The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, May 23, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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How Civic Committee Will Dis
tribute Rewards.
"keepers orFIno Lawns , Flower and
Vegetable Gardens "nil Nont Alloys
nntl Bnck Yards to bo Encouraged
Prizes Worth Having.
The committee on olvla bonuty ban
nrrangod niul classified tlio prizoa tlmt
linvu boon contributed by tlio businessmen
mon of the city and hut nnnounood thnt
oxaminntioiiH of prumlnoH will bo nmdo
on Juno DO and August 20 nnd the prlzoa
will bo awarded on Soptomlwr 1 , A
boantiful lawn , llowor garden or well
planned vegetable garden are worth
trying for in thomsolvoH and tliOHO who
receive tliOHO prl/.oa will have additional
rot urns for tholr otVorta that should In
spire all to an nn.'iHual olTort toward im
proved residence property. Most of tlio
prizes olforod nro worth oonflidorablo
work and it should bo the endeavor of
all roBidonta of the city to make HO many
flno lawns and llowor gardens that the
comniittoo would experience HOIIIO
dillloulty in making Holoollons. The
object of the conunlttoo in undoubtedly
to oroato a friendly competition among
residents und if tlioy Huccood and the
yardH of Norfolk are mndo moro
boautlful thin year than ever before the
work of the committee will not have
boon in vain. The following IH the
arrangement [ of prizes an made by
the committee : ,
For best kept lawn :
Fir t prize licm'nmn ifc Smith's furn
iture Htoro , Vornin Martin table ,
Second pii/.o O. 13. Moore , hardware ,
lawn mower , $3 75.
Third pri/o Norfolk Tailoring Co ,
Bwoator , $2.00.
For the host vegetable garden :
First prl/.o Klomm Drug Co. , bottle
of perfume , $5.00.
Second prize Dtirland Sisters , mil
linery , chihl's luvt , $3.00.
Third prize John Friday's hardware ,
pookct knife , $1.50. ,
For best llowor garden :
First prize Johnson' store ,
lamp , $5.00.
Second prize 0. 3. Hayofl , jeweler ,
Jiorry spoon.
For best block of lawnw and parks :
First prize Sugar City Cereal Mills ,
one cuso of whoiitling , $4.00.
Second prize Bcolor Him , Daylight
store , statuary , $11.50.
For host kept alloy in n.blook :
First prize I. M. Mnoy , photographer ,
0110 dozen photos , $1.25.
Second prize Dnvoiiport kUros. , pair
boy's shoes , $3.50.
For best kept * place worth not moro
than $1,000 , :
First prize Johnson Dry Goods Co. ,
French Welton rug , ! ii ( by 7 ; . ' , $5.00.
Second prize Geo. B. Christoph ,
druggist , hammock , $3.00.
For neatest bai'k yard :
First prize Bnniii Bros. , boy's suit of
clothes , $5.00.
Second prize Star Clothing Co. ,
.Manhattan Panama hnt , $ ! ) .00.
For best flower bed :
First prize Robt. Utter , picture ,
Second prize W. B. Vail , jeweler ,
fern disband pot , Lookwoodware , $2.00.
Third prize Leonard's drug store ,
brush nnd comb , $1.50.
For general neatness :
First prize Fair Store , gun metal
watch , $ -1.50.
C Second prize Inskoop's Millinery ,
child's hat , $3.00.
Third prize Albert Dognor , hard
ware , pair uicklo plated skates , $1.50.
Examinations made Juno 20 , and
August 20.
Prize nwnrded September 1,1903.
11. B. Crowe of Albion was n visitor
in Norfolk yesterday.
O. A. Blakely was n passenger for
Omaha this morning.
James Nichols of Madison transacted
business in Norfolk today.
Sheriff J. J. Clements is transacting
business in the city today.
Mr. Erie Wells of Emoriok was in the
city yesterday ou business.
Mr. nud Mrs. W. 0. Eddy have taken
rooms with Mrs. Carl Rudnt.
Mrs. F. W. Junemau is in the city
from Madison for n few days' visit with
Mrs. J. S. Morrow wont to Omaha
yesterday to attend the state mooting of
the Woman's Relief Corps.
Mrs.l.W. . . W. Roberts returned this
\ morning from Lynch where she had
been tc attend the funeral of her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Sol G. Mayer welcomed
n daughter to their homo nt the
corner of Tenth street and Madison
avenue last evening.
Mr. nud Mrs. 0. W. Henderson of
Sioux City nre guests at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Hoffman.Mr. .
Henderson is connected with the postal
service nt Sioux City.
The High School orchestra will hold n
special meeting tonight and all members
are urged to be present ns there is
business of importance to bo discussed.
The yellow roses nre in bloom nnd ox-
haling their nwoot perfume , which
might lie tnkon for another Mgn of
Mprlng by those who nro still looking for
Tlioro will bo n IniHlnoflH mooting of
the Christian Endeavor HOoloty hold at
the Congregational church thin evening.
There is Important business to be trans
M. B , Blngor and A. Stollln , toaohora
in the parochial school of Christ Lu
theran ohurch , will go to Omaha to
morrow morning to attend n conference
of teachers.
MrH , John Quick loft this morning for
Onmhn whore nhe goon at * the delegate
of the Norfolk Woman's Relief Corps to
the Htnto mooting of that organization
which ia to bo hold in tlio metropolis
this week ,
The haccnlnuroato normou to the
High school graduating class will bo
proaohod by llov. J. W. Ponohor nt the
M. E. church Sunday evening. The
oloflH extends n general invitation to all
to attend this service with thorn.
Mr. nud Mm. O. A. Alexander re
turned nt noon yontordny from Omaha
where Mr. Alexander had gene to moot
hlH wlfo who won on her way homo
from the east , she having boon culled to
attend n slater who was seriously sick ,
Mrrt. P. II. Snltor wont to Omnha this
morning to moot Mrs. Mnxwoll of
Columbus , Win. ; MrH. Frank Aroiul
nnd two children of Norfiold , Mass ,
and Mrs. Sadie Marling of Madison , Win
The throe Indies nro cousins of Mrs. Salter
nnd nro coming to spend several weeks
with her and as guests nt the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Buttorflold.
U. M. Fraser , who formerly hold n
position with the F. 13. fe M. V. lindor
Agent It. 0. Mntrau , but more recently
hiiH boon chief clerk in the commercial
agent's olllco of the Illinois Central at
Council BlnffH , is in the city visiting bin
paroutH , Mr. and Mrs , R. M. Fraser nt
the corner of Ainmson avenue and Tiitru
Htroot. Ho has Intoly been promoted
to n position at Salt Lake City in the
horvtco of the Illinois Central and will
lonvo for Utah tomorrow morning.
The teachers in the Lincoln building
gave n mippor yesterday to Miss Lucy
Williams nud presented her with a
dozen sherbet cups. This ia Miss
V VilliauiH' last year in the schools bore
ud her co-workers took this moans of
' lowing their npprocintlon of her
ompnulonship during the years thnt
t liey hnvo tnught together.
The Htntomont thnt the trustees of St.
mil Lutheran ohurch had purchased
> io old building in the roar of the
tnrqunrdt block nud would use it in
mproving the church property north
f town wns orrouious. It wns bought
y Fordiunnd Schulnud the nvailable
unbor It contains will bo used in the
onstruotiou of n residence for his son
Vugust , on the seven acres of laud they
iavo recently purchased near the old
Vashburn homo in Edgownter Park
The omnibus public building bill
msaod by the house was reported to the
onnto nt Wnshingtou yesterday. There
a no other change from the house
uensuro than the adding of an appro
irintiou of $15,000 to bo used in com-
iletiug the post olllco building in Omaha
This is the measure thnt cnrries
vith it nu appropriation of $100,000 for
ho orootion of a federal building in this
ity. It is considered that the bill will
ccoivo the early aud favorable consider
\tiou of the upper body.
An orniloss woudor wixs in town
esterday , aud last evening gave an
xhibltlou of what ho wns nblo to
ccomplish by having his toes trained to
nko the place bf the flugors of which
10 had been deprived. A free sample of
what ho could do elicited the iutorost of
ho crowd. Among the fonts ho
accomplished wns to thread a noodle
shave himself , open a penknife , write
xud draw pictures , feed himself , per
form card tricks aud do other things
that might prove difficult to persons
javing the use of two hands.
An old settler who has just made
trip over a considerable area of country
surrounding Norfolk says that ho never
saw the small grain look any
aud considers that the prospect
bumper crop is excellent. In ttflW o
the fact that the outlook n week Qr tw
ngo wns discouraging this tornec !
will furnish an indication of tfr < J remark
able growiug weather this country ha
been recently favored with. Some o
the corn is up nud looking fine nnd
farmers have commenced cultivntlug
while others have not yet finlshe
Reports from Pieico nro thnt n smn'
cyclone formed near there ns n result o
the storm Sunday afternoon. The win
stnrted in its serpentine whirling form
south of the city nud unroofed the cattle
sheds of J. M. Drebert nnd W. W.
Riloy. It swept ncross Willow creek ,
taking up a column of wntor na it went.
Passing through Mallory's brick ynrd ,
it struck the business portion of town
and blew down some nwniugs. It nlso
unroofed the cnttle sheds of thoElkhoru
Valley Stock farm , belonging to L.
Mason. A number of farmers report
the breaking of trees aud the destruction
of ( Windmills.
It has been six years siuce the Fourth
of July hns been publicly eel ebrated iu
Norfolk nnd by some of the citizens it is
thought that the city should undertake
o provide n diy of pUnsaM for the | |
people of the oity , the country nnd surrounding -
rounding towim. Year after year Nor
folk has given way to her neighbors nud
helped to swell the crowds attending
their celebrations , and it would undoubt
edly bo fair that nil should unite iti n
monster celebration hero this year. The
iroposltlou of holding such a colobrn-
ion should bo considered nt once.
Tany of the neighboring towns would
iirobably join In celebrating the nation's
birthday hero If they were enrly in-
'ormod that such was Norfolk's Intou-
Ion and , if it was decided that thin oity
would not celebrate , the other towns
oould then go ahead nud prepare n cole
uration without the possibility that Nor-
( pile might outer Into competition with
thorn for the attendance nt such celebra
tions. It in recommended that the Com
mercial club hold n mooting nt the ear
liest practicable date aud take steps to
ascertain the doalro of the bunlnosa men
regarding a celebration.
Wm. Brown and family will start for
Oklahoma the last of the week in quest
of a homestead.
Moses Mlhilla , who moved to Ohio a
couple years ngo , was renewing no
qunlntnncoH with his old neighbors
Conrad Wheeler returned from Plntta-
mouth Tuesday , aud Wednesday started
for Dillon , Col. , where ho expects to
spend the summer with his daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Terry entertained
a largo party of friends Wodnosdny
evening of last wook. Dancing nud re
freshments helped to mnko n plensaut
evening for those present.
Owosso , Michigan.
At 5 o'clock last evening ever 1,000
people crowded into the Congregational
ohurch to hoar Sullivan's oratorio , "Tho
Prodigal Son , " by Mr. II. Augustine
Smith. It is the general verdict of those
who hoard him yesterday that ho hns
one of the finest tenor voices ever heard
in this city. Ho delighted ill. The
Daily American.
Hns numerous natural bridges , cnves
etc. , of no little interest. The Mam-
noth cave of Calaveras , discovered by
n-iuerfl In 1850 ; the Alabaster cnve ;
, ho Crystnl Pnlnco cnvo , coutniuiug n
number of attractive snbtorrauinn apart-
nouts , such ns the Bridal chamber , the
rystnl Palace room , aud n curious
npnrtment cnlled the Music hall , where
iho deposits of aqueous origin not only
ako the form of organ pipes , sounding
boards , etc. , but also omit when struck
musical sounds and vibrations. Near
his cnvo are two uaturnl bridges which
ho tourist cnu visit nnd return to the
railroad within half an hour.
The only natural way to reach these
scones of interest is via "The Overlnud
louto , " comprising the Union nud
Southern Paoiiio , now really one .line.
The only line running through trains to
San Frau lhco from Omaha. Tluci
trains daily , the fast trains nrrivinir 15
hours nhead of all competitors. Full
iiiformntion cheerfully furnished upon
implication. J. B. ELSEFFER ,
Stops the Cough and Works off the
Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets cure
ncold in one day. No cure , no pay.
Price 25 cents.
Southern California its lovely sen-
side resorts , orange groves , beautiful
gardens and quaint old mission towns
are visited every year by thousands of
tourists who travel over the Union Pa
cific because it is the best nud quickest
route nud the only line running through
trnius to [ Onliforuin from Omnha. In
addition to the Pullman Palnce Sleepers
the Union Pacific runs Pullman ordi
nary sleepers every dny , lenving Ohicngo
at 11:30 : p. m. nnd Ouinhnnt4:25 : p. m.
These ordmnry cnrs nro personally con
ducted every Tuesday nud Thursday
from Chicago and every Wednesday and
Friday from Onmhn. A Pullmnu ordi-
nnry sleeper also leaves Omaha every
Tuesday at 11:30 : p. IB. for Los Angeles.
Full information cheerfully furnished
upon application.J. .
J. B. ELSEFFER , agent.
Dynamo Cars
On "Tho Overland Limited" cnrry ex
port electriclnns , whoso special duty is
to supervise and see that the electrio
lighting arrangements nro entirely snt-
isfnctory. Each sleeper has 70 electric
lights , dining car 70 , buffet smoklug
aud library car 40.
Observation cars , dining "cars , buffet
smoking nnd library cars are equipped
with twelve-inch electrio fans. Elec
tric rending Inmps In every berth. Elec
tric curling irons In all ladies' toilet
This famous train reaches Salt Lake
Oity 12 hours nnd Son Francisco Ifi
hours abend of nil competitors.
Ifjyou contemplate a trip to nny west-
ore point the Union Pacific offers you
the highest degree of comfort nud luxury -
ury , with no nddltlonnl cost nud a grent
saving of time aud expense.
Full iufornintiou cheerfully furnished
ou application to
The famous "Awakening of the Lions'
by do Houtskl played by eight young
ladles arranged for four plnuos , will
bo OHO of the features of the commence
ment recital. This nlono is worth the
price of ndiuissiou nud hns never been
presented in Norfolk before tills evening.
W. D. Mason was iu the city yester
day from Pierce.
Norfolk people hope that the dust
will not blow again , bofnro tomorrow
A. J. Dunlovy of Tlldon greeted Nor-
'oik ' friends yesterday nud attended to
business ,
Mrn , E. A. Bullock entertained the
adlos of the Kaffeo Klntsoh yesterday
Dr. Clark of Omahn is visiting nt the
iiouio of Mr. aud Mrs. E. E. Adams fern
n few days.
The 'telephone linemen are now en
gaged in stretching the now . 'cable west
from Fifth street.
The Ladies society of the Congre
gational ohurch will moot in the ohurch
parlors tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. :
Mrs. Joseph Allbory loft on the Union
Paoifio this morning for n throe-weeks'
visit with her daughter nt Ohoyeuuo ,
Boulah chapter No. 10 , Order Eastern
Star , will moot in regular session this
evening. A large attendance of mom
hers is desired.
A herd of cattle belonging to O. S.
Christian , northeast of Madison , is af
fected with the blackleg nud n number
of the nuiiiinls have died.
The oity has received some stone for
crossings nud some now crosswalks wil
bo laid as soon as the mud dries suf
ficioutly to admit of the work being
A number of the members of the F
E. & M. V. steel gang were in the city
this morning nud it is said that thoj
were on tholr way to Vordigre to com
men co laying rails on the now extension
Principal J. B. Barnes of the IHgl :
school entertained the Senior class n
dinner last evening nt his homo in Hill
side Terrace. The evening following
the dinner wns eujoynbly spout by
those attending.
Gordon Journal : An old fashioned
woman on the train from Omaha the
other night had four kids with hor.
She licked the quartette three times
around coining from Fremont to Nor
folk nud there she chnuged cnrs
nud we lost sight of her. She belonged
to the old school thnt believed iu utiliz
ing the rod.
John Jones , the man who was picked
up ou the streets by the officers about n
week ngo , and who , while not appar
ently delirious , seemed to have such n
lapse of memory that ho was unable to
give any account of himself and could
not answer the most simple questions ,
was brought before the board of insan
ity nt Madison Moudny. He formerly
worked iu the rnilrond ynrds nt the
Junction , but since he quit there uoth-
iug is known of him. He cannot tell
his name or nge , due , the doctors believe
liovo , to brain pressure.
A rainstorm came up from the
southwest yesterday afternoon that
developed some fury for the few
minutes it lasted. The rain came down
in torrents and the wind that nc-
compauied it drove it through west
windows that were not unusually tight.
The government measurement showed
that .02 of nu inch hnd fallen , making
the total precipitation for the mouth
almost three inches and there yet re
mains ten days of the month to be
heard from. Some hail fell with the
storm but not enough to do any damage.
Ohas. IL Johnson commenced suit in
Justice Eiseloy's court this morning
against the Union Pacific , for damages
iu making nu overcharge in freight
rates on n roll of carpet shipped from
Philadelphia. The weight of the roll is
150 pounds , nud the freight charge on
the shipment is $3.27. Mr. Johnson
stntes thnt this is nu overcharge on the
published tnriff rate which he says is
$1,83 per hundred and the overcharge
therefore amounts to about 30 cents a
hundred. Mr. Johnson says that he
tendered payment in three amounts ,
none ot which were nccepted nnd the
goods were not turned over. Ho nlso
snys thnt the chnrgo is more thnn the F.
E. & M. V. ohnrges for the same class
of goods from the same place.
Greoloy Leader-Independent : A
fnrinor living not fnr from town brought
in some butter Inst weeknnd nfter trying
every store iu town , wns compelled to
tnke his butter homo unsold. It seems
this fnrnier sends to Montgomery Wnrd
for everything he buys , nud our grocers
have decided to let him sell Montgomery
Ward his butter. And thnt reminds ns
that when the Baptist ladles held their
bazaar last week they wrote to Mont
gomery & Co. for n contribution. Their
first letter remained unanswered , but n
second ellotod n reply from Montgomery
Wnrd & Co. who snld that they gave
away n great deal to chnrity , but con
fined their giving to their home town.
"Why not allow them to mnke their
money off their own town ? " suggests
nn exchange. The moral is : "Patron
ize local merchants and dealers nnd
keep your money nt homo. "
Report from the east nre to the effect
thnt considernblo excitement hns been
occasioned there by reports that the
Nebraska "volcano , " Mt. lonn , is
tbrentoulug great devastation aud des
truction. A Washington correspondent
states that temporary residents in that
city fron\ Nebraska ore plied with
questions regarding the dire possibilities
should the mountain break loose nud ;
pour Invn nnd nshos ever the surround
ing country , nud Indications nro thnt
onstorn people would contribute llbornlly
to protect the nearby residents from
threatened dlstruction. This "volcano"
Is located In the northern part of Dlxon
county near the town of Nowcnstlo
among the bluffa of the Missouri river.
It la reported to be unuaunlly active
sluco the destruction of St. Pierre by the
eruption of Mt. Poloo and according to
the truthful reporters it has been spit
ting smoke aud ashes for some time. It
was demonstrated years ago by scien
tists that the steam that Issued from the
crater" nnd the heat of the earth In Its
vicinity Is caused by water seeping
through a limestone formation. Over
twenty years ago some Dakota farmers
thought that they could flud coal by
digging into this volcano and by so
doing they not only located the source
of the boat but destroyed It for n time.
The big flood of 1881 again chilled the
ardor of the "volcano"
nnd it did not
resume business until about a year ago.
Electric Lighted Trains.
The Union Pacific wns the first to
ntroduce dining cars , vestibulcd cars
Htonui heat , piutsoh light , buffet smok
ing and library cars , tourist cars , on
trans-continental trains west of the
Missouri river.
It ngnln lends by introducing nu
electric lighted train throughout , "The
Overlnnd Limited , " with compartment
observation cnrs , hnviug electrio lamps ,
electrio fans , electric curling iron heat
ers , telephone service , etc. ; dining room
with electric cnudelnbrn , bnth rooms ,
barber shops , circulating libraries , etc.
The cars comprising this train consti
tute the highest and best devolopemeut
of car construction and of comfortable
and luxurious travel.
This train renohes Snlt Lake City 12
hours and San Francisco 10 hours abend
of nil competitors/
Full inforrnntiou cheerfully furnished
on npplicntion to J. B. ELSEFFEU ,
Northern Wisconsin Kallwuy Farm Lands
For Sale.
The Ohicngo , St. Pnul , Mlnnenpolis
& Omaha railway has for sale in North
ern Wisconsin , at low prices and ensy
terms of payment , nbont 350,000 acres
of choice farm lands.
Early buyers will secure the advantage
tago of locations on the many beautiful
streams and lakes , which abound with
fish and furnish a never ending and
most excellent water supply , both for
family use and for stock.
Laud is generally well timbered , the
soil fertile nud easy of cultivation aud
this is rapidly developing into one of
the greatest sheep and cattle raising
regions in the northwest.
Chicago , Milwaukee , St. Paul , Minn
eapolis , Duluth , Superior , Ashland nnd
other towns on "The Northwestern
Line" furnish good markets for stock
nud fnrm produce.
For further pnrticulars address :
Laud Commissioner , Hudson Wis. , or
Asst. Geu'lPass.Ag't.St. Paul , Minn.
Does it Pay to Buy Cheap ?
A cheap remedy for coughs nnd colds
is nil right.but you want something that
will relieve aud cure the more severe
and dangerous results of throat nnd
lung troubles. Whnt shall you dp ? Go
to a wnrmer nnd more regular climnte ?
Yes if possible ; if not possible for you.
then in either case take the only remedy
that hns been introduced in nil civilized
countries with success in severe throat
nnd troubles "Boscheo's
lung , Germnn
Syrup. " It not only henls nnd stimn-
Intes the tissues to destroy the germ dis
ease , but allays inflammation , causes
easy expectoration , gives n good night's
rest , nnd cures the patient. Try one
bottle. Recommended many years by
all druggists in the world. Get Green's
Prize almnnnc. Asa K. Leounrd.
Wo nre showing nil the new nnd late
styles injparnsols and sun umbrellas.
Very.handsome nil blnck nnd black
and white parasols , $1.00 up to $0.50.
Handsome Parisian , corded , hem
stitched and lace effects , prices $1.25 up
to $10.00.
Misses' nud children's parasols , 25
cents to $3.00.
Colored silk sun umbrellas , with fir ,
boxwood nnd other natural wood and [
fancy handles. Prices $1.50 , $2.00 , $2.60 ,
$3.00 , $3.50 , $4.00 , $4.50 nud $5.00.
Black silk sun umbrellas with natural 1
wood and fancy handles. Prices 08 i
cents to $7.50. See the splendid values
we are Kivintr nt $2.50 nnd $3.00.
Mns. J. BENSON .
South Sixteenth street ,
Omaha , Nob.
This is not n gentle word but when
you think how liable you nre not to pur
chase for 75o the only remedy universally
known nud n remedy that has had the
largest snle of nny medicine in the world
since 1868 for the cure nnd treatment
of consumption and throat nnd lung
trouble without losing its great pop
ularity all these years , yon will be thank
ful wo called your attention to Bosoheo's
German Syrup. There are so many
ordinnry cough remedies mnde by drug
gists nnd others that are cheap and good
for light colds perhaps , but for severe
coughs , bronchitis , croup aud es
pecially for consumption , where there
ia difficult expectoration and coughing
during the nights nud mornings , there
is nothing like German Syrup. Sold by
nil druggists in the civilized world.
G. G. GREEK , Woodbnry , N.J.
Asa. K. Leonard.
School commencement programs nnd
invitations , the finest line ever brought
( to the city , at THE NKWS [ office. Two
| weeks nre required to fill orders.
Electric Lighted Sleeping Cars
On "Tho Overland Limited" nro 1-f
section cnrs with drawing voon.s. In
terior finished in Circassian walnut ,
English oak aud Cuban mahogany ,
with furnishings to harmonize. Each
section aud drawing room ia provided
with two electric reading lamps , nud
electric lights ndoru the empire ceilings.
Drawing rooms with nuuex toilet
room , containing dressers with every
convenience , including ladies' electric
curling iron heater , etc.
This famous train reaches Salt Lake
City 12 hours and San Francisco 10
hours ahead of nil competitors.
If you contemplate n trip to nny
Western point the Union Pacific offers
you the highest degree of comfort nnd
luxury , with no ndditiunnl cost and a
great saving of time nnd expense.
Full information cheerfully furnished
on application to
J. D. Sturgeon , the Norfolk piano
man , has received nnd ia unloading a
car of Fnrrand orgnns , which range ia
style from cottage to chapel.
Electric Lighted Dining Cars.
The new dining cars on "the Over-
laud Limited" have ten tables , with a
seating capacity for thirty people.
The tables , which are placed m front
of broad plate glass windows , are
adorned with ferns , flowering plants , fine
linen , delicate china , exquisite cut glass ,
silverware and electric chaudelabra.
Meals served a la carte , embracing all
the delicacies of the season.
This famous train roaches Salt Lake
City 12 hours and San Francisco 10
hours ahead of all competitors.
If you contemplate a trip to any
western point the Union Pacific offers
you the highest degree of comfort and
luxury , with uo additional cost nnd n
great saving of time and expense.
Fall information cheerfully furnished
on application to
At ; nut.
Sherman Gravel.
Concerning which so much has been
said , is n disintegrated mica granite. It
hns been chemically prepared by the
great fires of nature in prehistoric days ,
so as to gradually weld together with
all the fiexnbility of asphalt and the
durability of granite. This gravel ia
quarried at Sherman , Wyo. , on the
Union Pacific , and used on the road for
nbllnst. Travelers over the Union
Pacific therefore , escape the dust and
dirt which makes n trip over the lines
of its IPSS fortunate rivnls so nnnoying.
No dust , no dirt , no jarring , smooth
and easy riding.
For full informntiou cnll on or nddress
J. B. Elsoffer , agent.
Yellowstone National Park *
One of the most delightful spots on
the Auioricnu continent , and more easily
reached vin'jUuion Pacific than via any
other line , is the .Yellowstone Nntionnl
park. The stage ride from Mouida by
the palatial Concord coaches of the
Mouida & 'Yollowstone Stage company
is through scenery hnrdly inferior to
the park itself.
Side trip from Ogden , Utnh , or Poca
tello , Idaho , via Mouida nud Monida &
Yellowstone Stage Co. , in both direc
tions , will bo furnished holders of all
tickets ( one wny first nud second class ,
regulnr tourist or special round-trip
excursion tickets ) , sold nt Denver , Chey
enne and points enst , pnssing through
Ogden or Pocntello to points in the
states of California , Nevada , Oregon ,
Washington and that part of British
Columbia lying north of the state of
Washington , upon npplicntiou to 0. S.
L , ngeiits nt either Ogdeu or Pocntello ,
at the very low rate of $10.50.
This rate will include rail nnd stage
fare covering seven nnd one-half days'
trip , including 'nil meals aud lodging
beyond Mouida.
Full information cheerfully furnished
upon application.
Observation Cars
ou "Tho Overland Limited" electric
lighted have tiled platforms , enclosed
with brass nnd ornnmental railings ,
largo enough to nccommodnto nil pas-
seugers. iLibrnries , writing desks ,
books , magnziues nud current literature
of nil kinds.
Each car has six compartments nud n
drawing room containing washstaud ,
hot and cold water , electrio curling iron
heaters , parcel racks nud nil toilet con
This fauious'train reaches Salt Lake
Oity | 12 hours and San Francisco 10
hours nhend of nil competitors.
If you contemplate a trip to any
western point , the Union Pacific offers
you the highest degree of comfort and
luxury , with no ndditiounl cost nnd n
great snvlug of time nnd expense.
Full Information cheerfully furnished
on application to J. B. Elseffer , agent.
A Bellows
when yon get home
with that bulk coffee
and blow the dir and flies and
foreign substances out of it. Then
open a package of
Lion Coffee V
see how clean and fresh it looks
and note its rich aroma.
Tb te&led packiga Iniuret uniform qa&lltr.