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By Lilian C. Paschal 2
Copyright , 1001 , by Lllliin ( J. rHunhnt
' " .Society , frivolity , clinrlty , and the
t. ' greatest of these IH j-llarlty. "
.Anlce covered n roschjut ninuili , half
* blown Into a yawn , with a gloved bund
ns she stood lu arguilicutallvc attitude
before the flickering pas log.
"I'm sick of tiie ilrst two , lady moth'-
' cr. Therefore will I practice charity. "
\ "Well , " said her mother plaintively ,
taking up a novel , "do be careful with
thnt automobile. Don't let It run away
with you. You'll get smallpox or Home-
thing down In that awful ghetto , as
. * t\ \ you call it. Aid } be sure to change
iT your clothes before"
I , But her tall , willful daughter was already -
ready half way down , stairs. Pausing
fa „ In the hall and tUrustlng her hands lute -
* to the sleeves of her long raglan , she
paid :
"Go hack to my room , Celeste , and
bring me the rlolcts to wear. "
"Oul , mamselle , but ze violets have
faded since yesterday. Zc pink roses
go better wlz mlladl's gown. "
Miss Anlce repeated her order more
imperatively. She would have told
you that she detested dictation and
pink teas.
Dr. Ilnrvey had been guilty of the
first In an eminent degree. In con-
Boqucnce he was carrying round a re
turned diamond ring In close proximity
to a very heavy heart , which had also
" * been declined with thanks , as though
It were an unavailable manuscript.
Charity covers n multitude of heart
aches. Therefore was Miss Anlcc
speeding on errands of mercy this clear
' . December day.
And the fateful Juggernaut car
, , which had ridden ruthlessly over two
fond hearts and brought about this
state of affairs was no other than the
little white electric runabout which
was now carrying her ghettoward.
"IlarVcy was always so superior ! "
V fibo thought scornfully as she pressed
down on the accelerator and shot
around Deadman's curve , narrowly
grazing a policeman mid scattering his
? convoy of pedestrians. "I can run the
White Arrow ns well as he can. " For
their quarrel had been brought about
by a difference of opinion as to her
qualifications as chauffeur.
' To be sure , the little Jewish newsboy
to whom she was playing Lady "Boun
tiful was laid up with n pair of smash
ed toes as a result of a contested right
of way. In the encounter her auto
mobile had come out on top in every
Bcnse of the word and had been since
gallantly carrying supplies to a de
feated foe whose wounds the fnrsee-
Ing parents did not allow to heal too
"But of course everybody has to
learn to be anything , " she comforted
herself , not chooslng/to remember that
Ilarvey had counseled her to wait till
ohe did learn before venturing out of
the park , "and papa gave me the
"White Arrow only lu October. I think
* " ' . . " ' / - I've done pretty well in that time. "
' She sighed when she thought how
it had been , because it only
the week after that ITarvoy Oh ,
dear ! And he had hinted about a
pearl necklace for her birthday ! Now ,
among her tiresome gifts , not one from
him , not even a bunch of ( lowers-
he who had sent her violets every day !
But she blushed as she glanced down at
those tucked under her coat lapel.
She was winking so fast to keep the
tears back that she did not see the nu-
" ' \ nierous warning symptoms of the great
, ly , lower east side , the hundreds of chil
dren , abundant riches of the poor. Becoming -
coming mistily conscious of a gurgling
equall stopped half way down a baby
throat , she looked back and saw a
sprawling Infant In her wake.
The White Arrow had gone completely -
ly over the child , "straddling" It neat
ly , BO she picked hlm"up more frlghtcn-
ed than. , hurl ; . After comforting him
with some of Ikey's confectionery sup-
piles she rode on , leaving him with
round eyes still staring tearfully and
rounder mouth peacefully stuffed with
Arrived at last In Hester street , she
checked brake and lever In front of the
tenement where Ikey abode. She was
at once swarmed upon like a queen bee
bj hordes of children to whom the dal
ly visit of the white , horseless buggy
was a great event.
It Is sad to relate that with all her
vaunted capability as an autorlst Mis
tress Anlco forgot n small but very Im
portant matter. She went up stairs
loaded with good things to gladden the
heart of Ikey and his numerous rel
atives and forgot to take from Its
socket the little running plug of the
White Arrow. With that tiny key safe
in her chatelaine bag the capacity for
mlscUlcf in the combination of small
boy and automobile was reduced to n
minimum. Her electric horse would
be hitched fast. But with that brass
plug lurking Impishly In Its hiding
place behind the leather apron of the
scat and \yltl ) little Mosc Rudinsky's
bump of curiosity much Inflated the
Inevitable occurred.
"Ye're afraid ! "
What Juvenile bosom ever failed to
respond to thnt battlcery ?
Mosc scrambled up the big , fat cush
ioned wheel.
"Der loltly zed fer us not ter tech
lit ! " warned another stolidly , while a
third cautiously fingered the shining ,
Mosc atobd up and Krusped the
bilRht steering lover. It moved and
the front wheels > vlth It , btiniplnj ; vi
ciously Jnto the Hhlim or the boy who
hud questioned the cournuo of MOBC ,
( irhoroupon that young gentleman
I inched trtumphaiiUy and pat down
comfortably on the wtft leather seat ,
his grimy face , tousled blac.l > hair and
greimy garments ImllentUBly out of
place among the luxurious cu.MhloiiH.
Ills elbow struck the controller ban-
die. There wan new footl for Investiga
tions. Mose Investigated. The White
Arrow started obediently doWu the
street. i
Miss , Anlce was de. eyudlug the rick
ety stairs amid a shower < if.blessings
when she heard a shoul below.
"What's wrong ? " Khe demanded of a
panting child.
"Yer nottymoblel" he gasped. "HH ;
run olT will Mosel"
When Anleo reached the pavement ,
breathless and pale , she could see
down the narrow street a runaway au
tomobile , with a frightened barehead
ed boy clinging to the Beat and screamIng -
Ing frantically.
She ran blindly after him , dizzy
with visions of a sickening co\llBlon \ on
the Htreet car line n few blocks away.
A burly policeman Joined lu the chase ,
and recruits swarmed up , seemingly
from the ground.
Suddenly a tall young man In a long
ulster appeared around the corner
ahead of the Hyjng White Arrow.
"Jam your lever back ! " he .fihouted.
But poor Mose was too frightened to
obey. lie only clung tighter to the
controller , pushing It to the third
notch. The carriage shot forward. As
It bowled toward the tall young man
he sprang out almost directly lu its
He waited till It sped alongside , then
quick as a flash ( lung himself on the
rear of the auto. Grasping the pro
jecting axle , he swung himself up ,
then reached over the buck of the seat
and seized the controller.
"Lift your foot , " he commanded.
Mose , with face very white under Its
dirt , obeyed meekly.
"Now , youngster , where did you get
this machine ? "
The tall young man seated himself
calmly , backed the runabout slowly
and turned It around , following the
direction of Mosc's trembling finger.
Miss Anlcc was waiting to receive
them at the crossing.
"Oh , Harvey you , " she said , then
very dlgnlfledly : "Thank you very
much , Dr. Glvlns. 1 had no idea"
"I was down below here , to see a pa-
! tlent. " He bowed gravely as he do-
1 sceudcdrom tlie carriage.
"In Hester street ? " she queried.
"Vn " lln wnlil mnnflllrr linr rrlnnnn
unflinchingly. "I have several in this
region , Ikey Mecmstein among thorn.1
He did not deem it necessary to add
that he also had practiced charity only
since October.
"Shall I assist you up , Miss Anicc ? "
the last as he caught night of the
faded violets.
She followed the direction of his
glance and blushed furiously.
"There was no card with them"
she excused weakly.
"But you knew they were mine ,
didn't you , Anlce , dear ? "
"Yes. I thought so , " she said very
Thou she bravely flew the flag of un
conditional .surrender.
"Won't you please take me home ,
Harvey. I don't think I can manage
the White Arrow very well yet. "
IIj" face lit up joyfully ns he swung
into the seat beside her. His left band
was upon the controller , but his right
disappeared under her raglan sleeve.
The Paean.
Peter was dying , and he had been a
friend of mine ns long as I could re
member. , He had gone to work under
ground at the age of seven. He had
never been properly fed. Every day ho
had conic sweating to the surface aftci
a climb of 200 fathoms , had changed
and walked a couple of miles to his
clean , cheerless cottage. Now he was
fifty-live , and he looked seventy , and
heart and lungs had given out. He
knew that he was near the end and
still kept his philosophy. Ho was us
honest n man as ever lived , and it had
often seemed strange that he was al
most tlie only man In that village of
Methodists who had no religion. He
lay dying and was content except fo'r
the fact that he could no longer enjoy
tobacco. Oiiq day I sat by hia bed
when the doctor came. He was a shy
man and a very earnest Christian , ant
he , was fond , of Peter. I knew that ho
had something he was desperately anx
ious to say , and I was on the point of
taking my leave when he spoke , drop
ping , as one did with Peter , Into the
old caressing dialect :
"Where do 'ee think you'm goln * to
Peter , when you do die ? "
Peter looked up at him with the
kindliest of smiles. "Dunnaw , doctor
but 1 never knew a horse yet thai
couldn't get n bit o' grass somewhere. '
Moaning of "Sophomore. "
Says a literary man : "I used to
think that the word 'sophomore' was
made up of the Greek word signifying
wise and the English word 'more. ' The
word was thus applicable , I thought
to the second class in a college because
they were 'more wise * than their fel
lows lu their own estimation. But I
seems Hint the word has a purer gene
alogy and a meaning even less flatter
ing to the class of c&lleglans to whom
It Is applied. It was first used at the
University of Cambridge. England , am
in Its 'Infancy appeared In the form
'soph-nfor. ' It was composed of the
tvord 'soph , ' a contraction for , 'sophls
ter. ' and a Greek word meaning fool
tab ( uioros ) . .
"The college course extended over
three years and one term. The respec
live classes of students were termei
freshmen or first year men , Junior
Bpplis or soph-mors , senior sophs and
questioners , This nouiQiicluture was
transferred to the American higher in-
utltutipnn of Jenrnlng , and In the form
frcHhmen , Juniors and seniors , still ex-
Utn. "
Vliy tlio CD 1 IKmix of Hlio lrn Cntiltt
Not Have StmmtiMl ( lie Unrli r The
I'oren > f lronUln at Tlu'rniopj Ins
The Wlllliiin Toll Mlli. .
There hnvo boon wovt'ii Into lilwtory'
many Interesting RtorleH thnt tlmo uiul
nvcstlgutlon linvo proved mj'tlm , but
n anile of tlie effort H of the luoliocluHtH
hcso mistake ! ) of history still pans
tirront with many people.
1'robnhly ono of the mont affectlni ;
cones connected with the making of
Iternture IH that tkwrlbinl In the oft
onuated Btory of the blind poet Milton
llctatlnK "L'aratllHe Lost" to IIH ! tlungh.
era. Dr. Johnson , however , IIIIH been
juotud as denying It. lie Bald , further-
nore , that Milton never even permitted
ilu daughters to learn to read and
A. favorite "piece" with wentorn and
outhcru schoolboys on recitation and
exhibition days was , n set of verses tell-
ng of the heroic stand of Lconldas and
ils brave " 300" at Thcrmopyhu. The
Abbe Uarthelemy , who averted that
10 had Inquired minutely Into the Hub-
ect , wrote that , according to DlodoniK ,
> onldaa had 7,000 men under him and
that Pausanlas gave the number of Iu-
onldas' army as 1U.OOO.
Did Caesar say to the pilot :
"Why do you fear ? You have Ciusar
on board. "
Many trustworthy historians declare
thnt Cu-'Far never used the words
The Inside of cigar box covers are
sometimes ornamented with a picture
of the Colossus of Rhodes , with ships
n full sail passing between the out
stretched legs of the gigantic statue.
Thesq pictures reflect the popular and
what for centuries was the historical
dea of the Colossus , which was ac
counted one of the seven wonders of
; he world. It may be Interesting to
mow that all drawings of the statue
arc purely Imaginary and , what Is
more , arc modern , not ancient , efforts.
The Colossus was erected In 305 13 , O.
The most trustworthy of ancient ac
counts of It Is contained In a mnnn-
scrlpt dating about 1DO B. 0. , In which
the height of the stntue Is givdn as 106
feet. The entrance to the harbor of
Rhodes Is 350 feet across , so that It
was manifestly Impossible that the legs
of the Colossus should span the en
trance to the port or that ships should
sail beneath It.
As a matter of fact the Colosmis was
not built across the harbor , but on an
open space of ground near It ; but , for
all that , It was a wonderful statue.
People sympathies are easily
aroused have wept over the wrongs
of Bellsarius , the conqueror of the
Vandals , who , many were taught ,
"begged his bread at the city gates"
after having commanded victorious
armies and been of much service to
the state. The good old general was
unquestionably an unfortunate and
much abused man , but there Is no
proof that he begged his living at the
city gates or elsewhere. Yet Van Dyke
engraved him and David , the great
Frenchman , painted him , and trage
dies and romances were written
around jilm lu the belief that he did sit
at the city gates a'forlorn and discon
solate object with palm outstretched
for alms.
The facts are , n conspiracy against
the Emperor Justinian being discover
ed , two of Bellsarius' ofllcers confessed
under torture that the old general was
In the plot. lie was condemned with
out further hearing , his property se
questrated , and he suffered Imprison
ment for itfix mouths. Ills Innocence
being established , Bellsarius was re-
le.ased , and he died about a year later.
But that he ever was reduced to the
extremity of begging Is declared to be
absolutely untrue.
The" schoolbook talc of William Tell
shooting an apple from his sou's head
Is also without foundation In fact.
Toll's name doesn't even appear In the
chronicles , pf Zurich , and the most an
cient writing In which the story Is
mentioned bears date some 200 years
after the event It pretends to describe.
The story Is a variation of an old Scnn-
dlunvlnn . A similar bit "
, saga. of "his
tory" is related of William of Clouds-
ley In England In the twelfth century.
\t \ Is denied also that Emperor
Charles V. of Spain on his abdication
adopted the habit of a monk and occu
pied himself In the manufacture of
clocks. It Is declared that be never
ceased to be emperor do facto , and be
npvcr surrendered control of affairs of
Coming down to later times , the people
ple of three different countries claimed
three different men as Inventors of the
steam engine. In America there Is a
popular belief to this day that Robert
Pulton built the first successful engine
and steamboat. In England the Mar
quis of Worcester , vrho published an
account of a steam engine In 1003 , has
received credit for the Invention. In
France Solomon de Caus (1015) ( ) was re
garded as the genius who had'given to
the world a new motive power. Eacl
of them may have conceived and work
ed out the Idea of a dtcam engine with
out the slightest knowledge of what
had been done In that direction before
their day , bu ( none of them might
rightly lay claim to being the first li
the field.
On April 17 , 1543 , Don Blasco de
Gamy launched a boat of 200 tons bur
den at Barcelona In the presence of the
Emperor Charles V. The boot was pro
Celled by steam and made ten miles an
l)9ur. ) Slip was called La Banctlsslmn
Trluldadn. The emperor gave to Don
Blasco a handsome present , but did no
regard the Invention as practicable
and nothing carnc of It. From this 1
would seem that Fulton' was ccnturie
behind tlie tlmei. New York Mall and
* "
I In ( In * PiircNt , lli-iit nnil Only A1
nolnlrlHiifo Wutrr.
Hull a gallon of water until ( hern IH
nit a quar4 | loft , and thu quart will
oiilnln all thu ImpurltU'H of the galen -
on and bo nearly four tliui'H IIH tin-
niro IIH before. Continue the boiling ,
nd all the hnpurltlcn- animal , vogt-
able -and mineral , except the gam > n
blown off -will be reduced to ono HO- !
d masH. The water which IH uvnpo *
ated and PUHHCI ! off IIH uteam IH very
learly pure. But , you will HM.V , It Ullln
he dangerous germs. We will HUP-
> o. e It tloi'H , but their remains furnlhli
imterlal for Imetorlal life to feed up
on. Do you rellHh the Idea of eating
n food or drinking their dead and de
composing hodU'H , which polKon the
vater by their decomposition ? The
fact Is Hctentlllc InvcHtlgiitlon IIIIH prov-
d that boiling only kills the foohlcdt ,
he least Injurloim , germs.
Try a simple experiment. 1'ut tin-
tolled city water In ono bottle and the
same that IIIIH been boiled for half an
lour or moro In another , cork tightly
and keep In the mm or In a warm place
or a week or longer and note thu dif
ference. The unboiled water will nhow
i marked depreciation In lookH , taste
iiul smell , but that which IIIIH been
tolled will be BO much worse in them )
pupee-tH thnt no ono would think of
islng It. In comparison with these
von can Hubmlt n properly Healed hot-
le of pure distilled water to the Kame
conditions , and at the end of a year It
will ho found to bo IIH pure , sweet and
terfect as when llrot bottled.
The purest and best and the only ab
solutely Hiife water to use for drink-
ng and the preparation of all foods
and artificial drinks is that produced
by distillation , but the most Imperfect
one produces a water far miperior In
nirlty and healthfulnesH to the very
jenl Kprlng waters under their most
'avorablo conditions. The nearest ap-
iroacli to It lu purity IH rainwater ,
which Is distilled water of nature's
own production , when collected on
clean surfaces , In uninhabited Boctlonn ,
where the air Is pure and unconUunl-
natcd by smoke , dust , city and factory
gases , etc. Sanitarian.
Locke Is said to have spent over Blx
yearn In the preparation of his essay ,
'On the numan Understanding. "
l.nninrtliio. lh irrnnt French noot.
was happily married and received
great aid from his wife In all lilu un
The great Dante was married to a
notorious scold , and when he was In
exile he had no desire to BCO her , al
though she .was the mother of his six
Wolfe Is Bald to have written "The
Burial of Sir John Moore" in one even
ing directly after news had been
brought of the defeat at Coruim and
the death of the gallant British officer.
A friend of the late Walter Besant
relates that the novelist always kept
on his desk before him a list of the
characters of the novel he happened to
be at work on , their relationship and
Hans Christian Andersen formed his
style by narrating his stories to vari
ous groups of children before he wrote
them down. Ills one thought was to
become famous , and he was very care
ful not to make any enemies.
Dickens says In the Introduction to
"David Copperfield" that ho spent two
years In the composition of that novel ,
lie did not usually require so long a
time , many of his novels being finish
ed In less than a year and most of his
shorter stories In a few days.
Aiilninln nnil Salt.
Among certain people there IB a
strong Idea that nothing Is worse for
dogs than salt , but as a matter of fact ,
when administered in small quantities ,
It materially assists the process of (11 ;
gestlon. There is no doubt , however ,
that to give dogs , or any other animals
broth or pot liquor In which salt porker
or bacon has been boiled would be al
most equivalent to giving them a small
dose of poison. The use of salt among
horses , cattle and sheep is advocated
by the highest veterinary author.ltleB.
Tigs , on the contrary , are extrqmcly
susceptible to the poisonous Influence
of the agent , and experiments hnvo
been made which had , after small
doses regularly administered , fatal re
sults. Habitually , as a matter of course ,
nil animals consume a certain portion
of salt , as it exists In certain proportions
tions In most articles of food. London
Tllden'ii Dor.
At one of the early dog shows Sam
uel J. Tilden bought an immense Great
Dane dog. "What's his name ? " asked
a visitor.
"Ask him , " said Mr. Tilden.
"What good would that do ? "
"It's jils name , " was the reply.
So It was "Asklm. "
The dog knew n number of tricks ,
but would only perform when fed.
"He'd make a good politician , " said
his owner as lie gave him a bone.
New York World.
At the Pnrtlnn of the Wny .
"Do you take this man to bo your
wedded husband ? " asked the justice
of the peace.
"I don't know whether to do it or
not. squire , " said the young woman ,
wiping her eyes. "He's got the money
from mo to pay for the license. I don't
like to , marry a man of that kind , and
yet I hate to see $2 wasted. " Chicago
DOK'B Teeth.
De Style Ho pulled fifteen teeth
from me <
GunbiiBta He's no dentist s
De Style I know It , but , be pried
open the dog's mouth and yanked him' '
off. New York Telegram.
Don't poy two filrn lironin wlirn rim liny
irM. Itfixl wllli Iliu fuclnry. ( let tmr Inwml wlmlcunln
for jon on Imrnrnii nnil oilier liornn ( 'inlpim
Write fur inir fr < HIiiMrntol rnltilfiiiiin In ulili'
ilwrH ( illii'liiijKliii ( , nurri'\H , iilm luim , < li > , lluiL
MiiiiliiiiiirfiM-liiry fiiiiiiilirtfiirtliHr III li .
IMUC. ; | Don i
wult liiillljniir nciil liiniirc | " "i'Mllij.'i willo tu-iliiy uml
liuMilluiraliilnKiiiiliy you lur luliim imn ,
Columlms , 0. , ' . . .
No. Nrtl Ilimuy , I'tli'ntiniw I'.O. On 772.
wltli Iralliu ipmiiiT ( up , SI. Louis , Mo. , P,0. Don C4. No , ? u PlimlnHlri t >
lulu ( 'OIIMI.II | | § . Wiltiiluiinuiwtiinhn. . "wr lllirl"Ml'rl i
That , wo uro consUuiUy growing in ilio url of
making Kino Photos , mid onr products will ill-
ways bo found to embrace the
and Newest Styles in Cards and Finish. Wo also
carry a fine line of Molding suitable for all
Kinds of framing.
but if you intend to do any improving this spring ,
wo pledge ourselves to furnish you the hardware
at a figure that will be highly satisfactory to you.
Daily News Job Department
FOR. .
by our new invention. Only those bora deaf arc incurable.
BALTIMORE , ltd. , Starch 30 , TOOL
Ctndtmtn : Heine entirely cured of deafness , thanks to your treatment , I will , now give you
0 full history of wy cu e , to be used at your discretion. . . . . . . . , , „ . , „ ,
, until Host
Atout ) five years ago my right car began to sing , and this kept on getting worse
my l'u a'treul'nent'for catwrrh for three months , without any nieceis , consulted a num.
wterweut . , . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. beruf pnysnci.ins . among ouier * , me iuu-vi sunutm t o | .ui.-w. .j. - - - - - - -
> nlv an operation could help me. nnd even that only tcmixjranly , that the head noises would
i n cuse. . . . hut _ the _ hearing _ . in the affected _ , _ . ear . would . be lost forever.
I thar' Cm'ir'mlvertiiiVmenr'aVdd urn iyinB'New York paper , and ordered your treat-
lento After I had used it only a few days accordinR to your directions , the noises ceased , and
in the dUrned has been entirely restored.- thnuk you
o- iHv , nf'-r fue trVs my hcurnn | * ear
oCUIl ly ,4 - to remain Very m. .
run „ IH-B
7ao8 , Bradwoy. Baltimore , Md.
Onr 'reatincnt iloen < not interfere t/f/f your vnmtl occupation ,