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tear Strike Settlement V/ill
| Press Hard on Them.
Make a Firm Stand to Be Rep
resented at the Coming Peace Con
ference Say Coal Carrying Ronda
Cunnot Dictate Terms for Them.
Bcranton , Pa. , Nov. 24. The posl-
'Uon to Jjo taken by the Independent
peal operators with regard to the ten
tative agreement between the largo
Coal companies and the mine workers
to settle tbelr dispute outside the an
thracite -coal commission , with the
Conciliatory assistance of the arbitra
tors , has not boon definitely decided
upon. The Independents hold a meet
ing , at which were present the repre
sentatives of about twenty-six com
panies , and a committee of nine wan
appointed to go to New York tomor
row for the purpose of meeting the
presidents of the coal carrying rail
roads and learn from them what thu
'Independent companies are to expect
providing they agree to go along and
Adjust the labor dispute without arbi
tration. This decision was not reached
luntll the Independent operators' attor
ney , Ira H. Burns of Scrapion , had
made a report of the conference ho
attended , at which wens present all
the attorneys for all the large com
panles and the minors and the "con
ciliation" committee of the commls
lorf. Until they learn what the largo
companies Intend to do the Indopcnd
cnts will make no positive stand be
yond that which they took In the hear
ing before the commission on Satur
day , which was to the effect that they
object to the commission approving
any agreement In-which the Independ
ent operators nro not Included.
Anti-Military Song In French Theater
Precipitates a Riot.
. Tours Franco , Nov. 24. A violent
flot broke outjast evening in the Al
pazar music hall , owing to the singIng -
I Ing of anti-military songs by one of
the performers. A party of officers
Belonging to the garrison of Tours ,
fvho were occupying the stalls , hissed
the songs , while the public In the gal
lery applauded and threw missiles at
the officers , wounding several of them
TThe occupants of the galleries then
tavaded the floor of the hall , where n
tree fight ensued until the police
cleared the building. An anti-military
demonstration In the streets followed
d crowd escorting the singer , the
cause of all the trouble , home. The
rioters attempted to mob all the ofll
cers they met on the way , but a squad
of police and infantry succeeded in
protecting the officers , and order final
ly restored , although the streets ara
ctill being patrolled by troops.
] Dynamiters Wreck Saloon.
( Mahanoy Clt , Pa. , Nov. 24. The
most destructive dynamiting outrage
that has occurred in the coal regions
since the strike began was perpetrat
d here at 5 a. m. The dynamite
with fuse attached , was placed on the
lar of the saloon of Christopher Port
land. The front part of the building
"WAS blown across the street and the
adjoining buildings on cither , side were
badly wrecked. Windows were broken
in every house in the square. Port
land and the other members of the
. lamlly were sleeping on the third flee
and escaped without serious injury , al
though all were thrown from thel
fceds. Portland's two sons are non
union men and worked during the
v -strike.
Locomotive Boiler Explodes.
Plttsburg , Nov. 24. One man wa
'killed and seven others seriously in
Jured by the explosion of a locomotlv
'toiler at Thompson , on the Mononga
liela division of the Pennsylvania
s railroad yesterday. John Markovitscb
of Duquesne , a trainman , was the
man killed. Of the Injured , all rail
road employes , none are expected to
die. The men were gathered abou
the pilot of the engine when the ox
, plosion tore out the extension front
catching the group , who were directly
' in its track.
| Strikers Cited for Contempt.
Omaha , Nov. 24. On affidavit o
"William Canada , chief of the secre
service of the Union Pacific railroad
and at the request of counsel for thread
road , twenty-seven striking shopme
were cited for contempt , charged wit
having violated the injunction Issuec
against them by the federal cour
some time ago. The men , with on
exception , have acted as .pickets am
- are charged with having trespassed o
company property or Interfered with
etrlko breakers.
, Garment Workers' War.
Chicago , Nov. 24. Strife that wl !
-paralyze the clothing Industry of Ch
caco is expected to break out today ,
-a a a rasult of the decision on Saturday
of the American Federation of Labor
on the controversy between the Unit
ed Garment Workers and the Clothing
Makers' union. The fight for suprem
acy , which tied up the -clothing busi
ness In Chicago a few weeks ago , will
i be renewed with more vigor than over ,
* > according to members of the
union. _ _
Beef Trust Case Set.
Chicago , Nov. 24. The government
case against the so-called "beef trust"
was Saturday set for hearlns In the
United States circuit court for Dec.
6 , before Judge Grosscup.
Secretary Moves to Knntas City and
Pushes Convention Flans.
Kansas City , Nov. 24. C' . F. Martin ,
national secretary , has removed the
headquarters of the National Live
Stock association front Denver to
Kansas City and established thorn at
the Coates house , from'where the ac-
Ivo preparations for the annual con-
cntlon which will bo hold hero from
an. 13 to 1C , are being mado. The
onvontlon promises to be the most im-
lortant yet held by the association.
Among the most Important subjects
which will be discussed and acted
upon are the adoption of some plan to
pposo the contemplated merging ot
he packing plants of the country , op
position to the removal of the tariff on
vool , hides , meats and live stock , to
urge congress to Immediately pass the
Grosvcuor anti-shoddy bill , the amend *
uiont to the census act so as to pro
vide for a classified census of llvo
stock , to amend the Interstate com-
tnerco act by extending the time limiter
or unloading llvo stock In transit from
wenty-clght to forty hours , the prnc-
Icablllty of co-operation In marketing
Ivo stock and to discuss what can
> o done to Improve the present laws
governing forest reservations and the
public domain.
The number of delegates will reach
more than 1,750 and .this number will
)0 Increased by alternates and visit-
ng stockmen to 10,000 , who will rep
resent every state and torrltory In the
union. The convention will last
hrough four days and the citizens ot
Kansas City have raised a fund of $20-
000 for entertainment.
Grand Trunk to Build Another Canadi
an Road From Ocean to Ocean.
Montreal , Nov. 24. Canada Is to
iiave a second transcontinental rail
way , extending from ocean to ocean.
The announcement was by
Charles M. Hays , general manager ol
the Grand Trunk railway. The con
struction of the new line will becin
as soon as the necessary legislation
can bo obtained from the Canadian
parliament. The Grand Trunk will operate -
erate the new road. It will have a
mileage of about 3,000 miles , ajid the
construction will involve an expendi
ture of from $75,000,000 to $100,000-
DOO. The new system will run through
New Ontario , starting from North
bay , and extending through Manitoba ,
the Northwest territories and British
Columbia , to Port Simpson , B. C.
John Dillon Seriously III.
Chicago , Nov. 24. John Dillon , the
well known Irish leader , who came to
Chicago to address a meeting hero
last night in celebration of the Man
chester martyrs anniversary , was
taken suddenly ill and waa unable to
appear at the meeting. While driving
yesterday Mr. Dillon suffered a chill
which was followed by a high fever
Michael Davitt was the prlnclpa
speaker of the evening. Among the
other speakers was Colonel John F
Y. Blake , commander of the Irish brigade
gado that fought for the South Afrl
can republics during the recent war
with England. The meeting was a
success financially , nearly $10,000 be
Ing secured for the Irish cause.
Does Harvest Hands' Work.
York , Neb. , Nov. 24. L. B. McCann
a laboring man , has patented an at
tachment to a harvester , by whicl
bound bundles of grain arc drawn to
gether and , when there are just
enough bundles to make a good shock
of grain , drops the grain shocks on
the ground In such a way that the
bundles stand up of their own weigh
as close together as if It were done by
a harvest hand. Harvester manufact
urere have investigated McCann's pat
ent and they all think it will save the
farmers of the world millions of dollars
lars paid out for labor. The bundle
carrier and shocker looks like a amal
platform set on four wheels.
Car Blockade at Plttsburg Lifted.
Plttsburir , Nov. 24. After thirty
six hours of the most strenuous aotiv
ity on the part of the greatly aug
mented forces of men and locomotive
the Pennsylvania railroad system ba
made a comparative cleaning up of it
congested terminals. The car move
ment breaks all records for a slmlla
tlmo. It is estimated that 60,000 car
were moved into and out of Plttsburg
In five hours ninety-five trains wer
started for Altoona.
Exempt Cattle From Raise.
Chicago , Nov. 24. Arrangement
wore completed by the representative
of western lines for the withdrawal o
the reduced tariff schedules filei
since the United States courts en
joined railroads from giving prefercn
tial rates. It has been agreed to re
store all rates except those on packln
house products and cattle , on Dec. 15 ,
and to maintain the restored tariffs ab
Calf Crop Only Normal.
Pierre , S. D. , Nov. 24. Range reports -
ports indicate that the calf crop is
only about normal for the past year ,
where a large increase was looked for
on account of the mild weather of last
winter. Range conditions are in fine
shape for carrying through the pres
ent winter , and all stock is starting
Into the winter in first class shape.
Injured Football Player Recovers.
St. Louis , Nov. 24. Right Tackle
Godbey of Central college , Fayette ,
Mo. , who fell unconscious from con-
cusslon of the brain after the game
with Washington university hero Sat
urday , has regained consciousness
and Is recovering. The hospital physi
cians state ho will be ready ' .o return
hem today.
Rate of Exchange is Advanced
From 250 to 260.
Transport Clears Reef at High Tide.
General Miles and Party Aboard.
Cholera Spreads In Mindanao , but la
Dlsappearlno From Manila.
Manila , Nov. 21. Silver baa nut-
ered a further decline in value. The
government has itmucd a proclamation
making the official rate 2GO for 100
gold. The former rate was 2fiO. The
) osslblllty of the adoption by the
Straits Settlements of a gold stand
ard and the reports current that Mox-
co Is about to abandon the silver
standard have greatly weakened the
ndlan and Asiatic silver market.
The United States transport Ingalls ,
with General Miles and party aboard ,
which struck on a reef while entering
the harbor of I.o Gaspl , Luzon , Satur
day , floated at high tide the name day
and will arrive here today. The VCSHO !
struck on a coral roof whllo going at
a speed of nine knots. The shock
raised the ship two feet along Its on-
.Ire length.
The cholera Is spreading among th
Moro towns on the west coast of
Mindanao and there Is much destitu
tion among the peoplo. Quarantine In
creases the suffering by stopping work
ind the movement of supplies. Gen
eral Davis has telegraphed to General
oral Simmer directing the distribu
tion of food supplies to the sufferers )
In the Infected and quarantined towns.
The disease Is disappearing from this
Demand for Reforms Results In Ar
rests of Commissioners.
St. Petersburg , Nov. zi.Tromcn -
dons effect has been produced In Rus
sia by the unanimous demand of tlm
agricultural Inquiry commission for
constitutional reforms and political
liberty , necessary to the foundation ol
economic well being. In Hplto of Mln
Istcr Witte's encouragement to speak
boldly because "the emperor wanta
to know the entire truth , " the min
ister of the Interior , Von Plehwe , has
begun arresting the members of thu
commission for advocating a remis
sion of the peasant land payments.
It Is reported that the students yes
terday sang a number of revolutionary
songs and shouted "Down with the au
tocracy" at a ball given In the hall of
the nobility. One of them was arrest
ed. Domiciliary visits and arrests ol
students and worklngmen arc , how
ever , frequent here and have been so
In various cities recently. The No-
vosti yesterday advocated the distri
bution of private lands among the
peasants , arguing that the nobles
would Invest the money they received
as compensation in manufacture. Tha
reproduction of this article has been
Neither the revolutionists nor the
conservatives credit the rumors that
the czar Intends to abdicate or that
there Is question of his divorcing
the czarina. The stories that the
czarina's mind Is affected are equally
rejected as unworthy of credence.
Colons Assembling in Washington.
Washington , Nov. 24. Senators
and members of the house of repre
sentatives are beginning to arrive in
Washington preparatory , to the meet
ing of congress a week from today.
Most of the leaders will bo here dur
ing the early part of the week , as the
president desires to confer with them
before putting the finishing touches
on his message. The arrivals In
clude Senators Spooner , Allison , Fair
banks and Bailey and Speaker Hen
derson. Speaker Henderson ex
pressed the opinion that there would
bo little legislation at the coming
short session , aside from the passage ;
of the appropriation bills. The speak
er to some of his callers expressed hla
belief that a constitutional amendment
would bo the only method of dealing
with the trust question.
Committee Visits Indian Territory.
Quthrle , Okla. , Nov. 24. The senaU
committee on territories left Guthrlt
yesterday on a trip of the territories.
Stops were made at Oklahoma City
and Shawnee in Oklahoma , and at
South McAlestcr and Muskogee in tha
Indian territory. At Muskogee the
committee was met by government of
ficials connected with the Dawes com
mission and Indian service. From
Muskogee the committee went to
Vinlta , where they remained all
night. They will conclude their tout
Texas Man Burled Alive.
El Paso , Tex. , Nov. 24. The body of
one Mitchell was exhumed here yes
terday , when it was found that he had
been buried alive. The position ol
the body showed evidences of a violent
struggle in the coffin. The mouth was
open and the hands pressed against
the lid , as If trying to lift it. The ex
humatlon was ordered in connection
with the alleged life Insurance frauds
* t -
Financial Crisis In Mexico.
Mexico City , Nov. 24. The heavy
advance In the gold premium has
caused great excitement In flnancta
and bus.ncss circles. The premium
has been rising all week and has
reached 171. It is generally conceded
that a gold standard cannot long be
delayed as silver fluctuates In value so
rapidly that it cannot be relied upot
as a basis of currency.
Police Put to Rout During Fierce Class
Scrap at Iowa City.
Iowa City. Nov. 21.Tho wnrHt clanti
niTnp In the hlslory of the Htnto uni
versity raged all Friday night. Several -
oral stndentn were Injured , property
loss approximating $700 remitted and
the local police were routed.
The light started at the freshmen
danuo at the Imperial hotel dlnlni ;
room , when n Hophomoro throw n
skunk through the window. Olhoni
bombarded the hotul with eggs ,
broke much pinto giant ) , and ilemol-
lulled costly brlc-a-lirne. The frt'Hli-
men retaliated and n Hiingulnary
struggle commenced. Police clubbed
J. II. King and W. M. Kaller , medical
students , Inflicting nuvdro wounds ,
when other medical students routed
the officers. Numerous revolver idiotii
were llrod , but none Is belloved to
have taken effect. Although several
students were hurt , their Injuries con-
slstod simply of contusions. Dean Cur-
ran has ordered an Investigation.
Gorgeous Scene Marks Services In
New York City.
Now York , Nov. 21. With ImpoHlng
ceremonies , to which extraordinary
splendor was lent by the presence of
many gorgeously attired eccloidaHtUui
of the inomburH of the Russian embas
sy In brilliant uniforms and of n guard
of Cossacks fully armed , the now Rus
sian orthodox church of St. Nicholas
wan coiiHOcrntod yoHtordny by Archbishop -
bishop Tlkhon of San Francisco , ( in
sisted by Archimandrite Raphael , the
Arabic abbot , and fifteen priests. The
church was thronged , so great being
the crush that the guards at the door
were nwopt aside by the crowd H that
pressed forward for admission , Count
Casslnl , the Husslan ambassador , and
other Husslan diplomatic and consular
ofllclnls took part.
Bishop Keane Is Formally Inaugurated
at Cheyenne.
Cheyenne , Wyo. , Nov. 24. Pontifi
cal high mans was celebrated at SI.
Mary's cathedral yesterday morning ,
when Rt. Rov. J. J. Kcano , formerly
of Minneapolis , assumed the bishopric
of the dloceso of Wyoming. Rev.
Father Walsh of Cheyeuno was cele
brant , Father Gegonett of Omaha , dea
con , and Father Cummlskoy of Lnra-
mle , assistant priest. Last evening a
reception was tendered to Bishop
Kcanc. All citizens of Cheyenne , re
gardless of religious beliefs , had been
invited and a great many responded.
Mayor Murray presided. Governor
Riclrards welcomed Bishop Keano
warmly and the bishop responded
Return "American Boy" Fund.
Cincinnati , Nov. 24. The account of
'The American Boy" fund was finally
settled today at the bank where It
was deposited by Its distribution to
.ho donors. The "American boy" wan
.o have been a battleship built by
contributions of the boys of America
o replace the Maine , lost at Havana ,
as conceived by W. Rankin Good , a
schoolboy of Cincinnati. After col
lecting a largo fund the project was
Army Estimates Reduced.
Washington , Nov. 24. Secretary
Root has completed his estimates for
: he next fiscal year and has succeeded
In effecting a marked reduction In
the money required for the support of
the war department. Excluding river
and harbor appropriations , the secre
tary says the estimates for each of
the last five years show an average
annual Increase of about $44,500,000.
The estimates for next year show n
decrease of $31,420,400.
Starlha Installed as Bishop.
Lead , 8. D. , Nov. 24. The Rt. Rev.
John D. Starlha was yesterday form
ally Installed as Catholic bishop for
the Black Hills diocese. The cere
monies were held at St. Patrick's
church of Lead. Pontifical high mass
was celebrated. Bishop Ordman of
Sioux Falls presided and delivered the
Major Ross Awarded Nobel Prize.
London , Nov. 24. It Is stated that
Major Ross , the principal of the Liver
pool school of tropical medicine , will
be awarded the Nobel malaria re
search prize of $30,000. Major Rosa
conducted several expeditions into
the mosquito breeding districts ot
"West Africa.
Yale Wins From Harvard.
New Haven , Conn. , Nov. 24. Yale
university established her supremacy
In the cast by defeating Harvard In
the annual game by 23 to 0. Nearly
30,000 spectators witnessed the game.
Major Walter Reed , an officer of tha
surgeon general's department of the
army , died in Washington Sunday.
The voyage of Joseph Chamberlain
to South Afi\'ca ' Ts now conceded to bo
part of a big electioneering campaign
to bring aboa.t reconciliation in the
Samuel GonVpcrs was re-elected
head of the Federation ot Labor at
New Orleans anin his speech of ac
ceptance ho pie-Aged his life to the
cause of union lavor.
The killing of William Fitzgerald
by Godfrey Hunter , Jr. , In Guatemala
City Is said to have been the outcome
Dt an old Kentucky feud transferred to
Central American soil.
Latest reports of refugees from
Suatemala are to the effect that not
lesn than 7,000 lives were lost In the
volcanic eruptions of Santa Maria and
that thousands are now starving.
Gang : That Held Up Rock Island
Express Still Free.
Train Robbers Prob.ibly Secured
Over Twenty Thousand Dollars.
i Hoboo Are Placed Under Arrest on
Busp'clon , but Soon Released.
Davcnpoit , In , Nov. 21. It looltti
as though the llnek Island express
lohbei'H who successfully blow open
the safe of the train they hold up just
outtddo this city Saturday morning
had made good their escape. A sensa
tion was created hero by the report
that the banditti had been surrounded
in u cornllolcl near llnehuimn. A spe
cial train , with u sheriff's POHHO on
board , was made up hero and started
for Buchanan. Word was received
that the men had been captured be
fore the train arrived , hut the pris
oners proved to bo a gang of hubos
and not the men wanted. The train
returned without bringing the ptlson-
ers , It Is stated the Imndltu secured
over $20,000.
Chicago Mall Thieves Make Off With
Stocks and Bonds.
Chicago , Nov. 24. Clileago'H mall
wagon robbery of Saturday night will
cause certain Now York stock brokers
considerable Inconvenience , as 0110 of
the stolen mall pouches contained
several packages of stocks , bonds and
similar securities , which , It wan In
tended , should reach Now Yoik In tlmo
to bo used when the Stock exchange
opened this morning. One man , a
member of the Chicago Stock exchange -
change , Is said to have mailed a paper
of the faro value of $100,000 , which
was In one of the mlsslnt ; sacks. This
paper Is not negotiable , but Its Ions
may cause a great amount of annoy
unco , us the brokers affected probably
will have to liirnlsh a bond to cover
the temporary lack of the Hocurlty.
AH near as can bo estimate , ! by thu
postolllce olllcluls , the robbers se
cured between $12,000 and $13,000 In
cash , certified chccliH and other nego
tiable paper. Of this amount , $2)00 ! )
belonged to the postolllee , the re
ceipts of one of the sub-stations dur
ing the day. No trace of the robbers
baa yet been found.
Pralsea Admiral Casey.
Panama , Nov. 21. The Star and
Herald eayB that at the conference on
board the Wisconsin , a distinguished
BOH of Uncle Sam , Rear Admiral Silas
Casey , acted as u mediator and peace
maker , which conduct , It remarks , re
flects great credit on a nation whoso
motives for doing good uro too fre
quently disparaged. Admiral Casey ,
in a brilliant speech , extended to thu
negotiator his heartfelt good wishes ,
highly praising them for their judg
ment and patriotism and their arrange
ment of such an extremely dollcatu
Bribery Charged In Warrant.
Lansing , Mich. , Nov. 24. AH a re
sult of the Investigation Into the
charges of corruption of the jury that
acquitted Colonel 1211 R. Button of
complicity In the state military clothIng -
Ing frauds , a warrant has been iHsuod
for cx-Stato Senator John Holbrook
of Bay City for alleged attempted brib
ery. Holbrook IB now In Missouri as
manager of a zinc and lead mining
company , and Governor Bliss will ba
asked to Issue a requisition for him.
Three Perish In Dock Fire.
Ashland , WIs. , Nov. 24. Investiga
tion shows that the deaths due to the
burning of the Wisconsin Central ore
docks hero Saturday number three.
Those who Jumped Into the bay were
rescued or uwam ashore , while many
workmen who appeared to the on
lookers to be cut off by the flames
from possible escape , managed to
reach places of safety.
Fined for Refusing Doctor.
Guthrle , Okla. , Nov. 24. B. B. New-
comb , a Christian Scientist advocate ,
has been convicted on the charge of
refusing medical aid for his daughter ,
who died of typhoid fever. The Scien
tists made a strong fight but the judge
decided against them and fined New-
comb $100 and costs.
Turks Torturing Peasants.
Constantinople , Nov. 24. According
to advices from Monastlr , eighty-seven
miles west of Salonlca , the Turks are
inflicting terrible tortures on Bul
garian peasants in order to extort con
fessions which may lead to the discov
ery of revolutionary bands.
Coach In Precarious Condition.
St. Paul , Nov. 22. Paul Rader ,
coach and fullback of the Hamllne
team , Is In a precarious condition from
injuries sustained In the Hamllne-
Carleton game on Lexington park field.
In the last part of the game Rader
was laid out.
White Slave Dealer Sentenced.
London , NOT. 24. A dispatch to the
Dally Chronicle from Brussels an
nounces that a man named Fllcttc , a
naturalized American , has been sen
tenced to two years' imprisonment for
taking part in the white slave tralllc.
Will Spend $3,000,000 In Missouri.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Nov. 24. The
Chicago , Rock Island and Pacific rail
road Saturday filed with the secretary
of state evidences of incorporation in
Missouri , showing that $8.000,000 is
to bo expended In this state.
Dizzy ?
Then your liver Isn't acting
well. You suffer from bilious
ness , constipation. Ayer's
Pills act directly on the liver.
For CO years they have been
the Standard Family Pill.
Small doses cure. AiiAW
\Viinl jnur iiiiiimliM-lin nr liimrd a liimutlful
tiriintinr rli'li lilnrk" Tlimi inn
n _ f > iQonn im MM I A Cri .httHU * . N H
Mnd Druto Kills Her Keeper and Es
capes to the Woods.
Savannah , ( In. , Nov. 21 Gypny , thn
big elephant holonglng to a elrans ami
which Injured KH hooper In winter
quartern In Chicago iiovornl years ago.
went cru/.y nix mlloH from Vuldoiitii
yesterday and killed her keeper , Juincii
O'ltonrke. The elrcnii ( rain had lieen
In a wreck at Tlflon early In thu day ,
when iinvunil of I ho animal earn worn
wrecked and two or throe trained
homoH killed. Tim olephiuil Oyptiy
wan In a highly nervous Htatn wlic.i
the train pulled out of Vnldonta , Iliu
nnxt Hhow point. Hlx mllen out from
that town ( lypiiy hueamo HO nolHy mid
rciitlfHH that O'ltoiirko unturud hrr
car ait the train Htopped at a Hitifill
ntatlnn to try to quint her. Innnfdl
uli'ly Ihu mad briito attacked the man
and cnuihrit UlH life out ngalnnt the
Hide of the car. O'ltoiirkn. for noun1
reason , did not fono ! thu door of thu
car after him , HO , after killing her
keeper , Gypsy ( jumped to the woods
llor iilmi'iiro wan noted before tlm
train left the nlatlon , and a hunt wan
organized. The big heiml was shot u
number of UIIIOH before HIO ) Huc'euntbt I
to rlllu hullotH In the brain.
Pawnbroker Accuased of Murdering
Isaac Flnkelsteln Goes Free.
D -H Molnufl , Nov. 24. The Jury In
the Flnkelsteln murder rnHc brought
In a verdict declaring HarrlH I.evlcti
not gnllly. The trial luHle.d tori duyH
Lovlrh , a pawnbroker , waH charged
with murdering IHHIIC FlnkolHtoln. ox
policeman and a local politician. Kink
olHteln wan killed In AugiiHt after huv
Ing liiHtltnlcd Hovornl raids upon tin
gambling houses , which ho iiHHertcd
wcro protected by the police. Kink
olHtflii publicly announced that he
niado the rnldn to oven his score with
the city ndmlnlHtratlon heeaiiHo IK
had , he alleged , been discharged from
the force on account of politics.
Cincinnati Murder Mystery.
Cincinnati , Nov. 2 ! . Edward Bant
kamp , superintendent of the Host
Machinery Tool company , was killed
yoHtorday at the factory hero. Hit
body was found last night In n pee !
of blood and every Indication in the
counting room of a struggle , but
no clew to the deed can bo found
Last yprlng , John Sclfcrt , one of tin
oldCHt employes of the company , wai
found murdered In the engine room ol
the same factory and the mystery ol
that deed has never been solved. Hot'j
victims had money and were robbetl
Must Stand Trial for Contempt.
Denver , Nov. 24. County Clerk
Julius Airhole must stand trial before
District Judge Johnson for contempt
in disregarding the Injunction issuoc
by him In the registration cases. Th <
supreme court today announced It :
decision that nn appeal for a writ ol
prohibition Is not a proper proceed
uro. The 'rase may bo taken to thi
supreme court on n writ of error.
The evacuation of Shanghai by th
foreign garrisons has begun , the Jap
anese being the first to withdraw tholi
Manager Kent of the Canadian Pa-
clflc Telegraph company has received
notice that the new Pacific cable
would be opened for business Dec. K
The entire plant of the Coloradc
Paving company , Denver , was do
Btroyed Sunday by a fire that original
ed from an explosion of boiling as
phalt. Loss , $50,000.
Former Queen Lliiuokalanl of Ha
waii arrived In Washington Sundaj
to remain for some time. She is seek
Ing favorable action by congress on
measures for her relief.
Septimus Winner , composer of "Th
Mocking Dlrd , " and hundreds of othci
popular songs , died suddenly Sunday
at his home in Philadelphia. He was
seventy-six years of age.
Frederick Alfred Krupp , head of the
German gun manufactory and the rich
eat man In Germany , died at his villa
at Huge ] , aged forty-six years. His
annual incomt was estimated at ovei
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
dlcestants and digests all kinds oi
food. It gives Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you \vant. The most sensitive
stomachs can take It. By Itstiso many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after every thlntf else fulled. la
unequalled for the stomach. Clnld
rcn with weak stomachs thrive on It.
Cures all stomach troubles