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    tKV - THH NORFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , JANUARY tt , 10.02. 0
Mrs. Eli Rtisloy is on the sick list.
W. J. Smith was ever from Warner-
villo today.
The Misses Lew. ' r of Omaha are in
bo city to spend the holielays.
W. A. Homlolon made a I uslness trip
to and f loin Omaha yesterday
Mrs. W. T. .louts and baby qf Win-
Hide are visiting friends in Norfolk.
Miss Maggie Meyers of Chicago is the
guest of her liiond , Miss Ntttio Nenow.
Grant Allen has icluimd fiom Kan
sas , where ho has been for some time
past ,
David Whithi was in the city today
/ , ' from Battle Creek greeting his Norfolk
) ' friends.
The children should not neglect to
look for Unit man with us many eyes us
days iu the year tomorrow.
Herman Snioring , who is 1 eve from
Kaunas em his holiday vacation , will
preach in the Christ Lutheran church
tomorrow morning.
Dr. 0. S. Parker went to Columbus
today to meet his brother , Will , anil
sister , Miss Martha , who arc emoiue
fiom Kearney to Chicago.
Superintendent O'Connor will leave
. for Lincoln teimorrow to attend the ) an
nual meeting of the state teachers' as
sociation unit talco up his duties as a
member of the Mute board of examiners.
After their minstrel performance the
Elks took up a purse of 27 which was
presented to their director , Frank II.
Dauio'.s of Chicago , us a mark of appre
ciation , iu addition to the regular fee
for his services.
The weather suffered a win'or chiil
last night that promised to be decidedly
severe , but the blow passed over auel
today the people are enjoying tempera
ture and conditions of a very lamb-like
The Hastings insane asylum has been
quarantined because of three severe
cases of smallpox among its inmates.
The disease broke out in the male ward
and the thrcd patients have been taken
to the asylum pest house.
Madison Star : Judge Bates issued
marriage licenses the past week to Fred
erick Trennipold and Fanny Boreal of
Norfolk , Fraud A. Trepan aud Alforetta
Ban of Norfolk and Charles L. Kilpat-
rick of Mills county , Iowa , auel Miss
Mary E. Blcy of Madison.
The Star has it that S J. Arnett the
retiring Madison postmaster , will estab
lish another republican newspaper at
the county seat when he retires from
the postofllce. It is alco said that Ex-
Senator W. V. Alien will soon launch a
new publication in Mndisou and that
subscriptions are already being solicited.
The senator's publication will probably
bo of a similar character as the Com
moner and Conservative , voicing the
political views of the editor nnd making
no pretensions as a news or local paper.
Madison Uhroniolo : Gcorgo MadsBn
took out an accident insurance policy
two weeks ago against his better judg
ment but upon the advice of his friends.
Now'he is thanking them for thojr good
judgment for he had an accident last
week that mashed the big toe of his
right foot. He was ironing shirt bosoms
and pulled the board out too far aud it
fell to the floor with his foot in b tween.
The some board fell again Saturday
and'.made a hole through the floor ,
showing its weight. Mr. Madsen's in
surance brings him $25 a week.
Nuptials of a Popular Younp ; Couple.
Mr. and Mrs. O.O. Ball have returned
from their wedding trip to the Black
Hills nnd Chicago , and are getting set
tled down to housekeeping. The Long
Pine Journal contains the following ac
count of their wedding on the 18th :
"On Wednesday at high noon , at the
Chester ranch fifteen miles south of
town , occurred the marriage of Charles
Curtis Ball ana Helen IneChester. .
The ceremony , which was performed by
Elder P. H. Eighmy , was witnessed by
n limited number of relatives and friends.
Mr.and Mrs.Silas Ball of Norfolk.father
nnd mother of the groom , his sister ,
Miss Effie Bull , and Mr. and Mrs. John
Beach of Norfolk were present. Mrs.
Beach is also a sister of the groom. Mr.
nnd Mrs. G. A. Smith , Mr. and Mrs. H.
A. Hall , Rev. P. H. Eighmy , Mrs. W.
A. Bncklin , Miss Elena Nichols , L. E.
Smith , Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Chester and
Mr. and Mrs. Chester of Long Pine com
pleted the company.
"Mr.Ball is an employe of the Elkhoru
road who is very popular hero as well as
at homo , aud the fair bride is the ouly
daughter of one of the most prominent
and wealthy ranchmen in the county.
The young couple will bo at home after
January 1 at South Norfolk. As they
eluded the scrutiny of their friends , it is
supposed they went west on the pas
senger Wednesday night. "
The White Slave.
The Cincinnati Times-Star of Novem
ber 18 , has the following to say of "Tho
White Slave" which is to bo presented
in the Norfolk Auditorium on February
12 :
"Few plays can appear before the
public for nineteen years and still at
tract the interest of the people , and ,
what is7perhaps of more importance to
the manager , the crowds that greeted
the performance of 'The White Slave1
at Heuck's opera house Sunday. Bart-
ley Campbell , when ho wrote this , his
masterpiece , had become an adopt at ap
pealing gracefully and skilfully to the
emotion * of his auditors , and to thlf
fact the pluy undoubtedly ewes its long
and successful existence. The pluy In
well staged and acted and ought topiovc
ono of the best attractions of the season
for the house. Miss Thurlow'Hintoi po
tation of the character of 'Li a , ' the
white slave , was maflteiful and should
prove the. stepping stone for something
of a higher nature for this talented
young woman. In the character of
'Nnnco , ' AlUH Loituski Young appears
to advantage , while Frank N. Dunv ,
who as 'Mr. Stitch' bus been making
love to a shrewish widow almost since
the first performance of the play , seems
to show added improvement as the yeuri-
roll by. " _ *
Not id ] for Publication.
Department of the inteiior , Lmd Of-
lice at O'Neill , Nibr. , December IS.
11101. Notice in heieby given that , ttie
lollimitig iiimi.'d settler hns Hied notice
of his intention to make Until proot in
Kiipp n ot his claim , and that said proof
\\ill be made befoio cl < rk of Ihu district
court ut Maili-on , Nebraska , on Fobru-
ni y I , I'.IO'J , viEmma : J Ferguson ,
II. K. No ll.i. ( ( > , for the w'i. ' lie l.i i no' ' .
11 , T. 2U N , It 1 W.
He names the following witnesses tn
prove his continuous residence upon
and culiivati'iu nl said land , vi/ :
William Bovd. .lolin Kberly , A. N.
MeGinnis of Wnrneiville , Neb. , Win.
T ForguHni , Nut folk , Neb.
S. J. Wii us ,
The complete service of "The Chicago
agoPoitland Special" via Union Pacillc ,
enables passengers to roach tlio princi
pal cities between the north and Pacillc
coast and Mipsouri river not only in the
shortest possible space ot time , but also
in the most comfortable and enjoyable
manner. The dining cars on this train
are stocked with the best the market
affords. All meals served a hi carte.
Northern WlHConnln llnllwuy Fnrin ( .limit
The Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis
& Omaha railway has for sale in North
ern Wisconsin , at low prices aud easy
terms of payment , about 050,000 acres
of choice farm lauds.
Early buyers will secure the advan
tage of locations on the many beautiful
streams and lakes , which abound with
( lnh and furnish a never ending and
most excellent water supply , both for
family UFO and for stock.
Laud is genprally well timbered , the
soil fertile and easy of cultivation and
this is rapidly developing into ono of
the greatest sheep aud cattle raising
regions in the northwest.
Chicago , Milwaukee , St. Paul , Minn
eapolis , Dnluth , Superior , Ashland and
other towns on "Tho Northwestern
Line" furnish good markets for stock
and farm produce.
For further particulars address :
Laud Commissioner , Hudson Wis. , or
Asst. Geu'lPass. Ag't.St. Paul , Minn.
A Cut in the Rates to Buffalo via the
Illinois Central.
. As the closing day ( October 81) ) of the
wonderful Pan-American exposition
draws near , the railroad rates have been
reduced so much that the Illinois Cen
tral is enabled to offer excursion tickets
to Buffalo at rates considerably less than
half fare.
Tickets will bo on sale during the re
mainder of October , and will be limited
to leave Buffalo returning , for such
trains as reach Chicago on Tuesdays ,
Thursdays and Saturdays , not later
than midnight of the sixth day , includ
ing date of sale. These six-day tickets
will not be accepted in sleeping cars.
Tickets bearing limits of fifteen and
twenty days will be on sale every day
until October 81 at corresponding rates.
For a circular giving rates to Buffalo
from principal Illinois Central stations ,
and a beautifully illustrated booklet de
scriptive of the "Rainbow City , " ad
dress J. F. MEBRY ,
Asst. Genl. Pass. Agent ,
Dnbuque , Iowa.
Women and Jewels. .
Jewels , candy , flowers , man that is
the order of a woman's preferences.
Jewels form a'magnot of mighty power
to the average woman. ' Even that
greatest of all jewels , health , is often
ruined iu the strenuous efforts to make
or save the money to purchase them.
If a woman will risk her health to get a
coveted gem , then let her forfify herself
rt gains } t the insidious consequences of
coughs , colds and bronchial affections
by the regular use of Dr. Boscheo'fi
Gorman Syrup. It will promptly arrest
consumption in itf , early stages and heal
the affected lungs and bronchial tubes
and drive the dread disease from the
system. It is not a cure-all , but it is a
certain cure for coughs , colds and all
bronchial troubles. Yon can get Dr G.
G. Green's reliable remedies at Asa K.
Leonard's. '
Got Greon's special almanac.
[ i i
TheU. S. qyil service commiesion
will hold examinations at several places
in 'oaoh state during March and April ,
to secure young men and women for
the government service 9,889 persons
secured positions last year through
those examinations. All appointments
are for life and for most positions only a
common school education is required.
Salaries at appointment vary from $ GCO
' 'O'f l&OO a'ycnr with liberal promotions
afterward. Politics is not considered.
This affords a good opportunity for people
ple between 10 and 45 years of ago.
Those desiring places of this kind can
got full Information about them , free , by
writing to the Columbian Correspond
ence college , Washington , D. 0. and
asking for its civil service catalogue ,
number thieo.
Mrs. T. .1 , llanrahiin went to Omaha
Satin day.
T. 1 , Morrow was a p.issmigor for
Omaha today.
T F Meunnlnger was ever from Mad
ison Saturday.
Sydney Robertson Avas a passenger
for Omaha today.
H. 0. Saltier returned yesterday from
a trip to Hultimoie , Md.
Ohus. Flores will go to IVnder tomor
row for a visit with filends ,
W. M. OlniHtoiul is hem from Ogood ,
Iowa , and is moving to Nollgh.
Commissioner II W. Winter has sent
another inmate to the poor farm.
Mr. and Mrs K. A. Bullock will on-
teitain the whist club tomorrow night.
Judge J. II. Barnes leturned yenur- (
day fiom a business tup to St. Paul ,
Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Mason wenr to
Omaha yc.steielay to so Irving mid
T ( rry.
A. Hitehcork , who has baon confined
to his home lor a week with a lame
bjck , is able to bo ah tut again.
S.UH Kent , sr , l ft this moining for
an extended visit with his brother ,
RiohaidKont , at Minneapolis , Minn.
O J Slock we'll of Si < ux City was in
Norfo.k today greeting old frioniK Ho
was emoulo to Oioighton on business.
Mr. and MTH. A. N. Otreeko wont to
Omaha today to see Irving and Teny in
Ihe "Merchant of Venice" at lloyd'H to
Tlio Livingstones have had their
trunks forwarded to D mver whore they
will reopen their thcatiical season with
"Which is Who ? " the first of the year.
Seven candidates wore initiated into
the mysteries of Elkdom by Norfolk
lodge at its meeting Saturday evening ,
and the usual good time was enjoyed
by the Elks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flores enter
tained a party of friends last night , the
occasion being the baptism of their
three-wee ks-old sou who was christened
Earl James.
Mrs. G. F. Durland and children re
turned to their home in Plainviow today.
Mra. Durland'8 sister , Miss Wood , who
has been in Norfolk for some 'time , ac
companied them for a visit.
Warren Sisson has accepted a position
in the Norfolk National bank , where he
will acquire a knowledge of the busi
ness preparatory to taking a position
with his uncle in an Oklahoma bai k.
The firemen have ordered bolts of
ribbon which will bo used by the vari
ons companies of the department in
making badges to bo used on the occa
sion of the state firemen's association
meeting in Nebraska City next month
Mr. and Mrs. Walker G. Baker enter
tained a company of young people at an
elegant ( > o'clock dinner Saturday even
ing at their homo in The Heights
Covers were laid for twelve and the six
courses served were thoroughly enjoyed
by the gueste. Following the dinner
the evening was pleasantly spout at
At the annual meeting of the Lidics'
society of the Congregational church ,
hold at the homo of Mrs. II. J. Cole
Thursday afternoon the following of
ficers were elected for the coming year :
President , Mrs. F. E. Hardy ; vice pres
ident , Mrs. Isaac Powers ; secretary ,
Mrs. H. E. Owen ; treasurer , Mrs. N A.
The Ewing and Doloit .Telephone
company hold a meeting on Tuepday ,
December 24 , and organized , the follow
ing officers being elected : President ,
JohuDierks ; secretary , superintendent
and collector , M. P. Savage. The com
pany's line runs southwest from Ewing ,
Holt county , through Deloit to Cham
bers , also from Deloit running to the
Thomson ranch where it connects with
the'Thomson ' line of 200 miles.
The ladies of the Woman's Relief
corps rallied off the quilt , that has been
on exhibition at the Fair store , Satur
day evening , Mrs. W. P. Dixon liejd
ticket No. 8 , which proved to bo the
winner , the drawing being done by
Miss Gladys Jonksus and Miss Delia.
Harrington. A lunch of sandwiches
and hot coffee was served aud the treas
ury of the corps was benefited in 'the
sum of $18 80 , which was cleared from
the transaction.
Died Saturday evening , December
28 , at the homo of her son , J. T. Bern-
hardt , who lives two and one-half
miles southwest of Hopkins Mrs.
Sophia M. D. Bernhardt. The funeral
services will be held tomorrow after
noon at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Bomhardt was
born in Waicow , Prussia , March 1,1821.
She came to this country nud settled in
Wisconsin in 1868. On May 7 , 1870 ,
she and her husband came to Nebraska ,
selecting the land known as the Bern
hardt homestead , where they spent their
last dave , Mr. Bornhardt dying In April ,
1893. The deceased leaves a largo
family of children , all of whom nro
Mrs. John Qnick and Mrs. E. 0.
Adams were out soliciting Saturday
afternoon for Mrs. D. K. Youco , the
woman who has boon taken care of by
Mrs. Adams for the past five weeks.
The ladies mot with generous and
prompt responses from the men and
women of Norfolk and were successful
in raising $30,70. Her railroad fare was
p ild and she and her children teflon
the noon train for her foimer homo at
Unral Holreat , GrayHiui county , Vir
ginia , thankful that slio had been pio-
vtded with the inmitiH necessary by the
generous people of Norfolk , who nro
never solicited tn vain for uhuiUahlo
objects of like character.
Mr and Mrs. 0. J. Olmpnmn were
given a farewell leeeptlon Saturday
evening al tholr homo In South Norfolk ,
( ho participants coming unannounced.
Their married acquaintances were \\ol-
coined dining the bout H bet ween Valid I )
o'clock and fiom I ) to U I ho young
people called , the number altogether
participating being eighty four. The
visitors brought , lefreshmetits and the
evening was veiy happily spent. Dur
ing the evening * Mr. and Mrs Chapman
weio presented with two v < ry hand
some ings to remind them of the Nor
folk IriendH tiny leave behind. Mr.
Chapman has set v > ' I UH master mechanic
of ( he Noifolk divNiMi of ( ho K. K. &
M. V. for tlio pns 17 years and has
niiide Hits city hi * homo doling ( hut
time , lie has gained a lago number of
filends among the rallivad men and
among the penpUt in general with \\hoin
ho has come in cuntaet , all of whom re-
giot his departure very much but will
unite in wishing him an ahimdanco of
mien HSIII his new homo llissiicccHHir is
W.M. Alton , foiemail of the shops at Long
1'ine , who comes well recommended for
the position Mr. Oliupman lius resigned
to accept a position that is considerable
of an advancement and \sill leave the
latter part of the wei k for Eureka , Hal. ,
where ho has accepted the position of
master mechanic and muster car builder
of ( lie Kur < ha and Klainath River rail
way. In addition to hisrcguliirrailioiid
duties ho will have charge of the erec
tion of a ll'OO Inrso power plant , and Its
operation after erection.
Manager Bidwell and other Klkhorn
olllcials are experiencing conulderablo
( lilllcnlty in selecting a route for the
proposed extension of that line from
Vcrdigro into Boyd cimnty. They have
several routes to chooBO from , each
about as favorable as the otrcrandthoso
particularly interested in each ronto are
exerting themselves to huvo the extension -
tension come their way. The manage
ment has thus far accepted nothing but
a right of way , depot sites and entrance
into towns from pcoplo along the line ,
but rival towns and localities express a
desire to offer additional inducements to
bring the road their way. Manager
Bidwell is quoted as saying. "There
haw boon no determination on the mat
ter yet , but the route through Bristow
to Spencer and on up to But to is now
the ouo held in greatest favor. This fol
lows the south branch of the work on
which wo are now experimenting. It
runs alongs Ponca creek. Spencer
is about fifteen miles from Lynch ,
and the surveyors nro not yet there.
Wo can got into the town silo of Spen
cer easily , since it extends from the hills
down to the creek bottom. To Butte
it will be different. That town is lo
cated on a high hill. BL von or eight miles
farther on anil more than n. mile from
the creek , and wo cannot outer it ,
though wo will bo within the distance
named if wo follow this route. The
other branch of the fork runs out of
Lynch , northwest along Silver creek
Both are tentative projectB , with the
sentiment favoring the Butte line now. "
Card of Thanks.
Wo hereby express our appreciation
of the manner in which the generous
people of Norfolk mot our appeal on be
half of Mra. D. K. Youce , who has ,
through their gonorosit , been permitted
to depart today for her old homo in
Virginia. Mus. JOHN QUICK.
Card of Thanks.
Wo hereby extend our sincere thanks
to the pcoplo who aided in disposing of
the quilt raffled off Saturday evening
To Shnrtz & Jenkins for displaying the
quilt in their Fair store ; to Miss Nettie
Allbery for her kindness iu selling
tickets , and to the people in general
who so generously patronized us by
purchasing tickets.
Career nnd Chiiructer of Abraham Lincoln.
An address by Joseph Choato , Am
bassador to Great Britain , on the career
uial character of Abraham Lincoln his
early life his early struggles with the
world his character as developed in
the later years of his life and his ad
ministration , which placed his name so
high on the world's roll of honor , and
fame , has been published by the Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway and maybe
bo had by sending six (0) ( ) cents iu post
age to F. A. Miller , General Passenger
Agent , Chicago , 111.
Perhaps You Wonder
if the tormenting cold that made last
winter ono long misery will be as bad
this year. Certainly not , if you take
Allen's Lung Balsam when tickling and
rawness in the throat announce the
presence of the old enemy. Do not expect
the cold to wear itself out. Take the
right remedy in time. Allens Lung
Balsam is free from opium.
Doing the Rlght Thing.
The trouble begins with a tickling in
the throat and a nagging little cough.
Soreness in the chest follows and the
patient wonders if bo is going to have an
all winter cold. Probably , if ho does
the wrong thing or nothing. Certainly
not ) f ho uses Perry Davis' Painkiller ,
the staunch old remedy that cures n cold
in twenty-four hours , There isbut , one
painkiller , Perry Davis' .
Mrs U H. HrldKOlrtseilously III with
Charles Madsen was a paMcngur for
Omaha this mointng.
Mrs P. MtalVoid goes to 1(1 ( n I r tomor
row to visit. Irletiils ever Now Year's.
Miss IVuil lees { gocfl to Lincoln to-
moriow to attend ( ho tcachivV associa
MJss Anna /ticlow wont to Omaha
i his iimniing for a visit of I hum or four
MUs Opal Coiyell will spend a few
days \\lth Miss Kdilh Woulhlvwr al
Wnyno ctlllo.xo.
The llrowniiig club mot wllh Dr. It.
J Cole last evening and finished read *
Ing Lo\voll'n "Oalhodial. "
Miss Helen Mathowson and hi I'
biolhitr Clmi'lts hiivo gone homo to the
agency to spuiid a few days.
Simon Miiyor of Lincoln who 1ms boon
the guest of his brother , S. G. Mayor ,
r. turned to Lincoln'yeMtnrday.
H. HVoHer of the Chicago Lumber
company wenl to Onmlm today to bo
iiliM nt sovoiul days on business.
Hiaasi li /jimlow are today moving
their gfoniy store from the Mi els block
to the Asinus blook II < TO H the street.
Mrs A. ,1. Durliintl wont , to Lincoln
\eslerday to attend an executive i.pHsion
of the Htatn federation of woman's clubs.
Mis. 11. Mclliido and Mis. 0. 11.
ItoynoldH went to I'lainvlow yostonlit }
to spend the iilteinoon wllh Mis. H. G.
Corel I.
M ss Mamie Matraii has gene to Lin
coln to visit her sifter Mrs O. R. lOller
and attend the annual session of tlio
Nebraska Teachers association.
Mrs. Kd , Hummel returned to lur
lionio in Sioux City ( hit ) noon , after a
week's visit at the home of her paicnfs ,
Mr. and Mrs. August Bruminund.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B Durland Will en
tertain a company of friends at a ( I
o'clock dinner this evening in observ
unco of their wedding anniversary.
Dr and Mrs. William Kiesau outer-
taincd a parly of friends last night at
their homo in The Heights , compliment
ary to Mrs. Iviosau'H sister , Mrs. Mary
Dean , who departed today.
C B. Durland has just exchanged
Norfolk property for ! li ( ( ) acres of land
north of Pierce. This is the second sim
ilar trade ho bus made this month , Mink
ing a total of ( ISO acres acquiiod in
Pierce county.
O. L Ransom of Omaha was in the
city yebterday and , accompanied by
Superintendent Reynolds ami Road-
miis/er Stafford , went to Vordigro to
see about the propo-ied extension of the
Crelghton branch into Boyd county.
The advent of the New Year recalls
the terrible accident that occurred in
Norfolk last Now Year's eve when Peter
L. Buhmann lost his lifoiwhilo firing a
salute to the now year with the city
saluting cannon The explosion of a
charge while he was standing ever the
cannon resulted iu his almost instant
death , his body being badly mangled.
The village board of Battle Crook is
likewise wrestling with the lighting and
water question. At a recent meeting of
the board they allowed a bill of $ ! )0 ) for
placing street lights , which are of the
gasoline kindand one of the conncilniou
handed in a minority rnport that his
consent could bo obtained to sell
the whole bunch for Ifi cents. The
mayor and a committee from the board
we re sent to Herman to inspect a now
system of waterworks recently installed
and if satisfied will recommend the es
tablishing of a similar system at Battle
Principal C. H. Brake of Brown's
Norfolk business college has recently
perfected and expects soon to publish a
chart or map that will undoubtedly
prove of great convenience in all school
rooms. The main purpose of the chart
if > to give the exact time at all the prin
cipal meridians of the world when it is
a certain hour at any one of them , and
do it almost instantly. Other impoi taut
facts that are of daily use iu school
rooms and other places and only obtain
able by the use of facts and figures are
likewise shown on this chart and it is
anticipated that it will be in large de
mand when placed on the market.
John C. Spreohor of Sohuylor has bid
defiance to the seasons and his long
form is now graced with a linen duster
and crowned with a last Bummer's
straw hat. During the last campaign
ho wagered with Frank Faulkner that
Nebraska would go for fusion and is
now paying the debt by wearing sum
mer garments between Christmas and
New Year's. The weather has certainly
been kind to one with such poor judg
ment and ho is probably faring better
than though payment ot the debt was
in wearing a fur coat and n fur cap. Of
the two the duster aud straw hat would
bo far more comfortable the past few
Tomorrow is New Year's aud a holi
day , but ouo that is seldom generally ob
served in Norf ollc. The banks aud post-
office will close during all or part of the
day aud some of the business houses
will probably suspend business during a
portion of the day , but the day will be
quite generally devoted to striking a
balance for the year among the business
men with the object of ascertaining the
profits or louses sustained. Some of the
churches will welcome the now' year
Mast Block.
PLATES , 5155.00 TO $8.00.
wllh a walnh nlghl moling. A nmn
lur of thoMO who enjoy dancing will en
the nmvyoarwat thii third animal b > ll < > f
the Ludli H of the Maocnbeort to hn gi \ i"i
In Marqunrdt's hull tonight ; . A iiiiin ! ' >
of parties nnd fmiiMy g.ithciingn . IT.- .
planned for tomorrow and Homo Cii'l- '
will bu i M-hungcd.
The I'.io's Washington pnrriHponili Ml
HUJH 10 today's i'-noo ; "Tho Noilnk
HiiHinesH Man's asHoiiulinn Ins si ut
letters to the members of I ho Nebrit-kn
delegation calling upon them to support
the bill providing for the eiwtion of a
government building at that place. A
copy of the Kilter which Hnuitor Millard -
lard received today states that ( ( ,000-
000 pieces of mail are hiindl d lit Nor
folk annually , and that as ground for a
government building him been pmclmsed
it is economy on the part of the govern
ment to oniot n building , thereby saving
rout and building a meeting place for
the district court for tlto United States
when it comes to Norfolk. The letter
isfiignnd by ( J. A. Luikart , president ;
0. C. Gow , vlcop sidoni ; W. N. Huso ,
treasurer , and Burt Mapes , secretary.
Mrs J. n. Adams was the mibject of
a very pleasant surprise last , evening
when Pastor and Mrs. Ryder mid a largo
number of the members and friends of
the Baptist church made their appear
ance at her homo on South Fourth
street and as the visitors streamed In by
ones and twos , she opened her eyes con
siderably and did not seem p"rfeetly
sure nt first that the whole town had
not turned out to see her. Needh ss to
siy , a very pleasant evening was passed.
Riddles conundrums and catah ques
tions guvo sptoo to the time , but the
chief sourca of entertainment wan given
by Mr. Rouse with his excellent phone
graph. A great many selections were
given , humorous and othersviKo. Of
the more serious selections which were
much enjoyed were the "Bugler's
Dream , " and a male quartette which
sang with splendid effect "Nearer My
God to Theo" ; and of the humorous ,
"Old Josh" and his account of his trip
to Now York city seemed to 1m the fa
vorites. Then after refreshments had
been served the visi'ors took their de
parture , assuring Mr and Mrs. Adams
they Tiiul spent a most , pleasant ovoning.
It is a sad thing to see fine
ruit trees spoiled by the blight ,
/ou can always tell them from
he rest. They never do well
iftcrwards but stay small and
It is worse to see a blight
strike children. Good health
is the natural right of children.
But some of them don't get
fhcir rights. While the rest
; row big and strong one stays
nail and weak.
Scott's Emulsion can stop
at blight. There is no
ason why such a child should
ly small. Scott's Emulsion
a medicine with lots of
rength in it the kind of
that makes things
Scott's Emulsion makes
hildrcn grow , makes them eat ,
jakcs them sleep , makes them
Jay , Give the weak child a
hance. Scott's Emulsion will
make it catch up
with the rest.
ThU picture represents
the Trade Maik of Scott's
KimiUiou anil Is on the
wrapper of every bottle.
Send for free wmplc.
SCOTT & 110WNE ,
409 Pcatl St. , New Yotlc.
5 < x and ( i. all druggists.