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Buried Alive in Deep Shaft by
Sudden Cave-In.
iRescuret Are at Work , but There (
Little Hope the Men Will Be Found
Alive Only One of the Bodies la
Taken From the Ruins.
Negauneo , Mich. , Jan. 8. The most
distressing accident occurring In this
county for years occurred at the No-
.gauneo inlno yesterday noon , when by
A cavo-ln the lives of from 13 to 17
miners are thought to have been lost.
, The cave-In was nt the bottom of the
old shaft Had It occurred half an
hour sooner , about 150 men would
liavo been killed.
The names of the dead BO far as
known are : William Williams , John
Sullivan , John Pascoo , John Pearce ,
Jacob Hunlalla.
Thus far but ono body has been
taken out , that of Ilunlalla. Hundreds
of men are at the rnino eager to help
in the work of rescue , but It Is
thought the other bodies cannot bo
reached before 24 hours. John Basco
was rescued allvo and described the
twrecked mlno as follows :
"Wo were sitting around the pump
at the bottom of the shaft when , without -
out any warning , thousands of tons of
ore came down. I remembered no
inoro until I heard the sound of picks
and shovels in the hands of rescuers.
When found I was 75 feet from the
place where I was sitting and found
myself In a drift. How I got there is
n mystery , but can only bo accounted
for by the concussion of the wind. "
Prom the condition of the shaft It
would seem that the men are sur
rounded by a mass of dirt and broken
timber. A dull roar and the crashIng -
Ing of timbers gave to the men on the
surface the first Intimation of the dis
aster below. A rush was made for the
ehaft and when all had quieted down.
15 volunteers under Captain James
Piper descended In the cage In an at-
iempt to rescue. It was found , how
ever , that the shaft was badly dam
aged , It being Impossible to get with
in 100 feet of the level In which the
men were burled.
Cries for help were heard at the
lowest point reached , and the removal
of the timbers which blocked the
way found a man who shortly bctforo
the cave-In had started for the
surface. He was uninjured , but was
drenched to the skin and suffering
ereatly with cold. The man could
throw no light on the fate of his asso
ciates , the majority of whom ar
thought to be Italians and Flnlandors.
The steam pipes leading to the under
ground pumps were so damaged that
it would bo Impossible to operate the
pumps If It were possible to reach
them , and as the mine Is the wettest
i ; In the Iron country , the shaft Is mak
ing water fast.
A big force of rescuers , working In
relays , is making efforts to reach the
/ / damaged level before the water
reaches It.
Feared That All Walla Walla Passen
gers Not in Port are Dead.
San Francisco , Jan. 8. Nothing has
been heard from the missing victims
of the Walla Walla disaster and It Is
feared that they all went down. The
etatement of Lookout Johnson , made
to the coroner's Jury at Eureka , that
lie saw the lights on the bark Max
and warned the officers on the bridge
of the Walla Walla , Is denied by them.
Other members of the crew of the
IWallai Walla corroborate Johnson's as-
eertion that the lights on the French
bark were visible.
Three Killed In Wreck.
Roamoko , Va. , Jan. 8. In a head
end collision on the Norfolk and West
ern railroad at Alwlck , W. Va , , Hugh
N. Smith , express messenger ; Flag
man John Turner and Engineer Dalle
wore klllod. A passenger train col
lided with an extra freight in a dense
fog , the passenger engineer having
failed to see the flagman sent forward
to give warning of the Impending dan
ger. The flagman , John Turner , In
his efforts to bo seen got on the track
(1 In front of the train and was run over
end killed.
Hurricane Off Cape Flattery.
Port Townsend , Wash. , Jan. 8. The
United States revenue cutter Grant
Bailed for an extended cruise along
the coast south of Cape Flattery , to
examine the largo amount of wreckage -
ago reported along the beach during
the past two weeks. The steamer
'Alice ' Gertrude , arriving from Neah
bay ? reports last night's storm down
Ihs-atralts as being of great vie
lence. Off Capo Flattery the wind
reached almost the velocity of a hurri
cane , driving vessels out to sea.
, Captain King Granted New Trial.
Now Orleans , Jan. 8. Captain Cyril
W. IClng , the United States volunteer
army officer and assistant quartermas
ter under sentence at Mobile for ac
cepting bribes In connection with the
1 erection of barracks nt Fort Morgan ,
near Mobile , was granted a new trial
1)7 the circuit court of appeals.
' Killed In Boiler Explosion.
Lander , Wy. , Jan. 8. Archibald
Carter was killed yesterday In a boil
er explosion at the Murphy oil wells ,
ten miles southeast of Lander. Carter
was blown a distance of 30 foot. Ono
, leg was torn off and his body was
badly bruised. The cause of the ex
plosion Is not known.
Blno and Gag Watchmen and Take
Their Time to Blow Safe.
St. Louis , Jan. 8. Six masked men
entered the National Stock Yards
b'ank , north of East St. Louis , Ills. ,
and after capturing and gagging the
two night wttlchmoti and fireman at
the steam plants and blowing open
the vaults with dynamite , secured $5 , <
000 In coin and currency , with which
they decamped , For nine houro , from
7 p. m. until 4 a. in. , they were nt
work on the vaults without being In
terfered with.
Leo Phllpot , ono of the watchmen ,
a rough rider friend of President
Roosevelt , was the first to meet with
the robbers. Ho wan standing In the
stock yards , near the Exchange build
ing , In which the bank Is located ,
when ho wns addressed by throe men
who sprang out of a fence corner with
revolvers in their hands , They said :
"Wo want you , Phllpot , " and with that
overpowered him before ho could
reach hlu revolver. The three robbers
took Phllpot to the composing room
of the Daily National Stock Yards Re
porter , near by , and laid him on the
floor. He was bound hand and foot
and gagged with towels. While lying
thcro three other men came In.
Ono of the six men was sent out
with Instructions to secure the others.
Albert Estop , the other bank watch *
man , wns caught on the steps of the
Exchange building. Under throats of
death he was forced to go to the com
posing room , where he was also bound
and gagged.
Night Fireman L. W. Clark was
taken unawares In the steam plant of
the Exchange building. Ho resisted
and was badly beaten with a sandbag
before subdued. Ho was also taken
to the composing room and loft bound
and gagged with his two companions.
Captured Desperadoes Say They Did
Not Participate In Killing.
Casper , Wy. , Jan. 8. Clarence
Woodard and Jess Franklin , the two
men who were captured , protest their
Innocence. They say on the night
that they broke Jail they stayed at a
cabili 12 miles east of Casper. The
next morning they separated , Charles
Woodard going south and they going
west ; that they walked to Woodard's
ranch and have not seen Charles
Woodard since. The coroner's jury Is
in session and they will find out If
possible who killed Sheriff Rlckor ,
and the crowd has decided to await
their action. The excitement is in
tense and only the fact that the coroner
ner was Investigating averted the
lynching of the captured men.
Throws Acid In Banker's Face.
Chicago , Jan. 8. Alfred M. Sny-
dacker , senior member of a local firm
of bankers , Is In the Michael Reese
hospital as the result of Injuries from
carbolic acid , flung from a syringe
into his face by Paul Mueller , a dealer
In artifical flowers. It is feared Sny-
dacker will lose the sight of an eye.
The attack was made In the banker's
offico. The cause Is said to have been
that Mueller placed goods In a build
ing leased by Snydacker and failed to
Insure them. The building burned and
Mueller has attempted to hold Sny
dacker responsible.
Immigrants Settle In East.
Chicago , Jan. 8. Ebon E. McLeod ,
chairman of the Western Passenger
association , has Issued a statement ,
showing that during the 12 months
ended June 30 last 487,198 Immigrants
arrived in this country through all
ports. Contrary to prevailing opin
ion , a majority of these did not go
west of the Mississippi river , but set
tled in the older states In the east
Has a Paralytic Stroke.
Loup City , Jan. 8. J. M. Snyder , ex-
senator , suffered a paralytic stroke
yesterday afternoon while In Loup
City doing some trading. Ho was
taken to his home on the farm , six
miles south of Loup City.
The Cameron Tobacco factory at
Rlchmand was destroyed by flre Tues
day. Loss , $125,000.
Warden Jewett of the Kansas peni
tentiary has abolished the lockstep
In the marching of convicts.
The Hereford bull , "Perfection 92 ,
1891 , " was sold for ? 9,000 Tuesday at
the Union stockyards , Chicago.
A. E. Glfford , a lumberman well
known throughout the United States ,
died at Ashland , Wis. , of heart dis
Fire at Logansport , La. , Tuesday
burned 33 buildings in the business
part of tbo town. The total loss Is
The secretary of the nary has pre
pared for submission to congress a
bill providing for the establishment
of a naval training station for the
A bill granting to Mrs. McKinley
the postal franking privileges for oil
her correspondence was favorably re
ported by the house committee on
postoulco and post roads.
George W. Dlxon has been appointed
receiver of the Silver Flake Cereal
company. The company owns two
plants , ono at Cragln , Ills. , and an
other at St. Louis , both of which have
been closed.
Every governor In the United
States has been asked by Governor
Nash of Ohio to Issue an appeal to
the citizens of his state to sot aside
Jan. 29 , President McKlnloy's birth
day , as "McKlnloy day. "
Another step In the proposed com
bination of all the window glass man
ufacturers of the country was taken
at Munclo Tuesday , when 47 manu
facturers signed the agreement to
regulate output and control prices.
Replies to Volley of Questions
Concerning Panama Offer.
Characterizes Agitation In Favor of
Panama Route as an Attempt to
Postpone Action Urges Adoption of
the Nlcaraguan Route.
Washington , Jan. 8. The debate on
the Nicaragua canal bill In the hotiao
was opened In lively fashion yesterday -
day by Hepburn , chairman of the In
terstate - and foreign commerce com
mittee , which reported the bill. Fur
two hours ho held the floor , replying
to a volley of questions concerning
the recent offer of the Panama Canal
company to sell its property and fran
chises to the United States for $40-
000,000. The Interest In th * debate
developed almost entirely In this now
phase of the subject. Hepburn main
tained that the alleged now offer of
the Panama Canal company was part
of the plan of dolay. All his refer
ences along that line were liberally
applauded. Ho pointed out what ho
considered the suspicious circum
stances that the Panama company
hold out for $109,000,000 and then sud
denly dropped the prlco to $40,000,000.
Morris ( Minn. ) gave notice that at'
the proper time ho would offer an
amendment to authorize the president ,
If ho could procure the property and
rights of the Panama company for
$40,000,000 , If concessions could bo
procured from Colombia , and If the
Walker commission so recommended ,
to purchase and proceed to cotnpleto
the Panama canal.
Representative Bnrthold Introduced
a bill repealing all the Increased taxes
under the war revenue act.
War of Canal Routes.
Washington , Jan. 8. The first notes
of the contest between the Nicaragua
and Panama routes for the Isthmian
canal were heard In the senate yes
terday. Morgan offered and secured
the adoption of a resolution which In
dicated his Intention to have the com
mittee on interoccanic canals to In
quire into the relations existing be
tween the transcontinental railrdad
companies of the United States and
Canada and the Panama Canal com
pany. In explanation of the resolution
Morgan declared that the relations
were a "wicked monopoly" which al
ready had cost the people of the Pa-
clflc coast millions of dollars. The
relations Involve the control by the
Panama Canal' company , of the Pan
ama Railroad company and the agree
ment existing between certain rail
roads of the United States and the
Pacific Moll Steamship company. At
the conclusion of business the senate
paid a graceful compliment to Senator
Foraker ( O. ) by adjourning until 2
o'clock , in order that senators might
attend the marriage of Miss Foraker ,
which is to occur at noon today , with
out interfering with their duties.
President Roosevelt Consents to Re
view Findings of Court.
Washington , Jan. 8. The object of
Admiral Schloy's visit to the white
house Monday was to request the pres
ident to entertain and consider an ap
peal for the reversal of the action of
Secretary Long and the disapproval
of the majority Judgment of the court
of Inquiry. The Interview was satis
factory , the president granting the ad
miral's request. Messrs. Raynor and
Teague will assist Admiral Schloy in
the preparation of the appeal.
The interview with the president
was arranged In advance , and at Its
conclusion Admiral Schley left the
white house in a satisfied state of
mind. He had been given a full op
portunity to present the case from
his standpoint and to acquaint the
president with many details with
which the president could not other
wise have had any knowledge. While
Admiral Schley would not make any
statement regarding the matter dis
cussed , holding that any Interview
between a naval officer and his com-
mander-ln-chlof should bo regarded as
confidential , It Is understood that ho
brought to the president's attention
many of the alleged Injustices and dis
crepancies of the majority report of
the court of Inquiry.
Admiral Schloy's Interview with the
president was the result of his deter
mination to exhaust every means In
his power to overturn the Judgment
which has been rendered against him.
His now appeal will bo different from
that submitted to the navy depart
ment , bringing out some new facts
which hare an Important bearing upon
the controversy.
Woman Suffragists to Meet.
Washington , Jan. 8. The meeting
of the National Woman Suffrage asso
ciation , to be hold in this city Fob.
12-18 Inclusive , will assume a na
tional character. Fourteen nations
have now well defined woman suf
frage organizations. The organiza
tions in each of these countries have
been Invited to send delegates to this
tonventlon and liavo accepted.
Reception at White House.
Washington , Jan. 8. President and
Mrs. Roosevelt gave a reception at
the white house last nlchLJn.honor of
the diplomatic corps. It was the first
formal evening lovco of the season
and the first at which President and
Mrs. Roosevelt bavo boon the host
and hostess , A full representation of
the diplomatic corps made the affair
notably brilliant
Gorgeous Display Accompanies Return
of Chinese Court to Cfapltal ,
Poking , Jan. S. The Imperial cor-
go entered the Forbidden City at
1:30 : p , m. u wns the most brilliant
ecoiio Peking ever witnessed. The
procession confuted of a thousand
gorgeously nttlred noblemen mounted
upon gllttcrlngly caparisoned hometv
The emperor , the empress downgor ,
Prince Chun , the empress nnd several
prlnci'HBOH were bonio In yellow t-halrn ,
their escort carrying hundrodii of gay
banners and silk umbrellas. The
troopn of Ociiornl Yuan Shi Kul , gov
ernor of Pe Ohl LI , preceded the om-
poror. The foreign community assem
bled on top of the Chlon gnto.
The emperor and omprcHH downgor
entered the toinplo In the gate and
burned Incense. The dowager em
press upon onu-rgltig from the temple
Raw the foreigner ! ) pouring down and
bowed. A double row of itoldlorH ,
kneeling , lined the four-mllo route.
The ro-entranco of the Chlneso urn-
poror was the most remarkable epi
sode In the annals of the dynasty ,
save the flight of the Chinese court
when Poking was bombarded by Iho
allied forces. Tbo spectacular phases
of the return of the court oxcoedqd
expectations. The cortcgo wan anort
of glorlllod lord mayor's show nnd wan
a bewildering barbaric exhibition of
the orlentnl tinselled splendor.
The Bcono nt the Chlon gate , when
the emperor nnd ompresH dowager en
tered tlinnkH for their safe Journey ,
was nothing IOHB than revolutionary ,
when viewed In the light of all Chi-
noHo customs. The horHunhoo wall ,
forming the uncleiit gate , wa crowded
with Europeans , dlplomnta. army olll-
corH , mlsHlonarloH , lady photographers
nnd correspondents.
Conflict Between Castro's Men and
Rebels Is Reported.
Colon , Colombia , Jan. 8. The latest
reports from the Colombian general ,
Castro , locate him at Peso , with the
revolutionary forces at Lns Tablan.
The captain of ai milling vessel reports
that when ho lofl Agua Dulco fight
ing was going on nt Los Santos. The
United States cruiser Philadelphia ar
rived nt Panama yesterday.
Information as to the conditions ex
isting nt Panama which has been re
ceived hero characterizes them as
very unsettled. Ships belonging to
the revolutionary forces were seen last
Friday 50 or CO miles from Panama.
Killed by Former Suitor.
Knox , Ind. , Jan. 8. Henry Clem
ents , aged 19 , shot and Instantly killed
Mrs. Edward Davis at her home hero
yesterday. Clements then turned the
weapon on himself and sent a bullet
crashing Into his brain , Inflicting a
probably fatal wound. Clements nnd
the woman were engaged to bo mar
ried , but a week ago she broke the
engagement and married Edward
Tutulla Is Foreign Territory.
Washington , Jan. 8. The secretary
of the treasury has rendered a de
cision on the appeal of John Effingor
against the action of the collector of
customs at Honolulu In assessing duty
on merchandise brought Into that port
from Page Pngo , Tutuilai. The secre
tary sustained the collector , holding
that Tutulla Is foreign territory within
the revenue laws of the United Slates.
Cleveland's Health Better.
Princeton , N. J. , Jan. 8. Former
President Cleveland , though not fully
recovered from his Illness , Is much
Improved in health. Mrs. Cleveland
said : "Mr. Cleveland Is still weak
from his Illness , but ho has become
strong enough this veok to leave the
room and come down stairs. Ho will
not bo able to go out of doors until the
weather becomes considerably milder. "
Troops Held In Readiness.
Jackson , Miss. , Jan. 8. Governor
Longino has ordered the Capital City
guard of this city to bo held In readi
ness to go to Oxford. The sheriff
hero Is apprehensive that a mob will
try to lynch William Mathis , Orlando
Lester , Jackson and Whit Owens , In
Jail there. Throe of the men have re
cently been convicted of the murder
of the Montgomorys.
Kentucky Senatorshlp Fight.
Frankfort , Ky. , Jan. 8. The candi
dates for the Democratic nomination
for United States senator from Ken
tucky arranged last night for a con
ference for the purpose of determin
ing when the first ballot shall bo
taken. There are four candidates In
the race ox-Governor McCreary , Con
gressmen Wheeler and Smith and
Judge Cantrlll.
Call for Municipal League Meeting.
Oskaloosa , la. , Jan. 8. President W.
H. Wray of the Municipal league of
Iowa and mayor of Oskaloosa , has
called a meptlng of the 'league ' for
Jan. 22 , to moot In Dog Molnes. The
object of the session la to prepare for
an active canvass before ' { ho state
legislature. The committees have
been appointed by the president.
James O'Brien Dead.
Laporte , Ind. , Jan. 8. James
O'Brien , a wealthy attorney and real
estate man , died hero yesterday' In
his 58th year. Ho held county offices
bore and at Holton , Kan. , was superin
tendent of the Indian reform school
and wae recently tendered the presi
dency of a college In Nebraska.
Implement Men In Session.
Omaha , Jan. 8. Five hundred deal
ers are attending the annual conven
tion of the Nebraska and Western
Iowa Retail Implement Dealers' asso
ciation , now in session In this city.
After the appointment of committees
the convention adjourned for the day.
Railway Men Boldly Admit
They Have Paid Rebates.
Interstate Commerce Commission De
termined to Correct Abuse of Ship
ping Rates Railway Magnates Must
Explain Merger.
Chicago , Jan. 8. Prosecutions
UKuliiHt u | | the blj | packing homio con-
coriirt In the vest Cor violations of Urn
provlttlonu pf the Interstate coiiunoroe
law AgnliiHl receiving prefonmtlul
rates arc eoiitoinplntod by the Intor-
utato cominoiTi ) cominlimlun. This
fact developed yoHtunlny during an In-
YQHtlKntlon begun by the eommlmilon
Into the handling of pnekliu ; hmwo
products and dressed meiitu. It altio
became apparent that the cnmnilHHlnn
and the railway nmnnKuinontn of the
oiitlro country practically had entered
Into an alliance for the purpoao of In-
ducliiK conireiui to pium legislation
permitting the rallrondn to pool under
certain regulatlonit by the Intorslato
commerce commission nnd that It IH
bolluvoil such a law can and will bo
passed. The third development of
the day wan the announcement ( hut
the eonimlRHlon requested the attendance -
anco hero of ull the leading men In
the advancement of the community of
IntoruntH Idea , IneltidliiK J. P. Mor
gan. James J. Hill mnd Ifl. II. Harrl-
inan , and that It thoHo men failed to
respond to the request harsher moan-
urea would ho taken to compel their
coming : ,
ISvIdonco upon which to biwo pros
ecutions against the puckoru WUH ob
tained In abundance. Traffic mining-
or and vlco presidents of rouds east
nnd west threw up their liiindH and ad
mitted freely that there was 'no pre
tense toward maintaining tariff ralcn
on packing house products nnd dreHHod
meats for export or domestic use , ex
cept for a very whorl period of tlmo
at the beginning of ench year.
Paul Morton , second vice president
of the Santa Fo , and other men of the
highest standing In the railroad world
took the stand and stated boldly that
they are now and hud been continual
violators of the law , that they are
sick and tired of helms Hiich , that pres
ent conditions are Intolerable , that
they are powerless to secure a main
tenance of rates and that millions of
dollars are paid to the packing house
Interests yearly by railroads at the expense -
penso of legitimate revenue.
The packing houses nnd their repre
sentatives to whom rebates wore paid
durliiB 1001 , according to Commis
sioner Prouty , will , If possible , be
made amenable to a maximum fine of
$10,000 for every violation of the law.
Iowa Legislators Assemble.
DCS Molnes , Jan. 8. A number of
the legislators arrived In DCS Molneu
yesterday and many more are expect
ed before the close of the week. A
great many of the candidates for cler
ical and minor positions In both
houses arc on hand and engaged In
buttonholing the members as they ar
rive. Inasmuch as there Is no con
test for speaker or for the senatorial
nominations the interest Is not as In
tense as It has been In other years.
Death of Colonel Hoyt.
Washington , Jan. 8. Colonel Sam
uel Hoyt died hero last night , the ro-
sull of Injuries received from a fall.
He was 70 years of ago. Colonel Hoyt
was a veteran of two wars , a partlcl-
panl In various Indian campaigns and
a 49er. He was the Intimate friend
of Sam Houston , "Kit" Carson and
other figures of the rough west of half
a century ago. For the last 30 years
of his life Colonel Hoyt resided In
District of Lake Michigan Sold.
Chicago , Jan. 8. The so-called dis
trict of Lake Michigan , a tract of shore
acres worth hundreds of thousands
of dollars , which has been the cause
of years of strife with alleged squat
ters , was sold at sheriff's sale yester
day to satisfy a Judgment of $7,500
against ono of the claimants. Before
commencing the sale the sheriff said
ho did not guarantee title of the
Big Crowds Greet Liberty Bell.
Ashovllle , N. C. , Jan. 8. The old
Liberty boll , on route from Philadel
phia to the Charleston exposition ,
reached Ashovlllo last evening. The
big crowd at the railway station was
enthusiastic and the historic old relic
was given 01 rousing reception. There
was a flutter of flags and a shout of
greeting at every station.
Laborers Lynch Murderer.
Guthrie , 0. T. , Jan. 8. A lynching
took place last night on the grade of
the Oklahoma City and Southwestern
railroad In an isolated district west
of Chicksha. Ono of the laborers ,
while the men were In camp , shot a
companion and the remainder of the
party hanged the murderer to a tree.
Rock Island Will Build.
Guthrlo , O. T. , Jan. 8.Tho Rock
Island Railroad company has an
nounced that It will build from Ana-
darko through Indian territory to Fort
Smith , Ark. , aa soon as a right of way
can be secured from the government.
Soldier Train Is Wrecked.
Chicago , Jan. 8. A Rock Island spe
cial bearing 300 recruits bound for the
Philippines , from Columbus barracks ,
Ohio , was partially wrecked In the
Twenty-second street yards yester
day. Three men were Injured.
Attorney General of Minnesota File *
Ills Petition In Supreme Court.
WiiHliliiKlon , Jan. 8. Attorney ( len-
ertil Witllnuo II , DouglunH of Mlnneiiota
Hied yesterday In the United Hlulr
Biipronio court the bill of complaint in
the cano of the iiltdo of Minnesota ,
coiiipliilnuiil , agnliiflt the Nortlumi Bu-
ourlllon coinpnny , defondaiiL
Tli proceeding In the court " > * < tn >
very brief. Attorney General iJoug-
Innii wnn recognl/ed as HOOII an Iho
court wait convened and ho then
moved "for IIMIVO to fllo and preiienl a
bill of complaint on the purl of tlnv
ntutu of MlnneHola against the Northern -
orn Securities company. "
Chief JiiutUo Fuller united If nolle *
hnd been given to tbo Hecurltloii com
pnny , and being Informed In the nega
tive , mild there wan no rulu requiring
Hitch notlco. Hu added : "Wo will
tnko the paponi. "
Mr DouglaiiH hnndod In his bill of
compliant , and a brief citing of au
thorities. The attorney general anil
his niiHlntnnt coumiol , Messrs. M. D.
Miinn und Oeorgo P. Wilson , then ro
ll rod The court took the motion un
der ndvliiomnnt , n uniinl In such i e ,
nnd will clvo Itu decision In duo
course of tlmo.
Fight on Between State and Federal
Judiciary In Wisconsin.
WiiHlibtirti , Wlo. , Jan. K. Oonurnl
Munagor Clark of Iho WiiHhburn , Ilny-
flnld nnd Iron lllver rallrond , together
with a train crow nnd 3fi laborers. ,
whoso inovenionts be WUH directing ,
wns nrruRlod at Iron Hlver yesterday
by Sheriff Lien and a POHHO of depu
ties for attempting to tenr up Inct
main line of thai road. The rallrond
olllclnls were acting under the direc
tions of Receiver KroHt , who ban di
rections from the United Stntes court
to tenr up the line. The county IH
hnek of the movement to prevent the
touring up of the roud.
Takes Fatal Dose of Aconite.
Ynnkton , S , I ) . , Jan. 8. Otto Krebr
of Wakomln took his llfo onrly yeslor-
dny In Yanklon by drinking aconltn.
Ho had been drinking nil night iiml
left bin compnntoiiH In a rcHlmirnnt
about 3 u. m. A hnlf hour tutor they
found him unconscious In nn alley
with an empty bottle beHlde him. Ho
wns a votunm of the Philippine war.
ThlH In the second uulcldo In Ynnltton
within a week.
Proposed North and South Line.
St. Paul , Jan. 8. The utato railroad
and wnirehoimo commlnalon
from W. G. Smith of DOB Molnes , vlco
president of the Continental Railroad
company , maps showing Its proponed
route from Lake of the Woods to the
southern boundary of Iowa. Mr. Smith
says the Intention Is to build via Kan
sas City south to GalvoHlon.
Lessler Elected to Congress.
Now York , Jan. 8. Montague Less-
ler , the Republican candidate In the
election held yesterday for congress
man In the Seventh district , has been
elected by 394 votes over Perry Bel-
monl , the Democratic candidate. Th
total vole was : Lesslor , 7,677 ; Belmont -
mont , 7,283.
Fifty Below at Dawcon.
Vancouver , B. C. , Jan. 0. Two por-
conB have died as a result of the se
vere weather near Dawson , according
to advices brought by the steamer
Amur. The weather Is very stormy
and the temperature has been as low-
as 50 below zero.
Doctor Seriously Injures Himself.
North Bond , Neb. , Jan. 7. Dr.
Doano accidentally shot himself
through the side yesterday. There la
little hope of his recovery.
The Crude Rubber company , with
assets of $3,000,000 , Is In the hands
of a receiver.
The Exchange bank of Bethany ,
Ills. , was robbed of $2,000 , the Ihleves
getting away without leaving a clue.
Morgan Bates , author , playwright
and newspaper man , died Sunday at
Traverse City , Mich. , of pulmonary
paralysis , In his 54th year.
Robert Samuel Houston , the oldest
choose maker In Wisconsin , died of
dropsy at his homo In Milwaukee Sun
day. Ho waa 82 years of age.
Anton Chaves , his wife and 2-year-
old boy , Joseph , and Miss Mary De-
vlda , aged 18 , were asphyxiated Sun
day at their homo In Hartford and all
are dead.
Thcro is no essential change in the
arbitration situation In the Pan-Amer
ican congress at Mexico City. The
most hopeful feature Is that both sides
contlnilo to negotiate.
Four section men wore killed by a
Burlington passengers train near Mon-
raouth , ,111s. The dead : James Mc-
Grath , foreman ; Joseph Brown , Sam-
uej Mcttler and MIke Anderson.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
Tills preparation contains all of tbo
dlgestants and digests all kinds ot
food. It gives Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want , The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By Itsuso many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after every thing else fulled. la
unequalled for the stomach. Child
ren with weak stomachs thrive on It.
Cures all stomach troubles