The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, July 17, 1903, Page 12, Image 12

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Undfr the new ftwnornhlp ft
Cnmtdfltp Now Swvlwi hni Wn In-
M/vlliHi. Kwy modem ronvcmluiirfl.
New Carpet * ,
New Decorations ,
New I'nrnUurc ,
L , 1. B1RIHOIOMEW , Omr ,
C , H. NIL , Manner ,
Flour ,
SBLLS Gasoline ,
Baled Hay ,
Poultry Supplies
Fhcne 33 , 411 HorlolUu.
Ostcopathlc Physician.
ftttit * unit chronic nir-c < fnUj
iroMCHi wiiliout UK > of ilrnfft or lutfp.
rr iitMp , ltt > North ICHh Street ,
That bag of flour you ordeifd is nt
your door when prc-urned next time
you'll probably order double the quantity
for Bora Ton flour has a little way of
pleasing people , whirh mokes it n wel-
'oonie visitor Rverybodv ami his wife
knows ( he superior quality of Boil Ton
Sugar Gity Cereal flills.
Mrs , Sadie Hart Miller
Graduate of Amftriwui School of Osteo
pathy , under founder of the science. .
Resident * and oiUce , SOT Madison Ave.
Honrs Irani 9 n in. to 4 p. m.
6. R. SEILER ,
JLXO Tuuu > ST.
Telephone , No. 44.
Armory Hall
floor of the Olney
comer Fmt Street
cad Norfolk avence.
Tlas Hall with its splendid
Soar , good H ht and aay ap-
is aow available for
Scrsksk , Fairs fete . etc ,
t rms aad dates i
104 South Fourth Street ,
W O AMrrtM casxe p frora
Osatia lia.t
Mrt. "E1 . Zittt&e L& & m nt-d hoiae-
T-vribf frora his
ta 1 oat
fcwtini < AtTi'
M > f tu
it sl of
I&JBHW Siutii uai Cume Hurd&g trt
in SJut < utji Inem OKI&X. sxi raiit to
thmr pniuduivlhur , I r& 1C. A Hc-
ri : Iiit vut Is
I ho city yontonlny on hit way to
St. I ouln.
R , T. Hrtlo of Hnttlo Ctvik , nnd J. D.
Halo of f tnrgli , B. 1) . , nn > in the olty
Mm. Hownnl Miller nud Mid * Idollo
Tnylor nt Untile Crveic wow In Norfolk
thU luornlng.
, lo VIntnpy loft yoMerdny for Clayton
oounty , lawn , whew ho won called by
the Middtm dcnth of hl fnthur ,
A party of Norfolk people will tunlto
n trip up the Uanrnteol bnvnch tomorrow.
They nro i Snpcrintondont and MM. 0.
H Reynold * , Dr. nnd Mm. l . II Snltcr ;
Mr nnd Mr * . Ocorgo I ) , UiUtcrflold.
They go In Mr. Hi ynflld' spoclnl onr.
K. II. Scott returned yesterday from
MinncnpolU and St. Paul , whcro ho 1ms
Won pnrohanliiR n largo Mock of good *
or the now Moro of his tlrm In thin
city. The stock will arrive the first of
next woflk.
Mr. nnd Mr Asa K , Leonard visited
the Norfolk parttei who are ontnplng at.
.1 nekton Lake , thlc week. The campers
are enjoying n delightful outing. They
i-xpoot to return tomorrow.
Mni. J. Hnuptll and thtvo chlldron
left this morning for n trip to Portland
Seattle and Taooaia. They expect to
bo absent about nix wceki , and will
pf nd the tlmo in viniting rvlntlveti on
Iho coast nnd viewing places of Interest ,
Dr. H. A , Mittehtadt will bo absent
until July IS.
Oyprots stock tanks allslzes.
A : BuAurouD LVMUKU Co.
Help Wanted Female.
Wanted , intelligent persons to copy
lettori nt homo ; (12.50 paid weekly.
Send stamped envelopes for sample letter -
ter and instructions.
Kureka Company , 2i ) Duane Street ,
Now York ,
Be up-to-date on things that are hap
pening. Read THE NKWS.
All ice cream orders for socials , pic
nics and private parties are promptly
attended to by KautYman.
Standings as Recorded up Till Noon
Following is the vote at noon today :
Mrs , Klsio Desmond , Norfolk . . . . 14003
Miss Luoy Shaffer , So. Norfolk. . . 13000
Mi s Aland Tnnnehill.Wnruervillo 1289
Mrs O. II Vnll , the Oxnnril 420
Miss Jonule Avery , Battle Creek 53
Special Summer Tourist Rates
To points in Wisconsin and on Lake
Superior on the O. , St. P , M. & O.
railway one fare plus $2. Tickets on
pale J no 1 to Sept. 30 , good to return
October 31. For full particulars apply
to J. B. ELSKFFKH , Agent.
For An Ideal Vacation.
Near every settlement of importance
in the mountain regions of the West arc
deep canons wherein the people nt
home , as well as those from abroad ,
M > ek , in the summer season , the cool *
ne < s and pleasure of camp life. High
up the mountain side , on the shores of
mountain lakes , or on the banks of
mountain streams , summer hotels are
conducted for the convenience of those
who prefer to have nil of the recreation
and none of the labor incident to sum
mering in the mountains. It may be
said that wherever there is a mountain
iu Colorado or Utah there Ls nlso nu
interesting canon , and the searcher fern
n spot in which to summer will find no
difficulty in suiting his taste , no matter
how critical it may be.
To enable persons to reach these fa
mous pleasure resorts , the Union Pacific
has put in effect gammer excursion
rates lower then ever made before.
Full information cheerfully furnished
on application to J. B. ELSEFKER ,
What p < ople most want in a news
paper is news. They get it in Tim
The Feed store will be closed and no
deliveries made afternoons during the
Hello , Long Distance ! Give me 193G
Goldman Pleating Co. , 200 Douglas
Block , Omaha , opposite Hayden's. I
want a sunburst skirt. Write them
for circular.
William Kitke.
The funeral of William Knke , who
died at the family home seven miles
northeast of this city yesterday morn
ing , was hold this afternoon. A sad
tate of affairs exists at the home. The
wife of the deceased man bos been ill
! and bedfast for three years ; her father
j U suffering from paralysis ; a brother is
j not at all well ; an aged mother lives
jwitb them and there are five little
{ children.
; Mrs. Robert Taylor of Battle Creek.
' A telephone no&ssage from Battle
i Crk announces the death of Mrs. Rob-
'ert ' Taylor , mother of Superintendent
, The * . J Taylor of the county poor farm.
' &t her home In that city , at 6 o'clock
tM * morning. Two other tons , Richard
i and Jainei , one from South Dakota'and
the other from Missouri , arrived shortly
before their mother's death. The fun
eral arrangement * hare not yet
Children's white canvas caps 25 and
tft cents , at Hit * Bender's ,
Bluff eilewalk brick the
kind that are right.
Tvo huiiirwl head range horse * ,
t5JW per hwid , on board care atTilford ,
HD. . All oolu from lt < W thrown in.
For tale by G R Stiler Norfolk.
Ii 2/thiU of trapwtanc * happen * In
the vrorid tolej ytrc rt&4 U in tonigbt'c
Tomorrow iswcing the big
hsrt It ,
City to be Alluminatcd for the
Tournament ,
Committee Will Locate Lights Per
manent Sldownlk Orcllnnnco Is
Adopted Systematic Plnn of Drnln-
Ago U Under Way ,
The oily council , nt its regular mooting -
ing hold li\M night , adopted nud ap
proved the lighting contracts , nppoiutod
committee to locate the ItghU nnd
called n upocinl mooting for Saturday
night to net on the work of the apeolnl
Tito mayor nud nil the councilman but
Tyler were present. The llro nnd police
committee suggested thnt the ohiof of
the ilru department nhonld ooo thnt the
tire hoe is cleaned nnd dried niter ouch
iiro , nnd on motion was nnthorizcd to
employ help to nttond to this work nnd
the clerk wnfl instructed to notify the
chief to this clToct.
The stroct nnd alloy commlttoo reported
ported thnt in going over the streets to
locate the boat drainage routes they
found thnt tho' dttoh nlong the south
sldo of Pnrk nvouuo from Pir t street to
the river had been fonccd nnd cense
qnontly could not properly bo cleaned
nud kept open ns the laud was claimed
by private parties. The matter wns dla
cuffed nt some length nud it wns decided
cidod to nppoiul n committee of three to
co-opernto with the olty attorney in an
investigation of the matter. Council
men Wilkinson , Erummund nnd Pnse
walk were appointed ns such commit
tee.Mr. . Wilkinson of the street nud alley
committee reported that ho had not hnd
the comeut crossings placed in South
Fourth street , because ho thought after
investigation thnt it was not advisable
to put in cement , but wood crossings , at
least in some lacations. Messrs. Dnvey ,
Moolick and Quick , residents of that lo
callty addressed the council and ex
plained the matter nt some length ,
showing the necessity of having the
crossings put In nt once. The chairman
of the committee was instructed to
carry out the provisions of the resolu
tion lately passed in reference to such
crossings forthwith , except that at Third
avenue the crossing may bo of wood.
City engineer Lowe reported on drainage -
ago that the records show that the First ,
Second , Third and Fourth streets
should be drained to Park avenue and
down Park avenue to the river.
J. Eeoulgsteln requested the council
to fill Fifth street to Madison avenue to
protect his cement sidewalk. The mat
ter was laid over until the next mooting
and the street commissioner was in
structed to make an estimate of the cost
of the work.
Public works committee reported that
the scaffolding had been built around
the smoke stack at the pumping station ,
but that a mason to do the work required
could not bo secured before Mondayand
that considerably more work should be
done than was at first estimated.
Ihe nuisance committee reported sev
eral minor complaints but thought they
would adjust themselves in a day or
The special committee appointed on
lighting contracts presented the con
tracts , which were read. A motion tc
table the contracts until the next
meeting and arrange with the gas com
pany to run their lights next week failed ,
to carry and a motion that the lighting
contracts as read be accepted , and ap
proved was carried.
A motion prevailed that a committee
composed of one councilman from each
ward be appointed to locate the lights
contracted for , and the mayor appointed ,
as such committee : Kiesau for the
Third ward ; Spelliran from the Fourth ;
Bruramnud from the First and Pose-
walk from the Second as such commit
tee.On motion it was ordered that the
council meet in special session Satur
day evening , July 18 , at S:80 to receive
and act on the report of such special
F. Klentz appeared before the council
as per request and stated that he bad
for years been paid $20 per month by
the city for sprinkling the streets and
that the business men hod this year
subscribed $54 per month , but last
month he had only been able to collect
15 and considered that would be about
all ke would be able to collect during
any month.
A motion carried that Mr. Klentz bo
allowed ? 20 per month for street sprink
ling to commence June 1 , and continue
as long as may bo necessary , the coun
cil to notify Mr. Klentz when to dis
continue the work. The bill recently
presented for 20 was allowed and
ordered paid.
The report of the mayor on the census
was read , showing the total population
of the city to be 4,258. The report
together with the reports of the enu
merators and other papers , was ordered
placed on file and the clerk was in
structed to allo w W. N Hose access to
the tame for the purpose of compiling a
city directory , and the chief of police
to find owners of dogs and the street
conuniscioner to find persons liable for
poll tar.
Report of police judge for Jane was
read and referred to auditing commit-
t e. Also report of street commissioner
wajB read and referred to street and
alley committee.
The following resolution was read
and adopted
"Ito&olved , That the following described -
scribed property be assessed the amount
tt oppoeite each description as a special
tax for new sidewalks and sidewalk re
pair * , and that the city clerk be in-
County Treasurer's Semi-Annual Statement.
County TroumirorV Wornl-Aiumnl Statement blowing Imlunoo of caoli fund In the Treasury Jumrnry Oth , ll)0l ) ! , taxoa
\iiil othur itonm oolli'utod , warrants wlroiwid iinil ether lUnhurHOinuiitM from Jnniiiiry Dili , MiOil , to Juno UOtli , IDOil , hiolu-
Hlvoi ami hnlniioc on Imml tliu tlOth day of Juno , 11MVJ.
Cr. Bnlnuco January 9 , 1903 $ 41-198 ! ! 4
Received from State Apportionment ' Ai84 20
Received from Ohr. Schmitt Bridge Timber 2 20
Received from Henry Neuwerk , Justice of the Pence Fines 2 00
Received from 0. F. Eisoley , Justice of the Pence Fines ' 110 00
Received from Interest from Banks . * . . . . 000 CO
Taxes Collected 95500 78
School Laud Collections , - . 4780 00
Redemptions Collected ; 2811 41
Taxes paid under protest ; 02 05
Fees " - ' . 80 25
Transfers from one Fund to another , ' . ' . . . . . % . . . 12204 23
Township Overdraft Juno 80th , 1903 40 40
. . . ' . . . .
Total - . ; § 104009 00
CONTRA. , . *
' '
Township Overdraft January 9 , 1903 . : ; / . . . - ; § 42 74
Warrants Paid ; . ' - . . . . 92397 SO
Redemptions Paid " . ? : ; . " 2020 13
Transfers from one Fund to another ; 12204 23
Credit Balance on Juno 30 , 1903 , . 57884 10
Total . § 101009 00
I , R. O. Miles , Treasurer of said county and state , do hereby certify tlmfc the foregoing is n true and < correct stato-
ment of the receipts and disbursements of my ollico from the Oth dnj * of January , 1003 , to the 80th dny of June , 1908 ,
inclusive , to the bust of my knowledge and belief. R. 0. MILES , County Treasurer.
We , the undersigned County Commissioners of Madison comity , Nebraska , do hereby certify that wo have carefully
examined the foregoing statement of R. 0. Miles , County Treasurer , nnd have found the same correct to the best of our
knowledge nnd belief.
Dated nt Mndison , Nebraska , this 14th day of July , 1903.
[ Signed : ] II. W. WINTER , V-
S. J. FINNEGAN , ' /
County Commibsiouors.
structed to certify same to the county
clerk. "
The bills of the census enumerators
were allowed ns follows : August
Brnmmuud , $10 ; J. M. Covert , $13 ;
S. T. Adams , $12 ; N. A. Wilkinson ,
Ordinance No. 274 regarding width
nnd material of sidewalks was read the
third time. After amending the ordi
nance by striking out the clause re-
feiring to the height of the sidewalks
above the lot level nnd nddiug two sec
tions regarding the surface of cement
walks nnd requiring the street commis
sioner to inspect nil the walks built the
ordiunnce passed its third reading nud
was adopted , after which the council
The more truth you bring Into an ar
gument with n fool the harder be wlli
combat it Atchlson Globe.
! fet Without Ilennoa.
Sunday School Teacher Well , who
was sorry at the return of the prodigal
Little Girl The fatted calf. Boston
Christian Register.
on Spring and Summer Goods *
He has an especially
good line of . . .
which are sell ing at a discount.
The Harpist
l furnish music for dancing purtioti ,
rivate parties , etc. Address OUJ4 Nor-
elk avenue
don't forget that the best
place to buy lumber and
building material is of us.
Our stock is the largest
and assortment the most
complete in [ Northeastern
Let Us Make an Estimate on Your Nent Bill ,
-H-fi = H = m FFR-3
.W. H. BUOHOLZ , President.
Norfolk ALEX. BEAU , Vice President.
E. W. ZUTZ , Cashier.
National Bank
Ths Oldest Established Bank In Northeast Nebraska.
: : capital , $100,000,00 , Surplus , $20,000,00 ,
. ' ' . Does a General Buys ; and Sells [ Exchange. Interest Paid *
' ' on Time Deposita. Drafts and Money ' ,
n i r
. . Banking Business
orders Soldon any Point in Europe. A . '
; General Steamship and Foreign Pasaago Business Transacted.
Hi I-H-I-M I'M'I-M'M'I ' ' ' ' I Mill - - ' - - - - -
" ' ' " - - H-H- ! '