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    Five States Represented at
Helena Meeting.
Governor Van Snnt of Minnesota Out
lines Objects of the Conference Attorney - j
torney Generals Accompany Execu
tives White Does Not Attend.
lloleu Mou. , Dec. HI. No action
wan tulion yvHlotdny at the inoulliiK
rf thu governors and nllornuy generals
of the northwest states called to eon-
ulilor plans for oppoalng the pioposed
consolidation of the Northern Paclllc ,
Grout Northern and Burlington rail-
vuy systems. Kroin the dUcuHalon at
the nivettiiK , however , Jt Is eoiiH'.doral
probable that the plnn of Governor
Van Snnt of Minnesota will bo In
dorsed by the oxocutlvoH of the other
ntntoii who were present and that the
light iiKalnst the railroad consolidation
will bo carried to a finish. What thin
jilan Is , Governor- Van Hunt infused
to Htnto until the mooting today shall
have taken action. The meetings
were hold In Governor Toolo's private
olllce , and behind closed doors. There
voro present besides Governor Toolo
ami Attorney General Donovan of Mon
tana , Governor Van Snnt and Attomoy
General Douglass of Minnesota , Gov-
wrnor llerreld and Attorney General
J'ylo of South Dakota , Governor Hunt
and Attorney General Martin of Idaho
and Attorney General Strntton of
Washington , Governor MuHrldb of that
Htuto not being able to bo present on
account of the death of Governor Rog-
era. Governor Whlto of North Dakota
won also oxpuctod to attend the con *
feronco , and In fact had telegraphed
Governor Van Saint that ho would bo
present. In a later telegram , how
ever , ho stated that It was Impossible
for him to attend the meetings.
The mooting was organized by the
election of Governor Van Sant as
chairman and Attorney General Mar
tin of Idaho us secretary. Governor
IVan Sant made a brief speech In re-
Rani to the objects of the mooting ,
Klvlng a brief history of the proposed
railway combination and the effect lie
believed It would have on the stales
"Tho state of Minnesota , " said the
novornor , "has hntl on her statute
books for more than 25 years laws
prohibiting the consolidation In any
way of parallel and competing lines
of railway. It has been the settled
.policy of our state to maintain n free ,
open and unrestricted competition in
Irclght and passenger rates. The
Great Northern and Northern Pacific
3lailway companies operate- parallel
and competing lines of railway within
the state. It baa been announced
that Mr. Hill and his assistants have
obtained the control of the Northern
3'aclHc Railway company and Intend
to operate the same jointly with the
.Great Northern , and , In effect , bring
about a consolidation by removing all
competition and all rivalry between
these roads. To this end the North
cm securities company was organized
in New Jersi > v to acquire a controlling
amount of the stock of the Great
Northern and Northern Pacific Rail-
.roaxl companies In exchange for Its
own stock and it is through the com
pany that the unity of management
and control is to bo effected. As soon
as this fact became known to me , I
rfelt it my duty as governor to do
everything In my official power to op
pose the consolidation of these proper
ties within the state of Minnesota. I
liavo been informed that the states
which you gentlemen represent as
governors and attorneys general have
statute laws similar to those of the
state of Minnesota and that this was
a question in which our state was not
alone Interested. Acting upon this
belief , I took the liberty of asking
for this conference of governors and
attorneys general of the various states
through which these two roads pass ,
believing that all such states were
equally Interested In maintaining the
principle heretofore assorted in the
Btnte of Minnesota and reasserted here
In Its objection to this consolidation. "
Holder of Common Endeavors to Pre
vent Withdrawal of Preferred.
Minneapolis , Dec. 31. Judge Elliott
of the district court of Hennopln coun
ty yesterday granted a temporary order
dor restraining the officers of the
Northern Pacific Railroad company
from retiring the preferred stock of
that company. The order was Issued
on the application of Peter Power ol
New York , who holds 100 shares of the
common stock. It was supposed that
the failure of the action brought In
the New York courts by holders of
preferred stock cleared away the last
obstacle to the retirement ofho pre
ferred on Jan. 1 , leaving the Hill In
terest In control of the road through
its majority of the common stock.
It Is Inferred , although it does not
so appear , that the present action Is
brought in behalf of the Harrlmnn In
terest to .prevent . control passing out
of Us hands for another year , or until
the legal standing of the Northern So-
turlties company Is settled.
HIM Is Scheduled to Tnlk.
Fargo , N. D. , Dec. 31. President J
J. Hill of the Great Northern is to
make an address Jan. 8 to the Trl-
State Grain Growers' and Stockmen's
convention here , and it Is anticipated
that he may make some remarks on
the "merger" that will be of Inter
est to the general public. Ho is ex
pected to make some official declara
tions of his Intentions and the futuio
plans of the roads In the northwest.
Missionary Soys China Is Preparing
for a Great War.
New Vorli , Dec. 31. Charleu F.
Gammon , wipeilntcndont of colpor
teurs for the American Hlblo society
In northern China , writ on to the so-
cloty concerning the present situa
tion in the Chinese einplie IIH follown :
"Wlillo nt sliuiiKhal 1 obsorvml that
lh Chinese government was openly
violating the movlnloiiH of the proto
col. TJio great empire would shako
off European domination. Thousands
of boatloads of small iinnn and ammu
nition were passing weekly up the
Yang Tan Klang and tno arsenals wore
being enlarged and worked night and
day. For centuries China him been
making repeated attempts to expel
foreigners , each time profiling by pa HI
experience , each tlmo with more pow
er and HUCCCHH , each tlmo bettor
equipped ' " > d hotter planned. It In
now preparing IIH never bofoio , buying
vim ! , quantities ! of superior woaponn
and rcorKtuilzIiiK ltH armies on u cor
rect hiiBln. Therefore , the next at
tempt will ho In force and terrible in
execution. It will result in a universal
upheaval ( ( nil ( ho final dlHiuumberment
of the umpire at a terrible cost. "
Constables Arc Driven Into the Church
and Forced to Surrender.
London , Dee. 31. The Island of
l.owls has been the HCOIIO of serious
religious riots , arising from the union
of the free and the united churches of
Scotland. The Islanders refused to
countenance the alliance , and when
the minister of Ness joined the united
church they locked him out of his
church. A strong force of pollcu was
sent over from the mainland to open
the doors , whereupon the Ulandors
congregated and , throwing volleys of
stones at the constables , drove thorn
Inside the building and bombarded
them with /ocks until they capitulated
and agreed to leave the Island. Every"
member of the police detachment was
more or leas' seriously wounded. It is
probable that a detachment of troops
will bo sent to subdue the rioters.
Killed In Mine Explosion.
South McAlestor , I. T. , Dee. 31. W.
R. Bishop and C. Holmes , miners , wcro
killed in an explosion at Ola , a min
ing camp near hero , in contract mine
No. 3 yesterday. Six others wcro dan
gerously burned. It Is thought the
minors wont over the deadline that Is
drawn as u warning to the miners of
the presence of gas.
Shows Little Trace of Illness.
London , Dec. 31. King1 Edward and
Queen Alexandra wont to Sandring-
ham yesterday afternoon. Owing to
the recent Illness of her majesty
largo crowds lined the route to the
railroad station. The queen looked
alert and bright and showed little
trace of illness.
Kentucky Terror Killed.
Olob , A. T. , Dec. 31. Robert II.
Hatflcld , ono of the Kentucky clan ,
has been shot and killed at the Troy
mining camp , in the Plnal mountains.
Ills slayer was Deputy Sheriff Dovlno ,
who bore a warrant for his arrest on
a charge of wlfo beating.
German-Venezuelan Dispute.
London , Dec. 31. Most of the morn
ing papers comment upon the gravity
of the German-Venezuelan dispute.
They are generally agreed that Ger
many is not anxious to provoke coin-
plications and will be careful not to
rutllo American susceptibilities.
More Talk of War.
Berlin , Dec. 31. The Tageblatt
prints a double loaded cable dispatch
from Washington setting forth that
the principal military and naval au
thorities there consider that war be
tween the United States and Germany
sooner or later is Inevitable.
Naval Demonstration Postponed.
Caracas , Dec. 31. It can bo said
upon excellent authority that Ger
many's contemplated naval demonstra
tlon against certain Venezuelan ports
will bo postponed until the gormlna
tlon of the present revolution against
President Castro.
Boers Release Their Prisoners.
London , Dec. 31. The war office Is
sued a further list of the casualties
at Zeofonteln , showing that 50 men
were wounded and that 246 were made
prisoners. The latter have all been
Only minor Interests in the Danish
West Indies are opposed to their sale
to the United States.
John Dover and Mrs. Grace Fallls
were drowned Monday while skating
on the Milan ( Ind. ) Ice pond.
Several cases of smallpox have ap
peared in the state institution for
feeble minded at , Lincoln , Ills.
The fight between Senators Hanna
and Foraker for control of the Ohio
legislature is growing fierce.
A Japanese boarding house near
Steveston , B. C. , was washed away by
the seai and 20 persons wore drowned
The emperor of China Is nearlng
Peking. Ho will return to the capita
through 12 miles of kneeling troops
The steamship St Paul had the
roughest passage In Its history * on its
last trip from Southampton. It was
buffeted by winds , waves and * rain a !
the way over.
Judge Settle has refused to grant
the injunction asked for by W. Scott
Miller of Louisville ngainst Mr ,
Gunter to force the latter to rellnqulsl
the management of Mammoth cave ,
Chicago police discovered clothing
discarded by the missing Frank Ely
Rogers and his aunt at a railway sta
tlon In North Evanston. It is believed
the boy Is masquerading as a girl.
Head of Big Grain Firm ] Suc
cumbs to Pneumonia.
Contracted a Cold on Dec. 20 , Which
Developed Into Pneumonia Largest
Owner of Elevators In the Country.
Potent Figure on Ooard of Trade.
o , Doc. 31 , Frank II. Pcavoy ,
ono of llio best known grain men la
the country , tiled hero yesterday or
iniounionla , aged R2 years. Mr. Pea'-
vuy on ino to Chicago from hlH homo
In Minneapolis nearly two weeks ago
on a business trip. Ho was in his
UBiial perfect health , hut Due. HO ho
conti acted 11 cold and that night look
to lilB bud In the Auditorium Annox.
The cold quickly developed Into pneu
Mr. Peavey was credited wttli bclnc
the largest owner of gialn elevators
In the country , If not In the world.
The nlgn "Pv" waH a familiar ono
on grain warehouses throughout tlio
grain pioduclng Btates of the west and
northwest , along the linen of railroads.
At railroad terminal points ho had
largo holdings , lilB interests In Chicago - j
cage doing pnrllctilnrly heavy. Ills
name for yearu has boon potent on the
hoards of trade hero and in the north
The total amount of Mi. Pcavey'a
Insurance was $1,370,01)0. ) Tno $1,000-
000 policy was payable to himself or
his heirs , hut Its purpose was to furnish
ready capital for the business In case
of his death ,
Murder One Passenger and Seize En
gine to Escape.
Memphis , Tonu. , Dec. 31. Four
whlto men killed J. M. Khea , an Inof
fensive passenger on a train of the
Yaiioo and Mississippi Valley branch
of the Illinois Central railroad at an
early hour this morning , Hoar Le-
kind , Miss. , cut the locomotive from
the train and forced the engineer to
run to Cleveland , Miss. All four men
were arrested. Ono is In Jail In Lo-
Innd and thrco are locked up at Shel
by. The four men are : Ashley Cockc ,
a prominent business man of Cleveland -
land ; A. M. Phlpps , a Leland mer
chant ; Thomas Lauderdale , snid to bo
a relative- Phlpps ; - Dlackman ,
residence unknown.
The four boarded the northbound
train at Leland at 3 a. m. to return to
Shelby. J. M. Unco , an engineer , was
on his way to Tutwller to take out a
locomotive there and was sleeping on
a seat in the sleeper. Cocko had a
revolver and Laudcrdalo and Blackman -
man had Winchester rifles. Walking
up the aisle Phlpps was in advance
of the party , when he came in contact
with Rhea's logs , which were extended
out into the aisle. Rhca was awak
ened and a quarrel followed , during
which one of the four men told Rhea
that they could not all stay in the
same car ; that he would have to get
out. Rhea remarked that In order to
prevent trouble ho would have to do
as they told him. Thereupon ho start
ed out of the car. Ho had just reached
the door when It is claimed the men
opened fire upon him , and he fell.
The four men drove everybody out
of the smoker and the adjacent car
during the run baak to Leland and
when they arrived there they covered
Engineer Delaney with their guns and
told him that if ho did not obey their
commands they would kill him. Ho
was compelled to uncouple his engine
and when the men mounted into the
cab ho was ordered to run to Shelby.
Younger Surfers from Old Wound.
St. Paul , Dec. 31. Jim Younger , who
has been employed in a local store for
some months , in again confined to his
homo with hip trouble. Ho has a
bullet near his spine , a relic of the
Northfleld raid , which caused him
much trouble while he was In prison
and was aggravated by an accident
last summer. Mr. Younger's friends
hope to be able to persuade the board
of pardons to allow Younger to go
into business for himself , believing
that would be easier than his present
clerical position.
Insurance Agent Arrested.
Webster CUy , la. . Dec. 31. William
Mullanoy , , , agent for the Continental
Insurance company for the vicinity of
Webster City , was arrested in the
latter city yesterday by authorities
from Spirit Lake. Ho is wanted' there
for forgery of checks , the amount of
which Is not known , but said to be
considerable. Ho stoutly denies guilt
and says It Is spite work.
Drinks Carbolic , Acld.
Yankton , S. D. , Dec. S , ! . An un
identified man committed suicide at
the Milwaukee depot In this city last
evening by drinking carbolic acid. An
envelope addressed to Clark , Vonnll-
lion , was found In his pocket and Is
the only clue to his Identity. The dei l
man was about 50 years of ago , largy
and well built , and had the appearr
ance of a worklngman.
Stormy Voyage of Alaskan Steamer.
Port Townsend , Dec. 31. After a1
tempestuous voyage the steamship
Cottage Qity arrived last evening
from Sltka and way points , bringing
50 passengers and $70,000 In bullion.
Captain Wallace reports that on Dec.
28 he encountered a gale of unusual
fury. The Cottage City was compelled
to seek shelter In Carter bay.
Pope Subject to Fainting Fits.
London , Dec. 31. A dispatch to a
news agency I'rom Rdme says that the
pope la subject to serious fainting fits.
Worct of the Flood Is Over In
Philadelphia , Dec. 31. From all
parts of eastern Pennsylvania reports
allow that rivers and crooks which
hocamu greatly swollen ns a result of
the recent rains are steadily falling.
There IB ouo exception , however , the
lower part of the Sutquohanna river
being reported still rising and close to
the danger mark. Although consider
able damage was done , the loan will
not do great , most of the flooded areas
being lowlands along the upper Sehuyl-
kill , Lehlgh and Susquolianna t Ivors.
In the coal districts a few mines were
flooded , causing a suspension of work
for the day. Along the lower Stisquc-
hanna there Is apprehension that damage -
ago will result from Ice gorges. The
water is said to bo rising six Inches
an hour In that vicinity.
Manayunk , one of the mill districts ,
niifferud moat from the flood. livery
mill along the rlvor was forced to sus
pend operations' , throwing out of work
for the day about 3,000 persons.
Two Men Mloslng , Engine and Cars
Wrecked and Trade Torn Up.
Petersburg , W. Va. , Dec. 31. Two
men are missing , one badly Injured
and an engine and four cars aio at
the loot ol an embankment and Uvu
other cais 1110 wrecked and 100 iect
of track torn up as the result of the
collision with a heavy rock by a west
bound freight train on the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad at No. 3 tunnel , near
Long Run , yesterday. The engine
struck the rock , which had rolled down
from the hill , just as the train came
out of the tunnel. The two missing
men are Fireman A. P. Hllo and
Brakeman E. B. Putnam , both of
Grafton. They are probably dead be
neath the wreck. Engineer Hope
Goudy of Orafton was so seriously in
jured ho will probably not recover.
Heavy rains loosened the rock.
Five Feet of Water In Streets at West
Point , Ga.
Atlanta , Ga. , Dec. 31. The torren
tial rains of the last two days In
Georgia , Alabama and east , Tennessee
and portions of North Carolina caused
the death of four persons , as far as
known , and inflicted serious damage
to all kinds of property. The rains
have been followed by clearing and
much colder weather , accompanied by
high winds. The weather bureau an
nounced yesterday that the Chatta-
hoochee river would continu6 to rise
during the next 30 hours and It is ex
pected that much damage will result.
The water in the streets of West
Point was from ono to Qve feet deep.
Many of the people spent the night In
Fort Tyler.
Attorney Sentenced for Embezzlement
Furnishes Bonds.
Sioux Falls , S , D. , Dec. 31. S. H.
Wright , the Centorvllle attorney who
was the central figure in a sensational
trial in the circuit court hero a /ow
days ago , and who was found guilty of
embezzlement , and sentenced to a term
of one year in the Sioux Falls peniten
tiary , has perfected his appeal to the
state supreme court. He has furnished
bonds of $1,000 and with his daughter
Alice has returned to Centervllle.
Poor Outlook for Winter Wheat
Salinai , Kan. , Dec. 31. The outlook
for winter wheat Is becoming decided
ly unfavorable on account of the dry
weather. In western and southern
Kansas , while the weather has been
very cold practically no snow or rain
has fallen this winter. Unless moist
ure of some kind comes at once , the
prospect Is that the wheat crop will
not , % lount to much. Farmers gen
erally reject the theory that the ex
cessive cold damaged the wheat to any
Big Uam Gives Way.
Montgomery , Ala. , Dec. 31. Th
flood In the Tallapoosa rlvor broke the
dam of the Talasseo Electric company ,
180 of the 67d feet of solid masonry
giving way. The dam cost $ ' 400,000.
The power was to have been turned In
to Montgomery early In January. Two
hundred feet of the Talasseo cotton
mills dam broke , and the loss is esti
mated at $50,000.
To Deport Diseased Cattle.
Lincoln , Dec. 31. Acting under the
Instruction of Governor Savage , State
Veterinarian Thomas left Lincoln last
evening for Halgler , Neb. , to supervise
In person an order Issued to the sher
iff at that place to return Immediately
to Colorado a largo herd of alleged
diseased cattle from that state now
on its way to the range near Halgler
A trust is being formed to contro
vessels engaged in the lumber carry
ing trade on the great lakes.
Sharkey and Jeffries have been
matched to fight between March 17
and April 20 at San Francisco before
the San Francisco Athletic club.
General Chaffeo denied there is any
rlctlon between the 'military and clvi
uthorlties In the Philippines. Stories
o that effedt are without foundation
Brother Paschal , ono of the oldest
members of the Franciscan order In
he United Stafes , died 'Monday at the
monastery in West 'Patersori ' , N. J
A dispatch from London announces
, ho death of Mrs. J. A Flthlan , mothe
f Mrs. Chestdr A. Arthur. Her body
vlll bo taken to California for Inter
Theodore Bardoll of Summit , N. J
f. leading figure in the smelting am
/oflulng business , died Monday. II
was 52 years of ago , and his wealth
( was rated at about { 5,000,000.
Prof. Locb Claims to Discover
Means to Prevent Death.
Great Scientist Says Death Is a Fer
ment Dorn In Every Being , but It
Can Be Annihilated May Give Hu
manity Perpetual Youth.
Chicago , Dtc. 31. Experiments
which It la clamcd | are n beginning
of the unravelling of the mysteries of
death wore made public by Professor
Jacques Loeb nt the Mlh annual meet
ing of the American Psychological so
ciety nt the University of Chicago last' '
night. During the last summer the '
noted scientist has been continuing '
his series of experiments with the
eggs of the lower marlifo aninjals , es
pecially thouo of the sea urchin.
Death , Mr. Loob said , waa not a
negative process , a simple breaking
own of tissues , ns It has been re-
arded up to tills time , but an active
gent bom with the birth of the egg ,
ml destined , If not checked , to cnln
ho upper hand of the life Instinct and
ring about extinction. But , greater
ven than the apparent discovery of
his death agent in all llfo substance ,
s Professor Loeb's announcement
hat ho has been able to check It in
ho eggs of the sea urchin at least
) y means of chemical agents. This ,
: is claimed , means nothing less than
hat on a mlnuto scale the secret of
ternal llfo is in the power of man-
The experiments , Professor Loeb
ays , were simple. Unfertilized eggs
of the sea urchin were placed in a
weak solution of potassium cyanide
and abandoned for several days. * Un-
or ordinary conditions an unfertilized
egg dies in a few hours , destroyed by
ho death agents born with it. At the
end of several days the eggs were
again examined and were found to bo
till capable of fertilization and of
> reducing healthy animals.
fn explaining the results Professor
Loeb said 'that the "mortlferous proc
esses" were due to the actions of cer-
aln ferments of an unknown nature ,
whose destructive tendency was coun *
eracted by the potassium salts.
Root Confers With Lodge and. Platt
on Proposed Legislation.
Washington , Dec. 31. Secretary
loot has been In almost daily con-
orence with Senators Lodge and Platt
of Connecticut "during the past week
n regard to legislation for the govern
ment of the Philippines. Bills are in
course of preparation to carry Into ef-
'ect the recommendations made by
.ho Philippine commission , looking to
.he material and political welfare of
ho islands. These bills authorize the
granting of franchises for railroads ,
electric lights , telephones , etc. , the Is
sue of bonds of the Insular govern
ment to purchase the agricultural
lomings anu property or religious or
ders , provide for the acquisition of
lomestead rights , regulate mining
and provide a special system of coinage -
ago and banking for the islands.
Wife Murder and Suicide.
Lyndon , ICan. , Dec. 31. Albert Doty ,
Ivlng near h'ere , killed his wife last
night by beating her over the head
with a gun barrel. Doty then escaped
and this morning his horribly mutilat
ed body was found on the Missouri Pa
cific railway north of town. He prob
ably committed suicide. As a resfilt
of the crime , Mrs. Doty's mother , Mrs.
Taylor , has become Insane. Doty was
25 years old and a paroled prisoner
'rom the Hutchlnson reformatory.
Commercial Instructors Elect.
St. Louis , Dec. 31. The convention
of the National Commercial Teachers'
Federation , which has been In session
here since last Friday , practically
concluded Ita business yesterday.
Executive officers for 1002 were elect
ed and Milwaukee was chosen for the
next annual convention. J. A. Lyons ,
Chicago1 , was elected president ; J. C.
Walker , Danville , Ills. , secretary , and
C. A. Faust , Chicago , treasurer.
Funston May Be Appointed.
St. Paul , Dec. 31. The Pioneer
Press says that It is probable that
Brigadier General Fred Funston may ,
upon his return from the Philippines ,
be appointed commander of the De
partment of the Daikdtas , with head
quarters in St. Paul. It Is stated that
the appointment lies between General
Funston and General Kobbo , also a
Philippine veteran , but that the lat
ter does not desire tno station.
Regards Schley Case as Closed.
New York , Dec. 31. Captain James
Parker , ono of Admiral Schley's coun
sel , said yesterday that Admiral
Schley regards the case as closed , but
that his friends will ask congress to
vindicate him by retiring him on full
pay and reimbursing him for the ex
penses of his trial.
Medal for Admiral Schley.
Washington , Dec. 31. The Mary
land councils of the Junior Order of
American Mechanics , last night pro
rented to Rear Admiral Schloy a mag
nlflcent medal studded with diamonds
ns an evidence of their personal esteem
teem and admiration of his services
to the country.
Klusmlre Given Fifty Years.
Oskaloosa , Kan. , Dec. 31. William
Klusmlre , the wife murderer , was
brought Into court hero yesterday and
sentenced to 50 yeara In the penlton
tlary. Klusmlro was convicted of
kllllnc his wlfo In Holtou last May
Omaha Franchise Is Awarded to
Frank Bandle.
Kansas City , Dec. 31. Representa
tives of the eight cities which are to
comprise the circuit of the new base
ball league , the American associa
tion , as outlined by Its piomoters , met
in executive session at the Baltimore
hotel In this city yesterday and took
the necessary action to complete the
organization of the association. Three
secret sessions were hold behind
closed ( loots , with President T. J.
Hlckcy In th6 chair. The magnates In
attendance and the cities they repre
sent are ns follows : II. D. Qulnn and
W. Ollngman , Milwaukee ; W. II. Wat-
klnn and Rauschaupt , Indianapolis ;
Charles J. Strobel , Toledo ; T. J. Brlco
and Murchisoii , Columbus ; George P.
Lennon , St. Paul ; Walter Wllmot , Min
neapolis ; George Tebeau and Dale
Gear , Kansas City. Omaha was repre
sented by proxy byII. . D. Quinn of
The most important bunlncss trans
acted consisted of the adoption ofa ,
constitution , the awarding of the vari
ous franchises ofllcinlly to the re-
pectlvo magnates of the association
ind especially the disposition of the
Omaha franchise.
Mr. Ilickoy stated that he had thrco
ear leases on parks in seven cities In
ils possession , all of the cities except
Omaha. It Is understood that the
Dmaha franchise was awarded to
Frank Bamllo of Omaha , an old ball
ilayor and practical business man.
Milwaukee capitalists are backing
Bandle , but ho will have Immediate
charge of the team , lie appeared in
he meeting and made a strong plea
o have Omaha included in the Amer-
can association circuit. The award-
ng of this franchise amounts to a
declaration of war against the West
ern league In Omaha ,
Son of Omaha Man Alleged to Have
Passed Many Bad Checks.
Columbus , Nob. , Dec. 31. The
roung man under a.rrest . at Columbus
or forgery , Postmaster Kramer hav-
ng endorsed a check for $50 for him ,
s Frank E. Waring , son of the well
mown Omaha court reporter , H. M.
Waring. The father was hero yester
day and says he Is making an eff&rt
to'havo him sent to an insane asylum ,
as his mind is clearly unbalanced.
The father also says that the woman
with him Is his wife. She accompa
nied the senior Waring to his homo
n Omaha. Young Waring has made
regular trips here for six months or
more for the Ellott & Hatch Book
Typewriter company , whose signature
ho Is alleged to have forged , and his
conduct never excited suspicion be
fore. Ho is wanted at Sibloy , la. ,
where he gave the n mo of H. F. Price ,
and also at Worthlngton and Luverne ,
Minn. , and Creston and Atlantic , la. ,
for similar charges.
Passengers Land From Burning Ship.
Seattle , Wash. , Dec. 28. The Jap
anese steamer Shaino Maru , which re
turned to Port Townsend with her
cargo on fire , arrived hero today ,
where her 107 passengers were landed
and her hold filled with water. When
the fire was discovered steam was
forced Into the hold , which kept the
fire In dheck. An Investigation was
made and it was found that the fire
had made little progress. Captain
Cope thinks that most of the cargo
can be saved.
Chauncey Depew Married.
Nice , Dec. 28. The civil ceremony
of the marriage of Senator Chauncey
M. Depew and Miss May Palmer took
place yesterday In the United States
consulate. Senator Depew was in ex
cellent health and the bride was
charmingly dressed.
Cancels Insurance Permit.
Pierre , S. D. , Dec. 28. Insurance
Commissioner Shober has Issued an
order cancelling the certificate of authority -
thority to do business in South Dakota
of the National Aid association of Topeka -
peka , Kan.
Wreck on Illinois Central.
Springfield , Ills. , Dec. 30. The
southbound Diamond special ontho
Illinois Central road was wrecked
yesterday three miles east of hero.
Engineer McCormlck of Clinton was
seriouus'ly injured on the head and
bnickl Fireman John Walnwright' ' of
Clinton was slightly injured. The ac
cident was cause by the derail of an
Interlocker being turned against the
Illinois Central train.
A royal commission has been ap
pointed to inquire into the coal re
sources of Great Britain.
Spencer's Arcade , Victoria's big de-
nartment store , was gutted by fire
Saturday night Loss , $250,000.
A street car collided with a freight
train at Birmingham , Ala. , Sunday.
Conductor E. W. Jones was killed and
two others injured.
John Pinover , a young wholesale
liquor dealer at Mlddletown , . Y. ,
Sunday Jumped from the Brooklyn
bridge. 116 is still alive at a hospital.
The battleship Missouri was
launched at Newport News Saturday
in the presence of 15,000 spectators.
A daughter of Senator Cockrell chris
tened the vessel. '
J. G. Woodworth , traffic manager of
the Pacific Coast company , with head
quarters In Seattle , has accepted an
important position in the traffic de
partment of the Burlington and will
remove to Chicago.
Masked robbers entered the homo
of Thomas Ingllng , a butcher at Mar
tin's Ferry , 0 ; , Sunday and forced him
at the point of a revolver to glvo up
$600. Later the police had a battle
vrith two ofho robbers , who' were