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.State Commissioners Work
ing in Norfplk ,
Wore Found With Forty.SIx Fish nt
Five Dollars Per Henry Raasch
Had Sot Them Officers are Down
. .Northfork Today.
[ From Saturday's Dally. ]
In the two hoop nets thnt ho had
rstrung in the Northfork river , Henry
Haasoh , who lives north of the city ,
caught more than the mere bunch of
forty-six IMi thnt hud gotten entangled
in the meshes Inst night. Besides these ,
which might not have been a bad haul
in themselves , ho found , when ho came
to examine the netp , that he had throe
officers of the state wnil ing for him to
liolp look nftor the loud.
State Fish Commissioners George B.
Simpkius nnd George L. Carter of Lin
coln , nrrived in the city yostordny nnd ,
accompanied by Deputy Commishionor
Jlniuoy , of this city , miido n sonrch
Along the banks of the Btrenm. At the
farm of Herman Ransch they found two
hoop nets strung. When Henry canio
along to take them in , ho wns taken in
hlmgolf by the surprise party. The nets
were brought to the city aud now Ho in
the yard nt the homo of Mr. Raiuey on
Second street.
\ There are other nets along the river ,
it is snid , nnd the trio of commissioners
loft this morning in n boat to find those
that are between here and the mouth of
the river.
The fine is five dollars for each fish
caught , which will make Rnnsch's price
about $230. The commissioners came
from Ewing yesterday where they had
found n net and n man who had been
exporting the fish by trunk loads. It
- cost him $845.
Auditorium Season Closed With Last
Night's Performance.
[ From Saturday's Dally. ]
It was a good house that greeted the
4ISI Plnnkard" company on the closing
night of the season at the Auditorium
and the audience indicated quite a keen
appreciation of the performance. From
a critical point of view the play and the
actors do not attain the highest stand
ard , but it is of a class that wears well
with a largo number of theatre-goers
and the fact that the company was
greeted by a full house while Herman's
"Othello" received scant patronage
would indicate that it is of a character
that appeals to a largo number of Nor
folk people , aud it has been hero so
often that they know just what to
expect. It might be submitted to a
toning down prosess , without diminish
ing its popularity. The elimination of
a few characters and the shading off of
others should be accomplished with ad
vantage from n dramatic standpoint
and not prove disastrous to the pro
duction in point of popnlnrity. Mr.
Xiewis in the title role gave evidence of
some merit , but he permits the comedy
nnd brusqueness of his part to outweigh
the finer sentiments that might receive
emphasis and the character is some
what overdrawn. Joe A. Weaver as
"Ezra Page" was one of the best
characters. The orchestra music was
one of the best and most highly appre
ciated treats of the entertainment-
number of high grade selections being
given , those from King Dodo and The
Prince of Pilsen being especially popu
) The Auditorium will be dark until
the opening of the season next fall , un
less leased for special entertainments.
Soil in the Vicinity ot Norfolk Soaked
Last Night.
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
The weather clerk is readily forgiven
for the disagreeable wind that pre
vailed yesterday if the sploudid rain of
of last night was the re-ult of the blow.
, The moisture commenced to fall in
In showers about supper time and after
dark it settled down to quite a steady
pour which was continued throughout
the night and followed by drizzling
showero during today. Up to 8 o'clock
this morning almost ; an inch of rain had
been precipitated , thoroughly moisten
ing the ground to a considerable depth.
That such a rain was needed for the
starting of seeds nnd helping along the
growths that have started as shown by
thftfaot that the ground absorbed most
of the water that fell , and vegetation
has grown proceptibly since the storm
set in. If some warm , sunny weather
could but follow an untold auiouut of
good would result.
' The forecast of today is not encourag
ing , however , to the greatest benefit
possible , Rain or snow and colder is on
I' ' ' the program' and the fact that the tem
perature has been fulling since last
night is nn indication that it will bo
carried out. ,
Sunday School Rally in Afternoon and
Address at Night.
[ Prom Tuesday's Dally. ]
Yesterday was temperance Sunday in
Norfolk na observed by several of the
churches , under the auspices of the W.
* O. T. U. A rally of Sunday school
children at the M. E. church was.a
feature of the afternoon , nt which tlmo
a program of music , recitations nnd
slunt nddrcBses WIIM given that proved
utertatulng and instructive to these at-
In the evening there wns n union sor-
vloo at the M. K. church , the address
being by Rov. Qnnlcy Leo Morrow who
spoke from u general tomuurnnco stand
point , InjriuK particular strops on the
dutioH of Christian oltlUuniOilpvlum it
comes to voting. Mr. Moi'fOW has n
voice of pleasing quality and npoko em
tortniningly on n inibject that has boon
much discussed in recent years , mid of-
furnd many now thoughts. A 1-irgo
number of people nttended the fervlco
and the ntldresH WIIH woj' received.
Base Ball Clubs That Wh. ° 4f "I. "
able. ° %
[ From Saturday's Dully. ] <
If Norfolk IHIHII buHi-b.i 1 team tliJRK
son , it is prolmbln thrtt u dUlVrunt Mi inn
of clubs will bo pliiyud than htivo horetu-
foio been met. The townciu northeast
ern NobrnNkn nro Inigoly out of th game
this year nnd It will bo up to Norfolk to
play with new aggregations.
Spencer will have u tenin , Butte nn.
other , and Banestoel a third. These
will bo available and want to play.
Then there is a chance that n lengtin
will bo formed of Omahn , South
Omaha nnd Council Bluffs teams , in
which case Norfolk may go in with
Lojuherby , who inndo such n , tear on
the university tenm Inst year , wants to
como ; "Rpddio" Johnson would like to
come back nnd others have written.
Agan is already hero nnd there may bo
Norfolk's Horses are Harnessed to
Good Looking Rigs.
[ From Monday's Dally. ]
Never before have the driving horses
and carriages been so attractive and
pretty in Norfolk as they nro this season.
Any number of good looking animals
have nppenred in the harness for city
driving aud the new buggies , runabouts ,
aud the like are good to see.
There is everything from a two-
wheeled sulky .to the automobile , and
the streets are lively with them all.
From early in the morning until late in
the night there are rubber tired wheels
turning on the avenues and the tendency
seems to increase with the warming
weather. Sundays find strings of ve
hicles of all sorts going here and there
and everywhere , carrying people who
enjoy pretty drives and who know that
Norfolk is a good place to find them.
Arrived in Shape of Cement hear
Gravel Pit Caved in.
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
The first shipment of material for the
new government building has now ar
rived , in the shape of a carload of ce
ment , which stands at present on the
Norfolk tracks.
Around the site there was nothing
doing this morning. Something of ex
citement prevailed , however , among
the men who have been hauling
gravel for the building , on account
of the condition of the gravel
pit. When they left it the banks ran
straight up aud down and it was feared
that the heavy rain of lost night might
have cut into it and caved off the sides.
The hole is bono miles from the city on
the farm of Fred Wegner.
Interest Growing in Votes on the
Hospe Instrument.
The Hospe piano contest is growing
some in interest and a large number of
votes are being cast. The count up to
yesterday was as follows :
Gertrude Austin 4,090
Queen City Hotel 1,180
Mny Johnson G97
Bessie Widamau 210
Railway Hull 124
A O U. W 1)3 )
Minnie Purr 91
Constance Reiuhard 08
Second Congregational church. . 11
Kuights of Py thins lodge 8
PaulRudnt 4
Rnmond Hoaglnud 2
George Rhode , jr 1
Will Establish Reading Room To
Give May Party.
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
At their last meeting , the Benovolon ;
and Protective Order of Elks held their
first initiation under the now adminis
tration , taking in flvo new members.
It was decided to establish a reading
room in the club , with current litera
ture aud magazines at the disposal of
The Elks will in all probability give a
May party on the Cth of the month.
A committee of five was appointed at
the last mooting , on arrangements.
Base Ball Park is the Trouble Just at
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
The outlook for base ball is a little
dark just at present. There has been
no difficulty in securing support from
the business men of the city but some
trouble has como up in regard to the
grounds that may put the team out of
the playing.
Unprecedented Storm for This
Season Raging.
Vegetation Will Surfer1 Very Much ,
Fruit Trees DnmnRod to Some Ex <
tout Just How Badly is Not KnoWn ,
Latest Snow In Many Yours.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
In literal ncoorihmuu with tlio llngf
that were run up on Tun NKWS olllcc
yehtorilny morning , when th piotllo-
lions Hiihl rain ormiow , nnd colder , tin ,
wunther man slapped Norfolk in tlu
fiiuo with a bunch of Hli > ot. and lee uiul
'vv which bus rivalled the famous ice :
V0 of fioveral Thanksgivings ago
* h has not been equaled in the
8j. jf the year for ninny , ninny
HIISIV ! rf ,
As n result of the storm telephone nnd
telegraph wiroH nro down indisuiimin-
ntoly , vegetation is enveloped in u
layer of ice a quiirtor of nn inch thick
and the few buds th.vt huvo ventured
out too HOOU were punishud for their
The touiporuturo began to full rnpidly
yesterday and along tovMiul evening it
Hixvorod of winter frigidity. At 0 o'clock
water was freezing and Inter in the
evening sidowalko becuuid dnngorously
bhppery. With the dawning of toduy a
whitened earth loomed up , clad in a
clonk of crystallized dampness.
Norfolk was out off almost entirely
from communication with tll'b world
by wny of the wires. Of the dozen
lines that run into the Norfolk tele
phone oxchntige from other points , only
a single solitary piece of copper stood
the storm. The line from Norfolk to
Ewing remained together and every
other one was snapped oil by the
weight of the ico.
Not a wire running out of the West
ern Union Telegraph olllco was up this
morning , aud there was no possible
communication. Every piece of uiotul
that C'ltuointo the Union Pacific station ,
nil that go out along the O. St. P. M.
&O. , and the circuits on the North
western railroad were out completely.
Out in the open country the storm
seems to have done more damage to the
wires than the city , for a few lines on
the local exchange wore loft in talking
Linemen were put out very early on
all the railroads and on the tolophouo
service so that the broken wires have
been getting mended through the day
nud the city counectod up once more.
Trees in some instances along the
avenues have been sadly bent to the
ground but will in all probability re
sume their normal positions whou
their burdens leave. Lawns are
covered with a glassy , grassy crust aud
the tender blades are easily broken off
by the batting of the icicles that hold
thorn. Underneath the upper layers ,
the streets are in wretchedly muddy
Farmers aud fruit growers in the vi
cinity of Norfolk report that all of the
fruit that was out in any way will bo
ruined , but that there may bo some
slight hope for that ; which was retarded.
This will give a possible chance for
cherries and apples , but conditions must
bo favorable for this. The melting
must be slow and a sharp sun will not
bo good.
A snow so late has not been known
in this section for over a score of years.
Twenty-one : years ago , with corn start
ing out of the ground , snow came on
May 15.
The temperature fell to 20 nud the
rainfall until 0 o'clock last night
nmouuted to nearly an inch and one-
half. After that it froze and could not
bo measured.
At 10 o'clock this morning the snow
began falling agniu nnd is now prnctic-
ally'a raging blizzard. Business is sus
pended so far as trade is concerned aud
the streets are nearly deserted.
It is not considered that the storm
did so serious a damage as would n
sharp , cold frost nud if the sky should
clear by tonight a more severe attack
upon budding vegetation may bo ex
The snow was the result of a great
area of cold dropped from Canada , over
the two Dakotas. It was snowing ut
Helena yesterday morning and the
wave was accurately forecasted by the
weather bureau.
[ From Saturday's Dally. ]
Cards Tonight.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. P. Weatherby will
entertain at cards this evening , in their
homo on the corner of Koenigstoin nvo-
uuo and Thirteenth street.
Theatre Party.
Mr. nud Mrs. Ludwig Koenigsteiu
entertained at a theatre party last evening -
ing for their guests , the Misses Young
of Stanton aud Mr. Dorr of JBoston.
This Afternoon.
Miss Edith Morrow entortnlned n
smnll company of Indies this nf toruoon
at her home in the Heights. They took
their work with them aud are chatting
merrily through it all. At the eud of
the afternoon it is planned to terve
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
Ladies' Afternoon Today , l l
Mrs. E. T. Mittelntadc is entertain ,
ing n company of ladles this afternoon
at her home on the corner of Koen-
lltstoln nvonun niut Twelfth ntroot
They were Invited for -I o'olook.
Reception Postponed ,
The reception thut WIIN to Imva linen
given at the homo of ( Jol. nnd Mm
Unyos this ovoiilug for Rov. nurt Mrs ,
Wollls , luiH boon poHtpouod until toiuor-
row ovoiilug on nooount of the uufuvor-
nblovcutbor ,
Whist Club Lnst Night.
The West Hulo Whist club wim very
plonsanlly ontortnlnod last night by Mr ,
Louis 0 , MitttO.ttndt nt hla homo on the
corner ofTomiigNtein ( nvouuu nnd
Twelfth Htnot. A Inrgo number of thu
braved tins Htonu for the ovou-
Suppurvns Horvoil , fol
owing thu piny.
Surprise Party.
1 Mis * Hi'ssiu Molnrlnud WIIH surprised
! tj u number of her friends lunt night ut
UT home on Philip IIVOMUO in uolobra <
( ion of her birthday , When the party
called thi ) liostOHS WIIH abHont attending
Out entorlninmont nt the M. K. elmrcli ,
Hut WHS mirprlsodvhun nlu > returned to
Il'iil ' her friends nwattlug her. The
time wan oiijoynbly pnsHod until a Into
Russians and Hungarians Have Gene
to Norf
[ From Monday v ully. ]
Lincoln , April 27. Special to The
News : The Norfolk nnd Grand Islnnd
bout sugar fnctorles nro limiting prepa
rations for nil extra heavy "run" this
Benson , nnd ns a result there is n strong
demand for labor for the beet fields.
The sngnr compnuies will pluut n third
more bantu than over before , aud nro
searching the country for men nud
women who doslro work In the fields.
Russinn nud Hnngnrinn ponsnnts imikn
the bobt laborers for the boot fields nnd
are eagerly Bought after. The boot
workers live in cottages erected in the
fields aud seldom leave them from the
opening of the season until the harvest
is over. Whole fntnilios nro engaged in
the work nnd receive $20 per ucro for
the season. Representative Forrnr of
the Grand Island factory was in Lincoln
Monday to contract for the labor of three
hundred Russians consisting of men ,
women nnd children , who will betaken
to the fields next week. A force of
tliroo hundred has boon contracted for
nt Omaha and are already at work.
The companies are still in Hourch of
laborers nnd will spend more thnu f 10-
000 this summer for boot field workers
Earl Bland Died Last Night at Homo
of His Parents.
" [ From Wedncsday'B Dnlly. ]
Enrl , son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Bland , died last night at 10:15 : ut the
fnniily homo corner of Sixth street and
Park avenue , aged 7 years aud 8
months. The funeral will bo hold from
the house nt 13 o'clock , nud will bo con
ducted by Rov. J. V , Pouohor of the M.
E. church.
The donth of the llttlo boy wns quite
sudden nnd proved a severe shock to
his parents. Ho had been plnying up-
stnirs Suudny , und in coming down ho
slipped and fell on the fourth or fifth
stop from the bottom , rolling to the
floor. Ho apparently folf no ill effects
from the experience until Monday noon ,
when he complained of a pain in the
side. Ho grow worse rapidly and suf
fered excruciatingly until death otrno
to his relief Inst night. The physicinn
in nttoudnuco decided that n blood
vessel in the stomach had been ruptured
by the fall and although ovoiytbiug
possible wns done for the little follow
ho passed away at the hour stated.
Harry Wright Receives a Message
Making Such a Statement.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
Harry Wright , one of the linemen
employed by the Nebrnska telephone
company , received n dispatch this
morning from Lincoln stnting that the
strike had been declared off. It was
signed by n member of the committee
appointed by the union to present the
matter to the officials of the company.
The linemen will probably return to
work at once. Mr. Wright , who has
boon visiting his parents in this city
dince the beginning of the strike , owing
to the fact that his gang walked out and
left him , will probably return to his
duties after n few days.
People Will Hereafter bo Prosecuted
to the Limit.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
There is a great deal of complaint in
the city regarding persons who are
evading the quarantine laws. A great
many cuies have not obeyed the rules
and it is said that hereafter any case of
such disregard will be prosecuted to the
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
nt the postoffico April 28 , 1003.
W. P. Anderson , P. P. Browne , Mr.
Lute Early , Mrs. Mattie Klledge (2) ( ) ,
Mrs Estolln Evans , Mr. P. S. Griffith ,
Ernst Hnrlow , Mrs , Gnsslo Helchor ,
Mr. Win S. Malone , Mr. McGrow , Mrs.
Manervn Read , Mr. Geo. E Smopor ,
Mr John Tnggert , Prank Anigloy.
If not called for in fifteen days will be
sent to the dcnd letter office ,
Parties calling for any of the above
please say advertised.
Fish Commissioners Have De
stroyed That Many.
Found Tliroo Saturday , Ono Yester
day nnd Four More Today All but
Ono Had Expensive Mont In Them.
Hearing Sot Mny 5.
v [ Krnm Mnndny'fl Pally , ]
A buggyful of gnnpliig hlivok mtolcorn
gntheied n big crowd of men In Norfolk
nvcnuo thin morulug , nud oponwl their
ugly nioulliH toHixtlHfy the uurlnnlly of
the oiiloolctu-H. H will not , the fnut that
there were Huh In n buggy which
brought thn pnoplo , but the iden that
them were mimploH from thti IIOIH whloh
Spo.iinl Deputy J. W. Riiluoy had found
in the Northfork river nnd the fnut thut
each beastly Hticker would cost Homeono
live dollars beuiuiKu it happened to get
Into n Huln instead of on n hook.
Early this morning llniuoy went out.
to Honrch thoviitorn for nets , nud ho
hud no trouble in finding them. Four
nets made hln hnul. Throe of them
were north of the city , In Piorou county.
TliuHO belonged to Ii'iud Oostrloh , John
Krueger and August OcHtrloh.
One about u half nillo Houth of Norfolk
belonged to n farmer niuueil Mima. In
tlnn net there were no Ilsh , HO the
not wns merely destroyed. Another belonging -
longing to Willinm Dogner , north in
Plorco county , WIXH tnkon yestordny.
The four in the neighboring county
linvo tholr trial set for May fi.
All llvo of them ) nets were destroyed ,
this morning which nmkoH eight in
three days thnt have gene to the good.
For years there have houn nets in the
Northfork nnd nothing IIIIH been dono.
The commisHlonerH hnvo now pretty
thoroughly olmmod them out , nnd fish
ing will bo more open.
Before JuHtlao Eisoioy Saturday after
noon two men were tried nud found
ifullty of Holniug for Unh , and were
fined accordingly. Henry RniiHoh was
ohnlkod up for just n score of the scnly
creatures , nt llvo dollars per scaly , nud
costs , Frnuk Loumnn had drawn a
pair in the meshes of his not nnd WIIH
taxed ton nnd costs by the court.
The complaint wns filed by the stnto
game and fish commissioner , George
Carter and County Attorney Mnpcs pros
ecuted. W. M. Robertson was attor
ney for the defense. The mou paid
their flues nnd wpro rolcugod ,
; In finding the nets the commissioners ,
G. B. Slmpkius of Lincoln , George
Carter of North Plntto nud Spooinl
Deputy J. A , Rntuoy of this city spent
the entire dny. The nets thnt they
found were brought to the city and cut
up. The fish were distributed.
They are in Good Hands and all Will
bo Fairly Treated.
[ From WcdiiP.Hdny'H Dally ]
W. II. Johnson Bays it looks as" though
some one is trying to give an erroneous
impression in regard to the use of
the grounds for base ball this year. Ho
and a number of others who ore inter
ested in driving horses , some time ago
made arrangements to lease the grounds
during the season , and although the
lease has not yet actually boon executed
they are in virtual control of the
grounds at this time , but in the absence
of organization un one is in authority to
make a price on the use of the grounds ,
nor has a price been miulo to anyone.
When the horsemen effect an organiza
tion they will bo in position to moot the
base bnllists on a footing that will bo
satisfactory all around. Base ballists ,
firemen and any others who mny want
to use the grounds for public good will bo
fairly treated and there need bo no fear
that any legitimate amusement will bo
forced out on account of rout. It is the
plan of those persons who have taken
the grounds to foster such enterprises as
will bring people to Norfolk during the
season rather than to drive them away.
That , and Chapping People's Faces ,
Is All It Docs.
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
A terrific wind has been rolling into
Norfolk all day long from the direction
of the Gulf of Mexico , aud has whistled
around the corners in a way that is bad
to hear. Tbo tremendous breeze has
blown very little dust , comparatively.
The reason for this is that it blow all of
the dust there was , yesterday.
People who are forced to be out in the
open air show the effects of the weather
in their firy red faces aud nearly
blistered lips. One chap was unable to
go to school today because he rode a
pony all of yesterday , and he thinks it
is rough.
It Was Singular.
[ From Monday's Dally. ]
A Norfolk lad insisted in school this
morning that the word flvo was plural
because it meant inoro than one. His
teacher tried every way to persuade him
that there might be one five aud there
might bo more. Finally she held up one
"See my fingers , " she said. "They
make one five. How do you spell it ? "
F-i-v-o , " he said.
"Well , " she wont on , confident of
winning her point. "Hero are two
hands. That makes two fives. How do
you spell that ? "
"T.e-u , " he answered , and that was
singular , too.
Pamcntjer Train Derailed at a Cro -
Injj Near Toledo.
Toledo , 0. , April l ! ! ) . A KOtitlilioiind
pftHBoiiRiif train on the Cincinnati ,
Hamilton and Dayton road wnti do-
tulluil ut lIuloH Ultlliu ; , four in I Urn
Houth of thin dty. Thlrlccm people-
worn Injured , novcn Horloimly , but
iiotfo fatally. The moHt iiorloimly In
jured wore brought back to thin city
and tnkun to the Toledo hoxpltnl ,
The Injured : JJ. A. Wolffo , Klmllny ,
lurnil btully cut ; M. llrown , flummn.
Lima , iiculp anil fnco wotuitln ; I < \ W.
Fniu ; r , lnilliuiiiollH | ) , traveling miloa-
man , fueo bmlly cut and lilp bruised ;
Wlllliini Cliiimioln , AvlH , O. , ni'iiln
wounilH ; Hhorwlu .lohiinon , Tonlogauy ,
0. , back injuroil ; Ilort Duwuoat , Wen-
ton , O. , ImilHOd about fnco rind nod : ;
Minn Ida Wuild , I'umncrvlllo , O. , cut
about head ; Mru. J. W. Uifkln , Ilnyn ,
O. , hip hrulm.'il ; Minn Lu y CHUB , OU
tttv.-a , O. , lumd cut ; CliurloH Scott/
Howling Oioi-ii , O. , face cut ; 11.
KorBko , Toledo , hip hriilHOd.
When the aec'ldoiil occurred the
train wnn running about twcnty-llvo
mlloB nn hour and the ncclilont wan
duo to the turning of a iiwlloh nt a
crossing. The onglno mid all of the
earn loft the track and were thrown
upon their nldoa.
Wealthy Dry Geode Merchant of New
York Shot Down.
Now York , April 28. Leopold
Wortliolmor , a wealthy dry gooila mer
chant , wan Bhot tliroo thrco times In
his homo In Wcut Ono Hundred aud
Fifteenth HtrooL Ho wau wounded
In the chest , arm and right Hldu , ami
IB In a serious condition. Charged
with the shooting , the police have ar-
routed Joseph Simpson.
The Injured man lu a monibor of the
firm of Mnrou & Wortholmcr , dry
goods morchanlB , who recently were
burned out at their place of business
In Third avonuo. Simpson , the pollco
nay , was employed there an a watch
man prior to the llro. At the tlmo of
the llro two persona were burned to
The motive of the shooting Is a mys
tery both to the pollco and to the
Wortholinor family , and Simpson ,
who woa very cool when arrested , refused -
fused to make any statement. All
Simpson would nay was that Worth
olmcr owed him money for Bomcthlne
ho had done and had refused to 'i\v
Couthbound Freight nnd Accommoda- ,
tlon Trains Meet on Same Track.
Albany , Mo. , April 29. In a collision
between a southbound freight nnd nn
accommodation trnln on the Burling
ton nt Now Hampton flvo men were
seriously Injured. They nre : W. C.
Elder , station agent nt Albany , cut
about the head nnd badly bruised ; M.
1) . Slmtnblln , station agent at Bethany ,
severely bruised and cut ; Dr. Cava-
naiiKh of New Hampton , leg broken
and bruised ; Albert Rodcckcr of Dar
lington , Mo. , leg broken and bruised.
The four rear cars of the accommo
dation train loft the track , the coach
nnd one other car rolling down a twen
ty-foot embankment and turning over
Investigating Boodle Schemes ,
St. Louis , April' ' 29. The report ot
the commission on criminal Juris
prudence of the Missouri sonnto two
years ngo was prepared by attorneys
for the baking powder trust In New
York. It was delivered to Daniel J.
Kelley , who sent it to Lieutenant
Governor Leo , and it was then given
to the chairman of the commission.
Senator James T. Orchard. This fact
was developed by Attorney Folk In his
Investigation of state legislative bood-
llns schemes. It Is believed the In
formation came from John A. Leo ,
who was -again a witness before the
grand Jury.
Steagald Says He Is Not Guilty.
Sioux Falls , S. D. , April 29. Henry
A. Steagald appeared before Judge-
Jones nnd pleaded not guilty to the
charge of shooting and killing Frank
Bowen , a grain buyer at Bonclare. a
llttlo town east of Sioux Falls. The
crime was committed on Feb. 27 last
while Steagald was agent of the Illi
nois Central Railroad company at
Bcnclaro. The
defendant appears on
the verge of mental and physical col
lapse. He will bo tried during the
present term of court.
Three Suicides at Washington.
Washington , April 29. Three per
sons committed suicide In this city
this morning. All used carbolic acid
as a means of ending llfo. The three
suicides were Leonard H. Mangum , a
former clerk In the census bureau ;
Guy B. Padgett , a real estate and In
surance agent , nnd Mrs. Sadlo Plum-
mer , a young woman , whose husband
keeps a lunch room on Pennsylvania
Convention for Des Moines.
DCS Moines , April 29. The Repub
lican Btato central committee at Its
meeting hero decided to hold the next
state convention on July l in Des
Moines. Hon. George D. Perkins was
chosen as .temporary chairman.
Philippine Judge Resigns.
Santa Fe , N , M. , April 29. W. H.
Pope , Judge of the court ot the first
Instance of the Philippine Islands ,
has resigned and , owing to shattered
health , will return to Santa Fo to take
up his residence here again.