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    THE NOllFOLlv NEWS : FRIDAY , , U'NK in , 11103. .
The above is uu illustration of ouu of the tl > i\tn that will bo in the Roynl Tiger parade at Norfolk during the state
firemen's tournament , July 21,22 Rial 23 Its dimensions are 20 foot long , 12 foot wide ixud 12 foot high. The queen to
occupy tliis lloat will Do oho-urn by b.illot by the various dopartmouta of the state , cixch dopiirtinuiit to have ton votes for
each representative present nt the lust nnuuttl meeting of thn state association. There will bo four other magnificent floixtH in
the parade , brilliantly illniniuutod , ns follows : "Storm King , " lloral float for the "Lady of Klofron , " "Egyptia , " und
"Royal Tiger. " The latter will bo occupied by John O Oleland of Fremont who has boon chosen as "Royal Tiger I. "
First Vote is Published To-
May Go to Stanton on the Fourth to
Contest for Prizes There Closing
Contract for Auditorium and Com- '
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
The executive committee t.aving in
charge the firemen's tournament for
July 21 , 22 aud 23 , mot in regular ses
sion last night and advanced the af
fairs of the tournament.
The secretary was instructPd to close
the contract for the Auditorium and
also complete a contract \sith the Dale
Theatre company for a performance
during each night of the tournament.
The running team received an in
vitation to enter the hose races at
Stantou on the Fourth of July nud it
is probable that they will accept. The
shoes for the team have been received
and distributed and the members are in
It was decided that the vote in the
contest for the "Lady of Klofron"
should be published today and from
time to time until the vote closes next
Wednesday , until whicn time the ballot
will remain open at the jewelry store of
W. B. Vail , where any citizen is per
mitted to vote by signing his or her
name to the ballot.
The following is the result of today's
count :
Miss Edith McOlary 132
Miss Jennie McCormick 10
Miss Fannie Norton 3
Miss Ona Thatch , Battle Creek 1
H. Simon was iu the city yesterday
from Wiuside.
Chester A. Fuller went to Madison
this morning ou business.
E. P. Weatherby went to Columbus
this morning ou legal busmtes.
The Johnson Dry Goods store is being
beautifully repainted on the outside.
Mrs. Joseph Schwartz loft today for
a visit in Chicago , where she goes to
purchase a stock for an art needle store ,
Miss Efile Key , sister of Mrs. George
H. Spenr , has arrived to assist in caring
for her niece , Miss Grace Spear , who is
still very ill.
Several of the senators and the gov
ernor , who were invited to attend the
corner stone ceremonies here next
Thursday , will be unable to come.
Charles R Reed arrived last evening
from Chicago to take charce of the
new JSlergouthnler Linotype which is
to be installed in THE NJWS > office soon.
which she will open in South Fourth ;
street upon her return. While absent
she will take a course in manicuring
nnd hair dressing nt the Moller college.
Yesterday was one of the wnrm dnys
f the season , the kind that has been
needed to start the crops along at their
proper gait , but this morning opened
with n chilly atmosphere that was not
BO beneficial , warming , however , as the
day advanced.
Boating on the pretty Northfork
river is more popular this year than it
has been before in years , and every
evening finds many a merry party pad
dling upon its surface or rowing aud
finding in its bends and twists the pleas
ure which is there for Norfolk folk.
According to a circular just sent out
by the American Express company , 0.
E. Finch , formerly of this city , has
been appointed superintendent of the
Iowa nud Nebraska division , with head
quarters at Omaha. Mr. Finch was
auditor for the company in Norfolk , and
went from here to Boone , Ia.
A serious accident is reported to have
been narrowly averted on Prospect hill
yesterday afternoon. Two women wore
driving a horse down the incline , along
Thirteenth street , when the carriage
ran upon the animal nnd a resulting
fright nenrly overturned the rig. The
trouble all lay in the slackness with
which the harness was fastened to the
beast's back.
J. E. Simpson left this morning for
Olermont , Iowa , where the survivors of
the Twelfth Iowa infantry are to be the
guests of ex-Governor William
bee nnd hold n reunion. Mr. Simpson
stops a few days to visit his bid homo at
Dt corah , and will accompany some of
his old comrades from that place to
Cli'rmout. The reunion will bo the
19th and 20th.
Among other substantial improve-
mf uts to bo made in the city , will bo
the building of a rplendid new founda
tion at the Sugar City Cereal mills. It
is to bo of cement and stone , and heavy
steel girders are to go underneath the
mammoth building. Thin work was
begun last year and has proven entirely
satisfactory. This will leave the struc
ture resting wholly upon steel nnd
stone , with no wood at all.
The vote for the "Lady of Klofron"
is on at the jewelry store of W. B. Vail ,
but is slow and quiet owing to the fact
that it is a secret ballot and there are
no candidates in nomination , other
thnn through the conversation of
friends , who perhaps unite on BOIIIO
candidate. Any citizen of Norfolk can
vote for nny young lady of their nc
qnixintance , but little interest is taken
on account of the manner of conducting
the election.
The managership for Armour & Co. ,
iu their Norfolk house , has changed
hands J. S R. Gosuey takes charge of
the plant and the former manager , Mr.
Beavers , leaves for Omaha and expects
to go from there to San Francisco.
During his residence in the city Mr.
Beevers has made many warm friendc
and ho carries with him the good wishes
of his Norfolk acquaintances. Mr.
Gosney is from South Omaha and has
had good experience iu this line of
While Norfolk will not celebrate the
Fourth of July , which comes two weeks
from Saturday , n number of neighbor
ing towns are arranging for nn observ
ance of the untal day aud will nfford
Norfolk people who desire to celebrate
an excellent opportunity to do so in a
manner befitting the occasion. Good
sums of money have been appropriated
and interesting programs are iu course
of preparation. Among the near-by
fnwm that will celebrate nro Stantou ,
Hoskius and Meadow Grove.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to hereby extend the heart
felt gratitude of a father and mother tc
the good people of Norfolk who sc
kiudly assisted in their efforts to find
the remains of our sou , who drowned iu
the Elkhorn on Juno 7.
2703 Bart Str. , Omaha.
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
Mrs. Luikart Entertains.
Fifty Indies were the guests of Mrs.
G. A. Luikart at her homo , 1403 Nor
folk avenue , yesterday afternoon. They
were invited for 4 o'clock. A novel
idea was effected in the entertainment
Each lady was given a blank card and a
pencil and from them required to create
her impression of Mrs. Wiggs , of the
Cabbage Patch. Four of the sketches
were quite superior , and equally
entit'ed to a prize. They were Mrs. F.
G. Salter , Mrs. Joseph Shoemaker , Mrs.
E P. Weatherby and Mrs. S. F. Sharp-
less. Mrs. Sharpless won the cut nnd
carried homo n copy of "Lovey Mnry , "
by the nuthor of "Mrs. Wiggs. " Supper
was served nt dnintily appointed tables ,
floral decorations ndding to the effect
throughout. Mrs. Luikart will be nt
homo to another company of ladies ou
Friday afternoon.
Mrs. E. Mittlestadt At Home.
Mrs. E. Mittldstndt yesterday enter
tained a company of ladies at nn after
noon in honor of h > r 04th birthday. In
the evening another party of friends
were invited in , music from a new
Augelus doing its share toward n few
pleasant hours.
Dinner Party This Evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bnker will enter-
tniu at dinner this evening , at G :30 :
o'clock , in their home at the corner of
Pasewalk avenne and Eighth street , for
Hon. Burton L. French , of Boise ,
Proposal Party Tonight.
Miss Lisle Wilkinson will entertain n
company of young people this evening
at her home , 100 Madison avenue , for
Miss Mae Olvey and Miss Josie Hagey
It will bo a Proposal party.
For Miss Porter Tomorrow Night.
Miss E. J. Bender will entertain tomorrow -
morrow evening for Miss Porter , who
is to leave the city shortly ,
Imperial Train Will Leave Omaha On
July 3 , Tor the East.
[ From Thursday's Dnlly. ]
Omaha , Neb. , Juno 18 For the first
time since Nebraska has been n state
the "Shrinors" of this district will have
an opportunity of making the pilgrim
age to the annual conclave which meets
at Saratoga , N. Y. , next month , on an
"Imperial" train , and it is the wish of
Imperial Potentate Aiken that as many
as possible accompany him on the trip
Although the special train is primar
ily for Shriners and their families ,
others are not debarred from traveling
on the Imperial , which will leave
Omaha at 7 o'clock , July 3 , over the
Northwestern , after a reception by Im
perial Potentate Aikou and other
July 4 will bo cpont in Chicago and
the pilgrimage again taken up on the
same train nt 0 o'clock at night , this
time traveling on the Wubnsh tracks.
July 5 will bo given over to trips on
the lakes around Detroit , from which
city the Imperial train will leave about
midnight , still via the Wnbasli , arriving
at Niagara Falls early the next morn
ing. After carriage and trolley rides ,
inspection of the falls and scenery , the
train goes to Buffalo , where ton hours
will bo devoted to sightseeing.
And at noon , July 7 , Saratoga , the
most cosmopolitan city in the country ,
is reached , and the Imperial pilgrimage
is over. Returning , tickets nro good
until the end of the mouth.
The Shriners extend invitations to
their brothers and others of this section
to accompany them ou the pilgrimage
The Shriuers extend invitations to
their brothers and others of this section
to accompany them on the pilgrimage
and to help make this the banner num
ber over accompanying an Imperial
At Sioux City , June ttOtli to unil Including
July -Itit.
$50.00 TO $100.00 REWARD
Can bo earned on this occasion by con-
neo'ing business with pleasure. In
order that wo may place ouo or moro
piancs in every town near Sioux City ,
we quote you the prces below which
will actually save you from $50.00 to
$100.00 on the purchase ot a single
piuno. Our reasons for making this
offer is purely a business proposition
Wo are in the wholesale as well as the
retail piano business , and ns a matten of
advertisement we make yon this ofler.
Our line of pianos comprise such world
renowned makes as the Emerson ,
Cramer. Vose , Ludwig fe Co. , Price fe
Teople , Buttell & Co. , and20others. We
not only have the largest and finest
stock of pianos in Sioux City but we are
the only concern iu the city handling
pianos exclusively. Read the following
quotations :
We will reserve for this occasion ten
pianos which have been taken back ou
account of parties failing to make pay
ments. Three pianos , cases slightly
damaged in shipping , seven pianos of
various discontinued styles , former
price : one , § -175.00 ; two , $37500 ; two ,
$350.00 ; one , ? 300 00 ; and one , $250 00.
Now : $325.00 , $205.00 , $250.00. $235.00.
$225.00 , $105.00 , and $165 00. One fine
Emerson and one fine Voso piano , case
slightly damaged , one-third off. One
special bargain $133 00. Ton organs ,
Story & Clark , Mason & Hamliu ,
Crown , Chicago Cottage , Hamilton ,
Estoy and Packard organs. All as good
as though they had just come from the
factory. Price $3 00 , $8 00 , $10 00 ,
$15 00 , $25 00 , and up to $50.00. Some
of these organs retail as high as $90.00.
The above instruments are for cash. How
ever with interest , wo will soil you on
monthlypaymeuts on one or two years
time. Special inducement to teachers.
Write us what day you will attend the
carnival , and wo will hold any piano
for your inspection.
L. II. JONES & Co. ,
Wholesale Pianos ,
415 4th Street , Sioux City , Iowa
Philippine Officer to be Tried for Em
bezzlement and Irregularities.
Washington , June 18. Special to
The News : Manila advices to the war
department are to the effect that a
court martial baa been ordered to try
Lieutenant Foley of the Fifth cavalry ,
who is charged with embezzlement of
government funds and Irregularities in
the discharge of his duties.
Explosion of Lyddite Causes
Factory Is Complete Wreck nnd Walls
Go Down Fifteen Fatally nnd Many
Seriously Injured Some Blown to
Atoms ,
London , Juno 18. Special to The
News : The lyddlto factory of the
\Voohvtch arsenal exploded this morn
ing with terrible consequences.
The building was completely wrecked ,
the walls collapsing alter the explosion
that tore out its interior.
The workmen were at their employ
ment , unmindful of the danger that
threatened. Fourteen were killed out
right , a nnmbor who were near Iho
center of conouNHlim bolng blown to
atoms and no parts of their bodies have
been found.
Fifteen were fatally and many
seriously injured by the torrlblo slioult.
Other nearby buildings were shaken
on their foundations aud the shock was
felt at n long distance from the
b'cono of the dKnhter.
Mrs. Walter Cat hers Is visiting in
Hugh Compton was hero from Wisuer
George A. Brooks , of Dnxilo Mills , is
in the city.
Mrs. John II. Hays is visiting in
Omaha today.
Mr and Mrs. W. G. Bools visited
with friends at Warnervillo yesterday.
Miss Otelia Pilgcr and Miss Liz/.io
Schoomaker wont to Wayne at noon to
attend the hummer normal.
II. O. Matrau is in Milwaukee to at
tend the funeral of the captain of his
company in the Civil war.
Frederick Dorr , who has boon the
guest of Ludwig Koonigstoin during the
past ten weeks , left today for his homo
iu Boston.
F. E. Davenport wont to Omaha yes
terday to moot his wife and children ,
who nro returning from a six weiks'
visit in Atchison , Kan.
Roadmnst < r M. Stafford of the North
western will remove his family to
Scribner next week , that pluco being
more convenient to his work.
Harry Mast , son of Mr. nnd Mrs. 0.
A. Mast , formerly of this city , was
married today to a yonug lady of Dav-
uport , In. They will make their homo
in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller nud child
ren of Mitchell county , lown , nro guests
of their friends , Mr. nnd Mrs. O. II.
Krahu. Mr. Miller is a banker in his
homo county.
The now stool bridge recently built
over the Elkhorn by the Union Pacific
railroad company , EOW stands high und
dry above n t-niulbar , and the current Is
borne distance to the south.
Chnrles Boierbdorf has sold his resi
dence property in North Ninth street to
Mr. Smith , of Croighton , nnd has moved
his family into the Bridge property ,
1108 Madison avenue. Mr. Smith has
taken posbeEsion.
Congressman J. J. McCarthy was in
the city over night , on his way homo to
Ponca. Ho has appointed Ray Langer ,
of Humphrey , as candidate for the
naval academy at Annapolis , nnd Glenn
Losch , of West Point , as alternate.
Rev. nnd Mrs. Win. Leavitt hnvo re-
oo'vod the glad news from their sou ,
Rev. F. W. Leavitt of West Point that
ho and hie wife had welcomed a
daughter to their homo yesterday. The
little new-comer has been named Care
Judge and Mrs. I. Powers are in
Ponca , to attend the marriage of their
uieco , Mies Ada Lognn , to P. W.
Barker , of that place , which takes place
this evening at 8 : 0. Miss Logan has
frequently visited iu Norfolk and is a
sister of Mrs. Willis McBride , of Madi
son , who is also at the wedding.
Rev. F. W. Lenvitt , of West Point ,
has resigned the pastorate of the Con
gregational church at that place , to take
effect July first. Mr. Leavitt has been
there for four years nud given excellent
satisfnotion. Ho was brought up in
Norfolk , his parents , Mr. nnd Mrs. Wil
liam Lenvitt , living at 204 South Thir
teenth street now.
W. M. Robertson is the proudest man
in Norfolk today. Ho is the grand
father of a 10 pound boy , who arrived
nt the home of Prof , and Mrs. George
0. Williams iu Ithaca , N. Y , Sunday
morning. Mr. Robertson had thought
ho would not take a trip east this sum
mer but the question is now settled ho
will go to BOO the boy.
L. J. Reno , for many years proprlet. ref
of the Reno hotel in this city , and who
very suddenly died in Newton , Ia. , was
buried on Sonday , June 7 , by the Ma
sonic fraternity. Ho was still a mem
ber of the Mosaic lodge , Damascus Com-
mandery nnd Dnmascus Chapter , of
this city. At the time of his death ,
Mr. Reno was conducting a hotel in
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Koenigstoln ex
pect to leave next week for Lincoln and
from there will go to the Pacific coast
for n trip , to bo nbsent during a greater
part of the summer. They have stored
their household goods in the Conductor
Murphy house j Mr. Murphy is moving
into the house being vacated by the
family of P. J. Barnes , and Mr. Barnes
and family are settling in the Koouig-
stein property.
A Piano at a Nominal Price.
Chicago's largest music house , Lyon
& Healy , announces A clearing sale of
plmioH , Tills U owIng to the fact thut
their warotooniH are luong entirely rtt-
nidklud , yiivcral hundred splendid in-
HtrumiMilH are offered \\lihout rimervo
until all are Fold. In this stock are a
number of Htcimvny and Itnaho pianos ,
and now and second hand plnmm includ
ing liiBtriiiiiontH of the following well-
known niixkosi Mlllor , MIVHOII & Ham *
lln , Hir/.nlton , Mol'mitl , Sterling , HuntIngton -
Ington , VOHO , Klxohdr , Wolior , Ohlokcir-
ing , olo. In Miunru pianos there am
( Itiu-tonud InMrumonts at $25 , $10 > fIO (
and upwards , In upright pianos neat
Inntruimtnts at $100 , $120 , $110 , $150 ,
$105 , $11)0 ) , fJOO and upwards. In baby
grands HOIIIO nlco specimens at $ M)0 ) and
upwards. Nearly all these pianos were
Intended to Hell for much more than
tluiHu clearing sitlo prices. Lyon &
Healy will HiMid a list and full particu
lars upon application. Any piano not
proving entirely satisfactory may bo re
turned nt their cxpoiiHO. Address Lyon
< fc lliuxly , 1 Adams st. , Chicago. lls-
tanco is no o'jhtaclo in taking ixdvaut-
ago of this romiukahlo chnnou to obtain
a piano , for in proportion to the saving
to bo made the freight charges are In
significant. If you do not already
know Lyon & Henly by reputation any
banker will aHsuri- you of their untlio
ri'BpoiiHlbillty and record of forty rears
for honorable dealing. Wrlto at your
early convoleiu-o so as to avoid disap
pointment ,
A Mother Hero Has Son nnd Dangli-
tor Who Lost Everything ,
IKroin TliurMlny'H Dally J
Mrs. J. L. RjbiiiHon , of thiH city , who
llvuirnt the homo of 15. J Godfrey , (101 (
Park avenue , perhaps moro fully appro ,
elates the frightful dlnaHler in the recent -
cent KunitxH City Hoodd , than anyone
OKO in the city. Him is the mother of
two porsouH in Kansas City , ICnn. , who
lost everything they possessed in the
world , except their own families. One
of thorn IH Charles RobliiHon , foremun of
the Kansas City Press , nnd the other in
a imirriod daughter. Both families loHt
their hoincH , their furnlturo , their be
longings of all HortH , even including
their clothing , except that that they
wore when the water came. Eixoh family
has a number of little children and each
family are destitute for even a change
of wearing appurol. Thousands of
others are in the Name predicament and
Mr. Godfrey in whoHo homo the mother
lives suggests that it wore no bad plan
if the churches of Norfolk who luivo old
clothing accumulated for charily , would
Bend it to the Hood HuU'orers of Kansas
Cliir Hobon is hero from Neligh.
A tough looking hobo slept oif his jug
in jail lust night.
Miss Pearl ROOBO him gone to Duluth
for a short visit.
R. A. Stewart was in the city yester
day from Omaha.
W. M Robertson mixdo a trip west
yesterday afternoon.
Miss Loin Kern has go no to Bloomfield -
field for a short visit with relatives.
O. E. ll.trtford made a business trip
to Bloomflold tills morning.
Master Warren Ellor of Lincoln is
coming tonight to visit the family of II.
0. Mat run.
Mis. "W. R. Hoffman wont to Omaha
yobterduy for a two-weeks' visit with
her parents.
Mrs. 0. R. Allen is expected to arrive
in the city this evening from LaMurs ,
In. , for a visit with her sister , Mrs. W.
N. IlllHO.
Hon. Itarton L French , a congress
man from Idaho , is in the city
from Boise , the guest of Mr. and
Mrs.W. G. Baker.
Mrs. Joseph Suhoouinker is hero from
Omaha visiting her mother , Mrs. E. W.
Warrick , nnd sister , Mrs. E. P.
A pleasant ice cream social was hold
by the members of the Second Congre
gational church , on the lawn of Mr. and
Mrs. H. O. Diugman , in South Norfolk ,
Tuesday night.
L. Stear has recently put in 270 foot
of brick sidewalks at his homo in South
Third street. Ho says there is still op
portunity for improvement along that
About twonty-flvo or thirty people of
the Dnrland families will go to Plain-
view Saturday for a picuio wilh the
family of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Durlaud ,
nnd other friends.
Miss Perry , Mrs. J. M. Brown and
children of Albion , and Miss Ann
Powers , of Sacremeuto , Oul , are visiting -
ing at the homo of Mrs. Brown's par
ents , Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lodge ,
south of the city.
( , D. Banm will leave tonight for Long
Pine , where ho goes to join the fishing
party of Norfolk men. The group nro :
Dr. F. G. Suiter , G. B. Salter , N. A.
Rainbolt and B. O. Walker.
Neligh Yeoman : J. D. Sturgeon Is
going around on crntihes , this week iu
consoqouco of a severe strain ho received
while putting n piano in the wagon ,
his foot slipped nnd a ligament in his
leg was torn looso.
Dr. 0. A. McKim returned this morn
ing from Bntto , whore he was called ou
state veterinary business. He killed
five cattle afilictod with the glanders ,
which seem to bo prevalent iu that sec
tion. This morning ho went to Battle
Patrick Carbery , one of the prosper
ous farmers of Warnervillo precinct ,
who has been in America for forty-
three years , and mode Nebraska his
home for thirty-three years of that time ,
left yesterday for a trip to his old homo
in Ireland.
Miss Nolle Wiliams is home from
Limo , Montana , where she has been
teaching ochool for the past year. She
will visit at the home of her father ,
George Williams , for several weeks ,
Good Health
IB pure food.
Lion Coffee
to all cofleo no Klnzinr ; of
CRK-'i Of tfluc to conceal dc-
fccts and cheapen its quality ,
Fresh nnd uniform , rich
in flavor , because always in
scaled packages never in
und will nit urn to the Montana town to
teach again next year.
The tilul of JulliiH Lcn/.or , thu farmer
stabbed his hired man , Henry
A Hindu , with a pitchfork yrntorday
morning , wlum AiondH refused to got ;
out of bed , has boon not for Saturday
morning hnforo .lustloo IMwilny. Jaolc
Koonigiitoln will defend the farmer.
Elghtmm passengers took advantage
of the uhmxp excursion to Duluth , Minn. ,
which loft Norfolk this noon over the
O.St. P..M &O road. By the torinn
of the tickets they will Imvo until some
tlmo Sunday to enjoy the nights ami
cool teinpcraturo in the city on lake
II. C. Mutrau returned at noon today
from Milwaukee , where ho had boon to
attend the fmiural of Col. Kerr , colonel
of hiii regiment in the civil war. Tine
Nicws was In error the otlitir day when
it Htntod that ho hud gene to attend the
funeral of his captain. Mr. Matrau WIXH
captain of the company and the mail
who died was his colonel ,
Rise Caused by Breaking of Picrca
Darn Not Disastrous.
IKrum Tliurmliiy'H Dally ]
The Hood of wntor , lot IOOHO by the
going out of the mill dam at Pierce ,
reached Norfolk on schedule time ami
the Northfork at this point WHH raised
considerably , i'ho Sugur City Ocro.xl
mills continued to grind , however ,
finding that tint rise did not materially
Interfere with their business.
At noon the mlM people considered
that the water had reached its maximum
height and wore confident that it would
fall during the afternoon.
A patient who came down from PIcrco
to consult Dr. M.iakay . reported that the
people there were taking large quanti
ties of flno fi < jh which the water had
loft bohind. Many largo pickerel mill
other varieties of fish were gathered iu
and Pierce promises to bo ix town o
brainy people almost immediately.
Half Rates via Wabnsh Rat frond.
The Wabish offers many rates to the
east from Chicago :
Boston , MnssuchuHctts , and return ,
* ! ! > . Sold June 25th , 2 ( > th and 27.
Boston , Massachusetts , aud return ,
§ 21. Sold July 1 to fi.
Saratoga , Now York and return ,
SI7'15. Sold July 5 and ( i.
Detroit , Michigan and return , $0.75.
Sold July 15 and 10.
All tickets reading ever the Wabash
between Chicago and Buffalo are good
in either direction via steamers betwenu
Detroit and Buffalo without extra
charge , except meals and berth.
Stop overs allowed nt Niagara Falla
and other points. Remember this ia
"tho cool northern route" and allagentrt
can sell tickets from Chicago east Tin
the Wabash. For folders and all infof *
million address.
Omaha , Nob.
Was Last Heard From in Norfolk , a
Few Days Ago.
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
The Norfolk police are looking and
looking in vain for Frank Snttley , n
prominent and well-to-do farmer from
Meadow Grove , who has disappeared
from homo und was last heard of iu
this city. A week ago Suttloy came to
Norfolk mid had lite entire property ,
consisting of n half section of land ,
transferred to his wlfo. Then ho re
turned homo. The next day ho started
out , horseback , to ride the fences of hiu
farm and has never been soon since. A.
few days after that Mrs. Snttloy re
ceived n letter from her disappeared
husband , dated Norfolk. In it ho snid
that ho had just $0 loft , to keep him
alive until ho got a job. Nothing far
ther is known of the man.
Cluiinuerliiln'a Colic , Cliolem unit lInr-
rhorn Koineily
Is everywhere recognized ns the ouo
remedy that cnu always bo depended
upon nnd that is pleasant to take. It is
especially valuable for summer diarrhoea
iu children and is undoubtedly the
means of saving the lives of a great
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IIAS. A. McKIM , M. D. 0.
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist
Graduate Chicago Veterinary College.
Assistant State Veterinarian.
Offloo : Branson's Livery , South Third
Street. 'Phone 185.