The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 27, 1903, Page 3, Image 3

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    The Only Liniment That Has Held The Farmers' Faith For Two Generations ,
\ II/L. / r * > JVl C ? VI C9 A M H is the pioneer ofliniments ,
TfHy 9 clTlJGyVlW//\l 1 it has stood thci test of time.
" . \ . * Tlio morcpcopIcJusoit the morcfaltli
T / - * > FH A < r - -
BECAUSE IT HAS CURED JVi I T Q | A l\ff thc.V Jiave Irt ! t *
Ifl.VJx 1 r l 1 ( VI
BVERY HURT OF HAN OR BEAST - It is just as good to relieve your pains
THAT CAN BE CURFD RV A noon , I 1 Ifc. T 1 mT m. Y HP to-day as it was to relieve the aches
//1 / p | Vf and pains of your grandfathers over
-HONEST , PENETRATING LINIMENT. A-WA 1 1 11" IJL l 1 1 sixty years ago.
-"Disagreeable Day Keeps Norfolk -
folk People Within Doors.
Traffic Has Been Difficult All Day
Nearly Impossible to Walk Thick
Coating Covers tlio Earth In This
Corner of It.
tFrom Thursday's Dally. ]
What appeared ourly this morning to
'lio notbiiig moro than n driz/.llug ,
'fllushy rulu , 1ms developed , hour by
hoar through the day , iuto ouo of the
most disagreeable , though not Bovoro , of
the winter's storms. With n chilly
wind coming down from the north ,
"tho falling wuter was soon turned to an
icy sleet nnd this afternoon finds Nor
folk and the country about it wrapped
tightly in a thick , slippery coating of
slimy , slushy crust which tangles you
np when you try to walk and slides you
back when yon try to advance.
The weather department hung out
the threatening sign yesterday and to
day have gone it one better And prom
ised rain or snow tonight. and Friday ,
with the threatening conditions continu
ing. The low barometer has its nerve.
The calendar seems to say that spring
has arrived , but the storm stares the
gentle season in the face and throws
snow balls at it. With half a tendency
toward a real light snow , the heavens
have thrown a dimness over the city
and with half a tendency moro there
might be a blizzard in all earnestness.
Rebels Are In Possession of the City
of San Domingo.
San Domingo , March 25. Quiet has
"been restored in this city by the war
ships in port. The minister of war ,
Plclmrdo , has surrendered to the revo-
unionists and the minister of posts
and telegraphs , Senor Castillo , has
joined the foreign minister , Senor
Sanchez , in taking refuge at the Unit
ed States consulate. The inhabitants
-of the villages around this city arc
Joining in the revolutionary move
ment. No news is obtainable from
the southern and northern parts of the
island. There was severe lighting at
Lavega , but the result is not Known.
If the north and south refuse to join
in the revolutionary movement the sit
uatlon may become more serious.
Commerce Is at a standstill and there
is considerable anxiety as to the fut
ure. A warship is going to San Pedro
-de Maroris , to the eastward of tna
city , in order to complete the sur
render. The warship Presldente ,
which is off the northern coast of the
Island , is in the possession of Presi
dent Vasquez.
Washington , March 25. United
ill States Consul General Maxwell at San
Domingo telegraphed the secretary ol
state that the city of San Domingo la
in the control of the revolutionists ,
the government forces having been de
feated , and that President Vasquez
'is in Mocha.
Further Trouble Is Feared at Port ol
Spain , Trinidad.
Port of Spain , Trinidad , March 25.
'Twelve natives were killed and sixty
wounded , many of them noncombatants -
-ants and women , during Monday's riot ,
ing. The government building was
destroyed by the rioters and the police
barracks was damaged by flro and
water. All the government records in
j the colonial secretary's office , the
court house , the crown lands and other
departments were destroyed.
More speeches are being made
against the water ordinance , and there
is a probability of further serious
trouble. The court house , which cost
1350,000 , is completely gutted and the
contents of the vault destroyed. The
chamber of commerce is holding a
mooting , with a view to cabling the
home government requesting the re
call of the high officials here.
, 'Man Who IB Not a Good Republican
Is Turned Down for an Office.
Washington , March 25. In connection -
tion with the appointment of Mr. Per
son as postmaster at Wilson , N. 0. ,
the postofflco department Issued the
following statement :
"After a careful investigation the
department came to the conclusion
that Senator Prltchard was right in
the statement that Mr. Vick had not
supported the Republican ticket , and ,
consequently , had forfeited his claim
to party recognition. Therefore , Mr.
Person , who was recommended by
Senator Prltchard , has been appoint
ed. "
Panic at Chinese Sham Battle.
Victoria , B. C. , March 25. According -
ing to advices received from the Ori
ent , the grand review of Chang Chih
Tung's modern drilled soldiers in the
Yangtse provinces , together with the
naval squadrons , was a great naval
and military display , vr
trous to the populace and n largo num
ber of lives wcro lost. When the sham
battle started a panic seized the whole
populace , a report having been spread
that an Invasion was to take placo.
So great was the panic that milclilo
was resorted to , and It Is roportett
also { hat many children wore drowned
in order to got rid of them to allow
their parents to run faster.
South Carolina Senator Gets Mixed
Reception at Detroit.
Detroit , March 25. Senator Tlllman
was greeted by alternate storms of ap
plause and hisses when ho delivered
an impassioned address on the race
problem at Light Guard armory , the
audience being evidently divided be
tween upholders of his Ideas nnd
strenuous opponents of them. Ho
said that the north demanded majority
rule and , with a sneer , added that
there were 235,000 more negroes than
whlto people in South Carolina. "It
will mean that moro blood will How
than was shed in the civil war If you
persist in trying to subject us to the
domination of the blacks. " Upon tne
Henator's reference to some of Sher
man's army as bummers , chicken
thieves and carpetbaggers , his north
ern audlenco broke out Into such violent
lent hisses that the speech was inter
rupted and some of the moro timid
ones in the audlonro fcnrod trouble.
Object Said to Be to Prevent Imports-
tatlon of Impure Teas.
New York , March 25. One hundred
and sixty Importers , wholesalers and
retailers of tea throughout the coun
try have united to form the National
Tea association of the United States.
The objects of the association are de
clared to be the support of the law of
1897 , forbidding the Importation of Im
pure teas , and the promotion of the
consumption of tea in the United
States by disseminating information
In regard to its quality and the proper
methods of its preparation.
Smalloox Patient Given 25 Lashes.
Columbus , O. , March 25. The whip
ping post , was resorted to at the small
pox hospital to maintain discipline.
Hugh Murphy , a negro suffering from
smallpox , attacked and badly wounded
T. V. Flowers , another patient , with a
fork. Dr. Belbel , superintendent of
the hospital , decreed that Murphy
should receive twcnty-fivo lashes on
his bare back , and the punishment
was inflicted by the superintendent
himself after the offender had been
tied to a post by attendants.
Kalcer Invites American Warships.
Washington , March 25. The Post
says : "Emperor William of Germany
has given further striking proof of his
desire to maintain friendly relations
with the United States. In a personal
cablegram to President Roosevelt , ho
has Invited the battle fleet of the
United States In North American
waters to visit Kiel , Germany , during
regatta week , In May. The emperor'a
message will not be made public until
the president has sent his reply. "
Preaching Orders Expelled From Fran
Paris , March 25. The chamber of
deputies , by a vote of 304 to 246 , re
jected all the applications for author
ization made by the religious preach
ing orders. The entire session was
devoted to a discussion of the govern
ment's bill , which opposes the applica
tion of the preaching orders for au
thorization. Among the orders who
are thus expelled from Franco is the
English Passlonlst order , which con
ducts a church in the Avenue Ilercho
for American and English Catholics ,
and in whose behalf British Ambassa
dor Monson and United States Am
bassador Porter recently Interested
themselves. \
Flood Situation Unchanged.
New Orleans , March 25. The Mis
sissippi river guago here registers
20.1 feet , a rise of 0.1 , but the condi
tions are unchanged and the engineers
still -expect the crest of the flood to
pass without mishap , oven in the La
Fourcho and Pontchartraln districts ,
where the hardest fight is being made.
A report received from Donaldsonvllle ,
La. , states that' the break in La
Fourche's levee , although causing a
fall in the bayou at Napoleonville , has
caused no fall on cither side of the
river or the bayou at Donaldsonville
and that , on the contrary , the river
there rose 0.3 in the past twenty-four
Bank Robbera Use Dynamite.
Owlngsville , Ky. , March 25. An at
tempt was made to rob the Salt Lick
Deposit bank. There were two explo
sions of dynamite. The flrst explosion
failed to open the vaults , but it
aroused t'.e citizens , who assembled
before the robbers secured the con
tents of the vaults. The robbers 03-
caped , but had previously robbed sa
cral storea.
Ho Would Not.
"Would you die for me ? " she asked
"Now look here ! " ho
, returned , in his
matter of fact way. "Aro wo supposed
to bo planning a cheap novel or a wed-
Main Portion of Business Sec
tion Wiped Out.
The Firemen Do Best Possible Work
to Save Town Bucket Brigade
Plays a Part Loss Least
Holbrook , Nob. , March 2(1. ( Spouiul
to The News : The greater nurt of
the businofis portion of thin little village
hns boon utturly wiped out by flro
which started about midnight mid
burnud for tiovoral hours.
The local volunteer department did
everything possible to save the store
buildings oai the main street but iigaiiiHl
the raging 11 IUIOH they were absolutely
helploNH. A bucket brigade was formml
early in the progress of the blaze but
the destruction wont on regardless.
It was fortanato that no residence
property was sot by the flying sparks.
The loss after n few hours burning
was reported to bo something like $20-
000 , partly covered by insurance. The
cause is unknown.
Widow of Murdered Man Continues
Her Story Before Buffalo Court.
Buffalo , March 25. "llavo you ro-
celvod any information as to who
killed your husband ? "
"No , sir. "
"You swear you have no knowledge
or information as to who killed him ? "
"I do. "
These questions were addressed to
Mrs. Alice Hull Burdlck by District
Attorney Coatsworth at the Inquest
into the death of her husband. The
questions came abruptly , whllo the dis
trict attorney was drawing from Mrs.
Burdlck information about her rela
tions with Arthur R. Ponnell. She de
nied that Pennell took her key to
the front door of the Burdlck home
while they were in Now York together
and had duplicates inatlo of it.
Before leaving the stand , Mrs. Bur-
dick took occasion to say in reply to
questions from her counsel that noth
ing improper or immoral had oc
curred between her and Pennell. At
the same time she said her husband
was fond of the society of other wom
en , and , for some reason not quite
clear , she said that Mrs. Ponnoll was
quite familiar with the dining room
and "den" In the Burdlck home.
To complete the examination of
every one known to have been in the
Burdlck home on the night of Feb. 26 ,
when Edwin L. Burdlck was murdered ,
the district attorney called to the
stand the two youngest Burdlck
children , Carol and Alice , aged re
spectively thirteen and ten years. The
district attorney questioned the chil
dren closely about the events that
occurred at their homo on the night
before and the morning after the mur
der of their father. The children dis
played no moro sign of emotion than
did their grandmother , or mother , or
older sister , whllo talking about the
terrible death of their father. Their
recollection of the happenings at the
time of the tragedy was rather hazy ,
and "I don't remember , " was usu
ally the answer they gave when the
district attorney pressed them closely
on any point.
Thirty Thousand Acres Flooded.
Vlcksburg , Miss. , March 25. Thirty
thousand acres are flooded by the
breaking of a protection levee around
Lacona Circle. Ark. , twenty.-fly.e mlle
north of Rosedale , Mlss . 'Tho crevassio
is several hundred yards wide. So
suddenly did the water rush through
that the people living In the Inundated
territory were forced to take rerugo
on the government levee In the rear.
Considerable live stock , it is feared ,
will bo lost and the negroes there are
said to bo without provisions.
This levee protects something over
30,000 acres of the finest land In Dessa
county. The conditions are growing
moro critical all along the line every
hour and weak places are developing
which requlro Immediate attention.
The entire levee is being guarded
closely and every citizen Is at work
assisting the government authorities
and the levee board. The crest of the
wave is now passing and if the levees
can be held for a few days longer , the
condition will begin to improve.
Fatal Fight at a Dance.
Dallas , Tex. , March 25. A special
from Tucumcary , N. M. , gives details
of a pistol duel in a dance hall , which
resulted In the death of Hoffman , Cur
ley and Kenneth Woodard and the ar
rest of John Young , Verrl Garni and a
man named Kelffer of Clayton , N. M. ,
charged with the shooting. The trou
ble is said to have boon caused by a
Methodists Criticise Bishop Potter
Philadelphia , March 25. The report
of the com mitt eo on temperance , reai !
at the Philadelphia Methodist Eplsco
pal conference , makes the following
criticism of Bishop Potter of .
York : "Wlmtovor may ho Tito unwar
ranted deductions made by friomln of
the liquor tralllc In favor of Intlulgoncn
In Intoxicating llqunrn from the pub
lished results of the InvoBtlgntlonn
condnctod by Profomior Atwater ante
to the vuliio of alcohol as a food , or
the cont'hmlonH drawn from the minor-
nblo apology for the machnulc who
KOtn drunk , made by Uluhnp 1'ottor In
the words , 'how ' ran I blaiuo him If
now and then ho ovens up , ' an ho Rnyn.
wo profoundly bollovo thorn IH no valid
dofoiiHo for the use of , alcoholic liquor ,
as a bovorngo. "
Eight-Story Structure In Plttsburfl
Dnmage-d by Flames ,
PlttHburK , March 115. Fire broke out
in the largo olRht-utory brluk build
ing at PoiuiHylvanla avenue and Cecil
ulloy , occupied by the McIClvIn l irnl-
turo company , ami bot'oro the flumoa
were controlled the thrco upper floora
were gutu-d and thu stock on tha
lower floors was badly damaged by
The lire started In the packing room
on the fifth floor and spread so rapidly
that for n time It was foarotl the on-
Urn structure would bo destroyed , iia
well as the adjoining building , occu
pied by the Surprise Clothing com
pany. Upon the upper floors of the lafc
tor building many girls and women
were employed In the manufacture of
clothing , nnd a panic ensued , but all
reached the street In safety. Two
flroimm were overcome by the nmolta
nnd wcro carried out of the McIClvIn
building uncotiRcloiiB , but It IH thought
they will recover.
The loss Is estimated at ? 1GO,000 ,
fully covered by Insurance.
fipaln Will Sign Protocol.
Washington , March 25. The Span
ish government will sign with Minis
ter nowon n protocol providing for
the appointment of a mix oil commis
sion , to sit at Caracas , to adjust the
claims of the citizens of Spain against
Venezuela. The president of the re
public of Mexico will bo asked to name
the umpire. With the completion of
the Spanish protocol nil the nations
except Denmark having claims against
Venezuela will hnvo provided the ma
chlncry for Bottling the claims of tholr
citizens against Venezuela.
To Prohibit Mixed Marrlagea.
Madison , Wls. , March 25. The a *
sombly committee on state affairs de
cided by n vote of five to two to recom
mend tie ] Williams anti-negro mar
riage bill for passage. The action
came after a long and spirited hcarliifi
on the bill. The measure , If adopted ,
will prohibit marriages between
whites nnd negroes within the stato.
Downpour at Los Angeles.
Los Angeles , Gal. , March 25. Com
ing down in sheets at times , the rain
fall has exceeded the records of the
season. The downtown streets ara
flooded and many of the outlying dis
tricts are Impassable. The railway
service was crippled by the water that
flowed down from the high ground of
the city.
Stage Robber Foiled.
Uklah , Cal. , March 25. A lone highwayman -
wayman hold up the stage traveling
between this point and Mendoclno
City and shot and Instantly killed the
armed messenger , Q. A. Ovormoyer.
The driver , Harry Owaly , whipped up
his horses and amid n rain of bullets ,
escaped uninjured.
Children Burn to Death.
Kansas City , March 25. At Kansas
City , Kan. , two children , Asa and
Charles Blgelow , aged four and three
years , sons of O. W. Blgclow , wore
burned to death In a flro that destroyed
stroyed their home , the mother hav
Ing locked them in whllo she wont to
the store.
Take Two Trays of Diamonds.
Omaha , March 25. Two trays of
diamond rings , containing twelve gold
bands set with stones , valued at
$1,000 , were stolen from the Jewelry
store of A. B. Huberman at noon by
two well dressed young men , who
made tholr escape.
Admiral Dewey is to review and in
spect the North Atlantic squadron ,
which is off the Virginia capes , on its
return north from southern waters.
After a personal inspection of the
proposed site , Secretary Moody has se
lected Guantanarno as the principal
United States naval station in the
West Indies.
Jack Pierce shot and killed Mrs
Barney Hedlgar nnd a man namec
Patten and then lulled himself at Gil !
Edge , Mont. The men bad quarrelot
over the woman.
Edward Vandoventer , member of a
prominent , family at Mound City , Mo.
was killed near there Tuesday by the
explosion of several sticks of dyna
mite , used In killing flsh in the Mis
sourl river.
The boiler at John McCauloy's saw
mill , near Wlckllffe , Ky. , exploded
Tuesday. J. S. Bird , engineer , who
was on top of the boiler ; Arthur
Starks and Warren May , employes
wcro killed , and John McCauley am
flcoreo Marshall were badly hurt.
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Men of Swift Packing Company
Out a Short Time.
Butchers Object to Non-Union Man
But Agree to Return to Work and
Will Adjust Later Plan Made a
Hit With Butchers.
Omaha , March 20. Special to The
News : The strike among the employes
of the Swift Packing company has boon
settled and the men are now at work.
The plan on which the strike was
Rottlod was that the men should re
turn to work nnd that the company
would take congni/aiico of the differ
ences existing and adjust thorn later.
The proposition was received with favor
by the mem and the business is now
being carried on with full and accus
tomed vigor.
Omaha , March 20. Special to The
News : Because a uon-unioa man had
been employed by the Swift Packing
company , at their plant hero , 1/50 /
butchers who had been working regu
larly , absolutely refused to register in
this morning , and their , places are
For a time it seemed that violent
trouble might resulc from the break , but
nothing has so far been done la viola
tion of the law and no arrests have yet
had to bo mado.
The Venezuelans have no sooner re
covered the remains of their navy from
the Germans than the English seize
their vessels on the charge that they are
piratical in their actions. It may bo
moro difficult to release them from the
latter soiznro than the flrst. If the
Britlefc case is well founded there will
be no criticism to make.
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