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Senate Committee Reports for
Appropriation ,
Prepares to Pay Officlnln of Norfolk
Hospital 'for the Inttnuo Rcvcmio
Lnw Now up tothoJSonato Chances
for Passngo Look Fnvornblo.
[ I-Yoin Saturday' * Hull ) ' . ]
The fioimto oommlttoo on insane
hospitals reported yesterday afternoon
Biulrecommondod that flfiO.OOO bo ap
propriated for the rebuilding of the
Norfolk hospital for the nmnno. Tl.otr
xoV rt included a statement regarding
thfluhiountof salvage from the ilro.
The properly saved In valued ntlU,000 ! ! ,
uml this In given in support of the rt > o-
oimmmilutlon that the hospital should
lie rebuilt , us otherwise it would bo a
tlocldod IOHH to the Ht at o.
The rtivunuo bill having pmnod the
IIOUHO , tlio nppropriatlon bills are lining
considered In committee of the whole It
liiw coni'lwh'd the consideration of the
salaries appropriation bill and rocom-
uiondiul it for passage.
An amendment has been added to the
1)111 ) making appropriations for the
BovorM oillnors to conduct the hospital
for the Insane at tills place , which
would indlMito that it is the intention to
rohabitato tlio hospital at an ourly duto.
The twlurloH contemplated by this
amoudmont aggregate $8,500 aud the
rucommoudatlon in committee of the
whole is vqulvalont to puwmgo by the
lower IIOUHO of the legislature HO that
friends of the movement may well bo
chcoml by the Intolllgonoo from Lin
coln.With the house proceeding with ap
propriations it may bo considered that
it will not bo many days before it will
consider the bill appropriating $150,000
for the rebuilding of the hospital , Jnnil
the notion of the senate committee is
proof that such an appropriation will
moot with f uvor by the higher body.
Vote on Final Passage IB Seventy to
Lincoln. March 21. The rovouuo
bill paused the house by a vote of 70
to 21. It wont directly to the senate ,
where it wna read for the flral time at
a npeclnl Kusslou hold for that pur-
poao. The final reading of the bill oc
cupied about two hours. It wan plrcod
upon its passage immediately after It
wan read and , save for a score ot ex
planations of votes , the roll call pro
ceeded unlntorrupletlly. Of tlio BOV-
only votes the afllrmutlvo sixty-seven
Vroro Republican and three fiiRlonlstB.
OC the twonty-ono negative votes two
vroro Republican and nineteen fusion-
fats. IK'foro taking up the rovouuo
bill ( ho house concluded action on the
general salary appropriation bill and
recommended it for passage. Increas
ing the committee's approprlatloiiH by
about ? 2GOHO. It also passed the Hum-
soy elevator bill.
15il Pohlman is iu the city today from
Castor A. Fuller has gone to Plain-
view today on business.
Tim interior of the Leonard drugetoro
Ja Loiug newly decorated.
"Misi Edith Parker is in the olty from
Wakollcld , visiting with Miss Laura
Miss Wutson , drosainakar for the
Johnson dry goods company , arrived iu
thecity at noon today from Ohioiigo.
Mrs. J. M. Gollamor will arrive iu the
' i city tonight for a visit at the homo of
$ Irs. Elslo Desmond , and with Norfolk
A party of four Fremont mou have
been hunting ducks for n week on the
yintto , iioar Chirks aud during that
time they Imvo killed 05 of the game
The household economics department
of the Womuns' club will moot with
Mrs. J. Buum Monday afternoon at
2:30. An attractive > Eoa or program
will bo presentod.
The temperatare last night was chill
enough to answer all the purposes of
winter , but this morning the sun shown
bright aud warm with prospects that
spring is hero iu fact as well as by cal
A pleasant afternoon was given to
about CO ladies yesterday by Mosdamps
M. A McMillan , Robert Utter mid W.
H. Bridge at the nome of Mra. Bridge.
The feature was in the nature of n fad
party , each lady representing iu eorno
way her favorite hobby. There were
all sorts of notions , aud they proved to
bo a pleasing diversion. Five o'clock
refreshments were served.
Those who rose early enough this
rooming were rewarded by hearing the
boom aud cackle of the prairie chicken
vrho makes his homo iu the country
near the city. Tlio clear and frosty air
probably carried the sounds long dis
tances but the impression was that there
weco hundreds of the birds in the vic
inity of the town preparing to raise
their broods for the gratification of the
sporting instinct of Norfolk people this
U. A. Stewart spent Sunday in the
city , from Omaha.
"Will Stafford was in the city yester
day from Battle Greek.
John Bridge has accepted a position
in the Citizens' National bank.
i&Ire. Trnuk Roach and sou are visit
ing at the homo of Mrs. H. L. Biiydor.
Rev. Mr. Long , of South Norfolk , bos
gone to Deadwood for a few days visit
County OlerkEinll Winter of Madison
visited with his brothot near thin city
eVer Sunday ,
Mr. and MM. W. 1C. I'oworfl are in the
oily today from Plorco for the purpose
of buying n piano.
Minft Allco Mills arrived in tlio city
Saturday night from Omaha for a visit
with her Motor , Mrs. John H Hays.
Mr. and Mm , Gnorgo Shorrard are
guontnat the homo of Mr. and Mm. E.
M , Iluntlngton. They nro on their
way homo in Suit Lake City , Utah.
BhorilV J. J. Clements and wlfo were
In the olty Saturday from Madison. Mr.
Olomonts win returning from Lincoln ,
where ho took the forger , Wlnn , to the
With a hard , cold wind blowing today
and repeated snow flurrlim , tlio weather
may bo mild to ho quite typically that of
Miiroli , without a doubt. Tomorrow
promises to bo warmer and fair ,
Mr. and Mm. John U. Hayn and Miss
Allco Mills , HiHttir of Mrs. Hays , loft last
night for Hot Springs in the hope that
Mrs. Hays may bo bonoflttod for rheu
matism. Mr. Hayn will return Wed
Olair Blnkoly IH In the city fora weeks
visit with his parents. Mr. Blakoly IHVH
recently been in telegraphlu work in
Sioux City , but loaves in a few days for
a much butter position along the same
line in St. Paul , Minnesota.
L. A. Pohlman and B. F. Lindsay of
Pierce were hero today inspecting the
gas pfunt. The proposition of putting a
similar plant in ut Pierce is being con
sidered and they are acquiring doslrod
Information regarding its desirability
and praotlblllty.
At the conference of the Gorman
Evangelical church , hold last week ,
llov. G. Rokowi who has boon the
pastor of the church here for several
years past , was transferred to Denver
aud will leave witli hU family for his
now charge on Wednesday. Rov. Mr.
Kuhror who has boon stationed at
Grand Inlaud , has been appointed to
the Norfolk charge aud is expected to
remove to this olty as soon as possession
of the parsonage can bo scoured.
Hamburg Democrat : A lady of this
town was out shopping a few nights ago
aud among her purchases was a package
of bird seed which she loft on the dining
room tablo. The next morning she discovered -
covered her husband eating something
with cream and sugar and upon investi
gating found that it was her bird seed.
Her husband , on being informed what
ho was eating , replied that ho know no
hotter , that ho thought it was another
kind of now-fanglod breakfast food.
John D. Elliott of Wiusldo has Hied a
suit against the O. St. P. M. & O. rail
road company for damages alleged to
have boon sustained by him by reason
of the accident Mmt befall his daughters
thu first day of lust November when
hey were returning from a trip to Nor-
'oik , at which time Mamio Elliott was
ustantly killed nnd Alloo Elliott , 111
years of ago , was badly injured. The
lamagos asked only inolndo tlio actual
expenses incurred by reason of the
Mrs. F. W. Koorhor. graud lady of
louor , of South Norfolk attended a
of Washington lodpro , Degree of
Honor , at Omaha Thursday night in
company witli the Grand Chief of
louor , Mrs.Mary Lttkyjand assisted at
the initiation of GO caudidatos. The
Dpgroo of Honor is auxiliary to the A.
O. U W. It is striving for a good in-
oreaHO of membership during the win
ter months and this increase on the
lartof Washington ledge is but ono of
many that have taken placo.
People of Madison Interested in Se
curing Stcol Bridges.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
The people of Madison are interested
iu the proposition of the county com
missioners to call an election for the
purpose of voting on the question of is
suing bonds for the erection of five stool
bridges in the couuty , one of which is
to bo over Union and Taylor creeks at
the foot of Pearl street in that oity.
Acting Mayor Frank Ilorst called n
pnbllo mooting to discuss the proposition
aud got au expression of the people on
the subject.
While Madison will get the oue bridge
the other four will bo built over the
Elkhoru In place of the woodou struc
tures that were torn out by the recent
freshet. If therefore the people of
Madison will support the proposition
there should bo no question of the sup
port of the townspeople and farmers in
the territory contiguous to the rivor.
The washed out structures will have
to bo replaced aud it is good argument
that the work should bo of a substantial
Telephone Wires Cause the Electric
Light Short Circuit.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
The cause of the short circuit in the
electric light system Monday night ,
which for a time loft parts of the oity
in darkucsq , was the not work of telephone -
phone wires which had dropped at the
Press flro nnd which crossed the electric
light lines.
The story of the accident was pub
lished iu yesterday's NEWS. The
reason the cause was ommitted was that
it was not given at the lighting station
when the facts were asked for.
lairkluc on Street Corner *
nnd iu the cars are vagabond currents
of air whoso cold touch sets the fiends of
neuralgia aud rheumatism at their work
ot torment. Modern magic iu the form
of Perry D.\vis' Painkiller , conquers
the imp and restores pence of mind
with comfort of body. You will save
yourself many a day of misery by keep
ing this good old remedy in the house.
There is but one painkiller , Perry
Davis' .
Bralccmanon Railroad Effects
Strange Things in Norfolk.
Cured MattSliafTor nnd Has Done It
Doforo Refuses Money for the Ser
vice May Try to Relieve nn Old
Lady ,
I From Hnturdiiy'n Dnlly. ]
The brnkoman who cured Matt
Shaffer , jr. , of nouto rheumatism in 20
minutes Thumlay afternoon , has caused
something of a sensation. Ills name is
J. 0. Soaorcflt. Ho sayn ho con euro
any raso of inflammatory rhounmtiHiu
in the same wny. Ho does it , ho says ,
bv magnetism , and does It completely.
Ho has done the mime thing often bofoto
and ciin do it again. Ho will take no
pay for the feat and Is glad to do it.
The case of Matt SlialTcr was a decisIve -
Ivo ono. Matt had just before boon
moved in his bud by four big , strapping
mou. Ho was in tlio most painful of
suffering. Every musolo was soro. Tlio
follovfr rubbed but n few minutes and
told the patient to got up. "Got out of
bed , " ho said , and Matt got out. The
next day Matt went to work.
Tlio brakeman was up town from
South Norfolk last night and today ho
may try his relief on another patient
who has long been Buffering.
When Soaorest was in the oity last
night , ho sent sort of au electrical shock ,
it is claimed , through several men who
termed n circle , and whoso hands ho
took. "Whon ho takes hold of your
hand , " said Matt Shaffer , sr. , "yon fool
a shock clear to your elbow. "
Young Matt , after ho had climbed
out of bed , came up to his physician ,
who had hopn trying to afford relief for
weeks. Tlio , doctor stared at him iu as
tonishment. Ho could hardly believe
what ho saw. "I just came to toll
yon , " said Matt , "that I won't need
any moro modloluo. " And with that
the follow was gene , jumping down the
stairs two steps at n timo.
This officQ will print your sale bllls in
an attractive manner.
John Davenport Is here from Sioux
Daniel Sully was a guest at the Ox -
W. II. Buttoifiold wont to Chicago
William Zutz of Hoskius visited with
relatives and friends in Norfolk today.
Mr. and Mrs. George Davenport are
in the city from Sioux Oity to visit
Miss Fanuio Norton has accepted a
position iu the olllco of the Darlaud
Trust company , as stenographer.
Mrs. D 0. Horriugton is very seriously
ill at her homo on Phillip avenue , be
tween Twelfth aud Thirteenth streets.
A solemn requiem mass for the soul
of late Joseph Clinch was celebrated to
day at the Church of the Sacred Heart
by Rev. Father Walsh.
Sohuylor has three municipal tickets
now in the Hold aud it is expected that
there will bo at least one moro before
the campaign is fully opened.
E. J. Rovoillao , holding a position in
tlio biudury department of the Fremont
Tribune , Is the guest of his sister , Mrs.
J. II. Galalmn of Sonth'Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Johnson and Mr.
and Mrs. O. O. Gow will entertain this
evening , at the homo of Mr. and Mra.
Johnson on Koonigstciu uvouuo.
Mrs. Gorsliue , who has boon spending
the winter with her daughter , Mrs.
Frank Suitor , loft this morning for her
hotueiu Michigan. She will visit in
Illinois , enrouto.
The promise of the weather bureau for
warmer weather Is being agreeably
curried out today with the wind Btlll
from the northwest aud the people are
almost ready to believe that the back
bone of winter has boon badly cracked if
not broken.
The art mooting of the Woman's club
has been postponed until next Monday
night , March 30 , on account of the oratorical
torical contest which will take place
Friday night. The art meeting will bo
liuld in the parlors of the Congrega
tional church.
E. A. Lowe will leave April 13 for an
extended trip through points in Okla
homa. Ho has resigned his position
with the A. J. Knolliu company , sheep
feeders of this city , aud will return to
Norfolk in the fall to feed block for
market , independently.
The Cemetery association held a
meeting yesterday afternoon and ro-
olootod the old board of control. Re
ports showed the association to bo in
good shape financially. The election
of a now superintendent of grounds was
deferred. Superintendent Ilartor , who
has held that position for years , has
been compelled to resign on account of
ill health.
Norfolk teachers aud many others
from Madison county are planning to
attend the annual teachers' association
mooting of north Nebraska at Columbus
next week. The Norfolk schools cluso
for a vacation of a week aud a half
Wednesday and this will afford an op
portunity for the teachers to attend the
meeting without interfering with their
school work. A splendid program has
leen arranged and the railroads and
hotels have offered inducements in the
way of rates that should call for a largo
attendance of teachers from this part of
the fitato.
We the undersigned will allow no
hunting or trespassing of any kind upon
our farms. JOHN RAT ,
J. D. Sturgeon had gene to llartlug-
Oil ,
W. II. Blnkonmii wont to Nollgh
yoHtorilny on business ,
Dr , and Mm. Matzon were in the olty
from Tililon yesterday.
OhoRtor A. Fuller returned yesterday
from n business trip to Humphrey.
The N. 0. 11 club onjoyo.l n pleasant
duiicliiK party last night at Must hnll.
Tlio mooting of tlio West Side Whist
club ban boon postponed for ono wcolc.
W. M. Robertson and Q. A. Lulkart
Imvo boon in Lincoln thin week in the
IntorcHt of the iiHylum bill.
8. K. Dexter is expected to arrive in
the city Monday to look after the inter-
OHtfl of the cold Htorauo plant.
Two flro iiiHiiriiuco companies for
wlilch W , W. Roberts is agent , Imvo
authorized him to settle for the Sprcoher
John 11 I lays rotnrnod this noon from
HotSpritigH , S. D. , where ho loft Mrs.
JLIays in a hospital for rliounmtlHiii.
When ho loft last night Mrs. Hays was
comparatively free from pain.
W. 0. Fry , formerly clerk at the Ox-
nurd hotel in this city but who has boon
recently conducting a hotel at Newman
Grove , hat ) closed the IIOUHO and there is
now no hotel in Nowmnu Qrovo.
At the mooting of the A. O. U. W.
lodge hold last night two candidates
were introduced to the mysteries of the
dogrocB and the members are endeavor
ing to see to it that candidates will been
on hand during the coming few meetings -
ings ,
J. D. Stnrgoou has ro-opcnod his
musin house in the Paoiflo. The last
settlement which ho had to make has
now boon completed and all the flrms
which ho formerly represented have
boon retained in his list. Mr. Sturgeon's
many friends will bo glad to learn of
his ro-establishmout in Norfolk business
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Johnson and Mr.
and Mrs. 0. 0. Gow outortainod a num
ber of friends from the north side of
Norfolk avenue last evening , at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Six
handed enchro was the order of the
evening. Tonight friends from the
south side of Norfolk uvouue will enjoy
the snmo hospitality.
The executive committee , having in
charge the coming state firemen's tour
nament , will moot at the city hall this
evening to tnko further action prelimi
nary to the event. Matters are proceed
ing very satisfactorily and it is hoped
to make July 21 , 22 and 23 dates long to
bo remembered by those who will at-
toud or take part hi the tournament.
About twenty farmers living along
the Elkhorn near West Point propose to
make the mill company at that place
stand the damages they have sustained
by reason of the recent high water if
the courts will concur iu their opinion ,
because the mill company had a dam in
the stream. The plan looks very well
for the farmers but the mill company is
probably looking for someone to stand a
share of the damages it has sustained.
Frank Ilonry , arrested at Brunswick
on the charge of highway robbery Sat
urday night , was held for trial at the
preliminary hearing conducted in the
county court at Neligh yesterday. His
bonds were fixed at $1,1500. The testi
mony of the complaining witness ,
Walter Older , was positive. This was
the third hold-up at Brunswick during
the past six mouths , and the arrest of
Henry is the first made in that time.
The people there hope that the culprit
has boon caught.
Misunderstood or inadequate direc
tions caused n considerable hustle
urn one the employes of the Branson
barn to get a miiu to the 1 o'clock train
'or Sioux Oity this afternoon. Several
liacks and buggies were hurried to vari
ous parts of the city and finally one of
the drivers found someone answering
he description and got him to the train
without n moment to spare. Only the
high places wore hit euroute , and those
who knew the circumstances were con
siderably interested in the race.
Dr. W. L.Soymour coming.
Melviu Case is on the sick list.
M. Benedict has six carpenters work
ing oil his new barn.
Mr. and Mrs. George .Benedict were
in Norfolk Tuesday.
L. G. Benedict transacted 'business
in Hoskius Saturday.
A. Johnson went to Hoskins Tuesday
and from there to Molviu. i
Miss Lulu Gonson came up from Win
side Friday to visit her sister.
Frank Benedict and 0. Voss went to
Hoskins Monday after a load of stone
and one of lumber.
John Williams was in Melvin Mon
day and Tuesday doing blacksmith work
for George and L. S. Benedict.
Mr. and Mrs. Benedict and Mr. and
Mrs. George Benedict and little daughter
tor have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. L
G. Benedict.
Miss Jennie Lewder came up from
Staiitoii county Friday evening am
visited Mr. and Mrs. A. Benedict and
Mr. and Mrs. M. Benedict , returning
A company of thirty-three young
folks gave Olando Benedict a surpris
party on the occasion of his sixtoeutl
birthday at the homo of his parents
Mr. and Mrs. * George Benedict. Al
participants enjoyed the occasion.
Look tlio Fact In the Fnce ,
The process of a bad cold toward ga !
loping consumption may be tertibl ;
sudden. Don't let this ugly fuc
frighten you , but when you begin t
cough take Allen's Lung Balsam , tha
stops the cough by curing the cold
Preparations containing opium , merel
quiet the cough for a time. There is n
narcotic drug in Allen's Lung Balsam
Sold by all druggists.
Commissioners Will Call an
Approach at Thirteenth Street Bridge
Now Out Union Pacific Will Build
a Now Bridge Over the Elkhorn
[ From Tuesday's Dally. ]
The last remaining means of com *
nunication between the north and
louth sides of the river by wagon road
ms been severed by the washing out of
portion of the south approach to the
Thirteenth street bridge and Oommis-
loner Winter has posted notices to pro-
out teamsters from attmnptiug to cross
ho river ut tlmt point. The bridge him
ot boon damaged , but the packing of
ho ice iii the channel has directed the
orco of the current against the np-
iroach with the result that a consider-
iblo portion of it has boon cut away.
The damage is not so serious however
mt that the commissioner believes that
10 will bo able to provide a temporary
neatis for crossing within a couple of
ays , after which the break will bo
lormanontlv repaired or spanned.
Tlio commissioners between now and
Monday will go over the entire 'Elkhorn
> ridge situation with a view to nscer-
dining the requirements and at the
meeting Monday it is planned to call an
leotiou for the purpose of voting bonds
u an amount necessary to replace all
lie washed out bridges with permanent
tool span structures that will not bo
emoved at every rise of the river.
It is figured that inasmuch as the
bridges will have to bo rebuilt the eco
nomical plan will be to vote the bonds
necessary and construct thorn with a
view to permanency. Loading tax
payers take the same view of tlio
question. They are heartily tired of
mttiug in wood structures , built on
dies , that are removed on the occasion
of every rise , which happens about once
a year or every Jiwo or three years , and
during the intrieui they are compelled
o put up a considerable amount in re-
mira that are n heavy expense. The
> lau of voting bonds will undoubtedly
meet the unanimous approval of those
vho have followed the expense account
occasioned by the building , rebuilding
aud ropaiiiug of the cheaper wooden
The steel bridge plan will undoubt
edly mean a largo expense to begin with
mt the bonds and the interest on the
same will hardly amount to more than
ho regular bridge expense that has
> eon occasioned during the five or ten
years past and the stool bridges would
certainly last beyond that length of
; inio. Then there Is the additional
safety of the steel strnoturos to recom
mend them , and this alouo is a strong
argument in their favor.
It is believed that bonds in the
amount of about $25,000 will bo euf-
icioiit for the purpose , and as there Islet
lot sufficient money iu the bridge fund
of the county to replace the structures
he only alternative is for the commis
sioners to call the special election.
The bridge gang and bridge construc
tion train of the Union Pacific railway
company is here for 'tho purpose of
Hiildiug a now stool bridge over the
Slkhoru where their track crosses the
river south of the city. For several
rears the river has been cutting a new
shanuel north of the old brfdge which
las left the structure spanning a bayou
while the main channel of the river has
jeen running under a pile trcssol on
this side. During the recent high
water this channel was broadened and
deepened to such an extent that the
jridgo department decided a new steel
mdge at the point would be necessary.
The channel is now so wide that a steel
jridge of ICO foot span will be required
: o answer the purpose of the company
and work on it has commenced by the
regular bridge gang.
Sale of Shorthorns.
L. Mason & Sons , the well known
Short Horn breeders of Pierce , Neb.
tiaviug sold their Elkhorn Valley farm
will hold a grand disposal sale of their
entire fine Short Horn herd at Norfolk
Neb. , April 10 , 1903 , at the Dudley
livery barn and yards. Offering wil
consist of 55 head , 20 bulls and 85
females , latter to have calves or bred to
Merry Lad 1G0931 by the great Merry
Hampton. Heifers by Lavender Ohio
2nd and Baron Montrath. Write for
catalogue at Pierce , Neb.
Adrian Craig Has Dangerous Exper
ience with Lightning.
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
Adrian Oraig , living six miles west o
Norfolk , narrowly escaped death b ;
lightning during last week's storm.
bolt struck the roof of a barn in which
Mr. Oraig was milking a cow. Another
cow , alongside , was instantly killed
This animal was thrown down and Mr
Oraig was scorched on the oar. Follow
ing the wall of the building , the elec
tricity passed out , killing a cow and two
colts. The barn was sec afire by the
stroke , but the heavy rain tlmt was
pouring , extinguished the flames before
any real damage was done.
Dr. Oaldwell. the justly popular
specialist , will make her regular visits
to this city as announced elsewhere.
The doctor , whose success in treating
all kinds of chronic ailments , has attrac
ted wide spread attention at every point
she has visited and her record hero is
ono that is known to most of our citi
zens and fully sustains the remarkable
reports by her practice in other cities.
Fine light work a specialty at Paul
Nordwig'a harness shop.
We have started over three thousand
boys In various parts of the conntrv
in a profitable business on their own
account , We want a boy to represent
The Saturday
Evening' Post
In every town. The work can be done
after school hours ntul on Saturdays. It is
pleasant , as well ns profitable. The maga
zines arc sold among neighbors and friends
in offices , stores , as well as in homes.
No Money Required to Begin
The first week's supply is sent free. These
are sold at five cents'a copy nnd provide
the money to order the following week at
wholesale prices.
itribute4 amone
The Curtis Publishing Co
407 Arch Street
Bill Advanced to Third Read
ing In the House.
Will Undoubtedly Pass House Goes
Then to Senate Passage There As
sured No Anjournmcnt is Before A
[ From Wednesday's Dally. ]
State House , Lincoln , March 25. W.
N. Huse : Got hospital bill advanced
to third reading. This insures passage.
The above telegram came to TIIE
NEWS olllco this morning , aud explains
itself. It means that the hospital bill
has been reported by the sifting com
mittee , wnero it had been feared the
bill might bo buried , and that it is now
in order of rotation for its third read
ing before the house.
G. A. Luikart , who returned yester
day from Lincoln , said :
"From the present outlook , the bill
may bo expected to roach its third read-
ing in the house by Saturday or Mon
day. It has now passed the committee
of the whole aud has been advanced
over other bills to a position where its
passage is assured. After this reading ,
the bill will go to the senate , whore it is
likely that short work will be made of
it. The passage iu the senate is prac
tically assured , as it is hardly possible to
adjourn without bringing up the hospi
tal bill. "
Mr. Nelson is the representative from
Cedar aud Fierce counties , and the
man who originally introduced the
bill in the house.
Dr. Seymour will bo in Norfolk Sat
urday , May 2 , at the Oxniird. hotel.
Cured by One Bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy.
"Wh'eu I had an attack of the grip
last winter ( the second one ) I actually
cured myself with one bottle of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy , " says Frank
W. Perry , editor of tlio Enterprise ,
Shortsville , N. Y. . "This is the honest
truth. I ut times kept from coughing
myself to pieces by taking a tenspoonfnl
of this remedy , and wlitu the coughing
spell would como on at night I would
take a dose and it seemed that iu the
briefest interval the cough would pass
off and I would go to sleep perfectly
free from cough and its accompanying
pains. To say that the reniedy acted as
a most agreeable surprise is putting it
very mildly. I had no idea tlmt it
would or could knock out the grip ,
simply because I had never tried it for
such a purpose , but it did , and it seemed
with the second attack of coughing the
remedy caused it to not only bo of Idss
duration , but the pains wore far less
severe , and I had not used the contents
of one bottle before Mr. Grip hod bid
meadiou. " For sale by the Kiesau
Drug Co.
Good Health
Lion Coffee
w all coffee no glazing of
eggs or glue to conceal de
fects and cheapen its quality.
t Fresh and uniform , rich
in flavor , because always in
sealed packages never in