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    o THE NORFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , JULY 17,1003 , Y
Norfolk Play House Purchased
by A , J , Dunlcvy.
Ttlclcn Mnn Uoupht ; the Thontro From
Mr , Bonll Yoatenlny nnd Will bo
Here Tomorrow to Tnko Inventory.
Plnys Will bo Qood.
The Norfolk Auditorium has boon
pnrohnKod from A. H. Hcall by A. J.
Uunlovy of Tlldnn , and the now proprietor -
priotor will take Immodlato pOHBOHnlon ,
The deal wnfl completed yesterday at
Tildon. Mr. Uunlovy will bo in the
city tomorrow to look over his newly
acquired property ami take an In
ventory ,
In thn transfer of Norfolk'n theatre
from Mr. lU-all to Mr. Uunlovy , the
city will bo bonoflttod. Mr. Dnnlnvy Is
H man who will without a doubt pro
vide Unit olnM at tract lonn for his IIOIIHO
nnd the ratcH to Norfolk poopln who do-
Hirothouno of tlio bnil ling will prob-
nbly not bo out of roach. The house
WIIB built ever three yonrn ago and was
purchased by Mr. Honll last year.
B. Meyers has returned from Sioux
Mr . A. L. Diinltivy IB in the city to
day from Tildon.
Mrs. M. D. Tyler and non Kenneth
hnvo returned from a visit In Onmha.
Ohiw. Fonsko of Battle Crook was
transacting business in Norfolk today.
MrH. H. L. Whltnoy and daughter
Boinioo are guests of Jmlgo and Mrs.
0. L. Robertson of Foroston , 111. , IB in
the city for a visit with his brother , W.
M. Robertson.
Mrs. William Loavltt in visit ing at
the homo of her won , Rov. F. W.
Loavitt , in Went Point.
Mrs. Quo. Spear and baby daughter
loft yesterday for Olarks , Neb , , for an
extended visit .vith her parents.
Mr. and Mr . Charles Leonard of
Farmer , N. Y. , are expected in the city
tonight to visit Mr. Leonard's brother ,
Asa 1C.
Walter P. Powell , formerly of this
city but now of AHhland , Oregon , was
inarritMl in that city on July 4th to
MrH. Boyd.
The old front has boon taken out of
Bill Borner's place and the work is
under way of replacing it with a
modern plato glass front.
A game of baseball will bo played in
the park north of the city tomorrow
afternoon between a club from South
Norfolk aud ono of up town.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dover , who live
near Madison , Jmvo boon visiting at thu
homo of thnlr daughter , Mrs. R. M
Upton , 1103 Madison avonuo.
Work on the foundation of I. M.
Maoy'H new brick block is under way
and umkos'a showing on South Fourth
street north of the government build
L. M. O.iylord has moved his olllco
two doors south on Fourth street , where
ho will maintain it. until his regular
olYlcfl is thoroughly overhauled and re
S. E Ilowins and wife , formerly of
Norfolk but who have boon lately living
in Kentucky , ivro in the city visiting
friends and looking after property in
President Khrhcrdt , of the Congress
Construction company , loft ot noon to
day for Now Orleans , where ho goes to
Btart construction on a now government
Messrs. Barnes and Williams of Ainu-
worth , are in the city this morning in
thu interest of the normal school loca
tion. They mot with good encourage
ment throughout Boyd county.
Mips Edith Morrow , who Is visiting
in Sodro Wooloy , Wash. , has been offered
fored two excellent positions iu schools
there aud will accept ouo of them. She
will not roturu to Norfolk until Juno ,
11)0-1. )
Ij Mr. and Mrs. McDaniols of Texas are
| | guests at the homo of Dr. aud Mrs. O.
j S. Parker. Mrs. MoDnuiels is a cousin
! . " of Mrs. Parker. Dr. and Mrs. Parker
jjavo a family dinner on the lawn lost
evening iu honor of their guests.
Now that the firemen's tournament la
approaching , thn weeds ever the city
should bo-cut and the streets put into
the best possible condition. Many
thousands of people are expected for the
.racing , and Norfolk should put up hoi
best front ,
R. M. Upton has just returned from
Atkinson , where ho went ou the big
laud excursion. Sixty persons wont
from Norfolk nud Fremont , together.
Eighteen of them were from Norfolk.
Laud is soiling fast nud mnuy people
tire crowding into the place.
George Wantliu returned yesterday
from Wisconsin , where ho has been
for the post three mouths in company
with a number of other Northwestern
train men sent up to help out during
the rush there. They are returning to
resume their regular work with the
Northwestern during the rush of stock
nnd grain shipping season which will
soon open.
Trees Have Become Troublesome In
Region of Pumping Station.
[ From Wednesday's Daily , ]
In order to overcome the Interference
of growing trees in the drawing of the
chimney , workmen are now busily en
gaged upon the mammoth brick siuoko
Btnck nt the city pumping station , extending -
tending the tower some twenty feet
hlghor Into the nlr than It him ever boon
before. For BOIIIO time the immense
trees nt the Matlou have been growing
around thu plant nnd ( hey hnvo become
HO thlek and tall of Into that the breezes
which ought to piny down the duo nud
keep tin ) fires going , stop on the out
skirts nnd rent among the branches ,
A largo scaffold him boon thrown up
about tlio stack nnd the workmen just
uow nn tearing elf nbout eight foot of
the structure to remove nil old crack ,
Thou It will Ira built up , again , twenty
fret hlghor than originally. Fireman
Grnul , who runs the works , has complained -
plained frequently of the condition ,
lie him been nblo to keep ono pump goIng -
Ing only by using both big boilers nud
ho IH glad of the relief.
[ From Wednesday's Dnlly.J
Infant Child.
A U-days-old babe of Mr. nnd MrH. G.
.ToiiHon , of IIoskhiH , died nt that place.
Minnie Gall.
The funeral of Minnlo Gall , the 10-
months-ild child of Mr. nud Mrfl. Her
man Gall , was hold this nftoruoon
from thu homo south of thu city.
Nlocoof Rov. J.C. S. Wcills.
Rov. . ) . 0. S. Wellls locoivod n tele
gram last evening announcing the sud
den death of his llttlo niece , Kathryue
Duoll , nt Bolso , Idaho , nud the Boriouw
condition of n nephew. Quick diphthe
ria wns the cause. Mr. Duoll IB nn
Episcopalian clergyman nnd IB nt pros-
out iu Chicago , while the household
goods of the family wore packed ready
to move Into Chicago. Miss Marjorie
Wollls of this city , is visiting with Mrs.
Duoll now. Mrs. Daoll will bo remem
bered ns having visited In Norfolk.
A message from Mr. Daoll In Omaha
this morning announces that ho is on
route homo from Chicago aud that ho
will bring the remains of his llttlo
daughter back east for burial.
Woills Duoll.
A message late this afternoon an-
nouuoos that Woills Duoll , the llttlo
boy , is also dead.
Very Inexpensive , It is as Good as
Asphalt or Bettor.
Mayor Hn/.au has received n circular
concerning n now nnd improved system
of paving which is nt the same time
comparatively inexpensive. It is used
in the consular reports of the govern
ment of Ontario aud the paving material
IB known as tar-macadam. It is being
used very extensively In that section of
the country , nud is replacing many
other materials.
The tar-uiacndam is said to have two
advantages ever either asphalt or vltri-
Uod brick : the cost IB from ouo third
to one-half that of asphalt and it Ismoro
enduring than either. It is as noiseless
as asphalt , easier ou horses and almost
dustk'83. The paving for Norfolk avo-
uuo would bo paid for in ton yea s , and
the strain would bo unnoticed by prop
erty ewers , while the values would bo
greatly Increased.
They Are Holding n Conference in
Norfolk This Wook.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
A conference of Gorman Lutheran
ministers from all ever northeast Ne
braska is being held iu Norfolk and will
close tomorrow. Among those present
are : H. Hilport , Wisuor ; Gntkutcot ,
Wayne ; IIofluB , Fierce ; Holstoiu , Mar-
tinsburg ; John , B.v/.ilo Mills ; E. Just ,
Ainsworth ; F. KorBtor ; Morz , Plain-
view ; Matuschka , Randolph ; A. . Ollon-
burg , Bloouifiold ; Schallor , Altona ; H.
Suhulz , Houiugford ; F. G. Wiugos ,
Concord. Oaudidates , who graduated
this year , are : Messrs. Batz , Bolosou ,
Baumgarteuor ; nnd Robert of Norfolk.
Last night n comuinulou service was
hold In Christ Lutheran church. Rev.
A. Morz of Plainview , preached the
sermon. Confession service was hold
today at which Rev. J. Holstein
To whom it may concern and particu
larly to Oriu J. Showes.
Bo It known , that L. E. Dnrlaud hav
ing on the-Ith day of November , 1901 ,
purchased at public sale at the treas
urer's office iu Madison county , state of
Nebraska , of the then treasurer of said
county , for the delinquent taxes of 1900 ,
the following described property , taxed
for eaid year in the uaiuo of J. Showes ,
to-wit : North cast quarter lot G ,
Pascwalks addition to the city of Norfolk -
folk in Madison county , Nebraska , the
said purchase being evidenced by cer-
tmento ot tax ealo No. f > OG and the
taxes on said laud for the years 1001 and
1902 having been paid by the under'
signed ou said certificate.
Therefore notice is hereby given as
required by law , that the time of the
redemption of paid real estate for said
tax sale will expire ou the Gth clay of
November , 190Ii , and that immediately
thereafter , the said L E. Durlaiid will
apply to the treasurer of said county for
a deed to the above described property.
Dated this first day of July , 1903.
Owuer of certificate.
By Mapes & Hazen , her attorney.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
nt the postofflco nt Norfolk , Nob. , July
14 , 1903.
T. P. Callaghan , Miss Maude Davis
8 , Mrs. Mary E. Former , Mrs. EvaM.
Gnut , Miss Kittle Lyons , Mr. John Me-
Govern , Mr. Thos. McGoven , Frank
Nerbnner , Mr. Ray Rash , Frank Simms ,
H. A. Smith , MM. Elta Wilson , Earnest
White , Mr. Homer Wilson , Mr. H. L.
Wlkhnm , J. Van Ness.
If not called for In fifteen days will bo
Bent to the dend letter office.
Pnrties calling for any of the above
please say advertised.
Tramp Who Stole Razors
Couldn't Stay Away.
HnvlriR Mndo HisQot-Awny the Night
Doforo , Roy O. Blanch , Falls Into
His Own Arrest Had Stolen From
Two Norfolk Stores.
[ From Batuulny'a Dally , ]
After ho had cut Norfolk for fair with
thu bunch of razors that ho had stolen
from the hardwarostora of John Friday ,
aud after ho had mudo n clean get-away
from the police , who searched for him
in vain all of the night buforo , Roy O ,
Blanch , a tramp.'priutor and shop lifter ,
walked back liito the city at 8 o'clock
last night , just because he couldn't stay
away , nnd fell Into the arms of the
Where ho had been or whether ho
had really boon outside of the city
limits at all , is not known * . Regardless
of his hiding plaoo , however , the follow
inada a mistake when ho tried to pass
Officer Pilgor last evening.
When ho was taken to the police
station , the tramp was found to carry
In every pocket some Bert of article that
must have boon stolen. Ho had n largo
variety of oyeghusos which ho hud
taken from the pharmacy of G. B.
Christoph , n bunch of poker chips thnt
had boon much used and n hypodermic
syringe with which his arm had boon
pricked into n porous lump thnt looks
like a shredded wheat biscuit.
The prisoner was taken before Justice
Elsoloy this morning , pleaded guilty to
the charge of petit larceny and was
given thirty dnys iu the county jail.
Ho was taken to Madison this afternoon
by Chief Knno.
Blanch stole razors and cutlery from
the hnrwaro establishment and various
articles from the drug store , afterward
selling thorn about town. Ho was lo
cated Thursday and evaded arrest.
The shop lifter is a morphine fiend of
the worst typo. The uilnuto ho wns
lauded behind the bars of his cage ,
ho began to beg for morphine. This
morning in court ho threatened , when
ho was sentenced , that ho "would go
cra/.y" If they locked him up. Ho was
looked up just the same but had to bo
given nn injection of his drug before
very long. Little , thiu aud hollow eyed ,
the morphine fiend looks like n klepto
maniac of the roughest kind , and the
police are happy ever the catch.
0. H. Reynolds is In Omaha today.
Manager J. N. Bundiok of the sugar
factory loft for Omaha nt noon.
A. H. Winder is west today ou busi-
J. W. Humphrey returned yesterday
from Hot Springs , S. D.
William Stewart of Omaha is spend-
a few days with Ralph Birohard.
Miss Jounio McGorinick loft this
morning for a week's visit in Omaha.
There will bo a mooting of Damascus
chapter , No. 25 , R. A. M. at 8 o'clock
Mrs. 0. II. Vail , of the Oxnard ,
visited over Sunday with friends in
Tildon. .
Mr. and Mrs. D. Rees are enjoying a
vibit from their nephew , W. A. Hall of
Miss Faio Buruham of Tildou wns iu
the city today , onrouto homo from
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bnrtou of IOWR ,
nre vititiug their daughter , Mrs. George
B. Ohristoph.
Mrs. A. J. Durland roturued last
evening from n vibit with Mrs. T. F.
Meuimiuger , nt Madison.
W. I. MoFnrlaud of Stanton , clerk of
the district court , visited S , R. MoFar-
laud iu this city Saturday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. S Scott nrrlved last
night from Stanton. Mr. Scott is in
the uow Boston Shoo storo.
Mrs. II. E. Owen has returned from
Holdeu , Kansas , where she has bceu
visiting with her husband.
Miss Frances Davenport returned
from a visit with her sister , Mrs. A.
Pilgor at Madison , last night.
The largo scale at tho. coal office of
H. E. Hardy is being raised n foot to
day , on account of the water beneath it.
W. H. Bncholz nnd Dr. A. Bear will
leave shortly for Baltimore , where they
go to attend the uatloual convention of
Misses Ruth and Dora Birchard re
turned Saturday evening from a visit at
\Vnyno with their auut , Mrs. J. G.
Miss Helen Maylard returned Satur
day evening from a ten days' visit in
Sioux City with her aunt , Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. McDonald and
children of Pieroo visited yesterday
with Mrs. McDonalds sister , Mrs. II. L.
Miss Terry , who 1ms had the position
of trimmer at Inskeep's millinery store
during the season , has returned to her
home in Omaha.
F. W. Wright , with the Scranton
schools , was In the oity yesterday with
his bride. He wont to Tokamah last
week nnd wns married.
The ladies missiouery society of the
Congregational church will meet with
Mrs. Osborue tomorrow afternoon , start
ing from the church at 2 :15. :
Three candidates were voted into the
Elks Saturday night. They are : M.
C. Von Rhoden , of Orelghton ; L. R.
Pheasant aud H , B. Skeen , of Pierce.
0. E. Bnrnham is in the city today
from Tildon. Ho has just returned
" " " " " " - P B „ „ „
from Lincoln , where MM. Bnrnhnm is
qulto. Hlio expects to como homo Aug-
UHt 1.
A oouipiiuy of fifty persons enjoyed n
plonio enppor on the luwti of Judge and
Mrfl. I. Powers Saturday evening. The
clear moonlit night added beauty nud
pleasure to the fuu ,
For three days next week there will
ho Homothlug more than usual doing iu
Norfolk. Thou the dromon from nil
parts of the ntnto will be here to help
uinlto things interesting.
The two honvy showers wlitoh fell
yuBtorduy morning hnvo qulto elf ot-
ivoly cooled oil the air. They rounded
out n week of early morning sprinkling
that has mndo things comfortable in the
The S. S. S. club , nn organization of
Bweot sixteen femininity , hold initiation
Saturday night at the homo of Mlsa Era
Oarpontor , Twelfth and Phillip avonuo.
Miss Oora Luiltart and Miss Opal Mad-
Ben were the initiates.
Glare Blahel/loft this morning for
Omaha , after a week's visit at the
home of Ills parents , Mr , and Mrs , O ,
A. Blnkely in this city. Mr. Blukoly is
now with the Postal Telegraph com
pany in Omaha , us operator. Ho has
an excellent position.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schooniokor ,
who have boon visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Weatherby , re
turned to their home in Omaha yestor-
day. They were accompanied homo by
Mrs. Sohooumkor's mother , Mrs. War-
rick , who will remain for a visit.
II. 0. Pershlng has purchased and
will hereafter edit the Madison County
Reporter at Newman Grove. Ho started
iu by getting a pointer from the editor
of the Albion Argus it was his daugh
ter , Miss Irene Poynter. They were
married Wednesday of last week.
Harry Rombo , who has boon suffering
for weeks with a very severely nifeoted
knoo.wlll bo token to Omaha tomorrow
for treatment. He will be accompanied
by liis father , L. L. Rembe , and Dr. P.
H. Saltor. Every effort will bo made
to save the limb. It was injured four
years ago by the falling of a horse upon
Foreman Thomas , of the state hos
pital grounds iu this city , Bays that BO
far as ho knows , nothing at all has yet
been done toward the reconstruction
movement. Immediate action was prom
ised over a week ago by a Lincoln of
ficial , and the people had almost begun
to believe in the sign. Just now they
are holding their breath and waiting.
The wedding of Ilov. Herman Spier-
ing and Miss Louise Loeschor was cele
brated at the Christ Lutheran church
last evening at 7:110 : o'clock. The bridal
party will make tnoir homo in Camp
bell , 111. , where Mr. Spioriug has charge
of a German Lutheran church. The
church was beautifully' decorated for
the nuptial ceremony and a happy feast
Rev. J. F. Poucher left the city to
day for a two weeks trip. He will
first stop at the international Epworth
League convention in Detroit , will
later visit Louisville , Ky. , and finish
with n few days at the homo of his
father iu New Albany , Ind. During
his stop in Louisville Mr. Poncher will
call upon Mrs. Rtco Hegnu , author of
"Mrs. Wugs of the Cabbage Patch , "
and of "Livey Mary. " Mr. Pouoher
has n letter of introduction to her.
Examinations in This City For The
Appointment , August G and 7.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
Congressman J. J. McCarthy an
nounces an examination for the appoint
ment of a cadet to the U. S. military
academy at West Point , which will be
held iu this city August 0 and 7 , be
ginning at 11 ft. m. August 0. The ex
amination will bo iu the Pacific hotel
Candidates must be of good rnora
character , possessing sound physica
health , unmarried , bona fide residents
of the Third district and between the
ages of 17 and S2.
All of the common branches will be
covered iu the examination. Fo
further information a letter should be
addressed to J. J. McCarthy , M. O
Pouca , Neb.
Kathrine and Wcills Dcuel.
[ From Thursday's Dally ]
Rev. J. 0. S. Weills received from a
Boise newspaper a telegram this morn
ing stating that his daughter , Mrs
Donol , with the remains of her two lit
tie children , Katliriue and Weills Douel
would bo down from the mountains to
day. From the mesenge it is inferre
that during their camping trip in tli
mountains , the two little children wer
suddenly attacked with quick diphtho
riarud that even before they could b
returned to their homo the disease had
taken their young lives away. Every
circumstance of the sad affair seemed to
shape itself to render it all doubly hard
to boar. The father , Rev. Charles
Deuel , was in Chicago preparing a now
homo into which to bring his babies.
The camping trip was ono of outing and
pleasure rather than n place for sickness
and sorrow. And more than all , the
two going together , leaving the heart
broken little mother childless , besides
being so pitiful in itself , recalls a week
something over two years ago in this
city , when Mrs. Deuel , herself , lay at
the point of death and when , within six
days , she lost her mother , her sister and
her grandmother. Friends In Norfolk ,
of whom there are many , will extend
their universal and sincere sympathy at
this moment of Irreparable loss.
Quarter Million Loss at San Luis
Son Louis Obispo , Oal. , July 16.
Special to The News : Fully a quartet
of this city was destroyed by fire at | an
early hour this morning. Loss $250,000.
Police are Looking for Crooks
Next Week.
Suspicious Looking Characters Have
Already Begun to Arrive There
Will bo Beggars , Pickpockets , and
Everything Elso.
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
Chief of Polioo Kaneis preparing fern
n busy time in his department during
ho visit of the firemen from all over
he state next week. Already numerous
hugs and crooks of all sorts and typos ,
voarlug the toughest looks that the
arth owns , are dropping into the city
u nearly every train and there will no
oubt bo a crowd of thorn to handle.
"There will bo pickpockets , hold-up
men and ovorythlug else In the profes-
ioual crook business , " said the chief
; hia morning. "Wo are planning to
alcocare of them , though. "
Onacocountof the influx of "crooked"
ndlviduals , oflloials are now wishing
hat they might have a few extra police
who are good at the work , for those
liree days. Already there are cripples ,
> eggars and suspicious looking chnrno-
ors getting lodging about town.
Just now the attention of officers is
etng directed largely toward the dog
without a tag and many n day are dy-
ng. "Every dog has his day , " says the
hlof , "and this is that day. "
The census enumeration will be
nlshed tonight or tomorrow morning.
Miss Hazel Rish left today for Win-
iietoon , Neb. , where she will visit for a
hort time.
Charles Madseu has gone to Chicago ,
St. Louis and other points of interest
or a short vacation.
Tno little 4-year-old child of Mr. and
Mrs Herman Gall died yesterday after
noon from whooping cough.
After a separation of fifteen years , L.
S. Beemer , of this city , is enjoying a
visit from his brother , William Beemer ,
f LaFayette , Ind.
Miss Nolle and Master Roy Dorsey , of
St. Joseph , Mo. , who have been visiting
at the homes of 0. J. Lodge , of Warner-
ville , and J. Dorsey , of South Norfolk ,
iavo returned homo.
Mrs. Sadie Butler , who formerly
ived in Norfolk , is in the city for an
extended visit with Mrs. 0. H. Vail , at
ih < 3 Oxnard , and Mrs. O. L. Hyde ,
tlrs. Butler now resides at Morning
Sun , Iowa.
Miss Arvillo Mason left today for
Youngstowu , Ohio , where she goes to
visit Mr. and Mrs. Scofield , who
'oruierly ' made their home in Norfolk.
She was accompanied by her niece ,
Helen Lobdell , and her nephew , Ray
A change has been made in the as
sistants to Rev. Father Walsh at the
Roman Catholic church in this city.
Father Henry Muyfeu , the former as
sistant , ha ? baeii given a church at
Valentine , Neb , and Father F. O.
Drisco succeeds hero.
D. Wink of Neligh , deputy grand
master of the Odd Follows for the
Thirty-first district , was iu the city to
day hobnobbing with the members of
that order. He installed the officers at
TiUen last night and will install at
Meadow Grove tonight.
"The people this year are drinking
more pop lhau they over have before , "
said R Blatt , who makes it in all
colors , this morning. "The thirst for the
liquid keeps us humping all the while
aud our bottles are out on dress parade
nearly every minute. "
Twontyttwo young persons gave a
surprise party to Miss Otelia Pilgor bast
evening In honor of her twenty-second
birthday. Refreshments were skived
aud a pleasant time of it made , at the
family home , Soutn tflftn.
A number nf brick layers from Chicago
cage were discharged at the govern
ment building yesterday because they
couldn't wait until after hours to get
drunk. The iron columns have not yel
arrived and authorities at the building
are getting nearly frantic over the lomj
drawn out delay.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Lodge entertained
a largo party of young people at their
homo near 'Warnervillo , iu honor of
their niece , Miss Nelle , and their nephew
Master Roy Dorsey , of St. Louis , Mo
Dancing and games were features o
the evening's amusement. Miss Maude
Tauuehill gave a number of humorous
readings , which were very much en
joyed. Refreshments were served at a
late hour.
John Johnson and Jess Wiun o
Neligh were in the city today to see
about getting a concession aud making
arrangements for the operation of a
gasoline launch on the waters of the
Northfork during the dates of the state
fireuieu'B tournament next week. They
have not yet decided to bring their boat
but are favorably impressed with the
prospects for good business. . The !
boat is twenty-eight feet in length ant
will carry fifty people.
Among those who would heortil ;
favor the organization of a pan-Helleul
society is Mrs. F. M. Sissou , Kappa
Alpha Thota. Mrs. Sisson has kept in
constant touch with her sorority eve
since her college days and she is de
lighted with the idea of reviving Gree !
spirit with an association of this sort
"College days are always pleasant , '
said Mrs. Slsson , in speaking of the pro
posed movement , "and to thus have th
association of them returned would bo
commendable in many ways. "
Do You Want p Camera ?
Boys and girls , hero Is a chance to BO
o Absolutely Purer _ ,
uro a good camera absolutely freo.
Wo will give you a Brownie camera ,
made by the Eastman Kodak Co. This
amera is not n toy , but is a reliable and
courato instrument making" pictures
J x2J Inches. , which are ns sharp and
lear as pictures made by most $10 and
1C cameras.
Send us three now subscriptions to
ho Weekly World-Herald , prepaid for
no year , nnd we will at onse mail you ,
lostnge paid , a Brownie Camera.
The subscription price of the Weekly
World-Horald Is $1.00 per pear.
Address ,
Omaha , Neb.
Citizen Thinks City Should Invest
for Bettor Streets.
[ From Thursday's Dully. ]
"Tho city ought to buy a gravel pit , "
aid a citizen this morning , "aud from
t get stones enough to put in a hard
ystem of streets in Norfolk. For the
money we * pay out every year In stone
crossings , we could get seven or eight
car loads of material that would fix the
treets in permanent shape. "
"First , however , we ought to have a
swerage system , and for thnt I would
aver the voting of § 25,000 bonds , If
need be. Some good contractor ought
o take hold of it. "
This morning the sides of the business
portion of Norfolk avenue were opened
vith plow and shovel and the water
allowed to drain off.
Along the sides of Norfolk avenue , \
between Fourth and Fifth , weeds are
; rowiug 'in some spots , which ought to
> e cleared before the jam of visitors
arrive next week.
Gus Selin Says Someone Cut a Hole
in His Pocket Last Night.
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
Gus Selin was "touched" last night ? '
for about $ -87 , all told. Eighty dollars "
of it was in a check , which may not bo
.ost as payment has been stopped at
: he banks , and the other § 7 was cash.
He claims that in a bar roam some one /
out n hole iu his pocket and took the
money. This morning a uiau named -
Maloney was locked up on suspicion.
Malouey was iu jail ou the previous
night and promised to leave town.
There is uot enough ideuce to convict.
Disturbed the Peace1
James Wheeler , a "peanut boy" on
ono of the passenger trains running into
Norfolk , became too noisy last night
and had to be looked up. He was fined
$7 in court this morning ou the charge
of disorderly conduct and disturbing the
- * ?
German Lutheran Conference Fin
ished Work Last Night.
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
The German Lutherairiniuisters who
had been in Norfolk for their district
conference during two days , left Nor
folk this morning for their homes over
northeastern ISebraska. The closing
service was held in the Christ Lutheran
school house last evening. A largo
number were presaut nnd candidates
wore admitted into the ministry.
The writer is a lover of good dancing
and wo are conceited enough to think
that wo are somewhat of a judge of x \o
dancing and for that reason wo have no
hesitancy in requesting our friends to
witness the performauce of The Dale
Theater Co at the opera house tonight.
Mr. Francis McCarty will outortain you
with eomo of the finest dancing ever
scon in Madison. Mr. McCarty is undoubtedly -
doubtodly ouo of the best dancers on the
American stage and is so considered ,
not alone by the patrons of the theater ,
but by the profession itself. The entire
company is good and should receive lib
eral patronage the rest of the week.
Madison Star Mail.
Man Who Strangled Five Wives Must
be Punished.
Hamilton , Ohio , July 10. Special to
The News : Strangler Knapp recently
arrested ou the charge of killing his
wife , after which It wns developed thnt
he had murdered five wives , most of
them by strangulation with his hands ,
was this morning convicted of murder 1
and will bo punished accordingly.
The firemen's tournament nnd the j
doings of the Royal Tiger club next J
week will furnish plenty of eutertalu- s A
mont in Norfolk nnd the people who <
know a good thing when they see It or i
hear it announced will bo here from
miles around. ;