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No Agreement is Reached by
Parties During Recess.
Proceedings Drag and Commissioners
Get Impatient Renewed Talk of
Private Settlement Lawyers Admit
Something of Sort Is In the Air.
Scranton , Dec. 4. The anthracite
coal companies and their employes
having failed to corao to an agreement
during the Thanksgiving recess of thu
strike commission , the hearing of the
miners' side of the case was continued
yesterday and unless something is
done by the lawyers on both sides to
\ curtail matters , the proceedings will
Burely run Into next year. With the
reassembling of the commission , how
ever , there was a revival of the talk
of a "settlement out of court. " Noth
ing definite 1ms been done and neither
side has approached the other so far
as can be learned regarding further
negotiations , but as one prominent at
torney expressed it , "There is some
thing In the air. "
Six witnesses were on the stand
during the two sessions yesterday.
They were President Mitchell , two
photographers , two practical miners ,
nnd the wife of a German miner. Mr.
Mitchell was on the stand for a short
time only and was called to show that
a 20 per cent increase in wages did
not mean n corresponding Increase In
the price of coal. The photographers
produced about half a hundred photo
graphs they had taken of the mine
workers in the Hazleton region , which
territory was under investigation. The
two miners testified with reference to
wages paid and working conditions nt
the collieries of Coxe Bros. & Co. , and
. * the whose husband is
' woman , em
ployed in the Coxe mines , told a gen
eral story of poverty.
v. . Railroaders' Committees Formulating
Y Demands for More Pay.
\ Chicago , Dec. 4. The seven com
mittees of railroad brotherhoods now
in Chicago formulating Increased wage
scales do not expect to finish their law -
w bor for several weeks perhaps. Con-
V feronces with local officials of the com-
] ? * panics have been held , but no definite
conclusions have been reached. Engi
neers and firemen on the Northwest
ern system , where the pay has been
from $3.70 to $4.20 per 100-mile runs ,
1 are seeking to have that raised to
$4.50 at least. On the Rock Island
system , the committee claims , that en-
> glneers and firemen have had no agrees -
s ment with the company since 1802 ,
and are endeavoring to resume former
working relations by a joint agree
ment with that line. The St. Paul en
gineers gave out the statement that
the company had offered to pay the
engineers $4.50 on some of the engines
or runs , but that this proposition has
not yet been accepted.
Gompers Replies to Eliot.
Boston , Dec. 4. "Tho organization
of labor trade unions , " was the title
of a lecture given by Samuel Qom-
pors , president of the American Fed-
, jft eratlon of Labor , before the Twentieth
* Century club last night. During the
lecture he dwelt at length on the re
ported adverse criticisms of labor
unions by President Eliot , and particu
larly on his statement , "that the mod
ern strike breaker is a good type of
an American hero. " Mr. Gompers
eald that if the strike breaker is a
hero , then all associated effort Is
wrong.tho efforts of the whole world ,
social , Industrial and religious liberty
are wrong.
Board of Trade War.
Chicago , Dec. 4. Yesterday after
noon the Chicago board of trade com
menced a fight against the open board
of trade In this city by cutting off its
quotations and causing all tickers in
the rooms of the open board of trade
to be removed. All open board mem
bers doing business in Chicago were
also deprived of the quotations. It
Is the Intention to keep the quotations
from the open board hereafter.
Vermllllon to Succeed Mann.
Atchlson , Kan. , Dec. 4. E. C. Mann ,
assistant superintendent of the Mis
souri Pacific at Atchlson , has resigned
and will be succeeded by C. A. Vermillion -
million , chief train dispatcher of the
Missouri Pacific at Omaha. It Is un
derstood that Mr. Mann will take a po
sition with the Missouri Pacific at St.
Judgment Against St. Clalr County.
Kansas City , Dec 4. In the Unit
ed States district court here yesterday
John B. Henderson of Virginia was
given Judgment for $551,000 against
St. Clalr county , Missouri , represent
ing tl.a principal and Interest paid for
bonds Issued by the county thirty
years ago to build the Tebo and Neosho -
she railroad.
Masons at Outs Over Color Line.
Houston , Tex. , Dec. 4. The Masonic -
sonic grand lodge of Texas has de
clined to restore fraternal relations
with the grand lodge of the state of
Washington until that grand body
shall abandon Its position recognizing
jicgroos and others regarded by the
grand lodge of Texas as "clandestine. "
Strike Settlement Rumor.
Omaha , Dec. 4 , In the absence o !
official statements a 'report is going
the rounds that the Union Pacific con
templates an early settlement of thu
fitrllio of KB shopmen. t
Dr. Salmon Considers Situation In
New England Most Serious.
Washington , Dec. 4. Dr. Salmon ,
chief of the hurcnu of animal industry ,
who is In New England directing ; thu
work of stamping out the foot and
mouth epidemic , reports In a telegram
to Acting Secretary of Agriculture
Moore that the situation Is very seri
ous and that there are about 3,000 cat
tle In herds known to bo affected ,
Now cases are constantly being found.
Bxtunslvo outbreaks of the disease
have occurred In Vermont , but Dr.
Salmon believes the situation can bo
handled by slaughtering and disinfect-
Boston , Dec. 4. Shipments of cattle
may bo made to Great Britain from
Portland , Mo. , while the foot and
mouth disease Is being fought in New
England. A cablegram from England ,
received by O. P. Jameson , general
manager of the Dominion line , stated
that the British government will ul-
low cattle loaded at Portland to bo
landed In Great Britain 'If they can
be gotten on board ship without passIng -
Ing through an affected district. At
present there are no known cases of
foot and mouth disease In Maine , and
the state Is not quarantined by the
United States govornmont. Mr. Jame
son says cattle can be taken to Port
land without passing through any of
the quarantined states , and he ho-
llcves ho and the other steamship men
will bo able to give the British gov
ernment assurances that will open
Portland as a port of shipment.
Big Flywheel Bursts.
Esat Liverpool , O. , Dec. 4. Ono
man was killed and the Wellcsvlllo
plant of the United Power company
destroyed yesterday by the bursting
of n mammoth flywheel. A piece
weighing over a ton crashed through
the roof and struck the pottery of Bur
gess & Co. , a block away , and killed
John Miller , a carpenter at work there.
Another piece of the wheel went
through the east wall , tore up several
yards of brick paving , rebounded and
went through the wall of the Lisbon
street school building.
Arranging for Reciprocity Convention.
Detroit , Dec. 4. Arrangements for
the reciprocity convention to bo held
hero Dec. 10 and 11 , under the aus
pices of the National Reciprocity
league and the Detroit chamber of
commerce , are rapidly approaching
completion. The convention will bo
called to order Wednesday evening by
R. B. Smith , president of the Reci
procity league. Representative Stan
ley of Kansas will preside at all ses
sions. Thursday Governor Cummins
of Iowa will make the address of the
American Church Society Meets.
New York , Dec. 4. The forty-third
annual meeting of the American
Church society was held last night.
Bishop Perkln of West Virginia pre
sided in the absence of the president ,
General Wager Swayne , who is ill.
The society is an auxiliary to the
board of missions for the Protestant
Episcopal church. Its special field is
Brazil and Cuba and certain domestic
missions. Tne present officers wcro
Asks Congress to Curb Trusts.
Wichita , Kan. , Dec. 4. The Kansas
and Oklahoma Implement and Hard
ware Dealers' association , In session
hero , passed vigorous resolutions de
manding of congress immediate and
effective legislation to "curb the rapac
ity" of trusts , especially those which
control Iron and steel products. The
association also passed a resolution
commending President Roosevelt on
his general attltud * towards trusts.
Beekeepers Meet.
Chicago , Dec. 4. Dalegates to the
annual convention of the Northwest
ern Beekeepers' association gathered
at the Rlggs house yesterday to con
sider among other things the aocuring
of legislation In the various states
represented to prevent the illegal use
of the term "honey" in the sale of the
artificial product and to eradicate
"foul brood , " a disease common
among bees.
War Nurses Oppose Canteen.
Washington , Dec. 4. A resolution
offered at yesterday's meeting of the
Spanish War Nurses' association , de
claring that body to bo In favor of the
re-establishment of the army canteen ,
was voted down. The resolution was
offered by Miss Jackson , who for two
years has been a nurse at Fort Myor ,
and provoked a lively debate before
a vote was reached.
Sagasta Resigns as Premier.
Madrid , Dec. 4. Premier Sagasta
has resigned. Senor Sagasta had an
audience with King Alfonso yester
day , at which he presented his resig
nation and intimated that the step
was Irrevocable. He Informed the
king that the opposition had treated
him with distrust and discourtesy ,
which ho did not deserve.
Colonist Rates Causing Trouble.
Chicago , Dec. 4. Representatives
of the Chlcagc-St.Paul lines' were in
consultation yesterday over the situa
tion with regard to passenger rates In
this territory. One of the principal
causes for the trouble Is the cheap
colonist rates to the southwest , the
tickets getting Into the hands of brok
Cattle Dlscr-jc Is Spreading.
Providence , R. I. , Dec. 4. The
spread of the foot nnd mouth disease-
in this state Is becoming alarming.
Thirty-seven cattle on farms In North
Providence and Lincoln were found to
he affected. Two men who have been
attending Uieae herds have the disease.
Tito Nlory ( lie Croupier * Tell of ( lir
AVuiiilrrlnur Jr\T ,
All gamblers arc superstitious , nnd
some of tliclr pobminenitltloiiH nro now
BO old us to have acquired tlio irnpec-
tnblllty of venerable tnulltloiiB. Tlio
croupiers of Monte Curio linvu nil In
teresting out of traditional supersti
tions of tliclr own , tnoHt of which are
entirely unknown to tlio many thousands -
sands of vlBllors who toy with the
"tlKer" In that gilded court of chance.
Tlio tnoRt striking of tliCHO IH tlio
story of the Wandering Jew , which thi >
croupiers believe an fervently as they
do that the bank will down any "ays-
tern" that ever was Invented. There
Is one day , and ono day only , In the
year on which the rooms of the casino
nt Monte Carlo are cloRctl that IB on
Good Friday. When the rooms nro
opened on the following day , they say ,
the first person to enter the "Grand
Nouvelle Sallo do Jenr" Is an old man
of venerable appearance , lie wnutcH
no tlino ; but , walking straight to one
of the tables , ho places with the trem
bling lingers of extreme old ago a
piece of money upon n certain number.
The wheel Is turned , the croupier's na
sal cry falls upon the ear , announcing
that the number selected by the old
man has won. With n bitterly snvago
exclamation the aged man seizes his
winnings , throws them about him and
hurries from the room to disappear , no
ono knows where.
lie Is the Wandering .lew , and until
ho can lose n bet at Monte Carlo he
must continue his wanderings. Get on
the "blind side" of any of the old crou
piers of Monte Carlo , and they will tell
you this legend. Have they seen him ?
Of course they have nnd are fully per
suaded that the aged nnd mysterious
stranger Is none other than the man
condemned to perpetual earthly wan
derings nearly 11,000 years ago.
( Accepted n IletuliiliiHT I'Vrnnil Then
IMnjed HI * Client FnUc.
A lawyer tells how he once played a
client false. "I shall have to make a
lawyer out of that boy of mine. I
don't see any other way out of It , " de
clared the well known attorney , with a
laugh. "He came Into my otllco on his
/way / home from school and laid a nickel - -
el down on the desk before me. 'What
is this for , son ? ' I asked. 'Retainer , ' he
answered nobody. 'Very well , ' said I ,
entering Into the Joke. 'What have 1
been retained upon ? ' My boy dug down
into his pocket and produced a note
from his teacher and placed it before
mo without comment. It was to the
effect that he had been 'cutting up' and
advised a whipping. 'Now , what would
you advlseV asked ho in a businesslike
voice after I had read the note and
saw the trap that young rascal led mo
Into. 'I think that our first move should
be to apply for a change of venue , '
said I. 'Very well,1 ho nnnwcrcd.
'You're handling the case. ' 'Then wo
will turn the note over to your mother , "
said I. I saw the young imp's face fall
at this , but he braced up and said ,
'See here , pop , you're bound to see mo
through on this , 'cause you've accepted
my retainer , you know ! ' 'I'll argue
your case before the court , ' I answered ,
'but you'll have to accept the decision.
I would not dare to attempt to Influ
ence the court. ' Well , I pleaded the
boy's case , promptly had it thrown out
of court , and the boy got what he de
served , a good whipping. It was the
first time I ever played false to a
client" Detroit Free Press.
An Olmtncle to Piety.
A story told by a western congress
man is about two brothers , Ed nnd
Jim , who dealt In wool at their home
in Iowa. Jim went to n revival meet
ing ( unthinkingly , the congressman
says ) and "got religion. " In his first
burst of enthusiasm he told his brother
of how much better he felt since his
conversion nnd urged Ed to come Into
the fold. The latter pondered gravely
tor a time ana tuen sam : "Ain't any
doubt but what religion's a good thing ,
nnd I'm glad you've got It , Jim , but I
guess you better let me alone just
now , " ho continued reflectively. "You
see , Jim , one of us has got to weigh the
wool. "
Chniie That Frown.
Learn to laugh. A good laugh Is bet
ter than medicine. Learn how to tell a
story. A well told story Is as welcome
as a sunbeam In a sickroom. Learn to
keep your own troubles to yourself.
The world Is too busy to care for your
Ills and sorrows.
Learn to stop croaking. If f ou can
not sec any good In the world , keep the
bad to yourself. Lenrn to hide your
pains and aches under pleasant smiles.
No one cares to hear whether you have
the earache , headache or rheumatism ,
ThciuKhtful Nature.
"How wondrous Is nature ! " sighed
the dreamy eyed person.
"You bet ! " answered the practical
man. "Why , you know how little love
Is lost between the Hibernians and the
Africans , nnd Just look how nature has
arranged things BO as to prevent the
Irish potato from coming In contact
with the blackberry. " Baltimore
Merely n SiieKmtlon ,
"Man proposes and woman disposes , "
remarked the young man who gets quo
tations twisted.
"Well. " replied the beautiful blond on
the other end of the sofa , "I'm disposed
to do my part If some man will do his. "
Three minutes later she had him
landed. Chicago News.
Phyllls-IInrry is the most conceited
man I ever met. /
Maud What makes you think so ?
Phyllis-Why , ho first asserts that I
am the most adorable woman in the
world , the most beautiful , Intellectual
and In every respect a paragon , and
then ho wants me to marry him I
Men and Women ofAll Ages ,
Tim dpprlnllfit In non-ltn1l | ioM i\lilo. In nil Mrnlltn of llfn tlirrn h a iliiinnml for tlio
who nan ilooiiniinrllrulnr thhiK l > < Uti > r limit nuy nun duo , unit minh n umiili one who IIIIH routined
111 * nmlcnvor to , mill centnrml nil < > ( hln ntinrity nnil nlilllty nn the npi'olnlty lie him ulioxnn fur liln
llfn'i work ,
Knrly In my profcunlonnl rnrrrr I rxnlltml tlmt Ohronln tlncnito ) < < worn not Ix-lnn K'vnn ' Iho
nttrntlou whlalt tliclr ImportnticovnrrntiltM , 1 rnw tlmt tlimn dlncfiii-n rc < | illnM n H | < rlnl Ili
umvlilolt tliniry \ \ iirnntlllnnpr roultl imvnr ncijiilri' . I'or morn tlinii twnnly yriiM 1 Imvixliv
Tntoil inj-urK cioliutvoly tothn fltmly ntul trrnltnmitot tlic o tUmmm-M , nnil tlin furt Hint jihyBt-
ctmiti rpoommcml ma to tlmlrpiillmilH In nn pvlilmii'ii of my Hklll nnil nhlllty In my Hpoulnl linn , t
fllvti ttpri'lnli'ouiinrl to ) > liy ! cliiiin wllli oliHtlnntoiinil olimuuo ruin * .
I Imvn iliivotril jiiirtli'iilnr nltrnllon to chrmilo dlHciiHoH of moil nnd women , nnd no other
claim of tllKoiiKo r ( | ulri'ii more IntolllKiiiit nnd mjicrt Imitmmit. It In u fiutt Hint u miijnrlty < >
mon own the HorlnuHiii'iiH of tluilr condition to Improper trriiltni'iit , and u fiillurn to rciillzn tlu ,
linjiorUnco of jiliielnit thnlrrnnn In tliolmiidii of n Hklllrd niul < > xj > rt Mpt < rli llHl
OvnrlndulKcni'o , liullnnrnllnim nnil oxconnoii nro not thn only
Nervous Debility rniiHvN ot mi Impairment of Heximl Htrcimtli. Hitch n durtiiiK"-
liienl frequently noiiti'H from worry , overwork , ini'iilnl Htrnln ,
etc. , which Krndunlly wrnkcim nnd lnnroH ] tlin Hyntein Ix'forn thn nnforlnnntn victim reall/en
tlin trim nnturn ot hln troiililn. NcrvoiiHHennrnk Ixink , < llr/.liien , IOHH of memory , HimlH hcforn
thn nynH , denpondoney , ctu.often nro tlin llrnt NyinploniH o ( nn linpalrmimtof nmnly vniir ) , nnd If
ncKlrolotl nnrlouH reniillrt urn Hiiro In follow I wunl lo talk to every ninn who IIIIH nny of UICHO
unru KIMAV Hymptonm of wrnkonln of his nmnly fiinntloiiH. Iran iironiptly rurrri't nil Irri-Kiiliirlllri , nnd
nn Unt nrtlnMWMl. under my Hkllllul trcntnirntyoti will Imvci rcHlorcil nil of tlio HtrotiKth nnd ( dory ot your iniui-
n j ii T Ji , t hood. Whvtlinr you coiiHiill mn or not , < ln not jnopitrdlro your hrnllli liy i < xpi < rlni ntliif | wltli
KecognlZCd 4 * lue Ueaalnj ; ana londy nmdn mpmctni'M , frno Hninpli-H , ho-cn11t < d ijulck I'lircn , i-lii . us thn IIIOMI dvllcntu orirnnnnr
Most Succcniul Specialist In Din l > odynrt < InvolviMl.nnd only nn oiporl xhonld l > o ciitriiHlcd with yuur cniti. Hi-nd furfrco
His line In the United State * . liookh-t , " Nervous Dobllliy undllu rnmlly of Ills. "
f\i t My o\ir \ for thlsdlrtonnn In Rentlo find imlnlcuB. i nnil often rnunen no detention from liunlnnMn or nllu < r dulliM. Itlnvolvoi
rTrifJTUrR nucultlimoriliMiKoroim Hur---1 l oporntlmi. Imliropor Irnntini'iit will renult In nerloim Injury. I Klvn iich cnHii Individ
Vfci * iwkv i u imlnttPliilon , nnd trcnt ItHovory riMitilrnmont. Kvnry idiHtrucllon IH removed , nod nil dl ehiirKo HOOII CCIIHCH , Inlhuiimn
tlou und Kornni-Ha l nllnyod nnd the cuilnl honld up promptly nnd purmnnuntly. Hcml for f run liook on Hlrlctiirc.
. . . | This dlnnnnn Is thn nnlnrKotnont of volim of thn corotum , which till with ntnitnnnt hlood , cniiNtiiK a roiiHlanl drain upon
UOfMPnPftlR HIP vltnllly. U wiiftkniiH thoViitlrn nyHlnni nnd dnnt nwny nil Mixmil Hticn lli I ciirn llilH INPIINII with llinHnrnnunl
w CAI IUVFWWiw form cvrtnlnty Juat nn quick UH coiiHlHtnnt with ninalrnl Hulrnon. rrohnhly iniiiii iiinn am alllli'lml wllh Viirluocnli ! than
nnvnthnrdUpaHp , nnd tlinlr HtrniKth IK ImlliK ilrnlnednwny wllhoul their knowing thn cnimu , Oumo to mo nt oni'ii If you Ihlnk yuu art ) allllut-
L-d , nnil learn the onuao of your trouhlo. Honil for f roe booklet on Vnrluocclc.
j- , J r > * Till * horrlbln dlHcnnn In no loliK'T Incurnliln.nnd when I pny thntf onn nuro llm moat nnvniii CIIHC I do HO licrnitvn I
rslnnn rfUQfin know hiit what my trentment linn arcompllNhcd. Ityou Imvn nornn , plmpleH , lilotrlieH , Horn tlmml , pnliiN In tlm
Lf IUUU I v ix uii jOI1H ) ( niiiim hnlr.or nny HymptoniH whleh you donotundnrHtnnd , It IH lniiorlnnt | tlmlyou commit inn nt once , nnd
l will tell von frnnkly whnthoror not you nro \infortiinnln victim. I will Kunrnntno toourn you without thn inn of Htrom , ' nnd Injurious
ilriiL'H InnrtdUlok. If mil uulokor , tlmothnli nny known tronlment. My euro IH n pnrmatnmt unit , and IH not iniiro patuhwork.and tlnj dlHiiaHo
wlirbo orndlontod from thn Hyatom forovur , Hcnd for my fron booklet , "Tho I'liUon King. "
Women who HUffer from thn nllmnntH jipoullnr In their NO x nro riirnd by my Kontln nml pilnlewi
Diseases of Women method of treiitnient , whleh iivolilH nil MI . Hlty for HiirKlenl oiinrntloiiH. If you Hillliir from lieiirlnu-
, iWn pnlitH , baeknoho , IrroKUlnrltleH , li'iichorrlKiu , i't . , wrlti ) inoiilio\it yo urcaau. I huvo ruttturol
to hcnlth thouHiinilH ot HUfTiirlnK women. Honil for my free booklet on womon'H DIHOIIHCB.
My Rpoclnlty nlno inoludnn nil othernhronln dlHenHnn , utieh nn HlieninutUin , Untnrrh , Dlaliclim , llrlKhl'H
liHeiiHeStonmelillvrr nnd Kidney IHHCIIHPH , I'lleM , Klntulu , Hiiptnre , I'nriilyHln , I.oeomotor Atnxln , HI.
vitu Dnncn.otc. , nnd nil who wnnt Hklllful , expert trentinnnt Hhonld wrlto mn nlxiul their I-IIMII. My ollleo
IB equipped with the most approved X-llny and uluatrlcul npparnlUH , HO Unit my pntlitntH K t the Ixjuellt ot thn IntiiHt illnuuverliri ! of Helonue.
T * J. X I tnvllo nveryonn to eonnult me without elmrKn , nnd will refund riillrond furo onn wny to nil who tnko
I PPflTnflfinT trciitmunt. If you cannot Hen inn In | Mirnnn wrlto for Hyrniitom blnnkH nnd full Informntlon nbmit my HUO-
I I Wt miwiii. COHIfii ] ilnn of homo trciitincni by wbtch I hnvocurod pntlonlH In every Htuto In the Union imd In fort'lijn
countrlea. Correspondence contldcntliil.
1 Commercial Block , FonHh and Nebraska streets , SIOUX CITY , IOWA
Queer < lnnllUoii < loii.
The enthusiasm of the thoroughgoing
lover of Browning takes some surpris
ing turns. The author of "In a Tuscan
Garden" tells n story concerning Dr.
Kurnlval , one of the founders of the
Browning boclety.
A young relative of the Englishwo
man In London was looking- out at one
time for bachelor chambers In a block
of Hats. The secretary of the company
to whom they belonged Intimated that
the testimony of two householders as
to his rent paying capacity would bo
required. The applicant gave the Eng
lishwoman's name as one and Dr. Fur-
nival for the other.
Dr. KnrnlvnrH reply , after n glowing
panegyric on the merits of the uppll
cant , wound up by congratulating the
company on getting as a tenant a man
who "was not only n gentleman and n
good fellow , but n member of the
Browning society. " _ _ _ _
AMIiilty For OnU.
Electricity In the clouds , like Its com
panion lower down , loves to seek the
earth , the great reservoir of nil elec
tricity. and It finds the most available
way to do so , choosing always the best
conductor , conspicuous among which
are the much maligned lightning rod ,
the high trees or the elevated nteeple. It
Las Its choice of trees as well as other
things and will leap over half an acre
of trees to find an oak , for which It ap
pears to have a special attraction , and
it will pass a high point to find u build
ing that has metal about It.
OhleMt Tree In the Worltl.
The Rev. W. Tuckwell in "Tongues
and Trees and Sermons In Stones"
says : "The oldest living tree In the
world Is said to be the Scmn cypress of
Lombardy. It was a tree forty years
before the birth of Christ. " But Al-
phonso Karr In bis "Voyage Autour deMon
Mon Jurdln" says of the baobab ( Adan-
sonla dlgltatn ) , "It is asserted that
eomo exist In Senegal that are 0,000
years old. " Notes and Queries.
An Indication.
Bertha I guess It's going to be a
match between Maude and Charley.
Constance So ?
Bertha Yes. Maude today spoke of
his stuttering as a slight hesitancy In
the enunciation of words. Boston
I the Beer of Good Cheer i
is brewed of choice'st
barley-malt and hops |
in our modern , clean-
1 ly plant , for the de
lectation of those
who prefer the best.
Are you getting your
share ?
La Crojss , WIs.
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Thai , we are constantly growing in .the art of
making Pine Photos , and our products will jil-
ways bo found to embrace the .
IMCost :
and Newest Styles in .Cards and Finish. We also
carry a fine line of Moldings suitable for all
kinds of framing.
A Great Jacket Purchase.
We found a leading Jacket manufacturer who
had too many Jackets on hand , his sales were
not as large as anticipated on account of the
extremely backward season. We made him an
offer of 50c on the dollar for his entire stock of
Jackets , consisting of 650 garments. If you
want to secure the biggest bargain of the sea-
eon send for one of these Jackets.
Women's 3-4- Length Coats
nearly all samples , sizes 36
and only one of a kind they
are made of the finest ker
seys , Montagnacs and ox
ford cheviots , lined with the
finest Skinner satin coats
manufactured to sell at $25 ,
sale price $11.75
Monte Cnrlo Coats , made of
fine kerseys , cheviots and
meltons , 27 inches lonpticw
correct back , new sleeve , in
castor , black , blue , red and
oxford gray .lined with guar
anteed satin a regular $15
jacket , sale price . .SlO.OO
made of fine cheviots and
kerseys , in different up-to-
date styles , with ripple cape
collars and new turned back
cuff sleevc.all Skinner satin
lined-manufactured to sell
at $27.50 sale price $14.75
Women's 27-inch Box Coat
made of best quality Ameri
can Woolen Go's kerseys , in
all shades ; also oxford che
viotsall new up-to-date gar
ments , lined with Skinner's
guaranteed satin manufac
tured to sell at 513.50 sale
price SS.75
Grumbler * Don't Ailvertlne.
You will find that the storekeeper
who Is always complaining that busi
ness Is not what It used to be Is the
man who doesn't believe In advertis
ing , He Is dead nnd doesn't know It.
Advertising Experience.
Fie Darling , would you rather select
the stone ?
She Not the first time. dear. I am
afraid I might select one that was too
small. Detroit Kreo Tress.
At Quito , the only city In the world
on the line of the equator , the sun sets
and rlsea at C o'clock the year round.
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