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Omaha Flyer Meets Disaster
i at Malta , Ills.
( two Northwestern Trains Collide at
a Switch Fire Follows the Wreck.
| Victims Scalded by Steam Two of
the Dead From Omaha.
Chicago , Dec. 30. Four persons
wore killed nntl 29 Injured , several
of them'possibly fatally , in u collision
on the Chicago and Northwentoin
railroad yesterday at Malta , Ills. , GO
miles west of Chicago. The trains
In collision were "The Omaha Flyer , "
an castbonnd passenger train , and an
caslbonnd freight train. The wreck
caught lire and two passenger coaches ,
one sleeping car and eight freight
cars were burned and another sleep
ing cn > r partly burned.
The dead : George \V. Uudlo , west
ern agent Kirk Soap company , resi
dence 137 North Thirty-second avenue -
nuo , Omaha ; Mrs. George Rudlo , Oma
ha ; D. O. Nichols , Council Bluffs , la. ;
13. U. Duncan , sleeping car porter.
The inj-ired : Dert Carr , Wlllett. N.
T. ; Fred Dunham , Chicago ; George
\V. Fox , Boulder , Colo. ; II. D. Gray ,
Evanstou , Ills. ; Edward Mlnokley ,
Surprise , Nob. ; Mrs. J. L. Kail , Chicago
cage ; Clarence Lauzcrus , Chicago ;
"W. A. Sweeney , Lnrchford , la. ; Marlon
Wllkes , Fremont , Nob. ; Mrs. Eva Hall ,
Chicago ; Lincoln Taft , Chicago ; Ver-
onlca II. Morse , Ellard , Neb. ; F. Lar-
rabce , passenger engineer ; F. P , Cor-
ran , fireman ; C. Alken , yardmaster ;
P. D. O'Neill , special agent Northwest
ern railroad ; John W. Wilson , civil
engineer Northwestern railroad ; R.
W. Davis , Pullman conductor ; John
Schoentgen , Council Bluffs , face and
hands badly cut and bruised about
Tody ; Miss Mamlo Elllngwood , Oma
ha , badly bruised ; J. M. Wilson ,
Boone , la. , hands cut ; L. 13. Jameson
of North Platte , face cut ; Mrs. L. B.
Jameson , back hurt.
With the exception of three em
ployes of the road , Curran , Larrabeo
L < \ . nnd O'Neill , who were seriously hurt ,
the injured are suffering from bruises
and cuts from falling glass or from
the scalding steam that enveloped the
wrecked coaches after the collision.
The Injured passengers were at
tended immediately by surgeons from
Ilochello and DeKalb and later were
removed to St. Luke's hospital in Chicago
cage by special train.
Train Too Long for Siding.
The freight train had taken a siding
nt Malta , but the train was longer than
the siding and the freight locomotive
protruded upon the main track beyond
the side track. The incoming passen
ger train from the west was not
stopped until the two locomotives
"cornered" at the switch , the passen
ger engine being thrown into the ditch
and several coaches piling upon the
wreck. The cars caught flro from
the locomotive.
Duncan , the sleeping car porter ,
was the only person killed outright-
Mr. am1 Mrs. Rudio and Mr. Nichols
died from their injuries while being
"brought to Chicago. At St. Luke's
wospltal it is stated that wl le several
of the Injured are in a serious con
dition , all , it is believed by the attend
ing physicians , 111 recover.
A statement given out by officials
of the railroad company explains thai
tlio switch at the cast end of the sid
ing was open through mistake and
that the responsibility probably lies
with some member of the crew of the
freight train. The statement places
the company's property loss at about
Shoentgen's Story.
John Shoentgen of Council Bluffs ,
one of the injured , speaking of the ac
cident , said : "I was asleep in my
berth 'when the crash came and n
moment later found myself under
neath a pile of wreckage on the track.
I was In my nlghtclothos and after
great difficulty found a way out , and
crawled onto a snow bank. The car
caught fire , but I had time to crawl
back to where I saw my valise lying ,
and I got it and dressed myself in the
unow. The inhabitants of the village
turned out at once and began the work
of rescue , hauling passengers out
through the wreckage and fighting the
flre , which spread rapidly all over the
piled up tracks. "
George W. Rudio , in the rear Pull
man from Omaha , with his wife , was
fearfully burned by steam , and In
eplte of all medical aid , died half an
hour after the accident In great agony.
Mrs. Rudlo , who was brought to Chicago
cage on the relief train , was so badly
burned that she died a few minutes
after her arrival at St. Luke's hos
An hour before the arrival of the
relief train , B. O. Nichols of Council
Bluffs succumbed to his Injuries. Mr.
Nichols was coming to Chicago to bo
married on New Year's day to Miss
Grace Stewart of Council Bluffs.
Nichols telegraphed for his sweetheart -
heart to come to him , but ho died a
few minutes after the message had
been sent Engineer Larrabee of the
passenger train said last night that ho
fount * It impossible to check his train
till K. was too late. Ho stuck to his
engine , alr ough ho could have
Jumped hofWo the collision occurred.
Two Hundred Drowned.
Tangier , Morocco , Dec. 30. A water
spout has burst over the town of Saff- *
Morocco. It Inundated the lower part
of the town for the space of 12 hours ,
cweoplng everything Into the sea. Two
hundred persons are reported to have
been drowned. There are no Euro
peans among the dead. The damage
to Saffo is enormous.
Regards as Final Governor1 ! ) Accept
ance l ! > Allison.
DCS Molncs , Dor. -Clovornor
Shaw Sa&l cvcr.lns received the ox-
puclcd letter from President ROOHO-
volt. The k'ttor Is not exactly a for
mal tender of the position of secretary
of the treasury to the governor , but
rather UBSIIIIIUH that the tender was
formally made on behalf of the presi
dent by Senator Allison. This hud not
been the understanding of the gov
ernor , but Is satisfactory , an It Is , clear
to Governor Shaw that the president
Inti'iiik'd the offer by Allison to bo
flnul If ncc'opted , and It was accepted
by the governor at the timo.
President Roosevelt expressed to
the governor his regard for him In
pleasant language , inaKos the wish
that their nlllclal relations may ho
cordial , and Invites him to Washing
ton for a conference nt the oonvon-
lonco of the governor. Ho will there
fore go to Washington , starting Now
Year's day , to be gone probably ten
days , lie can do this and bo back
In time to present bin biennial mes
sage to the gfslnture. Ho will com
plete the message In the next few days
and bo ready to take up hla new du
ties ns soon as he can get settled In
Warden of Leavcnworth Penitentiary
Discovers Plot to Escape.
Leaven worth , Kan. , Doc. 30. War
den McClaughey of the United States
penitentiary headed off a plot yester
day , planned by five of the convict
mutineers of Nov. 7 , which embraced
the possible death of Deputy Warden
liVntilr T .ntrtnti n ml n. rrun t1 T ? n
Brown , the capture of the guards' arm
ory and another delivery of prisoners.
The ringleader in the plot Is Gilbert
Mulllns , who held up and disarmed
Sheriff Cook nnd part of the Topeka
police force. Frank Thompson , Fred
erick Robinson , "Bob" Clark and
Turner Barnes were the other four.
The plot was exposed by a fellow
convict , who heard the mutineers talk-
Ing. Mulllns had obtained a file and
another convict a case knife. It wan
planned to file off the shackles. On
Saturday , when four convict barbers
came to shave the prisoners In the
stone breaking shed , the razors were
to bo seized and the guards rushed.
Dr. John Bell , the highest ranking
Knight of Pythias in the world and
ono of the best known physicians In
Michigan , died at Benton Harbor Sun
Declares Quarantine Against Madison.
St. Louis , Dec. 30. Because of the
alleged prevalence of smallpox In
Madison , Ills. , the city council of
Granite , City , at at special meeting , has
declared a quarantine against the
neighboring town and authorized the
employment of guards to enforce it.
The council has appealed to the state
authorities , and expects the militia , to
be called on to make the quarantine
secure. As a rceult of the quarantine
there is much excitement In Madison ,
which Is a town of about 7,000 popula
Suicide May Be Fleishman.
Chicago , Dec. 30. Attempts to es
tablish the Identity of a man who was
found in Pullman with his throat cut
last Monday have led the police to be
lieve that the suicide may be Henry
J. Fleishman , the absconding cashier
of the Farmers' and Merchants' bank
of Los Angeles , who disappeared Doc.
7 with $100,000 of the bank's money.
The description of the dead man tal
lies with that of Fleishman in every
respect , except one that of age.
Held for Woman's Death.
Stockton , Gal. , Dec. 30. A woman
known as Lena Young was murdered
yesterday in her apartments at a
luuBiug uuuuu iu uua uuy ium uuurgu
Grlbblo is in jail charged with the
crime. She claimed to be Cribble's
wife. Grlbblo was found in the hall
way of the house where they both
lived , with face and hands covered
with blood. The woman was fright
fully beaten , there being evidence of
her having been jumped on.
Took His Life While Insane.
Omaha , Dec. 30. Last Thursday
evening Charles Seromo , aged 28
years , a patient of Immanuel hospital ,
procured a revolver and' shot himself
with fatal results , dying the following
day. The young man came to the hos
pital from Oakland , Neb. , two weeks
ago for treatment , it being believed
by his father , Alfred Soromo , a prom
inent farmer near Oakland , Neb. , that
his mind had become somewhat un
Pro-Boer Meeting at Topeka.
Topeka. , Kan. , Dec. 30. Two thou
sand people attended a pro-Boer meet
ing bore yesterday nnd resolutions
urging England to Invlto the president
of the United States and the ruler of
Denmark to act as arbitrators in the
settlement of the South African war
were adopted. The resolutions' were
cabled to London. Addresses were
made by David Overmyer , General J.
1C Hudson and others.
Governors Meet at Helena.
Helena , Mon. , Dec. 30. There is no
sot program to govern the conference
of the northwestern governors here
today on the merging of the Northern
Pacific , Great Northern and Burling
ton. The only arrangements that
have been made are in a social way.
The visitors will bo given a state din
ner Tuesday evening.
Adjutant General Seamans Dying.
Washington , Dec. 30. The condi
tion of Adjutant General Soamans of
California , who has boon 111 hero forever
over two weeks , Is very critical. Ho
fails to respond to the medicines
clven to him.
Robs Wealthy New Yorkers oj
$50,000 , Worth of Gems.
Ono Pear-Shaped Diamond Worth
Twenty Thousand Dollars Is Among
the Lost Gems Pearl Weighing
Porty-four Grains Also Stolen.
Ni-w York , Dec. 30. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul 0. Tholmud of Mudlmm avenno
were robbed ycHturday of Jewelry
woith $ fiOUOO. This was corroborated
by Mr. Thobaud nt headiiiuirlorn ,
wlii'ro , In company with a incmbor of
the linn from whom most of the Jewelry -
olry had been purchased , ho gave thu
police a puillul list of the JowulH
takun. The valuables couslstod In
part of one pear-shaped diamond
worth $20.000 , ono pearl washing 4\
tirnlns worth $15,000 and HO small
ornaments , maUIiiK up a total of about
The robbery Is the worU of a newly
engaged vulot , who had IHMMI em
ployed by Mr. Thcbaud but two
weeks. The valet Is missing and the
butler , who rcroiiinu'iidod him , Is un
der constant police mirvc'Illunce.
Mr. and Mrs. Thobaud went to
White Plains Saturday as the gtioutH
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard Wlllots.
They were to spend Sunday with the
WlllotH family. The valet accompa
nied them. Yesterday morning the
Wlllets , accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
i iiuLiiiuii mm uuvuriu umui
went to church. Soon after the re
turn Mrs. Thebaud discovered that
her diamond and pearl wore gone ,
but found that little else had been
taken. Mr. Thobaud at once com-
munlcated by telephone with the
housekeeper of the residence In this
city and it was discovered that the
other valuables had been stolon.
The vnlet was last seen about 9 a.
m. , when ho took ono of Howard Wll
lets' rigs and drove to the railroad
station In White Plains. Three hours
later the rig was found at the sta
tion , abandoned. It is supposed the
valet , whoso name Is Kern , left town
on an out-going train soon after ho
drove to the station. The Now York
police have communicated with the
police of the principal cities where
Kern would bo apt to go.
Less Talk of Lynching Man Held for
Girl's Death.
Elizabeth City , N. C. , Doc. 30. Funeral -
neral services over the body of Miss
Nellie Cropsey , whoso remains vrero
discovered In the Pasquotank river
after a search lasting several weeks ,
were held in the Msthodist church
hero yesterday. At the conclusion of
the services the body was placed in
the Sunday school room and later will
bo taken by Andrew G. Cropsey , uncle
of the girl , to Brooklyn for burial.
The citizens' committee investigating
the affair acted as pallbearers. The
Jail in which is young Wilcox , who was
arrested for alleged participation In
the girl's death , lies only a stone's
throw from the church. The guards
were withdrawn from the Jail and per
mitted to go homo. Public sentiment
Is strong against Wilcox , but there Is
less talk of lynching.
Said to Be the Assassin.
Winfleld , Kan. , Dec. 30. A man
suspected of being the assassin of C.
Montgomery , a Santa Fo detective ,
who was killed hero last summer , is
under arrest at Del Rio , Tex. Ho is
O. W. Coffelt , who was employed once
on ranch " 101 , " near Wlnfiold , and
who some time ago forfeited a bond of
K ftnn tn T nwnnn fimint r vi.lm A tin In
fu\j\j\j in L tiwiiuu uuuiiiy , wuuio Ilu IB
awaiting trial on a charge of felonious
assault. Montgomery was killed at
night while sitting at his homo writIng -
Ing , the assassin firing through a
window. A. large reward was offered
by the Santa Fe railroad and the coun
ty for the arrest of the murderer. The
sheriff of Pawnee county loft for Tex
as yesterday with a requisition for
Gambler Shoots to Kill.
Shawnee , O. T. , Dec. 30. Charles
McKnight , a faro dealer , shot and
killed Willard Sims , a saloon keeper ,
and a boy named Hopntedtor in a
gambling room hero yesterday. Mc
Knight and Sims had quarreled. Yes
terday Sims went to the gambling re
sort nnd threatened to kill McKnight.
McKnight drew a revolver and killed
Hopstedter , a bystander , after which
ho killed Sims.
Rejected Suitor Takes Poison.
St. Joseph , Dec. 30. Robert McEl-
fresh , recently of Chicago , a clerk
employed by Swift & Co. , died in a '
cell at the city Jail yesterday. Death
was duo to arsenic poisoning. The
poison was taken during the morn-
Ing. McElfresh was taken to Jail in
the afternoon. He was deeply in lore
with a young woman ho met two
weeks ago , and it is believed 'o ' took
poison because she spurned his suit.
Slain by ? 'lalf Breed.
Springfield , NOD. , Dec. 30. Word
was received hero of the killing of
William Belllolo , a whlto man , by a
half breed Indian named .loo Boucher.
The shooting occurred at the ranch of
Jack Llbolt , 30 miles northeast of here.
Officers have loft for the ranch.
Boucher hns not been captured.
Canada Appoints Inspectors.
Ottawa , Dec. 30. The Dominion
government has appointed veterinary
inspectors for shipping points between
the United States and Canada after a
recent agreement between the two
countries ,
Rcf ictei'tnllvcs of Uurllnnton Trnln-
i..wD M..M Conuubtoro In Utsolon.
St. .lom'ph. Mi ) . . Dec. nO.--Thn grlov-
itiuo HiiimillttM'H of tin1 Hrothorhonil
of Railway Trainmen and tint Onli-r of
Itiillwuy ComlnclorH ol the cntlio
llurllnglnu HyHlcin tire In ncmiloii
here. The trainmen olcclctl olllccrn
as fullowH : J. P. Htrlcklnr. ( liUtmburg ,
cliulnmui ; T. Y. ThlcholT , llanullml ,
vlc-o chairman : R .1. HiMiJumln , Me-
Cook , Nt'b. , KiM'rolnry. New olllcora
of the conductors uro : O. N. Manihall ,
OiiloHhiirg , cluilrmnu ; W. K. Thlolmff.
Camoron. Mo. , vlc < > chairman ; .1. I ) ,
Pciinlngloii , Wymnro , Nob. . m < crnlnry.
The coinmltlccH aru holding lung and
nnltunlod HC HOIUI. | Tln-lr principal
trouble IH aliened to ronm from tlm
hrnluMiian. who arc dlutmllHllod with
the present ncheiluli > .
Rev. Heath Expelled for Illegally Se
curing Divorce from His Wife.
Kanniui t'lty , Due. ! Jtl. Hov. .hiiucn
A. Heath , who In alleged to huvo Ille
gally Hei-iired a dlvoreo from bin wlfo
In Now York In order to marry a Kan-
Has City woman , wan depoHod from the
ministry and expelled from the Cal
vary HaptlHt church at a meeting of
the congregation ycmterday. The coun
cil of eight Ilaptliit preachers , to
whom the matter was referred Dor.
17 , made Ittt report , finding Heath
guilty on three charges , and the re
port wan umiulmoutily adopted by ( ho
congregation. The act Inn of the
church not only oxcliuloH him from
the pulpit , but withdrawn the hand of
fellowship from him us a mombur.
Federation of Railway Brotherhoods.
WIlkuHlinrro , net ; . ; iu. The em
ployes of the Wyoming division of the
Lohlgh Valley railroad have started aj
movement for the federation of the
brotherhood ! ) of engineers , llromon ,
conductors , trainmen , switchmen and
telegraphers , which they expect to
extend along the entire line from Now
York to Buffalo. A Joint mooting of
delegates from all the brothcrhoodti
was hold at Plttston yesterday. Rep
resentatives of ea < 'h brotherhood fa
vored the movement , believing that
i with the aid of the others the grlov-
anccu of all could bo readily adjuutud ,
Election of Iowa Teachers.
Des Molnos , Dec. 30. At the con
vention of the Stuto Teachers' asso
ciation the following officers were
elected : President , C. B. Shclton ,
Simpson college , Indlanola ; vlco presi
dents , Adams Plckctt of Mount Ayr ,
D. A. Thornburg of Cornell anil Ag
nes Robertson of Cherokee ; secretary ,
W. F. Barr , Drake university ; treas
urer , O. W. Sampson , Cedar Falls ;
member of executive committee , W ,
II. Bender , Cedar Falls ; members od <
ucatlonal council , F. E. Willard , Mar-
j shalltown , and O. J. McManus , Coun-
ell Bluffs.
Protest Against Naval Board's Action. .
Detroit , Dec. 30. Dlnglcy II. Faloa ,
president of the Yoscmlto association ,
in behalf of the men who served on
the steamer Yosemlto during the Span
ish war , yesterday Bent to Secrts
tary of the Navy Long a protest
against the report of the naval board
of awards , which Is adverse to the
granting of service medals to the crow
of that ship. The message request ?
Secretary Long to withhold his ap
proval of the report In order that ar
gumcnts may bo submitted In favor ol
granting the medals to the men.
To Buy Land In Palestine.
Basle , Switzerland , Dec. HO. The
j Zionist congress now In session here
has resolved to establish a fund ol
! $1,000,000 to bo devoted to the pur
chasing of land in Syria and Pales
tine. Collections for this fund will
bo ma do in all the countries of UK
Troops Called Out at Naples.
Naples , Doc. 30. The arrival hereof
of the socialist member of the cham
ber of deputies , Senor Ferry , to ad
dress a meeting resulted In turbulent
demonstrations , which the troops were
called out to suppress.
Turkey has rescinded the recent or
der compelling naturalized Americans
to leave the country.
Two persons were killed and sev
eral hurt In an accident on the Boston
and Maine railroad at Nashua , N. H.
Deputy Police Commissioner De-
very declared ho Is still chief of po
lice of Now York nnd will remain so
despite efforts to remove him.
The controversy between Argentina
and Chllo has assumed a inora warlike
phase on the rejection by Argentina
of the Chilean peace overtures.
The religious ceremonies necessary
to complete the marriage of Senator
Depcw and Miss Palmer were per
formed at Nlco Saturday under Amor-
lean auspices.
Negotiations for peace are under
way between General Kitchener and
the Boer leaders in the field. Amnes
ty and- rebuilding of Boer homes are
among the terms offered.
President Castro of Venezuela sus
pended operation of the railroad
owned by German capital because it
refused to transport troops. The re
volt against the government is now
Hon. J. L. M. Curry of Washington
has been selected by the president to
represent the United States at Madrid
on the occasion of the coming of ago
of the young king , Alfonso XIII , on
May 17.
Two freight wrecks occurred on the
Western railroad of Alabama Sunday
within30milesofcachother on account
of the heavy rains which flooded the
track , causing two embankments to
give way. Engineer Thomas Russell
was killed and three Injured.
Secretary Hay and Lord Paun-
cefote to Get Together.
Alaskan Boundary and Atlantic Fish
eries Included Among Controversies
Needing Adjustment Move Will Be
Made for a Commlaolon.
Doe. ! ! ) . In
Washington , ( - - It expeoted
that elTorln will bu leiiewed lieloro
long for the iiottlomont of the tinnier-
( HIM cnnlrovorHloH which have long ox-
iHted between the United SlaloH and
( Irent llrllalii , glowing out of rela-
tliuiH along the Ciumillan border , llm
Atlantic llMhorloHniHlilpH on HID
i great InUoii , the AliuiUiiii boundary
and other quoHtlnnti. Horolnlnro tlm
negotiation ) * doiilguod to Hociiro a not-
tlnment of tlm inaltorH roclUd have
not piovod ofl'oollvo , Itirgoly hccaimo
of the cumhormmio machinery of nego-
tlallotiM , 4ind thin him led to a belief
that much moro could lin accoinpllHbod
by direct negotiation between Hoc-ro
tary Hay and Lord Paunccfolo on llm
main pnluiu and the mihHo < | iiont an-
Remitting of M cominlxHlon rcproiiont-
Ing Ibo United Stilton , Croat llrltaln
and Camilla to give form to the lumln
of agrcomctif rendered ,
The ItrlllHh authorltloH have expected -
ed for HOIIIO time Hint when the Inth-
inliiii canal treaty was once dlHptmod
of , Ihc'io would be a renewal of ofl'ortH
to adjust the Alaskan boundary and
muni iirmiuij ; iiiuui | IOIIH , tuo
treaty being regarded an ono of many
pending IBHIIOH. Now , that the British
government has ylohlod the Clayton-
i Bulwor treaty nnd other polntH In the
I lulhiulan noKotliUlon , It doHlrc-H to lake
lip Homo of the other questlonM , In
[ which Important InturotKn are In
volved. Lord Pauneofoto duslruH to
clear up all pending differences and
have "a clean ulato" before bin present
' term as ambasHador COIUCH lo a clone.
The border IHHIICB , outKldo of that
relating to Alaska , aru those which
long have existed and have created
moro or letm friction. The Joint high
commission , which assembled HOIIIO
two years , practically disposed of
them ) loHBor Issucm , but the deadlock
on Alaska prevented a treaty covering
these and other points of agrooment.
j With the disposal of the Alaskan
boundary , therefore ; , It Is felt that the
way would ho clear to dispose of the
j other controversies.
i The reciprocity question , which Is
among these formerly considered , la
not likely to bo taken up in this con
nection , as Canada desires to make It
the subject of separate negotiation.
Shows Inability to Reach Determina
tion for Sale of West Indies.
Washington , Dec. 30. There have
boon no recent developments of Im
portance In the matter of the proposed
sale of the Danish West Indies to this
government , negotiations for which , at
various times , have been carried on
between the United States and Den
mark. The United States defined Its
position very clearly as to the terms
under which It will purchase the Inl
ands , but apparently through the In
ability of the Danish government to
reach a determination to close the
deal the negotiations so far have
failed of conclusion.
Reinforcements for Castro.
Colon , Colombia , Dec. 30. The Co
lombian gunboat Boyaca left Panama
yesterday , carrying troops to rein
force General Castro In the Interior. ,
The Colombian gunboat General Pin- '
zen Is expected here shortly with 500' '
J mon from Uiirnnnnllln. Sim will m.
turn Immediately to bring moro mon
from that port. General Carlos Alban
Is confident that the Colombian gov
ernment is able to defeat the revolu
tionists , notwithstanding the help ho
alleges they have received from Sal-
Bonner for Manila Fire Chief.
New York , Dec. 30. From a reliable
source comes the Information that ex-
Fire Chief Hugh J. Bonnor is consid
ering a proposition made by President
Roosevelt and the war department to
reorganize on the Now York plan the
flro department in Manila. It Is said
that such was Mr. Bonner's business
In Washington during the week Just
ended. Mr. Bonnor practically ad
mitted that such a plan Is in contem
Go to Attend Neely Trial.
Cincinnati , Dec. 30. Postofllco Inspectors
specters Holmes of this city and
Fletcher of Indianapolis loft yesterday
for Havana , where they will bo wit-1
nesses on behalf of the government I
in the Neely prosecution. The case |
is set for trial Jan. 4. A largo amount
of the $152,000 which Neoly is charged
with having embezzled was traced by |
Inspectors Holmes and Fletcher to a
certain bank at Munclc , Ind.
Dudley Survives Operation.
Chicago , Dec. 30. I. B. Dudley ,
United States minister to Peru , who
submitted to an operation for ap
pendicitis at Mercy hospital several' '
weeks ago , left the hospital yester
day and returned to the homo of his |
brother. W. F. Dudley , in Evanston. I
Ho will remain In Evanston until he ' j
regains sufllclent strength to travel.
Peavey Passes the Crisis.
Chicago , Dec. 30. Frank II. Peavey ,
the Minneapolis elevator man , who
has been critically ill hero for several'
days with pneumonia , Is much 1m-1
proved. The turn for the hotter came
yesterday and physicians feel confi
dent ho will recover.
Women arc Like
B * O > Vvfe | | , y hltvisrnn
and bloom. Slrhly , they v/.llirr nnd
d e. Every woman ought to look well
iinil feel well. It'sbcr rl ht nnd duty ,
but she might nweil try lo put out n
fire with oil 113 to bo lieallhy nnd at
tractive ) with dlsrn-.n corroding the
01 pans tlmt mnkohcr n woman. Upon
lliolr health depends her h'-allli. If
tlioro la Inll.immatlon or weakening
drains or suffering at the monthly
period , nllrnd to It nt once. Don't
drlay. You're ono step nearer the
grave evrry day you put It olf.
Women can stand n great deal , but
thpy c-tnnot live forever with
drugging ut tlm most dcluato und
vital organs In their body. You may
have b'v-n clrcclved In so-called curcn.
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t lilu win lln-r they u ill ' liL-nltliy or
hll'k. MtlKlllclil'H Id lllll'ir IU-S III
liiiml. Jl p. r liiiillc nt iluifi Htoru.
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At all drug itotri. 25 DOM * 2ic.
: : V
" Why Should Ca
lamity Be Full of
Words ? "
The mere saying of words is
easy , and some men devote
their whole lives to it. They
talk rather than act. The ca
lamity howlers in any commu
nity arc of this kind.
While the unsuccessful busi
ness man is talking the success
ful man is acting. When he
speaks he uses words , but he
tells facts. He seldom , how
ever , depends upon his own
He brings to his aid the trumpet tongucd
voice of the press.
He purchases space in the
advertising columns of his local
paper , and he uses it to good
This is your local paper.
There is space ia these col
umns for use. Are you add
ing its strength to your voice ?
Properly used it will aid you.
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1117 CtrJon llf.t t.J , . 10
llrUIItnt Ho .r b J , .16
Worth $1.00 , !
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JOHM A.SAtUR SEED CO. , UO , , , uu.
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&fr'&Z , Comblnntlon Corn.
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What Is It ? i
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John A.SalzorSccdCo.UtonM.