The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, July 04, 1902, Page 12, Image 13

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until column lOwlUmvo cleared Norfolk
v Tito parndo ooliunn will brt formwl in
tlto following order in command of J.
1) . Hnrncs , Jr , nmrriml
Ulcvoln Kquad.
Twonly-Hcoond u. 8. Infantry lloglmont
Uittnllon Nebraska Nntloiril Guard.
Mayor nnd City Oouuoll.
ITiro Department.
YonuR Ltidios HopronontliiK Thirteen
Original Staton.
Traveling Men.
, Fourth KttKlmnnt Hnnd ,
1 IJtno Bull Olulw.
boy Oadota.
Olvio Societies.
Mnnll Gran.
Trndos Display Float .
Trades Display Trnotlou Knglnofl.
The afternoon is crowded with the
umny attractions that Imvo boon ar
ranged. In order thnt thoHO attractions
may bo carried out promptly nnd with
no confusion it is desired that the pa
rade start promptly at 1 o'clock. The
various sections should therefore bo
present for assignment in column not
later than la : 15. Detailed instructions
to those having charge of the various
eoatlonu will bo sent out.
Battalion Drill.
At a p. m. battalion drill between
Madlhon , Stauton and Norfolk mllltiu
companies , between Third nnd Fourth
streets. Miyor 0. A. Violcorfl , com-
Band Concert 2 O'Clock.
By the Twenty Second regiment U.
S. baud of'Fort Crook , Omaha , Ktnil
Rolohardt , band master :
"Star Spangled Oannor. "
March "Uuolo Sam" Ualby.
Overture "Tho Jolly Robber"
oruot Solo 1 'Tramp , Tramp.Tramp' '
Grand Solootlou "Tho Huguenots"
Patrol "American" Monohom
Walt"Eqmua" WiUdtorifol
Medley "Sounds from the Sunny
South" Iso'nan.
Bnrltono Solo "Rooked in the Or-idlo
of the Duop" llollinson.
Selection "Recollections of the
Opera" Boyor.
Chilean Dance "Mnnann" Mlssud.
Descriptive Fantasia "Tho Colored
Wedding" Lauromloau.
Gavotte "The First Heart Throbs"
Field Sports.
Men's foot race , 100 yards 3 o'clock ,
botwuou Fourth and Fifth streets prize
$10. 'R. ' Beawick , manager.
Boys' foot riue , BO yards a :20 : , between -
twoon Third nnd Fourth streets prize
$0. II. Beswick , manager.
Foot race for girls under 13 years of
ago. 0 yards 2:40 : , between Second
nud Third streets pri/o $5. R. Boswiok ,
Bioyclo race S o'clock , from Fifth to
Second streets prize $35. L. P. Paso-
walk , manager.
Hose race , 8:150 : p. m. Prize $50.
From Fourth to Second streets. 0. IS.
Hartford , malinger.
High jump prize $3 ; broad jump
pri/o $3 1 o'clock , corner Fourth and
Main streets. L. P. Pasowalk , manager.
Draft horse pulling contest for farm
ers' teams I : HO o'clock prize $10 , be
tween Third nnd Fourth streets. D.
D. Bruusou , manager.
Wheelbarrow race B o'clock , be
tween Second and Third streets prize
$6. S. L. Gardner , manager.
Lnwii tennis , free-for-all , 5 o'clock
Tenth street and Norfolk avenue.
Norris Huso , manager.
Potato race 5:20 : , between Fourth
nud Fifth streets prize $3 , Roy Hignt ,
Fut men's race 5 : ! ! 0 , between Third
and Fourth streets prize $0. Burt
Mapes , manager.
Shoo race 5:45 : , between Second and
Third streets prize $3. 8. L. Gardner ,
Tug-of-wnr 0 o'clock , corner Fourth
nnd Main streets prize $14. W. P.
Dixon , manager.
Barrel race 0:30 : , between Third and
Fourth streets prize $3. Burt Mapes ,
Best decorated fanners' rig 7 o'clock ,
between Second and Third streets
prize $7. S. L. Gardner , manager.
Base Ball 3:30 :
Norfolk vs. Omaha Originals At the
'base ' ball 'park north of the city on
"Fourth " street.
Fireworks Display.
There will be nn exhibition of day
and night fireworks from early in the
morning until midnight , that will bo
well worth seeing. They will bo under
the direction of Messrs. Hollingsworth
and Hersheisor , with a corps of able us
Pavilion between Second and Third
streets Music by Holstoln orchestra.
Rest Booths.
Attention is called to the rest booths ,
where everyone Is welcome to rest "and
refresh themselves :
Booth No. 1 is located at the corner ol
Norfolk avenue and Second street , op
posite the Oxnard hotel.
Booth No. 2 is at the corner of Nor
folk avenue nud Third street.
Booth No. 3 is a largo tent that will be
erected at the corner of Norfolk nveune
and Fourth streets.
Evening Concerts O'clock.
' By the Twenty -Second Regiment U
S , Band of Fort Crook , Omaha ,
Emil Relchnrdt , baud master.
- "Hall Columbia. "
March "The Elks of Oranha" Rel
Overture "War Sougs of t.ho boys in
Blue'Laureudeau. .
Cornet 8olo "Old Folks at homo"
\Vi\ltz-"Sobro \ Las Olan" Rosas.
Selection "Tho Telephone Girl"
Patrol "Tho Ulno nud the Gray"
Dal boy ,
Overture "Slam Bang" Albortl.
Barltono Solo "My Old Kentucky
Homo" Dnllioy.
Ohnniotorlsii < iHC-"IndauWnr ! Dance"
Celebrated Minuet Pndorewskl.
Negro Olwraotorlstlciuo "Tho Plunk-
villo Serenade" Lnuroudoau ( Synop
sis : Assembly of the Pluukvillo politi
cal club to serenade the colored oandi-
dnto : proooADlou startfl ; arrival at the
candidate's house ; salute ; banjo Holoo-
; lon ; the great man makes a speech , ro-
leivcd with cheers and applause ; ro-
froshuioutfl served ; oxoltoiuont waxes
tot ; ra/ors in the air ; all well again ;
return homo ; flnalo. )
Ballot Mualo "From Faust" Goa-
"Star Spangled Banner. "
Fourth Regiment Band.
Concert by Rood's Fourth Regiment
baud , M. E. Rood director :
March "Victorious America" To-
0 voraturo "Zampa * ' Horold.
Grand Fantaalo on "My Old Kentucky
lomo" Dalboy. ( Solos and vnria-
ioiiH for euphonium , cornets , clarinets ,
roinbouos and bassos , E flat clarinet
nnd piccolo. )
Selection 1 'Tim ' "
Burgomaster" Lu-
Grand American Fantnsio "Tone
/"loturos / from North nud South"
Maroh "Oaosar'a Triumphal"
Hungarian Fautnaic Tobanl.
Grand Selections "Faust" Gounod.
Descriptive piece "Tho Cavalry
31mrgo" Ludors. ( Synopsis : Morn-
ug of battle infantry is hoard np >
> roaohiug ; cavalry In the distance ,
iomlug nearer nntil the charge upon
ho enemy ; cavalry , Infantry and ar-
illory In the inoloo of battle ; defeat of
ho enemy ; pursued in the distance by
nvnlry. )
Fiuala-"Natloual Airs" Keys.
Parade Arrangements.
Those who will participate lu"Jtho
Gni3 , or calnthumpinn , feature
of the parade are .requested to report to
I. Hollyflold at Itho Auditorium * at 7
o'clock this evening.
All who will have .floats or bo other-
vise represented In the trades display
uuia rujijib ILI > y. iv , lauiuuuu uoiuru
hursday evening so that ho can make
irraugomonta accordingly.
Civic societies whioh will bo repre-
outod will notify Marshal Barnes nud
10 will nsigu them to places.
Traveling inon who will take part In
he parade on the Fourth of July are
equested to meet at the Pacific hotel
his evening nt 8 o'clock to nmko
maugements. 0. E. Green will have
ihnrge of this department of the parade.
Those who expect to have traction
ngiues In line are requested to report
o J. F. Oronk.
To the Ladles of Norfolk.
The committee having In charge the
fourth of July "Free Rest Booths" re-
meat that the ladioa of the city will
outribnto to the success of this feature
by their presence nt the booths on thnt
lay during such time as they can spare
rom other engagements.
The booths will bo located as follows :
Eiseloy store room , corner Norfolk
uid Second street.
Beels store room , corner Norfolk and
Third street.
Tent , corner Norfolk and Fourth
City water , seats , etc. , will bo provided
it each place.
> W. A. Kma ,
J. 0. STITT ,
WANTED Entries for the fat men's
race and the boys' sack race for the
Sturgeon Is the piano man.
All new , special scenery , painted at one
if America's leading scenic studios , will
)8 used in the production of "Unolo
Tom'a Cabin" as presented by Mont
gomery Bros. ' Greater Farnqus Co. at
Norfolk July 7 in a monster water-proof
out. Grand free street parade at noon.
See Eva and her Shetland pony. Prices
of admission 15 and 25 cts.
"Isaop Johnson , who was seriously ill
last week , Is reported bettor.
Henry Carson , who has been laid up
with the rheumatism , is able to be out.
J. B. Glenn has sold his form southeast -
east of town to Goo. Otter. Consider
ation $1200.
T. G. Goodell was here several days
last week in the Interest of the Wood
man's Accident Insurance company of
At the annual school meeting in dis
trict No. 25 the following officers were
elected : Director , Fred Terry ; moder
ator , O. A. Sleeper ; treasurer , Mrs
Mary A. Rannoy. A nine-mouths
school was voted and a tax , of twelve
mills. la district No..lO Ernest Luebcke
was elected treasurer , a nine
months school was voted and a tax of
mills. In district No. 75 L. S. Simson
was elected director 5 EdFunk , treasurer
a four-mouths school and a tax of 2 (
mills was voted.
The F. E. & M. V. R. R. will sell ex
curslon tickets to Nellgh on July 7 , 8 , 0
10 and 11 , good to return until July 12
account northeast Nebraska G. A. R
district reunion.
: *
MTTFirtl IP fe . . . .By. . . ,
Copyrlulit , IWB , \ > y I'otcr McArthur . _ _
wcro happening BO rapidly to May Wcllwood thnt , to bor
row a phrnso from the prize ring , flho wns forced to "spnr for
THINGS " Both Tom Murray nnd Harry Smythe had managed to
nrrnngo for their holidays about the Fourth of July and bad
both descended without warning on the little seaside town where
Bho was upending the summer with her mother. From the moment of hla
arrival each acted In a way thnt made it clear to both May and her discern *
Ing mother thnt ho had something on his mind. The rivals kept such a care
ful watch on each other , however , that neither made any progress , and
perhaps this wun ns well , for both were Due fellows , and May found it very
hard Indeed to make up her mind which she would accept While she was
puzzling over the hypothetical question a very bright Idea occurred to her.
"I'm going to toll those two boys that as tomorrow will bo the Fourth
of July I am going to celebrate It by being as Independent as possible and I
want them both to help me. Then I can sec which one can think up the best
scheme for celebrating Independence day. "
When the rivals called , as usual , that evening to see May and keep no
eye on each other , she told them what she wanted.
Immediately each young man saw In his mind's eye the development of
a glorious opportunity. As soon as they could they bade her gopd night ,
after each had vainly thrown out hluts for the other to go first , and then
went to their .different boarding places to mature their plans.
Precisely nt flvo minutes bcforo sunrise Harry and Tom met nt the gate
of May's home , and each bore a nice new silk .
flag. In thinking matters over each had decided
that he could not begin his campaign too early
nnd felt thnt the character of the holiday would
Justify him In making such nn cnrly call with
Btich a present While they were still glaring
nt one another nnd trying to pass th6 matter off
ns n good Joke Mny appeared with a sorvnnt and
prepared to run up the family flng ou the stuff
In the front yard.
"Good morning , Miss Mny , " said Tom. " 1
thought I would give you a little surprise by
bringing you nn American flag. " Ilnrry gurgled
something Inarticulate to the same effect.
"How thoughtful of you both ! " Mny laughed.
"Two eouls with but n single thought , two hearts
thnt beat ns one. But you must hurry if you are
to have them flying nt sunrise. I think it would -TWo
bo n good Idcn for you cnch to select n gatepost OLE THOUGHT. "
nnd nnll your staffs to them. "
At the command * each brought a hammer from his pocket , nnd May
laughed so heartily nt their evident confusion that she could hardly salute
the ling when the sunrise gun was fired nt n nearby fort She then assumed
ns much gravity ns she tfould command nnd Invited them to stny for brenk-
fnst. Once more each bad the same thought , nnd both declined.
Neither had the cownge to return to her vicinity until the shadows begnn
fo fnll In the evening. Then cnch gathered uptlie rockets , plnwheels
nnd firecrackers thnt he had bought late on the previous night at the one
novelty store'In the town. Again they met nt the gnte , nud , though Mny
wns inclined to show her Independence by treating them coolly for hnvlne
left her to herself all day , their evident cbngrln and the similarity of the
bundles they carried were too much for her risibilities.
"I thought perhaps you might let me set off some fireworks down here , "
growled Harry , with a side glare nt his rival.
"And jvou hnd the same Idea , too , did yon ,
Tom ? " May asked , noticing that ho had , ap
parently lost his voice. Then she added : "But
I can't lot you keep right on doing the same
thing nt the same time In the same wny any
longer. If I did , you would both be firing the
rockets together , nnd tbnt would make the cele
bration end too soon. "
When he shadows had fallen sufficiently , nn
ldearpccurred to Harry. If he would set off his
fireworks first , he could get the sent on the
veranda next to May while Tom wns giving nn
exhibition ; and then Tom would be obliged to
content himself with the mother for the rest of
the evening. In doing this , however , he under-
* n f/i/1 tt I A * ! * n 1
i HOPE , MISS MAY ? " "I'1 ' set nilno off flrst , " Harry said , with as
sumed gnyety.
"Oh , thank you ! " said Mny , mid Tom chimed In with n "Thank you" thnt
was rather disquieting. He went down on the lawn by himself nnd fnstcncd
n plnwlicel on either gntcpost. Then , ho started his first rocket , and as it
exploded in bright colors it struck him that the "Ahsl" from the end of the
veranda where May sat seemed to blend. But while he was noticing these
things this wns the conversation he missed :
"Miss Well wood er Mny I inny call you Mny , mayn't I ? No , I didn't
mean any pun by that , but cr 1'vo been thinking of a way to enable you to
make this n memorable Independence dny. "
"AhI" snld Mny ns another rocket exploded. "You were saying"
"I was going to say that If you would er consent to be my wife you
would be independent for the rest of your life. I would do anything"
"But , " said May , "I don't think I'd be showing my Independence Jjy giving
It up on Independence dny. "
"Oh , you wouldn't be giving It up , " Tom protested. "Our mnrrlage could
bo ono of the modern kind that has the word
'obey * left out of the service. May I hope. Miss
May ? "
At that moment Harry returned from tne
lawn sucking a burned thumb and growled ec
statically :
"It's your turn now , old man. "
In the excitement of the proposal Tom had
grasped May's hand , and ho felt sure that she
hnd given It n slight pressure ; so ho went to the
lawn to set off his rockets In the spirit of true
celebration. When be was safely out of hearing ,
Harry whispered :
"I am so glad to get a minute alone with
you at last , but that fellow seems to bo always
In the way. "
"You are speaking for yourself , I presume , "
said May , who for some unaccountable reason "THEY GOT ME AL& BATTLED
felt it necessary to defend the attacked. Harry BETWEEN THEM. "
rcallzed.thnt ho bad made n blunder , , ut ho thought the best wny to get out
of It would bo to hurry and say. what lie hnd on his mind.
"You saldj did you not , Miss May , that you wished to make this a notable
Independence day ? " She nodded an assent that he was able to sco by tlio
blaze of pne of Tom's Jubilant rockets.
"Well , I Jiaye thought out a scheme that I think you will admit ia
original , " ho continued.
' "I shall be. gad | to hear it , " said'May. /
f'l thought ( t you would let me glvo up my Independence to you that I
would In that way make the rest of your life one long Independence day ,
Will 'youcr Miss May , will yo\i 'consent to bo my wlfo ? "
But Just at that moment Tom's last rocket exploded In n blaze of glory ,
nn'd lip came back with a hop , skip and a Jump to take d scat on the other
side of May on the veranda. When they at last went away , May shook hands
vwlth them at the door , and ono went away treading on air because to hla
farewell May had added a tender "Yes. "
Laughing nno crying nt the Bamo time , May laid her head on her mother's
ehouldcr and began to explain.
"Yoiuknow bow they both came In the morning with their flags ? "
"Yes , dear. "
"Well , didn't you notice that they arrived nt the ramo moment this
evening nnd that both had exactly the Bamo kind of fireworks to set off ? "
"Oh , they could hardly help that , " said the mother , "for you know there
Is only ono store In town that sells such things , and there Is no variety. "
"Yes , " said May , "but there was something else they did in exactly the
same way. Each one thought that the best way for me to celebrate Inde
pendence day would be to consent to bo his wife. "
"And glvo up your independence ? " naked the mother.
' "Oh , nol" said May. "They both argued It out very prettily and showed
that they would be giving up their independence while I would bo simply
establishing mine. Oh. they got me all rattled between them. "
"But which did you accept ? "
May was about to reply when she suddenly straightened up with the
air of a tragic queen. "Oh , mother ! " she exclaimed.
"What is It , my child V"
"I was so confused when they were going away that I can't for the lift
of me remember whether U wan Tom or Hnrry I whispered 'Yes' to , "
Tents , Awnings ,
Lawn and
Porch Chairs.
We still sell Herrick Refrigerators ,
The award of the organ will be made
at 10 o'clock on the morning of the 4th
of July. A committee of three (3) ( ) disin
terested persons will be appointed ; the
sealed metal cabinet containing
cates of all ticket numbers given out will
be turned over to them. After a thor
ough mix up the cabinet will be cut open
and some one selected by the committee
will be blind-folded and take ONE coupon
from the cabinet. The organ will be giv
en to the person holding the correspond
ing number. If , however , from any
cause , the proper number is not present
ed within thirty days , another number
will be drawn , as the organ MUST go to
some one. Each dollar paid on account
will entitle customer/to one ticket up to
July 4th. Our stock is in gopd shape. .
We have many desirable hats , in Leghorns
and others , at low prices.
\7 7iLl : scxt at
Norfolk , July 7th ;
Under a Monster Water Proof Tent
Seating Capacity For 2,000 , People.
Prof. Gustave Rudolphson's 'Red Grenadier Uni
formed Band and Orchestra.
See Eva and Her Beautiful Shetland Pony , SEE MARKS AND HIS DONKEY ,
Elegant Scenery , Immense Stage , Splendid Company ,
flemest Creative Fad-Optogpaph flloving Pictures.
Grandest Allegorical Transformation Scene EVER
Admission 15 and 25 Cents-Doors Open
7:30. : Curtain Rises 8:15. :