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    12 THE NOKFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , OCTOBER : il , 1902.
JACI White Smoke
front Soft Coal
Hound Oak I'urnucM have largo feed doors ,
burn wood or ; but whatever they
burn , jjlvc greater heat limn any other
( nrimccs , because all the wises and nearly
all Hie Ntnoke h consumed. The mnokc ft
white fiom a Round Oak Furnace burning
Moft coal ; that means no waste fuel. Tha
ptlnciplcirt not newjmt the application
to t1i Round Oak is new-in that no
holed are cut through the fire pot.
Round Oak
lira differ nut
from nil ntliiiri *
In iiiitny otlior
IhliiKHIn fiolld
ronntruntlun , In
roiiHouiili I o IIOKH
of price. If } ou
nru K < > I"K In liny u
furnnco , Nonil for
our fruo fimuu-o liook
oonliiliiH iiHofnl Infor-
nmtlon uhotil livulliiKiill *
mmmlotm , mrimcfl. regula
tion , ventilation , utc.
Kfll'AlK OK
l > on uli > r , Mlrli.
JAiirn of llrfk u llh'l llotmt
.i * , Ihf mint fuminii
iluvf In HID iiiirM ,
llnnnil ( Ink I'urnaeo
Iluuntl Ok I'larmicri urn fur ! In with outer culug ninorod.
Norfolk Noli.lli/ZJolm I'rl.lay . : ut.
W. U. IJUCnOL'Preilitant. .
Norfolk ALKXANDKU 11KAH , Mco Ptaoldon
K , W. ZUTZ , Cuiulor ,
National Bank.
Capital , $100,000.00
Surplus , $20,000.00
Does a General Banking Business
Buys and Soils Exchange.
Intoroat Paid on Time Deposits.
Drafta and Money Orders Sold on any Point In Eurot c
A General Steamship and Foreign Pasango Business Transacted.
The Citizens National Bank.
Capitol , $50,000. Surplus , 810,000.
Bny And doll axohnnfro on thin country and nlljpnrts of Europe , | Pnrm Loans ,
Director * . ( Urn , ABMDB , W II , JOHNSON , CIIAH. S , HIUDOE , 0 , W. BnAABOn , U , M ,
Ezolnalvo agent lor the Celebrated Swcetwatcr Bock Spring Coal the
best In the market.
Sornnton Hard Coal in all sizes. TELEPHONE Gl.
I I 1 11"M Mill M 11111
Get What You Ask for at
ALL ORDERS are filled promptly and with care.
Our goods are FIRST-CLASS iu every particular.
We know precisely what is waiited by our custom
We aim to Give you the Best Value
for Your Money.
South side Main St. , between 3d and 3d. Telephone 41.
H-H-I-M-H-I"I'-1"I"I-I"1"1-I-'I"I-1"I"1"I"1"I-1"I-H"I"I"I- ' ' 'I"I"I-M-I-M-I Mill W
. . . . . .
ill and Loan
will build you a
on easy payments. Oome and see us.
C. B. DURLAND , Secretary ,
Sioux City Florist ,
Awarded first premium on
Funeral Designs.
Handsome Roses , Carnations'Palms , , Fern ?
Flowers shipped in fresh condition.
Phone 466L City olEce ; Cor. 6tU and Pierce .
p. E. & 19. V. S. H. , is tha best to and
from the
North Nebraska
. .and Sale
Branch Avenue 'PHflNF ' 4-4
and Third St. -
To Be Dedicated on Sunday
November 9.
A Handsome Edifice Situated on the
Slto of the Old Church In the Town
of Battle Creek Complete In all
Its Appointments ,
On Sunday , November 0 , the now
church of 8t. Patrick at Battle Greek ,
will bo dedicated with all the imposing
coromotiioa of the Oatliollo ritual. The
now odlfloo IB situated upon the site
formerly occupied by the old church
and in the result nf mouths of untiring
oil'ort upon the part of its pastor , Rov.
ThoH. Walsh , nobly assisted by his par
ishioners. Incidentally it may bo added
that this Is the fourth church erected
during the past two years through the
zeal of Father Walsh.
The frontage of the now structure Is
87 foot and the depth 70 foot. A mas-
nlvo tower rises iu the center of the
front and at the roar is an ootogonal
shaped apse , with a sacristy on olthor
sldo. Those two sacristies are con
nected by a passage back of the sanct
The exterior is executed In rod brick
with Bedford stouo trimmings , and the
architectural treatment is modoru
The seating capacity is about 000 , in
cluding the gallery , which is also de
signed to accommodate a largo pipe
Brilliant opalescent art glass windows
provide ample light for the interior and
loud a rich coloring to the three haud-
some altars , as well as to the oak pows
and furniture , all of which is now. The
lloors are covered witii heavy carpeting
and matting , and flno laces and linens
comprise the altar furnishings.
The building is very complete iu all
its appointments , which include an of
flciout heating aud ventilating system.
L. B. Baker shipped a carload of hogs
M. L. Thomson is confined to his bed
this wook.
' 'Mickey-McCarthy " our password
next Tuesday.
Houry Massmau shipped cattle and
hogs to Omaha Monday.
Dietrich Franz of Newman Grove was
here on business Tuesday.
Oliutou Smith of Madison was visit
ing with Battle Greek friends Sunday.
E. H. Luikart was here from Sioux
City Monday and Tuesday attending to
Owou'O'Noill sold his timber claim ,
two miles north , to Win. Bionuan Sat
John Lonily of the Battle Greek
Valley bank transacted business in Nor
folk Tuesday.
John Wright , Weuzel Koryta and
Robert Osboru were visitors to Olear-
water Saturday.
Mrs. Barney Tyler left for Kansas
aud Arkansas Saturday for an extended
visit with relatives.
Miss Martha Hodman has gene to
Anokn , Boyd county , whore she will
lerk iu a general store.
Willard Barnes , who is working for
R. II. Reynolds at Norfolk , was visiting
here Sunday with his parents.
Robert Pool and family and John R.
Halo started Tuesday for California
with the intention of locatiug there.
Fred Fnerst has purchased the Mnn
ger residence near the railroad track. It
is at present occupied by Tom Maphow.
Mrs. Otto H. Maas celebrated her 35th
and her oldest sou , Joseph , his 17th
birthday Saturday. Only members of
the family participated.
"Nigger Joe" Phipps is visiting in
Battle Greek this week. Ho wears a
silk stove pipe and five yards of linen
toweling wrapped around his neck.
About 75 packages of liquor were un
loaded at the depot hero Saturday for
private people in this vicinity , and the
question is , "How will election go
now. "
While Peter Nonwerk was delivering
ice Tuesday moruiug a 123- pound piece
slipped onto his right hand , in front of
Win. Matter's house , and smashed it so
badly that ho will bo unable to run his
dray for some time.
Grandma Zimmerman , who is visit
ing with her daughter , Mrs. Geo. Wil
liams , at Alcester , S. D. , Is very sick.
Her daughter , Mrs. F. E. Martin , went
there Monday to bo at her bedside , and
her sons , George and Peter F. Zimmer
man , started Tuesday morning from
Dr. H. O. Mnuson , room 10 , over the
Fair store. Ofllce and residence telephone -
phone 150.
Yooum , piano tuner. 'Phone 53.
Will pay highest market price in
North Nebraska for old scrap iron.
Out of Death' * JIOVH
"Wheh death seemed very near from
a severe stomach and liver trouble , that
I had suffered with for years , " writes
P. Muse Durham , N. 0. , "Dr. King's
New Life pills saved my life and gave
perfect health. " Best pills on oartu
aud only 25 cents at Kiesau's drug stor
The following proponed iitnemluient to
theCoiutllutlou of the Htiito of Helirualcn ,
ai hereinafter et forth tn full , I * luuinlt-
ted to the elector * of the Stute of Nebraska ,
to lie voted upon at the getioral election to
be held Tueaday , November 4 , A. I > . 1003 ,
A Joint Resolution proposing to amend
Hootion ono of Artlolo ilftcou , of the
Constitution of the Btuto of Nebraska ,
relative to the manner of submitting
and adopting amendments to the Con-
Btitutiou of the State of Nebraska.
Bo it Resolved and Enacted by the Log-
ifllaturo of the State of Nebraska :
SECTION 1. That section ono of Ar-
ticio fifteen of the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska boaiuetided to road as
follows :
Sootion 1. Either branch of the leg
islature may propose amendments to this
Constitution , and if the Batuo bo agreed
to by throo-flf tha of the members oleoted
to each house , such proposed amend
ments shall bo entered on the Journals ,
with the yeas and nays , and published
at least once each week in at least one
newspaper in each county where a news
paper in published , for thirty days
immediately preceding the next election
of senators and representatives , at which
election the sixmo shall bo submitted to
the electors for approval or rejec
tion , and if a majority of the electors
voting at such election on such proposed
amendment , shall vote to adopt such
amendment , the same shall become a
patt of this Constitution. When moro
than ono amendment is submitted at
the same election , they shall bo so sub
mitted as to enable the electors to vote
on oaoh amendment separately.
All ballots used at such election on
such amendment or amendments shall
have written or printed thereon the fol
lowing : For proposed amendment to
the Constitution relating to ( here insert
the subject of the amendment ) and ,
against proposed amendment to the
Constitution relating to ( hero insert the
subject of the amendment ) and the vote
of each elector voting on such amend
ment or amendments shall bo designated
by the doctor by making a cross with a
pen or pencil in a circle or square to bo
placed at the right of the lines the
words "For or Against" the proposed
amendments , as he shall desire to vote
thoroou , or by indicating his preference
on a voting machine when such machine
is in use.
I , Geo. W. Marsh , secretary of state
of the state of Nebraska , do hereby
certify that the foregoing proposed
amendment to the constitution of the
State of Nebraska is a true and correct
copy of the original enrolled and en
grossed bill , as passed by the Twenty-
seventh session of the legislature of the
State of Nebraska , as appears from said
original bill on file in this office , and
that said proposed amendment is sub
mitted to the qualified voters of the
State of Nebraska for their adoption or
rejection at the general election to be
held on Tuesday , the 4th day of Novem
ber , A. D. 1902.
In testimony whereof , I have here
unto sot my hand and affixed the great
seal of the state of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln this 22d day of July ,
in the year of our Lord Ono Thousand
Nine Hundred and Two , of the Inde
pendence of. the United States * the Ono
Hundred and Twenty-seventh , and of
this state the Thirty-sixth.
[ Soal.l Secretary of Stato.
A Typical South African Store ,
O. R. Larson , of Bay Villa , Sundays
River , Capo Colony , conducts a store
typical of South Africa , at which can
bo purchased anything from the prover
bial "noodle to an anchor. " This store
is situated in a valley nine miles from
the nearest railway station and about
twenty-five miles from the nearest
town. Mr. Larson says : "I am
favored with the custom of farmers
within a radius of thirty miles , to many
of whom I have supplied Chamberlain's
remedies. All testify to their value In
a household where a doctor's advice is
almost out of the question. Within ono
mile of my store the population is per
haps sixty. Of these , within the past
twelve months , no less than fourteen
have been absolutely cured by Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. This must
surely bo record. " For sale by Kiesan
Dnrg Co.
No danger of consumption if you use
Foley's Honey and Tar to euro tha
stubborn cough. A. H. Kiesan.
A Word to Travelers ,
The excitement incident to traveling
and change of food and water often
brings on diarrhoea , and for this reason
no one should leave homo without a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale by
Kiesau Drug Co.
Forty Years Torture.
To bo relieved from a torturing dis
ease after 40 years' torture might well ,
cause the gratitude of anyone. This is
what Do Witt's Witch Hazel salvo did
for 0. Hauey , Geneva , O. Ho says :
"DoWitt's NVitch Hazel salvo cured mo
of piles after I had suffered 40 years. "
Cures cuts , burns , wounds , skin diseases
Beware of counterfeits. A. H. Kiesan
AinorlcnV Famous lleiiulles.
Look with horror on skin eruptions ,
blotches , sores , pimples. They don't
have them , nor will any ouo , who use.
Bucklon's Arnica salve. It glorifies the
face. Eczema or salt rheum vanish
before it. It cures sere lips , chapped
hands , chilblains. Infallible for pilesa
25 cents at Kiosau's drug store.
Got a free sample of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets at A. H.
Kiesau's drug Btoro. They are easier to
take and moro pleasant iu effect than
pills. Then their use is not followed by
constipation as is of ton the case with
pills. Regular size , 25 cents per box.
A Dozen Times a Nlgnt ,
Mr. Owen Dunn , of Benton Ferry ,
W. Va. , writes ; "I have had kidney
and bladder trouble for years , and it
became BO bad that I was obliged to
get up at least a dozen times a night.
I never received any permanent benefit
from any medicine until I took Foley's
Kidney Cure. After using two bottles
I am cured. A. II. Kiesau.
Look Out For Fever.
Biliousness and liver disorders at this
season may be prevented by cleansing
the system with DoWltt's Little Early
Risers. Thcso famous little pills do not
gripo. They move the bowels gently ,
but copiously , and by reason of the
tonic proprieties , give tone and strength
to the glands. A. II. Kiosau.
Experience Convinces *
I'roro its vnlno by Inventing 10 cents in
trlnl nlzo of Ely's Cream Ilnhn. Druggists
supply It ando mail it. Full eizo CO conlfl.
ELY DUOS. , CO Wnrron St. , Now York.
Clifton , Arizona , Jan. 20 , 1809.
Messrs. ELT Unoa. : Plcnso send mo nfiu
cent bottle of Cronin Itahn. I find your
remedy the quickest , and most porniauont
euro for catnrrh and cold in the ftcad.
DiciTjM. TOTTER , Gon.Mgr.Ari/.GoldM.Co.
Mcfisrs. ELY linos. : I hnvo boon aflllctcd
with catnrrh for twenty years. It mndo nio
DO wenk I thought I had coufliiinption. I
got ono bottle of Ely's Crcnm Jinlin and in
three days the < llnchsrgo stopped. It is the
bent mcdloluo I have uaed for cr.tarrh.
rrobottn , Cal. FJIINK E.
Danger In Fall Ooldn
Fall colds are liable to hang on all
iwntor leaving the seeds of pneumonia ,
bronchitis or consumption. Foloy's
Honey and Tar cures quickly and pre
vents serious results. It is old and te
llable , triool and tested , safe and sure ,
contains no ophiatos and will not con
stipate. A. II. Kiosun.
Never Alk Advice.
When you have a cough or cold don't
ask what is good for it and get some
medicine with little or no merit and
perhaps dangerous. Ask for Foloy's
Honey and Tar , the greatest throat and
lung remedy. It euros coughs and colds
quickly. A. H. Kiesau.
Stricken With 1'aralyslg ,
Henderson Grlmott , of this place , was
stricken with partial paralysis and
completely lost the nso of ono arm and
side. After being treated by an eminent
physician for quite n while without re
lief , my wife recommended Chamber
lain's Pain Balm , and after using two
bottles of it ho is almost entirely cured.
Goo. R. McDonald , Man , Logan
county , W. Va. Several other remarkable -
able cures of partial paralysis have
boon effected by the use of this liniment.
It is most widely known , however , as a
cure for rhnmatism , sprains and bruises.
Sold by Kiesau Drug Go.
A Hurry-up Medicine.
Every housekeeper recognizes the
need of eil'cctivo remedies to bo used in
emergencies : when something must
bo done right away. Such a remedy is
Perry Davis' Painkiller , for sprains
and bruises , for strained muscles and
for the aches and pains resulting from
blows and falls. Its mission of mercy
began sixty years ago. It is used in all
countries. There is but one painkiller ,
Perry Davis' .
llrouchltlfl For SO Tears.
Mrs. Minerva Smith , of Danville , 111. ,
writes : "I had bronchitis for twenty
years and never got relief until I used
Foley's Honey and Tar which is a sure
cure. " Oontaiues no opiates. A. H.
The 111 Wind
that blows nobody good is bent on er
rands of mischief in the fall and winter.
Lt produces that most dangerous of com
mon complaints , a bad cold. Your
cold will not become bronchitis , nor
consumption if yon make timely use of
Allen's Lung Balsam. Take1 it fre
quently until the cough and the stopped-
up feeling in the chest are gone.
Contains no opium and will not dis
turb digestion.
Headaches , dizzy spells , bad blood ,
rheumatism , indigestion , constipation ,
absolutely cured if you take Rocky
Mountain Tea , made by the Madison
Medicine Co. 3(5o. (
A lighter aud younger feeling per
vades your body. A spirit of happiness
creeps into your life after taking Rocky
Mountain Tea. 135 cents.
Octet ) like Hot Cakes.
"The fastest selling article I have in
my store , " writes Druggist 0. T.
Smith , of Davis , Ky , "is Dr. Kiug's
New Discovery for consumption , coughs
and colds , because it always cures. In
my six years of sales it has never failed.
I have known it to save sufferers from
throat and lung diseases , who could get
no help from doctors or any other
remedy. " Mothers rely on it , best phy
sicians prescribe it , and the Kiesau
Drug Go. gnarontee satisfaction or re
fund price. Trial bottles free. Regular
sizes , 50 cents and $1.
11 IH Life In 1'erll.
"I just Boomed to have gone all to
pieces , " writes Alfred Bee , of Welfare ,
Texas , "biliousness and a lame back
had made life a burden. I couldn't eater
or sleep and felt almost too worn out to
work when I began to use Electric
Bitters , but they worked wonders.
Now I sleon like a top , can eat any-
thing , have gained in strength and en
joy hard work. " They give vigorous
health and now life to weak , sickly ,
run-down people. Try them. Only 50
cents at Kiesau's drug store.
Note the sleepy , tired look in your
eyes. The fire of youth no longer burns.
Take Rocky Mountain Tea. Brings
back forgotten joys. H5o.
Spent More Thau $1,000.
W. W. Baker of Plainviow , Neb. ,
writes : "My wife suffered from lung
trouble for fifteen years. She tried a
number of doctors and spent over $1,000
without relief. She became very low
and lost all hope. A friend recom
mended Foley's Honey and Tar and
thanks to this great remedy , it saved
her life. She enjoys hotter health than
she has known in ton years. " Refuse
substitutes. A. H. Kiesau.
The Worst Form.
Multitudes are singing the praises of
Kodol , the now discovery which is mak
ing so many sick people well and weak
people strong by digesting what they
eat , by cleansing and sweetening the
stomach and by transforming their food
into the kind of pure , rich , red blood
that makes you f eel good all over. Mrs ,
Cranfill , of Troy , I. T. , writes : 'For a
number of years I was troubled with
indigestion and dyspepsia which grow
into the worst form. Finally I was
induced to use Kodol and after using
four bottles I am entirely cured. I
heartily recommend Kodol to all suf
ferers from indigestion and dyspepsia.
Take a dose after meals. It digests
what you eat. A , II. Kiesau.
Tortures , Cripples and Deforms.
Rheumatism docs not treat nil alike.
Some suffer torture from the very begin
ning , the attack being BO sudden , sharp
and disastrous that they arc made help
less cripples In a few days , while others
feel only occasional twitches of pain in
the knees , ankles , elbows and wrists , or
the muscles of the legs , arms , back or
neck ; but this treacherous disease is only
traveling by slower stages. The acid
poisons are ull the while accumulating in
the blood , and muscles and joints are
Glling with corroding , acrid matter , and
when the disease tightens Its grip and
strikes with full
force , no constitu THE BLOOD
tion is strong enough
to withstand its fearful
ful blows , and its vic
tims arc crippled and
deformed , or literally
worn out by constant
pain. Rheumatism is
caused by Uric Acid
or some other Irri .
tating poison in the
blood , and this is the cause of every vgjf-
riety and form of this dread disease. Ex
ternal remedies do not reach the- blood ,
consequently do no lasting good.
S. S. S. goes directly into the circula
tion and attacks the disease itself. The-
acid poisons that cause the inflammation ,
soreness and swelling are neutralized and
the blood purified and cleansed of all irri- /
tatiug matter , and nothing is left in the f
circulation to- produce -
duce otucr attacks.
table remedy does
not unpair the dlges-
tlon or eeneralhealth ;
like alkali and potash remedies , but builds
up and invigorates the entire system anq
at the same time makes a thorough' one )
permanent cure of Rheumatism. \
White for our free book on Rheumatism ,
THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO. , Atlanta , , 6s *
Nuturnl Anxiety.
Mothers regard approaching winter
with uneasiness , children take cold , so
easily. No disease costs moro little
lives than croup. It's attack is so sud
den that the sufferer is often beyond
human aid before the doctor arrives.
Such cases yield readily to Ono Minute
Cough Cure. Liquifies the mucus , al
lays inflammation , removes danger.
Absolutely safe. Acts immediately.
Cures coughs , colds , grip , bronchitis ;
all throat and lung trouble. F. S. Ma-
hon , Hampton , Ga. : "A bad cold ren
dered mo voiceless just before an orator
ical contest. I intended to withdraw
but took Ono Minute Cough Cure. It
restored my voice in time to win the
medal. " A. H. Kiesau.
When you wake up with a bad taste
in your mouth , go at once to A. H.
Kiesau's drug store and get a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Ono or two dosea will
make you well. They also cure bilious
ness , sick headache and constipation.
"Watcli the Kidneys. "
"When they are affected life is in
danger , " says Dr. Abernethy , the great
English physician. Foley's Kidney
Cure makes sound kidneys. A. H.
Foloy's Honey and Tar cures coughs
and colds and prevents pneumonia.
Take no substitutes. A. H. Kiosau.
cum : roil
's Cream Balm
Easy and pleasant to
ns . Contains no in-
iurioiie drui ; .
It U quickly nbaorbccl.
Gives Helief at once.
It Opens anil Cleanses *
Alhys the Nasal Inllammatinn. Passages. COLD HH HEAD
Heals and 1'rotccts the Membrane. Kestorcs tha
Senses oT Taste and Hindi. Large Size , 60 cents at
DrngqlsU or by mull ; Trial Size , 10 cents by mail.
ELY BKOTUEHS. 50 Warraa Street. New York.
tnmUt , . REVBVO
Made a
Well Man
% . of Me.
f : m\V/I J . " " 'T
pr6daces the above results In 30 clays , It act )
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others fall
i'ouuB men will regain their lost manhood , and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
REV1VO. It quickly and surely restores Nervous
ness , Loet Vitality , Impotency. Nightly Emissions.
Lost Power , Falling Memory , Wanting Diseases , and
all effects ot eeU-abufio or oiceesand indiscretion ,
which unfits ono for etudy , business or marrlago. II
not only curea by starting at the neat of disease , but
IB n great nerve tonlo and blood builder , bring.
Ing back the pink glow to palo checks and r -
storing the flro of youth. It wards off Ineanlt *
and Consumption. Insist on having KEVIVO , no
other. It can ba carried in vest pocket. By mall ,
31.00 per package , or six for QC.OO , with & posi
tive -written jrnarantoe to cure or re fang
the money , nook nml rulvlso free. Address
ROYAL MEDICINE CO. , ' r. . aT.UlT1- .
For sale in Norfolk , Nebraska , by
Geo. B. Ohristoph , druggist.
are the most fatal of all dis
eases ,
0 Buarantesd
or money refunded. Contain *
remedies recognized by emi
nent physicians as the best for
Kidney and Bladder trouble * .
PRICE 50c. ted $1.00. j
Take the genuine , original
Mode only by Madlion Medi
cine Co. , Madlion , WIs , It
keeps you well. Our trade
mark cut on each packug * .
Price , 35 cents. Never fold
In bulk. Accept no lubitl.
ieopoi < T Di .i tute Ask .vour drugu\4t. \