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A Norfolk Family Made Happy
by Savage.
Appealed to Governor in Her Father's
Behalf and Ho Could Not Resist the
Prayer Mr. Lawrence Home for
From WodnoidBj's Dally.
Dowu at 400 South Fifth street is
probably the Imppiost homo lu tlio Btnto
of Nebraska touight. The reason why
this is Bnoh n inorry Christinas eve to
the mother nud ilvo children nt thut
plnco , is that shortly after the 7:20 : trmu
over the Elkhorn rolls iu touight , their
husband nud father , A. 15. fmwrenco ,
who has boon serving a ilftoeu mouths'
sentence iu the state penitentiary at
Liucolu , will walk in upon his family ,
u fruu man
Governor Suviigu is the Santa Claus
in thu case , ami h s gift comes , us told
iu Saturday's NEWS , in response to u
touching letter written to him by
Daisy Lawrence , the child of the
pardoned man. Mauy efforts had
beou previously made to oiiliHt ex-
excutivo olomuuoy in the Lawrence
case , but nut until the epistle Irom the
pen of Miss Daisy cauio to the state
house , was the sympathy of the gover
nor touched.
This in the letter thut set her father
free :
Norfolk , Nob. , Dec. 4 , 1902 Dear
Governor Savage : Your letter nearly
broke mamma's heart because she
thought that yon would surely lot papa
come home. Papa wasn't in a habit of
drinking , but ho jusc started when this
came. He won't drink any more , I
know. Oh , please , sir , won't you let
him come homo by Christinas , becaube
mamma wants him to bo hero then.
You can't imagine how happy you'll
make all of us if you will. My mamma
isn't very stroug , and there are five of
us children that she has to take cure of
us while no is away. She nearly makes
herself sick worrying. Papa is all she
had to depend on , and when he went
away BUO couldn't see how she was
going to take care of us. Please answer
this and address it to me because
mamma doesn't know I wrote , and I'm
afraid if you can't let him come home
she would go nparly crazy or die.
Yours Truly ,
Box 7M.
The letter written to the governor by
Mrs. Lawrence follows :
Norfolk , Dec. 0 , 1902. Mr. Savage :
Dear Sir Yesterday I received a letter
from Mr. Simpson of this place from
you in which you said you thought best
to let A. E. Lawrence stay whore ho
was. Now I would like very much if
you will listen for a few minutes to my
story. You and bouio othonp seem to
think it was drink that ruado till the
trouble. That had a small part and
only the last tow mouths at that. Sick
ness had more. I have been down with
niy lungs two winters and the doctor
says I have to be very careful. How
can I with five children dependent on
mo. The rest can care for themselves.
Wo have nothing , only what wo can
earn , and at present I am uuablo to
leave the house or do anything to earn
anything. And what good will it do
me for him to come homo next sum
mer if I am not hero. I have tried to
fight this off for his sake and the chil
dren , but you known thut it is almost
useless. It would make it much easier
if ho could only bo with me , for ho has
always been a good husband to me , too
good , or he would hardly be where he
is. I pray dny and night that he may
be here by Christmas , or very soon
He must conio soon. Oh , God , let him
come I want to see him once more.
I will pray day and night that God will
let you see some way that it may bo.
For Christ's sake grant my prayer , if
you ran. Ho has been away now six
Oh , Mr Savage , I can't give up just
yet For the sake of all you hold dear
and for the dear Lord's sake help me if
possible. Mus. A. E. LAWKENOE.
Lawrence was sent to prison by the
Singer Sewing machine company last
June for embezzlement of about $900.
Ho was given the lightest sentence
possible. Until this offense , he had , ao
cordiuR to the prosecuting attorney ,
"been his own worst enemy. " He was
in the county jail two months before he
was taken to Lincoln. Numerous peti
tions for his pardon wore sent to Gover
nor Savnge , and he rend the evidence.
. llR rllrl tlrtf rv tl.lf l-l.n nnwlmi fPVlrt
without the knowledge of her mother ,
Daisy wrote , and Wednesday afternoon
the governor decided that Lawrence
should go homo for Christmas.
The governor intended not to let the
family know of his act , nutil the man
should walk in upon them. But the
papers got the story and Saturday
morning the news went to the Lawrence
At once there wan joy in the hearts
of that family the mother , weak and
discouraged , and the five children , who
have longed for n father to take care of
them agniu. But this pleasant autici ;
pation has not been without its troubles.
Immediately after the news was out
that Lnwrenco was the man to draw n
pardon from the Nebraska prison for
Christmas this year , the house on Fifth
street became bebiegod by newspaper
men who wantdd the picture of the
little girl to UFO as Christmas features
iu their papers. Tins was absolutely
* l refused by Mrs Lnwrouco. Represent
atives of journals the country over ,
knocked at the door all day Saturday ,
Sunday and Monday , but turned away
with the murmur , "Nothing doing. "
It was notoriety that the wife of the
pardoned man wished to escape , and
the idea of publicity has much disturbed
her peace of mind during the past few
days. When she learned that the
papers wanted the picture , and wore
using the story an a Christmas feature
regardless , her nerves gave way and she
broke down completely.
"Rather than this , " she declared "I
would have had him stay away. The
governor has tried to give us n merry
Christmas , " she cried , "but those news
papers arc making it hell , instead. I
have sent him the only picture wo had
of Daisy , and ho can use his own dis
cretion about giving It out. "
Daisy Lawrence , to whom is duo the
freedom of her father , is not the "little
girl" that she has boon called , but is
said her mother , n "young Indy , 14
years old , and a freshman in the
high school. " But despite the fact that
Daisy Lawrouco sprang so suddenly
into the public prints , and regardless
of being called "little" , she is the
happiest girl in Norfolk touight , and
the host Christmas present she has had
for a long , long time will stop from the
the train shortly after 7 o'clock.
Happy Christmas for Bank Wrecker.
Philadelphia , Pa. , Deo. at. Tomor
row is going to bo the happiest Christ
mas enjoyed in n number of years by
Gideon W. March , ouco president of
the Keystone bank of Philadelphia , and
who for wrecking that bank and involv
ing in the wreck City Treasurer John
Bardslny , was condemned to twelve
years' imprisonment. This afternoon ,
by virtue of the commutation of sentence -
tonco granted by President Roosevelt
March will bo released from the Eastern
The wrecking of the Keystone bank
occurred in 1801. The arrest and con
viction of March took place some time
afterward , as ho was a fugitive from
justice for several years. It was not
until 181)8 ) that ho was sent to prison.
At the trial he pleaded guilty to three in
dictments , under the impression that ho
was pleading guilty to a siuglo indictment
mont , nnd received n sentence under
each. The aggregate sentence was
eighteen years iu prison.
With a keen , cold wind that whistles
and moans around the corners of the
town , and slaps you in the face when
you venture out ; one that sets the signs
to creaking and the wires to humming ,
turns your fingers blue and at the same
time paints the mammoth shop windows
with a thick coating of whiteness , until
the pretty holiday displays are lost to
view , the dayjbeforo Christmas swooped
down upon Norfolk this morning.
With the thermometer standing way
below zero all day [ long , the last , fast
rush in holiday trade that had been expected
pocted nud hoped for , has been snapped
off rather short , and merchants , between
tweon times of getting warm , have
been thinking of what might have been.
There has been some trade in Norfolk
today , but nowhere enough to clear up
the counters.
Tonight , the happiest night in the
whole year to hundreds of thousands
of children over the country , old Santa ,
well bundled up iu furs , will dart down
n thousand chimney places in Norfolk ,
make glad five times that many hearts ,
and be gone again.
The thaw of a few days ago has con
verted the fields of snow into ice and
while there is sleighing it is not of a
high order of excellence nnd the horse
that travels the road must bo sharply
shod to prevent slipping. The boys
who receive new sleds nnd skates will
no doubt bo able to find a place to give
them n trial , but if the weather to
morrow is as it is today , the boy who
has not been remembered with good
warm clothing will bo handicapped in
his enjoyment.
A Cosmopolitan Christmas.
Christmas is the most generally
observed holiday on the calendar. There
are holidays and holidays , but the chris
tiau people who observe Christmas are
more widely scattered oer the face of the
earth and are by far the most numerous
of any religious following , and to them
the anniversary of the birth of Christ is
givou more general importance than any
other holiday. The observance of the
holiday is infections and these who are
not believers vie with the devout in
observing the holiday. The message ,
"Peace on earth good will toward
mou , " appeals to all civilized people ,
everywhere , nnd from the highest to the
lowest and the richest to the poorest ,
Christmas is anticipated with equal
pleasure. /
; This year there will be n more general
observance of Christmas among the
civilized people of the world than fur
many years past from the fact that ouo
of the most important Hebrew holidays ,
Hunuka , or the fenst of lights , will fallen
on Christmas. It is ouo of the most joy
ous holidays on the Hebrew calendar and
commemorates the victory of the sons of
Israel over the forces of Rome. A
legend , still repented by the rabbis ,
recites that when the Maccabees
recovered their temple in Syria the per
petual lamp in the sanctuary was htill
burning brightly , although not a drop
of oil was in the bowl. To recall this
incident Jewish homos nro brightly
decorated and candles burned. Presents
are exchanged and there are festivities
of n nature which have earned for the
day the name of the Hebrew Christmas.
While Christmas is celebrated in the
civilized countries the world over , it is
probable that none give it such general
and joyous observance as the United
Stnton of America , where the poopiu of
every city rxud village have prepared for
a season of joy , seldom equalled , oven
loto. Among the great capitals of the
world Now York is said to hnvo thu
greatest causa to rejoice for material
posporlty. Rome and Paris are fairly
prosperous , but St. Petersburg , Berlin
and Vienna are all suffering from bad
trade conditions.
For the llrnt time iu four years.
European countries are free from war
with the exception of the trouble at
Yono/uoln and the papers express the
general satisfaction felt for such a con
dition and the indications are that this
will bo the cheeriest Christmas in many
years , especially iu England. In thu
largo towns the purchases of holiday
presents have oxoeedod the totals for
last year , nud the fact that Christmas
falls on Thursday will give the business
uion and wage workers a rest of four
days , and there will bo a cessation of
business from Wednesday night until
Monday morning , Friday being "Boxing
Day. "
Surrounded by a small but Hvtlj
party of their children and grandchil
dren , King Edward and Queen Alexan
dra will spend their Christmas nt Siuirt-
ringham , their niajt'stiys' favorite abode
This evening the round of festivities at
Sandringham will bo ushered in will )
a reception for the clergy and gentry of
the district. Tomorrow morning then |
inajuHtioB , their relatives and guests will
attend divine services in St. Mar.\
Magdalene's church. After service
luncheon will bo served nnd in the after
noon there will bn n reception to the
tenantry and probably skating on tin
lake. The Christmas dinner will not be
served until eight o'clock. The hand
sonio dining hall at Sandringhum in
spacious nnd provides ample accommo
dation for a largo , party. At table the
king nnd queen will ocupy central posi
tious facing each other , the other mem
bers of the royal family and the guests
being sontcd according to precedence.
Tl.o roast beef , which this year weighs
110 pounds , will bo borne in with the
usual quaint ceremonies of the time of
Houry VIII. In accordance with time
honored precedent , t o plum pudding
will weigh an oven hundred pounds ,
nnd will decorate the center of the
table , resting upon a golden platter and
decorated with holly and mistletoe.
While the guests nro assembling an
orchestra will render n Christmas enrol
nud the national nuthoiu. The king
himself will do the carving. At the
close of the dinner the toast will bo
drank by the company standing to the
memory of the late Qneon Victoria , and
his mnjesty will then toast in order the
prince of Wales , Great Britain nnd her
colouioa , and her loynl subjects. Before
rising from the table the company will
pass around the loving cup , while the
dining hall will resound with the
strains of Auld Lang Syne.
A dispatch from St. Potershury pays
the czar nnd czariun will spend Christ-
mns quietly nt the Winter palace at
Livadia , where the imperial couple have
been for some time. Besides the mem
bers of the imperial family there are to
bo n number of guests nt the celebration.
The Christmas dinner will bo spread at
0 o'clock. At that hour there will stand
upon the royal table a whole roasted pig ,
' kneeling with a sprig of green in his
month. Ho will bo stuffed with boiled
buckwheat or kascho , which will bo
mixed with the chopped liver , heart nnd
other edible adjuncts of the animal. Out
of regard for the czar's English wife
there will be English roast beef but the
other dishes will bo nsseutially Russian ,
including roasted eggs , koulischo or
raisin cake , and pasca , which is n mixture
turo of cheese , cream , butter , sugar and
Christinas eve , which is the principal
festival of Christmas in Germany , was
celebrated in the usual lively manner by
Christians and Hebrews alike , the Intter
Ifaving trees on which were lights , ap
ples , nuts , ginger cakes , etc. There
wore Christmas trees not only in every
family , but in the hospitals , public in
stitutions , asylums , prisons , soup kitch
ens , casual wards nnd barracks.
The kaiser and the imperial family
celebrated the occasion in the customary
German fashion nt the now palace , * at
Potsdam. The imperial family is largo
enough of itself to say nothing of the
enormous household to make n lively
party , and all of the immediate con
nections wore assembled. The knisor ,
ns is his wont , saw personally to all thu
arrangements for the celebration.
Family dinner was served nt four
o'clock , to mnko room for the the im
portant of " "
ceremony "bescheerung ,
which took place as usual in the beauti
ful hall of Shells. None of the children
were nllowed to gee the inside of
the mngio Sanl until they were
admitted into the blnzo.of the white
caudles with which the tall firs all down
the room were hulon The elder princes
having attained manhood , at least iu
their own eyes , there were only five
trees this ycnr , Princosschou's being thoj
smallest , ns usual , but it was the ouo on
whoso decoration the kaiser had spent
the most pains. No ouo was forgotten
in the distribution of gifts , the
kaiser especially , making n point
of providing surprit.0 presents
for everyone. It is undorhtood that the
kaiser's present to his wife was n magnifi
cent necklace of diamonds , which will
form a considerable addition to the knis-
orin's flue collection of jewels ,
Express wagoua , mail carriers and mes-
Mongers bore numerous pnokngon to the
white hoiiRo toilny prohonta to the
Roosevelt family from friends nnd ad
mirers throughout the country. With
the provident and his family it will bo a
homo celebration In the strictest HUIIHO
of the word. The olllces will bo oloHod
nnd no business , whatsoever , will bo
transacted. In the morning , bright
and early , It Is unfa to predict , the
youngsters of thu family will nristi nnd
visit their stockings to HIIO what Hiintn
Clans has left for them , Later the family
will assemble in the Horary for thn gen-
ouil distribution of glfln. The Christmas
dinner will bo nerved in the evening
and only the family will be present.
Among the gifts recolvnd at the execu
tive mansion during the past few days
wore not less than 100 turkeys snnt from
all parts. Today these plump birds wore
distributed to the whlto house policemen -
men , ushers , messengers , Hurvnnts , gar
deners nnd stnblemon with thu compli
ments .of the piesldunt. Euch turkey
had on it Jn card bearing the season's
compliments. To the older empluyis
and family servants there were also gifts
of money nnd keepsakes. The first din
ner at Christmas time given in the
white house was that which took place
in the year 1ROO , when John Adams wns
president nnd the thrifty Abigail , his
wife , Hat nt the head of the table as
h stess. It was not a comfortable meal ,
although a splendid haunch of venison
the gilt of Mrs. Washington , graced the
board , and thu country people oflutt
Mis. Adams called "tho City of Iho j
Wilderness" had generously contribute d '
gifts of all sorts to muko the feast as
toothsome ns might bo. The discomfort
lay in the fact that the occupants of the
white house found leflected in their
residence evidence of the same haste
that characterized the new government.
The reception after dinner took place in
the oval room , which nt that time was
barely habitable. The surroundings of
the executive mansion were about ns
doNolnto ns could bo imagined. On nil
sides was a deep morass covered with
alder bushes. The sidewalks wore laid
with chips from the stones with which
the capital was built. A wooden bridge
spanned Black Tiber creek , and low ,
two-story houses , also built of wood ,
wore the residences of the congressmen.
Got yo urbug y tops repaired and up
holstering done at Nordwig's harm-hs
Will Wagner has gone to Wisooiihin
for a visit with relatives nnd friends.
Mrs. E. A. Jncobs of Onkdalo visited
in Norfolk yesterday , returning last
Miss Ilolon Bridge is expected homo
tonight from Chicago , where she attends
A. J. Durland was in Pierce Monday ,
and sold n farm to M. J. King of that
Miss Anne Seymour will leave tomor
row morning for Council Bluffs , Io. , to
spend Christmas.
Ed Redmond is homo from the Wes-
loyau uuiborsity at Lincoln to spend
the holidays.
Martin lln'isch has returned from
Watertowii , Wis. , where ho has been
attending college.
B. T. Rood has gene to Sponrflsh , S.
D. , to spend Christmas at the homo of
his parents.
The Royal Highlanders have changed
their mooting nights to the second and
fourth Mondays of each month.
Robert Bridge and family of Fremont
nro expected to arrive tonight to spend
Christmas nt the homo of Wm. Bridge.
J. B. Fitzgerald of the Citizens
National bank left yesterday for Clinton ,
Iowa , to visit with his mother nud father
over Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Yost of Omaha
are expected tonight to spend the holi
days with their daughter , Mrs. G. T.
Mr. and Mrs. James Conley have
gene to Fremont to spend Christmas
with their daughters , Mrs. Bender and
Mrs. Francos.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George Davenport nnd
John Davenport , of Sioux City , nnd Mr.
nud Mrs. A. P Pilger , of Madison , will
arilvo this evening to spend Christmas
nt the Davenport homo.
Alfred Hermann of Vanlcton , M. D ,
It ) horn to spund Christmas at thn
homo of his parents , Mr , nnd Mrs. .1. H.
Hermann ,
The sugar faotory finished ( Milling
boots this afternoon at ! c o'clock , HO-
800 tons having passed through the
Mr. nnd Mrs , (1. F Durland nnd
family nnd Miss Wood , of IMulnvlow
cnmo down this morning to spend
Christmas with Norfolk friends.
Mr. nnd Mr . Frank Wood of Casper ,
Wyoming , were guests at ( ho homo of
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. lUnkonnm over
night on their wny to spend Christmas
with their daughters at Pierce.
Mlsn Mary Horlskey will leave today
for Pocutollo , Iduho , where she will
visit her Hlster , Mm. Will Person for
six weeks. Another change In the force
of telephone operators will bo necessi
tated by Miss Horiskey'H iibHonro. Miss
Maud RiiKsell will take her place ns day
operator and Miss Fox will bo night
At the mooting of Norfolk lodge No
1)7 ) , A. O. U W. , held last night , the
following olllcois were oleeted for the
ensuing year : Master workman , S. It.
McFnrland ; foreman , U Olirisohlllns ,
overseer , Art McCoy ; recorder , F. W. .
Koetber ; lltmncior , II. Ij Kpnulding ;
receiver , John Collide ; guide , Frank
French ; insldo waieh , M. \i \ Ogden ;
outside watch , 10 A Hullock ; trustee
for thioo yenrs , W. W. Roberts , tnodi-M
eal examineis , Drs. P. II Sailer and H. |
T. llolden.
A. H. Winder has returned fiom hit )
til ) > to Oklahoma and Indian territory
where he says eonilltions are like spring
in this country. Ho met several people
from Norfolk while thoro. S. Fuoslor ,
has sold out his business and rolired to
n 7-ncro traot near Oklahoma City which
has bean planted to a poach orchard
and intends to take lifo easy hereafter.
Ho rents his store for $150 nnd is erect
ing another three story brick whioh
will bring in the snmo rental , ( i M.
Thompson is prospering in the real
estate business nnd is conducting a
rooming hoiiHo. He llnds it dilHcult to
supply all the demands of renters. Ed.
Wnllcrstedt is conducting a line bowling
alloy. He is n member of the Okla-
hoinn tonm thut won the western
championship nnd n $100 cup recently
nt Kansas City.
District.Tudgo J. F Boyrt nnd Court
Reporter Powers wore down from No-
ligh yesterday holding n session of court
in chambers at the olllco of Mapus fc
Hn/.on , returning to Nellgh last night.
The case was one from Pierce regard
ing n renl estate transaction. John D.
Noligh and P. M. Moodio of West
Point owned a piece of land near OH-
mend which they entered into a con
tract to sell with a real estate firm of
Piurco county. Smith & Kissinger of
Osmond secured n transfer of the con
tract and Fold the land , now Noligh nnd
Moodio are endeavoring to have the
sale sot nmdo alleging that there was a
misrepresentation Attorneys Willo of
Randolph , and Quivuy of Pierce repre
sented the litigants as conusol. No de
cision was given , the matter being
taken under advisement by the court.
On Monday evening Norfolk council ,
No. 10 , Loyal Mystic Legion of America
hold its annual election of ofllcors , and
the following named wore elected :
Mrs. E OgdeuV. . O. ; Mrs. D. A.
Quick , W. V. 0. ; Mrs. E. Sogor , W. P ;
L M Gnylord , W. Soo. nnd W. Troas. ;
Miss A Opponlander , O. P. ; and Mrs
L. E Dudley , C. E. There was nn un
usually largo attendance nud consider-
nblo interest wns manifested in the
election. No doubt interest was quickened
onod somewhat by the presence of the
pri'/.o banner , which was much admired
After business wns over tables were
spread iu the waiting room and n fine
banquet laid , whioh wns highly on-
joyed. Many of the members had in
vited sonio from their own families ns
guests nnd , taken altogether , there was
a good-sized crowd. Music and singing
closed the program and everyone wont
homo happy.
Letter List.
LlHt of let torn roinalnlnu uncalled for
nt Iho postofllco DIM iber ' 211 , 1002.
Deny Bloom , Frank Heebue , John
l ) < ivla , Mr Fey , Lena dross , Andrew
Johnson , Rlclintd Jolmiion , K F. Math-
irHon , John H. I'rocco , Nellie Bhannon ,
( loorgo Hwnrlyo , 1' ' ' . R. Heoboo , I ) , W
Miller.Mrs. . Ed. O'Connor , Louis Volpp ,
II A. WnlHon , Kdd Weober.
If not called for In 15 days will bo
sent ( o the dead letter olllco.
Parties calling for any of the above
pleasesuy advertised.
JOHN 11 , HAVH , P. M
The vnlno of Export Treatment.
Hvoryono who Is nllllntod with u
chronic disease experiences great dlf
( lenity in having their CIIHIJ Intelligently
treated by the average physician. Those
diseases can only bo cined by a special
ist who understands them thoroughly
Dr. J. Newton Iliithawny of HioitxCity ,
Iowa , is acknowledged the most skillful
and successful specialist In the United
Stales. Write him for his expert opln
ion of your case , for which ! io makes no
charge. _ _ _ _ _
llnu to Priiviml Crimp.
It will be good newt ) to the mothers
of small children to leant that cionp
call bo prevented The first sign of
oioup is hoarseness. A day or two he
font the atluelc the child bocomoH bourse
I'hls is soon followed by a peculiar
rough cough , ( Jive Uliiunhoilnin'H
Cough Remedy finely as sunn as the
chllil becomes hoaise or even after the
rough rough appears , nnd it will dis-
poll all symptoms of croup. In this
way all danger and iinsiely may be
avoided This lemedy Is used by many
thousands of mothers and has never
been ] known to fail. Ills , in lact , the
only remedy that can always bo de
pended inion nnd that is pleasant and
safe to take. For sale by A H. ICIcsiui
A TIlllllNIIMll MllllllfN Will III OfOlMMl.
A II. ThimicH , aell known coal
operator of Hiillulo , O , writes , " ! hnvo
been alllloted with kidney and bladder
trouble for years , passing gravel or
stones with excruciating pain. 1 got
Foloy'ii Kidney ( hire , then the result
wiw surprising A few doses started
the brick dust like fine stones nnd now I
hnv/t no pain across my kidneys and I
feel like a now man. It done mo n $1000
worth of good. "
Excursion Rates.
The F. I- : . & M. V. ( The Northwest
ern Line ) , announces the following
rates for the holidays and the meeting
of the state teachers' association :
For Christinas nnd Now YonrV , holi
day excursion tickets will bo sold at
one fare for the round trip to points on
the F. E & M. V. railroad within n
distance of-00 miles , on December 21 ,
25 , ill nnd January 1 , good returning
January S , ll W.
For the state teachers' association nt
Lincoln excursion tickets will be sold
on December ito and ! ! l at ouo faro for
the round tiip , good returning January
: i , lliOIf. H. 0. MATUAP.
Ituport fiom thn Kffoiin .School ,
J. G ( thick , Superintendent , Prnnty-
town , W.Vn . writhe : "After trying
nil of the advertised counh medicines
wo have decidedto use Foley's Honey
nnd Tar exolubivoly in the West Vir
ginia Reform School. I find it the
most effective nnd absolutely harm
less. "
Stops the Cough nnd Works off the
Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets euro
ncold in ouo dny. No euro , no pay.
Price 25 cents.
A IIcirrj-l/ji
Every housekeeper recognizes the
need of effective remedies to bo used in
emergencies : when something must bo
done nvht away. Such n remedy is
Perry Davis' Painkiller , for sprains and
bruises , for strained muscles and for the
aches and pains resulting from blows
nnd falls Its mission of mercy began
sixty years ago. It is used in all
countries. There is but one painkiller ,
Perry Dnvis\
Out this out and take it to the Kiesau
drng store and get n free sample of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets , the best physio. Thov cleanse
and regulate the bowels. Regular size ,
25 cents per box.
A Liberal Offer.
The undersigned will give a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach nnd
Liver Tablets to anyone wanting n reli
able remedy for disorders of the stomach
ach , biliousness or constipation. This is
n now remedy and a good one. Kiesnu
Drug Co
Upl"Dixie Flyer" Route
On Tuesday , January 6th , an excursion will be run from Nebraska to Florida , with
through sleeping cars from Omaha and Lincoln , via IJurlington Kouto to St. Louis and
the "Dixie Flyer" Route from there to Jacksonville.
This excursion will be a personally conducted one and will be in charge of Mr. Ueo.
Bonnell , C. T. A. , H. & M. 11. U. 11 , Linco'n _ -1..J- ' , r Nob. 1 , , , , . . : who , , . is thoroughly familiar with the
interest tlio trip will bo an interesting and instructive one.
An early application for sleeping car spao is suggested.
Ask for copy illustrated booklet outlining the trip at M02 Farnam street , Omaha ,
or write , W. H. BRILL , Dist. Pass. Agent ,
Illinois Central R , R. , Omaha , Neb.