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1 Operators Refuse all Demands
in Joint Conference.
"Other ISSUQO In Dispute as Far From
Settlement as la Rate Agreement
Matter Is Referred Back to Subcommittee -
, committee Position of Miners.
Indianapolis , Fob. 7. No agree
ment was reached yesterday by the
committee upon which doponda a basis
of Bottloment of the differences be
tween the United Mine Workers and
the oporatoro of the four competitive
mining states. The subcommlttoo
hold a session at which the question
of the minors' demand for a straight
Increase of 10 per cent formed the
point of discussion. The minors' rep
resentatives on the committee wore
given to understand by Francis L.
tlobblns that the operators were a
unit against an Increase of any
amount ; that this attitude was firm ,
and as long as the miners insisted
'upon their demands for the introduc
tion of the run of mine system and
the differential between pick and ma
chine mining the matter jot a 10 per
cent increase or any other increase
for that matter would not bo oven
considered by the operators.
This was taken by the minors' dele
gates as indicating that the operators
wore not so averse to an increase In
the price for digging coal as they were
to the other features of the submitted
scale , and after on hour's fruitless dis
cussion , without favorable results
either way , the committee adjourned
to meet at 2 p. m. , when the joint scale
committee had been called to hear a
report of the "committee of sixteen. "
The question was referred back to
the subcommittee , with Instructions
to arrive at a conclusion , If possible ,
' this afternoon. It developed that the
miners' delegates generally , while a
waited body for the Increased wage de
manded , are not in faror of sacrificing
the possibility of securing on increase
through the abandonment of the run
of mlno and differential propositions.
Snttley Strike Declared Off.
Springfield , Ills. , Fob. 7. The strike
of the employes at the Sattley plow
.works , which had lasted for almost
three months , was1declared off lo."t
bight at a meeting of the plow work-
ore' union. The settlement was
brought about through the efforts of
the Springfield Merchants' associa
tion. The strikers are to go to work
as soon as their services are needed ,
but the Sattley Manufacturing com
pany refuses to recognize their union.
Three Believed to Have Beenv Killed
by Same Set of Criminals.
Kansas City , Feb. 7. Upon the Aisr
tovery yesterday of the dead body of
Beorge Zimmerman , a German , farmer ,
3 years old , at his home near Morris
Dtation , six miles west of Argentine ,
Kan. , his head having been crushed ,
and the body lying in a pool of blood ,
which was frozen , the Wyandotte
county officers concluded that Zim
merman and two other aged men , all
recluses , have been murdered In
Wyandotte county slnco the first of
the year by the same persons and in
tach case It is believed the motive
has been robbery. Zimmerman hod
been dead more than a week. He
I " ,7od alone and it Is said ho kept a
'largo sum of money In an old trunk.
5"h.e murderers made a thorough
Dearch of the premises.
Wednesday of last week the dead
body of Thomas Carroll , on aged her-
mlt , was found in a well at his homo
bear Argentine. Ho had been dead
Dearly a month and the coroner's jury
decided that he had been murdered.
Two men and women ore In the Ar-
Ccntlno jail pending an investigation
of the mysterious disappearance last
week of Noah Long , another aged
Lynch Negro at Lynchburg.
Nashville , Tenn , , Feb. 7. Euloss
Whlttakor , colored , charged with the
murder of John Dostor three weeks
go , was taken from jadl at Lynch
burg and hanged by a mob. Whit-
laker's case was called.In . court yes-
lerday and continued. Late last night
the mob appeared and , securing pos-
Besslon of the negro , hurrlod him to
the court IIOUBO , where a rope was
placed around his neck and ho was
( ranged.
Shoots Sweetheart and Self.
Chicago , Fob. 7. Joseph Kumell , a
young Bohemian , shot and killed his
wootheart , Mary AJaxa , at her home ,
79 West Sixteenth street , last night
und then fired two shots into his own
body. It is believed he will die. The
1 tragedy occurred in the presence of
the girl's mother. Kumell was de-
ipondent because he was out of work.
Two Must Pay Death Penalty.
Greenville , Miss , Feb. 7. Cocko
and Lauderdale , two of the men In
flicted for the murder of William
tVray on a Mississippi Valley passcn-
( or train last month , were convicted
last night , the jury rendering a verdict
of guilty as charged. The sentence
Df death will bo passed on the men
Convicted of Manslaugr'ir.
.Adrian , Ml.qh , . Fftjj. 7. . T.hft Jury
nas been trying Bert Farrlug-
on on the charge of having murdered
Icsso Cooper , whom Farrlngton found
n a room with Mrs. Farrlnnton about
i month ago , returned a verdict
igalnst Fnrrlngton of manslaughter.
The case will go to the supreme court.
Former Prominent Iowa Politician
Dies In Chicago of His Injuries.
Chicago , Fob. 7. M. S. Anderson ,
a prominent stockman and a politician
In Iowa for a number of years , Is dead
at his homo in this city , the result ol
njurlcs received in Frodorlcktown , O. ,
Jan. 24 , when ho foil on a sidewalk.
Mr. Anderson was well known
throughout the central and eastern
part of the state. Ho formerly lived
xt Wllllamsburg , la. , where ho waa
known as the "lieutenant" of Captain
J. N. W. Rumple of Marongo , la. , now
congressman from that district. IIo
has held several political offices in
the state and removed to Chicago a
short Umo ago. Ho was about 62
years old and was married.
Former Insurance Agent Sentenced to
Seven Years In Prison.
Tiffin , O. , Feb. 7. Russell B. Drake ,
the absconding insurance agent , who
was captured in Mexico after a two-
years' chase , pleaded guilty to the
charge of forgery yesterday and was
sentenced to the penitentiary for sev
en years. Drake claimed Just before
being sentenced that ho had been led
to commit the crime because of finan
cial straits and disclaimed any crim
inal intent. Ho is predisposed to con
sumption and may not llvo to servo
out his time. The total amount of his
peculations Is about $30,000.
Verdict of Death Impotent.
Constantinople , Feb. 7. The sul
tan's brother-in-law , Damad Hahmud
Pasha , has been sentenced to death.
Mahmud has long been prominent in
the young Turk movement and waa
recently expelled from Greece at the
behest of the sultan. Mahmud went
to Rome and the sultan requested his
expulsion from Italy. It was refused ,
but Mahmud proceeded to Paris ,
where ho remains In safety.
Slgsbee the Guest of Honor.
Cincinnati , Feb. 7. Captain Charles
S. Slgsbee , chief of the naval Intel
ligence bureau , was the guest of honor
of the Business Men's club at their
banquet last night. Captain SIgabeo
spoke at lensth on the. navy , outlining
the work and the generally recognized
efficiency of that' department of the
government and Its Inestimable value
to the commerce of the country.
Shopmen Lose Their Strike.
Washington , Ind. , Feb. 7. The Bal
timore and Ohio Southwestern shop
employes , who have been out on a
strike several weeks , declared the
strike off yesterday , having already
conceded every point and lost the
contest. The men agree to return to
work in a body or singly as the com
pany may desire.
Three Men Asphyxiated.
Galveston , Tex. , Foh. 7. In attempt
ing to repair a feed pipe In a fuel oil
storage tank in the Santa Fe railroad
yards here , Owen Burnes , Pat Burnes ,
his brother , and John Day were as
phyxiated by the fumes of the oil.
Owen Burnes is dead and the other
two men are in a critical condition.
Kllla a Cabinet Minister.
Sofia , Bulgaria , Feb. 7. M. Karat-
chett , the minister of public Instruc
tion , was assassinated yesterday In
his study by a Macedonian , who pre
tended he wanted to present a peti
tion. The assassin subsequently com
mitted sulcldo by shooting himself.
Count's Intention Not Matrimonial.
Rome , Fob. 7. A dispatch to the
Trlbuna from Milan says : There is
no foundation for the reports that the
Count of Turin , a cousin of the king
of Italy , is about to visit the United
States with matrimonial Intent.
A dispatch from Madrid announces
that the Marquis do Jerez's famous
library has been sold to an American
for 40,000.
The trustees of a church at New
market , Mil. , refused to permit it to
bo used for the funeral of a tubercu
losis victim.
The British , American and Japanese
ministers have renewed their opposi
tion to the Manchurian arrangements
between China and Russia.
The German foreign office confirmed
the story printed In a Berlin paper
that England wanted to help Spain in
the American war. Russia spoiled
the plan.
Lord Salisbury , in a speech , de
clared England ready to accept any
settlement In South Africa that recog
nized the rights of the sovereign and
offered security to the empire. Ho
also said Ireland must bo pacified.
Governor Oman has received a let
ter from General Funston accepting
the invitation tendered by the govj
ernor to become the guest of Colorado
at a banquet to be given to General a
Funston and MacArthur at some fut-
ore date.
Lieutenant Colonel Henry O. 8.
Helstand , assistant adjutant general ,
who returned to this country from
the Philippines to appear before the
Bcnato committee Investigating the
charges made by Major Hawkes , haa
been ordered back to Manila for as-
I ligament to duty.
. . . .OF.
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