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Output of Coal Less Than Half
the Normal.
President Mitchell Advises Those Not
Taken Back to Be Patient and Await
Developments of the Next Few
Days Carpenters Also Out In Cold.
Wllkesbarre , Oct 24. The resump
tion of mining throughout the anthracite -
cite region \vaa not as general as was
expected. Unlocked 1'or difficulties
were encountered In the shape of
_ _ water and accumulated gas , and dangerous -
> gorous roofs , which threatened to tail
and entomb the workers , were also
discovered in many of the collieries.
The mine superintendents would take
no chances and the mining of coal
was put off until all parts of the underground -
ground workings can bo made safe.
This will take a few days and In sonic
cases weeks. In sotno of the col-
lleries the machinery connected with
the hoisting of coal worked badly and
it was found necessary to close down
after the miners were ready to go to
work. The number of mines reported
In operation is a little less than two-
thirds of the total number. The out
put of coal was less than half the
normal. The Delaware , Lackawanna
and Western company took the lead In
the production. Their collieries arc
in hotter shape than the mines oper-
' § nted hy the other largo companies.
V * ; Ahout one-half of the mines of the
li j | Delaware and Hudson company were
A\ working and the output of those In
' operation was light. The mines of
the Susquchanna Coal company at
Kanticolze were in operation , but only
the' upper levels could be worked , as
the lower levels held considerable
water. In three days , it is said , the
output of coal will reach the full
. quota. The Lehlgh Valley Coal com-
< fi pany operated about one-half of Its
mines with a full force of men. The
I I ehigh and Wllkesbarre Coal com
' 4 pany mined coal In several of its big
mines , but all of its collieries will not
be In operation before Monday. The
Kingston Coal company started up two
of its collieries. The other two will
start on Monday.
It looks as though the union engl
neers were going to have some diffi
culty getting back their old places.
At nearly every mine where the strik
ing engineers made application for
work they wore told that there were
no vacancies. A large number of car
penters .are al&o out In the cold.
President Mitchell yesterday advised
the men to wait a few days and see
If employment would not bo offered
them. He believes that when general
resumption takes place there will be
few mine employes i.lle. The firemen
are being taken back in larger number
than any of the steam men , because
they take the places of men who are
not so capable. Great preparations
are now under way for the celebration
of Mitchell day in this city on Oct. 29.
The Reading company has advanced
the price of anthracite coal fifty cents
per ton.
Arbitrators Ready to Begin.
Washington , Oct. 24. All the mem-
"bors of the arbitration commission up-
pointed by the president to Investi
gate and report on the conditions in
the anthracite coal region of Pennsyl-
Tanla are now In the city preparatory
to the Initial meeting today. Judge
Gray of Delaware , one of the latest
arrivals , in an Interview last night ,
expressed the hope that the commis
sion would complete Us duties before
Two Miners Crushed.
Scranton , Pa. , Oct. 24. Thomas
TJoran , aged thirty , and Henry Rupp ,
aged twenty-throe , two returned strik
ers , who wore working with a gang of
rockmen on the night shift at the
"William A. colliery In Lackawanna
last night , were burled beneath a fall
of roof and badly crushed. Doran
died from his Injuries and Rupp Is In
a critical condition from Internal hurts
and a broken leg.
Engineers Threaten Trouble.
Chicago , Oct. 24. President Morton
of the International Association of
Stationary Engineers and Firemen
stated that all members of the asso
ciation all over the country would bo
ordered to refuse to handle any an
thracite coal until every member af-
.fected by the anthracite strike Is re
instated on the basis on which the
minors returned to work.
Martial Law Is Proclaimed.
Paris , Oct. 24. Further serious
disturbances occurred at Dunkirk.
"Uanlcadea were erected and the cav
alry was compelled to charge the riot
ers. Some of the latter were killed
or wounded. A mob set flre to barrels
of oil and other goods on the quays
and also sot flre to the house of a
mine owner. Martial law has Leon
proclaimed at Dunkirk.
Troops Escape Mad Mullah.
London , Oct. 24. A message re
ceived at the foreign office yesterday
from General Manning , dated Her-
bara , capital of Somallland , announces
that the force commanded by Colonel
Swayne.whlch was threatened with de
struction by the army commanded by
tlio Mad Mullah , baa reached Bohottlo
in safety. ,
D'vjj , ted at Financial Result * So
* & Far Obtained.
$ '
LK 'Q * 24. Lady Cook gave a
dinner . . 4/ night In honor of the
Door com. /y now in London.
The failure L ° - / ' } Dowot , Uotha
and Delaroy to * < V.lho dinner la
supposed to be u ° fj > with quar
rels which have nrls 6on thorn.
They were ail slghtse * . In London
yesterday and up to the last moment
they were expected nt I < ndy Cook's.
It is reported that General Dowot
wants the tour of the generals , Includ
ing the trip to the United States , to
bo abandoned , and that all throe are
disappointed nt the financial result ! !
so far obtained.
General Hotha , however , is said to
bo anxious to make a further effort
to collect funds.
A warm discussion on this point la
believed to have occurred between
Generals Dewct and Botha. General
Delaroy Is said to have remained neu
tral In the matter. General Dowot'a
presence Is considered nocesiinry for
the success of the tour , and If ho pop
slsts In returning to South Africa , U
Is not unlikely that the whole tour will
bo abandoned.
Izalco Is Devastated and Inhabitants
Flee for Lives.
New Orleans , Oct. 24. Passengers
who arrived on the steamer from
Puerto Darrols report the volcano ol
Izalco , In Salvador , In a state of vlo
lent eruption. The eruption began
on Sept. 7 , when live large openings
or craters formed on the north sida
of the volcano , from which largo quan
tities of lava and burning stones wera
ejected. People living In the town ol
Izalco and the neighboring country ,
toward which the lava poured , fled
at Its approach and bellevo that theli
houses were completely destroyed ,
The stream of lava , which was very
deep , flowed for a distance of threa
miles from the crater. Lake Coate-
pequo , which lies at the foot of the
volcano , was flooded with boiling sul
phur from the principal crater. Feara
were entertained of further disaster ,
The volcano was still In eruption when
the passengers left Guatemala.
Residents of St. Vincent Ask for Aid
In Getting Away From Volcano.
Kingstown , St. Vincent , Oct. 24.
The Soufrlero volcano has been active
since Oct. 15 , keeping the people In
the Windward district In a state ol
continued unrest. The devastated
lands now Include all the plantations
on the northeastern coast. A deputa
tion of distressed inhabitants haa
vaited upon- the administrator of the
Island for the purpose of Informing
the government of the hopeless con
dltion of the district in consequence
of the last eruption of the volcano.
They appealed for food and shelter ,
especially for their terrified wives and
children , and begged to bo removed
from the northern quarters of the Isl
and to form a new settlement In an
other locality , where they could safe
ly start life afresh.
More Disorder in Commons.
London , Oct. 24. Another scone
was caused by the Irish nationalists In
the hotise of commons on identical
lines with those which have almost
dally marked the present session.
The nationalists bombarded the chlel
secretary for Ireland , Wyndham , with
all kinds of relevant and irrelevant
"questions , and the nationalists moved
an adjournment of the house In order
to discuss some triviality which hap
pened during the last session. When
the speaker ruled the motlcui out ol
order great disorder followed.
Yerkes Wins a Victory.
London , Oct. 24. The contention ol
counsel for Charles T. Yorkes , before
the house of commons railroad com
mittee , that the bill providing for the
construction of a Piccadilly and city
road must bo withdrawn , as the Mor
gan "tube" scheme had no legal stat
us , through having been presented to
parliament as part of the London
United plan , which became nonexist
ent that day through the withdrawal
of its bill , was upheld by the commit
Monte Crlsto Recaptured.
San Domingo , Oct. 24. The govern
ment troops have recaptured Monta
Crlsto after a severe flght , during
which both sides sustained heavy
losses. General Navarro , the former
governor , who revolted and took pos
session of Monte Chlsto , was captured
and brought a prisoner here. Many
arrests have been made In connection
with the revolt. All la now quiet In
Santo Domingo.
On Trail of Bank Robbers.
Minneapolis , Oct. 24. The three
cracksmen who blow open the safe ol
the bank of Summit , S. D. , last Sun
day night , have been traced to the
western part of Minnesota , and twenty
detectives in the employ of the Fidel
ity company are In pursuit of the cul
prits In squads. It developed that
the robbers' booty included $ G,139 In
cash , $39,000 in notes and $2,000 In
other securities.
Masonic Temple to Pay Taxes.
Chicago , Oct. 24. At a meeting of
the Masonic Temple association , held
yesterday , It was decided to pay the
taxes on the property of the associa
tion , amounting to J2G.G70. Captain
Edward Williams , manager of the as-
soclatlon , Is now on trial In the crim
inal court on a charge of conspiring
to defraud the county out of taxes due.
Makes Sensational Speech at
Cleveland Mayor Also Has Some Bit
ter Things to Say of Chairman Ber
nard and Reads Them Both Out
of the Party.
Cincinnati , Oct. 21. Mayor Tom L.
Johnson of Cleveland , who is recog
nized as the Democratic luador In
Ohio this year and OH the probable
opponent of Senator llanna next year
and a candidate lor the presidency In
1'JOl , created qulto n sensation hero
last night by attacking certain ele
ments In his own party , especially
John R. McLean , both Individually
and as the proprietor of the Cincin
nati Enquirer , and Lewis G. Bernard ,
as chairman of the Democratic com
mittee of Hamilton county. Mayor
Johnson's largo campaign tent , which
has a seating capacity of 2,000 , had
all standing room taken and many
were unable to gain admittance , It
was generally expected that Mayor
Johnson would devote his time most
ly to replying to the recent address
of Senator llanna , which was largely
devoted to Johnson and bin Issues.
While Johnson referred to Senator
Hanna's speech In most caustic terms ,
ho devoted his speech mostly to what
he termed "tho local traitors in the
Democratic party , " and his refer
ences to Mr. McLean and Chairman
Bernard wore ns bitter as his fluent
language cojild make them. IIo not
only read thorn out of the party , but
challenged them to meet him In his
tent or elsewhere on the charges that
ho made politically against them.
Hon. Charles W. Haker presided and
opened the meeting with eulogies on
Johnson and Blgelow. Blgelow was
the first speaker and made a bitter
attack on Chairman Bernard , in the
course of which he said , "Wo cannot
ask Republicans to vote against the
boss in their party when wo have a
worse boss In our party. "
Ohio Senator Unable to Finish Speech
at Indianapolis.
Indianapolis , Oct. 24. Senator Hanna -
na of Ohio devoted the day to speechmaking -
making In Indiana. The senator be
gan the day's work at Evansvlllo and
between that city and Indianapolis ho
made nine stops. At Linton , where
the crowd was made up largely of min
ers , the senator discussed the iscent
anthracite strike.
Senator Hanna nearly broke down
at the close of the speech In Tomlln-
son hall. He was standing some dis
tance from the speaker's table , when
his strength seemed to fall him and
he had to reach for the stand , drag
ging his body over to It , whore ho
rested his hand. After a moment's
hesitation , ho announced that his
physical condition would not allow
him to say anything more , and was
helped to his chair by Senator Fair-
I banks and Secretary Whlttaker of the
Republican state committee.
Spanish Minister Presents Credentials.
Washington , Oct. 21. Senor Don
Emillo do Ojeda , the recently appoint
ed minister of Spain to the United
States , formally presented his creden
tials to President Roosevelt yester
day. After the usual exchange of fe-
Ilcltlous addresses , the president and
Senor Ojeda chatted pleasantly for a
few minutes. Minister Ojeda , in his
address , said that the principal ob
ject of the Spanish government waste
to cultivate those movements of trade
and commerce between the two coun
tries which would create the mutual
solidarity of interest and constitute
for the future foundation for the most
amicable relations between the two
Barnett Letters Ruled Out.
Now York , Oct. 24. A strong point
was scored by the defense In the trial
of Roland B. Mollneux when Justice
Lambert ruled out the Barnett letters
Justice Lambert decided that as evl
dence the letters must bo excluded as
Improper , but that he was willing to
admit them simply as a standard of
comparison in writing. The counse
for the defense were highly pleasei
with this decision , which is in line o
that of the court of appeals , whicl
held that the testimony relative to the
letters , given at the first trial , was
Justice Harlan Stops Class Fight.
Washington , Oct. 24. Justice Har
Ian of the supreme court , who Is a
member of the faculty of the Columbia
university law school , last night In
terfercd and prevented a class flgh
between the freshmen and sopho
mores. Justice Harlan Is a giant in
stature and , although sixty-nine years
of age , he Is still vigorous and active
golf being one of his dully exercises
The youngsters were no match for him
when ho entered the arena.
Fresh Trouble In Haytl.
Washington , Oct. 24. According t
a dispatch received at the navy de
partment from Commander Mason , th
cruiser Cincinnati has left Cape Ha >
tlen for Port do Palx to investigate
report of fresh trouble there. Th
Montgomery Is expected to arrive a
San Domingo today , and If her presence
enco Is not needed' there , she wl
proceed At once to Cape Haytien.
Long Line of Old Ascoclatco Make Up
Cortege to Cemetery ,
I.oca Summit , Mo. , Oct. 21. The ro-
nuliiH ol Jim Younnor. tlio Iminlit ,
voro Interred In the luinlly lot In the
Ittlo I'umulory near town yuttlnrdny.
brlof , Hlmplo HorvUo wan hold at
ho house of N , S I'Vnton. The hounu
van crowded und many worn utmhln to
aln admittance. Mrs. Kenton , a niece ?
of tlu > Younger boys , led a < | imrtol ,
vhlrh Hang , "lltwt. Weary llourt. "
lev. H. II. Shllller of the Profltytorlun
chinch followed In prayer , wpunklng n
ow appropriate words , ami then , iil'tor
mother HOIIK , the casket was removed
o the hunrHU.
The pall hoarera were old asuorluten
of the YouiiKors , inoinherH of Quiin-
roll's bund and among the mournon
vero Hovoral who had fought with
Quant roll , Price and Sholby. Those ,
slili thu relatives unil a long lluo of
leople from the surrounding country ,
nude up ( ho rorteio lo the enuintory.
Phoro the coliln was lowered Into u
srnve beside UIOHO of Younger'n
irother and mother. No Horvlcon
vere said and when the grr.vo had
lually boon covered over a great qiuin-
Hy of llowers. HOII ! by friends from
icar and far , worn put on the mound.
rrance , England and Germany Finally
Reach an Agreement.
Paris , Get. 21. Fiom authoritative
sources the conesjiondent of I ho As
Bodatcd Pros has luurnod that
'ranee , Great Britain and Germany
lave concluded an agreement provld-
tig for the military evacuation ol
Shanghai by their fan-en. The nogo-
.lutlons have also brought about an
inportnnt extension uf the open door
; > ollcy , ns urged by Secrotaiy Hay.
The agreement affects not only
Shanghai , but the entire Yang-tHO-
Klang valley , which the powuru are
seoklng to develop for commercial
The date of the evacuation Is still
open , but a loading official of the for
eign office expressed the belief that it
will undoubtedly bo accomplished by
Jan , 1. About 1,200 troops will partic
ipate In the evacuation.
Negro Assailant Taken From Jail by
Mob and Lynched ,
Tallapoosa , Ga. , Oct. 24. Ben
Brown , a negro , charged with having
attempted to criminally assault Mrs ,
Henry Dees , a white woman , was
taken from the county Jail hero yes
terday by amob of 300 men and
lynched. Troops had been ordered
from Atlanta , but did not arrlvo until
one hour and"a half after the negro
had .joon hanged , ffpon loaning that
troops had been tUHpatc-h-id Uio mob
stormed the jail und after securing
the nCgro , carried him to a spot near
Mrs. Docs' house , hanged him to a
bridge and filled his body with bullets.
When the troops arrived they found
the body of the dead negro.
Union Pacific Directors Meet.
New York , Oct , 24. A meeting of
the directors of the Union Pacific com
pany was held at the offices of the
company here yesterday and the de
mands of the trainmen , who have
Lhreatencd to strike , were considered.
S'othing was made public us lo what ,
if any , action had boon decided upon.
Trainmen Want Higher Wages.
Oakland , Cal. . Oct. 24. According
to Interviews obtained with heads of
railroad unions and union members , a
demand will bo made upon the South
ern Pacific within the next thirty daya
for increased wages , which will affect
tnoro than 30,000 employes.
Oregon's Goal Bunkers Afire.
San Francisco , Oct. 24. The Bul
letin says that a fire has been burning
In the coal bunkers of the battleship
Oregon for three days. A board of
survey has been summoned to exam
ine the vessel , and It will be some
time before she will be able to depart
for Manila.
Royal Sandal , a farmer living near
Webster , S. D , , was shot and killed
by Albert Davidson , a neighbor.
Hennessey LoRoyle , a well known
actor , died at Vacavllle , Cal. , Thurs
day. Death was caused by erysipelas.
Gust Olson of Glen , Minn. , killed hla
daughter with a butcher knife. His
objection to her proposed marriage
was the cause of the trouble.
Three men stoned the Wabash pas-
Bonger train No. 51 at Worden , 111.
One of them , William Allen , was fatally -
tally shot and was taken to h".s home
at Staunton.
The Americanist congress , New
York , heard a description of Pawnee
customs by Dr. G. A. Dorsoy of Chicago
cage , who exhibited a "Lansing" skull ,
which was der'ared ' an Indian's.
It Is authorltatlveiy stated that
there Is absolutely no foundation for
the report Irom Little Rook. Ark. , re
garding the engager. ! * nt of Mlas Alice
Roosevelt , daughter of the president ,
to John Grecnway of Hot Springs , Ark.
Andrew Carnegie was installed lord
rector of St. Andrews university. Gias-
gow. In an address ho urged the
Gorman empire to form a political and
Industrial union as the "United States
of Europe" to resist American com
mercial invasion.
The killing of Caesar O. Harz by Ed
ward Coughlln was declared justifiable
by a Chicago jury. Coughl'.n was ac
quitted on testimony that Harz first
attacked him , although Coughlln
threatened Harz's life and brought a
revolver to the lattor'a offlco.
"Just as good a Furnace as
the Round Oak is a Stove"
UiMinil Oitk Kiirnni-oK nrn MI lioni-nlly iiutiln
n * tint fiimnUN Hoiinil Ualc Hlovo - - tlm niiiiin
rnntfiil imliiHliikliiK IHtlntf of nviiry Joint , ilmir
luiil limit Mm Nittni ) ( lullv limpwlloti of inn *
( orlul mill Innt of Ilin i-ompluloil licmtor. l.lko
thu lloiuiil Oiik Hto\i'ti tlio
Round Oak
\K \ KimrutiU'i'il to ilvn ; ulmiiliiliKntlnriirtl > in It It
tlio only furnace Hint hum * ruiy klnil of fuel ,
viHiil , Iniril iimtMirt
roul und HID
only fiiriuii'ii
thai litiniH nit
tlin fuel nil Hin
iivi'M iinil iiiiml uf
Hin Ninolii' . Tlio
Jirll'l- It ll'HHOIIIlllll1.
D frci' Uniiinl
Dull riiriiiiro hook.
ESTATE or ' (
P. D. DECKWITH , , Mich.
ikrinif llf/tulth /'nim.l
tlttk , tlif ttuill fitmtntl
tlinr fit //if MOI lit
Itniitiil Owk . . .
with uiitvr cunliitf renmvul.
Ituililil Uuk I'uriiuniio nrf liir NUII In
No folk Noli , tijr Jo'ui I'rldnyrnKfliit , *
( ; W II. II / / , IVnililant.
Norfolk i ANJICU ! IIKAK , Men I'rwililint
/ K. W. / Uiuhlar.
National Bank.
rapital , $100,000.00
Surplus , $20,000.00
Does a General Banking Business ,
Buys and Soils Exchange
Interest Paid on Time Dcposlta.
DraflH and Money Orders Sold on any Point In Euro e.
A Gf naral Steamship and Foreign Passage Business Transacted.
Exclusive agent lor the Celebrated Swcctwater Rock Spring Coal hc
best In the market.
Scranton Hiird Coal In all sizes. TELEPHONIC 61.
After Leaving
"The o'priand Limited , ' *
Runs Every Day in the Year.
For full information call on or address
J. B. ELSEFFER , Agent ,
Ostcopathic Physician.
Diseases both acota and chronic cnrcetifallj
treated without nee of drugs or knife.
Phouo No. F it. Ofllca at realdsuca ,
109 North 10th Street ,
Norfolk - Nebraska
Phone 107. for Ladies and Children
. J- COLE ,
Otllce over Citizen' * National flank. ' Reildeno *
oue block uorth of Congregational church ,
Norfolk , Nebraska
Sioux City Florist
Awarded first premium on
Funeral Designs.
Handsome Roses , Carnations , Palms , Fern ?
Flowers snipped In froab condition.
Ptaoa 400i.Utr ottte * : Cor. 6th and Ptarca