccns fnlly
trwitoJ without tuo of ilruita or knlfo.
Ofllco at rosUlonco , 100 North 10th Stroot.
Vhoue. No , ! J4 NORFOLK
Mrs , Sadie Hart Miller
Graduate of American School of Osteo
pathy , under founder of the noionoo.
Residence and ofllco , 307 Madison Avo.
Hours iroin ! ) a.m. to 4 p. m.
If you huvo a buggy or vehicle of any
kind get your tires reset on one of
Henderson's ' Tire Setting Machines !
It sets thorn cold. It does the work
in a few minutes timo. Ir keeps the
dish of wheels just right. It does the
work perfectly. It is a wonderful im
provement over the old method.
Norfolk , Neb.
Armory Hall
Second floor of the Oluoy
bnildiiiR , corner First Street
and Norfolk avenue.
This Hall with its splendid
floor , good light and easy approach
preach , is now available for
Dances , Socials , Fairs etc , etc ,
For terms and dates iuquiro
104 South Fourth Street ,
Mrs. Pollock of Om'aha is in the
city visiting her mother , Mrs. H
A. J. Lynch , a prominent real es
Sato dealer of Oakdale , was In the
city yesterday.
J. L. Hershelser and S. L. Gardnoi
nre planning on an extended trli
through Idaho.
Mrs. George Korb of West Point
will bo the gues-c of Mrs. M. A. Mc
Millan for a few days ,
E. II. Nettols of Euglowood , 111. , hr-
rld last'tni'iilng f r n visit with
bi-r mini. Mr f C. Illgon.
{ 'lirtrli'H ( InhliMUnA f ( Jreon Garden
Is it-newIIIK nniiiHliriHUrt' In NorfolK
He formerly worked In th l' ' lr Hlmv
HlH fnllinr In with him.
Mr. and Mr . ( lee ! * * * I ) , nilltcrllctd
and Mr. nnd Mr * . .1. N' . Huudlck drove
toVnuwi yt'ilni'duy to visit the llul
tcrllt'ld ranch.
\V. H. Vnnnihlou , AiiRiiftt Clalr nnd
\V. II. .Itilumon. old ni'ltlcTH from Nell -
ll h , wore In tin1 clly thin morning
m their way In Nlobnirn to atlund
he Noiiliimnt NobniHlm dUtrlet re-
Minn Com Wlgton left yoHterdny
or Lake Geneva , \Vln. , where nhe
glum nN a delegate from Uulluvuu col-
( < K < < to the National Young Wnman'H
'hrlHtlan iiHHoclatlnii conference ,
vhlch IH to hegln .Saturday and con-
Inue In HOHHOU | for ten ( lnvH.
Dr. A. Hear and family returned
oHlordny from an oViunded vltdt In
he old homo at Hlchmond , Va. MrH.
( ear and the children have boon ab
out a great part of the tminincr and
liw doctor Joined them a few weeks
luce. He attended the KlkH conven-
Ion iiV Hnltlinoro. "NVo had a do-
Ightful trlii. " Hald Dr. Hear today ,
'but are glad to get back to Norfolk. "
Dr. A. Mlttloatadt , dentist , IJhhop
dock. Telephone CO.
Standings as Recorded up Till
In Horse , Buggy and Harness
The vote at noon today was :
Miss huoy Shaffer , So. Norfolk , I ! ) . ' ! 13
Mrs. KlHlo Desmond , Norfolk. . 18,760
MI-H. C. II. Vail , the Oxniird . . . 1'IOG
Miss Maud Tiinnohlll , Warner-
.vlllc 1'I38
Jennie Avory.lla'ttlo Crook , G3
The 11. ( } . Is the only company thirt
ms made a Hummer or net corset In
he habit hip and straight front , rcg-
liar price , $1 , wo sell any Rlz , from
18 to 30 , for ( i ! c Heads In all tlio
ancy colors. Wo are showing nil
sizes and kinds for bolts , necklaces ,
chatelaines , etc. , with paftcnrs and
nstruc'tlons for making.
Mrs. J. Honson.
South Sixteenth Street ,
Omaha , Nob.
T. L. Curas was In Norfolk Satur-
Mike I'loiiKok wont to Omaha Tnos-
Clark Outrun was down from Tllden
George W. Losoy was a Norfolk
visitor Tuesday.
John Catron * of Tllden visited
'rlendH hero Wednesday.
A. H. Osborn shipped a. carload of
logs vo Omaha Tuesday.
.lohn Rogers and family left for
Fremont Monday for a visit.
.1. L. Hynoarson of Madison was
lore on county fair business Wednes-
Troy Halo of Loup City was visit
ing relatives hero the llrst of the
Stuart Pierce had his right hand
badly smashed while loading ties on
the section.
Uudy Hlntt , the soda water man of
Norfolk , was hero on business
Ofio H. Maas wont to his ranch
near Inman Saturday and returned
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph niolch was christened In the
Lutheran church Sunday.
Miss Evelyn Kayl of Norfolk vis
ited hero from Friday un'ill Sunday
at the homo of Herman Eucker.
Frank Massmnn leaves Friday for
Orange , Gal. , for a 'two months' visit
with his friend , Glaus Ncuwerk.
Mrs. H , Langhoop and children ol
Fremont are visiting with her par
ents , "Mr. and Mrs. M. Warnke.
Fred Koettor and his sister , Miss
Lizzie , of St. Charles , Mo. , are vis
iting their brother , Charles Koottor.
H. S. Overcracker of Norfolk comes
hero every Tuesday and Wcdnesda >
to repair watches In the Morris drug
P. F. Zimmerman has gone Into the
lightning rod business and has placed
a nice sample on his residence in
Highland Park.
County Clerk Emll Winter of Mad
Ison and Monroe Smith of Norfoll
were the guests of George W. Lose >
Anton Krlvanok , who has been suf
ferlng with throat trouble for abou1
six months , was taken to St. Joseph's
hospital , at Omaha Saturday. Mrs
Krlvanek accompanied him.
Chas. Martin arrived Sunday fron
Pierce City , Idaho , where ho has beei
engaged In the newspaper 'business
and will make his home hero wltl
his brothers , F. E. and J. R. Martin
for a short time.
Special Summer Tourist Rates.
To points In Wisconsin and on Lake
Superior on the C. , St. P. , M. & O
railway one faro plus ? 2. Tickets on
sale Juno 1 to Sept. 30 , good to retun
October 31. For full particulars applj
If you want to know how nbou
Mag , ask ox-Sheriff George W. Losoy
Mag Is to bo given away by The News
on October 1C to the lady receiving
the highest vote , and Mr. Losoy is
the man who picked her out as the
best bit of horse flesh in the county
for all round driving.
Fanners Around Norfolk Have
Been Victims.
S. A. Shlclclo , Claiming to Represent
the "New York Hospital Co. , " of
St. Joseph , Had Grafted Many
Promissory Notes When Exposed.
A smooth medlclno fakn operating
n Ihnlclnlty of Norfolk during the
mtU few wenks , and by means of
vlilcli a largo number of farmers had
ilready boon "taken In" for amounts
anglug between $10 and $100 ! apiece ,
vas nipped Just In time yesterday
uornlng to save a successful comple-
Ion of the grnlV The game was un-
arthed at the Citizens National bank ,
uid the fakir. S. A. Shields , together
vlth two assistants , left the civy on
he noon train. Just before his do-
mrturo , Shields surrendered a note
; lven him by one of the prominent
armors north of Norfolk for $19f > .
Shields and his gang claimed to
represent Vhe "Now York Hospital
company , " of St. Joseph , Mo. , a lie-
Itlous ilrm. They took orders for a
series of home treatments , promised
o ship the medicine and received
lotes In payment. They were clever
alkers , swell dressers and persuasive
to a degree. The game worked nd-
nlrably well and not a few of , the
evol headed farmers approached , fell
n''o the trap and signed their names
.o promissory notes for heavy
unounts. It was through the extra-
military large amount secured from
> uo well-to-do bank patron , that the
Citizens National people accidentally
llscovorod Vbo game.
Shields had gone into the country
md persuaded a farmer of means
lint ho would doubtless die If ho
failed to take medicine put up by the
Now York Hospital company. The
farmer gave a note for $195 and ac
companied Shields to the bank to give
insurance that everything was
straight. The bankers called the
'armor Into the rear room and asked
ilm If he was perfectly sure ho knew
what ho was about. When they re
turned , Shields was rather angry nt
lie Interruption of his affairs.
"We've decided , " said Assistant
Cashier Pasowalk , "that we'd like to
telegraph St. Joseph and llnd out
tha't your Ilrm Is all right. " Shields
was apparently satisfied with this ,
and agreed to pay the bill. Then ho
.eft . the bank and took a noon train
for Battle Creek.
Meanwhile 'chc bank had wired an
Inquiry to the hospital and Incident
ally to the Tootle-Lemon bank , asking
as to the firm. Within forty minutes
a reply came from the bank seating
that there was no such hospital com
pany. Late in the afternoon a mes
sage came from "Tho New York Hos
pital company , " stating that S. A.
Shields was 'choir authorized repre
sentative. Something was evidently
The next morning Shields returned.
"Did you hear from the message ? "
lie asked.
"Yes , " replied the banker , "we did. "
And a smile of satisfaction appeared
upon the Impostor's face , as he drew
his noves out to bo cashed.
"Wo heard from St. Joseph , and
we'll bo unable to do business with
you , " the banker continued. Shields
demanded an explanation , with a
brazen bluff , and the two telegrams
were produced.
Gives up the Game.
With proof positive that his game
was up , the medicine man gave In
completely. "I'm all In , " ho admitted ,
"you're too many for me. " Ho ad
mitted that ho had gone to Battle
Creek and wired to a friend , Instruct
ing him to answer In the name of the
( Inn. "I've learned something , " he
said , "and the nexv fellow won't catch
me that way. "Well , " he went on.
"It's just a game that we're all playIng -
Ing at. and this time you've beat me
at It/
Diamond His Salvation.
Then the bank demanded the note
to pevent its sale elsewhere , and
Shields reluctantly gave It up. With
all of his prospects gone the grafter
was In a tight place , for ho needed
money to get out of town. Ho claimed
that he had a deposit In St. Joseph
and a message upheld his statement
but there was no one to Identify him
and he was playing in hard lines
again. A huge diamond ring whicl
ho wore , was Shields' final salvation
It was a mammoth stone , ueautlfullj
cut , and proved to bo a perfect one
Glancing at this , Mr. Pasowalk offeree
to take It as a forfeit on a check
An Intsant later the ring had changet
hands and Shields was enabled to llq
uldato at his hotel.
The stone Is valued at $110 and lb
to be returned to Shields when he
returns the $75 vhat went on the
He and his two confederates lef
yesterday at noon for greener fields
A New Book Descriptive of Omaha Is
ued by the North-Western Line.
One of the most attractive rallroac
publications that has been seen ii
quite a whllo is the booklet descriptive
ivo of Omaha , Council Bluffs am
South Omoha , now being distributee
by the passenger department of the
Chicago and North-Wostorn Ry. It
Is n very Interesting publication , glv
Ing a mass of Information as to the his-
torlcal , civic and commercial growth
of the cities-named , nil gotten up in
xcellent tiiHto , handsomely lllns-
rated and bound In an attractive
eve .
The North-Wontorn Line Is to bo
ontplliuontod on the spirit ovldonrnd
n producliiK thin publication , which
t is to bo hoped will bo of much vnltio
o thoNu cltlon to whoso Intercut the
Itllo volume IB devoted.
A copy of the book may bo secured
in receipt of 2-cout stamp ont to II.
C. Cheyney , General Agent , 1101 Far-
lam St. , Omaha.
For sale Two second hand Nor-
oik furnaces will bo sold cheap. Ap-
ily at The News ofllco.
Where the Thirty New Gas Lamps ,
Divided Into Wards , Have
Been Etsabllshed.
Tlio locution of gat * lampn for the
city IH hereby given In wnrdn. YUH-
crday'H report omitted the lumps on
Norfolk avenue.
Second Ward.
Corner Sixth street and I'aHowallc
Corner Fifth Btrce'c and Madtaon
Corner of Fifth ntreot and Phillip
Corner Fifth street and Park av
On Fifthat Christ Lutheran church.
Corner Fourth and Madison avonuv.
Corner Fourth street and Phillip
On Fourth street , between Park
and Pasowalk nvunuoH.
Corner Fourth street and Bluff
Corner Third street and Pasowalk
Corner Third street and Grove
Third Ward.
Norfolk avenue and Fourteenth
Norfolk avenue and Thirteenth
Norfolk avenge and Eleventh
Koenlgslcln aVCnue and Thirteenth
Koenlgsteln avenue and Eighth
Madison avenue and Ninth street.
Phillip avenue and Tenth street.
Hayes avenue and Eighth street.
Taylor avenue and Ninth street.
Park avenue and Seventh street.
MadlHon avenue and Twelfth street.
Fourth Ward.
First avenue and Cleveland street.
Second avenue and Madison street.
Second avenue and Main street.
Third avenue and Cleveland street.
Third avenue and Madison street.
Prairie avenue and Madison street.
Michigan avenue and Cleveland
The copy of the following poem by
W. D. Howells has been In the pos
session of .T. E. Simpson of this city
for many years. He has not seen It
published since and deems it worthy
of reproduction. It was somewhat
mutilated In the long keeplnc. and
perhaps the lines and rhymees are
not absolutely accurate , bu't the sen
timent is there :
I was not nskod If Ishouldliko to come.
I nave not seen my host hero since
I came ,
Or luul a. word of welcome 'In his
Some sny that wo shall never sec him.
and oine
That we Hhull see him elsewhere , and
then know
Why we were bid. How long I am
to stay
I have not the least notion. None ,
they say.
Was ever told when ho should come
or RO ;
But every now and then there bursts
forth on
The soiiff nnd mirth. n. lamentation.
A sound of shrieks and sobs , that
make our joys
Dumb in our breasts ; and then , ome
one Is Kone.
They suy we'll meet him. None knows
whore or when ,
We know we shall not moot him here
W. D.
On the front page of this paper ,
under the extra black lines , will be
found today's late telegraphic matter
Special Reduced
Excursion Rates
"Will bo in effect from all points on
the Chicago & North-Western railway
for the occasions named below :
NIobrara , Nebraska , Northeast Ne
braska District G. A. R. Reunion ,
August 10-1-1. Rate , one fare.
International Mining Congress ,
Deadwood , S. D. , September 7 to 11.
Sovereign Grand Lodge , I. O. O. F. ,
Baltimore , Md. , September 21 to 20.
For information ni to rates , dates
of sale , etc. , of those or other oc
casions , call upon the ticket agent of
the North-Westorn line.
H. C. Matrau , Agent.
Tripplc Circus , Elevated Stacjcs , Roman Hippo
drome , Free Horse Exibil and Deep
Sea Aquarium.
A ( li aiitir I'ndorlakinj , ' , head and shoulders above out1
so-full od rivals.
A multitude of Riders , Leapers , Aerialists , Aeronauts ,
Gymnasts , Charioteers and everything pertaining to the circus
world. Uig Double iMonugerio of the brute creation. Herd
of big Klephanls.
Uollmar Bros. ' S20.0UU Feature the Only
.n . captivity ; a savage , blood sweating terror of the KiverNile ;
jhe weird nian-slaying monster ; the only one in the known
world on exhibition ; afternoon and evening in Oollmar Bros. '
millionaire menagerie.
5 bands of music. 3 circus rings. Elevated stages. 500 men and
women employed. 300 horses and ponies.
Every Morning at 10 O'clock a Grand Colossal
A Mammoth Free Street Show.
Two Performances Daily. Afternoon and Evening.
Doors Open at 1 and 7 o'clock.
COAL ! o
Sweetwater Rock Spring.
Scranton Hard Coal ,
'PHONE 61.
Get What You Ask for at. . .
ALL. ORDERS are Filled Promptly and with Care. Our
goods are FIRST-CLASS in every particular. We know pre
cisely what is wanted by our customers.
We Aim to Give You the Best Value for Your Money ,
olde flaln St. , between 2d and 3d. Telephone No. 41. 4
> ® & & ® &S& § > & & § > &SG > < & < S > < 3 >
Colorado pos- sesses some of
the finest fish- > "B nui lmut-
grounds on earth , the
dense forests / beinK the nat'
ural covert for elk , deer , and
other game. Its myriads of streams teeui
with mountain trout ; its lakes , while
also f nil of attractions for the angler ,
are also the haunt of millions
of gesse , ducks , and
other wild fowls.
Splendid Train Service to Colorado
Accommodations provided for all
classes of passengers.
During the summer.
Full Information mrvy bo nhtnlnoil by mlilros
J. B. ELSEFPER , Agent.