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    6 THE NORFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , MAY 1 , 1903.
Large Number of Houses Being
Period of Building Activity Never Do-
fore Approached Olty l J t
Entering Era of Improvement.
List of Residences.
[ From Saturday's
A rtrlvo about thu city Just now Indi
cates moro strongly than anything oleo ,
the fact that Norfolk In entering a per
iod of building aotlvlty never before
equaled. Not only nro the numbers of
now homes impressive , but the general
standard is nlnvo what has hordofuro
boon known.
Among the houses going up mny ho
xnontlonml that of J. H H-dnuui , on
Smth EUhth Htroit ; Mlko ISndorn ,
which him junt been complutotl on South
Eighth hi root ; two that are planned by
A J. Durlniid for thu Heights , on South
Kl lithj a now outing" "f MM. MimH { m
Phillip avunno ! u now homo oil South
Fifth just omipled by Win. Ahlnmnn ;
ix largo mining hous'i at South Not folk
being built by MM. Ferguson ; thn now
nuldoncoof A. Teal on South Fourth
mid the beautiful now honm of G. D.
Buttoi field on Norfolk nvunun.
BrMdcH I hi no , a now Presbyterian
church will soon ho built at the corner
of Phillip nvumin and Ninth street and
n grea' ninny additions are being put to
roidoiircn throughout the city.
"It in not meioly an era of building
honHon"jKnid an architect this morning ,
"hut it is u period of finer houses than
Norfolk linn seen boforo. "
Among these who are llkolv to build
this Reason are mentioned II. E. Hardy ,
D. J Kotmlgstoln , Venue Nonow ,
Arthur Huzon , 0. W. Braaeoh , and S.
L. Gardner.
_ _
S , J. Arnott of Madbon is in the city
today on business.
Verne llalnoy of Pierce is iu the city
eurouto to Ainsworth.
Mrs. II. II. Mohr of Pioroo was shop
ping in Norfolk today.
B. II. Traoy wont to Bwing last ulght
on a short business trip
O. It. Oleson of Wisner was In the
city yesterday on business.
Mrs. D. ' Wilkinson of Fremont is the
guest of Mrs. T , S. Shooau.
Fred Stafford wont to Omaha today
to spend Sundny with friends
Mrs. F. W. lllohnrdson of Battle
Greek visited in Norfolk yohtorday.
G. A. Bestn and Sam Wilder nro
guests at the Oxnard ouer Sunday.
Miss LUlio Parker of Plnlaviow is n
puest at the homo of her brother , Dr.
O. S. Parker.
Vitrified brick nro on the ground for n
new wnlk in front of the Turf Exchange
and restaurant.
W L. Kern nnd son O oar and daugh
ter Leila wont to Bloomflold this morn
ing for a few days' visit.
The Eagles hold a meeting and initi
ation Thursday night and will hold
/mother next Friday night.
Ed Erwiu will ship n carload of
hories to Omaha tonight. This is the
second car within two weeks.
The new wagons for the rural dollv <
cry servl-o have arrived nnd are now
covering the territory around Norfolk.
The postofilco will bo open tomorrow
from 13 to 1 , instead of 'from I to 2 , ns
has heretofore been th Sunday custom.
W. II Olark has found the grip for
which he has been ndvortislug. It con
tained his painter's tools nud eomo
Mrs J. L. Orotty , who has been
spending the winter in this cUy with
Mrs T. S. Shoonn , returned to her
homo in Denver today.
Mrs F M. Slsson is attending a moot
inir of the "Woman's Home missionary
society at Fender She is ou the pro
gram for a paper before the society to
"W. J. Rupert , who has been firing on
the 0. Pt. P. M. & . O between hero
and Sinus Oity for some tirno , has been
given nn engine on the sanio road be
tween Sioux Oity nnd Omaha , and will
move his family to Sioux Oity.
The weather opened cold and cheerless -
less this morning , but thn bright PUU ef
fected something of n chnngo until the
afternoon becnmo quite pleasant nud
ncreenblo. If the wind bahnvffl itself
the prospects nro that tomorrow will
furnish n delightful quality of spring
\voath r.
Joe Horisky , who was so badly Inc-
ornted by the horn of n maddened oow
several davs ace , is quite forgetting his
trouble nnd thinks now that there will
bo no scar at all. Ho thinks ho will
never be bothered ngnin but may re
move the horns jast because , after all ,
discretion is the better part of valor.
Minx Alice Barrett entertained thirty
of her young friends nt the homo of her
parents , corner of First street nud Nor
folk avenue , yesterday afternoon from
4 to G , the occasion being Miss Alice's
twelfth birthday. The young folks had
a merry time and when leaving time
arrived were all tired but very happy.
The proprietor of the Oxnard , Mr ,
Bartholomew , is expected to arrive in
the. olty today to look over his house.
It is thought that he may plan to build
an addition to the building ns it is not
large ououghnow to accommodate thn
patronage. A dozen were turned away
Thursday night and five again last
Rov. F. M. Sisson received a message
this morning stating that Her. A. L
Bray hnd died nt Hot Springs , Ark. ,
yesterday morning. The funeral will
bo hold nt Ornlg nt 11 o'clock Monday
morning nnd the servioo will bo con
ducted by Dr. Slmion , Mr , Brny hnn
been sluk for HOIIIO tlmo , Ho was pinter
of the Methodist church nt Uloomflold ,
out intornumt will ho nt Ornlg , boonuso
thnt is the homo of his wife's people.
John U. Ilnys won in Hot Springn
over Sunday ,
S. 0. Oiunpboll is In the olty from
Miidlton today.
Mr * . 0 L. Kinsom of Omaha is the
guest of Mm , J , Biium.
0 , D Jenkins has gene to Onmhn nnd
will bo absent several dnys ,
Mr * . O. 0. Ball went to Long Pine
ant evening to visit with her mother ,
Dr. 0. A. MoKttn was called to
Ulonmllold today on state votorlnnry
work ,
Mrs. J. F. Pouohor will lonvo tomor
row for a visit with her pnronts nt
Toknnmh ,
Mr. and Mrs , George II Bishop loft
Saturdny noon for their homo in Now
ll.ivun , Conn.
QMrfl F. M. Slssonreturned today from
'ondt-r , where she attended a mooting
of mlHHlonnrlos.
W. II. Bradley and family of Larch
wood , Iowa , nro visiting at the homo of
Mr and Mrs. 0. F. Shaw.
Rev J F. Pouoher wont to Craig to-
lay to attend thu funeral of the Into
Rev. A L. Bray , who died at Hot
Springe , Arkansas.
Daily Nobranknn : Roy Pierce , who
IHH been confined BO long with purpura ,
H now convalescing but will not bo in
school any mure this year.
Dr. Louis Sohloslngor , the spiritual'
ntlo medium , leaven tonight for Noligh.
Ho will be gene to various towns for
several dnys liuforo returning to Nor
Frank Twin * , olork nt the Oxnnrd ,
lenves this evening for a few days'
visit in Ohndron with Ed Stevens. W.
II. Piloldor will fill thu position during
his nbbonco.
Frank Ambrose , n hnrpist who has
mitdo Norfolk his headquarters for a
number of years , left at noon today for
Omaha and will go from there to Don-
vor. Ho may tnko a trip down to Mexico
ice nnd from there to his old homo in
Italy before returning.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Woathorby enter-
alnod n largo company of friends at
their homo ou the corner of Koeulgstoiu
avenue and Thirteenth street , Saturday
night. Slx-hnndcd ouohro wns the fou-
turo of the evening. Prizes were won
by Mrs. 0. E. Greene nnd Mrs. G. B.
Suitor , nnd the shouting prize by Mr.
W. W. Roberts is already receiving
a largo amount of correspondence relut
ing to base ball , among which nro not n
few letters asking for games ou certain
dates. The Wayne college team has
kfd for n game hero on the first of
J no. Mr. Roberts thinks that the chnl
longors are quite likely to bo aocommo
dated The proper spirit is awakening
iu Norfolk and nothing will sufllco to
HivtiHfy the cravings of the fans like a
good team nud plenty of games.
Bittlo Greek Republican : ' July21 , 23
and 23 are dates that Norfolk people
write in rod ink. On these dates the
eleventh annual tournament of the
State V luntoer Firemen's association
will bo hold In that city , and it is nu
ttvont extraordinary. Norfolk never
does anything on the half-way plan ,
and wo judge from their liberal adver
tising that this nffnir will bo on the
way nnd n half plan. Some neat but
ton budges have been put out for ad
vertising purposes.
A crowd of children of South Norfolk
havn for Homo time past boon disturb
ing the people by ringing door bells ,
throwing corn ou the windows , nud
otherwise playing annoying pranks.
List night this sort of "fun" bccauu
rather too tame and they turned their
attention to the church , where they al
most succeeded iu breaking up the
meeting. This action is n serious of
fense ngainst the laws of the state and
these who have been guilty of it should
have u oaro that they are not prosecuted.
Some of them are known , nnd prose
cutions are very likely to toke place if
there is not an immediate cessation of
this sort of disturbance.
Foil SALK. Barred Plymouth Rock
eggs , $1 per setting.H.
313 North 9th.
Cured by One Bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy.
"When I had nu attack ot the grip
last winter ( the tccoud oue ) I actually
cured myholf with one bottle of Ohuui-
borluiu's Cough Remedy , " says Frank
W. Pony , editor of the Enterprise ,
Shortsville , N. Y. . "This is the honest
tiuth. I ut times kept from cougliiug
myself to pieces by taking a tiuspoouful
ot this roxnody , nud whtu the roughing
spt-11 would come on at night I would
tnku a dpso and it seemed that iu the
briefest interval the cough would pass
off and I would go to sleep perfectly
free from cough ana its accompanying
pains. To sny that the remedy acted as
n most ngreeablo surprise Is putting it
very mildly. I hart no idea that it
would or could knock out the grip ,
simply because I had never tried it for
such n purpose , but it did , nud it seemed
with the second attack of coughing the
remedy caused it to not only bo of less
duration , but the pains were far less
severe , nnd I had not used the contents
of one bottle before Mr. Grip had bid
me adieu. " For sale by the Kiocuu
Drug Co ,
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Brome Quinine tablets.
All druguists refund the money if it
fnils to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
is on each box. 25o.
Fine light work a specialty at Paul
Dr , W.I. Seymour coming.
Will Have Morning Service
After May i.
Farmers Petitioned for It They Must
Patronize the Service Inspectors
Will Sco That the Rural Routes are
[ from Tuoflday'd Dally. ]
Under instruction of the pustofllco de
partment at Washington , the tlmo
sahodulo on thu rural free delivery
routes from this city , has been changed
rein nftornpon to morning , nnd begin-
ling with May 1 the carriers will lonvo
the olllco nt 7 : ! IO o'clock n. in.
This ohnngo IH iniulo at petition of the
patrons on all of the routed. Route 1
icli was slated to bo carried after
loon , beginning with yesterday , will
3ontlnun with the morning Eorvlco
straight through.
A latoniiiiounoemunt from the post
olllcu department at Washington , thnt
hero \VIVH to bo instituted a rigid in
spection of rural mall delivery routes ,
mil that all routes not up to the ro-
lutromonts would bo abandoned , has
caused bomothlng of a ( lurry.
A route of ordinary proportions
should handle each month between
> ,000 and 0,000 pieces of mail. Some
roaoh as high an 10,000 in more thickly
sottlud communltlox , but many otlioro
all down to an nvorngo of about 2,000.
It is this chum that the government
will invuHtlgato and it is up to the
farmers on such routes to show why
the service should not bo discontinued.
If the business is found to bo loss than
t should Do , in the minds of the spuc-
nl agents , recommendations will bo
undo Ilrst ns to what should bo douo to
oinedy the difficulty. Then if the
routes do not pick up , the routes will bo
oidorod discontinued.
In connection with the investigation ,
ho good roads question will bo carefully
considered. If the routes are found to
bo in poor shape , and not maintained
with the idea of assisting the carriers iu
iivery possible way , thnt fact will out
considerable figure in the recommenda
tions of the ngeuts.
Dr A. Dlsboou is in the oity from
BurtMnpos returned homo thin 'morn
ing from Oroightou.
A. T. MoOonuoll is in the olty from
Fuller ton.
Mrs. Myron Twiss wns a visitor to
Madtson yesterday.
William Stewart and family nro in
the oity from Randolph.
Mrs. J. T. Stownrd of Tildon was
shopping in Norfolk yesterday.
The Grand Island Independent ifsued
n oplondid likeness of President Roosevelt -
volt on Saturdny.
J. O. Moroy was down from Pierce
this morning transacting business and
greeting old-time friends.
An addition is being bni't ' to the
north end of the residence of N. A.
Raiubolt iu Koonigstoin avenue.
Miss Alice Cole has completed the
term of school she has been teaching
at Bloomfield MI * is now at homo.
Miss Emma Myor is hero from Ran
dolph today bhoppiug preparatory to
her marriage next week.
Mrs. E M. Koirth and little boy from
the Pine Ridge agency were in the city
today for shopping.
The walk iu front of the postofflco
needs a drain tile attachment or the
filling up the hollows in which the
water stands on the occasion of each
rain storm.
Mr. Duncan of San Francisco , who
has been so seriously ill for the past
week at Mrs. Austin's , has shown a
marked itiiprovomt lit
Grand Island entertained President
Roosevelt over Suudny and Campbell
Bros. ' circus on Monday , giving that
town excitement in variety.
The Norfolk Eighth grndo exami
nations will bo hold tomorrow , nt which
time Superintendent Crnin is expected
over from Mndlsou to conduct them.
J. B Mnylard who is now visiting in
England , has remembered n number of
Norfolk friends with illustrated pobt
cards bearing cuts of worth while
features iu the old country.
Herman Sohroeder has recently
brought into the city from Wisconsin
a great ninny flue cedar trees of the
red , white and Norwegian variety. He
is distributing them among his friends.
Billie Ferguson is now traveling with
Oampoll Bros , circus They reached
Denver today for their opening per
formance of the season. Billie writes
to his mother that he has a good place
nnd will like the work.
The little dnughtor of W. A. Tawnoy
of Osmond was fatally burned last Sat
urday nud died Sundny. She will bo
buried from the Presbyterian church nt
Osmond , and Rov. S. F. Shnrpless of
this city will conduct the service.
At Springfield , Illinois , Arthur J.
Koeulgsteln of this city was married to
n young lady of that place today.
After n short trip the couple will return
to Norfolk nnd bo nt homo ou the
corner of Nebrnekn avenue nnd Eighth
The post office is now more thnu n
post office. It has become a thing of
beauty and a joy forever by the placing
in the windows of a number of pretty
pluuts. Mit-s Gnrlingej , who presides
nt the money order window , is respon
sible for it.
The Ladles guild of Trinity church
will giv i nn informal reception to Rev.
and Mrs J 0 S. Weills tomorrow even
ing from 8 to 10 at the home of Ool. and
Mrs , S. W. Hayes on Norfolk avouno.
Ml people of the parinh nnd other
"rlondH of Mr nnd Mrs. Weills nro most
cordially invited to call ,
Mrs , Fred Sidlur nnd children re-
nrnod yoRtordny from Chicago , whoio
hey linvo mndo their homo during the
winter , while Mr. Sldler has been cm-
> loyod in the shops of the Piano Man
ufacturing company. Ho will follow in
n thort time nnd they expect to mnko
heir homo in Norfolk iu the future.
Cyrus Brownloo Newton , the noted
itunorlst and comedian , in in the oity
and will entertain at the M. E. church
; onight , under the auspices of the Nor-
'oik ' schools. Ho visited the schools
; lils morning aud gave n few readings
.hat showed him a romarknblo dolino-
itor of diameter , and quite capable of
irnlBhing endless nniUHomont.
The town of Lynch , in Boyd county ,
s the Intest to bo stirred up over nilii-
ng exoltomunt. It has mndo n radical
lupin turo , however , iu that neither
gold , nilvorooiil nor oil are claimed. An
nvoHtigation of the hills south of the
own is said to dlsoloso ere thnt nssnys
) G per cent lend and some copper nud
xports irtlimnto thnt it will run about
SO to the ton. Mr. Bowdish , a Cripple
Creole miner is investigating the find
ind if it will warrant a company of
coal capitalists will bo fo mod to de
velop the property. People in this pait
of the country will wish Lynch no
ivorso fortune than that the find may
ndoed prove vnlunblo.
E. P. Woathorby is iu Spencer on
W. H Buttorfiold is transacting bnsi-
less in Lincoln.
Dr. P. H. Snltor was in Lincoln yes-
onlay on business.
Dr. A. Dosbrow of Croighton was a
oily visitor yesterday.
Mrs. Edward Tanner was iu the city
yesterday from Battle Crook.
E. R. Garnoy nud II. E. Somisou
were here yesterday from Wlnsido.
F. L. E tabrook shipped n oar of eggs
Saturday aud expects to ship a couple
nero this week.
J. N. Buudiok returned homo last
night from Omaha where ho went ou
business and incidentally saw the prosi-
[ lent.
The tender young loaves of the trees
were beautifully crystallized and were
Irokon iu pieces and strewn over the
ground by thu strong wind.
It is believed that the wheat nnd oats
will bo rather benefited than injured ns
this , will cause them to "stool out" and
form thick upon the ground.
Mrs. P. T. Birohnrd , Mrs. A. J. Dur-
laud nnd Mrs. Burt Mnpes went to
Omnhn today to see Richnrd Mnnsflold
In "Julius Coasar , " nt the Boyd to
The coal men have had an extra force
at work today replenishing the coal bins
that have been permitted to dwindle
with the belief that there would be no
further use for coal fires iu the heaters
this season. It was surprising the way
the rush orders rolled in.
As a result of the storm water has in
vaded some of the collars of Norfolk.
The collar under the Odd Follows
buildiug contains about three inches
and about the same depth of water has
appeared iu the press pit in THE NEWS
The precipitation during the storm
was very abundant aud has materially
ndded to the precipitation for the season
nud stands a ohauoe of being hold until
the ground is receptive. The wet may
be of benefit during the season aud this
will bo about the only benefit accruing
from the storm.
There ire some boys in the neighbor
hood of Ninth street who have a largo
calibre revolver in their possession
which thev shoot around indiscrim
inately , Inking espocinl delight in
frightening girls and young children
The boys are known nud residents of
thnt vicinity assert thnt they will be
prosecuted unless the practice is stopped.
A oarlond of Austrian laborers passed
through Norfolk Monday. They were
enrouto to Niobrara and Bonostool , half
of them to bo employed out of each
place in completing the work on the ex
tension that was built last summer.
The work of repairing nnd completing
the roadbed ou the extension will bo
undertaken as soon as the weather will
permit and the track will soon bo put
in the excellent condition that oharac-
terizes the Northwestern system.
Cyrus Brownleo Newton , the uoted
humorist and comedian , entertained a
rather small but thoroughly apprecia
tive audience at the M. E. church last
night , the entertainment being under
the auspices of the Norfolk schools.
Those who attended were unanimous iu
decltiriug that Mr Newton wns one of
the best entertainers it has been their
privilege of hearing. He is most clever
ns a character delineator nnd is thor
oughly the character he represents ,
showing remarkable versatility. His
manner is easy , graceful and refined ,
and he can bring a laugh or a tear with
out apparent effort on his part. His
voice is remarkably melodious and bis
readings furnished an evening of un
wonted pleasure to those who braved
the storm of the night.
Dr. Seymour will be in Norfolk Sat
urday , May 3. at the Oxnard hotel.
Danger of Colds and Grip.
The greatest danger from colds and
grip is their resulting in pneumonia.
If reasouablo care is used , however , and
Ohauiberlniu's Cough Remedy taken ,
all danger will be avoided. Among the
tens of thousands who have used this
remedy for these diseases we have yet
to learn of a sluglo case having resulted
iu pneumonia , which shows conclus
ively thit it is a certain preventive of
that dangerous disease. It will cure
cold or an uttok of the grip in less time
than any other treatment. It is
pleasant and safe to take. For sale by
the Kiesan Drug Co.
Carl Korth Suffers a Broken
Messrs Korth and W. L. Kern Were
Run Down While Returning from
the Country Last Night by Fred
[ From Tuesday'u Dally. ]
Returning from the country at 10
o'clock last night , W. L. Kern and Carl
Korth were run over by a team driven
by Fred Shilling. The accident hap
pened botsvoon the two bridges at Hille's
two miles north , on First street. The
road there is narrow , with deep ditches
canned by the recent overflow of the
river and Schilling had a lumber wagon
and was letting his horses go fast while
Kern nnd his companion were iu n
single buggy. The latter got out of
their buggy nud led their horse into the
ditch when they hi nrd Schilling coming ,
but were uuablo to prevent the collision
that followed.
The horse was stripped of his harness ,
knocked down and the buggy smashed.
Kern and Korth were under thojhorso's
feet aud how they escaped being killed
s a miraclo. Kern is only slightly
bruited but Korth was not so fortunate ,
ns ho had a shoulder broken and two
ribs separated from the breast bone , besides -
sides being horribly bruised and
scratched on various parts of the body.
Mr. Korth is a man about 00 years of
ago and will suffer from his injuries for
a long timo.
Schilling lives about ton miles south
aud had started homo with a load of
flour aud groceries , when he became
on fused by the electric lights and drove
north instead of south.
G. B. G.ittru is here from Sorlbnor.
F. O. Holbort is iu the city today from
0. D. Gearhart is hero on business ,
from Aiusworth.
Mrs. T. J. Thompson of Fairfax , S.
D. , is shopping in Norfolk today.
E. W. Hayes arrived in the oity last
night from the west and is a guest nt
the homo of his parents , Mr. nud Mrs.
S. W. Hnyes , for a short time before
leaving for his home in Indianapolis.
Otto Fuorst , n prominent citizen of
Battle Creek , is in Norfolk today.
The Ladies Guild of Trinity church
will meet with Mrs. J. N. Bnndick to
morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. It will
bo a business meeting and a full attend
ance is desired.
Among these who lost at the recent
fire at Fairfield was Wm. Nenman , sou
in-lnw of W. F. Moldenhanor of this
city. Mr. Neuman was in the lumber
business with a partner and the lire
started in the alley near their yard ,
cleaning it out among the first of the
properties destroyed. Mr. Moldeulmner
wont down and found Mr. Neuman
considerably discouraged. They carried
small insurnnce , and do not know
whether they will re-engage iu the
business or not. There are other oir-
cninstnncos than the flro to discourage ,
ouo of which is that the yard was iu the
fire-limits of the town and cannot be re
built except at a grout expense , as they
will not permit frame buildings , even
when covered with sheet iron.
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
Will Dine Tonight.
Miss Huttie Allbery will entertain
the teachers of the Lincoln building at
6 o'clock dinner this evening.
Reception This Evening.
A reception will be held this evening
for Rev. and Mrs. J. O. S. Weills , at
at the home of Ool. and Mrs. S. W.
Hayes , on Norfolk avenue.
A Delightful Afternoon.
Despite the blizzard , a score of ladies
enjoyed a delightful afternoon yester
day , with Mrs. E. T. Mittelfitadt at her
home on the corner of Koenigfitein
avenue and Twelfth street Decora
tions were in pink nud white , with
roses nnd carnations for flowers. Each
lady was presented with an American
Beauty. A toothsome supper closed
the afternoon.
Announcement Cards.
Cards hnvo been received in the oity
from Mrs. R. M. Baker of Springfield ,
111. , announcing the marriage of her
daughter , Ethel , to Arthur J. Koenig-
steln of this city on Tuesday , April 28
The groom is in the drug business herewith
with his father and is one of the sub
stnutial and progressive young men of
the oity. Mr. and Mrs. Koonigstein
will make their homo on North Eighth
C. S. Barclay & Son of Iowa , Wll
Hold Silver Anniversary Sale.
Mossers. O. S. Barulay & Son of Wesi
Liberty , Iowa , are advertising their
twenty-fifth annual sale of Short Horn
cattle which is to take place on May 20
nt their farm home. The senior member
bor of the firm is the father of Mrs. R.
H. Reynolds of this city and the
younger man is a brother. For thirty
five years Mr. Barclay , sr. , has been en
gaged in the business of raising ant
selling fine Short Horn cattle nud thi
is termed the "Silver Anniversary" sal
of the firm. Sixty-one head of cattl
nro to be disposed of. The West Lib
erty Enterprise has this to say of the
firm and its reputation : "The fame o
Barclay as a Short Horn breeder is
known nil over the United States , and
has reached the English shores. Hi
cattle are universally of rare merit and
he transacts all his business strictly
upon honor. This not only applies t
'he Strength
of the coffee you buy adds to it *
value in the cup.
Lion Coffee
comes to you fresh and of full
strength , always in sealed , air-tight
packages. Bulk coffees lose their
strength , deteriorate in flavor , ind
also gather dirt.
Dnlformltr , frmhncti end fall tr nrth
r ln > ar a to uurt at Lion Coffoo.
lie father but the BOH ns well , who is n
hip from tlio old block. " It is as-
uri-d tlnit lovers of flue Short Horn
train will bo nttrnotcd from nil parts of
ho United States by tilts snlo.
Dozen Men Together Walked in Early
For Supplies. ,
[ Kioin Thursday's Dully , ]
A tntm with oluvon big , strapping
ous , formed a party that arrived iu
Norfolk a few mornings ago on the
arly train from Bouosteol. They were
n tlnir wny to the mining district of
Vyoming and stopped off from 0 o'clock
u the morning until the Union Pacific
mssengor loft at 11 While in the city ,
> eforo the 7 o'clock whistle hud blown ,
lie dozen of them walked into a big
tore that had opened early by chance
nd bonght a half hundred dollars'
worth of goods. They wanted shoes for
ve and garments for wear , besides , so
hat when they left they were cotn-
) letely changed in appearance , and by
liis time the Norfo k articles are far out
west. '
Ex-Judge Jackson Came Down From
There Last Night.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
Judge N. J. Jackson was in the city
over night on his wny homo from Knox
: ounty to NeliKh. The judge came
nto Norfolk just twenty minutes too
ate last night to get home on the pas-
enger and was forced to remain over
until this morning.
The case of most importance in this
esslon of court , he said , was that
igainst the Verdigre banker who is now
u jail on the charge of converting funds
o his ovn use. The case was contin
ued. The suit of the Norfolk National
bank against Rothwoll was continued.
Smashed Top of Piano at Home of W.
W. Quivey in Pierce.
[ From Thursday's Dally. ]
During tne electric storm at Pierce
Tuesday afternoon lightning played a
queer freak at the ho0 of W. W.
Quivey , ex county attorney. No signs
of the stroke are visible on the outside
of the house but on the interior the wall
paper is badly scorched , and the next
effect the bolt had was on the piano ,
where it pplit the top almost into kindl-
ng wood and loft the cover unharmed.
A small plaster statue on the piano was
decapitated and left standing. No one
was in the hotJse at tha time and the
damage to the furniture was all that
was done and this wus not large.
Real Estate Record.
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
The following transfers are reported
by Chester A. Puller , manager Madison
county Abstract office , for week ending
April 20 , 1003 : Joseph G. Gardner and
wife to A. B. Boall Theatre company ,
wd. s 04 ft , u 54 ft , lots 7 and 8 , block 4 ,
Norfolk , $9COO.
Ohas. Knap and wife , to Mary L.
Braasoh , wd. lots 0 and 7 , block 4 ,
Koeuigstein's second addition to Nor
folk , $3,000.
0. Ottzenbnns and wife to Oarl
Schilling.wd. ni < < , se , 21-22.2 , $2,160.
Juo. R. Anderson and wife to August
BubS , wd , block 17 , The Heights , Nor
folk , $1GOO
Emma Kaul and husband to James
Johnson , wd. lots 1 and 2. block 7
Madison , $1,100.
Sam'l 0. Bennett tr to Albertine
Driffcorn et al , wd. se } , 15-24-4 , $1,000.
F. W. Barnes and wife to Jos. J.
Adams , wd , pt nej , nej , 5 21-1 , $1,200.
Goo. H. Bishop and wife to Caroline -lf.t
E. Farley , wd. no ) , 23-24-2 , $2,000. , : I
Transfers for less than $1,000 are this ' /
week omitted for lack of space. ' l I
A Fine Colt.
John Krnntz has recently acquired n
handsome colt which is a valuable addi
tion to the fine stock of Norfolk. The
a nimnl will be two years old on Mny 8 ,
is Peroheron stock and at present weighs
1310 pounds. He was purchased from
a horse owner near Winside , and has
the possibilities of a fine animal in him.
Big boned , strong muscled nud wel
formed , with a colt muzzle , horse own
ers have expressed keen ndmiration of
the animal and great faith in his
Bids will be received by the undersigned - V
signed , until noon , Monday , May 11 , * ,
1903 , for the construction of n two-story ' J
brick building , on lots on couth Fourth *
street. Flnus nnd specifications mny /
be scon nt my studio. It is the iu- I
teutiou to award the contract to the |
lowest responsible bidder , but the right JU
is reserved to reject any or all bids.
Locals in THE DAILY NEWS are a
paying proposition. If you have tried
then you know that ; if you haven't , do.