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    12 THE NORFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , MAY 1,1003.
The Peoples Store wnnts
another oar of potatoes ,
nnd this tlmo wovtvnt
them on commission , Will
got you the host prlco pos
sible nnd will do nil our
work free of olmrgo. All
wo are aflur is your trado.
Potatoes must he of n fair
nl/o. Come to the storu
for details.
Yours Truly ,
B. mm
know how "hot under the collar" nnd
over the bosom It mnkos yon when , just
ready to dress for an ovonlng's enjoy
luent , yon ilud your best nhlrt unlit to
wear. Why run the risk of such a
mishap when wo always do your work
nil right every way ?
. . ,
Plumbing ,
Steam and Hot
Water Fitting.
| . . . .All Kinds of Pumps. . , , f
'Phono No. 97.
Undertakers and Embalmcrs ,
Soslons lllk. , Norfolk Avenue ,
juay ho leased by private parties nt any
time for reasonable prices. Ladies wel
come nt any time.
Do not send away your old ingrain
and Brussels carpets. Wo rxro ready to
weave them into ruRH. We have a loom
from the factory nt Sioux Oity and \vil
weave such rugs ns they weave there.
Corner Fourth and Madison.
Madison County
Abstract Office.
Public Accontant and
Expert Typewriter.
Special attention given to
tracing difllnult titles and
addresses of non-resident
land owners.
104 South 4th St. , Norfolk , Neb.
K. A. Stewart is in the city from
A. H. Corhet Is In the city today from
F. J. Halo of Battle Creek was a Norfolk -
folk visitor yesterday.
Rev. S. F. Sharpless paid a visit to
the county seat yesterday.
S. H. Rudolph , an attorney of At *
lantio , Iowa , is in the city today on
Emil Kostomalatsky of Sioux Oity
visited at the home of J. W. Humphrey
last night.
Ed. Madeou is here from Eureka ,
. .
) fH ! * * * * ! " * '
California , to vlult his mother for n
oouplo of weolcn.
W , A King loft last night for Hot
Springs , 8. IX , whore ho goes for relief
'roui rheumatism ,
K , II. Mmumko returned from Plorco
tOilny , whorw ho attended the funeral of
hlH nephew , Fml Mnnusko , yesterday.
Dr. II. T. Holdon will leave tomorrow
for Ohliwgo where ho will take a post
graduate course in the diseases of ladles
nnd children.
Dr. II. A , MlttloHtadt , dentist , Bishop
block. Telephone 00.
Chnrlos Nordwtp ; Places His Llttlo
Girl In His Mother's Care.
Oharles Nordwig was In town yester
day from Sioux Olty. Ho hrought with
him his little H-yoars-old daughter , mid
when ho returned to Sioux Olty the
Httlo girl was loft in the oaro of her
fnthor'H mother , who HVOH hero. It
seems that the child waH kidnapped by
the father from her mother in Sioux
Olty nnd brought to this city Wednes
day. Nordwig nnd his wlfo hnd agreed
to pait and by agreement the wife nud
child wore staying nt the homo of a
brother of Nordwig living in Sioux Olty.
Tuesday evening Charles called at the
house nnd nskod to sen the child. Tak
ing the little girl in his arms he made n
dash for the street where n hack was in
waiting , In which ho was hurriedly
driven away. The next hoard of him
was when ho brought the little girl to
his mother in this city.
Oharlos mnlntnlns thnt his wife is not
n ( It person to have charge of the little
girl , that she Is not kind to It , and that
there are other reasons why she should
not have the custody of the child.
At the instance of the mother , the
police force of Sioux Oity have boon
searching for the father and daughter
since they dlsnpponrod Tuesday even
ing. Nordwig wont back to Sioux
Olty this morning with the determina
tion to ilud the chief of police and ex
plain the situation to him , claiming
that ho can prove the truth of his as-
sortloiiH by the neighbors who are some
what familiar with their family affairs.
Ho hns no fonr of trouble from a legal
source at this tlmo , because ho can setup
up an good a right to the child ns can
the mother.
Ho is a tnllor who formerly worked in
the shops of this city but now holds n
pKoe with Fngloy & Oo. , Ifl Sioux Olty.
For Sale Oanopy top buggy and sin
gle harness. Inquire of 0. J. Hlbbou.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Headquarters , Mathowson post , G. A.
R. , Department of Nebraska , at Nor
folk Resolutions of condolence passed
at n mooting of said post on April 14 ,
10CW :
Whereas , It has pleased the Great
Commander to remove from our ranks
our comrade , Thomas J. Hartor , nn old
nud faithful member of this post to the
eternal blvouao of our comrades gone
before ; therefore bo it
Resolved , That by the death of Com
rade Hartor this post has lost n faithful
friend nnd comrade , whoso absence will
bo keenly felt by each one of the sur
viving members , his comrades. For
many years , on each annually recurring
Memorial Day Comrndo Hartor has
placed marks nt the graves of our
deceased comrades and lias been the
guide of our decorating committee in
their patriotic task of strowlug ilowors
on the lowly mounds that sheltered the
mortal remains of our country's de
fenders. Wo will sadly miss his as
sistance and direction , always cheer
fully given on each Memorial day.
Resolved , That the usual emblems of
mourning bo displayed in our post hall
for the period of thirty days , nud that n
copy of those resolutions bo presented to
the family of our late deceased comrade.
onioial :
Post Oommaudor.
Miss Nellie Haudley loft this morning
for South Omaha to win new honors for
herself and the school.
The time of the senior class for the
next fonr weeks will bo devoted chiefly
to reviews of the common branches.
The high school glee club is making
excellent progress under the skillful
management of Mlas Kathryu Slssou.
Thirty out of n olnss of seventy pupils
of the class in English of the Omaha
high school failed to make n passing
May 8 is fixed for the state high
school athletic moot. Several high
schools of the stnto will send their high
jumpers , fast runners , hammer
throwers , shot putters and low hurdlers.
Mr. McCoy has been nppoiuted
teacher of science in the junior normal ,
ton weeks session , to bo hold at Alliance
beginning Juno 8. Mr. MoCoy will up
hold the reputation of the Norfolk high
school la the science work.
Oyrus Brownloo Newton's entertain
ment was among the brightest nud
cleverest rendered in Norfolk. The un
favorable weather , cards and dauces
combined to diminish the attendance.
Receipts , $24,90 ; expenses , $45.
There is a tendency on the part of
many pupils to withdraw from school n
few weeks before its close and expect
credit equal to that earned by those who
remain in regular attendance. Such
will bo disappointed in their expecta
The eighth grade county examina
tions of this section of the county was
held in the high school building
Wednesday , Superintendent ] Orum cou
ducting the examination. Including
those from rural schools , sixty pupils
were examined. The Norfolk olass hoe
suffered many disadvantages the past
year , due to changes in teachers and
quarantine. It is hoped , however , that
the class will not fall below the average
of Its predecessors.
County Commissioners Aslc for
Forty Thousand.
Voters nro to Express Their Approval
or Disapproval of the Proposition
on Tuesday , Juno 2 Half of Amount
for Drldgos and Half for Roads.
Below is n call for n special election
to bo hold on Tuesday , Juno 2 , issued
by the commissioners of ' Madison
county , to vote bonds in the sum of $10-
000 , half of which is to go for replacing
with steel bridges the structures over
the Elkhorn washed out by the flood
this spring , and the other $20,000 is to
) o used in building road1) in various
jnrtH of the county. Voters should
road nnd study the proposition and bo
prepared to net on it when the tlmo
oomcs with a full knowledge of v , lint it
means , The proposition is before them
n detail and it is loft for thorn to do-
oldo as to whether or not the bonds
shall bo iusued. It requires n two-thirds
vote to carry the propoHition :
Proclamation For Special County
Election on Juno 2 , 1003.
Notice is hereby given to the legal
voters of Madltum county , Nebraska ,
that in accordance with n resolution
imnscd by the county commissioners of
MadiBon county , Nebraska , on the 23rd
day of April , 11)08 ) , a special election
will be held in said Madison county on
the 2nd day of Juno , 100. ! , nt. which
election there will be submitted to the
vote of the legal votois of the said
Madison county , Nebraska , the follow
ing questions and propositions , to-wit :
Shall the county nouimlsHlnnors of
Madison county , and State of Nebraska ,
have the power and authority to issue
the negotiable coupon bonds of said
Madison county , Nebraska , to the
amount of forty thousand dollars for
the purpose following , to-wit : Twenty
thousand dollars of said sum to bo ex
pended and appropriated in the con
struction nnd erection of fonr stool
span bridges ncross the Elkhoru river
in Madison county , Nebraska , ns
follows : One ncross the Elkhorn river ,
north of the village of Tildoii , one
across the Elkhorn river north of the
village of Battle Oreok , ouo across the
Elkhorn river In Valley township in
section twenty-seven , one across the
Elkhoru river at the foot of Frist street
south of the city of Norfolk ; the re
maining twenty thousand dollars to bo
expended and appropriated under the
direction nud supervision of the county
commisslouorH for the improvement of
the nubile hlirhwavs in Mndirion couutv.
Nebraska , as follows : Thirteen thous
and dollars to be expended on the pnb-
lie highway running west from the oity
of Madison between Fairview nud
Green Garden townships , Sohoolcraft
and Kalnmnzoo townships , to line run
ning north nud'south east of section
thirty-two nnd flvo in Emerick nnd
Shell Oreek townships also , nnd on
public highway running south between
sections three and four , uino and
ten , sixteen and fifteen , twenty-one and
twouty-two , twenty-seven and twenty-
eight , thirty-four nnd thirty-five to the
corporate limits of the village of New
man Grove , nil in Shell Creek township ,
nil in Madison county , Nebraska.
Twenty-five hundred dollars on public
highways connecting from the north
and south with said pnblio highway
running west from the said city of Mad-
isou ; two thousand dollars to bo ex
pended on pnblio highway running
north and south beginning north of the
main public highway , running west
from the oity of Madison nud ruuuiug
north between Sohooloraft and Fairview -
view townships , Highland and Battle
Greek townships , Deer Greek nndVnlloy
townships to the county line between
Pierce nud Madison counties , nud on
the public highways connecting from
the east nnd west with said public high
way running north and south ; five hun
dred dollars to bo expended on the
public highways in Highland township ,
Madison county , Nebraska , nud one
thousand dollars to be expended on the
public highways in Union Oreek town
ship , Madison county , Nebraska ; one
thousand dollars to bo expended on the
pnblio highways in Grove township ,
Madison county , Nebraska. Said bonds
shall bo forty In number , numbered
from one to forty inclusive and of the
denomination of one thousand dollars
each. They shall bear the dnto of July
1,1803. nud become duo nnd payable
twenty years from date , the said county
of Madison reserves the right after ten
years to pay one or more of said bonds
out of the sinking fund , when accumu
lated , the bonds to bo paid off in the
order of their numbering. They shall
bear interest nt the rnto of four and one-
half percent (4 ( } * % ) per annum , payable
semi-anunally , the first installment of
interest to bo payable on January , 1904 ,
and semi-auuually thereafter on July 1
and January 1 of each year , which in
terest payments shall bo advanced by
proper coupons attached to each bond
and both principal and interest shall bo
payable at the fiscal agency of the state
of Nebraska in the city and stnto of
Now York.
And shall the county commissioners
of the said county of Madison
cause to be levied upon the taxable
property of said Madison county , Ne
braska , an annual tax sufficient for the
payment of the interest ou said coupon
bonds ns it becomes due nud after ten
years from the date of said bonds shall
said county commissioners of said Madi
son county , Nebraska , cause to be levied
In addition to all other taxes , on the
taxable property of said Madison county ,
Nebraska , an amount of taxes sufficient
to create a sinking fund for the pay
ment nt mntnrity of the principal of
said bonds. And shall the tax bo con-
tinned from year to year until the said
bonds are fully paid.
The ballots at such special election
shall be in the following form , to-wit ;
Bridge and pnblio highway I I
bonds and tax Yes I I
Bridge and pnblio highway I I
bonds and tax No 1 . . . I
Those desiring to vote in favor of the
above proposition shall plao * a cross ( X )
in the Fqnare opposite the word "Yes , "
and those deairing to vote againot said
proposition shall place a crops ( Xin ) the
square opposite the word "No. "
* l
In older to carry Bald proposition two.
hlnls of the voters voting nt such elec
tion must vote in favor of same.
The voting places of fluid special oleo-
ion shall bo as follows , towlt :
Olty of Norfolk , Norfolk prcoinot ,
First ward , city hall.
Olty of Norfolk , Norfolk precinct ,
Second ward , Ahluiau'o residence ou
Bouth Fifth street.
Olty of Norfolk , Norfolk precinct ,
Third ward , West Side hose house.
Olty of Norfolk , Norfolk prooiuot ,
[ fourth ward , hose house at Norfolk
Norfolk precinct outside of oity of
Norfolk , Elsloy building corner of 2nd
Btnot nnd Norfolk avonuo.
Va'loy ' prcoinot , Ruy school house.
Door Oroolc proalnot , Hughes school
Burnett precinct , Klorstoad hall in
Tildon , Nebraska ,
Grove precinct , Muflloy school honpo.
Highland proolnot , county poor farm.
Battle Oreek precinct , Bates old store
building in Buttle Creek.
Warnervillo prooiuot , Warner hall in
Union precinct , Snyder blacksmith
shop in MiidiRon , Nebraska.
Fuirviow precinct , Red school houso.
Schnolcrnft precinct , Throotmortou
fohool IIOUHO.
Emorlck procino , West Emerick
school house.
Shell Creek precinct , ongiuo house in
Newman Grovo.
Knliiiiin/.oo precinct , Jenkins school
Green G union precinct , Sohiuidt
school honso.
Mndison procinot outside of city of
Madison , G. A. H. hull in city of Mndi
Madison city in Madison precinct ,
city hall.
The polls nt the election hereby called
will ho opened nt eight o'clock in the
forenoon nnd continue until six o'clock
in the evening of snid 2nd day of Juno ,
lOOil.By order of the board of county com
missioners this 23rd dny of April , 1003.
Board of county commissioners.
Card of Thanks.
To the neighbors nnd friends nnd to
the members of the D. of. H. and A. O.
U. W. who were so kind and expressed
their sympathy during the sickness and
death of our little sou , wo express our
heartfelt thanks.
Mu. nnd Mus. WM. BLAND.
Standings as Recorded up Till Noon
Several hundred votes hnva been
added to the standings of various candi
dates today. The ballot now is :
Miss Lucy Shaffer , South Norfolk 2054
Mrs. Elsie Desmond , Norfolk 2409
Mrs. Joseph Swartz.Sonth Norfolk 2089
Miss Maud Tannehill , Warnervillo 224
Miss Jennie Avery , Battle Creek. . 63
Miss Annn Zuelow , Norfolk 1
Miss Mary Horlsky .Norfolk 1
Miss Kathryue Sisson , Norfolk. . . 1
Miss Nellie Sohweuk , Norfolk. . . . 1
To Whom it May Concern.
Dr. A. S. Beers , one of the most well
known opticians in Nebraska will visit
Norfolk every mouth. The following
letter shows his ability to treat the
eyes :
Dr. A. S. Beers Dear Sir : Your's
received. Yes , I am still using the
glasses yon fitted for me three years ago
and they are the best I have ever had ,
nud I take pleasure in recommending
yon. Respectfully Yours ,
Emerick , Neb.
Dr. Boers will bo at the Pacific hotel
May 7 and 8.
Application for Saloon Liquor License.
Matter of application of Hasonpfiug &
Mnnsko for n liquor license.
Notice is hereby given thnt Henry
Hnsoupfing and F. H. Mauske , under
the firm name of Hasenpflug & Mnuske ,
did , ou the 20th day of April , 1003 , file
their application to the mayor and city
council of the oity of Norfolk , Nebraska ,
for license to sell malt , spirituous nnd
vinous liquors at Norfolk , Nebraska ,
from the 6th day of May , 1003 , to the
2nd day of May , 1004 , at lot 4 , Filler's
addition to Norfolk , Nebraska , in First
ward of said city.
If there is no objection , remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
the 20th day of April , 1903 , the Bald
license will bo granted.
Oity Clerk.
Sheriff Sale.
Br virtue of an order of sal * famed nnd dl-
rncted to me by the clerk of the district court
of MadlBon o uuty , Nebraska , npon dnrrne of
foreclosure of certain tax liens rendered by the
ills' let court of Madison county , Nebraska , on
ttie2ndday of March 190) In favor of N A.
Rnioboltfor the earn of $3183 with Interest
thereon from March 2nd 1903 , at 10 per rent ,
per auburn , together with $23.51 , o sts of
suit , and accruing costs , in an action ,
wherein N. A. Bainbolt is plait tiff ,
and lot 1 of block S ; lots 7 , 20 nnrt 23
of block 7 ; lots 8,9.10 nrd 16 of block 0 ; lot 3
ofblonkio , all in Riverside fork addition to
Norf Ik , Nebraska. U. S. Vreolnnd , Minnie 8.
Drake , F. K. Abbott , S. M. Waiters , R. W.
Salejr. J > C. Sheehoy , 1. Kulokopsky , David
Patterson and William W. Campbell are de-
I will odor the premises describe \ in said do-
cre nncl U Von n tlio property of Bald defend
ants , to-wit : Lot one ( ll nrbbck five (5) ( ) : lot
seven (7) ( ) . twenty (20) ( ) and twenty-throe (23) ( ) of
1)1 ck eovo.i . (7) ( ) ; lots olnht (8) ( ) , nine (9) ( ) . ten (10) ( )
and rlxtoen (16) ( ) of Mock nine (9) ( ) ; lot throe (3) ( )
of block ten (10) ( , nil In lihorsido park addi
tion to Norfolk , Madison county , No-
bratka. for sale at pnblio anction to
the blithest bidder for cash In hand
ithelblhdayof May 1903 , at the hour of 1
o'clock p. , the east front rtoor nf the court
homo at Madison In snid county and state , that
hfllna the bnlldinir wherein tha Init tnrm nf
said court wns held , when and whore dno at
tendance will be given by the undersigned.
Dated thl * 17th day of April 1903.
Sheriff of said county.
Stains and flnfohea floors at
one operation.
Easily applied and dries over
night so it can be used
next morning.
Hakes Pine floors look like Barted ,
Whether Fainted or not.
Ak ns for Booklet on Treatment of Floors.
Manufactured by Dttrolt Whlto Lead Works ,
nd told by
Doalera & Jobbers Generally
IV T U fll W. H. BU01IOL55. President.
\OfTOl k" ALEX. BEAR , Vice President.
JL 1VJ1 J.VrJI\ E W. ZUTZ , " Cashier.
National Bank
The Oldest Established Bank In Northeast Nebraska ,
; : capital , $100,000.00 , - surplus , $20,000.00 , ; :
' DOCS ft General Bn'8 "nd ° s ExounnK0- Interest Paid *
on T'mo ' D ° IOS't ' Drafts and Money . ' ' .
D I o
Banking BUSineSS orders Soldou any Point In Europe. A J
; General Steamship and Foreign P.i9sagoBaslnos3 , Transacted.
Get What You Ask for at. . .
ALL ORDERS nro Filled Promptly nud with Care. Our
goods nro FIRST-GLASS In every particular. Wo know pro-
what is wanted by our customers.
We Aim to Give You the Best Value for Your Money ,
South Side Haiti St. , between 2d and 3d. Telephone No. 41.
The Citizens National Bank.
CAPITAL , 850,000. SUKPLCS , $10,000.
Buy nnd Soil Exchange on this Country nnd nil Parts of Europo.l Farm Loans.
O Sweetwater Eock Spring.
Scranton Hard Coal.
'PHONE 61. r
. .IN-
l *
P R. I X
M-I-H-M-H-H-I-H-I . I-M M ! M H..M..I..M..I..M . . . .
A $400 Cabinet Grand A. Hospe Piano to be GIVEN"
AWAY to the lodge , school , tunion organization or
person having the most votes on
AUGUST 1 , 1903. AT 1:00 P. M.
Whenever you trade with any of the following
merchants to the extent of
25 cents in cash you are
entitled to one vote with which you can vote for any
organization or person you may desire , and the one
having the most votes on the above date gets the piano
free. Why not trade whore you can get votes when
you need the goods anyway and help your lodge or
church win the piano.
The piano is on exhibition at The Star Clothing
Store where it may bo seen by all.
The ballot box is located at Kiesau's Drug
Store , where all votes must be deposited , the votes will
be counted each week and the result published in THE
Clothing THE STAR.
Qrocerlos-OSOAR UHLE.
Livery D. D. BRUNSON.
Flour and Food WALLACE
Tailor O. H. KRAHN , 0. R.
Foley , Gutter.
'I-M-H"H"H-H-I-H-H-l-H-I-H-H-l-H '
Restaurant and Confectionery
-E. N. VAIL. T
Meats FRED KARO. 1
Jewelry and Optician W. B.
Millinery INSKEEP.
I-M H 'M-H-I-H-M' ' ' I 'I ' M-M-I-M-M-l'