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    JLii U INKVVS : FttlDAY , FEBRUARY 13 , 1003
M. L.
M , by ( he
S. .S. McClurt ( Yunjxiny
Her name wan PHsellln , but through
abbreviation and corruption It became
"S'ltlu" and Ilimlly1 degenerated Into
"Silly. " "So cany , tlq o\on IIUIIICH go to
the dogs , you know , " she explained to
There \vi > rc MHIIO people In the vil
lage who did not hesitate to wiy ( lint
Billy lior eir would "go to the dogA"
come ilay , V.1io lind niton "Hhlftlesn
wuys. " Slu > preferred to wear plnln
clothes rnther tlnin upend tlino InilooiN
on iic.ode\vork. | , , Shu could not 1m
counted on 'for ' lllo sowing elrelo nor
dragged to the debating widely. More
over , HIU ! was not MH fond of going to
church and Sundny Kchool IIH Him
might hine heen.
"It Ills me , Dick ! " Hlie cried , her
face , pink imil white MH their petals ,
framed In a bough of apiilu blosHoma.
Her eyes were IIH hluu aH forget niti-
notH , and her hair wart like the golden
tassels of the corn. "Tho name ( Ha.
1 haven't any HOIIHC , yon know. "
"That'H ouo of your attractions , "
drawled Dick. "When a woman hami't
any seiine , It's really a drawing card
In them' days. She's n novelty , you
know. Women are BO nwfnlly wUo
nnd clever that they put a fellow to
the hhiflh. "
They were Hitting on the green grass
.within a fragrant hewer of pearl and
roso. Something llko dowdropn gath
ered In the Klrl'H forKotinonot oyos.
"What's the matter , Bwcothcnrt ? "
"Dick , U'H the name and the fltnona
bf ( he name. It KOOIUH HO almurd to
care ahout It. Hut I do. When I wan
little , It Hoeum to me they might have
cared enough about me to let me keep
the sweet n'amo my mother gave mo. 1
nupposo they thought It WUH a wusto
bf time on me to uay TrlHullla. ' If I
had heen their own child , they'd never
have called me Silly. And to think It'll
( stick to mo all my llfo.l"
"If It were your last name , now , "
paid Dick , "I could change It for you. "
"Don't be Klllyl"
' "You're that when you laugh at my
lovcmuklug. It's poor , hut honest. "
"Dick , do yon think , like all the rest ,
that sensible talk IH wanted on mo ? Do
you , DlckV Oh , what would I not give
to ho n wise , clever woman with a dig-
nltled name : Nobolly In the world will
ever take me horiolisly an long aH I am
tailed Silly ! "
"I'll take you seriously If you'll let
me ; take you and never let you go. "
"Dick , would you bo willing you , n
varsity man to have a wife called
Billy ? You wonldii't ! I can HCO It In
your eyes. Oh , to do something very
wise and learned ! I'd die happy ! "
"For heaven's sake , " cried Dick In
alarm , "don't do anything wise and
learned ! "
* * * * * * *
"She never' has n serious thought ,
that girl , " her aunt remarked. "If her
name don't lit her to a T ! "
She was coming up .the walk , her
arms full of apple blossoms , her hat
dangling at her side , singing one of the
ragtime tunes with which she scandal
ized the town.
"She do seem to bo light headed , " ob
served her uncle , Samuel Morris. "Hut ,
then , she's a good henrtcd , thng. | "
She could not remenibcr her parents.
They had died when she WUH so little.
Bho seemed to he a sort of accident In
her uncle nnd aunt's family , a rather
burdensome and unpleasant one , which
liy God's grace they must put up with.
They lived In nu oldV old house on the
outskirts of a quaint , rambling old vil
lage. It was set about with orchards
.where many birds loved to nest. Silly ,
when she might have been embroider
ing herself a petticoat , making a crazy
quilt or doing some other sensible
thing , preferred to stay out la the or
chards with the birds.
Mr. Samuel Morris dreamed that a
burglar was pressing a pillow down
over his face. He tried to cry out , but
could not. He heard a great banging
at the door and a voice culling :
"Uncle , uncle ! "
"Somebody Is killing poor Silly , " he
thought , but he could not move.
Then some one was pulling him out
of bed. There were smoke and a gleam
of shooting flames. Something wet was
slapped oxer hls/fnco. He was being
dragged over the floor and down the
steps by one who panted hard. A voice
Silly's was screaming :
"Help me save uncle ! Somebody go
back for aunt ! I couldn't llnd her ! "
"No use ! " voices cried back. "Oome
out quick ! The house Is about to fall
In ! "
"I'll save her or I'll die trying ! Take
uncle ! "
They told him afterward , the few
neighbors who had seen the tire after
It was well under way and had come to
help if they could , that as she went
buck the steps fell down behind her.
Bho had Jerked the wet blanket from
around him and thrown it ahout her
IIow she found her aunt in tha
emokc tilled house , with the roar am
singing of the Uames in her ears , tin
flash of lire In her eyes , she never
jjcould tell. Hut find her she did , lylnj ,
[ insensible on the tloor. She jerked tin
reboots from n bed , tore them Intt
'strips ' , tied these together and bourn
bne end around her tumt's walst , think
jig as she did so :
I "Ah , how can I lift her and lowe
jier from the window without kllllnj.
icr ! "
But she did It , this wise , strong younj ,
"tllly , who looked to those below like u
-oddefis of the flumes. Younger nnd
more daring help had como. A ladder
reaching part wny up WUH ngnlnnt the
uncertain wall ? . Dick wan climbing It
lie received her burden an she lowered
t nnd pawed It on to thono below , Then
lie held out hlH urniH.
"Come , beloved , " ho said. "Como
qnlcUy ! "
She had fastened ono end of ( ho rope
about her waist , the other about the
liedpoHl. She wan looking down.
"Gomel" Dick called again. Hho climb
ed out of the window and began to do-
si-end hand over hand. IIor HCIIHCN
Boomed leaving her. She let go.
M hen HII ! ! came to herself , nho wan
lying on a big whlto bed In the village
parsonage. People were talking.
"Him had moro nnime than any of UR ;
lever lost her head ; know just what
to do. "
"And Nho'8 hrnvo ! Think of going
tack Into that house with the Htepn i
falling behind her ! " "
"Yen. " The pastor was speaking
Hlowly nnd ponderously. "She's our
village heroine , Is Prlscllla. "
Through the door the voice of the
rich man of the village rang out :
"I am going to name the new library
I'm giving this village for her. "
"S-Hhl" The village doctor wan
npoaklng "Wo must have quiet now.
Hio'fl recovering consciousness , "
"What IB It , PrlsclllaV"
"Apple blossoms , " she murmured
'oolltdily. ' "My hmuln are HO hot.
Dick ! "
Ho was kneeling by her bed. The
trotty face and bunds were brulacd
aid blackened , and the tinmen had not
altogether spared the beautiful golden
"Dick , It hurta so bad to be clever
and brave. They're saying I'm that
And I've got my name , But , oh , Dick ,
: don't want to be wise. It'o BO palu-
fill. I < et the others cull mo Prlflcllln , "
n n whisper. "It noundn dignified ,
ind 1 like It from them. But you
you Just call me Silly. I'm not wise
or brave , Dick. Don't tell anybody.
: went back Into the lire because I
lldn't have any better sense. "
"You are right , beloved , " said Dick.
'Wise people do not run buck Into the
fire to HIIVO others. Only the bravo ,
he fools and Uic angels do that. "
The riiMnlnir of tun I'le.
A word as to the causes of the dis
favor with which pie bus como to bo
cgurdcd. Like other things , It kept a
) laee by force of tradition after Itn
special work was done , and , being al
ways a "hearty" dish , when the savory
> lecu of plo wus udded to the plenty of
.he prosperous tuble In the nature of
things It proved the one straw too
nueh and broke down the digestion
already weakened by Indoor llfo and
ilrtlght sloven.
The plo IH not us black us It has been
minted , having hud to beur the loud of
nany circumstances not Its own fault.
The viand which has usurped Its place
at dinner Is not as blameless as It Is
commonly held to be. For children
eating no meat pudding may well bo
dinner , but for grownups a helping of
pudding gives as much unnecessary
food value as did pie. It. must be re
membered In discussing pastry also
that it was in good hands not the
lieavy , greasy kind so often found to
day. The early cooks attained grout
skill In prepurlug light , tluky "crusts. "
The passing of the pie Is not to be re
gretted In view of the greater ubun-
dance of fresh food , especially as the
making of the pie requires not only
skill , but time , and the baking of the
l > lo In modern stoves Is u matter of
largo experience. Oood Housekeeping.
I'orluhiililo GouilN.
In u Veuuont village there lives a
young man who has reached the age
of twenty-four with no apparent
thought of taking to himself a wife , al
though all his companions have either
"settled" or left the place. He Is re
garded by the entire community us n
confirmed bachelor. Ills mother looks
upon his state with u sadness which
bus afforded more or less amusement
to her summer boarders.
"There's one of his last pictures , "
said the mother , dlsplay'ug a photo
graph on a small card. "It's u good
likeness , ain't it ? Getting kind of
drnwed round the mouth , same as his
pa , he Is. I said to htm that I'd been
wanting he should have u dozen taken ,
so I could give 'em round to his frlondr
young ladles for sometimes a picture
standing on a bureau , facing right to
you every morning , will start n kind of
affectionate feeling. I've been waiting
In the hopes he'd think of It himself ,
but when I saw that ho was beginning
to fade and show his age I took mat
ters right Into my own hands nnd
marched him to the photographer quick
us I could. I only hope some good may
come of It. " Youth's Compunlon
lircukluir the Sllrnci * .
A little tot of about five summers
held u pluco recently In one of the
United States supreme court seats
while the leurned Justices were hand
ing down their weighty decisions. The
court was the embodiment of dignity ,
so much so that It was almost oppress
ive. The little girl fidgeted In her
place us the justices in monotonous
tones expounded fine points of law , and
she shook her head , adorned with a
big picture hut , In Impatience.
There came a pause. One justice
censed to speuk , ns he had given forth
all ho had to say on some important
litigation. The silence was thick
enough to be cut with u knife , an they
sometimes say in the books. The mes
senger by the noiseless folding doors
shifted from ono foot to the other , the
throng of lawyers within the bur wait
ed breathlessly for the next decision to
bo announced. Still no Justice spoke.
It wus moro than the little girl will
n plcturo hut could endure. "Mamma,1
said she In u voice audible even up to
the judicial bench , "why don't some
one laugh ? " Now York Tribune.
ICiprrlrncn U'llh Olio Thnt llnd lleen
Apimrrntlr Killed.
Alligators move rapidly under water ,
are bind to see , harder to hit , and the
harpoon will penetrate only the leant
accessible portions of the body , Nor
ducH the title to HIP lildw necessarily
pu n with making fust the weapon
One ufternoon In the ( M
keo river I hurpooiied u largo ulllgntor
which towed me up and down the
stream for an hour or two and then
nnlked In UH deepest part. I pulled on
the line until tlic bout was directly
over him and stirred him up with the.
harpoon pole. Ho rolled himself up on
the line In the manner peculiar to
HhurkH and alligators and bunged the
bo-it suggestively. Wo rowed to the
hunk ami , muklng fast to Nome biiHhen ,
bullied on ( ho line until wo succeeded
In worrying him nearly to the boat ,
when ho rose to the surface and at
tacked UH with open mouth. Wo re
pelled the attack with harpoon polo
and rllle. The former wan promptly
iltteu In three pieces , but the latter ap
parently finished him. It was HO nearly
lurk that wo decided to curry him in
the skiff u anile down the river to where
our sloop wun anchored. Wo broke the
scuts out of the bout nnd together mini-
iged to lift the head of the alligator
aboard and tie It. Wo then tied the
other end , whnn the reptile caino to
Ifo and landed n blow with his tall
which lifted me out of the skiff Into
the saw grass , with the breath knocked
out of my hotly and my bund nnd face
bndly cut by the grass.
Boat and boatmen were capsized. AB
my rifle had fortunately been left upon
: ho bank , I wan able to kill the nlllga-
or again. Wo secured him by floating
the boat under him and then balling It
out The ulllgntor completely filled the
bout , so that my companion and I sat
upon bin back as wo puddled down the
river with gunwales unpleasantly near
the water.
It was growing dark , and the water
around us was becoming allvo with
alligators. While wo were reflecting
upon our overloaded condition our alli
gator came to llfo again and shifted
jnllust until water poured over the
? unwnle. Wo quickly balanced the
boot , only to see It again disturbed nnd
to ship more water. A scramble for the
shore followed , which wo reached with
out capsizing and where wo left our
victim for the night after again killing
lilm. In the morning our buzzard
friend from the Ilomosossa river , sur
rounded by his family , was sitting
above him In the tree waiting for us to
attend to our carving duties. Country
Life In America.
It Man a Ilixlilt of GrttliiK Uiirnny In
the Siirlnnr.
"It bents all , " said a Bergen county
farmer , "what curious things we find In
nature that we can't explain. You kin
go over a lot of 'em , and Uicre'H yet
one that you can't tell mo why It IH.
That's corn heatln * up In the spring.
"You take a lot of corn. I don't cnro
If It's whole corn or cracked corn or
cormneul. You keep It In any kind of
storehouse the common grunnry , like
we have on the farms , or Uie stone or
brick bulldln' , like many of the gro
cers and feed dealers have It In. When
It comes corn plantln * time , that corn
of yourn ' 11 git onensy. Boon's the
bludes stnrt out of the ground , then
you'll have to hustle to save your grain.
"Seems as when the time comes along
fur corn to bo planted the corn in the
bags , no matter what shape It'H in , be
gins to heat up , nnd when the planted
corn begins to grow what you've got
stored will git so hot It'll fairly smoke.
You've got to take It out of the bags
and spreud It out so It'll cool off or
you'll lose It all. In n few days It'll
cool down again , and you won't have
no moro trouble with It ilurln' the sum
mer , no matter how hot the weather
gits. It's Jest when the planted corn
starts ; that's nil.
"Curious ? Of course It's curious or
I wouldn't speak of it. I might under
stand how whole corn would act that
way , but when It comes to cracked corn
and cormneul then It's too much fur
me. And I'll bet you can't tell why It
Is , 'cept It's Jest nature tryln' to assert
herself. " New York Mull nnd Express.
Wrltliitr on Wood.
Some persons are of the opinion that
the first writing wus upon thin pieces
of wood. From their convenience this
seems probuble. Such bourds were used
ut an curly period by the Greeks nnd
Ilouiuns , ami were frequently covered
with wax , which was of course more
easily written upon than the bare
wood. Where wax wus used errors were
readily erased by rubbing with the
blunt end of the piece of metal which
served for a pen. To make the writing
moro visible It appears that some black
substance was smeared over the sur
face of the whlto wax and remained In
the scratched murks.
Good ISiionRh i It In.
"Doctor , If n pule young man named
Jinks calls on you for a prescription
don't let him have It"
"Why not ? "
"Ho wants something to Improve his
appetite , and ho boards at my house. "
It Would Seem So.
Fair Niece Why do you object to
duets so strenuously , Undo Tom ?
Uncle Tom Because when two people
ple attack one inoffensive piece of
music simultaneously it's taking an un
fair advantage. Chicago News.
Very conservative In nil matters are
the Turks , nnd especlully HOW ! to adopt
modern Improvements of any kind.
When n man quits smoking nnd goca
to chewing he Is not much of a hero.
Atchlson Globe.
Wnter Hhrem.
A pretty little animal , writcn n corns
npondcnt occasionally to bo noticed at
ho edge of n stream or pond Is the wa-
cr Bhrcw. The wiiyn of these creatures
are mtwt fanclnatlng. I have seen them
lulctly emerge from the grass , run
down the nhic of the bank Into and
along the bottom of the stream. Whllo
under the water their movements nro
very rapid. They scrape nway on the
lottom with Uiclr feet , thrusting their
eng snouts Into the mud and under
ptoncs and ICUVCH In search of Insects
on which they feed. They then retire
a little wuy up the bank for u moment
or two to take breath and hurry back
o their work once moro. I have never
seen water shrews dive. They simply
run In and out of the stream , ns if air
and water were both nllko to them , nnd
hey were equally at home In either el
ement. When under the water , they
look an If they were covered with ml-
into HIvor ! peurls owing to the particles
of air adhering to their furry bodies.
Land and water ( thrown are not of the
noimo tribe. They have the sharpest
and moHt delicately beautiful teeth Im
aginable and live entirely on Insect
food. London Opinion.
The Wlllliiiiin niiil John * .
It would bo dllllcult , If not Impossi
ble , to estimate the relative frequency
of names prior to the Norman conquest ,
which created something like n revo-
utlon.Vllllum , " of course , got a
food fitnrt , ns Is shown In "Doomsday
[ look , " where stand 08 Williams , 48
Iloberts , 28 Walters and 10 Johns. In
1173 Sir William St. John and Sir Wll-
lam Fltz-IIamon entertained a dinner
inrty at the court of Henry II. The
nvltntlons were limited to knights of
the name of William , and the company
numbered 120.
But the day of "John" was not long
, o tarry , nnd In 1347 the common coun
cil of London contained 35 Johns , 17
Williams , 15 Thomases , 10 Richards , 8
Roberts , and In 1385 out of 370 names
inrollcd lu the Guild of St. George at
Norwich there were 128 Johns , 47 Wll-
lams , 41 Thomases. From that day to
this John and William have held their
ground ns the commonest baptismal
names in England.
The l.lon of St. Marie.
The symbol of the Venetian republic
the famous lion of St. Mark is made
of bronze. There Is a tradition among
the Venetiun people that Its eyes nro
diamonds. They are really white , ag-
utes , faceted. Its mane Is most elabo
rately wrought , and Ha retracted , gap-
ng mouth and Its fierce mustaches give
It an oriental aspect
The creature us It now stands belongs
lo many different epochs , varying from
some date previous to our era down to
this century. It Is conjectured that It
may have originally formed a part of
the decoration of BOUIC Assyrian palace.
St. Mark's lion It certainly was not
originally , for It was made to stand
level upon the gtonnd and had to bo
raised up In front toillow the evangel
to be slipped under Its fore paws.
A in-lent I , urn I Htntutc.
The provision of u c N u-glnla code ex
empting from service on the grand jury
the owner or occupier of n grist mill ,
says Law Notes , Is un Interesting cxtim-
pie of a law which has been allowed to
remain on the statute book long after
Its usefulness .and the condition that
called It Into being have ceased to exist.
When the statute wus passed , serious
Inconvenience to the citizens of the sur
rounding country might have arisen ns
a result of summoning n mill owner
from his work , but the mill owner Is
no longer so Important a member of the
A dealer in birds in sober and serious
Mnnbuttan advertises that ho has In
stock n "large variety of somlrellgious
parrots , the most profane one1 only
$200. " That's nn odd way of appealIng -
Ing to public pntronnge. If the most
profane parrot Is held for sale at $200 ,
what would bo the price of n pnrrakeet
that could "Good "
only say gracious ?
I'leiity of Time.
Bacon Burglars entered the first
floor of our house nud took ueurly ev
erything we hud while my wife wus
upstairs putting on her hut to go out
Egbert They took quite a good deal ,
did they ?
"Oh. yes. It must have taken them
several hours. " Yonkers Statesman.
1-lotluii'n Fiction.
"IIuvo you ' read Wrlghter's new
work of fiction ? "
"Not exactly. "
"What do you mean ? "
"Well , I've only read the advance
notices , but I suppose there Is really
more fiction in them than there Is in
the book itself. " Baltimore Herald.
Deflulte DrKorlptloii.
"Johnny , It Isn't tobacco sauce , it Is
tabasco. Now , don't let ino hear you
calling It wrong again. "
"No. mamma. "
Two hours later nt dinner "Mamma ,
I want some of that that that red
headed sauce that makes you mud. "
Washington Times.
At n Mlxi-d Dinner.
"Excuse mo , sir , but haven't we met
before ? Your face is strangely famil
iar. "
"Yes , madam ; our host Introduced us
to each other Just before dinner. "
"Ah ! I was positive I had seen you
somewhere. 1 never forget a face. "
Her Ohscnra Complexion.
"Is she n brunette ? "
"A brunette ! Why , she's so dark.her
father has to turn the light on in the
parlor to find her In the evenings. "
Princeton Tiger.
Mnrried constables of the London
police force receive forty pounds of
coal a week all the year round.
A Wise Man
shows his superiority over the
man who is not wise , by what he
says and what he leaves unsaid.
Uneeda Biscuit show their
superiority over common soda
crackers in a paper bag , by what
is in them and what is not.
The baker puts all kinds of
goodness in Uneeda Biscuit
the In-er-seal . "
- - Package. .
* ' ' " " . . - , keeps all Kinds of
badness out of
Uneeda to
v Biscuit cJ
Htoad * nn l Teeth Pltir n Pnrt la
Unpliirlner the Octopui.
The native fisherman of Hawaii ,
while an adept with the hook and line ,
docs not scorn to use his hands to cap
ture his prey when occasion arises.
The bonlto is the fish most generally
caught with hook and line , and as the
liook used Is of mother of pearl , made
from the shell of a mollusk now quite
rare , which glistens with an irides
cence similar to the shimmer from the
scales of the smaller kinds of llsh on
which the bonlto lives , no bait is need
ed. The barb of these hooks Is of
bone , and two tufts of hog's bristles
attached at right angles to the barbed
end keep the Inner side up , so that the
hook lies Hut on the surface of the
sea. When n likely ilshlng ground
lias been reached , the fisherman , stand
ing up in the canoe , casts out his line
violently , so that the hook falls with
a slap on the water and attracts the
attention of the fish. The line nnd
liook are then drawn rapidly toward
the boat , as though it were a spoon ,
nnd the bonlto , taking the hook to bo
a small fish , rises to it immediately.
[ t is fortunate for the fisherman that
lie has to waste no time in baiting his
hook , for this method of casting fright
ens the school , and the. llsh disappear
within ten or fifteen minutes.
An ingenious plan by which very
largo fish are caught Is by planting a
long pole on the shore in such a posi
tion as to cause it to lean decidedly to
ward the water. On the top of this
a bell Is arranged so that It can swing
clear of the top of the pole. A block
nnd fall are also attached to the pole
close to the top , and a long line , with
baited hook at the end , is run through
the block and allowed to float out to
sea , the land end being tied in a slip
knot to the bottom of the pole. As soon
as a fish is hooked Its struggles cause
the bell to ring , whereupon the fisher
man runs to the pole , loosens the slip
knot and plays the fish until he has
drowned it , when It is hauled ashore.
In fishing for octopus the native dives
to the bottom and with a stick pokes
around In the small holes in which the
octopus lives. When he touches"one ,
It seizes the stick nnd allows him to
draw It out of the hole. When he
reaches the surface , the native grabs
it with his bauds and bites Into the
head , thus killing the animal.
On the morning of the 1st of May ,
1637 , there occurred an incident that ,
unnoticed at the time , afterward proved
to be one of the turning points of his
tory. Eight immigrant ships lay in
the Thames ready to sail. A body of
pilgrims were about to embark , and
Oliver Cromwell and his famous cous
in , John Hampdcn , were among them.
But they were stopped at the lauding
by a { 'nurd of soldiers. The king had
decreed that his subjects should not
leave England. Cromwell stayed , and
with him , as Mucnuluy wrote , "stayed
the evil genius of the house of Stunrt. "
Hud Cromwell nnd his friends been al
lowed to curry out their project of em
igration the whole history of the Eng
lish civil war might have remained un
A Misfit Quotation.
An uttuche of u religious bookstore
has spent so many years of his life
among theological volumes that hes \
Scriptural or nothing , but he sometimes
evolves u misfit. When his attention
was called the other day to a rose neat
ly attached to the lapel of his coat and
an Insinuation thrown out that a lady
friend might have had something to do
with It , he paralyzed the inslnuator by
saying , "No , sir ; I gathered that rose
from my own vine and fig tree. "
A Slundcr.
The Bachelor 1 wonder why those
fiats arc not supplied with warm wa
ter pipes like the others ?
The Benedict They arc probably in
tended for married men.
The Bachelor Does tliqt make a dif
ference ?
The Benedict Yes. When a man Is
married , his wife generally "keeps him
In hot water. " Philadelphia Ilecord.
This would be n much more peaceful
world If lots of grown up people as well
as children could only be eecn and not
heard. Chicago News.
The Ilcaion n Little Girl Agreed to n
I'alnful Operation ,
There is one little girl In Washington
who recently gave her parents an er-
hlbltlon of her nature for which they
were totally unprepared. The child
was cross eyed , nnd her nflllctlon was a
source of extreme annoyance to herself
and family. An oculist was consulted ,
who advised an operation to remedy
the defect , and so It was decided to
take the little one to a hospital in Bal
timore. The utmost secrecy was ob
served In the matter. Miss Annie had
once made a great fuss about having a
tooth pulled , and , of .course , it was to
be expected that she would enter seri
ous objections to an operation on her
eyes , says the Wnshlngton Post.
She wus taken to Baltimore under
the Impression that she was going on
a pleasure trip with her father and
mother. When they arrived at the hos
pital , the mother took her daughter in
her lap and nervously broached the
real object of the trip. She set forth
in all Its triple horror the embarrass
ment which IK the lot of the cross eyed
person , stating that the trouble would
increase ns she grew older.
"Now , Annie , " she said finally , "we
have brought you over here to have
your eyes straightened. It won't hurt
you at nil. Wouldn't you like to have
your eyes like other people's ? "
"You just bet I would , " exclaimed
Annie , to the astonishment of the oth
ers. "You can go ahead and do any
thing you want , and 1 don't care how
much it hurts. I'm just sick and tired
of having a pack of colored boys spit
into their hats nnd cross their fingers
every time they meet me. "
The operation was performed forth
with , and the young lady has ns good
a pair of eyes as anybody in Washing
ton. .
Theory and Practice.
"Dlnglebat has original Ideas about
family government Ho says every
home should be a little republic , where
universal toleration prevails and every
one has a voice In the government. "
"Yes. his family Is managed on that
plan ; but he ni\d Mrs. Dlnglcbnt have t
the same old wrangle every day as to
who shall be president"i
i - j
Taking It Literally.
"I see that Ne& York spends $200-
000,000 n yenr for the meat she eats. "
"Seems tough , doesn't it ? "
"Yes , most of It. " Cleveluud Plain
Beautiful Thoughts
The sweet , pure breath of the babe is
suggestive of innocence and health.
A mother's yearning for children is in
separable from a love of the beautiful , and
it behooves every woman to bring the
sweetest and best influence to bear on
the subject of her maternity.
To relieve pain and make easy that
period when life is born again ,
MotHer's Friend
la popularly used. It is a liniment easily
administered and for external use only.
Pregnant women should try this remedy ,
it being undeniably n frieiul to her during
nnture'3termof suspense andnnticipation
nothcr's Friend , if used throughout
estation , will soften the breasts , thereby
preventing cracked and sore nipples. All
muscles straining with the burden will
relax , become supple and elastic from its
continued application.
All fibres in the abdominal region will
respond readily to the expanding cover
13 applied externally during pregnancy.
Of all reliable druggists $1.00 per bottle.
Write for free book on flotherhood. "