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    V ) THE NORFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , JULY 25 , 1902.
Now Jersey Gives Warm Wel
come to Roosevelt.
yisltB National Guard Encampment at
8ca Girt and Reviews Troops Ciller
I' ' i Executive Given Enthusiastic GreetIng -
* | Ing All Alone the Route.
' '
} i Sea Girt , N. J. , July 25. o proal-
i ' dcmt over rocolvod a mdro ftlrtCflrVJ ,
nrid patriotic wulcomo thin
that filven Proaldent llooiovclt yoBtor-
< n.y . by the people of Now Jornuy ,
1-Yom Uio tlmo ho landed on Now Jor-
V > y boil At 1:35 : In the hftornooii until
ho loft In his launch for hla yacht ,
Maytlowor , anchored aovoral mlloa off
the iilur , ho was the roclplont of a
continuous ovation. The president ,
on Invitation of Governor Kranklln
Murphy , vlflltod the encampment of
the Second Now Jersey National
Chard at Sea Qltt.
At 1:35 : the president and hla party
landed at the plor from the Mayflow
er's oloctrlc launch , while the harbor
, resounded with the din of steam whis
tles nnd cheers of the people. As the
party Htoppod upon the plor they Were
greeted by Governor Murphy , Sonatoro
tfoKn and Dryden and the govornor'n
staff In gorgeous uniforms.
The party was conducted tb a ape
dal train of Pullman'cars In waiting
nnd started Immediately for Sea Qlrt.
At every town along the route clabor-
nto preparations had boon made for
thoJrocopUon5r th'O tmSIlorttf ! Too
railway stations all si-ions - the line
were , thronged Pwlth 'pepplft,4 Vlio
chcbrcd and wav < x , , . . , p. . . enthUBlaBtla-
_ . . . „ the train pnj&ed , All of tlio
stations and many 'Yosldonc'oB ' were
dodbrjiTed 'handsomely Ton thoiisaill
people greeted the party at Sea Ql'rt
station , f resident Roosevelt ; and the
other" guests 'wow ( Srie&rtod Mn Car
riages'to'tho governor's' ' dotthfco , all-
Jolrflnfc the mlltary encampment. As
ho arrived at the cottage H jprdstdonta
Bahilo of twenty-one guns wds flrejl.
After a brief rest and An. ' Infohnal rp-
coptlo'n , , at the cotfa o , 'President '
Roosevelt1 'arid Qoyornor Miirnhy ftijd
staff reviewed thojjjj'roops in 'oacfnp ,
the prbaldont being Amounted > on A
magnificent PhoBtmit * lin.y , wjitch lie
pat perfectly , The president com-
pllmonted the guardsmen upon tholr
soldierly boarlng and proficiency anl
told them that the safety of the nation
dopejuls largely on the citizen
Boldlors. At 3 o'clock the presi
dential party returned to Atlantic
Highlands nnd loft for the Mayflower
in a steam launch.
Mother Jones and Other Defendants
Declared Guilty by Judge Jacksop.
Parkersburg , W. ' Va. , July 25.
Judge Jackson , In the United States
dlsti ictft court , yesterday held "Moth-
' or" Jones and seven ether organizers
of the United Mlno Workers and a
number of Hungarian minors guilty of
contempt , In violating his Injunction
order of Juno 19. Ho sentenced them ,
with the exception of "Mother'
Jones and the Hungarians , to from
sixty to ninety days In jail. The de
fendants were BUI prised with both the
tleclbion and the sentences , and ex
pressed themselves bitterly.
Counsel for the Imprisoned miners
nro preparing for habeas corpus pro
ceeding , alleging Judge Jackson lia J
no jurisdiction In tha cases.
While the sentences are considered
Bovoru , 'It is anticipated that Judgu
Jackson will deal firmlywith' \ VI } .
Wilson , ; secretary of the United t'Mlno
Workers , ' who has also been lieid lu
contempt , but who lo at'his hcatlquar-
tor/in Indianapolis. District Xttirnoy
---iw- - - ' ' u-
an 'a'giJdivit -
tary"'Wilson viojated tho' foatfalnirig
order of Juno 19.\by' ' i aklriif ( a in-
flarami\tbry spee6h at ClB Bur ' July
7 and another at Falrmdnwuly < 8 , ' and
asked the 'court for hid arrVat. 'Jiidgo
Jackson tm de the or3er tljat llson
fliQ arrested "and" Brough'r'within the
Jurisdiction p'f his court. '
\ t Thomas Haggerty , who waa glvon
ninety days , was a prominent organ
izer. Ho lives at Roynoldsvllle. Fa.
Rice and Morgan are also organizers
and members of the board of United
Mine Workers. Rice lives In Dubols ,
Pa. , and Morgan in Massllloh , O.
frhoso organizers and others were
forking with the miners of West Vir
ginia when Judge Jncks6n issued hla
order. The , prisoners have been dls-
trlbbtcd among the jails of a half
dozen or more counties.
( Beverldge' to Invade Texas.
Houston , Tax. , July 25. A special
from Seguln , Tex. , says that.Senator
BoYorldgo of Indiana has' expressed
his willingness to make at least four
speech'es in the Fifteenth district , In
. which 'Senator Bailey1'of Texas will
make a campaign in behalf of John
H. Carney , the Democratic nominee
for congress.
: Cloudburst In Pennsylvania.
Irwln , Pa , , July 25. ftwln' wa the
center of a cloudburst , hailstorm and
iWlhastorra last rifeht , which extended
over an area of less than two miles ,
but the damage wroutht In less than
&n hour Is estimated at 1200,000.
Milwaukee Road Reported Sold.
. .Chicago , July 26. The Chicago ,
Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad , it la
positively stated , has been purchased
b/ the Union Pacific interests.
Death of Marshal Crum ,
Oswego , Kan. , July 25 , L. S. Orum ,
' "
"United States marshal for Kansas aad
a noted politician , died at'
in this city last
Chnrao Upon Which Lieutenant Hlclt-
man ! Tried by Couit-Martlal ,
Mnnlln , July 2C. The cuurl-iuartlnl
of Lloiitennnt A , Illcknmn of the First
cavalry , on the charges of having
ducked In a pond two natives of Tay-
abus because they rcfusud to guldo
him to the stronghold of ( ho tusur-
cent leader Cdlmlloti , and with haVln
diickcil a third native who died from
the maltreatment , has boon cohcludcd
after tWd brlof Utln8 ( , 'and LlouWn *
but Hlcknlun Is bollbvod to have buon
The dofqnso admitted all of the
, ln the first , charge , talc
oxcpptlons onjir to the wprd "un-
ul ' ahti
ploBueil justification uu-
Her gonorai order lUO atid the conui-
lldnti' provalllnlt'ln' Tayabas provlhce.
The defense also 'produced a tola-
Brnphlo brdor from Gonorai Chaffoo
urging the location of Caballcs , regardless -
gardloss of the mcnuures nocosuary 10
do so ,
Remarkable Dinner , Given In * the
House of Commons.
London , July 5. J. Plcrpont Mor-
Bail wnri the guest of honor at a ro *
nmrkablo dinner given In the house of
cdmirions * by Archibald White Me-
Conochlo , member for the east divi
sion of Abordconshlro. On one side
of the host sat Mr. Morgan nnd on
the other Premier Daffoitr , One of ,
those present Bald : "It way one of
the most romarcablo | gatherings In
which f over took part , Practically
a quorum of the cabinet talked bvcr
in the simplest , most open way , lend
ing subjects , which now vitally concern -
corn both countries. To see Mr. M6r-
gan and Mr. Bnlfour together ' one
could scarcely believe the former had
been regarded ns a bogle who threat *
encd England's commercial existence.
If some things which passed around
( hat table could bo repeated , It would
bo an eye oiionor to those who nro
fomenting commercial rivalries ho
twoon England and America. "
A Church In Wale * .
Wroxhani parish church Is known an
ono of the BQVon wonders of Wales. It
dntOH us u Htructure from the fifteenth
ctMitury ' nnd In diUhedrnl-llko In Its pro
portions. I > < A "chained" Bible , now kept ,
under lock nnd key , Is among the curi
ous relics , and beside It Is a handsomely
ljfit bound ' 'visitors' book , " sent by the
students of Ynlo university , United
Stutes , for the use of Yule ( students vis-
itlmr the church. In the churchyard Is
the tombstone of El hu Ynle , witn us
quaint t'pltaph. The soldiers' chapel ,
which Is entered tlnough an cxqulslto
arcli , has a beautiful memorial win
dow to the Welsh fnslleers who have
fallen In battle .
Features of the Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
Clilcngo , July 24. There were fancy
prices agiiln lu July out * mill July com to
toilet o the' monotony uf a. grulu session
othurwUo dull. TUu foimur jumped 3
CL'ntd to u new record prlci ? 70c. The lat
ter MO 111 ut TOc , but did not hold Its
strength. The situation In grnlnu was very
ummtlMfactory to thn trndu ut large , owing
to ttu > couKt'Htlon la all July options ,
riuctuatlonti were narrow In deferred tut-
urvs utul aside from thu fair weather , the
bearish Influence that predominated was
that of " "
"uustraddllujj" Scptoinbcr-Ueccm-
lier wheat spicnds. September , whu-it
closed Virae down , September corn
lower nnd September oats l&e lower.
July outH Rallied ; ic. Provisions closed 20
22l c. higher. Closing prlees :
Wluwt Julyf 7Gi. Sept. , 72& . Rec. , 71 % .
Corn July , 07c ; Sept. , UU&c ; Dec. , 40&c.
Oats July , Blc ; Sept. , 30Jic ; Dec. , 32ic.
1'ork-July , $17.40 ; . Sept. , $17.53 ; Oct. ,
Lard-July. $10.03 ; Sept. , $10.80 ; Oct. ,
Ribs-July , $10.50 ; Sept. , $10.55 ; Oct. ,
Chicago Cash Trices JNo. 2 red wheat ,
7So ; No. 3 red wheat , 7274c ; No. 3 spring
wheat , 70@73e ; No. 2 hard wheat , 74c ;
No. 3 hatd wheat , 7273c ; No , 2 en ah corn ,
GGlic ; No. 3 casli corn , 0305V6c ; No. 2
yellow corn , COVj(5 < ! 7c ; No. 3 yellow corn ,
G3yj < y < > 0c : No. 2 cush oats , 01 : No. 2vhlto
C8&70 ; No. 3 white oata. B5@COc.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago , July 24.-Cattlc-HecelptB , T.tXX ) ,
Including 2,000 Texans nnd 400 westerns ;
slow , steady ; good to prime steers , $7.853
(8.70 ( ; poor to medium- $ { .50@7,75 ; stock era
( and feeders , $ : XBOSS.2a | cows , $1.CO30 ;
htlrerti , $2.23gC.COi ( canners , * I.602.BO ;
blillu , $3.25410. 51 Cftlvcr , $215030.60 ; Texas
fed gUera. J4.00O5.73 ; western itecra. $5.00
30.50. HoBii-ltccelpts , today , 12,000 ; to-
morroWj lO.OOOj IcIt'orcV. 8,000 ; steady to
lOc , hlgticr. closed slow ; mixed and butcher * .
$7.15 7.00 ; coed to choice heavy , $7.05t
7.00 ; rough ueaw $7.207.80 ( 'light. $0.75
07.00 ; bulk , of , ! . $7.40@7.85 , Sheep
Hcctlptn. 15,000 ; shf ep ' ; ready r Umbs
Steady to Idwcr ; good to choice' ' wethers ,
$4. 0.00) ) fair to choice'mixed. $2.753
4.25 ; western sheep , $2.50 4.75 ; natlra
lambs ; $8.0XXBT.OO.
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas 'City , Joly 24. Cattle Receipts ,
8,500 ; steady to lOc lower ; choice beef
steers , $7C5 < 38.25 ; fair to good. $4.75 < Q7.GO ;
stockers and feeders , $2 0 < B0.33 ; western
fed steers , ? 3.403.35 ; Texas and Indian
steers , $2.85 4.40 ; T s cows , $2.00(33.00 ( ;
native cows , J1.&CX30.00 : natlre belftra ,
$2.00(34.85 ( ; canners , $1.252.0 ; kails ,
$3. < XXU3.33 : calTes , 2.BOfi3.00. Hogs-Re-
colpts. 2,533 ; steady to Oc higher ; top ,
$7.00 ; bulk of sales , $7.30 7,55 ; heary.
$7.55 7.00 : mixed park rs , > $ T.30iQT.43i
light. $7.00 7.42 % ; yorkars , $7.80 < 37.4IVi ;
plgn , $6.50 < [ { C.1W ! 8ho p-R e lpts. 8,000 ;
flrui ; Umbs 10 < $23a lowtr ; natlri lambs ,
$4.45(34X30 ( ; westtrn lambs. J3.20as.00 I- ;
native wethers , f4.3&g&16 | western weth-
er , $3.33@4.7p.
Omaha Llvo Stock ,
South Omaha , July 24. Cattle Receipts ,
l.&OO. ateady to tr ngir ; nativeJ stters ,
$4j70g ( .CG > cow * add 4 h lf rs ! $9.00 8.00 ;
western atesrs , ? 4.754iaOO ; Texas , st ers ,
$4.25 < J(5.40 ( : canners , $1.75(32.73 ( : 'stocktrs
and fcvders , $2.75(85.00 ( calves , J2.MXSC.OO ;
bulls. Btae * . etc. , 2.23(20.25. ( Hoia-Ru-
celpta , (200 ; stroij tb Cc higher heavy ,
$7.407.60i mixed , $7.3OST.-iO ; light , $7.10 [
i7MO ; pigs , $0.0037.00 ; bulk of sates ,
$7.3087.43. Sheep Receipts , 600 ; steady ;
rearllnifs , $3.754X4.25 ; wether * , * 3.1B < g4.W ;
t\\tm. $2.23(34,10 ( ; common and atockers ,
$1.75S3.W ( ! lamba , $3.50qu.25.
Ot Joseph Live Stock.
St. Joseph , July 24-Cattle Receipts , V
D02 ; opened steady , closed lO lSc low ts
natives , $4.353 .23 ; cows and heifers , $1.M
dfl.23 ; veals , $2.r > ( \q6.00 ; ; bulls and stags ,
$2.50 0.25 ; atockersand feeders. $2.093
0.23. Uogs Receipts. .4.000 ; i sttndy , .to
' ' ;
I strong ; 'light and light 'mixed , $ r.l&OT.M'
Expulsion of Nuns Ordered.
Paris , July 1G ! 0nly four iltiauthotv
Izod schools now remain lu Paris , The
fllfltora In charge 6 ? thcso have on *
couraKOil ilomonBtratlons In their fa
vor and are determined to remain un
til they are forcibly oxpolled. Aa the
limit of delay accorded by Premier
Combos' circular expired yesterday , 1C
is likely that decrees ordering the
expulsion of the Bisters will bo placed
Ih the hands of the police today and
that the execution of thoa6 docrccn
will lie accompanied by scents of vie
lence. Clericals are busy throughout
Paris trying to arouoo tholr support *
ors and Inducethorn , to take part In a
popular niov6meiu la faVor of the
Lutheran Aid Society Elects.
DubUtflrtj ; July JtfJ.-iTlio ; triennial
convention of the Mutual Aid Society
of tho' ' Iowa Lutheran synofl closed
yoatorday. Dologatca wore present
from Illlnolfl , Indiana , Missouri , Wis
consin , Nebraska , Ohio , the Dakotas ,
Mlnrieaola and IDWJIC OfFlcera' were
o6cted ! as follpwa : President , Rev.
O. II , Kranshaar , Clinton ; vlco presi
dent , John Sohl , Diibuquo ; secretary ,
0 , Grossman , Wayorly ; treasurer ; A.
Hommcr , Iowa City. The ncxt , moot
ing will bo hold at Oahkosh , Wls.
A necondiiry Coimlderntlon.
"Silo's alus | so 'frald of somebody
Bwlpin' dut dog. "
"Am It wuff nnyt'lng ? "
"Walil , In dls byiili neighborhood a
t'ing ( loan' have to bo wuff uufflu to
git swiped. " Puck.
Sound kidneys are safeguards of life.
Make the kidneys healthy with Folcy'a
Kidney Ouro. A , II. Kiosan.
I'll bravo the storms of Ohlllkoot
Pt\sn ,
I'll cross the plains of frozen glass.
I'll leave iny wife and cross the sea ,
Rather than bo without Rooky
Mountain Tea. A. H. Klesan.
Out this ont.aud take it to Kiosau's
drag store aud , got a box of' Ohambei
Iain's Stomach aud Liver Tablets , The
best physio. They also correct disorders
of th& stomach. Price 25 cents.
Reader You will coufer a lasting
favor aud receive a reward , if yon will
report the name of dealers trying to sell
you a substltuto for the Madison Modi-
otuo Co.'s Rocky Mountain Tqa. A. H.
What you doin * neighbor ? Helping
Bill. What's Bill doin1 ? Helping
Maudy ? What's Mandy doin' ? Help
ing mother. What's mother doiu' ?
Taking Rocky Mountain1 Tea. Sensible
family. A. H. Kiesau.
No False Cjaims.
The proprietors of Foley's Honey aud
Tar do not advertise this as a "sure cure
for consumption. " They do not claim
itVI will cure this dread cotnplaliit in ad
vance cases , bnt do positively assort that
it will cure in the earlier stages aud
uever fails to give comfort and relief in
the worst oases. Foley's Honey aud
Tar is without doubt the greatest throat
and lung remedy. Refuse substitutes.
A. H. Kiesau.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued
aud directed to mo by the clerk * of the
district court of Madison county , Ne
braska , upou a decree of foreclosure
rendered by the district court of Madi
son county , Nebraska , on the 31st day
of March , 1903 , in favor of Peter Hopley
for the sum of $1053.60 with interest
thereon from March 81 , 1903 , at 8 per
cent per annum , together with $15.08 ,
costs of suit , and accruing costs , in an
action , wherein Peter Hopley is plaintiff ,
aud M. R. Morris , S. R. Roszell , Mrs.
S. R. Roszell , Emiretta Yonst and
William Youst are defendants , I will
offer the premises described in said do
or o and taken as the property of said
defeudauts , to-wit :
The north-east quarter ( uo } ) of sec
tion nineteen (19) ( ) in township twenty-
three (23) ( ) north of range one (1) ( ) , west
of the 6th p. m. , in Madisou county ,
Nebraska , for sale at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash in hand on
the 2Sth day of July , 1903 , at the hour
of one o'clock p. m. , at the east front
door of the court house 'at ' Madison in
said county and state , that being the
building wherein the last term of said
court was held , when and where due
attendance 'will be given by the under
Dated this 25th day of June , 1903.
Sheriff of said county.
Road Notice.
To all Whom it , May Concern : .The
commissioners appointed to flew find
locate 'A ' roadj1 commencing at the'south
west corner of section thirty-three-(33) ( )
township twenty-one (21) ( ) range two (2) ( )
west of the Otli P. M. , and , running
thence east one mile and terminating at
tHe -southeast 'corner of enld1 sectldn
thirtr-threo (83) ( ) township twenty-one
' (31) ( ) tango two (3) ( ) west Oth P , Mi * has
'reported in favor of the establishment
thereof and all objections thereto , or
claims for damages , mast be filed in the
county clerk's ofllco on or be fore * uoon of
the 20th day of September A. D , 1003 ,
or such road will be established without
reference thereto.
Dated at MadisonNebraska , this 18th
day Of July , 1903.
County Clerk.
Mother Always Keeps It Handy.
"My mother suffered a long tlmo from
distressing pains and < general ill , health
Idue primarily to indigestion1 says L.
W. Spalding. Verona , Mo. "Two years
ago I got her to try Kodol. She grew
'better at once and uow , at the age of |
seventy-six , eats anything she wants ,
remarking that she fears no bad effects :
as she. has her bottle of. Eodol handy. ii
Don't waste time doctoring symptoms.
Go after the cause , If your stomach is
sound your health wil ] be good. Kodol
rests the stomach flnd strengthens the
bodybydigestinpr food. It's
your nat t-
ures own tonio. The Kiesau-Drug Oo.
Men Will bo Boys.
In the excitement of lively exerolso like
boat-racing or ball-playing , they
strain their muscles and go home limp
ing and sore. Then they are glad they
have Perry Davis' Painkiller on hand
to sooth the quivering nerves ; to pene
trate the muscles with warmth and
healing power. It has relieved the pain
in two generations , of Americans.
Large' bottles 23 and 60 cents.- ' ' " ' '
A .Good Thing.
Gorman S/rup lit the special -proscrip
tion of Dr. A. Bosollee , a celebrated
German phyrtlciau , and is acknowledged
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eries iu medicine , It quickly cures
coughs , coldd iludall lung troubles of
the severest nature , removing , as it does ,
the cause of the oireotloti and leaving
the parts iu a strong and healthy , con
dition , It is iiot au experimental medi
cine , but has Htood the test for years ,
giving satisfaction iu every case , which
.its . rapidly iubroasltig sale every stJasoil
confirms. Two niUlloif bottles sold an
nually. Bosphoo'fl German Syrup was
introduced lu the United States in 1808 ,
aud is now" sold iu over/ town atid Til
lage in the civilized , world. Three doses
will roltovo auy Ordinary cough. Price
75cduts : Gdb Groan's special almahao.
At H. Kiosau.
i Happy Tlrno in Old Town.
"Wo felt very happy , " writes B , i N.
Bovill , 01U Town , Va. , "when Buck-
Ion's Arnica Salve wholly cured our
daughter of a bad case of scald head. It
delights all who use it for outs , corns ,
burns , bruises , boils , nloors , eruptions.
Infallible for piles. Only 85 cents at
the Klosatl Drug Co.
Treat your1 Kidneys for Rheumatism.
When you'hre suffering from rhon-
matlanitho kidueys must bo attended teat
at ouce so that they will eliminate the
uric aold from the blood. Foley's Kid
ney Cure id the most effective remedy
for this purpose. B. T. Hopkins ; o'
Polar , Wis. , says , "After snccoistully
doctoring three years for rheumatism
with the best doctors , I tried Foley's
Kidney Cure mid it ourod me. I cannot
speak too highly of this great medicine.
A. H. Kiesau.
Filthy Temples in India ;
Sacred cows often defile Indian tem
ples , but worse yet is a body that's pol
luted by couitipatiou. Dou't permit it.
Cleanse your system with Dr. King's
New Life Pills and avoid untold misery.
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The Finest Fabric. ,
mado-by human skill is coarse compared
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this tender membrane is irritated wo
have griping pains , diarrhoea and
cholera morbns. Whatever be the
cause of tiie trouble , take Perry Davis
Painkiller according to the directions
with each bottle. Travelers ill 'all ' cli
mates carry Painkiller in their grip
sacks. Large bottles 25 and 50 cents.
The Best Liniment for Sprains.
Mr. F. A. Wells , the merchant at
Deer Park , Long Island , N. Y , says :
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Pain Balm as the best liniment for
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vero lameness in the side , resulting
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fected. " For sale by Ktesau Co.
Nedd More Help.
Often the over-taxed organs of diges
tion cry out for help , by dyspepsia's
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liver complaints , bowel disorders. Such
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Vacation Days.
Vacation time is here and the child
ren are fairly living out of doors. There
could ba no healthier place for them.
You need only to guard against the ac
cidents incidental to most open air
sports. No remedy equals DeWitt's
Witch Huzel Salve for quickly stopping
pain or removing danger of serious con
sequences. For cuts , scalds and wonnds.
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_ - - * f
Don't Fail to Try'This.
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Electric Bitters for any trouble it is
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faction guaranteed by The Kiesau Drug
Co. Only 50 cents.
Two bottles Cured Him.
fl was troubled with kidney com.
plaint for about two years , " writes. A. ,
H. Davis , of Mt. Sterling , Iowa , "but
two bottles of Foley's Kidner Cure ef
fected a permanent core. 'A. H. Kieaau !
The Same Old Story.
J. A. Kelley relates an experience
slmlllar to that which has. happened in
States and has been told and retold by
thousands of ' others. He says : "Last
summer I h'ad an attack -of dysentery
and purchased a bottle of Chamberlain's
Oolio , Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ,
which I used according to directions
and with entirely , satisfactory results.
The trouble was controlled much quicker
than 'former attacks when1 1 used other
remedies. ? ' Mr. Kelley is a well known
citizen of Henderson , N. O. For solo
by Kiesau Drug Co.
A Cure for Summer Complaint.
Summer complaint ; is unusually prev
alent among children this season. 'A
w611 developed case In the writer's fam
ily was cured last week by thoitimely
nse of Chamberlain's Colio , Oholeraiand
Diarrhoea Remedy one of 'the best
patent medicines manufactured and
which Is always kept on hand at the
homeof ye scribe. This is not intended
as a free puff for the company , who di
not advertise with us , but to benef
little sufferers who may not bo within
easy access of a physician. No familj
should be without n bottle of this medicine
cine in the house
, especially in snmme :
time. Lansing , Iowa , Journal. Fo
sale by Kiesan Drag Oo.
A. R. Boss , of Morgantown , Ind. , ha <
to get up ton or twelve times in th. .
njght , and had
severe /backache am
'pains ih the kidneys. Was cared b
Fbley'6 'Kidney Cure. A. iH. Klosan' ' '
Do not always receive the sympathy nnd attention which'
they deserve. Their ailments are regarded as purely
imaginary , or natural and unavoidable at their time of
life. Disease and infirmity should not always be nssoci-
atcd with old age. The.eye of , the gray haired grandsire
may be as bright and the , complexion as fair as any of .
his younger and more vigorous companions ,
Good JKfeorf/a. the megpfit of healthy o/rfags , for it regulates
and controls ' every part of the body , strengthens , thc nerves , makes the
muscles'claJjltd ' &Ad siipple , the bohes strong and the flesh firm ; but when
this life fluid'Js'pollutcd'or poisoned and loses ite nutritive , health sustain
ing elements , thcnthdrc ifr'sn rapid 'decline of the Vital powers' ) resulting5
Inr premature old age'and disease * Any ] derangement 'of the blood qu'iekly
shows ? itself in an ulcer , sore , wnrt , ituni r br some' other troublesome
crrowth uoon thehodv. and rheumatic , and nmirnltfie naln.q become alnlbst
consiani , accompantca , wuu poor aigesnon ana com exirenuucs. ,
X ° - s X" " * * x" " * . § $ ® - being purely vegetable , is the safest and
fO * tO3 iCN best blood purifier for old people. It does not shocker
or hurt thd system like the strong mineral remedies ,
but gently and thoroughly cleanses the blood and
stimulates the debilitated organs , when all bodily
ailments disappear. S. S. S. is just such a tonic as old people need' ' to
improve a weak , digestion and , tone up tlie Stomach. If there is any heredi
tary taint , or the remains of some disease contracted" in eafly life , S. S. S.
will search It out and remove every vestige of it from the system.
Write tls fully about your case and et our physicians advise and help
you. This will cost you nothing , and we will mail free our book on blood
and skin diseases , , THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY , Atlanta' , Ga. '
4H' Broncrutls'for Twenty Years.
Mrs. Minerva Smith , of Danville , 111. ,
writes : "I had bronchitis for twenty
years and never got relief until I nsed
Foley's Honey and Tar which Is a sure
core. " A. H. Kiesau.
Good Advice.
The niCHt miserable being * in the
world are those suffering from , dyspepsia
and jliver complaint. More than seventy-
five per cent of the people in the United
States are afllioted with these two dis
eases aud their effects : such as soar
stomach , nick headache , habitual cos-
tiveuoss , palpitation of the heart , heart-
barn , water-brash , gnawing and barn-
luff pains at the pit of the stomach ,
yellow skin , coated tongae and disagree
able taste in the mouth , coming np of
food after eating , low spirits , etc. Go
to your druggist aud got a bottle of
August Flower for 75 cents. Two
doses will relieve yoa. Try it. Get
Green's special almanac. A. H. Kiosau.
When other Medicines have Failed.
Take Foley's Kidney cure. It has
cured when everything else has disap
pointed. A H. Ktesau.
- Saves a Woman's Life.
To have Rivon up would have meant
death for Mrs. Lois Oragg , of Dorches
ter , Mass. For years she had endured
untold misery from a 'severe lung
trouble aud obstinate cough. "Often ? "
she writes , "I could scarcely breathe
aud sometimes conld not speak. All
doctors aud remedies failed till I used
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption and was completely cured. "
Sufferers from coughs , colds , throat
and lung trouble need this grand
remedy , for it never disappoints. Oare
is guaranteed by The Kiesau Drug Co.
Price COo and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
If a Man Lie to You ,
And say some other salve , ointment ,
lotion , oil or alleged healer is as good as
Baoklen's Arnica Salve , tell him thirty
years of marvelous cures of Riles , burns ,
boils , corns , felons , ulcers , cuts , scalds ,
braises and skin eruptions prove it's the
best and cheapest. 25o at The Kiesau
Drug Oo.
Poisoning The System.
It is through the bowels that that the
body is cleansed of impurities. Con
stipation keeps those poisons in the sys
tem , causing headache , dullness and
melancholia at first then unsightly erup
tions and finally serious illness unless a
remedy isapplied. | Dewitt'sLittlo Early
Risers prevent this trouble by stimulating
the'liver aud promote easy , healthy
action of the bowels. These little pills
do not act violently but by strengthen
ing the bowels enable them to perform
their own work. Never gripe or distress.
The Kiesau Drug Co.
Was Wasting Away.
The following letter from Robert R ,
Watts , of Salem Mo. , is instructive.
'I have been troubled with kidney dis-
lose for the last five years. lUost flesh
and.neyer felt well and doctored with
"eading physicians and tried iall reme-
"lea suggested without relief. * Finally
tried Foley's -Kidney Cure and less
ihan twobottles ! completely cured me
andd am now sound and well. " A. H ,
Drying preparations simply devel
op dry catarrh ; tbeyi drymp tha aearetioas ,
which , 6 < lhero , to the mpmbrano.aad decom-
x > se , causing a far more serious trouble than
ho ordinary form of datarrli. Avoid all'dry. '
ng 'inhalantajifumes 'imokeai andiamuTa
ind use that vrhiqh cleanses , soothes and
icals. . Ely's Cream J3alm is such , a remedy
and will'euro catarrh br cold in tha Wad
easily- -pldaaantly. . A * trial silwwill'bo
nailed forlOicenti ; All druggiaU soil tha
COo. sizo.Ely Brothers , CG.AVaxren St. , NY.
The Balm cures without pain , does not
rritatdorcansd'sileezlng. It spreads { ( self
over' ' nu itrltated and angry surfaoa roliov-
npf immediately tbo painful inflammation.
With Ely's , Cream Balm. you. are armed
igainst Nasal Catarrh and Hay Fever.
Foley's Kidney Cure purifies the
ilood by straining out impurities and
; ones up the ' whole system , Cure's
kidney and bladder troubles.A. . H. Kio
If you have kidney or bladder trouble
and do not use Foley'a Kidney Onrej
you will have < only yourself to blame
forresults- , .it , positively cures all
forma of kidney aud bladder diseases
A. H.'Klewu.
B * * M V MI-MWaB MM
"Lam using a box of Chamberlain1 !
Stomach and Liver Tablets , and find
them the best thing for my qtomoon I ever
used,7' eaya T. W. R6binson , justice of
the peace , Loomis , Mich. Those tablets
not only correct disorders of the stomach
but regulate the Ifver and bowels. They
are easy to take and pleasant effect
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Kiesau Drug Co/ '
Acts Immediately ,
Colds are sometimes more trouble
eome in summer than in winter , It's HO
hard to keep'from ' adding to them while
cooling off after exercise , One Mltiuto
Cough Cure euros at once. Absolutely
safe. Act * immediately , Sure /cure fo"
coughs , coldsj toronp , j throat j and iluuj
troubles. The Kieaau Drug Oo ,
It. all Its stages tliero
should bo cleanliness.
Ely's Crcn'm Balm
cleanses , too tbo and heals
Itio diseased mornbraneV
It cures catarrh and drives
auay a cold'ln thatbcair iMsMgHBBBs B
qulcklyi , l _ -.jff" .
Crcutu Balm Is placed Into the'nwrlls , spreads
orer the membrane ttfld'la kbeorbed ? Helltf Is Im
mediate and a cure follows. It Is not drying docs
not produce sneezing. Large Size , BO cents at Drug
gist ! or by mall ; Trial 8lze10 cents by mall.
ELY' ' BUOTUEUS , BO Warren Street , New Y lc.
) -Takc the je.iulne , original
.onty liy Madison Mt'dl-
clnd Co. , AJadlson. WU. It
k4ep you'WllOur trod *
rrinrlTcilt'-orr each package.
Price , 35 cent5. Never aold
In bulk. Accept no jubU
tute Ask .vour druggist.
At all lnig store * . 35 DOM * 35c.
Well Man
0. of Me.
* i VVB iFt PUfTT
produces the above results In 30 day * . It act *
powerfully and quickly. Cares when all others tall.
Young men will regain their lost manhood < tad old
men v.ill recover tholr youtblul vigor by using
REVIVO. It quickly and Burols * rentores Nerrou *
ness. Lost Vitality. Irapotency. Nightly. Emissions ,
Lost Power , Falling Memory. W&ntina Diseases , and
all effects ot self-abase or excess arid Indiscretion ,
Which unfits one ( or af udy. business or marriage. II
not only cures by starting at the seat of disease , bnl
is a great nerve tonio end blood ballder , taring *
Ing back tbo pink glow to palo cheeks ah < lro-
ttorlig tbo flro of youth. It wards off Insanity
and Consumption , Inaist on having
other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mall ,
81.00 per package , or elx ( or 65.00 , with poi >
tlvonritten truarantee to core or reload
the money. Book and advise free. Address
, , 63
for-sale in Norfolk , - Nebraskaby
Qeo.'B. Ohrisroph.'druKfdst.
are the most fatal of all dis
eases *
ruLCI 0 Buirutiid Ruilj
money refunded * . Contain !
emedles recognized by emi *
lent physicians as the best log
Udney and Bladder trouj cf.
p. fi. A fl. V. tt. Q , , is the best to end
' . .
f ' .4 ti
from thex
. . . .TRY. . . . , v
ron i