The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, December 26, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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No Response from Powers Re
ceived as Yet ,
Come Members of Cabinet Object to
Hag"8 Court Arbitrating Venezuelan
Affair President Would Appoint A
Commlalon to Handle Case.
Wnshlnjton , l ) c. 24. Great Brit-
mln'B rospoiiHo to the nroHlilenl'n mic-
coat Ion thut ( bo qucHtloiiu Involved In
tht Venezuelan troulilun bo reform !
to Th HUKUC trlbtinul for arbitration
Is expect ml toduy. The tlolny In nn-
nweilng the reply In no doubt owliiR
to KR reduction to elphur. The ndniln-
iKtr.'itlon Is uukluiiH that the whole
ninltor of the hettleiurnt of the quon-
tlou Hhull eo to The llftKiio tribunal
In proforenett to the pnuldunt , acting
in the capacity of nrbllrntor.
It Is umlarntootl thnt the prptildcnt'n
plnn , If ho dotoruilnon to arbitrate ,
ronti'iiiplutos the nppolntmnnt of n
lumrd of nrbltrutofH. Ho would not
rontUlo thin Importnnt undertaking to
any 0110 man nor doim ho fool nblo him-
nclf to npnro tbo vaiit ninount of tlnio
iiocosKiiry for an exiunlnatlnn In dotnll
of onch of the ninny olalniH thnt would
ln pronontod nKaliiHl Vatiazuolu. Noc-
owii'lly , the pr 'Hld nt'n own nrhltrn-
tlon board would Inoludn noino mom-
IHTH of a hlRh ordnr of los l talent ,
as wc-ll us otborn thoroughly voraod In
the practlco of Intornntlnnnl law.
It IH now known that Homo mem
bers of the cnhluot are opposed to re
ferring the matter to The Ilaguo
tribunal , bocansn they have no doalre
to Biibmlt the Monroe doctrlno to tlin
nr'iltrntlon of uny non-Ainorlcun
tribunal ,
Steamer Caracas Enters Harbor.
CnniruH. Doc. 24. The Hod 1) liner
CaraciiH ban uafcly onterccl tbo harbor
of LaOuayra. The mall , freight nntl
pasHcncoru of the ntcamcr wore landed
mt 11 o'clock. The captain of the
cruiser Tribune notified tbo com
mander of the Caracas that through
out hla atay at l.aOuayru the tthlp
muat leave the harbor every night.
Thin meaauro Is regarded an vcxa-
tloufl and causes Brent oxpenuo to the
owners of the steamer.
lieutenant Commander Dlchl at
tempted to obtain from the command-
era of the allied warships at LnOunyrix
the extension of n few hours In the
time Riven the Caracas to remain at
her dock. The request was refused.
Cominandors of the warahlps explained -
plained that they were acting on tbo
orders of the British admiral and
that the orders given to permit the
Caracas to discharge nothing but mall
matter had created dissatisfaction.
She left at 5 o'clock. Today tbo
steamer will crulso before the harbor ,
to take on passengers , but she will not
tie permitted Inside tbo harbor.
Puerto Cabello has been effectively
blockaded since Monday. The block
ade Is being enforced against vessels
of all nationalities.
Tbo port of Coro. which Is surround
ed on the land side by the revolution
ists , is not blockaded. In Caracas this
Tact Is believed to mean that the Brit
ish and Gorman lloote are working In
harmony with the revolutionists and
not blockading Core In order to allow
the fieo entrance of Dutch steamers
from Curacoa , bringing arms and am
munition to the rebels.
Canada Will Not Aid Staamer In Cir
cumventing American Law.
Victoria , H. C. , Dec. 24. An appli
cation made by the agent of the steamer -
er Mnnuonfie , Just sold to the North
western Commercial company by Captain -
tain E. F. Calne of Seattle , to hnvo n
crew of twenty Chinese landed hero
from the Orient to bo transferred to
mo Aianuenso on nor way norm , nns
been refused by Collector Milne of
this city. The application was made
with a view of circumventing the laws
of the United States regarding ; the
Importation of Chinese crews. In Seat
tle and San Francisco similar applica
tions have been refused and the Man-
tiense's owners turned their attention
to Canada In the hope thnt they could
cet around the law there.
Equal Treatment for France.
Paris , Dee. 24. The foreign office
has received President Castro's ac
ceptance of the conditions of the
French note. The president says
France will receive equal treatment
with the other powers In the settle-
vent and payment of claims. The
purpose of the French negotiation waste
to safeguard French claims against
belns subordinated to those of the
powers which ar * adopting forcible
conns for their collection.
Minister Reyes Resigns.
Mexico City. Doc. 24. General
Eernnudo Heyes , minister of war , has
resigned. This Is considered a move
of far reaching political significance ,
ea It practically leaves Senor Llman-
tour , minister of finance , alone In Ihe
race for the presidency of the repub
lic to succeed Diaz.
Vanderbllt's Condition Satisfactory.
New York , Dec. 24. The followed
bulletin as to the condition of Cor-
nollusfanderbllt was Issued by the
doctors : "Mr. Vanderbllt'a condition
Is a little more satisfactory. There
has been no marked change. "
Sultan's Troops Enter Taza.
London , Dec. 24. In a dispatch
from Tangier , a correspondent of the
Dally Mail says the sultan's troops
Jiavn entered Taza , and that the pre
tender has fled to the Ghlat hills.
Matbitlc Temple Block Is Totally De
stroyed , With Loss of $100,000. ,
llcatrlco , Neb. , Dec. 24. Klro orlc-
Inntlng In the baaement of Day's drug
store , In the Masonic temple block ,
totally destroyed the entire block and
rontimlH at 2 o'clock yesterday morn
ing. The fire In BiippoHod to have been
of Incondlary origin , The flntncn
fiproud from ( he basement to the floor
nbove , and before tbo arrival of the
flro department was beyond control ,
The lloatrlco National Hank , Trovltt ,
Ma'tls Dakar , private bankers , Day'n
drug store and a number of lawyern ,
Insurance agents and real estate men
occupied the building.
The flro was discovered by Judge
Cullliton , who roomed over the drug
store. IIo was awakened by the smell
of Htnokn and , although crippled by
rheumatism , managed to crawl to a
window , break thn glasn and call for
help. His cries were heard by the
printers In a nearby printing office ,
who turned In the alarm and rescued
The Masonic temple In situated on
the southwest corner of Sixth nnd
Court Htrt'ots. The l.opoldovln
nnd novoral large clothing stores nro
situated adjoining It on the west.
The lire spread to the roofs of these
buildings and was checked only with
the utmost dllllculty.
The Paddock hotel caught flro from
the ( lying sparks twice during the
night and panlc-Mtrlckon guests deserted -
sorted It for places of oafoty. The
bank vaults are burled beneath tonn
of wreckage , but are Intact. The con-
InntH , It is thought , will not bo dam
The loss from the flro will roach
flfiO.OOO. partially covered by Insur
ance , The principal losers are H. G.
Day , druggist ; the llontrlco National
bank , Trovltt , Mattls & Hakor , O. II.
Johnson & Son , II. J. Doblitt , lawyer ;
Judge Cobboy , lawyer ; Hlchard Grant ,
architect ; city board of education ,
and numerous others. The buildings
on the opposite fildo of the street were
damaged by the flames.
Candy Factory at St. Joseph Mass of
St. Joseph , Mo. , Doc. 24. Flro broke
out at 6:45 : a. m. In Chase & Sons'
candy manufactory and destroyed It.
Sophia Mhitus , aged fifteen years ,
and Mattle Leslie , aged twenty years ,
girls ( uuployod at the pluco , jumped
from n third-story window and were
fatally hurt. Miss Mlntun right leg
was broken and her bead badly cut.
Miss Leslie's skull was fractured.
There were fifty girls employed In
the factory nnd many others Jumped
from second nnd third-story windows ,
many sustaining slight Injuries. Laura
Crawford , May Dakln nnd Ilosa Kraus
wore Injured about the head by jump-
lug , not fatally.
The origin of the flro la unknown.
The factory had been running night
and day to fill holiday orders and the
night and day shifts were changing
at the tlmo the flro broke out. The
loss on the candy factory Is $100,000.
Albuquerque Hospital Burns.
Albuquerque , N. M. , Dec. 24. The
big hospital of the Santa Fe-Paclflc
hero Is a mass of ruins. Twenty-llva
patients , some of them very 111 , were
In the Institution. Superintendent
Cutter believes all were saved , but he
cannot bo sure , as they were cut oft
from access to the wards In n brief
time. The firemen took great risks
111 a hopeless effort to save the hand
some addition. There were several
hair-breadth escapes. The flro caught
In the roof , which was all In flames
before discovered. The loss will be
covered by Insurance.
Mother and Child Cremated.
Frankfort , Intl. , Dec. 24. Mrs.
Charles Davis and a four-year-old
daughter were burned to death and a
six-year-old daughter
was seriously
burned at their home , eight miles east
of this city. The younger child had
Been piHying near a sieve , wuen ner
clothing ignited. The mother and
the older child made heroic attempts
to smother the fire , but without avail ,
the child dying almost Instantly. The
mother was so badly burned that she
died in a few minutes.
Survivors Leave Hospital.
Boston , Dec. 24. Most of the sur
vivors of the crows of the Frank A.
Palmer and Louis B. Crary , which
were sunk off Thatcher's island last
Wednesday In collision , were today
reported to be Improving rapidly.
Daulol Carlson of the Palmer was able
to leave the relief hospital nnd the
others , save Captains Potter and Som-
ervllle , will leave during the next few
Fireman Is Killed.
Bradford , Pa. , Dec. 24. The flro
which broke out early this morning
destroyed the Odd Fellows block , en
tailing a loss of $150,000. While removing -
moving the occupants the ladder fell ,
precipitating four firemen to the floor.
Thaddeus Green was killed and
Thomas Angul , W. McCafferty ana
John Blglor were seriously , but not
fatally , hurt.
Doukhobor Leader Joins Colony ,
Winnipeg , Man. , Dec. 21. Peter
Veregln , the Doukhobor leader , who
was recently released from exllo In
Siberia , arrived today on his way to
Torkton to join the Doukhobor colony.
The government expects ho will exert
a beneficial Influence over his country
Receiver for Ship Yards.
Richmond. Va. , Dec. 24. The Will-
lam II. Trlsc Ship Building company
of this city was placed in the hauJ.i
of a receiver yesterday. The claims
filed against the company segregate
About $100,000 ,
Wesley Watson Goes Home for ChristI -
I mas and Is Shot by Relative.
1 Hrantford , Ont. , Dec. 21. Wesley
Watson of Dotrolt watt shot and In-
Mtantly killed by Ills brother , Samuel ,
at Mlddloporl , near thlR city , The
brothurn , Samuel nnd James , llvo. on
n farm near Mlddloport nnd the third
brother , Wesley , lived In Dotrolt. Last
night Wcnloy came homo unexpected
ly , It Is supponcd to spend the Christ-
man holidays , The brothers at homo ,
both men over thirty years of ago ,
hoard him approaching the house , and
became possessed of fear that they
were about to bo attacked by burglars.
They ran upstairs nnd getting out of
* window , wont to the house of a
neighbor , whore they spent the nlglu.
They returned In the ruornlnjc armed
with n shotgun. Wesley had gene
Into the hoiiHo and finding nobody
there , went to bed. The brothers
opened the door of the room In which
lie slept , ho raised up In bed and Samuel
Watnon flred , killing him instantly.
Recently the two men had liwen at
tacked and robbed by robbers.
Judge Nevltt Released From Jail.
Knmmu City , Doc. 24. Judge
Thomas Nevltt of St. Clnlr county , who
has boon In jail at Maryvlllo for fallIng -
Ing to obey n mandate of the United
States court , was released by United
Slates Judge Phillips HO ho could
spend bin Christmas with his family.
After the holidays ho will return to
Maryvlllo and to jail , Judge Nevltt Is
the presiding Judge of the county court
of St. Clalr. IIo has been In Jail elnco
ho wan elected , For many years the
Judges of that court have refused to
rote money to pay railroad bonds , for
which a judgment wan obtained In tha
federal court and Judge Phillips baa
kept thorn In jail.
Wesley Reynolds Fund Trustees.
Laporto , Ind. , Dec. 24. Judge Rlch
ter has appointed State Senator Dan
iel L. Crumpacker , Charles E. Horrold
and Ezra . Scott of
T. Westville , trus > -
tees of the "Wesley Reynolds funi , "
which has been created to support tha
parents and sister and erect a suitable
monument to the memory of Wesley
Reynolds , a slxteon-ycar-boy , who ,
while defending the Westvlllo bank
two weeks ago , was shot .and killed by
bandits. Contributions are being re
ceived from every state In the Union ,
banks and casualty companies being
the most liberal givers. The bandits
are still at liberty.
Buffalo Bill Is Host.
London , Doc. 24. Colouel Cody ,
"Buffalo Bill , " entertained uiombora
of the British and American press and
others at Olympian hall last night ,
There wore In all 100 guests. H. Clay
Evans , United States consul general ,
responded to the toast "President
Roosevelt , " and William J. Bull , M.
P. , replied to the toast "King Edward. "
Charges Against Clayton.
Washington , Dec. 24. Senator Pen-
rose of Pennsylvania forwarded to
President Roosevelt some evidence
bearing on the charges issued last winter -
tor against Ambassador Clayton , the
representative of the United States
to Mexico. The affidavits allege that
Mr. Clayton IB owner of certain speci
fied shares In the Carman Mining com *
pany , a Philadelphia concern doing
business in Mexico.
Lockout of Garment Workers Averted.
Chicago , Dec. 23. A lockout of the
25,000 garment workers nnd clothing
makers employed In Chicago \vna
averted last night , when Cutters'
union No. 21 accepted the agreement
presented by the employing tailors.
Whllo there are still some differences ,
between the employers and the tailors ,
the chances are that they will bo set-
tied by arbitration.
Dies In Vat of Boiling Water.
St. Louis , Dec. 24. Benjamin Bom-
bach , an employe of the St. Loula
Cooperage company , while removing
barrel staves from a largo vat of bellIng -
Ing water , accidentally fell In. His
leiiow employes heard his screams
and did all they could to save him ,
but he cooked to death before their
Suit to Oust 'Phone Wires.
Council Bluffs , Dec. 24. County At-
toruey Klllpack served notice on tha
Nebraska Telephone company that ho
would ask the district court for a writ
of ouster to force the company to re
move Its wires from the streets , alleys
nnd public places of this city. His
grounds , as shown In the petition , are
that the ordinance by which the com
pany secured a franchise was Illegally
Souvenir Gold Dollars on Sale.
St. Louis , Dec. 24. The 50,000 sou
venir gold dollars coined for the
Louisiana Purchase exposition were
placed on sale yesterday.
New'York Governor Protests.
Albany , N. Y. . Dec. 24. Governor
Odcll has telegraphed to Secretary of
Agriculture Wilson a protest against
the removal of the quarantine against
Connecticut , which has been Imposed
owing to the prevalence of foot nnd
mouth disease among cattle in New
Masked Men Hold Up Saloon.
Omaha , Dec. 24. The town of Hub-
bard. Neb. , was the scene of a daring
hold up last night. Two masked men.
heavily armed , entered a crowded sa
loon and robbed everybody in the
place , looted the till and made their
escape. The amount secured Is not
Protest Against Cuban Treaty.
Saglnaw , Mich. , Dec. 24. The Michigan -
igan Sugar "Manufacturers' association
at n meeting here yesterday adopted
resolutions protesting against the rati
fication of the treaty with Cuba , which
reduces the present tariff on sugar.
Russian Disaster More Serious
Than First Reported.
Workmen Are Digging In the Ruins
for Corpses and Treasure Eight
Hundred Oodles Have Now Been
Ashknbad , Russian Turkestan , Doc.
24. Even the worst of the cnrllor re
ports of tha recent earthquake disas
ter at Andljan qulto underestimates
the appalling IOHB of life. A telegram
from the scene of the catastrophe puts
the number of victims in the native
quarter of the town nt 5,000. Already
800 corpses have boon disinterred from
the ruins. The work of excavation
progresses slowly.
The state treasury , containing 5-
OCO.OOO roubles , is in ruins nnd excava
tions to get the money are carried on
under the supervision of a strong cor
don of police. The water in the wells
has disappeared and n general subsi
dence of the site of the town is
The shocks continue with Increasing
violence. The area of seismic dis
turbances comprises 200 squares
The Russian population is camping
at tbo railroad station , where GOO cara
are placed at the disposal of the pop
ulation. The local government offi
cials are quartered In cars. Sheds for
the destitute are being built as rapid
ly possible. Free soup kitchens have
been started and officials nro aiding
the departure of the Inhabitants by
distributing food , money and free mil-
Riot on Passenger Train.
Pine Bluff. Ark. , Dec. 24. The pas-
Bencer train on the St. Louis Soutn-
western ( Cotton Belt ) , which arrived
hero from the south yesterday , was
the scene of a riot near McNeil sta
tion. A number of negro section
hands , said to have been drunk , be
came turbulent and refused to pay
their fare. In an altercation , S. S.
Pitman and Brakeman C. H. Ferguson ,
who went to the assistance of Con
ductor Dave Ferguson , were shot and
dangerously wounded. Four of the ne
groes were arrested and placed In
Jail at Canulcn. Other arrests are ex
Minister Grassland to Resign.
Washington , Dec. 24. It Is learned
at the state department that leave of
absence has been granted to J. R.
Grassland , minister resident to Liberia ,
and that on hie return to this country
he will tender his resignation. Min
ister Crossland was appointed to his
post from Missouri in January last
nnd his conduct has been under in
vestigation owing to a personal en
counter between himself and one of
the officials of the Monrovlan lega
Lovell's Entry Is Suspended.
Anaconda , Mont. , Dec. 24. On the
ground that David Love'll did not make
truthful statements In 1896 , when ho
applied for title , or In 1899 , when ho
secured final receipt few his claim to
the land , the commissioner of the gen
eral land office has ordered the sus
pension of his entry to the townslto of
Saco , In Valley county. Lovell has
sold many town lote , which have been
improved at great expense.
Partners Kill Each Other.
Searcy , Ark. , Dec. 24. News has
reached here that Messrs. Miller and
Mahan , partners In a general store
at Weat Point , nine miles from here ,
had a difficulty over business affairs
yesterday and shot each other. Ma
han was killed Instantly and Miller
died a few hours later. No ono wit-
noBsed the shooting.
Kills Slayer of His Father.
Sherman , Tex. , Dec. 24. Edward
Falrless , aged sixteen , yesterday shot
and killed Thomas Barker , a farmer.
Barker was tried for the murder of
the father of young Falrless some
years ago and was acquitted. When
the killing occurred Barker was driv
ing to the city with his wife.
Robbed While at Dinner.
Lot Ancoles. Cal. , Dec. 24. Whllo
A. W. Williams of Hartford , Conn. ,
and his wife were at dinner at tha
Westminster hotel , the lock of one of
the doors leading Into their apart
ments was picked , their trunks
broken open and $3,000 worth of Jew
elry stolen.
Two Sentenced to Be Shot.
Salt Lake. Dec. 24. District Judge
Booth refused a new trial In the cases
of James Lynch and H. L. King , under
sentence of death for the murder of
Colonel Prowse , nearly two years ago ,
and sentenced the two men to bo shot
to death on Feb. 20 next.
Life Convict Escapes.
Canon City , Colo. , Dec. 24. Franh
Cook , serving a life sentence for a
murder committed In Gunnlson county
in 1894 , has escaped from the peni
tentiary , scaling the wall. Blood
hounds are on bis trail.
Dynamite Damages Cathedral.
Ooneva , Switzerland , DQC. 24. A
dynamite cartridge was exploded nt
the entrance of St. Peter's cathedral
last nluht. The doorway was dam *
aged , but not seriously. The outrage
Is supposed to have been perpetrated
by an anarchist.
Don't worry if your associates push
you to the wall. You will flud tbo wall
bandy as a brnco when you get ready
to push back. Ylcksburs Hsrald ,
Train * Shut Out of Peking.
Peking , Dec. 24. The emperor bf >
gan bis annual worship at the Temple
of Heaven yesterday. For the first
time since the railways wore restored
to the Chinese uovcriimcut the throne
Issued an order prohibiting all trains
( rom entering the city for twenty-four
hours , The order says they must stop
two miles outside the Imperial city.
Cracksmen Rob Postofflce.
Bloomington , III. , Dec. 24. Safi
cracksmen robbed the poatofllco at
Leroy last night of $1,000 In money ,
stamps and registered letters , Then
proceeding to Saybrook , eight mllca
north , the robbers demolished the jail ,
using n telephone pole as a battering
ram. The gang then escaped with a'
stolen borso and buggy.
Crown Princess Is In Geneva.
Geneva , Dec. 24. The crown prin
cess of Saxony la hero under the nunia
of Fraulein von Obcn. Her brother ,
Archduke Leopold Ferdinand and
Professor Olron nro at the same hotel.
The archduke has assumed the nnmo
of Do Burlauo. The party are living
quietly and propose to spend Christ
mas bore.
Countess Loses Jewels.
London , Doc. 24. Another bite Jew
elry robbery on trains between Paris
and London has upset society. The
Countess of Carnarvon was robbed of
about $25,000 worth of jewelry whlla
on the way from Paris to London yes
terday. So far no trace of the thlovca
has been found.
Mrs. Dockery Near Death.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Dec. 24. Mrs.
A. M. Dockory , wife of the governor ,
who was suddenly stricken with heart
trouble Monday , is reported in a very
critical condition and it is stated
there is Httlo hope for her recovery.
Admiral Schley III.
WashlnKton. Dec. 24. Rear Admiral
Wlnfleld Scott Schley Is 111 , suffering
with an acute attack of lumbago. Ills
condition , however , Is not at all seri
ous , thouKh the attack will conflnu
him to his bed for a few days.
President Nerd Sworn In.
Port au Prince , Dec. 24. General
Nerd , the newly elected president of
the Haytlen government , took the oath
to support the constitution yesterday.
Tranquillity reigns throughout the re
Greek Steamer Reported Lost.
Constantinople , Dec , 24. The Greek
steamer Parthenon , having on board
a crew of twenty-two and alx passen
gers , is reported to have been lost.
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8T09IAOII WORM. more relief than ? 50 worth of ordinary
SE At > WO R M'S ' - doctor's fees. Price SOcts. by mail
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