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Private BUgcr Writes from
Another Post.
Pleased with the Town of Dapltan.
How Christmas wnu Observed A
Short Dry Season Is Anticipated.
Weather Is like Spring hero.
Dnpltau , Mlmliuino , P. I. , Jan. fi ,
1003. To TUB NKWS : Having changed
posts Bluoo writing , I will uudnrtnlco to
inform you what kind of a country
traveled through and nm now In.
Orders were rooolvod at Oroquiota on
Doeoinbor 7 for ono sergeant nnd 27
privates to proceed to Dapltau. The
boat in whloh wo wore to travel Ifl a
email coast steamer , the Trontou , about
100 foot long , 20foot wide and with two
docks. The upper doolc isopouoxoopt the
fore part , where the crow have tboir
quarters. It does about all the ooast
work hero for the government. It or
rived at Orlquiota on the aftornoou of
the llth and wo loaded our lookers and
boarded the same evening. The uoxt
morning at 4 o'clock the boat pulled oat
nnd wont to Langoran , a distance of an
miles , lauding there about 7 o'clock.
Langoran is oltnatod on tbo ooast ,
about a milo and n half wont of a good
bay , which is guarded from oooau cur
rents by rooks and sand bora. Troop
D , Fifteenth cavalry , la statiouod there
now. They were at ouo tlino at Oro-
qulota. There was n largo amount of
ltl supplies for the troop on board and wo
' did not leave until 10 o'clock. Wo
went about thee miles but were com
pelled to return , the water being HO
rough thut it would bo a risk to proceed.
"Wo remained until the day following
nud the men hud orders not to leave the
boat. The next morning at about G
o'clock wo loft and arrived at our desti
nation about 1 o'clock. The soix was
rough all day , but uot aa rough an on
the ( bay before. Two of the boys were
seasick but not seriously. The coast
along the way was very ruggod. In
many places the hilly carne clear to ] the
water's edge , while at others they loft
good places for rice paddles and hemp
Holds by receding to a considerable dis
tance. Upou our arrival at the bay the
ilrst building wo noticed was the church ,
which is ubont a quarter of a mile in
land , and the Amoricau flag ( lying from
the front of headquarters , nearby. The
water was very rough when the boat
anchored uud the boatmen thought wo
could uot laud our lockers soon BO the
sergeant ordered throe of in to remain
until everything was taken oft and wo
proceeded to laud about 4 o'clock , having
the pleasure of riding some heavy
breakers on the way in. Wo lauded
nbout half n milo from the quarters , to
which wo walked passing through a
\voll laid out stioot , but the houses were
mostly built of uiopo , which gave the
impressiou that wo were getting into
the worst wo had yet experienced , but
found out different afterward.
The town is situated on a small island
of nbout throe square miles , and is sep
arated from the main island by a stream
of salt water varying in width from six
foot to 100 yards. There is a hill on the
Island the sides of which are almost per
pendicular aud is nioro than 160 foot
high. There is but one way to get to
the top and that is by ladders aud stops
out in the rock. The top is a plateau of
about five acres in extent aud was atone
ono time used for a Spanish fort , now
gone to ruins. There are a few Span
ish cannons lying around , the butts of
which are rotten. The Spanish soldiers
occupied this fort for fear the natives
would kill them if they remained in the
uuiuw * ( tt.ii vuu i
the hUl is the main part of town ,
also the well from which all the
vrator for the command ia procured ,
The church is the finest building
in the town aud is built of galvan
ized iron , the inside being in good
condition and painted in colors aud has
some fine scroll work. The altar is as
line as any I have seen in the states and
the church is said to bo the finest fin
ished of any on the lower islands.
There are two Catholic school houses
hero that ore well built of plaster and
wood and from appearances there are
about 200 children attending. The
headquarters and men's quarters are
built of the same material. They ore
opposite the school houses and face n
plaza. The headquarters 'ia the largest
building and is used both for ofllao and
residence by the ofllcora of the com
mand , the lower portion being a store
room. The quarters are slightly
crowded with 50 men and the moss hall
is in a separate building made of uiopo
Most of the native houses are con <
Btructed of this material although then
is an abundance of timber hero to build
of wood ; the people , however , cannel
afford to buy the necessary tools.
The people are about the same hen
as elsewhere. They do not like the
Americans very well , but they dare no
rebel , for they know what would hap
pen if they did. They treat ua with re
epoct when wo are around , but are vorj
ehy. They are organizing a natlvi
f band here , having just received a ful
Bet of French instruments to roplac
M their old ones. They inoko pretty fal
musio now. There are fewer prisoner
I c , hero than at any station ou the , island
there being but nine on the guard house
list , and two of them are on parole aud
another is crazy and only waiting to bo
sent away. Tuba ia a scarce artiolo
hero. Very few of the natives use the
drink aud the law koopa it away from
thoBoldiora. Door , whisky and winoa
are unknown , there being no cautoon
hero aud the Ohlnoso stores , four in
number , are not allowed to keep liquor
of any kind.
Ohlokou flghtlng ia the only excite
ment wo have hero , but that la very
plentiful. There are fights nearly every
day and some of the flnoat roosters are
nrtcd. The holidays were well oolobratod
liorn. Christmas was church day , there
being services all day. Now Year's day
was also a great feast day and the baud
played about all the timo. There were
also Homo ohaugos mode in the govern
moutof the dlstriot. The prosldouto
was made governor aud the vtoo prosl
dente waa advanood'to his place.
I had a good tUne on Christinas , go
ing up the river in a c'auoo with two
other boys. Wo rowed until wo were
tired and then wont to a spring which Is
about a milo from the beach and about
100 foot above the sea level. The water
ia cool and cornea from the side of the
mountain among largo rooks and in the
ahado. Several years ago the Spanish
banished a well educated native from
Manila to this Island and ho , having
nothing olflo to do , built a brlok plpo on
top of the ground from the spring to the
beach where a fountain was made , in
tending that the people of the town
should use the water. Ho waa taken to
Manila and executed shortly after ho
finished the work and it was not taken
oaro of and ia now of no use , being
broken in many places. Several of na
boys spent the ovonlng in walking about
the streets and singing American songs ,
Wo have very good officers hero. I
do uot know what states they carne
from but do not think they are west
erners. They are West Point men. The
doctor ia a married man and has his
wlfo with him , aho being the only
American woman in the town. Thoto
are only 50 men in the detachment nnd
no patlvo noldiors , they going to Oro-
qniota when wo , came. The duty is not
very hard. The men only got three
nights iu but there are no prisoners to
chase and wear them out and walking
post is not burdensome. I am on special
duty as olork in the adjutant's office at
present , but do not know for how long
aa changes are frequent.
The weather is fine , belugas cool as it
is during the spring at homo. There is
not as much rain as there was two
weeks ago , but the roads are not very
dusty. The rainy season has lasted
longer this season than it has for years.
Xliu uij auiiouu wii uu vuijr auuiv it wuu
rainy season begins ] when it did last
year. The natives have gathered all
their rice aud are waiting for the dry
weather to kill out the corn so they can
gather it. I have received several
copies of Tnic NKWS since I have boon
hero and think them very interesting.
Asnmoz J. BIUIER ,
Co. L. , lOfh Infantry.
Baum Bros. Now Deal Exclusively in
Clothing and Ladies' Garments.
While the exterior appearance of
Baum Brothers' store is the same aa it
has always boon , that ia aa far as the
similarity goes. The interior baa boon
changed BO that it boars very little re-
somblanoo to the store tliat has been
known by its many customers in years
gouo by. The center partition has been
removed , throwing the largo room nil
into one , which is well lighted , com-
modloua and attractive , giving greatest
opportunity to show goods. The firm
now deals exclusively in clothing and
ladles' ready to wear garments , waists ,
anIfa nlnnlra nnrl f i a tYiAtvr rn\i\r\a fla.
artment having been entirely elimi
nated when the stock was sold to R. M.
Rosenthal a short time ago.
With the largo additional room now
afforded , Baum Brothers are increasing
.heir . stock of clothing aud expect Boone
o make it the largest in ho city. They
, vill carry all the finer grades of goods ,
so that a customer wanting something
ithor for common wear or in the best
grades will bo able to bo fitted out.
This firm baa boon doing business in
Norfolk 17 years , during which time it
has built up a reputation for honesty
aud fair dealing second to no concern in
the northern part of the state. When
it is announced that they were going
out of the dry goods business it waa
feared that this meant their removal
from the city , and their friends and
customers will bo glad to learn that this
is not so. They will devote their atten
tion exclusively to clothing and ladies'
wear , aud expect la a abort time to make
theirs the most popular store of Its char
acter in this section of the state. J.
Banm loft for the east this morning to
purchase a new stock of goods , which
will commence to arrive in a week or
ton days. They will do a big business
from the start , aa the firm ia well and
favorably known through the whole of
north Nebraska.
Norfolk Foundry and Manufacturing
Company Has Much Work on Hand.
With the approach of spring n gen-
nine air of business bustle ia apparent
at the shops of the Norfolk Foundry
and Manufacturing company and , nnder
the direction of the manager , John
Dronk , there is something doing. Per-
laps the most evident improvement is
; lie erection of a shoot-iron covered build-
lug 2 i by CO foot and 14 foot iuthooloar ,
whloh is being built to protect the nm-
jhluory of the Port Huron Engiuo and
Ihroshlng company of Michigan from
the elements , the fouudry people haying
the agency for that company. Of this
company's manufactures their Norfolk
agency will handle engines , separators ,
oora buskers and shredders , corn shel
ters , food grinders , hay presses and the
excellent "dirt handler" made by that
company , This la an elevating grader
with a spreader run by a traction on-
giuo. They also make a dump car to go
with the ' dirt handler. " The doors of
the warehouse are 10 foot wide by 11
foot high to admit the largo separator
made by them. A sample separator and
engine made by thla company haa al
ready boon roooivod and these who have
had experience with such machinery
pronounce them ideal. They are cer
tainly of the latest make. The separator
tor is 00-00 and perhaps ono of the larg
est over received in this section of conn-
try. It is fitted with a Person self
feeder and now Port Huron wind
stacker. The ougluo is aa large and complete -
ploto as the separator. It is an 18-horso
compound , with a loco cab and fitted
witii a uoii ana wuistio , until it closely
resembles a railroad engine. It has im-
monoo and broad drive wheels and ia a
powerful machine. ' The brass fittings ,
to the valno of about $50 were stolen on-
onrontobut when these are received the
machine will make some exhibition runs
Besides this line , the foundry pooplq
will handle the J. I. Oaso engines and
separators , also the engines and separa
tors made by Nichols & Shopard.
In the regular foundry work they are
about two months behind on orders.
There are now throe traction engines
at the shop undergoing repairs and an
other ia expected in a few days. Bo-
aides there are two gasoline engines
on hand to bo overhauled and repaired.
This , in addition to the regular line of
jobbing work which is picking up at
this season , will keep the force un
usually busy. It is an industry that
amounts to a great deal to Norfolk and
the people will bo pleased to know it is
prosperous and growing in importance.
Northern Wisconsin Hallway Farm Laadi
.Per Sulo.
The Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis
& Omaha railway has for solo in North
oru Wisconsin , at low prices and easy
terms of payment , about 1)50,000 ) acres
of choice farm lands.
Early buyers will secure the advan
tage of locations on the many beautiful
streams aud lakes , which abound with
nan uuu luruittu u uuvnr uuuiug ana
most excellent water supply , both for
family use and for stock.
Land is generally well timbered , the
soil fertile aud easy of cultivation and
this is rapidly developing into one of
the greatest sheep aud cattle raising
regions iu the northwest.
Chicago , Milwaukee , St. Paul , Minn
eapolis , Duluth , Superior , Ashland nud
other towns on "Tho Northwestern
Lino" furnish good markets for stock
and farm produce.
For further particulars address :
Land Commissioner , Hudson Wis. , or
Asst. Gon'lPasa.AR't.St. Paul , Minn.
Question Answered.
Yea , August Flower still has the larg
est sale of any medicine in the civilized
world. Your mothers aud your grand
mothers never thought of using any
thing else for indigestion or biliousness.
Doctors were scarce , and they seldom
hoard of appendicitia.uorvons prostration
or heart failure , etc. They used August
Flower to clean out the system and stop
fermentation of undigested food , rogn-
late the action of the liver , stimulate
the nervous and organic action of the
system , and that is all they took when
Feeling dull and bad with headaches
ind other achea. You only need a few
loses of Green's August Flower , in
liquid form , to make yon satisfied there
Is nothing serious the matter with you.
Qet Green'a Prize almanac. Asa K.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the interior , Land Of
fice at O'Neill , Nebr. , December 18 ,
1001. Notice is hereby giyen that the
following named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in
support of his claim , and that said proof
will bo made before clerk of the district
court at Madison , Nebraska , on Febru
ary 1 , 1002 , viz : Emma J. Ferguson ,
H. E. No 10505 , for the w uo } , soo.
14 , T. 23 N. , R. 1 W.
He names the following witnesses to
provo his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of Bald land , viz :
William Boyd , John Eberly , A. N.
MoGinnla of Warnervillo , Neb. , Wm.
T. Ferguson , Norfolk , Neb.
8. J. WEEKS ,
If You were Scared
easily you might suppose that the pain
in the lower part of your back meant
kidney trouble. But being a person oi
sense you know It is only muscular stiffness -
ness , from cold , and that prompt treatment -
mont with Perry Davis' Painkiller will
prevent it from' growing into lumbago
Act accordingly and yon will bo glad
yon saw this. There ia but one Pain
killer , Perry Davis' .
Gardner & Seller deal in improvoc
and unimproved lands. Ranches and
town property for sale in Pierce , Cedar
Enox , Wayne and Holt counties , abc
landa and ranches in North and Sontl
THE NEWS koopa its job dopartmen
up-to-date with the Litest faces of typ
and does its work in approved style.
S. B. Cain Lives Fifty-Four Hours and
Succumbs to His Wounds.
A Newman Grove correspondent of
the State Journal , nudor date of tl o
13th , gives the following aooouut of the
suloldo of S. B. Cain of that place , men
tion of whloh waa made a few days ago :
"Singleton B. Cain , a holder of largo
real estate interests in and around this
city , lies dead at his homo , iu the eastern
part of town , the result of his own rash
act. Last Monday night , about 8 o'clock
ho came down town , having promised
his family that ho would moot them at
church , where revival services were
being hold. Ho had passed the church
two blocks , aud was In the heart of the
business section , at the intersection of
Fremont and Halo streets , when ho
raised his right hand with a 88-calibro
revolver nud Bent a bullet into his hoad.
A few seconds elapsed and the shot was
repeated. The few people who were on
the street were attracted by the first shot ,
but could not locate tbo diroctiou on ao
count of the echo. When the second
shot occurred the man was soon to
stagger and fall , and before any of these
nearest could reach him , ho with hia
loft hand bracing hia body In a siting
poaturo , fired two more shots in quick
nnlv onn nf whioh nrobttblv
took effect.
"Tho man was picked up for dead and
carried to Anderson's drug store. Phys
icians were summoned and two of the
bullets extracted , after whioh ho waa
carried to his homo , where ho partially
regained consciousness , enough to recog
nize the members of his family , but
from the time ho fired the first shot until
ho expired ho uttered no sound , not even
a groan. Any of the three shots that
entered his head were sufficient to cause
death. The third bullet was extracted
yesterday morning by trephining , the
operation being done by Drs. Frink
aud MoMahon , the ball being removed
from the opposite side of the head from
where it entered.
"Mr. Cain stood well in this commun
ity , was a prominent church and Sun
day suhool worker , ardent in politics and
temperance , a loader in fraternal soci
eties , having membership in the I. 0. O.
F. , M. W. A. , the Rebekahs and R"oyal
"Ho leaves a largo family in comfort
able circumstances. He has left no
word , written or spoken , that would in
any way explain his rash act. If any
thing was on his mind , worrying him ,
ho gave no sign. He was rather reticent
regarding his affairs , keeping his own
counsel. Ho was born in Ohio , March
14 , 1850. "
Real Estate Transfers.
Thn fnllnwincr nrn thn trntiRfara of
real estate in Madison county for the
week ending March 15 , 1002 , as
reported by D. J. Koenigstein , official
abstractor :
Ernest Fisher and wife , Martha , to
Ida Sohnltz , wd lot 10 , block 8 , Paso-
walk's 3rd add to Norfolk , $1520.
Ole Johuson to Esau Johnson , wd w ) < <
of nwK 7-21-3 , and BW& 6-21-3 , $5000.
Battle Creek Valley Dank to Joseph
Severa , wd lot 3 , block 1G , Battle Creek ,
Commercial bonk , Columbus , to
Micbaol Gaspers , qcd n ) of 36-21-4.
Mary A. Weber to Ella L. Robinson ,
wd n * of wK of to * 5i block 3 , Paso-
walk's add to Norfolk , f 1400.
Phebe Barnes to John Peters , qcd } < >
of vacated street lying w of block 56 , R.
R. add to Madison.
G. W. Shippee to William Ullarioh ,
wd lot 2 , block 1 , McCombs suburban
lots to Burnett , $1550.
William G. Smith to W. O. Pugh ,
wd lots 5 , 6 , 7,8 , block 2 and lots 3,4 , 5 ,
and 6 , block 0 , Battle Creek , $500.
Gilbert Halverstein to J. H. and L. B.
Mllligan , wd ne 11-23-2.
Thersia Jorgeus to Charles Knapp ,
wd seJ4 of neH 21-24-1 , $000.
Lottie A. Taylor to Frauk L. Watson ,
wdne4 2-24-1 , $2880.
Anna B. Helm to John H. Eickhoff ,
wd lot 2 block 2 McOombs suburban
, ,
t _ A i. T ) . _ _ _ _ ! .
IOIH 10 ijuruuii ,
Manchester Trust , Lmtd. to Silvester
Lewis , Sp , wd n % of sej 27-24-4 , $750.
William Beswiok to Pearl E. McCoy ,
wd pt. of lot 7 , block 7 , Haase's subur
ban lots to Norfolk , $900.
Friede Carloin Nimmert to Garolino
Besk , wd lots 1 and 4 , block 19 , F. W.
Barnes add to Madison , $500.
F. J. Halo to Orange Bowser , wd w )
24-24-4 , except small parcel in nocoruer.
Charles Knapp to Ernest Fenske , wd
wj aud s } sej 24-24-2.
Christ Kronen to Harry Tannehill , wd
of B } 20-23-1 , $3000.
Amanda V. Tannehill to Christ
Crouch , wd pt. of lots 1 and 2 , block 11 ,
loose's sub lots to Norfolk , $1500.
Abram White to James Blair , wd BW
' of nwM and awj 86-24-1 , $8500.
B. Peter Thomson to W. H. Avery ,
wd pt. of BoK of , Bw24 18-24-4 , $20.
Robert W. GilloRpie to Daniel S.Mook ,
Wd no > 18-24-4 , $6000.
George B. Johnson to G. N , Thielo ,
we sw34 242241800. .
Thomas G. Ostrem to Christ J. Sim-
onson , wd sj nwj 17-21-4 , $1000.
Hans P. Snndoll to D. A. Ommerman ,
wd sw > i of ne > 8-23-1.
State of Nebraska to Michael Gaspers ,
deed n # 86-21 4 , $3308.
William N. Huso to S. T. Napper , wd
lot 3 , 0.8. Hayes choice add to Norfolk
William H. Butterfield to 8. T. Nap-
per. seJi 17-24-2 , $2000 wd.
Mark M. Ooad to S. T. Napper , wd
and s } of nwj < t and a } of soM 20
0X1 '
G" . M. Gllohrist to Emil Winter , wd
of nwK 17-22-3 , $940.
Perpetuating ; Our History. $
This office was visited Saturday by A.
E. Sheldon , director of field work of the
Nebraska State Historical society , who
with his son Philip waa hero on a trip
in the interest of that society. Mr.
Sheldon took photographs of historical
> ointa tonohiug on early records from
owlaand Clark's expedition in 180i ,
ho Astor expedition in 1810 , Oatliu's
rislt in 1832 , the Mormon quarters iu
18 0 7 , Dr Shelley' * first location 6f Nio-
jrara in 1856 and the present status of
; ho town. Ho was fortunate also in so-
mrlnut the portrait of William Laraont ,
; ho oldest living resident of Knox
jonnty , who caniti to Niobrara in 1857.
Prank Lnndak had in his possession the
Bhorwiu plat of Niobiara , made iu 1857 ,
whioh shows the entire valley from the
Niobrara river nearly to the Bazllo ono
zoutinnons towneito , with a comparative
outline map from the Great Lakes tp
the mountains nud Niobrara the central
Qgnro. This wan loaned to Mr. Sheldon
for the purpose of taking a copy. Portraits
traits of some of Knox county's parly
settlers were loaned or donated by E. A.
Fry , together with several documents of
historical value. Mr. Lnmont will loan
the society the old Hartley cannon ho
has in his possession for exhibition at St.
Louis as a silent witness of the Louisi
ana purchase. There are other valu
able trophies of the early history which
Mr. Sheldon's limited time compelled
him to omit until a later visit. Ho says
that Niobrara furnishes more points of
valuable history than many of the old
prosperous towns farther down the
river. Niobrara Pioneer.
Test Shows Nebraska Flour Better
than that of Minnesota.
Ernest Bridge took with him to Lin
coln a sample pf Norfolk flour and sub
mitted it for analysis to Prof. H. H.
Nicholson , department ot ohemestry of
the state university. The result of the
analysis , as compared with the analysis
of the best Minnesota spring wheat flour
is very interesting and shows a product
of which Norfolk may be proud' . The
analysis of the Minnesota wheat was
made by the bureau of chemistry of the
U. S. department of agriculture.
The comparison shows : Per cent oi
moisture , .Minnesota 10 29 , Norfolk 6 98
of starch , Minnesota 76 , Norfolk 75.68
of fat , Minnesota .07 , Norfolk .94 ; o :
gluten , Minnesota 12.38 , Norfolk 15.70
of ash , Minnesota .66 , Norfolk .70.
Chemical comparison in every partic
nlar shows Norfolk flour superior. Thii
should be gratifying , not only to thi
Sugar Oity Cereal mills , but to the people
plo of Norfolk , and to these who hav
farm lands in this vicinity. The reason
for the richness in gluten is the abnnd
anco of gypsum in the soil of lands snr
rounding Norfolk. This is becoming
bettor known every year aud North Ne
braska wheat is held in very high esteem
and is in great demand.
Fou SALE. A freah milch cow
Inquire at this ofllce.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
at the postoftlce March 17 , 1902 :
Miss Mollie Anderson , Dr. August
Anderson , G. W. Anderson , Mrs. Cute
Curtis , Miss Dott Garver , Dave Hall , A.
W. Lintecum , Net Loury , Mrs. Monnp ,
Clarence Powell , Miss Margaret Reim-
ert , W. Riehon , Mra. A. 0. Smith , R. J.
Torp , W. 0. Wells , Miss lonna Weaver.
If not called for in 15 days will be
Bent to the dead letter office.
Parties calling for any of the above
please say advertised.
Colonist Excursion Rates.
Every day during the months of March
and April , 1902 , the Union Pacific will
sell colonist excursion tickets at the fol
lowing one way rates :
Missouri river to Butte , Anaconda and
Helena , $20.
Missouri river to Spokane , $22.50.
Missouri river to points on Great
Northern railway , Spokane to Wen-
a tehee , inclusive via Huntington and
Spokane , $22.50.
Missouri nver to points on ureat
Northern railway west of Wenatchee
via Huutington and Spokane local over
Wenatcheo , not to exceed $25.
Missouri river to Portland , Tacoma
and Seattle , $25. '
Missouri river to Ashland , Ore. , and
Intermediate points , including branch
lines on S. P. Co. south of Portland , via
Portland , $25.
Corresponding low rates from inter
mediate points on the Union Pacific.
Write for rates to points not given
abovo. J. B. ELSEPFER , Agent.
F. E. & M. V. R. R. Low Colonist
to Pacific coast , and intermediate points
in California , Oregon , Washington ,
Idaho , Montana , etc. Commencing
March 1 and continuing every day un
til April 30 , 1902 , very low , second class ,
colonist , ono way tickets will be sold to
points in above named territory. For
further particulars plcaso call on the
undersigned. H. O. MATRAU ,
Does it Pay to Buy Cheap ?
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right.bnt you want something that
will relieve and cure the more severe
and dangerous results of throat and
lung troubles. What shall you do ? Go
to a warmer and more regular climate ?
Yes if possible ; if not possible for you ,
then in either case take the only remedy
that haa been introduced in all civilized
countries with success in severe throat
and lung troubles , "Boscheo'a German
Syrup. " It not only heals and stimu
lates the tissues to destroy the germ dis
ease , but allays inflammation , causes
easy expectoration , gives a good night's
rest , and cures the patient. Try one
bottle. Recommended many years by
all druggists in the world. Get Green'a
Prize almanac. Asa K. Leonard.
: l-
ll. l.
who neither sands i
his sugar nor
waters his milk
who believes in
'the best , and is particular to
please his patrons.
That's the grocer who recom
mends and sells ,
Lion Coffee
Coffee that is coffee unglazcd
A Good Route
to Try
It traverses a territory rich In
undeveloped resources ; a territory
containing unlimited possibilities for
agriculture , horticulture , stobk rais
ing , mining and manufacturing. And
last , but not least , it is
The Scenic Route
for Tourists.
The Frisco System now offers the
traveling public excellent service and
fast time-
Between St. Louis and Kansas
City and points in Missouri , Kansas ,
Arkansas , Oklahoma , Indian Terri
tory , Texas and the Southwest.
Between Kansas City and points
in Tennessee , Alabama , Mississippi ,
Georgia , Florida andthe , Southeast.
Between Birmingham and Memphis -
phis and points in Kansas , Arkansas ,
Oklahoma , Indian Territory , Texas
and the West and Southwest.
Full information as to route and
rates cheerfully furnished upon appli
cation to any representative of the
Company , or to t
Passenger Traffic Deportment ,
Commercial Building ,
Saint Louis.
Pain Pills ,
At all drug ttort * . 25 Po 35 .
On November 5th , and 19th , and
December 3rd , and 17th , the Missouri
Pacific Railway will sell tickets to cer
tain points in the South , Southeast , and
Southwest , at the rate of one faro for
the round trip , plus $3.00. Final re
turn limit 21 days from date of sale.
V Fast Time and Superior Through Ser
vice. Reclining Chair Oars ( seats free .
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Oars.
For further information or land pam
phlets , address , W. O. BARNES
'T. P. A. , Omaha , Neb.
a. P. & T. A. > A. a. P. * T. A.
St.Lonis _ , Mo. Kansas Oity , Mo.
To Chicago , Milwaukee , Racine ,
Rockford , Lacrosse , Dnbnqne , Elgin ,
Freeport , Madison , Janesviye
and other important points East , North
east and Southeast , via
An Electric Light in Every Berth.
The Milwaukee ia the only Electrio
Lighted Train that runs in and out of
Omaha. All cars are supplied with incandescent -
candescent lights.
Palace Sleepers and the finest Dining
Oars in the world are run on the 0. M.
& St. P. Ry. Write aud got full in.
formation. y.
F. A. NAsrt , \
General Western Agent ,
H. W. HOWELL , 1504 Farnam St. ,
Trav. Frt. & Pass. Agt. Omaha.