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Bailey Assaults Bcvcridgc on
„ Floor of Chamber.
{ Texan Anka Indiana Senator to Re-
ir'acVand Refiisal Is Met With'Phys-
leal , , Attack In Which /erldflb'
Neckwiar la Ripped and Torn Away.
Washington , Jdly 1 , Hot words
' imds d1 between" Bailey ( Tor. ) and
Boyerldgb ( Ind. ) on tho. floor * of the
iab'nat'o and ; aft.dr ttio adjoiirnomont ,
twos''followed up with a physical aa-
rkult by the Texas senator on tha
feerihtb 'frohi Indiana , galley criti
cised the state department for ita
handling of the , case of an. American
f cftlz9n , Df. .Scott , and'reflected' on
, t o competency of'Judge Penfleld , BO-
[ licltor of ; the department , Boyeridga
cimractorlzed tfio words of 'tho , [ Toxaa
senator as "an unwarranted attock "
LiTtiis characterization Bailey regarded
pa an Insult and demanded that the
'Indiana senator withdraw his words.
.B'everldgo declined to withdraw them
.unless Bailey first withdrew his lan
guage In respect to Solicitor Penfleld ,
although ho disclaimed any intention
of insulting Bailey.
I The trouble grew out of a resolu-
tlon offered by Bailey calling for the
papers in a Mexican mining case , Irl
. which , ho maintained , Dr. Scott had
been unfairly treated , not only by the
Mexican .courts , but also by the Amcr
lean ambassador , Mr. Clayton , and the
officials/ of the state department.
Bailey 'declared that Ambassador Clay
ton was elthed incompetent or dis
honest ; and his remarks led to some
tart rejoinders.
I After the senate had adjourned
from executive session Bailey walked
over to where Beverldgo was sitting
1andtold him that If he did not with
draw his words ho would make him re
tract. Upon his refusal to do sc
Bailey threw himself upon Beverldge ,
, -who is a man hardly up to the average
, ln physique , and seized' him by the
throat with both hands. The rush was
60 sudden and fierce that the chair In
iwhlch Beveridgo was sitting was
' .pushed back against a desk and the
, desk toppled over. Before the as
sault could go any further senators
( who had been sitting near had moved
.up 'between the desks. Hansbrough
seized Bailey by one arm and Spoonei
seized , the other. The Texas senatoi
tds a powerful man , and it was with
* great difficulty that the two senators
iwero able to drag him away from Bev-
Crldge , and when they succeeded a
part of the Indiana senator's neckwear -
; wear was ripped and torn away , In the
.Vigorous grasp of Bailey. Bacon and
a. doorkeeper came quickly forward
and assisted In pulling the Texas sen
ator further away , Bailey meanwhile
struggling to get free and lunging
toward Boverldge. As , he was re
moved he was heard to utter some
thing that souudedjlike a threat about
killing. ' _
'Adopts Philippine Conference Report
by a Vote of 149 to 92.
v Washington , July 1. With final ad
journment probable today , the house
Worked under high pressure from
noon yesterday until far Into the
night. As a preliminary several reso
lutions were adopted to grease the
legislative wheels. The rule provid
ing for the printing of conference re-
Sports before consideration was sus
pended until the end of the session
and a resolution was adopted making
a motion to suspend the rules in order
at any time. The house then got down
to business.
The conference report on the Phil
ippine civil governtiieni'bdl , ' wplch"ls
considered the last obstacle .in the
i\vay of adjournment , was.'adopted by _
a strict party vote , wl h r the single
exception of McCairMass. ) , who voted
[ with the Democrats ) < 'partial-report
on the general deficiency' appropria
tion bill was adopted and. after a pro
longed fight the house , by a vote of
0.18 to 101 , adopted the" senate amend
ment to appropriate $500,00p for the
Buffalo exposition and sent the bill
back to conference. The senate
amendments to appropriate $160,000
for the Charleston exposition and
$1,000,000 to pay Hawaiian fire-bu
bonic plague awards were defeated ,
the former by a vote of 71 to 118.
Subsequently , at the night session , the
bouse reversed Itself and assented to
the senate amendment making an ap
propriation for the Charleston fair. A
number of bills wore" passed * under
Buspenslon of the rdles , Including the
eonato bills to allot ( lands In the Cherokee -
okeo nation and to provide corpora
tion laws for Alaska At 'the ' overling
session the Dick mllltlsf''blll -which''ls
to be used aa a stopf 'p.for 'thd'ieV '
"xnalnder of the session while''tjiehbuso !
la waiting for conference reports , was
'taken up. The adioufrimeilt resold *
tlon Is to be withheld-until ttie cdn
forence report oa the1 Plilllpplnb bill
is adopted by the senate.
> , Van Sant to Be Renamed.
\9 \ St. Paul , July 1. The Republican
Btato convention meets today. Gov-
' < brnor Van Sant's renomlnatlon has
been assured for several months , and
It is considered probable that the plat
form will take cognizance of his ac
tion In seeking to enforce the law
against railway combinations.
' ( Case of Cholera on Transport Thomas ,
Manila , July 1. A case of cholera
lias bean discovered , on board the
iJUnlted States transpo'rt Thomas , and
Bho has boon detained in quarantine
atvMaravolez , at the entrance to Ma
4Ulla bay. . . . .
Good Prospect That the Jeanlc and
Portland Will Be Saved ,
Port Townseml , Wash. , July I.
The steamer Centennial reached port
yesterday nine and a half days from
Capo Nome , bringing news of the safe
ty of the steamers Joanle and Port
land. It also brought word that the
story of the loss of the United States
revenue cutter Thetis Is untrue.
The steam whaler Belvldero arrived
at Capo Nome on JUhe-20 add reported
thnt the Jcanlo and the Portland wore-
sighted la the tee. pack on Juno 17 ,
eighty miles north of'Capo Prince of
Wales and , the Dlbmedo Idlanda.
The rovonuoi cutter Thetis waa
standing by the Imprisoned vessels.
The Jcanie and the Portland wore not
Injured by the Ice'and there were good
prospefts of them getting away.
yV.'dispatch recelyed at.Valdes from
Kotzlha under date of Juno , 21 , says :
"Mount Wrangol Is In plal'n , flight of
hero and great clouds of black smoke
.can bo scon rolling up from her
crest. ' *
Otto W. Roderick of South Omaha
Confesses GUllt.
Council Bliiffs , July 1. Otto W.
Roderick of South Omaha confessed
to killing Clark Mbyer of Council
Bluffs last Saturday night. Roderick
was the first witness called In the In
quest , and his testimony caused a sen
sation. He says he-and a man named
Wilson met Meyer and two compan
ions on South Main street , and the
latter passed some Insulting remarks.
Then Roderick hit Meyer In the face
and he fell down and off the sidewalk ,
The others ran and Roderick and Wil
son went on , not thinking Meyer waa
badly hurt. The police are looking for
Wilson. Roderick will probably beheld
held for manslaughter.
Two Officers Shot While Attempting
to Arrest Band of Outlaws.
Guthrle , Okla. , July 1. Sheriff A. J ,
Bullard and Under Sheriff Coburn of
Roger Mills county , Oklahoma , were
killed yesterday In a battle with horse-
thieves while the ofllcers were at
tempting to arrest members of the
band of outlaws. The fight occurred
in the northeast portibn of the county
and continued for about thirty mln-
I utes , the outlaws finally surrounding
I thn two nfflpfira nml rlrlrlllnir tVmtn
1 with bullets. The entire band made Us
escape , supposedly uninjured , al
though the sheriffs put up a plucky
fight. Suspicion points to the Bert
Casey band.
North Dakota Town Fire-Swept.
Larlmore , N. D. , July 1. The bmil-
ness portion of Conway , a village ol
about 600 population , thirty-eight
miles north of here , was completely
wiped out by fire yesterday afternoon
causing a loss of about $70,000. , , , The
fire started in Rushiska & Vandrahck's
hardware store and , spreading to the
adjoining business places , destroyed
three general stores , one drug store
two hardware stores , one meat mar
ket , two hotels , one tailor shop , one
dwelling and a millinery store. The
insurance is about $30,000.
Sheriff Asks for Troops.
Boise , Ida. , July 1. Governor Hunt
yesterday received a dispatch from
Sheriff Rice of Bannock county , sug
gesting that In view of attacks made
by roving Indians on the white men In
a portion of the Fort Hall reservation
the government should bejippealed tote
to send the troops , to clear the red
men off. Agent Caldwell yesterday
wired the governor , denying that there
is serious trouble. The governor has
notified General Randall , commander
of this department , of the complaints.
Paying Teller Is Short $80,000.
Salt Lake , July 1. Alexander A.
Robertson , , .paying teller of the Wells-
Fargo , bank and a member of the city
council ; who disappeared Sunday
mornlrig andv returned home yester
day after abandoning his determina
tion to 'cqifSiiEilt. ' ' ' suicide , Is now In
charge'of .Chief''Of Police Paul , and Is
kept closelyliildae'n. The bank's short
age Is estimated'at ' $80,000.
Wabaoh OJt of Its Banks.
Lafayette ) Ind. , July 1. Heavy
rains during the 'past thirty-six hours
have .caused a rise of twenty feet In
the Wabash river. Bottom lands are
submerged from one to three feet.
Wheat Is In bad' condition , and thou-
Bands"o * acres of corn have been
ruined "by th'S flood.
Archer Wade shot and fatally
wounded -James Owens Monday at
Martlnsvillo , Ind. ]
Eugene Howard of Cleveland Mon
day , shot and instantly killed his wife
Catherine , , , anfl"th'en with a razor cui
his own" throat. " ,
lA'BUrv9ying'pa"fty went to Glenwood
Bprlfs's , fetjlo. , Monday to begin the
work 9 'idyin"but ' | [ the route of the
Denver , No'rthweatorn and Pacific In
the western range.
At-Maflow , ! > - < r. , lightning struck
the residence of Captain C. S. Clark
killing Mrs. . Clark Instantly , stunnlnf
two children , who are in a critical con
dltlon , and badly stunning Captain
The allotment of lands In the Scm
Inolc nation has been completed by
the Dawes commission and certificates
will be given each Indian by Governor
Brown. About 2,767 allotments were
made , each with a value of $308.
The Indianapolis Street Car com
pany has-Increased the pay of Us mc-
tormen and conductors 1 cent an hour
This makes an" Increase In the pay
roll of the company of $25,000 a year
The Increase was unsolicited on the
part of the men.
King is Still Improving and Eng
land Celebrates Good News.
Dressing of the Wound Gives Pair ) ,
but This , However , ! Not Regarded
as Serious by'tha'Doctors Dinner
to Poor of London ;
London , July 1. The general foolIng -
Ing of relief as a result of the fav.or-
iblo reports of the , cpndltlpu of the
' '
Icing.yonte'd Itself ; laa't night by .tfto
touching off of 3,690 bonfires through
out the United Kingdom , which'wore
originally prepared .to .colpbrato core-
nation night. The signal to light the
fires was glvonat five .minutes past 9
oclock. ! . A rocket waa , ; sent up from
the top of the gigantic wheel In
Earl's court and burst In .a cloud .of
stars , 1,000 , foot overhead. la re
sponse to this signal , bgnflroa rose
from every otovattpn of any consequence
quence from the Llzartf to the Ork
neys' . The 'celebrations ' wore- unfortu
nately somewhat dampened by a
downfall of raid.
London was not officially Illuminated.
The display In this line wag confined
to the theaters , the hotels and the
business houses. There was quite a
celebration at Sp'lthead yesterday ,
when the nearest approach to a re
view of the great fleet there was seen
In the trip of several transports
loaded with volunteers and colonial
troops and -a number of distinguished
persons , who inspected the empire's
firs't line of defense.
The dressing of the wound causes
some pain , but the 'doctors announce
that there is no bad symptom of any
In view of the king's continued im
provement no bulletins wore Issued
last night.
The arrangements for King Edward's
dinner to the poor of London , to beheld
held July 6 , are being rapidly com
pleted. The Prince and Princess of
Wales have arranged to visit a num
ber of the localities where the poor
are to be entertained , and If King Ed
ward's condition continues to Improve ,
Queen Alexandras-will probably make
the rounds with them.
Gardner Drops Hostility Chargp ,
Manila , July 1. Major Cornelius
Gardner , governor of the province of
Tayabas , continued his testimony yes
terday before the board which is In
quiring Into the charges of cruelty
brought by him against American offi
cers and soldiers. Major Gardner has
abandoned the charge that higher offi
cers in the army in the Philippines
were hostile to the civil government.
He said this hostility existed , but that
the summoning of witnesses to sub
stantiate his charge might result ad
versely to the interests of the govern
mcnt without benefiting himself.
Final Effort to Save Rice.
Toronto , July 1. A last effort Is
being made to save the life of Lee
Rice , awaiting execution for the mur
der of Constable William Boyd. One
of Rico's companions was killed in the
fight for liberty in which Boyd lost his
life and another committed sulcldo In
Jail. The Rice family llvo In Cham
paign county , Illinois. F. C. Roblnette ,
counsel for the condemned man , has
placed himself in communication with
Senator Mason of Illinois and Repre
sentative Cannon of Illinois. Ho
hopes that they can bo induced to in
terest themselves In the case.
Moro Murderers Slain.
Manila , July 1. Two of the Mores
wh6 murdered Private Lewis have
been killed while resisting arrest.
Date .Adta Adma promised Colonel
Frank D. Baldwin of the Twenty-sev
enth Infantry , whoIs In Mindanao ,
that he would deliyer the murderers
pfXewls when they were captured.
The mutilated bodies of the two Mores
were" consequently brought Into the
American camp suspended from poles.
Cronje Takes Oath of Allegiance. '
Jamestown , St. Helena , July 1.
General Cronje , the Boer commander
who , with his army , was captured by
Lord Roberts at Paardoburg , Orange
Free State , In February , 1900 , has
taken the oath of allegiance to King
Edward. Many of the remaining pris
oners are following his example.
American Teachers. May Be Alive.
Manila , July 1. There Is a possl
bllity that the four American teach
ers of Cobu , island of Cebu , who have
been missing since June 10 , are alive.
A native who was made prisoner by
the constabulary of Cebu says the
four teachers were prisoners In the
mountains of 'the Island Juno 26.
Crops Damaged by Floods.
Bt. Louis , July. 1. A low estimate
placed on the damage wrought within
a radius of ' 150 miles of Alton , 111. , by
the storm pfvflnd and rain IB $1,000-
000 , While the farmers are the heav
iest losers the railroads also suffered
severely. In the American bottom
district the farmers are ruined.
Fighting for Presidency.
Port au Prince , Haytl , July I.
The elections for deputies have been
Interrupted. The various political
parties In Haytl are in arms , ready
for battle. There has been much fir
ing hero and the situation IB critical.
Earthquakes In Asia Minor.
London , July 1. In a dispatch from
Vienna , the correspondent there of
the Dally Express Bays earthquakes
have opcurred simultaneously In twen
ty towns of Asia Minor and that many
houses have collapsed.
Alaska Liner Springs Lcnk and Has
Eight Feet of Water In Hold ,
Seattle , \Vnah. , July 1. The Btvatn *
or Oregon Is ashore at Dutch Harbor
with eight foot of water In Its hold.
On the voyage north the Oregon
began leaking badly before It had
passed Vancouver ( aland , nnd it wan
found necessary to keep the pumpn
going constantly to keep the vessel
afloat. It reached Nome , however ,
wltli two foot'of water In its hold and
the'machinery badly > otit of repair.
Aa soon us tho/pooaongorn and cargo
wore landed Captain Souloy decided
that ho could make St , M'lchaol , whore
the vessel could b6 safely beaiihod
and repaired. After1 leaving Nonib
the 'rudder post gave out arid the
steamer refused to answer to1 Ita holm1.
Fortunately thd weather was1 good
and 'Captain Sooloy WUH able to make
temporary repairs. Aa the leak hail
not Increased' ' and did nofcappoaf to bo
dangoroila ho 'docldbd that ho could
roilch Seattle In safety and so'did'not
stop at St. Michael. With the pumps
going constantly ho found It ( mpossl *
bl to'keep'tho ' water down , and an It
wa's gaining fit'a dangerous rate ha
was compelled to put into Dutch Har
bor , end beach tho. . vessel.
The Orogbn had some southbound
passengers aboard , but the number la
not known. It Is boltoved the vessel
can bo 'saved.
Mayflower to be the' Oceari Home of
the Chief Executive.
New York , July 1. Thd Mayflower ,
the official yacht of the United States
and ocean homo of President Roosevelt
velt , lies in the Brooklyn navy yard ,
In its now function , aft9r undergoing
alterations that cost $50,000 , It is
ready for sea as ono of the most lux.
urloiisly appointed vessels afloat. The
yacht was commissioned Saturday , but
the date of sailing from the navy
yard has not been settled.
Of the new Mayflower all the officers
at the navy yard are , proud , as they
feoj It will bo a fitting residence fet
tno chief executive of tlio nation when
social or naval regulations call on him
to fly his flag afloat. In designing
such a palace for use by the president
the United States departs somewhat
from the old lines of Jefferson , sim
plicity and takes Its place with tha
other world powers In the matter ol
naval luxury. Neither the Hohon-
zollern nor any of the other royal
yachts has state rooms and saloons
more beautiful or costly than those of
the president's yacht.
File Motion for New Trial.
Eldorado , Kan. , July 1. The attor
neys for Jessie Morrison , who Satur
day was found guilty of murder in the
second degree for having killed Mrs.
Olln Castle , yesterday filed a motion
for a new trial. Ono of the principal
.reasons for asking for a new trial la
that a'.cha'rigo of venue had been re
fused. Judge Aikman set the time for
hearing the motion for next Monday ,
when It is believed the motion will t > a
overruled and Miss Morrison formally
sentenced. Under the verdict , her
punishment can bo assessed at from
ten years to life Imprisonment.
Baseball Scores Yesterday.
National League St. Louis , 4-4 ;
Chicago , 8-8. New York , 0 ; Boston
8. Brooklyn , 1 ; Philadelphia , 2.
American League St. Louis , 2-3 ;
Cleveland , 17-3.
American Association Toledo , 1 ;
Minneapolis , 1. Columbus , 0 ; St
Paul , 2. Louisville , 1 ; Milwaukee , 2
Western League Kansas City , 4 ;
Des Molnes , 3. St. Joseph , 3 ; Oma
ha , 5. Milwaukee , 4 ; Colorado
Springs , 0.
Charged With Killing Stepdaughter.
Burlington , Kan. , July 1. Mrs. Ed
ward Edwards has boon arrested ,
charged with the murder of Viola
Gladys Edwards , her four-year-old
stepdaughter. _ The coroner's Jury
found , that the child came to Its death
by ( being stamped and trampled on by
Mrs. 'Edwards. ' Tl\e woman , wh'o Is in
Jail hero , says a strange man killec
the 'child. Mrs. Edwards is Edwards
third , wife. The child was adopted by
Edwards' second wife.
Found Dead In Chair Car.
Pepria , 111. , July 1. Peter Schnur
of Owens county , Missouri , was founc
deafl in his seat In a Chicago , Burling
ton and Quincy chair car , at Gales
burg yesterday morning. He was en
route to this city to visit relatives
and the corpse was brought to this
city nnd delivered at his brother's
residence. Ho- had been dead abou
three hours wVen discovered by the
conductor. .
Burnett Granted 'SUpersedeas.
Springfield , 111. , July 1. JUdge Cart
wright , in the supreme court ; yester
day granted a suporsedcas In'the case ,
of Dr. Orvllle Burnett , who was convicted
victod In Chicago as accessory to the
murder of Mrs. Charlotte L. Nichols
and sentenced to thirteen years In
the penitentiary. Burnett will bo com.
polled to remalq In Jail In Chicago
.until the supreme court meets In Oc
Hundreds Driven From Hoi. js.
Laporto , Ind. , July 1. The heavy
rains of the last few days have causet
the Kankakco river to overflow Its
banks and cover miles of contiguous
territory. Hundreds of persons have
been driven from their homes. The
river is the highest known for years
The crops In many localities will bo a
total loss. '
Fatal Storm In Alabama.
Gadsden , Ala. , July l. S. O. Ward
end wife were severely injured and a
negro laborer killed in a storm yester
day at Duck Springs. Property In the
vicinity , valued at $25,000 , was de
Machinists at Some Points Re
fuse to Walk Out.
Hallway Officials 'Say They Have Ma
chinists on the 'Way and Will Boarp
and Lodge Them In the Shops.
Plnkertons Have Arrived.
Oranlia , July i , The ntrlkp of the
Union Paclflo nmchlnlstH , which wan
formally declared at 10 .o'clock . Mon
day morning , Is not complete , At
Kvanflton the men refused' quit
work , at Green Hlvor they voted not
to go out , at Ilawllnfl four of the .thir
teen original number remaned at work
and at Armstrong' only half of the
man have gone-out ,
ProflTdonl Kerihody of tfib Bollbf- t
makfirB1 union nays there are tl\rao
bollormaftorfl at work on the Union
Paolilc ny t m , twp at Armstrong fl'ad '
ono at Council Bluffs. Ho says two
nonunion men who are at work In
Denver , hnvo gene out and this state
ment Is corroborated by General Man
ager Dickinson of the Union Pacific ,
Mr. Dickinson , however , nays that
there are still two men loft In thu
Denver shops.
Cheyenne , July 1. It Is nald by the
officials that the Union Pacific has
ninety machinists en rottto west. Six
ty of them nro oald to ho under ordore
to report at Choyonno. A number ol
the men engaged yesterday nro at
work transferring the wheel Bhop into
a boarding houno. A largo number ol
cots nro being made and bunks put In ,
It Is said to bo the Intention of the
company to board and loilgo the om >
ployes. Four Plnkortons are reported
to have arrived hero and more are en
Wllke&barre Citizens' Alliance Offers
Big Reward for Boycottera.
Wllkcsharre , Pa. , July 1. The Cltt'
zens * alliance of Wllkcsharro offers
rewards aggregating ? 5,000 for the ar
rest nnd conviction of all persons en
gaged In boycotting , hanging elllglt'E
nnd other criminal nets of Intlmlda
tion. A reward of $1.000 IH offered for
the arrest nnd conviction of any one
who enters Into a conspiracy to boy
cott any Individual , firm or corpora
tlon. For hanging anybody In olllgy
$500 reward will bo paid.
At strike headquarters It Is claimed
that the offering of such largo rewards
will cause irresponsible detectives to
arrest Innoqcnt people in the hope ol
securing the rewards.
Several small coal companies In
the vicinity of Hazleton have posted
notices requesting their former em
ployes to apply for their old positions
at once lest they should bo given to
new hands.
The district officers of the United
Mine Workers In Hazleton say that
the ranks of the strikers are as firm as
ever nnd that none of the employes ol
Pardue & Co. or any other coal com
pany will pay any nttentlon to the no
tlccs posted.
Freight Handlers May Strike.
Chicago , July 1. Unless the gen
ernl malingers of the railroads reverse
their announced decision In regard tea
a new scale of wages 10,000 freight
handlers will In all probability quit
work today In all the railroad ware
houses and freight sheds In Chicago.
If the freight handlers strike It Is
probable that other unions will bo
drawn Into the struggle through sym
pathy. Officials of all the railroads
replied yesterday to the demand of
the freight handlers for more wages.
The answers were almost uniform ,
each of the companies submitting an
amended scale of wages , to go Into cf
feet after three months. The men refused
fused to consider the concessions of
the railroads and declare that- unless
they are granted better terms they
will quit work. . From the railroads It
was learned that all have determined
not to make any further concessions
Strike 'on Canadian Northern.
Winnipeg , Man. , July } . A big
strike of employes was Inaugurated
ori th6 Canadian Northern railway
system , owned by Messrs. MoKenzIe
and Mann , caused by the refusal o :
the management to sign schedules o
wages presented by the shopmen of
the United Brotherhood of Railway
employes. The engineers , firemen , con
ductors and brakemen are \stlll \ at
work , so that the system Is not ye
tied up. About 2,000 men are at
Birmingham Miners Out.
Birmingham , Ala. , July 1. Over 12t
000 mlriers struck yesterday In th <
Birmingham district. ' At a recent
meeting of the operators and miners
the latter demanded an eight hour
day , a pay day every two weeks-am
60 cents per ton as the maximum , price
for mining coal , an increase of 5 c nts
The operators refused to grant these
At ttt in ? ttom. 3i DOM 35 * .
This signature Is on every bos of the
Laxative Bromo-Quinioe
th lemtxly Uit cnv * . . C < lM la
taken chiUlblrth easy by preparing the
ystcm for.parturitlon . nmf thtiSHhqrteniuj ;
abor. The puluftil ordunTia robbed of Hn
errors , ntlii the danger lessened to Imtli
nothcrnnrt chilli ; the titna of confinc'mcrit :
3 flliortciiL-d , the mother rested , and child
illly dovelo | ) d , stroiig mid healthy.
Morning sickness , or nrulsea arising
ronl 'preKtiuucy ' , la prevented by its use.
As pregnancy advances , the breastu CUT
nrge , become awollen and hard. LrOiifj
jctore the child is torn , they arc prepnr-
titf for the secretion of milk. It in import-
lit that they receive early attention. '
ilother'u Friend softens the skin anil
acililate.4 the secretion of Life Fluid ;
Undeveloped breasts , hard-caked shortly
fter delivery , are the result of non-
rcntmcnt , and likely to culminate in
Innimary Abscess , from which ao many
uffer cxcruclntlmj paiii and are left with
licsc organs permanently impaired.
KoftneM , pliability nnd expansion nrc given lo
ic muiclci and t\nc\T \ * , limit liniiKlim comfort
tulcnuiltiK ' " ' c'1 y IMUC of ( lie clillil. Try It.
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If so , before making any plans for
your Summer fishing trip , you should
write or call on as for information per-
tnluiug to the Lakes of Minnesota.
There are ten thousand lakes in the
State of Minnesota , which are filled
with Bass , Pickerel , Grapple , Muska-
louge , eto.
Remarkably low round trip tickets ,
with long limits , will be on Bale all
summer ,
Information regarding fishiuR resorts ,
hotel rates , and round trip tickers will
be cheerfully furnished by
Dist. Pass. Agent , 111. Cent , R , R.
No , 1403 Faruam St. Omaha.