The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, February 07, 1902, Page 10, Image 4

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    J.O T1I JfJ&PAT. JMGBMAltt J. 1002. i
Mm. K. O , Mount wont to Onmlm i\t
noon txl y.
lion. F , T. Hnlo of Battle Crook in n
Norfolk vlbitor.
Lout begins n week from today , Unit
being Ash Wednesday. ' ' '
Rbv. , T. P. Pouohnr wont to Btnntou
yesterday nnd will return tomorrow1 ,
A. il. Winder roturnod'yoHjonlny
from n business trip to the Block'Hlllfl. ( .
Thonnts Boll of Lunk , Wyoming , IB )
visiting his Norfolk rolntlvtw and Monde. '
Pour couples of young people drove to
Stnntoulast night to attend ( \ dadoing )
party. I
Mr. mul Mm. Goo. D. Hnttarfiold wont' '
to Omnlm nt noon and will 'attend ' tho1
Elks' fair.
Dr. P. II. Suitor him boon called to1
Buttle Crook to enter coAfloltntloki with
Dr. Tiuinor.
Dr. A. 13. WliiHhip of Boston Is obo
nf-kud to giro the com monoomont oration (
of tlio Fremont High school.
MIH. Whittomoro , wlfo of Htixto 15nulc
Exiiminor Fred Whlltumoru of Iilnooln
is tlio guest of Mrs 12. W. Halm' . , ,
The regular mooting of Pioneer Hook :
nnd Ladder oompnuy will IH ) hold at
I'iroiuou'ji hnll in the city. Imildln/t / to- ,
iiighc. All momberfl nro urged to'ho '
prcsout. ' '
Mrs. P. II. Patterson wont to Omaha'
yesterday to join her hwbnad. From
tliero they will go to Ohadrbu vhotft
Mr. PiUtcrRon will inako hU ) heady
quartern. ' ' ' , '
* The Anzoigor haa started n voting
context to determine which ittho , moat
popular young salesman in thi/blty.
The prlza to the winner will bo ft hand-
u i i
EOUIO cnno.
The snow is disappearing moro rapidly
today tlnui it 1ms any day for moro than
a week. The prospects arc that the jUdo-
vrnlk4 will soon bo cleared again if the
weather continues. ,
The boor vaults are boluglflllod with
lee , and the ice harvest , as far oa Nor
folk is concerned , will soon bo bvor. .
The ice continues to grow'In thlnkuoas-
1s oloar as crystal ; and Jot 'firat-nhtes '
quality in nil respects.
Pour carloads of personal effects loft
Tildon recently destined gfor Alberta ,
Canada , where the owners expect to
xuiiko their future homo. It is probable
that in a fo\v years the emigrants will
bo returning to Nebraska. '
A surprise party ] on MiH Emma
Bowers of Stantou was given Ynt the
ro-sidoiipo of Mr. and Mrs. W. I1. * Mol-
douluiucr on E ist Main street last night.
There was n largo attondauoo nud the
oooasiou was heartily oujoyod.
Mr. nnd Mr * . Prod Braasoh , who'jllvo
iioar Pierce , huvo issued invitations to
the uiarringo of their daughter , MEH (
liuolla , and Mr. W. D. D.vy of Bloom-
Held , which vill take place at their
homo next Wednesday morning ,
The officers and executive committee
of the Norfolk Farmers Insitituto and
all persons interested in the amo nro
invited to attend a meeting on Saturday
at 2 o'clock at the oflico of the secretary ,
for the purpose of consultation and
furthering plans for the mooting of Feb
ruary 14 nud 15. > i
While at the firemen's convention at
Nebraska Oity last month A.1 Marks 'of
Stauton secured a souvenir quilt made
by a tailor at Beatrice. Quo eido IB
composed of the ribbon badges given out
at the annual meetings of the associa
tion nnd makes a beantlfnV/railt an well
as n valuable souvenir.
The Fremont and Blair High eohool
pnpils will debate tlio qnos'tion "lie-
solved , that the further acquisition of
territory by the United StAtoujwould bo
detrimental to the best interests'of the
American people. " Tho. Blair speakers
will huvo the privilege of debating for
o.'against. The data for IhVdobato
has hot yet been sot.
Thoyear-old child of Mrs.
who is n gaest at the homo of her B or
Mrs. John Anderson , died fait evening
at C o'clock of iutltunmatjou , of JJjo
bowels. Mr. Gilbert orrivpd on 'tho
noon train.haviug been udtiflbd'that the
child was very sick. Ho whs mot At the
depot by his wife , and together , they
proceeded to West Point , From there
they will drive to Oakland , the. homo of
Mrs. Gilbert's parents , where the child
will bo buried.
A peculiar accident occurred in the
Elkhoru yards at Fremont. Sunday
morning a freight train was pulling oat
nud had proceeded perhaps a. quarter of
a mile when the crew noticecl that it
was impossible to attain 'any great
firmed. The train was finally etoppod
nnd the brakeman went book along the
line to ascertain the dlffltraity. ' Ab'but
the middle of the train bo found that
two cars , loaded with coal , off ttbo
track and they had been tiaulba tlio dis
tance stated over the rd ori ground.
Very little damage was done :
Democratic Editors.
About thirty democratic editors as
sembled in the Lindell hotel'at Lincoln
Tnesdav afternoon to attend Iho first
annual meeting of the Nebraska Dem
ocratic Editorial association and the
following officers were chosen for the
ensuing year :
President , R. O. Adams , Grand Island.
Vice president , J. W. Tanner , South
i { Auburn. Secretary-treasurer , J. W. Barnhort ,
It wni decided that the nsHoolatlon
will moot In Urand Island oil the first
Tnemlay In February next your ,
The itrdgrlun incllidod the following ;
"Domooratto Heroes , " Kdward How
ard. '
"Oar Gorman Relations , " J. U. Jo-
! Poem , "Demooratlo Idoalfl , " Will M ,
Maujilu. ,
I" ' 'Tho Domooratlo Mule , " 0. N , Hub-
nor , , ,
"tho Pardoning Power , " It. 6. Ad-
1 "Dmnoorntlo ProHpodtB , " U. L , Mot-
oalfo. ' ,
In the ovonlng the odltorn and tholr
wives wore banqueted nt' the homo bf
Hon. W. < T , Bryan who ooonpiod the
Jioad of the table an tonstmastor. I
Among the editors present wore :
Will Mnuplu , Ooinmonor ; 11 , L. Mot- ,
oalfo , World'Horaldj Kdgar Howard ,
Ooluinbus Telegram ; X W. Tanner , .
, douth Omatia Democrat ; J. W1. Barn-
hurt , Auburn Herald ; W. J. Luill' ' , Re-
publicanOlty Democrat ; Robert Good ,
IBrtHHott Kftglo ; 0. .T. Bolby , Oroto Dom-
Wat ; 0. M. Hubnor , NobraUkV Olty
Notosj .Ti H ; Johahtibs , Cdlambas
blono ; 1 * . J < O'Kooso , Allinuob Herald ;
31. 0. Adams , Grand Island Democrat ;
[ n. P. Rocker , Lincoln Pont. >
Since the snow 'fell rjihblts nro very
numerous in thlnViolulty and the bbys
j t6 bng itl largd nuuibdtu 6f thorn. ' ' \
' Oharlos Maywhojinil two ribs broken
Bd'md'tiini/'agO / ' whllo handling logs' , has
hoatly rtdivoVdd ftom"Uli' luihrlbi ' '
i fioYiaion'giiter ' o'f ' fa Rowlott
htitt'hor ' ha'n'dlBttvor61y 'bur'ndd lSuudAy
byBplllllfgabowlorhbt'gi'ftvy ' ovdr it. '
1'Prod'O'Doll ' will soll'hy ' porsonall
property at publio Halo next week and
will th6urotiiovo'with his family ' ( o
hone Wolf , 6klahbma , where * ho ro- '
' ' ' '
An Awful ) lHniiiilniiirnt.
"Tlio mirnt dlHUppulhtcd mfin I over
Riiw , " Raid ( i Kuitiiitoro ilnimi'lcr , "was' '
it pour wretch who wnu iihoiit to bo
hnngeil In ono of tlu > nprthciiHtorn
bonntloH of Maryland. I happened tp
bb thcro nbblit Ihb tlmo An'd n'ccoptcd.
hn Invitation t6 wllnbaa tho"execution. '
"This ftillow'H lawyi'i-H hitd bdpn1
worUIng'hnrd to mtvo his hock , nnd
tliero Hceined to be HOIUQ
llmt ho might bo reprieved. The tlma
6i > t for the execution arrived , howovw ,
and the slierlfC niiide plulis to car
out the execution. The ihnrch to the
BcafTold lm < l begun , nnd tliii prisoner' '
> V < IR about to mount the steps when n
messenger arrived , waving u telegram
( n his hand.
' 'The procession WHS at once Htoppcd ,
niul the HhorlfC took the telegram , lint
BUW that It WUH nddrcsst'd to the con
demned man. Ho handed It t6 the fel
low , who , trembling with hope , tore
open the envelope , lie cant his eager
glance nt the message , paled and let It
drop from his hand. The Hhorlff. picked
up the paper , read It , and the nmrc'i
to the Hcnffohl was resumed. Inn few
mlmitca the man who had hoped for a
reprieve was 'In ' eternity.
"The message wns from eome minis
ter who had become Interested In his
cnsp. It told him to trust In the Lord
Arid ho would bo saved. " Washington
An nvenlnn : Call.
"I called on Perkins last evening , " ,
remarked Mr , Brown.
"Di'd you 'have a pleasant time ? " In
quired Mrs. Brown. ' '
"Very. Perkins wan beating bin
wlfo'When ' I went In. "
"What ? "
"I eny Perkins was beating his wife ,
but of course he stopped when I cauio
"Well. I should hope BO. "
' ' 't 'begged him to go on , but ho said
BORIC' other tlmo would'do Juat as' '
well. " < ' '
' "Vou begged him to go on ? "
"Vifhy , yeaI dfdn't want to spoil
tlio fun , you knbw. "
1 h. i"bu brutbl 'Do you mean to say'
that'you ' ciJuid have looked calmly oh1
wTfilO be beat1 his wlfor
VCertalnly. Why nbtr
"I thbught you .bad . nt least a apark'
of manhood , lqf L I suppose you wlH
pe beating mo next"
"Yes ; I think I could It you would ,
play crlbbago with me. "
1 "Play crlbbaec ? "
"Yea ; that Is what Perkins and his
wlfo wore doing/ ' London Telegraph. .
St. Pnql'ii.
"It Is curious , " says the London
jQhronlcle , "how St , Paul's , although
the first cathedral church Mn England
'that 'wiis built actually for the observ-
mice of the Anglican ritual , manages
nevertheless to'retain somctlllnrr of n
foreign and a Catholic nature In the
Way It offers shelter to the tired pas-
wrby. Apart from the reatlcaa groups
ot'r6lghfec6ra ' , 'thcrfi ' are fclwnys plenty
bt t'cwi'16 ' ' 'thcifd ' who ha'vo gone lh Bole-1
l . .fotth6 eaktf ot'ltB woritlerful' ' pba'co
'nnd qulot ' ' > '
1 "They would have found neither , by
thp w y , Inold Sf , , l's'of the fit-1
iconth century , for .while
k"i * _ | j _ _ * * _ * . _ _ _ 4' * _ . _ mass was *
'nlsle ' , trBili th6 hl'rlli of serVahU to
jtho trali'sactl6n Of icghl business ,
t "We have altered all that nowadays ,
and SU Paul's Is. the quietest spot la
tlib nofslek 'cfty In the 'World ? ' '
I , , , r- ,
t Joints Like Rusty Hinges
are among tlio ponaequouces of rheu
matism. The snffere can move knees
and elbow's , but'tho effort makes him
wince. Ho irejoloea whea a Rood rub
bing with Perry Davifl' Painkiller drivB
Jtho BtiffneFB out andi brings the freedom
of motion back. No' wonder our grand *
falhpra believed heartily In thU benefl-
coiit liniment. There is but DUO Painkill
er , Perry Davis' .
I'Ycn ' Hu loii of Osmond waA In Nor-i
folk yesterday.
W. H. Buoholss rotnrnod from a trip
to'OtniUia ' > '
toddy ,
H' . iWnbort was a olty visitor oVernight
night ! frohi.Wakoflold. ,
jFrank Houg h of Newman Qrovo wau (
n olty visitor ever uigii ,
' 8. O. Campbell ot MadlHon had bual-i
in Norfolk ycHtorday. ' ) '
L'utloOrnm ' loft today for her !
now1 hdilio'In Washington. '
Mr. andMrh. 13. B. Kenyan departed1
Tuesday ho6n for'Lifl 'Atlgolos ,
iiona Krahn wont to Promont at
noon to bo prosout ot a wedding core-
'many. '
Prof. A. Stoilln of the Christ parochial
Kuliooi wont to Promont 6n the noon
train to attend a wedding. '
Prof. 'Chambers wont to Plorco today
to instruct n largo class in dancing. Ho
oXlio6tB to return Satnifday.1 ' ' '
Miss Sophia Warnok6 wont to Plorco
yesterday to act as bridesmaid at the ,
ilar. Jagb 6f her brother , Ohiirllo.
Prof , w ! G. Hirons , Uov. J. G. Shlck ,
L. O , Wood'nud B. 8. Stewart wore in ,
{ the oity this morning from Pierce !
TholLadlos guild of Trinity ohuroh ;
will hold their regular mooting with
Mrs : J.W. . Gibson tomorro nftomoon.
P , B. frearuoy , who traVolB for thai
Blmuiolls HardVvnro OOnipnny , Is mov1-
lug to Atkinson today1 ukid will make
tliivb'towh ' Ills hoadtiuartors. '
" 'Henry ' Spbott was In'tiio city yester
day ouroiitb from losVa to South Dakota
whore hl > hail extbustvd ' land interests
and hopes to dls'poso ' of his property.
thoAf.K. tadlofl Al'd sooioty will
give their annual dinner nnd supper on
Saturday , February 22 , in the building
formerly occupied by the Pair store. (
Portuuatoly Pobrnary has but 28 days
this year and ilk the first week is a
simple of the weather in store many
people would consent to a movement to
detach a few more days from the ,
There will bo throe eclipses of the sun
and two of the moon this year. But one
of them will bo of any interest to the
people of the United States which will bo
a total eclipse of the moon on the night
of October 10.
About twenty of the friends of Mrs.
II. A. Piisownlk paid her a surprise
visit last evening and helped observe
her birthday anniversary. The evening
was happily spent and choice refresh
ments wore served.
D. D. Branson is moving from the
corner of Madison avenue and Pourth
street to the Daniels property east of his
old residence. Miss Grain , who has
been boarding nt the Branson homo , has
taken rooms with Mrs. Austin.
Mr. Herman Sohwodo nnd Miss Ida
Weiohouthal wore united In marriage
at Christ Lutheran church this morning
at 11 o'clock by Kev.J. P. Mueller and
the event is buing celebrated at the
groom's homo six miles northeast of the
While the Omaha police surgeon was
attending a man with frozen feet , there-
sult'of'Intoxication'ho ' ' found1 a silver
dollar In the fellow's stocking wh'ich'
drew forth the remark from the suf
ferer : "I froze onto that dollar , ' all
right , didn't I dee ? "
The Young Ladies Social guild of
Trinity qhuroh give tholr dancing party
tpnight in Marqnardt's hall and a largo
attendance is anticipated. The Italian
orchestra will furnish the music. Other
entertainment will bo provided for those
who do not wish to dance.
J. W. Rose , traveling auditor for the ,
American Beet Sugar company , arrived
from Omaha last night and will be in
Nbrfolk several days oh' business con-
uectod with the sugar factory , and in
cidentally expects to meet many of his
old acquaintances in this'city. .
The ground hog and Easter Sunday1
are at cross purposes this year. The
ground hog has given his verdict that
spring will be late while-tho fact that
Easter comes early la taken as an unfail
ing sign by many people that spring will
bo here early. Easter Sunday is on
March 80 , the first time it has been
earlier than April since 1804 , when it
was on March 25. It wiU not bo earlier
than it is this year ogaln until 1910 when
it comes on March 27.
A man at Lynch decided that the old
process of catting ice with a hand saw
was too slow and an inventive turn of
mind led htm to ' coustrudt' a movable
frame work on wh'icli was mounted tlio
fly wheel and main shaft of an old Bii-
parlel Job press , The ice saw was ; fastened - ,
toned to a long elbow in the center of
the shaft and a crank attached by which
It.cptild' bo operated. It is said that ;
with this device ono man con easily saw
more ice than too teams can haul ;
i i
Madlson Mall : A meeting ot farmers
was held at the Wehonklo school house
to consider the construction of a tele-1
phone line from Madison to EmoHck
nud intermediate points. A committee
previously appointed to designate the
territory to be covered by the line re
ported and the meeting adopted the ra-
port , and a committee to take stock sub
scriptions was appointed and will go to
work immediately. Henry Sundermau
is provisional president aud Oal Hatkins
secretary. There is a general sentiment
in favor of the construction of this line
and thp work will bo promptly nnd vig
orously pushed.
A Nlobram man has been working fern
n year or BO on na automobile carryall
with which ho expooted to carry passen-
gbra botwo'ori lhat town and Verdlgto.
Now'ns his niodhino Is ready to finds ,
not only that the railroad cars will soon
bo'flte'Amlnfe ' llltd'NlObt'a'rit'brit ' ' ' that the
tUbb'dk1'tiros' tit th& vdhlolb aro'not properly -
orly shaped for country'roads hut would
do'vety WOll * oil macadamized streets.
If ho" will colno to Norfolk and tnrtcad-
uinl/o the streets ho can undoubtedly
find employment in hauling [ pnisongcrs
between Norfolk and the Junction.
Tho/VVaflhltigtbn / co-respondent of the
State Journal , under date of the 4th ,
says : "William M. Robertson , n prom-
iubnt lawyer of Norfolk , Nob. , is here
in the interest of the citizens of Norfolk
folk- , looking after the bill providing for
the orootiou of n publio building at that
place introduced by Mr. Robinson. Mr. ,
Robinson has a full data concerning the
necessity for this building andwilljprob-
ably have a hearing before the committee -
too , on publio buildings and'grounds nt
the next mooting. Mr. Robertson and ,
Oongrossman Robinson liad a conference
this morning on'tho measure. "
The Promont police ofllcorsj'uuwitt-
ingly caught a deserter from tlib army
Tuesday. A young follow wearing an
army uniform applied at police head- ,
'quarters for n bed 'hi ' ; a iato ho\ir Mou- |
day night and' was glvoiiaccommoda- ]
tlous. 'In the morning ho was offered
his liberty but refuse d'to accept , explain
ing that ho was a desortor'j from the
army , tired'of 'tramping and evading
oillcers and expressed a desire to return
to his regiment in Washington and
stand trial. Ho wan token 'to Omaha
where his case will bo investigated.
Tho'Fromout authorities are now figur
ing what their reward from tlib govern
ment should bo for capturing a do-
Battle Oroek Republican : Mahara's
mtasfrols played nt Tildon1 , Friday
night. 'Nigger Joe" was in town nnd
collided with a member of the colored
troupo. The result of the engagement
was much'to ' Joo'a discomfort it not his
discredit. Ho received n knifd wound in
tbo side and n physician had to sow him
up in order to keep his liver , lights , giz
zard nud other internal organs in their
respective places. It was all because he
inado these goo goo eyes nt a lady
member of the company. Wo also un
derstand that a conple of Tilden boys
got tangled up with members of the
company nud were made to think before
they got through that an earthquake had
struck town.
The Gordon Journal of last week con
tains an account of circumstances relat
ing to a gentleman of the cloth some
what out of the ordinary. The Journal
says : "Rev. Wyckham , the Christian
minister who conducted meet
ings in Gordon last summer , and .whom
all our people will remember on account
of the unfortunate ending of his career
in Gordon , is now engaged as superin
tendent of u largo poultry packing honse
in Lincoln. When ho left Gordon for ,
Lincoln ho was trnely an object of pity.
He was completely crazed by a bnrning
thirst for liquor. His friends took him
in hand and ho took medical treatment
for the liquor and morphine habits and
is now completely cured of both habits.
He is in excollaut health aud has gained
In flesh over twenty pounds. Mr.
Wyckham is a man of bright intellect
and has many friends in Gordon who
will bo pleased to learn that ho has tri
umphed over the liquor habit and is
clad in his sober mind again.1 '
Press dispatches state that Attorney
J. G. Cleveland of the Chicago & North
western railway is in Washington and
has filed an application for the COL-
'damnation of certain alloted Indian
lands in Boyd county over which the P.
E. & M. 'V. desires a right of way for
the construction of its extension from
Verdigro. Congressman Robinson.hav
ing been notified by some of the Indian
allottees whose lands would be affected
by thb condemnation proceedingscalled
upon the department of Indian affairs
to ascertain what steps would be taken
by the department to protect the rights
of the Indians whoso'lands would be af
fected. The plan proposed by the de
partment is that a man will be desig
nated by the department for this pur
pose , probably the Indian agent , who ,
together with one man appointed by the
railway company and a third selected by
these two , will appraise the land to be
condemned and their .findings will then
bo submitted to' the secrbtary for h'is
actlbn1. It the Secretary approves of' '
the findings of the appraisers the tall-
way will bo directed bV the government
to'pdy the damages direct'to the' ' Indian
through the Indian agent. There 'seems
to bo no'objection on the part'of thbIu-
diafajf affected by the proposed plan , and (
unless something should develop in the
fatrure in the nature bf an objection
from the Indian allottees the above plan
will probably bo carried' 6ut by th6 de
partment. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
All Day Long
you may have comparative comfort
until laughter , reading aloud or nervous
excitement brings on that fit of cough
ing which racks you until your very
'bones uouo. Do not suffer notdlo-sly.
Even when a cold on the lungs Booms to
have you fast in its dreadfull power ,
Allen's Lung Balsam will loosen the
umouB , allay the imfiamuiatlou , heal
the aching throat and finally overcome
the enemy completely ,
Carmack's Maiden Speech is
Challenged by Bcvcridgc.
Entire Day IB Devoted to General De
bate For and Against the Measure ,
With Opponents Defeated at Fill-
buster Senate Kills Salary Grab.
Washington , Pel ) . 4. Another spirit
ed debate , with the Philippine tariff
bill too the text , was precipitated In the
senate yesterday as the remilt of uomo
statements inado by Carmaok ( Dom. ,
Tonn. ) , In the course of an extended
speech on the general Philippine ques
tion. It will bo the Tennessee sena
tor's first speech In the senate , and he
was glVqn notably good attcntibn on
both Bides of the chamber. Ho spoka
without manuscript , with earnestness ,
force and eloquence. At the conclu
sion of his address , which had been
listened to by many of his former col
leagues in the house of ropresenta- ,
tlvos , Bevcrldgo ( Ind. ) challenged
some of his statements' ' Thb debate
which ensued waa very HVcljr for 'a
few mihutos , taking on a 'political
phase , which proved Interesting 'to the
( auditors , who crowded the floor as
well as thb gallorleB. > >
Boverldga and Tlllman ( S. C. ) be
came Involved in a heated colloquy ,
in which the exchanges were as hot as
( both senators Well cbuld "makethem. " .
IPrlor t6 the taking up of 'tho" Philip
pine bill/ the measure providing for
an Increase in salaries of United
States judges was under discussion for
'nn ' hour. In the course of the debate ,
the case of Judge Arthur H. Noyes
of the district court of Alaska was
drawn upon to show why some Judges
should not bo given the Increase.
Th6 pending amendment Was that
of Stewart's increasing the salaries of
senators and members of the .house of
representatives to $7,500 annually , be-
'glnnlng ' on March 4 , 1903. After brief
discussion the amendment wda reject
ed , 15 to 44.
Oleomargarine BUI In the House.
Washington , Feb. 4. The house de
voted yesterday to gene'ral debate on
the oleomargarine bill. The opponents
of the measure attempted to filibuster
against It at the opening of the ses
sion , but were beaten by more than a
two-thirds vote. The speakers were
Henry ( Conn. ) , Hasklns ( Vt ) and
Graft ( Bis. ) In favor of the measure
and Wadsworth ( N. Y. ) , Foster ( Ills ) ,
Burleson ( Tox. ) and Clayson ( Ala. )
In opposition to It. Those wno antago
nized the bill favored the adoption of
the substitute , which is designed to
prevent the fraudulent sale of oleomar
garine under the guise of butter.
Caucus Falls to Agree on Plan to Re
duce Representation.
Washington , Feb. 4. The Republican
members o * the house of representa
tives had a caucus meeting in the hall
of the house last night to consider the
line of policy' to be adopted concern
ing the alleged dlsfranchisement of
voters in the south. The caucus lasted
from 8 o'clock until shortly after 11
o'clock. It was determined to adjourn
for one week to consider moro fully
the different propositions brought for
ward. The main discussion of 'the
meeting turned on a resolution offered
by Representative Crumpacker of In
diana , providing for the appointment
of a special committee of the bouso
to Investigate questions of dlsfran-
chlscment and to report remedies { o
the house. This brought out several
other propositions , mainly from south-
em Republicans , who favored a strong
federal election law , Including One
from Representative Bartholdt of Mis
souri on these lines.
Decision In Favor of Thompson.
Washlngtdn , Feb. 4 < In' the United
States supreme court Justice Brown
yesterday delivered an opinion In the
case of McDonald VX Thompson. The
'caso Involves the liability of Thomp
son as a stockholder of the'failed Cap
ital National bank of LlndolnV Neb. ,
and indirectly-tho'poiiit as to the appli
cability of the statute as to limitation
of , tlmo in Ihe matter of contracts , this
salute prescribing five years in cases
In which the contract is in writing and
four years In cases when It Is not In
writing. In this instance , suit was In
stituted moro than four years and lens
than five years after the cause of ac
tion ( .rose. The c urt hold that there
was no contract in writing In this case
except a contract to pay for the stock ,
but the conclusion WAS that this was
not a contract within the meaning of
the statute. Hence , the decision was
in Thompson's favor.
Prince Given Freedom of Gotham.
New York , 'Feb. ' 4. Mayor Low and
the members of the aldermanlc com
mittee , having In charge the city's
'reception ' to Prlnco Hefcry , yesterday
decided to gly'o the freedom'of. the
'city ' to thb prince on th'o afternoon of
'Feb. ' 25. This will bo one of the very
few pccaslons where such , a courtesy
has been extended.
i i
Nb Decision In Merger Case
Washington ; F6b.f4. . Th& 'United
States supremo'court adjourned yes
terday until Fob. 24. The court did
< not announce a decision la the North
ern Pacific merger case and that case
now necessarily goes over until after
the reconvening of thb court.
Report Tax Reducing' BUI.
Washington , Fob. 4. The ways and
means committee of the house by
unanimous Vote ordered a favorable
report oa the war tax reduction bill
Many Women Walt In the Cold for
Chance to See Dead Criminals.1
Plttsburg , Feb. 6. From 0 to 12
o'clock , yesterday the bodies of John
and Edward Blddlo were oxposdd to
public1 V10W at an undertaking cs'tab-
llshment on the south stdo and during
the Ihroo hours they were , oa exhi
bition several thousand persons passed
before the coffins. As early as .8
o'clock crowds began to gather and
Icsplto the cold they ntood silently
waiting the opening of the doors. *
In the crowd wore probably as many
women as men. Inspector McShanj *
and a squad of 1C officers wore prenent
: o preserve ordbr1. A few minutes be
fore 9 the pollco arranged the morbid
crowd into line and. . promptly at , f
o'clock the door of the mortuary woa
opened and the crowd passed in slow
ly and took a look at the remains ot
the youthful desperadoes. The bodlfe'k '
were In black caskets. The heads of
the boys were turned so that the crowd
could see them at a glance and'th'o
police kept the crowd moving all the
: lme. The procession kept up through
out the three hours.
The burial will take place today la
erie large grave In Calvary cemetery.
Cattle Men Lose Test Case Brought to
Knock Out Colorado Statute. '
Denver , Fob. G. The supreme court
iias handed down a decision upholding
the live stock Inspection law pas sod
by the legislature of this state. The
decision was rendered in the case Of
Ed H. Reid , who rushed cattle into
this state from Texas for the purpose
of testing the law. The sentence of
six months in the county jail against
Reid Is also affirmed. Reid was
backed by the leading live stock or
ganizations of the country , who
claimed that the federal inspection
taws superseded these of a state.
Tom Johnson Loses His Case.
Columbus , O. , Feb. B. The supreme
court yesterday put on end to Tom.
L. Johnson's endeavor to secure a
higher appraisement of the railway
property of Ohio. The court handed
down a decision , sustaining the de
murrer of the attorney genera. . ! to his
petition and dismissing the same.
China Pays First Installment.
Washington , Feb. 4. A cablegram
haa been received at the war doparf-
ment from the United States minister
at" Peking announcing that he has re
ceived the first payment from the Chi-
n&se government of Indemnity tor
American losses due to the Boxers. '
A fire at the Cooke & White cool
mine at Madrid , N. M. , caused-the
death of two Italians and threatened
damage to ' < \ \ [
T. Estrada Palma , president-elect
oC Cuba , deqla ed , anarchy and starva
tion will be Cuba's fate If the United
Btntes does not grant tariff concea-
ulons. '
j oout 25,000 spectators , amonp
whom were several Americans , wlt-
nbssed the ski racing Monday at Hdl-
mekellen , Norway. GJoelmo made th
longest leap , 291-2 meters. - . . /
i'A' ' circular letter has been received
by members of tho. . senate from .Gen .
eral Wood , military governor of Cuba.
urging , concessions on Cuban sugar
coming into the United States.
Three and one-half tons of bating
powder , seized by the New York board
of health , was destroyed Monday. The
chemists who examined it said that it
contained 29 per cent powdered rock.
George A. Baker , president of the. .
Continental National bank and con
nected with other largo business ion-
terprlses , died Monday ot pneumonia ,
at his residence in St. Louis after a
very short illness.
Joseph , Pratt , laa Pratt , William
Rousharn and Catharine Anderson
were caiptured by the police In two-
small rooms at Cleveland la the actor
counterfeiting halt dollars and dollars.
Harriess : \
You on make jout bar.
otu M eon , * * * glove
and at tough '
I noum Oil. You c n
Itugtben lu llfk-mak * li
' iMt twlcfl a , lena ; M U
I 'onllntrUy would , '
Harness Oil
pure , heavy bodied oil , e * .
peclftlly prepared to with-
Una the wcmtner.
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la ami-all ii a.