The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, November 28, 1902, Page 12, Image 12

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    154 THE NOlrfOLlt NEWS : FRIDAY , NOVEMBER 28 ,
Hot Water
First door South of News Office.
Sioux City Florist.
Awarded first prominm on
Funeral Designs.
Handsome noses , Carnations , fains , Fern ?
Flowers snipped in fresh condition.
Phon4AOk. Utjr oil cot Cor. 6th nml I'lorco
Wide Awake
AH Kinds of Gents'
. . . .Strlctly
. . . .TRY. . . .
North-Worn Line
F. E. & .M.V. R. R.
is the best to and from the great
of North Nebraska.
The Many Adventures of
Including nil tlio merry pictures con-
tn 1 11 oil In tlio tun vohimoi , outltlod
"AilvouluroB of Foxy Urnmiiui" nnil
"KurthorAdvoutiir 8of Foxy Ornuil-
Mr. Schnltzo said to inu ono dny nt
liincli : "What do von think of a aorlo
o ( comic drawings donlliiK with n Rrand-
fnthor nnd hli two frrmulaonsT"
"Let the KmiuUntlior bo the clever ono
of the trio. In most of the nthar canoe
tlio yoniiK folk have been amnrtor than
the old poopln upon whom they played
thnlr jokes. Lot 8 ravorso It. "
The next morning ho onmo to my of-
ilcovltti bkctclioe for linlf n doion
> rle , nnd Tvtth the unmo"Foiy Qrand-
pa" Iu his hand
The HUCCOK9 of the torlea In the New-
York Herald Vina luHtantanoouit , for
who has not heard of "Foxy Graudim"
and " "
The jolly old vnntlomnn , dear to
grmvn people aa wolla * children , might
almost bo csllixl the Mr. Pickwick of
comlo pictures.EDWAUD
To Ornndfathers Who Are And
To Thono Who Are To lt .
1 Merrily DedicateThla Uoolc.
Bant poetago paid on receipt of ON 13
DOLLAR in currency or postal ordnr ;
no ohecka recnivod.
49 Wall Street , New York.
. . ,
. .and Sale
Bnuuch Avenue '
jiBd Third St. 'PHONE 44
Road [ Notice.
To All "Whom it May Concern :
The commissioner appointed to view
and locate n road , commencing at the
eiiBt end of the half section line between
the southeast quarter and the north
east quarter , of section twenty-nine ,
in township twenty-four , range throe
west , running thouco west one mile to
where the said half section line inter
sects with the section line running
north and south between section
twenty-nine and thirty in said town
ship and range , all in Madison county ,
Nebraska , has reported in favor of tno
establishment thereof , and all ob
jections thereto , or claims for damages-
must bo filed in the county clerk's ofllceT
on or before noon of the 12th dayifofi
January , A. D. 1003 , or such road wltt' '
be established without reference
th ° reto.
Dated at Madison , Nebraska , the 12th
day of November , A. D. 1902.
County Clerk.
St. Louis Flyer Plunges Over
High Embankment.
Fait Passenger Strlkei Drokcn Rail
Nenr Avon , Indiana , and Entire li
Piled In a Heap at Dottom of Em
bankment ,
Indianapolis , Nov. 28. The St.
Louis llyur on the UR ! Kour , which
loft Indianapolis early thlti morning ,
Is reported to bo a total wreck. The
train struck n broken rail near Avon ,
thirty mllon west of bore. At thla
point the road runs along a high 1111.
The entire train , as reported , plunged
down the Oil and Iu now In a cornfield ,
11 pile of ruliiu. In railroad circles at
Danville thu belief was gonornl that
the loan of life must bo necessarily
heavy. ICvery physician In the town
has gone to the wreck.
The engine of the wrecked train
had brought twelve of the Injured In.
Tlio engineer uald the rail broke un
der the engine and It nnd two mall
cars got over fmfoly. The four Bleep-
crs , however , were at tlio bottom of
the omlmnkmont , twonty-flve foot be
low the track , and were a pile of
ruins. Thu passengers were being
taken out as fast as possible. It la
not known how many arc dead In the
wreck ,
Motorrnan Loses Control of a Street
Car In Dee Molnes.
Doa Molnes , Nov. 28. Two persons
were fatally Injured and six seriously
hurt in n street car collltilon at the
foot of Sixth Btroot hill yesterday.
The accident resulted from a broken
brake , which permitted the street car
to run unimpeded down a hill one-
half mile long , where It crashed Into
another car , talescoplng It , after which
it darted Into the entrance of Law-
rouce's drug store , where it wan
checked by an iron post.
Both cars were crowded with pas-
aougoro , most of whom escaped by
Jumping. When the debris was cleared
away Mm. J. H. Frawley was found
pinioned under a stove , which rested
upon her faco. Two ether persons
were covered by wreckage , suffering
terrible agony.
Fatally Injured : Mrs. J. II. Fraw
ley , crushed , internal Injuries ; Mlsa
Ilolon Frawley , aged ton , splno hurt.
Seriously Injured : Mrs. J. J. Fey ,
leg broken ; Motorman William Klleln ,
severely bruised ; James Klrkwood ,
jumped from car , badly bruised ; Julius
Shane , cut about head and faco.
Runs Into Open Switch.
Indianapolis , Nov. 28. I'nssongei
train No. HL' . on the Pennsylvania
road , ran into an open switch at Saf-
ford station , six miles south ot horo.
Engineer George II. Frazlor of this
city was killed Instantly and Fire
man Lou Grant of this city was fatal
ly injured. Haggagomastcr John F.
Clayton , also of this city , was seri'
ously Injured. Thrco of the passen
gers were slightly injured. The en
gine crashed into a stone car on the
siding and was wrecked. A rollot
train brought the dead and injured ta
this city ,
Found Dead In Their Room.
Indianapolis , Nov. 28. Two men
supposed to bo E.V. . Pollock and Ma
rlon Plorson of Bridgeport , Ind. , wore
found dead in tholr room at the Ar
lington hotel. They came to the hotel
at 2 o'clock and retired immediately
Death was caused by escaping gas
The gas Jets were turned on and the
gas was escaping when the men wcro
Raid Counterfeiting Plant.
Iluntsvlllo , Ala. , Nov. 28. Sccre
Service Agent Shaw yesterday raided
a counterfeiting plant on Monte Sane
and arrested M. V. Evans , the alleged
counterfeiter. A large number o
small coins were confiscated. They
are BO perfectly made that only ex
ports can determine their character
The full outllt of coining utensils was
Hold Mr . Barton for Murder.
Sheridan , Wyo. , Nov. 28. Mrs. Guy
Barton , who killed her father-in-law
at Arvada three weeks ago , was given
her preliminary hearing yesterday
She offered no evidence In defense nm
was held to the district court wlthou
bail on the charge of murder in the
first degree. The trial baa been sot
for Dec. 8.
Engineer Killed in Wreck.
Prescott , Ark. , Nov. 28. Northbound -
bound passenger train No. 4 , en route
from Toxarkana to St. Louis , on the
Iron Mountain and Southern , was
wrecked near here yesterday. Engi
neer 'A. B. Archibald was killed. Fire
man George Hays saved his life by
jumping. None of the passengers was
Alleged Swindler Arrested.
New York , Nov. 28. William Lan
dau , said to be a wealthy cotton ex
porter of Texas , was arrested here on
suspicion of being connected with a
swindle , involving the sum of | 200-
000 or more. The firm alleged to bo
swindled Is that of Ladenburg , Thai-
man & Co. , bankers of this city.
Gormley Freed by Jury.
Chicago , Nov. 28. James H. Germ
ley , president of the Masonic Frater
nity Temple association , who has been
on trial for conspiracy to defraud the
county out of taxes on the Masonic
Temple , was acquitted by the Jury.
flump ( Joiiil SiiKK - ll ii" I 'or
rlrnrril ( lnrilnn-rn.
The nvcrago t wn buck yard pro-
HcntH n number of dllllcult problems to
tliu liu-xpt-rli'iiciMl gardener who as-
lilrc-H to be thu ownt-r of n "vlnu and
t\K \ trco" of IIH | own. AH a rule , the
tillable portloim tif thu plot nru nar
row n ml are hedged by a high board
fence that on one Hide reaches a scorch
ing temperature dally In midsummer , '
while on the other It Is In many cases
destined to perpetual shadow , A common - '
mon rinmo of failure to produce a
jiloaBliiK effect In the long , narrow yard
Is the planting uf too many hardy
Bhnilw and vines , nays the Now York
Tribune. They 111 ! the limited space
In proportions that ure unplciiHlng to
the eye , and thu follago seldom ru-
mitlim attractive through the entire
sea son ,
A detitzla or two , which can be kept
trimmed In small clumpllku bushea ,
nnd a hardy climbing nwo for the
rear end of the fence are enough for
the ordinary space. A grapuvlno trained
over n trellis built above the kitchen
wlndowH will furnish a welcome shade
to that apartment during the nuiniucr
and provide luscious fruit for thu fall.
After the frosUi como the vine can bo
tied back , HO that It will not shut out
the winter sunlight from the kitchen ,
and Iu the following Hprlng It may
iigaln be spread over thu frame.
With n yard sixty-live or seventy feet
long or more it Is a gotMl plan to short
en the grass plot enough to allow for n
large square bed nt the end farthest
from tile house , which will bo sur
rounded on all Bides by a walk of the
UHtial width. A border bed eighteen
Inches or two feet wldu should extend
around the three sides of the yard
nuxt to the fence.
A profusion of vines to hide the fence
completely will furnish a refreshing
outlook for hot weather. For the sun
ny Bide of the yard nasturtiums , morn
Ing glories of all kinds , especially the
Japanese varieties , and both the red
and thu white variety of the scarlet
runner may bo used. The latter bears
a mottled bean , which few people know
Is delicious when cooked and 'far ' sur
passes In flavor the lima bean. On the
shady side of the yard there may be
planted clematis , which is beautiful
not only In summer , but when the
need podH burst In the fall ; both the
pink and white nolanum and Madeira
vines. The Lopus permum , which bears
beautiful crimson flowers , will thrive
In cither shade or sun.
They Arc JProvInjc Very UNcfal In
Recently a village Improvement so
ciety In a New Kngland town had a
number of boxes placed In the streets
for the reception of wnsto paper and
other rubbish of llko nature. The boxes
wcro inntlo of wood and painted green.
About twenty-live wcro made , and they
were put at points where it was be
lieved they would be most useful.
These boxes have proved bo useful
that It has been thought wise to go to
the expense of providing twenty-live
new ones made of galvanized Iron in
stead of wood. The wooden boxes ,
however , are not to be split up Into
kindling wood. They are to be placed
on privates streets , while the metal
boxes are to be used on the more trav
eled thoroughfares. The latter nre
strongly made nnd ought to last n
good while. They are oval In shape ,
with n hood half covering the top. In
dimensions the now receptacles nre
about the same as the old ones. They
nre painted green and bear the name
of the department on both front and
back nnd the words "For Waste
Taper" on the hood.
The society is much pleased with
the result of the effort to educate the
people of tholr town In habits of clean-
llncss. The process must necessarily1
bo a slow one , but the quantity of
paper thrown Into these receptacles
ehows that the people nre realizing tea
a considerable extent the desirability
of not littering the streets.
The Idea of waste paper boxes is
ono that can be profitably adopted by
any city or town which desires to keep
the streets free from the Utter of pa
per , nnd n few in the streets will do
much toward keeping the thorough
fares In that neat condition which
mnrks a well kept town.
Attractive Conntry Ilnndi.
Nine-tenths of the world Judge from
appearances. A country rend can bo
made wonderfully attractive by proper
attention to its appearance. A spuco
of about three feet in width should bo
left between the edge of the road
and the surface ditch on each side.
This strip should be cleared of weeds
nnd sodded , or sowed with grass seed.
While not strictly necessary , this im
provement gives a look of prosperity
to the country , makes It attractive
nnd Inviting and adds to the value of
surrounding property , n short , It is
n good return for the little labor in
vested In bringing It about.
An Ancient Illlile.
In the Cottontail library in England
is nu old manuscript copy of a part of
the Bible in Latin. The London
Chronicle says It was used nt the cor
onations of Kngllsh sovereigns 300
years before the "stono of destiny"
was brought from Scone to Westinlu-
Bter by Kdward I.
If this be true , the use of this Bible
tor the purpose dates back to the year
1000. It Is n quarto of 'J17 leaves , con
taining thu four gospels , nnd seems
from the style of thu writing nnd illu
minations , which nre very beautiful ,
to have been made about the end of
the ninth century.
It narrowly escaped destruction In
the lire nt Ashburnhnm House in 1731 ,
of which It bears evidence in Its
crumpled leaves and singed margins.
There In HOIIIO evidence that the son of
Udwiml I lie Klder , Athenian the Glo
rious , who was king of the Went 8ax-
otm from ( ) ' . ' . ' > to 010 , owned this Itlblo
and gave It to the church of D0 > cr.
IlnlM mill Viiiniilrrn.
At minuet In the forest of Utilnnn the
1mtn lilt from their hiding places , Home
taking the place of the parrots and
Hocking around thd fruit trees , while
the horrid vamplrcH Wander far nnd
near In search of some Bleeping ani
mal , oi1 even man , in order to obtain
a meal. Cows , goats , hogH , fowls tin
well as game birds and quadrupeds all
Buffer from their nttacku If not se
cured In well latticed pens , while the
traveler must not bo surprised when
awaking to find blood oozing from
a wound In his foot or temple.
In some places domestic animals can
not bo kept at all , as they nre so weak
ened by repeated attacks as to ulti
mately die of exhaustion. Fortunately ,
however , the vampires arc not very
common , nnd with proper care may bo
excluded from dwelling houses nnd
stock pens. Longman's Magazine.
lit Hiiiiplnean.
Two young women , patently of the
'saleslady" ' persuasion , rode down
Chestnut street In a crowded trolley
car on n rodent morning. They chatted
animatedly about the merits nnd de
merits of Will nnd GUH till they
reached Ilrond street. From there to
Twelfth they preserved a dreamy si
lence. Then one broke out with :
"I say , Ag , what would you choose if
you could have everything in the world
you asked for ? "
"Well , " said Ag slowly and musingly ,
"I thliik I'd choose enough silk dresses
to last me for the next ten years.
Wlmt'u'd you take , Bade ? "
"Me ? " replied Bade. "It's the dream
of mo life , Ag , to have nil the money
I'd want , fee 1 could go to me Job in n
cab every morning. " Philadelphia
French Mnld.
Mrs. Ilouseli'lgh Your name , I un
derstand , Is Itrldgct McShanc. You
arc Irish , I suppose ?
Applicant No , mem ; Ol'm Frlnch.
Mrs. Houpelelgh French ? Were you
not born in Ireland ?
Applicant Yls , mem ; but Ol took
Frlnch 1'ave from it. Boston Tran
AnxloiiB Momenta ,
Some of the most anxious hours of a
mother's life nre those when the little
ones of the household have the cronp.
There is no other medicine so effective
in this terrible malady ns Foloy's Honey
nnd Tar. It is a household favorite for
throat and lung troubles , and ns it con
tains no opiates or ether poisons it can
be safely given.
Oat this ont and take it to Kiesau
drng store and get n free sample of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
tablets , the best physio. They cleanse
and invigorate the stomach , improve the
appetite and regulate the bowels. Reg-
nlnr size , 25 cents per box.
A Violent Attack of Croup Cured.
"Lost winter an infant child of mine
had cronp in a violent form , " says Elder
John W. Rogers , a Christian Evange
list , of Filley , Mo. "I gave her a few
doses of Ohiiuiberlain's Congh Remedy
mid in a short time all danger was past
uud the child recovered. " This remedy
.ot only cures croup , but when given
given as soon as the first symptoms ap
pear , will prevent the attack. It con-
ains uoopinin or other harmful 3nb-
Htnnco and may bo given as confidently
o n bnbv ns to 1111 adult. For sale by
Jumped on n Ten Penny Nail.
The little daughter of Mr. J. N Powell
jumped on an inverted rake made of ten
penny nails , and thrust ono nnil entirely
through her foot and a second one half
way through. Chamberlain's Pain
Balm was promptly applied nnd five
minutes later the pain had disappeared
and no more suffering was experienced
In three days the child was wearing
her shoo as usual and with absolutely
no discomfort , Mr. Powell is a well
known merchant of Forkland , Va. Pain
Balm is an antiseptic and heals such in
juries without maturation and in one-
third the time requ&ed by the usual
treatment. For sale by KIESAU DRUG
W. A. Herreu of Finch , Ark. , writes ,
"I wish to report that Foley's Kidney
Care has cured n terrible case of kidney
and bladder trouble that two doctors
had given up.
Out ) Minute Cough Cure.
Is the only harmless cough cure that
gives quick relief. Cures conghes ,
colds , cronp , bronchitis , whooping
oongh , pneumonia , asthma , lagrippe
nnd all throat , chest and lung troubles.
I got soaked by rain , says Gertrude E.
Fenner , Mnncie , Ind. , and contracted a
severe cold and cough. I failed rapidly ;
lost 48 pounds. My druggist recom
mended One Minute Cough Cure. The
first bottle brought relief ; several
cured mo. I am back to my old weight ,
148 pounds. One Minute Cough Cure
cuts the phlegm , relieves the cough at
once , draws out inflammation , cures
croup. An ideal remedy for children.
A H. Kiesan.
Experience Convinces *
Provo its value by investing 10 cents in
trinl hlzo of Ely's Cream Halm. Dniggista
supply it nnd o mail it. Full BIZO DO cents.
ELY 1WOS. , CO Wnrrcn St. , New York.
Clifton , Arizona , Jnn. 20,18UO.
Messrs , Eur llu s. : Plenso BOLI ] me nf G
cent l > ottlo of Creum. Jiulm. I find your
remedy the quickest and most permanent
euro for cntnrrh nnd cold iu the head.
DEM.M. Porren , Gen.Mgr. Ariz.QoldM.Co.
Messrs. F.LV linos. : I Imvo boouafllicted
with catarrh for twenty years. It mmlo mo
HO weak I thought I had couRun.ption. I
got ono bottle of Ely's Crenin Uiihu and in
thrt'o days the discharge stopped. It is the
best mrillciiiA I have used for catarrh.
Probevta , Onl. FIUNK E.
A Paris dispatch snys , "M. Rosey has
just discovered the eecret of perpetual
youth. " Too late , we've had it for
yearn. Madison Medicine Go's , Rocky
Mountain Tea. A. H. Kiesan.
8UrtllOKbut True.
"If every one knew what a grand
medicine Dr. King's Now Life Pills Is' "
writes D. II. Turner , Ueinpseytown ,
Pa. , "you'd sell all you have iu n day.
Two weeks' uoo has made a new muu
of mo. " Infallible for cdriRtipntion ,
stomaoh and liver troubles. 25 cents at
the Kiosau Drug Co.
Foloy's Honey nnd Tar for coughs and
iolds : ; reliable , tried and tested , safe
nnd sure.
aiil Ollnmte U Good
enough for anybody with weak lungs
The patient need not travel. Ho can
get well hero with the help of Allen's
Lung Balsam , taken frequently when
coughing nnd shortness or breath after
exorcise serve notice upon him that seri
ous pulmonary tronblo is not far away.
Allen's Lung Balsam is free from any
form of opium.
To the I'ubllc.
Allow mo to say a few words in praise
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I
had a very severe cough and cold and
feared I would got pneumonia , but after
taking the second dose of this medicine
I felt better , three bottles of it cured my
cold and the pains in my chest disap
peared entirely. I am most respectfully
yours for health , RALPH S. MKYKKS , 04
Thirty-seventh St. , Wheeling , W. Vn.
For sale by KIESAU Duua Co.
Foley's Honey and Tar always store
the cough nnd heals the lungs. Refuse
A Pollceman'R TeHtlmony.
J. N. Patterson , night policeman of
Nashua , In. , writes , "Last winter I had
n bad cold on my lungs and tried at
least half dozen advertised cough medi
cines and had treatment from two phy
sicians without getting any benefit. A
friend recommended Foley's Honey and
Tar and two thirds of n bottle cured me.
I consider it the greatest cough andlnng
medicine in the world. "
If You Were Scared
easily you might suppose that the pain
in the lower part of your back meant
kidney trouble. But being n person of
sense yon know it is only muscular
stiffness , from cold , and that prompt
treatment with Perry Davis' Painkiller
will prevent it from growing into lum
bago. Act accordingly and yon will be
glad you saw this. There is but one
Puinkilier , Perry Davis. '
A Startling Surprise.
Very few could believe in looking at
A. T. Hoadley , a healthy , robust black
smith of Tilden , Ind. , that for ten years
ho suffered such tortures from rheuma
tism as few could endure and live. Bat
a wonderful change followed his taking
Electric Bitters. "Two bottles wholly
cured mo , " he writes , "and I have not
felt a tinge in over a year. " They reg
ulate the kidneys , pnrify the blood and
cnre rheumatism , neuralgia , nervous
ness , improve digestion nnd give per
fect health. Try them. Only 50 cents
at the Kiesan drng store.
Heavy eating is usually the first cause
of indigestion. Repeated attacks in
flame the mncons membranes lining the
stomach , exposes the nerves of the
stomach , producing a swelling after
eating , heartburn , headache , sonr ris
ings and finally catarrh of the stomach.
Kodol relieves the inflammation , pro
tects the nerves nnd cures the catarrh.
Kodol cures indigestion , dyspepsia , all
stomach troubles by cleansing and
sweetening the glands of the stomach.
A. H. Kiesau.
lie could llurdly Get Up.
P. H. Duffy of Ashley , 111. , writes ,
"This is to certify that I have taken two
bottles of Foley's Kidney Cnre nnd it
has helped mo more than any other
medicine. I tried many ndvertisod
remedies , but none of them gave me
any relief. My druggist recommended
Foley's Kidney Cure and it has helped
me. Before commencing its use I was
in such a shape that I could hardly get
up when once down. "
The Madison Medicine Co. owns the
exclusive right to manufacture Rocky
Mountain Tea. Tea sold which Is not
made by ns is a deception. Never sold
in bulk. Always packages at 35 cents.
A. H. Kiesau.
Cnsed of riles After 4O Yean.
Mr , O. Haney of Geneva , Ohio , had
the piles for forty years. Doctors and
dollars conld do him no lasting good.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salvo cnred him
permanently. Invaluable for cnts ,
burns , bruises , sprains , lacerations ,
eczema , tetter , salt rheum , and all other
skin diseases. Look for the name
Do Witt on the package all others are
cheap , worthless counterfeits. A. H.
If yon are billions and seeking advisers ,
Take DeWitt's Little Early Risers ,
Just before going to bed.
Yon will find on the morrow ,
Yon are rid of your sorrow
That's all ; jnst enough said.
These famous pills do not gripe , bnl
move the bowels gently and easily
cleansing the liver. Their tonic effect
gives strength to the glands , preventing
a return of the disorder. A. H. Kiesau
Luck In Thirteen ,
By sending i3 miles Win. Spirey , of
Walton Furnace , Vt. , got n box of Buck
Ion's Arnica salve , that wholly cnred n
horrible fever sore on his leg. Nothing
else could. Positively cures bruises
felons , nlcors , eruptions , boils , burns
corns and piles. Only 25 ceuta. Gnar
auteed by Kiesau Drug Co.
A Llliernl Oiler.
The undersigned will give a free
sample of Ohamberlaiu's Stomach and
Liver tablets to any ouo wanting n re
liable remedy for disorders of the
stomach , biliousness or constipation
This , is n new remedy and a good one
A. H. Kiouan
A novel feeling of leaping , bonndinj
impulses goes through your body. Yon
feel young , act young and are younj
after taking Rocky Mountain Tea. 35
cents. A , H. Kiesan.
1'hynlclnnR 1'reicrlbe It.
Manv broad minded physicians pre
.scribe Foley'a Honey nnd Tar , ns they
have never found as safe and reliable
remedy for throat and Inng troubles a
this great medicine.
There is no cough medicine so popula
ns Foley's Honey nnd tar. It contain
no opiates or poisons and never fails t
Often begins with n cold iu the head ,
) ut it never stops there. The tendency is
always from bad to worse. The simple
cold uccomcs a protracted , stubborn one ,
while the discharge from the nose grows
nore profuse nnd offensive. The Inflam
ation extends to the throat nnd brpn-
chinl tubes , causing hoarseness , n tickling.
sensation nnd nn nggravnting cough.
The foul matter that is continually drop-
ling back into the throat finds us way
nto the stomach , resulting in n distres
ing form of dyspepsia , uauscn , mid losr
of appetite and
strength. The THE GATEWAY
catarrhnl poisons
ire absorbed into fQ
he blood , nnd nil
he membranes CONSUMPTION.
of the body be-
: omc infected , and what was supposed to
> e purely a local disease has become con
stitutional , deep seated nnd chronic.
Sprays , washes , powders , solves nnd
other external remedies give only tern-
jprary relief , nnd the disappointed nnd -w
lisgusted patient finally gives up in '
despair nnd declares catarrh incurable.
The only way to get rid of catarrh per-
nancntly is to treat it through the blood.
The system must be toned up and nil im-
mrities removed from the blood , and this
> . S. S. does promptly nnd thoroughly. It
expels from the circulation everything of
an irritating , poisonous character , allowing - /
ing the inflamed membranes - \
branes to heal when
t'ic ' mucous discharges
cease , and the damage
done to the health is
soon repaired. S.S. S.
ceeps the blood'in such a nealthy , vigorous -
ous condition that cold , damp weather
or sudden changes in the temperature are
lot so apt to bring on catarrhal troubles.
S. S. S. is a vegetable medicine unequaled
as a blood purifier , nnd the best of all
tonics just the remedy needed to thor
oughly and effectually cure catarrh. i
The Swift Specific Co. . Atlanta , Ga. ]
Legal Notice.
William S. Bossee , defendant , will
ake notice that on the 3rd day of No
vember , 1902 , Grace N. Bosseo , plaintiff
herein , filed her petition in the district
, ourt of Madison county , Nebraska ,
igainst snid defendant , the4 object and
> rayer of which are , to obtain a decree
if divorce from the defendant on the
rounds of desertion and failure to fur
„ nish support. Plaintiff prays for a
decree of divorce. v
Yon are required to answer said poti-
sn on or before the ICth day of De- /
mber , 1002. 4
Dated November 3rd , 1902. . /
Asleep Aintil Flames ,
Breaking into a blazing home , some
firemen lately dragged the sleeping in
mates from death. Fancied security ,
and death near. It's that way when
yon neglect coughs and colds. Don't
do it. Dr. King's New Discovery for
consumption gives perfect protection
against all throat , chest and long
ironbles. Keep it near , and avoid suf-
'ering death , and doctor's bills. A teaspoonful -
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use the most stubborn. Harmless
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iatisfy by the KieBtiu Drug Co. Price
60 cents and $1. Trial bottles free.
"asy nna pli
i8i * . Cimtixfus
urioue drug. V
It Is quickly absorbed.
Gives Helicf at once.
It Opens and Clcantea
An the Nasal lnlammation. Passat * . COLD " * HEAD * 1
Icnls anil 1'rotecta the Membrane. Restores the-
jenses of Taste and Smell. Large Szc ; , CO cents at
Brugglsta or by mall ; Trial Size , 10 cents by mail.
TrV-TWO-TURKS. Bfi-Wnm-n Strpet. New York.
Made a }
Well Man
produces the nbovo result sin 30 days. ItictA
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all othoroIalL
Young men will regain their lotfmmhood.andoia
men will recover tbetr youthful vigor by uslne
REVIVO. It yulckly and surely tea tores liervou-
ness , Lost Vitality , Impotcncy. Nlcutly Emission * .
Lost Power , Falling Memory , \7utlnE Diseases , and
all effects 'ct s lf-nbu o or ezcerBiind indiscretion ,
which nnfl ta ono ( or otnJy. biiflncBR or marrisge. It
not only cures by starting at tlio bent of disease , but
Is a great nerve tonlo and blood hnlUter , bring
ing back the pink glow to palo checks and r
storing the flro of youth. It wards off Insanity
and Consumption. Insist on having KEV1VO , DC-
other. It can bo carried in vest pocket. By nail ,
81.00 per package , or Fix ( or 8K.OO ; with m pou-
tlve Britten enaratiteo to core or refonO
tbe money. Hook nnrt ndvleo f reo. Addrcsi
For sale in Norfolk , oun'V
Geo. B. Ohrlstopb , druggist.
are the most fatal of all dis
cni CY ' NEY CURE it s
iUILE.1 Guaranteed
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nent physicians as the best lot
Kidney and Bladder troubles
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. Ask oun'
i4 foR icB M. tute >