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    THENOUTOLKNKWS : PHIDAY , JULY 2/5 / , 1902 , 0
Joe Fountain wont to Long Pine last
night )
x Mi Anna Herman left today to visit
rloiuFs at Wiuetoou.
Miss May Burners of Omaha , is visit-
ug her cousin , Miss Esther Mason.
- Misses Florence and Mabel Estabrook
, went to Madison yesterday to visit.
Mrs M. D. Wheeler and children de
parted lost night for Hot Springs , 8 , D.
Miss Clara Beech of Lincoln arrived
last evening for a visit with her sister ,
Mrs. John Krantz.
Misses Amelia and Tillie Komperare
visiting at the homo of their nuolo , H.
G. Bruo'ggeman.
The Norfolk orchestra -furnished
' music nt Battle Creek last night for tbo
Y. L. G. club.
Rome Miller and son , Ray , formerly
of this city bnt now of Omaha , wore in
the city yesterday afternoon ,
f w H. S. Wilford and' H. Smith , engl-
neors from the Black Hills division are
hero attending a convention of train ;
men ,
Mrs. S. Kethledge of Coleridge is
visiting in this city' . Her daughter ,
Miss Pearl , arrived last night from a
six month'b visit in Iowa.
Mrs. Wilkinson and daughter.Opal ,
and Mrs. Pippen and daughter Bessie ,
returned je > terday frpm a visit to the
Long Pjue camping party.
Sher.ffJ , J Qe umira who is in the
city today , 8'ijn thai a $200.00 reward
has been tiff ; red by the county for the
arrest of Altxauderthemudtr ( rwhich ,
with the state reward , makes a $400 00
prize up.
I. M. Macy will build a new residence
at the corner of Madison avenue and
Eleventh streets. He has uot determined
where he will locate the Schwenk house
which he recently bought and now has
on wheels.
Quite a number of Norfolk people ore
planning'to attend the Epworth as
sembly , which begins at Lincoln Au
gust 10. Dr. F. M. Sisson has engaged
10 tents for people of his district and
others will take canvas with them.
F , . E. & M. V. railroad trainmen ,
conductors , firemen and brakemeu from
along the line , are holding meetings at
the-Jnnction today. The object of the
assembly seems to be confederation but
the minutes are not made public.
The cellar at the S. K. Dexter cold
storage plant has been filled with water
and is being pumped out today. A great
many of the business houses in the city
are troubled in the same manner , the
ground being too thoroughly saturated
to hold more moisture.
Invitations have been received by
members of Norfolk lodge , No. 658 , B.
P. O. E. , to attend the Elks' street fair
and carnival at Deadwood July 29 to
August 2 , inclusive. It is expected that
a royal purple time will be had by those
who are fortunate enough to be there.
Despite the superfluous amount of
moisture that has been falling , it is re
ported that prettier fields of corn , wheat ,
oats and sugar beets were never seen in
this section of the country. Heavy ,
healthy and green , the patches look-good
to theieyes and bumper crops are prom
S. R. McFarland , S. F. Dunn , H. L
Spaulding and Dr. Marquardt , of the
I. O. O. F. encampment , last evening
accompanied Grand Patriarch M. D.
Cameron , of Schnyler , to Plainview
"Where they installed a new encampment
of the order with 32 charter members.
They retnrned'this morning.
iLeal iSpanlding spent jSnnday in
H. , H. Patterson is in the city from
Omaha ,
. J } . Sturgeon is in Long Pine on
ipiono business.
H. W. Winter left at noon today for
a trip to Wisconsin.
, Miss Alice Barrett returned Saturday
< j $ night from Pierce.
E. A. Bullock made a business trip to
< Sioux City Saturday.
Mrs.iHitchcock andMrs.Morey were
Pierce visitors over , Sunday.
Mrs. O. G. Bomers of Omaha is visit
ing her sister , Mrs. G. H. Mason.
Miss Lillian Chestnntw.ood left this
„ x , morning for a visit in Kansas City , Mo.
P. F. Spreoher returned Saturday
from a business , trip to Sheridan , Wy ° -
MisslNattingiof Bed Oak , , Ia. , is visit
ing her friend , Miss Metta Koenigstein.
Mrs. Pete Diugmau of Sioux Olty is
( k
visiting Mrs. O. A. Harehman at South
Norfplk ,
The Otto Floto show is billing Norfolk -
' folk today for , an exhibition Saturday ,
\ O.TTibbetts , representing the ] John-
sonJand company ofSouth Dakota , is
, " " in the city.
* A car of Dagoes were-shipped through
to.the . new-branch- the F , , E. & 'M. ' V.
j' Saturday night.
/A girl baby was bora at the , home of
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Petrson at South Nor-
* J ( folk , Saturday.
f'Mrs. 'H. Hollyfield returned - homo
Saturday night 'after a two-weeks'
visty in Wayne.
fMr aud Mrs. Hall , who "have been
* - - 3 rbomo r of r&am aKtnt , i at
Kent Siding , for the past three weeks ,
returned this morning to their homo In
Roy Wilbcrgor had a leg broken while
playing ball at Madison yesterday. Ho
was sliding a baso.
Mr. and Mrs. George Scott arc rejoice-
ing ever the arrival of a son nt their
homo this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Stitt and daughter
Marian Joined the Darland camping
party near Long Pine Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Darland and
daughter , Jane , went to Long Pine last
evening to join the camping party ,
Miss Jessie Barrett arrived Saturday
night from Sterling , 111. , to visit her
cousins , Misses Ella and Mao Barrett.
The now residences on South Ninth
stieet , belonging to F. Langouberg and
L. H.McOormick , are going up rapidly.
Miss Edith Violo , while visiting at
Lincoln , became ill with another attack
of 'appendicitis. Mrs. Viole went to
that city and brought the patient homo.
The merry-go-round which has boon
doing business at the corner of N , or folk
avenue and Fifth streets , pulled up
stakes this morning and departed for
more favorable fields.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Sessions loft over the
Union Pacific this morning for Ealispell ,
Mont. , where they will remain about
two months. They go by way of Don-
vi r and Suit Tjike City.
Miss Jessie Sturgeon who left last
week fora visit at Bellvno , Col. , with
her bister , Mrs. Frank Beels , writes
that she has arrived safely and that
Mrs. Beels is apparently in the befct of
Dr. F. M. Sisson will next Sunday
morning conduct dedication services in
Omaha for a new church at Monmouth
Park. In the evening heAwill preach at
Fremont. Dr. Sanderson of Fremdnt
will be here morning and evening.
Harmi Hnlbert , who formerly held a
position hero in the Citizens' National
bonk , has been appointed mail clerk be
tween Omaha and Ogden , This is one
of the hardest runs in the west and Mr.
Hnlbert's friends will bo glad to fleam
df his success.
At a meeting of the board of edu
cation .held Saturday night , W. J. See-
ley was elected principal of the high
school for the ensuing year. Mr. See-
ley is from Milford , was principal at
Hooper last year and comes very highly
Miss Fannie Norton left this morning
for Omaha where she goes to accept a
position as stenographer. Miss Norton
has always lived in Norfolk and has a
large circle of friends here who will
wish -her well in her new location. She
will make her home with Dr. and Mrs
F. F. Teal.
' The base ball boys , in order to main
tain a , club worthy of Norfolk and equal
to the surrounding towns , must have
more money. It will be necessary to
increase the present subscription by
about a $100 a mouth. Manager
Wilkius has been running behind and
the gate receipts are light. It is a
business proposition and Norfolk should
be up to the occasion.
Manager Sprecber , of the Nebraska
Telephone company , will send a gang
of linemen to Wiener tomorrow under
charge of E. J. Denny , to construct a
farm line 10 miles long. "The farmers'
lines , " said Mr. ' Spre'eher this morning ,
"have come to stay and it is only a ques
tion of time when this territory will be
netted with them. " A solicitor will be
here .shortly to work up this class of
, Martin.Kane . returned from Omaha ,
where hoiwent with his brother-in-law ,
Fred Hollingsworth , who submitted to
an operation for the removal of gall
stones. The condition of the .patient
rwas considered qnite serious for .spine
time of tor the operation , but when , Mr.
Efme left'he .was mnch better , with fair
chancesfor complete recovery. Mrs.
Hollingsworth is , attending , upon her
husband during his confinement in the
West Pointers found that Hpw.e-'s
circus maintained their Norfolk repu
tation at that place. It visited there
Friday and a numberiof farmers were
victimized by 'the buncogame and
short change racket , warrant was'
sworn ont for the.arrest ofone the men ,
hut , when the sheriff appeared
on the soeneithe fellow had so , altered
his appearance that the victim could
not swenr , that be was the man who
did the banco act.
Beginning with tomorrow a force of
men under the direction of Water Com
missioner Marquardt will begin the
work of flushing the hydrants of the
l orfplk waterworks system and it is
expected that the work will require
several days. .In the meantime it is
asked that water consummers have a
little .patience as ihe work is quite
likely to stir up the mud in the mains
and the-wnter used may bo roily .until
it-has had time to settle.
John Quick is the ppssesor of a badly
disfigured countenance caused by the
error of a fellow workman in mistaking
his face for an engine boiler and at
tempting to rivet bin whiskers. He was
working on a boiler Friday when * the
welding hammer in the hands of his as-
soniatoslipped and struck Mr. Quick on
the left cheek bone , laying a bad.qponnd
epen on-his cheek.S iTheiBjary-WAS roi
paired as well as possible but it will take
some time for it to heal thoroughly.
Herman Hagerman met with a dis
tressing accident while in the perform
ance of his duties at the F. , E. & M. V ,
round house at the Junction last Friday.
Ho was in the act of mounting an en
gine when from some unexplained
reason ho lost his balance and full ever
backwards , striking his bend on the
floor of the engine house. The accident
resulted in the paralysis of the
opfio nerve of his loft eye and the via *
tiiu has lost the sight from that prgan.
The doctors hero and nt Omaha have
examined the case but offer no hope of
the return of vision to the oyo. They
consider , however that Mr , Hagerman
may , in time , ontgrow tbo injury and
have his eyesight restored through
natural agencies.
John Morris , of Fremont , was the
guest of D. Reea yesterday.
Tbo Catholics of Madison arc prepar
ing to build u $20 000 church.
Mrs. J. G. Trontroan returned last
night from an extended visit at York ,
W. H. Bncholz and J. N. Bundiok
went to Omaha this morning on busi
J. E. Haase and Miss Anna Haase ,
left this morning for a visit at Meridau ,
Mrs. G. L. Ohittick was called to
Plainview yesterday by the illness of
her sister.
Dr. A. Bear and son , Alex , leave this
evening for Long Pine to join the camp
ing party at that place.
Walter Starkey of Hawarden , Iowa ,
who has been visiting iu. the city , re
turned home this morning.
John Owen of Wwne passed through
the city today on his way to contract
work for the F. E. & M V.
A new side walk is being laid on
South Sixth street , between Norfolk
avenne and Madison avenue.
Mrs. 0. M. Janes of'this ' city has been
enjoying a week's visit on the ranch of
her brother , H. S. Savage , near Valen
Judge and Mrs. Fales of Ponca were
here yestei day. Mr. Fales is chairman
of the republican congressional com
mittee. '
William Miller , formerly of Green
Ganibii precinct , has commenced the
coiib.ruutiou of a 14-rooni residence to
cost $7,000 at Madibou.
Mrs. John Earight of Lincoln , mother
of Mrs Mictiuel Heuutbsy , and her
granddaughter , Au.elu.ide Haguu , are
visiting tit the home of Mr und Mrs.
, Engineman B. W. Oaldwell of South
Norfolk met with a. painful accid'ut
this morning. As he was leaving Fre
mont the lubricator glass broke and a
piece struck him just below the eye ,
making an ugly cut.
A. J. Johnson returned homo last
night from New Salem , 111. , where he
has been visiting his son , Dr. Robert
Johnson. Lr. Johnson is doing emi
nently well in New Salem , which was
years ago his father's home.
Dr. Salter will leave in the morning
for Arcadia , Kansas , having under his
care Sam Harris who was injured by
fulling from the train at South Norfolk
on the morning of the Fourth. Harris'
father will join them at Omana.
N. G. Brown , who lives eight miles
southeast , was in the city this morning
selling rnin. He states that his section
, has better corn than usual , excellent
fall wheat and gqodoats , which , though
down a little , can be easily cnt , never
The.ladieB.ofithe-W. O. T. , U. hold
regular meetings on , the .second ? and
fourth Wednesdays of eaoh month.
For the present such .meetings . ' are being
held in the ladies' parlor of' he M. E.
church. The next regular meetingwill
be tomorrow afternoon.
A.pit of sticky mud , a heavy load apd
a npne too well kept team , were the
causes for a horse falling under the
reinfi of William Christiansen in a
down town alley-way this morning.
The animal , had .a hard time getting to
its feet but was 'finally helped up.
Laslivrcek fhe-earth passed between
the planet Saturn and thosun. Astron
omers predicted that the result would
be either a severe warm spell , boisterous
electric , B terms , or drouth. With such
a range of predictions it certainly should
have happened , but it didn't , to any
great extent. *
Niobrara recently received "a fine
rain" . Although so close to this section
of country , that town , must have escaped
the tprrents .that .bttye been visiting
this vicinity during the past mouth or
two , else no rain would have been
welpomod with the words that it was
"a fine shower" .
Among the bidders awarded contracts
for supplying arniy forage for the Ne
braska forts , D. Rees , of this city , heads
the list with the largest Individual con
tract guide. He will furnish Fort Robin-
spp'with 9pQQ/jJO ) ! pounds of oata , at
91.20 , uutilt ; > e6mb r 81 , 1002 , and then
at fl.SS'nutil Jane 80 , 11KM ; and
100,000 pounds of bran at 73 cents.
H , E , Owen and D. M. Owen are * in
Norfolk from their railroad contract
work in Jowa and JSjmwS. , They have
refiejjjjyi bought AUoUxeni&rgo , pontrjuct-
ing outfit of ! T > tennis nnd complements ,
which'makes this ono of the strongest
firm ! ) of thin character in thu west.
"Tho greatest dillloulty wo have , " said
Mr. Owen , "Is trying to find lahorom.
Times ere too good. "
The construction gang of thoF , , E.
& M. V , extension has now orosied the
river at Nlohrara on the ftilte work of
the big bridge and Is hastening toward
the terminus of the linn with all njWed !
It IB expootod that the track will bo laid
through Boyd to Gregory county with
in a few weeks. The extension of this
line means a great deal to Norfolk nnd
the oititrens of this city should arrange a
big excursion to the end of the line when
it is completed and bo prepared to give
the people of the town and villages
along the way the glad hand of neigh-
borlincBR. There Is a magnificent farm-
lug country opened up to trade by the
extension and Norfolk should gather in
a share ,
Prospects continue favorable to Nor
folk's securing the Modern Woodmen
picuio for September. Norfolk was to
liavo had the picnic Inst year but gave
It up on account of the small pox and
the meeting plnco for this year was not
designated. It would seem that this
city was entitled to it this year arid the
local camp will meet tonight to form
some definite plans. A crowd of 10,000 ,
people in the city for three days would
1)0 a good thing for Norfolk , and every
Impiness man should bo present at the
meeting next Friday night at the city
liall. President Lnlkart , of the Com
mercial club , states that it is tlio in
tention to handle the affair in much the
same way as tbo Fourth of July cele
bration , with an exccntlvo committee
of representative men , and subcommittees
tees who will carry the entertainment
through without a hitch anywhere
along the line.
Miss Kathryn Sisson of this city has
been engaged by the Central Nebraska
assembly to take charge of the children
attending at the session to bo held at
Fullerton August 12 to 22. The
Central Nebraska Assembly edition of
the St. Edward Sun of the 10th has
this to say of Miss Sisson and her work :
"The 'Little Tots' will have a bigger
time than over this year , for Miss
Kathryn M. Sisson , the child enter
tainer and instructor , will bo hero to
take charge of the children and will
lead them in all their sports , and con
duct their games and drills. If parents
feel they must leave the little tots at home
so they will not have to worry about
them , the assembly management can
assure those fond parents they can lay
aside all worry when they place their
children in the care of Miss Sisson at
the assembly. Bring your children
along and give them a time which they
shall never forget. Toys and playthings
stored at the 'Children's Headquarters'
free of charge. "
Howe's "Great" London shows , with
their baud of Monte Carlo grafters and
Bowery bunco men , likewise visited
Hooper , calling on that town last Sat
urday. The shell , short change , and
other graft games were nt once opened
on the show grounds , an ineffectual at
tempt having been made to tret permits
from the town. They gathered in
about 20 victims , for sums ranging from
$100 to $4 , pocket-picking being a fea
ture of their game. Along toward sup
per time the atmosphere su rounding
the t-utH begau to grow sultry , and
after one of the ticket sellers had been
knocked down and his satchel appro
priated by an intended victim the show
decided to cancel the evening entertain
ment and leave for other fields. De
parture was made in such haste that
some of the"gamfl''were left behind and
were compelled to hire teams to over
take their "snap" jobs. The circus oars
were guarded by men with rifles to keep
the mob off.while the show , was making
Its record get-away.
Of all Hot Weather Enemies
of hqmanity cholera is the worst. Treat
ment to-be effective must 'be prompt.
When vomiting , purging and , sweat an
nounce that th.e disease isipresent , com
bat it with Perry Davis''Painkiller. All
bowel troubles , ' like diarrhoea , cholera
morbus and dysentery are overcome by
Rex Lice Killer will not associate with
Wanted Cattle Jo Pasture.
I will take 300 cattle for the season at
for steers and $2 50 fcr cows 1440
upres of good land on the Verdigris
cretk in western Knox county ; fenced
in two pastures , with good posts and
three wires ; running water ( Verdigris
creek and w ° spring oretkb ) , which
never fail ; plenty of tinjlnr fpr shade ,
Salt furnished. Foreman on the ranch
will give attention to the cows. Will
rei ve puttie at Norfolk and diliver at
Norfolk offer eeufon closes.
Nordwig would like to sell yon a fine
buggy harness at a reasonable price.
See theni.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
is on each box. 25o.
Sixty Years of Popularity
is the record , of PainkillorPerry ( Davis' )
but the shops are all full of imitations
made to sell upon the great reputation
of the genuine ; bo cautions , therefore ,
when yon , ask , for , a bottle to see that
youget .the genuine. An unfailing
remedy lor Boughs , colds , bronchitis. ,
Sydney RobertNOn IH reported on tlin
luk Hut ,
lion , J. J , McCarthy of Ponca wax In
the city yesterday ,
Mro. H. E. Moroy of Plcrco WftH iu
Norfolk this morning ,
H , L , JtlcCormick wont to Pierce tp-
day to do a job of lulling.
Miss Ora Crnm has returned frpm u
visit with friends at Omulm ,
F. E. Somura and family left yester
day for a week's outing Bonth ot the
Joe Trohan , western traveling pas
senger agent for the Wnbanh , IH in the
olty from Omaha.
Misn Birdlo King of Bpokano , Wnih.
is visiting at the homo of Judge and (
Mrs , J. 1) . Barnes.
The members of the First Cofigrpgu-
tlonal ohuroh who have been camping
near Loug Pine , are expected homo to
II. H. Hull returned this morning f roii
Omaha , Ho says that Mri. Hull is a
very little bettor but tliat it IH doubtful
when she will come homo.
Editor W. H. McNoal of the Wayne
Hoarld attended a meeting of the
Eleventh district republican xoimtorial
committee iu this city yesterday ,
Information comes that the reported
appointment of Rov. F. P. Wigtou to
take ohargo of the Presbyterian ohurch
nt this place v , ua erroneous. No pastor
lias been selected.
Rev. W. J. Turner's class lu uatnro
study uro enjoying the day in the
country. They visited the Osborno
farm this morning and lunched
on the old hospital grounds.
Yesterday was the twelfth birthday
of Walter MoFiirlaml and the event was
eujoyably celebrated at the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. S. R. MoFarlaud last evening
by a jolly crowd of little folks.
W. S. Stryker , a leadiug worker
among the members of the A. O. U. W.
In Omaha , Is visiting friends in the city
and paid a pleawmt call to this ofllco
from which the official organ of that
order hi issued.
Editor A. F. Euos of the Stoutou
Picket , and his family , were in the city
visiting friends yesterday. Mr. Euos is
a member of the central committee of
the Eleventh senatorial district and at
tend a meeting of that committee.
Mrs. Oanlfleld , who is spending the
summer in Hot Springs , S. D. , for hay
fever , writes that she IB very much im
proved in health and will probably re
main until September. Mrs. P. II. Pat
terson , of Chadrou , who made Norfolk
her homo last winter , is with Mrs. Caul-
In the tennis tornamout being bold at
the Kenwood club in Chicago for the
western companionship , Earl E , Farus-
worth of Grand Island , champion
of the state university and holder
of the Sioux City cup , was de
feated in the second round bnt E. M.
Ahhcraft , , 7-9 , 4 (1.
A. H. Winder has just returned from
a trip to Oklahoma. At Oklahoma City
tie found several former Norfolk people ,
among them being G. M. Thompson , S.
Fnesler and E. Wallerstadt. All of them
are prospering and well pleased with the
country. < Mr. Winder was delighted
with what be saw of the territory.
F. G. Simmons , deputy grand master
workman of the A. O. U. W- > arrived
in the city last evening and will tpeud
some time here in the interests of that
order. Ho is the gentleman who Lgave
Norfolk lodge such valuable asfis-.ande
lost winter and the members ex
pect considerable good to come from his
help on thla visit.
A smallparty of young people took
advantage of the beautifulmoonlight of
hut evening for a serenading , venture ,
The delightful stillness of a perfect
night , the charming brilliancy ot a July
moon and the sweet strains , of .song to
the accompaniment of .mandolin' and
guitar , blended well to make the stunt ,
withal , a most superior one.
The committee having charge ot the
base ball subscriptions are meeting with
fair success. Few persons appreciate
the expense connected with maintaining
a goodball team , and if this city wants
to stay in the game along with smaller
towns around , the expenses will have
to be me.t. Otherwise there will be no
more of the sport. ,
Probably few tennis courts in Nor
folk have ever been1 in as good condition
as the qne at the corner of Norfolk
avenue and Tenth , street. The pity is
that so many old time enthusiasts haye
lost their interest in the sport. There
have been years' in Norfolk when 11
courts were kept filled constantly , bnt
today it Is hard to scrape up enough for
a game of doubles.
A Massachusetts business firm prints
this paragraph at the top of its letter
heads : "Errors we make them ; so does
everyone. ' } We will cheerfully correct
them if yon will write us. Try to write
good natnredly if you can , bnt write to
us anyway. Do not complain to some
one else first or let the matter drop. We
wont the first opportunity to moke right
any injustice we may do. " The little
sermon deserves a wide audience , Few
ppople have not had occasion at some
time in their lives to regret the sending
,9 a harsh oraety | \ npte of complaint. It
jinAybe necessary to assort one's right in
Dizzy ? (
Then your liver isn't acting
well. You suffer from bilious
ness , constipation. Aycr's
Pills act directly on the liver.
For 60 years they have been
the Standard Family Pill.
Mock 7 Tlinn Ulfl
_ incn B Pmmym n r Hni 4 en . nniN M.
lottprs , but there la no bettor
rule of porrqnpowloiico than to mitko the
first ono good imturcd.
Fred Soebalt , an old resident and
somewhat pounllar oharaotor of Woyno ,
nrriviui in thu oily ItiNt evening dotor-
illlqod to gpto Seattle , Wash. , having
doojded to Iwtvo his Wayne proportr and
) ) ur fntnro walfaro in the care of hi
wifo. A friend learning that ho had
propurotl his ticket very cheaply , asked
to HOO the pustobourd and found that it
g Kd to Salt Lake City , only. The
traveler had anticipated his trip to the
oatont that a box containing harbor
toolHiuid ohor | poreonal property had
bppn sent on to Seattle while his trunk
IH on thu way to Salt Lako. After con
sulting with the agent lioro and hit )
frioudH Buobalt decided to return to
Wayne and start over again , after the
railroad company has fitted him out
with the ticket desired. The traveler
spoalcs English only indiil'orontly well
and it ix Buppotiod that his deficiency in
language WUH ruupoiiHiblo for the nils-
tnko , the namoH of the two oitioH having
a similar sound.
The fluent kind of light work to bo
had in the olty nt Nordwlg's.
Hex Conditioner expels worms from
all stock.
Good Advlco.
The most miserable beings in the
world nro those suffering fro m dyspepsia
and liver complaint. More than seventy-
five per cunt of the people 4u the United
States are afflicted with those two dis-
KpB and their effects : snnh as sour
stomach , nick hcndacho , habitual cos-
tiyi mSF , palpitation of the Imxrt , heart
burn , water-broth , gnawing and burn
ing naiuH at the pit of the Moinnch ,
yi How Hkiu coated tongue and dls-
nmmiablo ( usto In the mouth , coming up
nt food after oatiug , low Hpirits , oto.
Qo to your druggist and got a bottle of
August Flower for 75 cents. Two
doses will relieve you. Try it. Get
Croon's special almanac. Asa. K.
Gardner & Boiler deal in improved
and unimproved lands. Ranches an
town property for sale In Pierce , Cedar ,
Knor , Wayne and Holt counties , also
lauds and ranches in North and South
11 Rrx Poultry Food matures the fowl
and is an egg producer.
II. A. PiiHowalk exclusive seller Rex
goods. .
A Good Thing.
German Syrup is the special persorip-
tlon of Dr. A. Bofcheo , a celebrated
German physician , and is acknowledged
to bo ono ot the most fortunate discov
eries in medicine. It quickly euros
coughs , colds and all lung troubles of
the severest nature , removing an it does ,
the cause of tbo affection and leaving
the parts in n strong and healthy con
dition. It is not an experimental med
icinebut , has stood the test of years ,
Riving satisfaction in every coco , which
its rapidly increasing eale every season
confirms. Two million bottles sold
annually. .Boscheo's Gorman Syrup
WIIK .introduced lu the United States in
1C8' , and is'now ' sold in every town and
village in the civilized world. Three
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Pricn 75 cents Get Green's special
almanac. Asa. K Leonard.
Buy your harness of Paul Nordwlg ,
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fey'B old stand.
Notice of Dissolution of Copartner *
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing be.twe.on
John Humphrey and Davenport Broa
u.ndcr the name and style of Norfqlk
Tailoring Co. has this , day been dissolved
by mutual consent. ,
The business heretofore concnoted by-
said copartnership will hereafter bocon ,
ducted by John Humphrey. All credits
due euid firm will be collected by John
Humphrey and All debts of said firm ,
will bo paid by him. Dated this 14th
day of July , 1902.
Signed in the presence of M. D. Tyler.
A eood looking
bor * And poor look
tag burneiB Is the " . .i
wont kind of n com
Harness Oil
not only mik w the barncsa and th
borse loot better , but makes tn
ft and rlUble.T'Utsttln con
dition to lull twlco i IODK
at U ordinarily would.
Boll TtrT k r la cut * 1 |
Horse &