The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 27, 1903, Page 10, Image 10

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    THM NORFOLK NEWS : Fill DAY , MARCH 27 , 11)03 )
\V , N , 11USB , PitullRlior.
[ KtnlitU1i < < illl&tt. ! ]
Xterr day except Kiunlny. Jljr rnrrlor ix > r
, 15 cent * , lly nmll | ior > onr , HUB.
l > lM , IMt.
Tlia Journnl , cMnlilMioil , 1877.
Krorjr Frldny. Hy nmll txir ycixr , M.60.
Knlrrml nt Oio ixjitfinico nl Norfolk , Noli.wi
ocuntl oln * i nmUor ,
T ll > lumr t Ktlltorlnt Ici > nrtmrnl , No. 21
lltulnoM olllco ntul Job Koomi , N * . X2 ,
Minnesota la polltoly entreated to
take it buck.
Four more days of it then April
with perhaps BOIUO inoro.
Grover Olovolantl is likewise to give
iho tmomy's country n try.
The weather olork might readily bo
convicted of doing it with uiulloo
The woixthor is butting into the bock
boor season in n nmunor Unit some of
the Inshorn cau nolthor forgot nor for.
give. .
It is up to Madison county to either
build Btcel bridges ever the Klkhoru or
dig into the bridge fund uioro fro
Kmporor Willtnui says the Ainoriciui
navy may piny in his bnok yard , which
is tnkou tin further proof of the friend
llnosH for this country In the father
Tflltoon below froer.lng nud the ground
coated with a couple of iuohcs of sleet
and enow on the U7th is all the evidence
required that the month proposes to bo
unturned to the last.
The Nebraska legislature seems in
clluod to leave it to other like bodies to
\metlo with fronk measures. If any
have appeared they have been promptly
floored by the committees or sidetracked
before they reach the comuiltttos.
O , E. Bentley , not unknown to state
politics , in connection with hid party
lias accepted the prohibition nomina
tion for mayor of Lincoln. Ho wil
probably come as close to an election in
the capital city as ho has during state
campaigns. >
Miss Roosevelt has demonstrated
that she has inherited some of the
Iloosovolt strouuosity and oudurauco by
shaking hands with the Porto Rioaus
for n straight. stretch of two hours.
This is a test that oven her father might
wish to avoid.
Mr. Bryan should make up his mind
to submit with the best possible grace tea
a visit by Mr. Olovolaud to the silver
champion's homo state. Mr. Bryan
liaa boon intruding on Mr. Cleveland's
political preserves for several years and
the ex-president has but undertaken to
return the compliment.
They have had a revival at University
Place and one man whoso heart was
touched has undertaken to pay his
debts that have been long past duo and
sorno of which have not boon exactly
honest or honorable. If all converts
'would be thus influenced there would bo
A greater demand for evangelists than at
Center , the now county neat of Knox
county , cannot bo realizing the boom
that was expected for it. The Outlook
boa announced that it would suspend
publication , and a town without a
paper ia not much. In this age of rail
roads it will bo found rather difficult to'
build up a county seat or any other
town at n distance from the railroad.
Plans are being ma'lo for the adoption
of electricity as the motive power for
the railroads of Sweden , the proposed
system having originated with an
American engineer , H , Ward Leonard ,
of New York. With the Swedes ac
quiring a system that is calcul ited to
give greater speed and efficiency to their
railroad traffic it will stand the Ameri
can railroad men in hand to see that
they are not permitted to acquire an
American method of greater advantage
than this country is enjoying. It would
never do to permit the Swedes to boast
of bettor railroad advantages than Amer
ica possesses.
A late issue of a popular magazine
contains an advertisement for cigarettes
made especially for women mild flav
ored , and alleged to possess other desir
able qualities for those who wish is be
up in society fads and acquire the habit ,
When the advertiser sees a source of
profit in this tort of announcement it
may well be believed that the habit is
acquiring a standing with the women
and the statement that they will be
sent in a plain wrapper makes it much
easier for the readers to fall in with the
scheme of the advertiser. It is some
thing of a slam on reform when the
women who have been industrious in
their efforts to break the men loose from
vile habits during several generations
are finally induced to acquire one of the
worst obtainable.
Blxby of the State Journal does not
very of ten make a serious mistake , but
ho made one in Thursday's issue when
lie said in Daily Drift , "Grind out a few
measured of poetry If yon think it IH ]
Rtich an rnsy job. " Ho will realize his
mlMako when the doggoroln and moll-
greln and ioimotft and nougH begin to
How In upon him , Thin in the BOUHOII of
the year wlioit ovcryono IH imprusMd
with the belief that they have the di >
vine nfllntuH and can wrlto pee try or
that which they allege to bo poetry , and
the Jouriml'nmn is quite likely to have
hlo waflto trnNkot full aud running ever
UH BOOH an the invitation nproadu. It
may not bo poetry of the kind Ulxby
writofl , but the authom will consider it
equal if not superior to that which ap
pear in Dally Drift , 1 Baby may as
sume to bo judge of these efforts but
thono who wrlto will never bo convinced
that they cannot.
The Bclinufn llv Worked o Decelv *
the CuHlouiN Olllflnln.
"Thorn IH money In mnuggllng , " nnld
the retired dealer In prccloim HtoneH UH
ho leuni'd buck , "but It IB dnngorotm to
carry on the bUHliienn , as poHHlblo BUS-
poctfl uro carefully watched and , If nec
essary , traced till they are finally
caught. Howovcr , I know one man
who pursued the trade of diamond
HimiRnlliiK for Ilfteon yearn and wan
able to retire to respectability. Ho
waH buyer for ono of the largo buRlnunn
houses In Now York , and hl bUHlncHS
sent him to Huropo two , three and
Bomotlmofl four times a year. Kvory
tluio ho returned ho had with him from
$10,000 to $1:0,000 : worth of Kerns which
ho did not declare.
"IIlH trick was perfect simplicity
combined with Ingenious boldncsB. Ills
hair wan scanty , and nt the top of bin
head ho had a moHt delightful llttlo
bald npot. Customs otlkera MB they
came and went all know him , and as
they know him ho had n most pro
nounced wen where his other acquaint
ances saw a buhl spot. That wen was
a work of art , made of wax and gum.
and It contained two or three big stones
that would have been a find for the
men on tlio pier.
"Tho good cigar that ho had Just lit
and allowed to go out held a few more ,
and sewed In the Immllo of the grip
that ho carelessly turned over to the
inspection of the. officers were the rest
of them. Ho never varied the trick ,
and ho never lost. ICach trip was worth
a couple of hundred dollars to him and
n great many hundred more to those
who employed him. Now , that man
considered himself strictly honest , lie
would not steal a cent from an Indi
vidual , yet he schemed and plotted to
rob the government. " Now York Press.
The day after lie asks her to marry
him plie goes around the house and
takes Inventory of the glmcracks which
are hers and which she can take with
her. Atchlson Globo.
Closing Prices of Produce In Chicago
Chicago , Maroh 27. Special to The
News : Following are the closing prices
on Chicago market today :
Wheat Cash , 72 % ; July , 00 ; Sep
tember , 68 .
Corn Cash 43 ! May , 48 % ; July ,
18Tf. ; September , 43Jj ( .
O.its Cash 82 % ; May , 881 ; July ,
30 % ; September , 28 .
Yesterday's Quotations.
ChlciiKo , Murcu UU.-lmictlvlty prevailed
ou tuu board of trade today urnl after H
rnthcr nunotiH session Muy wheat closed
} { , c lower. May corn WUH up ViSW i > d
oat8 were % < Tii ! better. Provisions closed
strong , with the May product ! ) from Cti to
15c atelier. Closlne prices ;
AVheat-May , 7ic : : July , 00 % ; Sept. , OS'A-
Corn-May , 4tWe : ; July , 4i : , c ; Sept.Tic. .
OutH-May , : uio ; July , 30-4c ; Sept. . 1I8&C
Pork-May , $18.10 ; July , IT.aT ; Sept. , 17.00
hard-May , $10.15 ; July , 0.87 ; Sept. , 0.87.
Htbs-Mny , $1UKJ ) July , $0.00 ; Sept. , $9.GO.
Chicago CftBh Prtcca No. 2 red wheat
73e ; No. 3 red wheat , OS < K72c ; No. 2 sprln *
wheat. 7r f70Hc ; No. a sprlnc wheat , 08 < jl
7Gc ; No. 2 hard wheat , 70 < afflc ; No. 3 hard
wheat , COS70c ; No. 2 ensU corn , 43c ; No.
3 cash corn , ; t ® a ? ic ; No. 2 yellow corn ,
43Uc ; No. 3 yellow corn , 40V.i@41c ; No. 2
cash oats , S''c ; No. 2 white oats ,
No. 3 whltv oata. 3334c.
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas City , March 20. Cattle Receipts ,
4,000 ; dull , weak ; choice beef steers , $4.W
ec.25 ; fair to good , $3.504.50 ; stockera
and feeders , $3.200)3.00 ) : western fed steers ,
$3.00415.00 ; Texas and Indian steers , $2.t > 03
4.35 ; Texas cows , $2.00(33.75 ( ; native cows ,
$ l.GO < a4.23 ; native helfem , $3.25 < ! t4.45 ; can <
ners , $1.0OQ2.r ; hulls , $2.00413,1)0 ) ; calves ,
$3.15@7.00. HoE8-KcceIpts , 7riOO ; slow
and lOc lower ; top , $7.42 ; bulk of sales ,
$7.10417.80 ; heavy , $7.17'/j7.-t2yj ; mixed
packers , $7.10 i7.40 : light , $7.00 < 3 > 7.12y.-
plgs. $ U.OOCl7.00. Sheep llecclpts , 4,500
steady to strong ; lambs , $ D.534 7.W ) ; fed
ewes , $4.55fi < U > 0 ; wethers , $4.75 < 20.0
atockers aud feeders , $3.fX > Q4.75.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago , March 20. Cattle Receipts. 7 ,
000 ; steady to stronger ; good to prime
steers , $3.0lX&3.0 ; poor to medium , $3.753
4.75 ; stockcrs and feeders. $2.76(34.83 (
cows , $ l.COftt.GO ; heifers , $2.50(24.75 ( ; can
ncrs , $1.50fli2.75 ; bulls , $2.25 < g4.0 ; calves ,
$3.00 < a 1.75 ; Texas fed steers , $4.0034.50 ,
Hoes-Hecelpts , today , 20,000 ; tomorrow ,
18,000 ; left over , 0,000 ; 510c lower , closed
strong ; mixed aud butchers , $7.23Q7.0 ;
good to choice heavy , $7.45(37.70 ( ; rough
heavy , $7.15 17.40 ; light , $ O.OOQ7.SO ; hulk o
sales , $7.25 < S7.50. Shcep-llecelpts , 0,000
sheep strong , lamhs steady ; good to choice
wethers , $3.50(30.50 ( ; fair to choice mixed ,
$4.S02o.M ) ; western lambs , $5.50(30.50 ( ; na
tlve lambs , $3.50JI7.50 ; western lambs
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Omaha , March 20. Cattle Re
ceipts , 4,000 ; slow , 5(3100 ( lower ; uatlv
itecrs , $4.00(33.25 ( ; cows and heifers , $3.2.1
( { 4.25 ; cunncrs , $2.00(33.00 ( ; stackers am !
feeders , $ % 00 4.G3 : calves , $3.00(30.50 (
bulls , stagsetc. , $2.50(34.00. ( Hogs-Rd
celpts , 8.000 ; steady ; heavy , $7.20 < 37. 0
mixed. $7.15 17.20 ; light , $0.00(37.15 ( : pigs
$0.5037.00 ; hulk of tales , $7.1567.25
Sheep Receipts , 11,000 ; steady ; yearlings
$5.80 < gO.CO : wethers , $5.00&G.OO ; ewes ,
$4.0035.50 ; common itnd stackers , $2.0042
4.60 ; lambs , $5.05(37.25. (
St. Joseph Live Stock
St. Joieph , March 20-Cattle Receipts ,
2,171 ; steady to lOc lower ; cows and he If
ers steady to lOc higher ; natives , $3.S5ft
5.25 ; cows and heifers , $2.2 4.00 ; utockcn
and feeders , $3.i5ift4.75. : UOKSI Receipt *
0,420 ; averaged lOc lower , pig * steady ; Ugh
and light mixed , $7.00ff7.:0 : : ; medium an
toeaiy ,
Secretary Shaw Announces Im
portant Monetary Measure.
Action IB Intended to Provide Bnola
for Inercnolnfl Circulation In Case
of Stringency In the Money Market.
Secretary Shaw Buying Silver.
Washington , March 27. The secre
tary of the treasury published a cir
cular , announcing that on and after
April 1 , lie will recolvo for refunding ,
to an amount not exceeding $1,000,000 ,
any of the bonds of the 3 per cent
loan of 1008 and the \ per cent funded
loan of 1007. They may bo surren
dered at prices yielding to the In
vestor an income of 2'/i ' per cent per
annum , and the now bonds will bo
issued In exchange at a premium of 2
per cont.
The secretary stated In explanation
of his action that ho desired to put
out a larger amount of 2 per cents ,
which could bo available to Increase
circulation In case of a stringency.
Secretary Shaw purchased 250,000
ounces of oflvor at 49.1 cents an
ounce , delivered free at the Philadel
phia mint. The purchase was made on
account of the Philippine coinage act.
Now York , March 27. The offer of
Secretary Shaw seemed to como as a
surprise to bond brokers , some of
whom professed to bo unable to under
stand Its scope or purport. It was
generally looked upon as an emer
gency or relief measure , Inasmuch as
the offer will release from $5,000,000
to $8,000,000 , the amount depending
entirely upon the proportion of 3s or
4s turned In. Ono broker thought the
proposition was designed to Induce
banks to Increase tholr circulation.
Nobody could trace any connection
between the offer and the coming Pan
ama canal payment.
Ilow'n Tills ?
Wo offer one hundred dollars ro .yard
for any case of catarrh that cannot bo
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. , T. CHKNEY& Co. , Toledo , O.
Wo , the undersigned , have known P.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years , and believe -
liovo him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations inudo
by tholr firm.
West & Trnax , wholesale druggists ,
Toledo , O.
Waldlng , Kinnau & Marvin , wholesale
druggists , Toledo , O.
Hall's Catarrh Onro is taken inter
nally , acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
One Minute Cough Ouro gives relief
In ouo minute , because it kills the mi-
srobo which tickles the mucous mem-
brauo , cansiug the cough , and at the
same time clears the phlegm , draws out
the inflammation and heals and soothes
the alTooted parts. One Minute Cough
Cure strengthens the lungs , wards off
pneumonia aud is a harmless and never
falling euro in all curabln ctuoa of
coughs , colds and croup. Ouo Miunto
Cough Onro ia pleasant to take , harm
less and good alike for young and old ,
A. H. Kiesau.
Thousands believe wo have found the
secret of perpetual youth. The elixir of
lifo in Rocky Mountain Tea , makes and
keeps people young. 1)5 ) coutjs. The
Kiosau Drug Co.
Hotter tlmu Gold ,
"I was troubled for several years
with ohrouio indigestion and nervous
debility , " writes F. J. Green , of Lan
caster , N. H. "No remedy helped me
until I began using Electric Bitters ,
which did mo' more good than all the
medicines I ever used. They have also
kept my wife in excellent health for
years. She says Electric Bitters are
just splendid for female troubles ; that
they are a grand tonio aud invigorator
for weak , run down women. No other
medicine can take its place in our
family. " Try them. Only 50o. Satisfaction -
faction guaranteed by A. H. Ktesau.
Kicaped an Awful JTnte ,
Mr. H. Haggius of Melbourne , Fla. ,
writes , "My doctor told me I had con
sumption and nothing could be done for
mo. I was given up to die. The offer
of a free trial bottle of Dr. King's New
Discovery for consumption , induced mete
to try it. Results were startling. I am
now on the road to recovery and owe
all to Dr. King's Now Discovery. It
surely saved my life. " This great cure
is guaranteed for all throat and lung
diseases by A. H. Kiesan , Druggist.
Price 50o and $1.00. Trial bottles free.
It positively cures after all other rem
edies fall. The doctors are puzzled over
the wonderful cures made by Rocky
Mountain Tea. 85 cents. The Kiesau
Drug Co. _
After La Grippe What ?
Usually a hacking cough and a gener
al feeling of weakness , often leading to
fatal results after the patient is supposed
to have passed the danger point. Foley.'s
Honey and Tar is guaranteed to onro
the "grip cough" aud make you strong
aud well. It never fails to stop r
cough if taken in time. Take no sub
stitutos. A. II. Kiesan.
Worse than an alarm of fire nt night
is the brassy cough of croup , which
sounds like the children's death knoll
and it moans death unless something is
done quickly. Foley's Honey and Tar
never fails to give instant relief and
quickly cures the worst forms of croup.
Mrs. P. L. Cordior of Mauniugton , Ky. ,
writes : "My three-year-old girl had a
severe case of croup ; the doctor said
she could not live. I got a bottle of
Foloy's Honey and Tar ; the first dose
gave quick relief and saved her life. "
Refnso substitutes. Sold by A. H.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Application fur Saloon Liquor Decline.
Matter of application of Charles Rico
for a liquor license.
Notice is hereby given that Charles
Rico did , on the 20th day of March ,
1003 , file his application to the mayor
and city council of the city of Norfolk ,
NebfaMta , for HCOUHO to sell malt ,
RplrituouH and vinous liquors at Norfolk ,
Nebraska , from the Cth day of Mny ,
'lOJ ) , to the Slid day of May , 1004 , nt
hu northwest corner of Fifth street and
Norfolk avenue , Bear's addition , in
First ward of said city.
If there is no objection , remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
ho With day of March , 1003 , the said
iconso will ho granted.
S. II. MoFAlttiAND ,
City Clerk.
/Vjipllcntlon / 1'or biiluuu Liiuor |
Matter of application of William O.
Boruur for a liquor HCOUHO.
Notice is hereby given that William
O. Ucruor did , on the 25th dayof March ,
1003 , file hia application to the mayor
and city council of the city of Norfolk ,
Nebraska , for llconso to sell malt , spirit-
nous and vinous liquors at Norfolk , Ne
braska , from the Gth day of May , 1008 ,
to the 2nd dny of May , 1001 , at east
half of lot 0 , block 5 , original town in
First ward of said city.
If there is no objection , remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
the 25th day of March , 1003 , the said
license will bo granted ,
S. R. MoFAiiLAKD ,
_ City Olork.
Application For Knlnon Liquor Decline.
Matter of application of Etuil Moollor
for a liquor license.
Notice is hereby given that Emil
Mnellerdid , on the 25th day of March ,
1003 , file his application to the mayor
aud city council of the olty of Norfolk ,
Nebraska , for license to sell nmlt.cplrit-
UOUH and vinous liquors at Norfolk , Ne
braska , from the 5th day of May , 1003 ,
to the 2nd day of May , 1004 , at cast half
of lot 10 , block 4 , original town in First
ward of said city.
, If there is do objection , remonstrance
or protest filed within two weeks from
the 25th day of March , 1003 , the said
license will bo granted.
City Clerk.
Application For Saloon Liquor License.
Matter of application of S. J. Dixou
for a liquor license.
Notice is hereby given that 8. J. Dixon
did , on the 25th day of March , 1008 ,
file his application to the mayor and
city council of the City of Norfolk ,
Nebraska , for license to sell malt , spirit
uous and vinous liquors at Norfolk , No-
brnskn , from the fith day of Mny , 1903 ,
to the 2nd dny of May , 1004 , at No. 410 ,
lot 0 , Bear's school lots in First Ward of
said city.
If there is no objection , remonstrance
or protest filed wirbin two weeks from
the 25th day of March , 1903 , the said
license will bo granted.
S. R. MoFAitLAND ,
City Clerk.
Continental $12,057,811
North British & Mercantile. . 5.758.20G
Gormauia 5048,478
Western Underwriters Ass'n 4,864,107
New Hampshire 8,770,500
Niagara / 8,697,786
Northwoatern Underwriters. . 8.802.009
St. Paul F. & M 8,824,201
Milwaukee Mechanics 2,751,850
Traders 2,078,012
American Fire 2,584,085.
Look the above over carefully , take
your choice , step into W. W. Roberts'
ofllco , room 4 Mast block , write your in
surance ; your loss will bo promptly
C. B. DURLAND , Secretary.
should not bo neglected. Often back
wardness in studies is caused by eye de
12 Bishop Block.
. . ,
Plumbing ,
Steam and Hot
Water Fitting.
| , , . .A11 Kinds of Pumps. . . , |
Phone No. 97.
A § 400 Cabinet Grand A. llospq Piano to bo GIVEN
AWAY to the lodge , school , Bunion organization or
person having the most votes on
AUGUST h 1903 , AT 1:00 : P. M.
Whenever you trade with any of the following
merchants to the extent of 25 cents in cash you are
entitled to ono vote with which you can vote for any
organization or person you may desire , and the ono
having the most votes on the above date gets the piano
froo. Why not trade where you can got votes when
you need the goods anyway and help your lodge or
church win the piano.
The piano is on exhibition at The Star Clothing
Store where it may bo seen by all.
The ballot box is located at Kiesau's Drug * '
Store , where all votes must bo deposited , the votes will
be counted each week and the result published in THE
Clothing THE STAR.
Groceries OSCAR UHLE.
Livery D. D. BRUNSON.
Flour and Feed WALLACE
Tailor-0. H. KRAHN , 0. R.
Foley , Cutter.
may bo leased by private parties at any
time for reasonable prices. Ladies wel
come at any time.
Do not send away your old ingrain
aud Brussels carpets. Wo are ready to
weave them into rugs. We haven loom
from the factory nt Sioux City and will
weave such ruga as they weave there.
Corner Fourth and Madison.
Ostcopatliic Physician.
leenBoe both ncuto and chronic successfully
treated without use of drugs or knife.
Office nt residence , 109 North 10th Street.
Hiono No. F34. NOIJFOLK.
Undertaker ! and Embalmers ,
Sesions BIk. , Norfolk Avenue ,
Phone 58. Calls Promptly Answered.
Phone 107. for Ladies and Children.
Mrs. Sadie Hart Miller
Graduate of American School of Osteo-
> ahy , under founder of the science.
Residence and ofllco , 807 Madison Ave.
Hours t rom 9 a.m. to 4 p. m.
Steam and
Hot Water
First Door South News Office.
Norfh-Western Line
F. E.W. / . V. R. R.
is the best to and from the great
of North Nebraska.
6. R. SEILER ,
Telephone , No. 44.
Restaurant and Confectionery
Jewelry and Optician W. B. j *
Millinery INSKEEP.
Pay for what you get.
Got what you pay for.
Open night and day.
Regular 25o Meal , 1 meat order , served !
from 0:00 : to 0:00 : a. in. , 11:30 : to
2:00 : p. in. , 5:80 : to 0:00 : p. nu
E. P. flllimBElr , Proprietor
First-Glass Work at Reasonable Prices
Shop first door West of Scliorcggo'e Bakery ; .
The Many Adventureslof
Including all the merry pictures con
tained in the two volumes , entitled
"Adventures tf Foxy Grandpa" and
"Further Adventures of Foxy Grand-
pa. "
Mr. Schultzo [ Raid to mo ono day at
Innch : ' 'What do yon think of n series
of comic drawings dealing a grand
father and his two grandsons ? "
"Let the grandfather bo the clover ono
of the trio. In most of the other cases
the yonnff folk have hcou smarter than
the old people upon whom they played
tlinir JoKen. Lot s reverse it. "
The next morning he came to my of
fice with sketches for half a dozen
eerie * , and with the name "Foxy Grand
M pa" in his head.
Tbo fuicciwi of the series In the New
York Herald was Instantaneous , for
Vfliolmn not heard of "Foxy Grandpa"
and "Bunny ? "
The jolly old pnntleman , dear to
grown people as wollna children , might
nlmoat ho called the Mr , Pickwick of
comic pictures.EDWARD
To Grandfathers Who Are And
To 1 ho o Who Are To Be ,
I Motrlly Dedicate This Book.
Sent postage paid on receipt of ONE
DOLLAU in currency or postal order ;
no checks received ,
49 Wall Street , New York.
Chicago and Northwestern.
'Omaha Passenger 6.-03am
Jhlcngo Express 12:40pm :
Jhlcaao Express. . . . . 7SOp m
Omaha Passenger 12:40p tn
Black lillld cTxpress , , . 7:50pm
Vordlgro Passenger 12:40p : m
Verdl ro Accommodation 8:30am :
Mack mils Express 12:20pm
Vordlgro Passenger 6:03am
Vordlgro Accommodation 7:10p : m
The Chicago and Black Hills Express arrives
and departs from Junction depot. The Omaha
and Vordlgre trains brrivo and depart from city
depot. II. C. MATBAU , Agent.
Union 1'nclllc.
. / . , . - , DEPABT.
C'olnrabus Accommodation 3:00 : p m
Omaha , Denver and Pacific Const 11:00 : a ta
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Columbus Accommodation 11:45 : a m
Omaha , Uonver and Pacific coast 9:00 : nm.
Connect * at Norfolk with F. , E & M. V. goW
west and north , and with the 0. St. P. M , & O.
for points north and eaut.
J. B. KLSEFFEB , Agent.
Chicago , St. Tan ] , Minneapolis and Omaha.
* Slonx City and Omaha Paasengor. . . . 8:30 am
Slonx CltyPossonger IKMpm
Slonx City Passenger 10:50am :
Btonx City and Omaha Passenger 7:25 : pm
Connects at Norfolk with F. , E. & M. V. goW
west and north , and with the D. P. for point !
snnth. J , B. EtSEFFEB , Agent.
Dally except Sunday.
No. 117 Fourth Street.
Cheapest and Best. Norfolk Avenue.
All Wnk Cuiralnd.
Corner of Draatch
Avc. and Fourth. .