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    Sensational Story of Itfe Dis
covery Afloat in London.
London Authorities Urged to ( Take
Steps' to Prevent Its Failure Be.
fire" It It Too Late Dccdratt ns
Almost RUlned by Rain.
London , . Juno 18. A sensational
etoryls current In London of the dis-i
covery of'a plot to assassinate King' !
Edward. This fltory lifts created con
siderable1 discussion in newspaper
and other-circles , but It Is'lacking ' In1
anything llko ofilclal confirmation.
According to the current report King
Edward's ' * Btldden Illness at Aldorshot1
was not due to a cold , but was merely
an excuse-for withdrawing his maj
esty.'from public functions o-vlng to
the' ' discovery by Scotland Yard of a
plot against his life. The principals
In this plot have not yet been arrest
ed. It is cited in confirmation of this
Btory that King Edward's recovery
vhen he was ensconsed at Windsor
castle was as complete as his1 attack
had been sudden. *
London , Juno 18. The coronation
a < j a public spectacle threatens to bo
a' fasfco : So serious and imminent haa
this possibility become that the Lon
don -Times and other papers are print
ing alarmist letters urging the authrr-
Itles to take stops to prevent Its fall-
uiti before It Is too late. The rapacity
of-the hotel keepers and the greo.of
tlie .scat speculators are the reasons.
\Vltb ? scarcely more than a week be
fore the coronation not CO per cent of
the' ' seats on the huge stands havp
I'cen sold. Thousands of people re-
riding In the suburbs and country
who had planned to come and see the
king -crowned , now have decided la
stny away , while a large proportion of
Londoners will avail themselves ol
the opportunity to enjoy a holldii >
elsewhere In preference to submlttmq
to-the inconvenience of the extrnordt-
imiy police regulations on coronation
dny. It'is said that unless the stand
Iuprletors admit the public In a body
nnd practically gratis , the king will
Pjibs to his coronation through an su-
ray of half filled benches.
Ihe published police regulations ,
wherein ull tralflc within about a. . mile
of the first day's route is to be stopffc.l
nt 3 a. m. and pedestrians at 8 a. in. ,
convey a faint Inkling pf what aie
termed the remarkable Indignities
I.i-ndon will be submitted to ?
A survey of the streets ae they are
today 'could alone convey an Idea ot
the extent to which the authorltes in
tend to go. Solid timber barrlcidcs
twenty to thirty feet high rise at the
entrances of all streets and alleys
ItnYllng anywhere near the route. -
'JVhat will happen to the unfortu
nate general public Is a question
which has caused many of these pro
tests in the papers. In the flsst place ,
even ticket holders must all sleep Inj
London on coronation eve and get out
on the streets at about 5 a. m. Ac
cording to the present arrangements ,
only ticket holders will be allowed
through the barriers. Another faCtoi
which adds to the general disgruntlement -
ment Is the bedraggled appearance ol
the decorations , which are almost
ruined by rain.
Guarding Against Anarchists.
London , June 18. In ai dispatch
from Geneva , Switzerland , the corre
spondent of the Dally Chronicle says
the continental police are co-operating
< \vlth the English police to prevent
anarchists and evil-doers from smug
gling themselves into England while
the coronation festivities are In prog
ress. Numerous anarchists have re
cently disappeared from Zurich and
Geneva , says the correspondent , and
they arc supposed to be waiting In
Paris for a favorable opportunity to
cross the channel.
/Milwaukee Strike Ends.
Sioux City , June 18. The strike of
the employes of the Chicago , Milwau
kee and St-jPaul railroad shops here
was settled yesterday , after a confer
ence lasting all afternoon. The offi
cials agreed to grant the demands
of the strikers , giving them an ad
vance of 20 cents per day. The skilled
men will now receive $2.90 for ten
hours' work Instead of $2.70. The
strike lasted two days.
Ourllngton Takes Control *
St. Joseph , Juno 18. General Man
ager Holdrego of the Burlington railroad -
road , with a largo party of official ? ,
arrived hero from Omaha yesterday
and Informed General Manager Raymond
mend Dupuy they had come to Inspect
the books and take over the property
of the Kansas City and Omaha road ,
the formal transfer to be made June 30.
Plckett-Ryan Wedding.
Louisville , Juno 18. Charles A.
Plckett of Waterloo , la. , grand exalted
ruler ot the Elks , and Miss India Par-
melee Ryan , formerly of Des Molnes ,
la. , but now of this oily , were quietly
married at the homo of the bride's pa
rents , Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryan , hero
yesterday afternoon.
Children's Home Society Meets.
Sioux Falls , S. D. , Juno 18. The
annual convenllon of the National
Children's Home soclely wfll be called
to order In this city today for a ses
sion lasting two days. There are
twonty-flvo , states which have chil
dren's homo societies.
irf , i King Edward Takes Drive.
' London , Juno 18 , The king drove
out In a closed carriage yesterday
afternoon. Ho appeared to bo In good
heintlt * " " " ' T - _ - _ - - - + . . . , . , - -ta. . *
Albert A. Ames of Minneapolis IB In
dicted by the Grand Jury.
Minneapolis , Juno 18. SunsaUons
came thick nnd fast in the police
bribery cases yesterday. When It
came time to open up the trial ol
Christopher Norbeck , detective , for
bribery , W.V. . ErWln , his tutorae ? ,
rose and confessed that hn Jld not ,
know Clio Whereabouts of his client. I
The disappearance of the accused1
caused great excitement and a bunch
warrant will bo issued for him. Ills
ball bond for (5,000 was signed by R.
J. Hill and Brando SoiUnl.
Another sensation developed when
It became known that Albert A. Amea ,
mayor of Minneapolis , had been In- '
dieted by the grand Jury for offering
a bribe. The charge Is that the mayor
endeavored to have his secretaryI
Thomas R. Drown , appointed sheriff
by the county commissioners. In attempting - '
tempting to carry out this plan ho Is' '
alleged to haiVo offered to so arrange'
matters that the $20,000 annual In
come of the sheriff's office should bo
divided equally between Brovn and
the three county commissioners who
wore to vote for him , forming a ma- |
jorlty of the board. The evidence to
this effect was given before the grand' '
Jury by County Commissioner M.V. . '
Nash and Ed Sweet.
Quarrel Over Land Claim Results In
Fatal Shooting Affray.
Oklahoma City , Okla. , Juno 18. E.
/Wi Johnson , vice president of the
Classen Real Estate company , and
1 who served through the Cuban cam
paign with the rough riders , was shot
and killed here yesterday by W. T.
I McMlc'hacl as a result of a contest
over a land claim. Before ho died
Johnson shot and fatally wounded
McMlchael. E. E. Brown , editor of
the Times-Journal , one of the oldest
newspaper men In the territory , fired
five shots at McMlchael In defense of
Johnson , but none took effect. Brown
and McMlchael were arrested. There
was talk of lynching McMIcJiael until
It was learned that his wound was
Fate of Steamer Huronlan.
MontPeal , June 18. A letter re
ceived here from Stillwell Parker of
Headship Harbor , N. S. , states that
on June 2 a bottle was plcfii 1 up for
ty-five miles east of Halifax contain
ing the following note , written on a
scrap of paper : "Steamer Huronlan
turned over Sunday night in Atlantic.
In small boat , fourteen of us. " The
Allan liner Huronlan , bound from
Glasgow for St. John , sailed from the
former port In February and nothing
up to this time has been heard of her.
Move to End Denver Strike.
Denver Juno 18. The .Building
Trades council yesterday decided to
comply with the request of the con
tractors' assoclatlon.that.the relations
jof the members of the two brganlza-
'tlons be submlttedsto arbitration. It
1,8 expected this will end the strike ,
which has kept 4,000 men Idle and
paralyzed the\ building industry In
Denver for the past four weeks. It Is
understood that work will be resumed
today pending arbitration.
Rockefeller Gives $750,000.
Chicago , June 18. Three-quarto
of a million dollars Is the amount
John D. Rockefeller has donated to
the University of Chicago since PrepI-
dm ! Harper last made the announce-
mpnt of a gift from the oil king. Dr.
Hurper announced the last gift In his
ouarterly statement yesterday. Oth-r
friends of the university have given
a scattering $12,000 during the yoar.
Strike at Muscatlne.
Muscatine , la. , June 18 , In obedl-
onto to orders from the Chicago
un'ons , the employes of the box fac
tories of the South Muscatlno Lumber
( .ovnpany struck yesterday. The
trouble was caused by orders from the
big pnckln companies. The manager
or the company said the facfory
woujd be moved to St. Louis.
Four Killed by Lightning.
Sherman , Tex. , June 18. Four men
were struck by lightning and. killed
twelve miles southeast of hero yes
terday. The dead : William Coleman ,
Henry Conway , George Bratcher , J.
Bratcher. The men wore picking po
tatoes on the Coleman farm when
stricken and their bodies were found
close together.
American Institute of Homeopathy.
Cleveland , .June 18. The fifty-
eighth annual convention of the Amor-
lean Institute of Homeopathy began
In this city last night. A thousand
physicians of that school will attend
the lectures and clinics to be held
during the remaining days of the
Denver Postoffice Robbed.
Denver , Juno 18. The registry de
partment of the Denve postofflc'e was
robbed some time last night. ThL-t ; '
registered letters arc missing , but
ro'lilng Is known of the value of tholr
.content's. The government will * pay
ou'y ' $10 for each letter lost.
In Hot Pursuit of Convicts.
Vancouver , Waeh. , Juno 18. Tracy
and Merrill , the escaped convicts ,
stole two horses yesterday afternoon
and started toward LaCenter , this
county. A mounted posse Is In hot
Earthquake Shock at Chllpanclngo.
Mexico City , Juno 18. An earth
quake shock , lasting twenty seconds ,
.was felt yesterday at Chllpanclngo
about noon. No damage was done ,
but great terror prevailed.
Gould Named for Governor.
Bangor , Me. , Juno 18. The D < > no-
cratlc convention nominated Hon. S.
W Gould for governor. _ . _
Conference of Republican Sen
ators is Called.
Beet Sugar Men Hope to Defeat Reci
procity Measure and Claim Confer
ence Decision Will Da Adverse to
Sugar Duty Cut
Washington , Juno 18. The Repub
lican mombora ot the senate committee -
too on' Cuban relations' ' ydat'orilay
finally agreed to accept the Spoon or
bill , providing for reciprocity with
Cuba > , nnd decided to ask that a conference , -
ferenco of ! Republican senators bo
called for tonight to consider Ita
The boot sugar men have been 00
much encouraged by recent occur
rences that many of them clilm that
the conference decision will bo adverse -
verso to any legislation whatever In
the Interest of Cuba. They still claim
twenty Republicans' who will oppose
an effort at legislation on the floor ot
the senate and they assert that there
are miiny others of the colleagues
who are In sympathy with them and
will so express themselves In the pri
vacy of the conference room.
The friends of Iho measure , how
ever , say there can bo no doubt that
the conference will pronounce for the
Spooner bill nnd that It will bo re
ported to the s'enate by the committee
having It In charge.
Senators Elklns , Burrows , Dietrich
nnd Forakor called at the white house
yesterday and discussed Cuban reci
procity with the president.- The at
titude of the president now Is re
garded more as that of a listener than
an advisor , he having expressed him-
pelf in his special message as to the
duty of citizens toward Cuba. Sena
tor Elklns remarked nt the white
house that congress would adjourn
without action of any kind on Cuban
Senator Forakcr , on the other hand ,
predicted that some sort of an agree
ment would bo reached before long. '
House Passes Measure Reported From ,
Judiciary Committee. j
Washington , Juno 18. The house
spent yesterday considering bills re
ported Irom the judiciary committee.
By far the most Important measure
was that to amend the existing bank-1
rtiptcy law. The minority made n ,
vlgoious effort to repeal the present
law In tote , but was overwhelmingly i
defeated G5 to 137. The bill passed ]
amends the law In fifteen particulars
to meet defects which , It is said , ex
perience has proven. Tup most lm <
portantiaineudment Is to define preference -
ence to meet the supreme court de-
'cision In the case of Plrle vs. the Chicago
cage Title and Trust company. Four
additional grounds for refusing a dis
charge In bankruptcy are also added : |
First , obtaining property on credit
on materially false statements ; second - |
end , making a fraudulent transfer of
property ; third , having been granted
or denied a discharge In bankruptcy
within six years , and fourth , having
refused to obey the order of the court
or refusal to answer material ques
tions approved by the court.
Debate on Isthmian Canal.
Washington , June 18. Throughout
yesterday's session of the senate the
isthmian canal question was under
consideration. Speeches were deliv
ered by Perkins , Galllnger , Stewart ,
and Morgan. All advocated the adop
tion of the Nicaragua route , except
Galllnger , who made a forceful argu
ment In support of the Panama route
and who said his Investigations con
vinced him that the Panama route was
the more healthful of the two. The
arguments of the senators In siipport
of the Nicaragua route were especially
on the ground of feasibility and wis
dom. Stewart anu Morgan bom contended - | I
tended that the health conditions In |
Nicaragua were superior to those In
Panama. *
Lemly Goes on Retired List.
Washington , June 18. The navy
department today Issued the formal
order placing Samuel Lemly , judge ad
vocate general of the navy , on the retired - ,
tired list. The question as to whether
Captain Lemly retires with the rank' '
and pay of captain , which he holds as
chief law officer of the navy department - ]
ment , or with the rank and pay of
lieutenant commander , his lineal
standing , is left open , and in the nat-l
ural course of events will come % up1
before the comptroller of the treas
ury. For the present Captain Lemly
will continue In his capacity as Judge
advocate general ot the navy.
General Balrd Retired.
Washington , Juno 18. Brigadier
General Charles Balrd was retired
yesterday. He- rendered splendid
service In the civil war , being bre-
vetted > four times and taking part In a
great many of the most Important en
gagements. The outbreak of the
Spanish war found him In charge of
the army transport service , which was
In a largo part his own creation and
which ho brought to a high standard
of efficiency.
Justice Waterman Resigns.
DCS Molnes , Juno IS. Justice
Charles M. Waterman , for four years
a member of the supreme bench of
Iowa , yesterday tendered his resigna
tion to Governor Cummins , to take ef
fect July 1. He fern : a law. partnership -
ship with ex-Congressman Joe R. Lane
at Davenport. Ho .served on the dis
trict bench at Davenport for tec
' '
Overthrow of Prcnldcnt Cnotro of Ven
ezuela Oecrro Almost Certain.
Now York , Juno 18. A Hornld dis
patch HiiyH that , owing to the UOWH
of the uxodun of n lai'gi > number , of
1'rcsldoiit Castro's supportum from
Venezuela , coupled with ret Mil de
feats suffered by the govern * "nt , the
revolutionists uro hopeful of over *
throwing Castro In the ensuing month ,
i Four hundred government troops
who landed at Sere for the purpose pf
retaking Qulra wore completely defeated -
featod by General Corcoga. The gov
ernment lost seventy killed nnd
many wounded , besides ICO men taken
General Mates * nrmy , which la
marching on Caracas , ban reached
Carlncn , en route to Guarlco , whore
reinforcements arc awaiting the revo
lutionary leader. The BarqulHtmoto
district is almost entirely In the pos-
sosFfcm of the Insurgents , General
Alexander Dit'churmo Is marching
from Maturln with a largo force to
strengthen Cludnd Bolivar , which Is
still In the hands of the revolutionists ,
General Ayala , with 700 men In Core ,
has been besieged by General Rlorra.
The overthrow of the Colombian
revolution scorns to bo complete.
Statements In San Francisco Newspa
pers Not Authorized by Him.
Washington , Juno 18. As has boon
the custom In the case of every ofll-
ccr of the navy to whom have boon
attributed utterances which the navy
department considered outsldo the
palo of discretion , Major Waller ol
the martno corps , who recently m
turned from the Philippines , has re
ceived an Inquiry from the secretary
of 'the navy as to whether the pub
lished statements concerning the cam >
paign In Samnr were authorized by
him. Major Waller has rcpfled thnj
when pressed for Interviews by press
representatives ho declined to oblige
them. This explanation , It Is under
stood , Is satisfactory to the officials
and It Is stated at the navy depart
ment that the case Is regarded as
That Is About Number Who Made
War Against the British.
London , Juno 18. Under date o
Juno 17 I.brd Kitchener announces
that 700 Boors Burrq'ndered at Bloom
fonteln and all the surrenders in the
'Tiansvnal and Orange River Colony
are now complete. In the Tranavnn
11,225 men surremloiotl and 10,813
rifles were given up , while In the
Orange River Colony 5,395 men stir
rendered nnd 5,280 rifles were turnci
in. The figures for Cape Colony Imvc
not been fully received. Lord Kltch
ener concludes as follows :
"I have handed over the South Af
rlcan constabulary to the civil author
Itles , ' as the necessity Cor further mil !
, | ary operations has ceased. "
, Warships Ordered to LaGuayra.
Washington , June 18. The Clncl
natl and Topeka have been ordcrei
to LaGuayra. From cable and mal
advices received from a rellabl
source here and used for the conclu
slon of the cabinet at yesterday's scs
slons , It appears very probable Urn
the Topeka , because of her light draft
will proceed from LaGuayra up th
Orinoco river , whore steamships of a
big commercial coiripany are practical
ly In a state of blockade , owing to the
activity of the revolutionists In that
quarter. The advices also say thai
General Mates , the leading spirit In
the revolution , Is marching on Caracas
with a force of nearly 7,000 men nnd
that all Indications point to the over
throw of the Castro administration in
a short time.
Baseball Scores Yesterday.
National League Philadelphia , 3 ;
Brooklyn,4. Boston , 0-13 ; NcwYork.3-2
American League Boston , 3-3 ;
Cleveland , 7-4. Detroit , 4 ; Washing
ton , 0. Chicago , C ; Philadelphia. 2.
American Association Milwaukee ,
8 ; St. Paul , 4. Toledo , 8 ; Columbus ,
1. Minneapolis , 4 ; Kansas City , 3.
Western League Denver , C ; DCS.
Molnes , 0. Colorado Spilngs , 4 ; Oma
ha , 2. Milwaukee , 5 ; St. Joseph , 4.
Pcorla , 8 ; Kansas City , 5.
Bland Statue .Unveled. |
Lebanon , Mo. , June 18. A statue
erected to the memory of Richard
Parks Blnnd , who snnod In congress
almost continuously from 1872 to 1899 ,
was unveiled here yesterday with Inv
presslve ceremonies. An Immense
crowd gathered to hear addresses by
William J. Bryan , William J. Stone
and others. The statue is of bronze ,
life size , and rests on the pedestal of
stone six feet.
General Leonard Wood will bj ( the
guest , of President Roosevelt at the
white house for several weeks.
. William Lowe Bryan was Tuesday
elected president of Indiana State uni
versity , to succeed Joseph Swain.
' t
, Dowitt Clinton Flanagan ( Dom. )
was elected to congress from the
Fourth New Jersey district Tuesday ,
The Sixth Missouri district Demo
cratic convention renomlnated Con-
giessman D. A. DeArmond by accla
Flro destroyed the furniture house
) ? f the Haywood Bros. & Wakefleld
company , at Los Angeles , Tuesday ,
loss , $100,000.
In a runaway of a four-horse coach
In the Yellowstone national park Tucs
day Mrs. Griffith nnd Mrs. Bates of
Salem , O. , were severely injured.
As a result of a serious conflict
nniong the pilgrims nt a religious fete
which was being held at Avlla , Sptitn
cUven of the pilgrims were seriously
wounded by bullets.
Fort -Hall Reservation Thrown
Open to Settlement.
Start li Made at Hour of Noon ai
Whittle BloWs In Oregon Short
Line Shopo Only Twenty-Seven
Filings Made the First Day.
, Ida. , Jiinb 18. The boun
dary line of the celled portion pf the
I'ort Halt reservation , opuned , to But-
tlommit yesterday , wan. lined for ull Ion
yetltotday morning with people await
ing thu hour of noon , All ipornlng
1'ocatello had boun surrounded by people
ple , but the larger proportion gathered
on thu "hog-bnck , " a mile southeast
of the city , and it wan from this point
that the great rush took ptuco. It
began 41 1 a whistle signal fiom tha
Oiogon Short Line Hhopn. The special
train pvor the Oregon Short Unu rail
way from McCammon , the southern
portion of the ceded landH , to Blackfoot -
foot , run for thu benefit of thorn ) who
wlHhed to niako entries , nt thu hind
olllcu at Blaukfoot , arrived at the I tu
tor place lit the afternoon. The near
est point to the ceded portion Is sev
enteen miles from Ulackfoot and only
n hundnNl or BO arrived abend of the
Bpuclal train , though many ntlumptcd
to do so with relays of horses.
Exactly tit the hour of noon nearly
2,000 people , old men , boys , Indlann ,
who had been waiting eagerly , some
of them for weeks for the opening of
the reservation , rushed across the
line In a wild ncramblo for land and
mining claims. J. H. Million and F. E.
DoKay of Pocatello were the first to
roach Ulackfoot. Only twonty-HOVcn
filings were made yesterday. The fil
ing of one claim wan completed be
fore iinolhor was taken up , and tha
work was necessarily slow. The
Bcramblo will continue for several
days nnd numcroim contests will un
doubtedly take place.
Is Elected State Chnlrmnn After a
Bitter Contact at Springfield.
Sprlngflold , 111. , Juno U. The Dem-
orrntle Htsito convention immlnuteil I
the following ticket : Clerk ( it the supreme
premo coiitt , John L. Pickering of
Springfield ; Htntn trcnfluior , George
W. DttddloHton of Chicago ; superln- i
tPtirtont of public distinction , AIIHOII
L. Bliss of Hlllsboro ; trustees of the
Htato university , Dr. Julia Holmes
Smith of Chicago. J. A. White of Ur-
bairn nnd S. S. Paxlon of Moninonth.
John P. Hopkins was ro-elected
chairman of the slate central com-1
mlttoo rfftcr a bitter contest with Car
ter H. Harrison of Chicago. The elec
tion of Chairman Ilppklns produced' '
the only fight In the convention , but' '
It was strong enough to inake tip for
the tameness that characterized the
other proceedings of the convention.
The committed on resolutions had a
long and stormy session before their
report was finally adopted. The prin
cipal fight was over the first plank
In the platform. As originally drafted
this read : "The Democrats of Illinois
In state convention declare their ad
herence to the fundamental principles
of the Democratic party as laid down
In the Declaration of Independence
nnd the constitution of the United
States and affirmed at our last national
convention. "
This was considered by the oppo
nents of silver ns a too specific decla-
latlon In favor of the Kansas City
platform and they fought It. For three
hours the debate went on , and the
plank was amended to read : "All
fundamental principles of the Demo
cratic party , as repeatedly affirmed
by past Democratic conventions. "
No effort was made to bring In the
name of W. J. Bryan.
Autiustan'a Lutheran Synod Adjourns ,
iT.arquctte , Wis. , Juno 18. The
Augustana Lutheran synod , which tins
Jje''a In session , adjourned to meet
year at Paxton , 111. It was de
r.Hed to receive Into the synod the
Immanual Deaconess home at O ma
la , heretofore maintained as n private
r.sylum and hospital. For the home
mlsf-lonary work $30,000 was anrro-
irluled , with $7.500 additional for
special work In Montana , Idaho an < I
J. E. Promt of West Virginia haa
been decided upon as consul to Pre
toria , South Africa.
The Cuban senate has approved the
bill fixing President Palma's salary at
$25,000 a year and thai of Vice Presi
dent Estevez at $0,000 a year.
W. W. Atchlson , a saloonkeeper , shot
and killed James O'Meara and wound
ed William M. % hayor after a quarrel
In Atchlson's saloon at San Pedro , Nt
IIU Uccord a * nn Abitafnei1.
She Aro'yoVa ttynl abstainer , Colonel
nel Blue Ornss ?
He Yes. * ina'ara , I hain't touched
water for 40 yearaChlcngo News.
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hotel rates , and round trip tickers will
bo cheerfully Curnlsbod by
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