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General Sentiment Expressed
at Wilkesbarrc Convention.
Firemen and Engineers Favor Hold *
| Ing Out Until Former Employes Are
I Assured Old Positions , but Are In
| Minority Admit Reportero.
Wllkcsbrirro , Oct. 21. The anxious
ly awaited convention ot the 143,000
striking miners met yesterday , but did
not reach a vote on the proposed plan
of settlement. It Is expected to do so
today. There wore 662 delegates pres
ent In the Nosbltt theater , where the
convention was hold , and they were
empowered by their local unions to
cast 8G7 votes for or against President
Roosevelt's proposed plan of arbitra
tion. The great majority of delegates
were unlnstructod , the few being engl-
neers , firemen and pumpmen , who
fear that the 5,000 strikers of those
classes may not get back their old
places , now held by nonunion men.
This question of the engineers , fire
men and pumpmen proved the only
stumbling block In the way of almost
\ immediate adoption of the president's
I Plan , which carries with It declaring
' the strike off and a general resump-
tlon of work through the 176-mile strip
of the hard coal mining region. At
one time It seemed that the conven
tion was about to adopt the recom-
mendatlon ot President Mitchell to
end the strike , but the steam men's
plea was too earnest , and the vote
wont over until today , when It Is next
to certain the vote to declare the
Btrlko off will show a big majority for
. The leaders of the strikers , except
\ Mr. Mitchell , were hardly hoard at all
In the convention yesterday , the anx
ious engineers being allowed to glvo
full expression to their feelings. But
today the leaders will bo heard , and
one of them , a high district officer ,
eald that there would not bo more
than fifteen votes recorded against
the plan which the president of the
"United States has proposed to them
and which oil the highest officials of
j the mine workers In this region earn-
cstly have recommended.
There were two sessions , forenoon
and afternoon , yesterday , and the net
result as regards the progress of the
convention towards Its great object
was a permanent organization , with
Mr. Mitchell In the chair , his speech
laying the president's plan before the
delegates , his eloquent impromptu
speech advocating its adoption , and
the appointment of a committee on
resolutions. This committee , as Mr.
Mitchell said to the delegates , would
prepare a formal statement to the pub
lic , telling fully and carefully why the
convention decided to continue the
strike , If it should so decide , and why
the strike was declared off , If that was
the outcome of the deliberations.
The question before the convention
when It adjourned for the day was on
the adoption of the resolution embodied
ied In President Mitchell's opening
speech to call off the strike and leave
all questions to the president's com
mission. The surprise of the conven
tion was the decision to admit newspa
per men to all the sessions , open or
executive , when even union miners
eagerly waiting by the hundred out on
the street could not get into the theater.
The pleas which won were that the re
porters represented the people , that
public opinion had helped the strikers
and that the best way to get nn accu
rate report of this convention was to
let the press representatives stay
there on the spot.
Judge Gray Accepts.
Washington , Oct. 21. Judge George
Gray , one of the members of the coal
Btrlko arbitration commission , took
V lunch with the president yesterday.
He said ho had called at the white
house merely to accept the appoint
ment tendered to lilm by Mr. Roosevelt
velt and to talk over with him the
etrlke situation. Ho added that the
president had requested the members
of the commission to hold their first
meeting In this city. That meeting , ho
thought , would be held the first of
next week. Judge Gray left In the aft
ernoon for his homo In Delaware.
Chicago Trades Unionists In Politics.
Chicago , Oct. 21. Union labor men
have planned to enter the local polit
ical arena and elect a mayor of their
own and control the city council. They
are preparing to enter the conflict
next spring. They have a platform
based on the foundation of trades
unionism. In discussing the possibil
ity of success , they point to San Fran
cisco , Haverhlll , Mass. , and other cit
ies where labor has triumphed. A
convention has been called end the
preparatory plans laid.
Tin Workers Meet
Plttsburg , Oct. 21. The special
convention of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation of Tin , Iron and Steel Plato
"Woakers , called by President Shaffer
to consider the rate reduction pro
posed by the American Tin Plate com
pany , was called In this city yester
day. The proposition of the tin plato
company Is that the men accept a re
duction of 25 per cent to allow the
manufacturers to fill foreign orders In
competition with foreign mills.
Mollneux Placed on Trial.
New York , Oct. 21. The Jury for
the trial of Roland B. Mollneur ,
charged with the murder of Mrs. Kath-
crlne J. Adams , was completed yester
day. Assistant District Attorney Os-
borne made the opening address for
the state , after which the taking of
Tldanco commenced.
Slayer of White Woman IncHoratcd
by Infuriated Arkansans.
Forest City , Ark. , Oct. 21. Charles
Young , the negro charged with as
saulting and afterwards murdering
Mrs , 12(1 I.cwla , a white woman , was
burned by a mob of Infuriated citizens
ot this county. About 8'30 o'clock
last night a mob marched to the coun
ty jail and demanded the koyn. Dep
uty Sheriff Murphy undertook to com-
munlcato with Sheriff Williams ,
whereupon members of the mob forci
bly took the cell keys from Murphy
nnd , brooking In the Jail door with
sledge hammers , ilragged the prisoner
from his coll. Sheriff Williams had
arrived In the meantime , but his pro
tests were not heeded. The mob took
the negro to a point about half n mlle
east of town , bound him , piled wood
around him nnd set fire to It. The
negro begged plteously for his life ,
but the mob turned deaf oars. In a
short tlmo the flames leaped tip and ho
expired In the presence of the several
hundred men composing the mob.
After Young had been put to death
the mob started In quest of another
negro , alleged to hive been Implicated
In the killing of Mrs. Lewis.
Discarded Lover Shoots Woman Who
Gave Design for Famous Statue.
San Francisco , Oct. 21. Marian No
lan , a young woman who became fa
mous on the Pacific coast In 1893 as
"tho California Venus , " was shot and
killed last night by Edward Marschutz ,
who then sent a bullet through his
own brain. The man accompanied the
woman to her home , and when they
reached the steps they were quarrel
ing. Miss Nolan ordered him to leave
her presence , and ho declared that she
should listen to what ho purposed to
say. She thereupon struck him with
her umbrella and ho drew a revolver
and killed her. Marschutz then killed
himself. The quarrel was the outcome
of a love affair of long duration. Miss
Nolan attained western fame just
prior to the Chicago World's fair ,
when she won a beauty contest to de
termine the most perfectly formed
woman In California , and a statue was
modeled according to her figure.
Alleged Murderers of Morrison Now
In Jail at Sedalla.
Sedalla Mo. , Oct. 21. Sam and
John Butcher , brothers , are In Jail
hero and Charles Bradshaw , an ex-con
vict from Kansas , is hiding in the
woods near Windsor , Henry county ,
badly wounded , as the result of a bat
tle with Sedalla and Windsor officers.
The Butcher brothers and Bradshaw
are charged with robbing the postof-
flee at Lamonte , Mo. , a month ago ,
and It is alleged that the trio killed a
storekeeper named Morrison at Paw
nee , Kan. , on the night of Oct. 1 , after
which they robbed his store of goods
worth ? 500. Some razors and knives
which were recovered at the homo of
the Butcher boys yesterday have been
Identified as those taken from the
Morrison store.
Burglar Raids Girls' Dormitory.
Mexico , Mo. , Oct. 21. A burgla ? ,
who had entered the girls' dormitory
at Hardin college last night by way
of a fire escape and stolen money and
jewelry from the rooms of various
students , was finally put to flight by
Miss Bertha Pattenglll , a Latin teach
er. He escaped before an alarm could
bo given. Two of the girls whose room
was entered were Intimidated Into
keeping quiet by the burglar's threats.
Among those whose rooms were
robbed was Miss Laldlaw of South
Dakota , Louise Lackland of Mexico
and Louise Blackmar of Now Frank
lin , Mo.
Sherwell on Trial at Evansville.
Evansvllle , Ind. , Oct. 21. The trial
of Wllbor S , Sherwoll , formerly a po
liceman , charged with the murder of
Lena Ronner , Georgia Ralley and Fan
nie Butler , began In the circuit court
yesterday. The defendant Is being
tried on the Ralley charge flrst. The
Btato will attempt to prove that Police
man Sherwell was driving with Mrs.
Ralley on the night ot Nov. 15 last ,
when she disappeared. Several wit
nesses were examined and told of the
finding of the body near the city.
Consider General Strike.
Paris , Oct. 21. A meeting of rep
resentatives of the trades unions of
Franco was held hero yesterday for
the purpose of considering a general
strike for an eight-hour day , old ago
pensions , etc. , as demanded by the
striking coal miners. The representa
tives declared that they were ready to
agree to a general strike If the move
ment was based upon the common demands -
mands of all working classes. The
national committee of miners will
meet today to consider this offer.
Soldier Is Not Taylor.
Carrollton , Mo. , Oct. 21. Sheriff
Crusen Is satisfied that the soldier
under arrest at Atlanta is not George
Taylor , who escaped from Jail while
awaiting execution for his part in the
murder of the Meeks family. An At
lanta paper , containing a picture ot
George Burrus , who It waa assorted
was none other than Taylor , was re
ceived today , and Sheriff Crusen de
clared It bore no likeness whatever
to the escaped murderer.
Pitched Battle In Texas.
Groesbeck , Tor. , Oct. 21. A pitched
battle was fought yesterday afternoon
In the country four miles from her *
between two Thomasona and two
Rutherfords. The trouble is supposed
to have grown out of a matter of rent
and had been pending for some time.
D. Thomason , Robert Rutherford nnd
William Rutherford wore killed , Wai-
lace Thomason escaping without a
scratch. H hu surrendered.
United League Holds Its First
Session in Boston.
Resolutions Are Adopted Arraigning
Policy of English Government Dil
lon , Davltt and Other Leaders Dis
cuss the Irish Cause.
lloBton , Oct. 21. A notable gather
ing of luadots of International reputa
tion , made romarkublo the opening ot
the Ih'Ht convention of the United
Irlnh league In this city yesterday ,
Hon. Hourko Cockran was chosen
temporary chairman. Addressing the
convention , Mr. Cockran suld that on
appeal to arms by the Irlch puoplo
would be folly rathur than patriotism ,
but when the truth of the Irish ques
tion had become apparent to the world
an adjustment of the difficulty would
be possible.
The convention then organized ,
with John \ > \ Flnerty of Chicago as
permanent chairman.
The afternoon session was wildly
enthusiastic , especially during the
speeches of John Dillon and Michael
Davltt , and the resolutions which
were Introduced at the close of the
session were adopted amid cheers.
They pledge the convention to undy
ing allegiance to Ireland's cause , to
the right of the Irish race to carry on
the war against England by moans of
honorable weapons ; assort the bollof
that the lenders In Ireland are best
fitted to direct and carry on this
contest , demand the arraignment of
England at the bar of public opinion
through the dissemination of the facts
of nor rule ; declare that the United
Irish league Is the only monaco to
England's rule In Ireland , and finally
urge upon the members of this country
to contribute liberally to the cause.
John DHlon , one of the Irish en
voys , prefaced his remarks by saying
that ho was amazed at the strength
of the movement in America and the
success of the convention , both of
which , he said , would glvo courage to
the brethren In Ireland and consterna
tion to her enemies. Ho said that the
league needed assistance In Ireland
because the people there were dis
armed , because they were not allowed
free speech , a free discussion in the
press , the liberty of public meeting
nnd , lastly , a trial by jury. This , ho
said , Is tyranny.
Michael Daivltt , who was the next
speaker , said there wore organized in
Ireland 1,302 branches , with an aver
age membership of eighty , which gives
a total membership of 110,000. Ho
also said there were 100 branches In
England , Scotland and Wales.
Mr. Daivltt said that General Botha
had asked him how many Irishmen
came from America to fight for the
Boers and Mr. Davltt said ho was
ashamed to say that the number was
only forty. General Botha said that
If after Pardeburg 5,000 had como
from America to help the Boors , the
power of England would have boon
smashed In South Africa.
Mr. Davltt said ho believed the
brethren In this country at that tlmo
deserted the cause of Ireland In not
fighting against England.
Irish Members Raise Trouble In Brit
ish House of Commons.
London , Oct. 21. The Irish nation
alists were much in evidence at ques
tion time in the house of commons
yesterday. They bombarded the
Irish secretary , Wyndham , with all
kinds of queries , interruptions and
contradictions of his statements auent
the Imprisonment of Irish members.
Wyndham's replies , though given In a
conciliatory tone , evoked storms of
derisive cries , mingled with hisses ,
and the speaker was kept busy sup
pressing demonstrations which threat
ened to develop into dlsorderliness.
William O'Brien's motion for the ad
journment of the house In order to
discuss questions arising from the
case of former Police Sergeant Sulli
van , now in America , who is alleged
to have obtained the conviction of In
nocent persons through perjury , waa
Old Officers Re-Elected.
Kansas City Oct. 21. The Woman's
Homo Missionary society of the Meth
odist Episcopal church yesterday
elected officers for the coming year ,
and listened to reports from the pub
lishers and editors of the various mis
sion papers. All of the officers of last
year and all of the members of the
board of managers were re-elected.
The officers are : President , Mrs.
Clinton B. Flsk , New York ; corresponding
spending secretary , Mrs. Delia Lath-
rep Williams , Delaware , O. ; recording
secretary , Mrs. F. A. Alken. Cincin
nati ; treasurer , Mrs. George 3. Thomp
son , Cincinnati.
Second Day of James Ceremonies.
Chicago , Oct. 21. After a day filled
with receptions , addresses and proces
sions of students , the second day's
celebration of the installation of Ed
mund Janes James as president ot
Northwestern university ended last
night with the formal opening of the
new law school of the university on
the site of the old Tremont house , at
Lake and Dearborn streets. Justice
Oliver Wendell Holmes of the United
States supreme court was the guest of
boner at the dedicatory exercises.
Chicago Council Thanks Loronz.
Chicago , Oct. 21. The common
council adopted a resolution tendering
the thanks of the city to Dr. Adolph
Lorenz of Vienna for the charitable
work .be had done among poor chil
dren In Chicago.
Dupuy Will Vote Ma P oxlca nt
Grand Inland Meeting ,
St. Joseph , Mo. , .let , Sl. ! flur.or\l
M 'Miuor Ilnviiumd Uupuy of the HI.
Jo.uih | ) and Or.iiiil Ih.iuul rilhvny will
attend the annual mooting of Ihn
RtockholdorH of the road at Uluwathnt
Kan. , today. Mr. Dupuy will vote all
proxies for directors except tliroo ,
which will bo hold by employes of the
road In Kansan In ordi r to comply
with the ntnto law. Whlto Union Pa
cific Interests are hulUved to have
bought up a controlling amount of
stock , the change In mniwKomunt ot
the Grand Island will not trvko plaoo
for some tlmo. Just who owns the
roud will not bo ren-calod nt the mootIng -
Ing today , as It wan exported It would
be , for the reason that orders have
boon glvon from Now York that In
formation on this subject will bo di
vulged thoro.
Fifteen Others Injured as Result of
Wreck In Texas.
Hcarno , Tox. , Oct. 21. Two per
sons wore killed and fifteen Injured In
a wreck nt Lewis. The International
and Great Northern branch piiHHonger
train WHS crossing the main line when
a froticlit train ran into the chair car ,
cutting It In twain. The dead are :
Jasper Howard of Mart , Tox. , and an
unidentified man. Every physician of
this city has loft here for the scene of
the wreck. The Injured will bo taken
to Houston.
Fifteen Injured In Wreck.
Knoxvlllo , Tonn. , Oct. 21. Fifteen
people wore Injured In a collision
near Coal Crook , Tonn. , last night be
tween a Loiilsvlllo-bound train on the
Knoxvlllo and Ohio division of the
Southern railway and a freight train.
The wreck was caused by the crew
of the freight overlooking orders.
Both engines , < in express car and the
baggage car woio moro or loss dam
aged. The passengers were badly
shaken up , but none was fatally hurt.
Engineer S. L. Hiiffmontcr of Knox
vlllo was probably fatally hurt.
Big Four Train Is Wrecked.
Columbus , O. , Oct. 21. Big Four
passenger train known as the Twen
tieth Century Flyer ran Into an open
switch fourteen miles north of Colum
bus and the entire train , except thu
last sleeper , was wrecked. Engineer
Uyder of Cleveland had his leg brok
en and head badly cut The other In
jured are : Conductor Jerry Lahlff ,
Cleveland , slightly bruised ; Baggage-
master Jerry Hayes , Cleveland , head
cut ; Mrs. Mary Myers , Wellington , O. ,
slightly cut.
Torpedo Boat Flotilla Sails.
Washington , Oct. 21. The navy de
partment Is Informed that the torpedo
boat flotilla , commanded by Lieuten
ant L. II. Chandler , has left Norfolk
for Port Royal , S. C. . on Its way to
Culobra Island , to take part In the ex
tensive maneuvers of the North and
South Atlantic nnd European squad
rons early In December.
Foreign Christian Missionary Society
Selects Leaders for Year.
Omaha , , Oct. 21. The Foreign
Christian Missionary society began its
session at the Coliseum ycHlunlay In
the International Christian church
convention. After the annual repot la
had been read the fotulgu Christian
missionaries were introduced to the
audience and spoke briefly of their
work. The election of officers re-
suited as follows :
President , A. McLean , Cincinnati ;
vice presidents , A. . B. Philputt , In
dianapolis ; W. S Dickinson , Cincin
nati ; B. C , DeWecse , Lexington , Ky. ;
I. J. Spencer , Lexington ; S. M. Jefferson -
son , Lexington ; recording secretary ,
George A. Miller , Covlngton , Ky. ; cor
responding secretary , F. M. Rains ,
Cincinnati ; treasurer , S. M. Cooper ,
Cincinnati ; auditor , Russell Errett ,
Cincinnati ; medical oxauilner , Dr. P.
T. Kllgour , Cincinnati.
Difference In Religion of Relatives
Results in Two Funerals.
St. Joseph , Mo. , Oct. 21. The body
of Zella Short , who waa accidentally
ehot and killed at Parsons , Kan. , last
week by her uncle , was burled in two
cities. Funeral services , conducted by
two ministers representing the Chris
tian and Methodist denominations ,
wore held at Parsons Friday and a
largo crowd of mourners followed the
body to the grave. An hour later the
young woman's body was on a north
bound train for St. Joseph , the former
home of the girl. Funeral services
were again conducted yesterday and
again a large crowd saw the remains
lowered in the grave.
The change was made because the
relatives of the girl , being of different
religious belief than the undo of the
girl , were opposed to her being burled
by him.
In Memory of the Dead.
Portland , Me. , Oct. 21. A senrlco
in memory of members and friends
who have died during the year was a
touching feauro of the fourth day's
session of the National Women's
Christian Temperance union conven
tion. Reports of superintendents also
were presented.
The report of the committee on reso
lutions furnished mat6rlal for earnest
and Interesting discussion. A declara
tlon reaffirming Indorsement of pro
hibition was adopted.
After discussion , n resolution on
home protection was adopted , with nn
amendment declaring that woman
equally with man , Is hold-responsible
for the beauty , the purity , the happl
ness and the sanctity ot the homo.
Testifies in Suit Against North
ern Securities Company.
Dwells at Length on Statement That
Fight for Ocean Control Would Den.
eflt by Formation of Holding Con
cern , but No One Need Sell.
St. I'nul , Oct. 21.tljournod hearing -
ing of the KuviMiiiimnt suit iiKiilniit
thu HO culled railway inofKor was
called to onlor by Hpnclal Examiner
Ingoisoll at the clu-ult court In thin
city yesterday anil the outlro day
WUH given to direct testimony of 1'roH-
lilont J. .1. Hill for * thu duromlantn ,
the CIOHH examination ImvliiK junt ho-
gun when the court adjourned for the
day. Mr. Hill wuut over much of the
ground previously covered by him In
hU testimony before the Intonitato
commerce coinmlHslon ami Lu otlior
uultH Hlmlliir to tlilH , but ho brought
out mom hilly that the. oxchaiigo ot
Grout Northern stuck for that of llin
Norlhorn Sururltlos company was the
Individual net of Individual Hharnliolil
ern and dwelt at length on hln stato-
in out that the purpose of the Northern
SoctirlMuH company was for the pie
tcctlon of a great commerce with the
Orient , which the northern Hnoa IIIM !
ought to develop In competition with
the triiiiHportullim companies of the
wliolo world.
The circular of the Northern Secur
ities company to shureholilorH , offer
ing to cxchango stock , hud heretofore
boon placml In evidence , but yesterday
the attorneys , through Mr. Hill ,
brought In a parnonnl circular loiter
Bout by him to numerous Grout North
ern sharoholdeiH in answer to In
quiries , tolling them that any action of
theirs in changing their stock tntmt bo
tholr own Individual action and not
bo Influenced by him. Mr. Hill will
bo again on the stand today , and will
bo followed by Colonel W. P. Cloiigh ,
Frederick WoyorhiuiH r and other defendants -
fondants or directors of the defend
ant companies.
St. Louis Millionaire Is Charged With
SU Louis , Oct. 21. The millionaire
politician , Edward Butler , was ludtct-
cd by the grand Jury yesterday on the
charge of paying to Delegate Charles
F. Kelly a ? 17.000 bribe for the mom-
bora of the house of dolegatea' com
bine , who passud the ten-year city
lighting bill Nov. 28 , 1899. Butler was
arrested , but released In bond of $20-
000 , signed by John A. Ilobb.
When Informed that the names of
Tamblyn , Helms , Schumacher , John
K. Murrell and E. K Murroll , former
members of the house of delegates ,
now under Indictment , were on the In
dlctmcnts as witnesses for the state ,
Butler Raid :
"I know that Tamblyn. Helms and
Schumacher were going to ttitn
state's evidence before they did It
I think It Is ptetty tough for them to
do such a thing. I've been feeding
them ever since they have boon In
Jail , and I have spent a good deal of
money lor lawyers who have ondcav- .
ored to huvo tholr bonds reduced. It
looks like they are ungrateful. Still
I have no complaint to make. I have
nothing to fear from anything thosr
men may tell. I know nothing about
the lighting bill. I had no Interest In
It ono way or the other. "
Naval Board Approves Designs for
New Cruisers.
Washington , Oct. 21. The nava.l
board on construction yesterday final
ly decided on the features of the ar
mored cruisers authorized by the last
congress. Speed has been sacrliled in
a measure to power. By a vote of four
against one , Enginoer-ln-Chlef Mel
vllle's proposition to give the big ships
25,000 horse power and a speed oi
twenty-three knots at a. minimum waa
rejected and the horse power will
stand at 23,000 , which , he estimates ,
will actually bring the speed down to
about twenty-one and a half knots
The new boats therefore will bo three
and one-halt knots slower than the
four famous English armored cruls
era of the Drake class. To offset this
lack of speed the Tennessee will have
a much more powerful battery. The
Tennessee class also will have more
armor. The englneer-in-chlef wll
make a minority report to Secretary
Moody , taking the ground that the in
tent of congress has been evaded am
that the board has designed actua
battleships and not speedy armored
Asks $80,000 for Breach of Promise
Mankato , Minn. , Oct. 21. A sensa
tlon was caused hero yesterday , when
Mrs. Lizzie H. Phelps , proprietress of
a fashionable millinery establishment
mont , commenced an action In the dls
trlct court against Lester Patterson
to recover $80,000 damages for al
leged breach of promise of marriage
Mr. Pattcrsdn was recently married tea
a wealthy widow at Los Angeles. He
is a wholesale grocer and one of the
wealthiest residents of Mankato.
Convention of Spiritualists.
Boston , Oct. 21. Nearly 400 spirit
ualists from all over the country me
at the Hotel Berkeley last night at
the reception inaugurating the tenth
annual convention of the Natlona
Spiritualists' convention of the United
States and Canada , to take place here
this week. Among the speakers were :
Hon. Alonzo Thompson of Nebraska
C. E. Prudon of St. Paul and Hon. C
R , Flsko of Kcokuk , la.
Tim m Pr/aalemm Tramaiiro.
knuty is WOIIIIIII'H ircntcHl ; rlinrin. The
vvorM nilon-H beautiful women A pretty
. 'Oman dread1) ) maternity for fear ( if losinjj
Ills power. What can be done in iierpctu-
tu the race ami keep women beautiful ?
'here is a Imlm UHed by cnlturcil anil 1111-
ultnirtl women In the crisis Iltisbanilt
hould investigate this remedy in order
o reassure their wives as to thu ease
vilh which children can be born ami
eauly of form anil d ure retained.
Mother's Friend
s the name by which llii'i preparation ii
Down. It diminishes the p.iin allied to
lotherhood I'scd thioiighout pregnancy
t relieves imniiinjj mckncss , cures sore
reasts , make.s elastic all tendons called
pen to hold the expanding 1 > nrdcn.
MuscleH soften and relax under its inllit-
nee and the patient anticipates favorably
lie issue , in the comfort thn.s bestowed.
Mother' * Friend is a liniment for ex-
crnal application. 11 is gently rubbed
n-erthe parts so severely taxed , ami licnifj
bsotbed lubricates all the inusc'es
DniKHists sell it for ft per bottle You
have book "riothcrltooil" ' .
may our : ri'c.
She Has Cured Thousands"
Given up to Die.
I'riiclicin Aleopathy , lloino-
onulhy , Electric suul ( ion-
em ! Medicine.
Will , by roiinoit , visit professionally
returning f > vor > four wools Cnntult her vtli lo
thnopportu it > IH nt liancl
DK. CAMKI.M mils her prxcl < ; q t' tl.o
special IriMilini'ijI of IM > IISPH of tlio 0)0 , oar.
HOBO , lIllOHt. llllIKH , fomall' lllbOUtUM ( llH'MP'H Of
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The olToctH of constitutional eicktuis or tlia
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eearcli UK treatment , proTr pi relief and a euro
DlBnntog of women , IrroKulnr menBtriintlon ,
fnllitiK of the womb , beariuit down pains ,
foira'o ' ' UplHcnmnnte , luck of eexual toiio.
I ono'irrhna. fltorilitr or barrenuera , coninlt
Ir Caldwell aii't ghenlll rhow them the causa
of their trouble and the way to become CD rod.
Cancnrx , Goiter , Klntnl , t'llen
nnl enlarged K'ands ' treated with the subcn-
tanooUB Inject on methoil , absolutely without
pain and without the loss r > f n drop of blood ,
IB ono of her own discoveries and it really the
most scientific method of tills advanced tiga
Dr. Caldwell hat practiced her profession la
some oi mo largest uospnaig uiroumioui ins
country , Sh imt no superior I' ' the treating
nnd ( llaKnoslnif ilUoanis. do'ormitloB , p c. She
has lately opened an olllco inOmahi Nebrnhk * ,
whore she will spend a portion of each week
treatlrB her many pattertt. No incurable
cases accepted for treatment Consultation ,
examination and advice , one dollar t thoto In-
tcroetod. DR. ORA CM.DV.KI \ . .V Co
Omaha , Neb , Chicago 111.
Men and Women
who are In need of the
best medlcnl treat
ment should not fall
to consult Dr. Hatha
way at once , as he U
recognized as the
leading and most suc
cessful specialist.
You are safe in
placing your case in
his hands , as he is tha
longest established
and has the best rep
utation. He cures
where others fall ;
there is no patchwork
lor experimenting in
. /'his ' treatment. Per-
'isonal attention by Dr.
Hathaway , also spe
HATHAWAY. cial counsel from his
associate physicians
when necessary , which no other ofllce has. If
you can not call , write for free booklets and
question blanks. Mention your trouble. Kv-
erything strictly confidential. J. Newton
Hathaway , M , D.
51 Commercial block , Fourth nnd Na-
brtiskn streets. Oumhn , Nob.
Ignature Is cm every box ot ( he genntao
Laxative Brorao-Quinlne
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