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    li NORFOLK NRWS : FH1)AY ( ' , JANUARY H , ' ,1)02 , ) , 1 !
School Children's ' Eyes
Defective eyes stunt the mind.
Can you expect fair progress
In school or success in
business if so handicapped ?
Examination of children for
glasses is a special feature of
our Optical Department.
Good lot at Junction $ 70.00
House nnd } tj aero , 3d St 850 00
House nnd lurgo hnrn -1000.00
House , barn , } acre , 4th St. . . IttOO.OO
House at Jnuotiou 700.00
Loans on Koal Estate Low Rates.
This is a good
time to re
mind you
that Chase &
Coffee is the
The Weather.
Conditions of the weather as recorded
for the 24 hours ending at 8 a. m. to
day :
Maximum temperature 2(5 (
Minimum temperature 4
Average 15
Snow , inches 00
Precipitation 00
Total precipitation for mouth 59
Barometer 80 31
Forecast for Nebraska : Partly
cloudy tonight and Saturday , with pos
sibly snow flurries south portion tonight.
Warmer Saturday.
The Norfolk public schools reopen
again next Monday After a two-weeks'
Miss Otelia Pilger very pleasantly en
tertained a large party of friends last
night at her home on South Fifth street
Mrs. J. D. Sturgeon , who has been
ick for some mouths , is failing very
fast and the fear is expressed that she
Trill not be able to live through the
An electric lighting plant is being
put in at Verdigre that will bo operated
by water power and the village will
soon be enjoying metropolitan conveni
ences not obtainable by all towns of
much larger size.
Funeral services for the late Mrs. C
S. Bridge will be held from the family
home on West Norfolk avenue tomor
row afternoon at 2 o'clock , Rev. W. J
Turner of the First Congregational
church officiating. Interment in Pros
pect Hill cemetery.
It is said that skating on the Elkhorn
river during the past few days has been
Tory good and many of the young people
ple have been enjoying the sport it of
fers in an unlimited degree. The rink
op West Main street has been in al
'moat constant use by the boys and girls ,
also , and ia especially adapted to jthe
use of those just learning.
Corn wanted at the sheep ranch.
For Sale.
My household goods at half price.
Must be sold within the coming week ,
204 South Tenth St.
* * J Farms rented for nonresidents col-
JW' looUphs" made. Insurance written by
Gardner & Seiler.
Notice to Stockholders.
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders , of Norfolk National bank
of Norfolk , Nebraska , will be held at its
mnking rooniH on Tuesday , January M ,
11)02 ) , bi-twei'ii ( ho lumr of 10 o'clock i
n. and -I o'clock p. HI. of bald day , for
ho uluclion of directors. , Di-o. II , 1001.
\V. 11 lUlcilot./ ,
Farm and city loans ,
Tint LHmi.ANii THUHT Oo.
Early Closing.
Wo , the undersigned inrrclmiits , do
lierehy agree to close our respective
places of business at ( l10 : ! p. m. , except
Saturday evening , from January tl to
October t , 1003.
HKKI.UU Kiioa.
ANTON Hticnioi// .
BAUM Huos.
Tin : STAK.
Norfolk , Nobr..Jan 1,11)02. )
Senator Misunderstood the Word nnd
Thought He Was Insulted.
In "Hits of Washington Llfo" in a re
cent issue of the Boo appears this story ,
in which it is presumed that the "Mr.
Holino" referred to , is none other th'iu '
D A. Holmes , formerly of this city :
"Senator Boveridgo of Indiana WIIH
walking down the main corridor of the
capitol the other day , when ho was
stopped by Mr. Holmo , n well known
Chicago attorney , Mr. Holmo used to bo
Senator Mason's law partner , and this
cironuiHtnuco.coupled with the fact that
ho hud known the Hoosier oratorical
prodigy pince the latter was a boy ,
made the Chicago man bold enough to
greet the statesman.
"Good morning , senator , " said Mr.
Holmo , grasping one of the appendages
which the orator UBOS in illustrating his
speeches , and shaking it as vigorously no
their old acquaintance warranted. 'I
have not seen yon since you got "hnck
from your jaunt. You are looking well
and happy. It.soems to do you good to
travel. "
"Senator Beveridgo hastily disen
gaged his hand from the attorney's grip ,
and drawing himself up to his full
height , remarked severely : 'I desire to
correct the impression that yon seem to
have regarding my journry to the Phil
ippines. It wus a trip made entirely at
my own expense. I bought my rail
road tickets with my own money , the
expense of my'steamboat ' transportation
wore berne by myself. I paid every
cent of the espouses of that jaunt , an
you call it , out of my own pocket. '
"Mr. Holme attempted to explain to
him that he did not mean any slur or
implied criticism. He tried to show
that while he had not used the won'
'jauut' after grpat deliberation , still ho
had an impression that it was not en
tirely a termof [ | opprobrium , but oftau
could be soon in the best verbal society
The senator would not listen to any
explanation or apology. He waved the
Chicago lawyer aside and continued his
career down the capitol corridor.
"Mr. Holme was nonplussed. He
stood for a moment trying to decide on
what he should do next , and then'tum
ing.'he walked in the opposite direction
taken by Senator Fairbanks' young col
"He had not gone more than twenty
foot when ho was stopped by a hand laic
on his shoulder. Turning he saw Sena
tor Bevoridge. The senator's face was
that of a man over whom a great light
had broken.
" 1 beg your pardon , " ho said HE the
Chicago man looked tit him inquiringly.
"Do yon know that when I objected to
the word 'jaunt' I had it mixed up with
junket. ' "
Birthday Party.
A very attractive birthday party was
given by Mrs. 'Frances Colemau , Wed
nesday evening in honor of Mr J. John
son and Mr. Coleman's birthday , while
the walls were draped in evergreen ,
twenfey couples whiled the hours away
being the most attractive ever given in
the city. *
Charlie Gibbs trapped a 'possom last
Mrs , Mary Glenn has gone to Iowa to
visit her son.
J. F. Webster wont to Platte Center
to spend New Year's.
Mr. and Mrs. Philips of Surprise spent
Christmas with Mrs. Philips' parents
Mr. and Mrs. Ez. Rowlett.
After a vacation extending over two
weeks our school will reopen next Mon
day with Miss Edna Stafford as teacher.
The dance given by Everett and
Marsh Pettitt Tuesday evening was well
attended and a pleasant evening en
joyed by all present.
Two of our most popular young
people. Mr. John P. Lauvor and Miss
Mary Rico were married at Madison
Thursday , December 20 , Rev , Theo.
Morning officiating. In the evening a
reception was hold at the residence of
the bride's mother. The newly married
couple have commenced housekeeping
on the farm owned by the groom south
west of town.
Gardner & Seller deal in improved
and unimproved lauds. Ranches and
town property for sale in Pierce , Cedar ,
Knox , Wayne and Holt counties , alsc
lands and ranches in North and South
City Council Receives Another
Proposition. /
Majority of Councilmen Oppose Iho
OrdinnncoOrdinance for Gas and
Telephone Franchise Before tlio'
The city council mot in regular NOH-
Bion lust evening with the nuiyor nnd
all coiineilmen present ,
The Hpociul committee , composed of
Couiicilmon Woctorvelt , Uhlo mid Clew ,
appointed to ndjiiHt the oliiiiiiH of T L
Doiiiiingor and O. P. Dudley IIH to
images sustained by rciiMm of injuries
to horHOH in the waterworks extension
dilohoH reported that they hiidconfcrrcd
with Mr. Dudley iunl ho had iipwod to
accept $100 in full payment of his cliiitu
ptovidud his ngicement to accept ,
would not iiiVi ct his claim for
the original amount claimed in event
the council refuted a settlement on the
Imtiifl of $100. Tim committee also re
ported that they had hart no opportunity
to confer with Mr. Dt-iiiiiiignr regard
ing his claim and gave as their opinion
that the city wan not linblo for the
claim of Dr. 0. A. MoKim for veterinary
service ? .
On motion 0. P. Dudley wui allowed
$100 in settlement of his claim in accord
ance with the committee's report. The
claim of T. L. Domiingor was allowed
at $50 in full settlement.
In the matter of the olootrio lighting
question the city attorney stated thut it
was still his opinion that it WIIB the
duty of the council under the law to
call an election whenever the proper
petition signed by the requisite number
of freeholders was presented , no matter
what the object of the election.
Petitions signed by 21)7 ) electors of the
city praying the council to accept the
proposition of the Norfolk Electric
Light and Power company , also a now
proposition from the sumo company
were read and illed.
Itwasmjvodby Councilman Brnm-
niund and seconded by Uhlo that the
council proceed to pass an ordinance
calling n special election to enable the
electors of the city to vote on a proposi
tion of bonding the city for the purpose
of estabitthing and maintaining an
oloctrio lighting plant to bo owned by
the city.
The motion brought forth a vigorous
discussion on the part of the eouncilmen
and a number of citi/.cns present were
permitted to participate.
After the close of the discussion the
vote was called and resulted us follows :
Ayes TJrummuiid , Spellman , Uhlo.
Nays Clements , Dcguer , Gow , Walker ,
Wobtervelt. The motion was declared
The following proposition from the
Norfolk Electric Light and Power com
pany was then road :
Norfolk , Nebr. , Jan. 2 , 11)02. ) To the
Honorable Mayor and City Conucil of
the City of Norfolk : Wo wish to iiiako
the following proposition to you : Wo
will furnish , erect , maintain aud operate
arc lights for street lighting , to be lo
cated anywhere within the city limits
which the council may direct , at the fol
lowing scale of prices , to-wit :
On moonlight schedule , midnight
Twenty lights at $5 per mouth , each.
Twenty-five lights at $4 7fi per mouth ,
Thirty lights at $4 CO per mouth , each.
Forty lights at $4 25 per mouth , each.
Fifty lights at 84 00 per mouth , each.
For an all-time midnight service same
as we are now operating under , at $1
per light extra on above prices. We
will also luruish any number of lights
not less than twenty , moonlight
schedule , all night service , at $0 per
mouth per light ; for an all time all
night service lor $8 per month per light.
The above propositions ore based upon
the city outoring into a contract for
three years , ttie first year beginning
with March 1 , 1003 , to bo on the mid
night service plan , the last two years of
said contract to be on all night service
with the privilege reserved to the city
of at any time increasing the lights at c
the prices above specified , or changing 5
from the moonlight schedule to the all-
time schedule.
We also agree that in the event the
above proposition is accepted that we
will furnish electric current to the con
sumers of the city at 10 cents per thou
sand watts , the consumer to pay for
wiring his house and furnish his own
meter , and that the minimum charge
for each cousnmer is to bo ? 1 per month.
The moonlight schedule as published
by the Western Electrician of Chicago ,
Illinois , is to govern. In addition to
that wo will run the lights on cloudy
nights when the moon is so obscured
that it does not give snfllcient light.
We also agree that when the city
takes the lights on the all night basis
that we will furnish current to the con
sumers of the city , also , on the all-night
Respectfully submitted ,
By H. H. Patterson , President.
A motion prevailed that the proposi
tion be laid on the table for the present.
A. Wilde addressed the council , pro
testing against the council paying out
money for street lights /or only a small
portion .of the city while the greater
part of the city was without street lights
of any kind.
The following claims were road and I
allowed : '
J. 0. Stitt , four months' salary as
water commissioner and postage , 1105.50.
L. Wetzel , December salary as flro-
man , , $45.
J. A. Light , drayage on 44 tons of t
coal to waterworks , $8.80.
Walter and ( Iruiii oompiuiy , ! I
iH of t'onl for waterworks , $17(1 ( |
Halter ( Joal aud drain company , two
\toiiN \ of lump ooiil to oily h 11 , $ ll. !
' Oscar Uhlo , supplies to walorwmhs ,
Stitt & White , repairing hydrant , 7f.
Al. Dognor , hardware for waterwoiks ,
$ r > . : tr > .
Fred Klentvi , freight and dntyngo , llfi
, cunts.W.
' W. 11. HiBli , laying mains in now ex
tension , { (15 ( M.
| C. V. Liermaii , repairs at pumping
station , $1.
Kdwauls it Bradford Lumber Co. ,
lumber for pumping station , fill.Ml.
U. S. C P. & Foundery Co. , pipe for
mains , * T.N7 2(1. (
Martin Kant ) , December salary .foO.
Hot tiinn Kouh , December salary , $50.
11. II. Itoyt , December salary , $10.
Dr. A , Hoar , Drcemlior service as city
phy.Hloimi , $10.
Carl Wililo , four months' milury and
postage , $50.50.
( Mir. Hclmvland , clink of diBtrlct
court , costs in bond cant $15 ( II. !
I Al. Duguur , repairs and supplies ,
$ ( i)0. )
KicHati Drug Co. , supplies , $5 'JO.
W. J.Frt'einaii , lubor [ tluBhing sewer ,
L L. Uombo , labor ( ItiHhing sewer , $11
W. 11. Lowe , labor Hushing sewer , $11.
C. Hartford , labor Ilimlniip , sewer ,
0 6. Drulingor , hauling brick for hy
drant , 50 cents.
John Friday , hardware , 55 cents.
Win. Radon/ , hauling hook and
ladder truck to Clement fire , $1 50.
0 E Moore , repairs for fire extin
guisher , f > 0 cents.
Fred Leu , salary and labor for Decem
her , $ ! l8f)0.
Edwards & Bradford Lumber com
pany , lumber for crossings and walks ,
$ flil 41) ) .
L. H. Doughty , lighting gasolini
lamps , $5.
M. E Spaulding , gasoline and oil ,
Roland & Wilkinson , gasoline and
oil , $10.
A communication from 0. J , Colby
giving assent to certain changes in ( hi
ordinance submittul to grant him i
franchise for a gas plant was read.
The city attorney was instructed t (
prepare a new gas ordinance incorporat
ing the changes indicated and with i
clause requiring the company to give i
bond to indemnify the city ugairst al
damages which might be incurred because
cause of the franchise.
The clerk reported that the Wildi
deed had been recorded and returned bj
the county clerk.
The auditing committee reported bad
as correct the treasurer , clerk and wate
commissioner's reports aud they wen
ordered filed.
The treasurer's report for Decembe
showing the following balances , genera
fund $2.28 , interest fund $7WI ( .8 , wato
fuud $705 41 , road fund $178 II ) , sinking
fund $4,207 ( ! ! ) , fire department fun
$180 , street lighting fund $10 82 , wa
read and referred back to the uuditin
An ordinance granting the Madison
County Telephone company the use of
the streets and alloys of the city for the
purpose of erecting and maintaining a
telephone exchange in the city was read
and returned to said company to be
changed to accord with the views of the
council in the matter.
The council then adjourned.
WANTKD Girl to do domestic work.
Wages $3 per wtek. Apply at No. 421
South Fourth street.
Fresh oysters at Bohnort's.
The White House and Mellowrich
con"ccscomo and try them at Bohnert'tt
Notice to Stockholders.
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Citizens National
bank of Norfolk , Nebraska , will bo hold
in its banking rooms on Tuesday , Janu-
ary 14 , 1002 , between the hours of 10 a.
m. and 4 p. m. , for the election of di-
Norfolk , Neb. , Dec. 14 , 1901.
A full line of fresh fruits always on
hand at Bohnert's.
If yon want a gocd suit of clothes
cheap try Bohncrt's.
Log cabin and Canada sap maple
syrup , the bf st on the market , at Boh-
Don't fail to go to Bohuert's if yon
need anything in fruit.
The scenery displayed in the produc
tion of E. J. Carpenter's production of
"Quo Yodis" consists principally of the
peristyle in the house of Petrouius , the
statue scene , the garden of Anlns Plan-
tins , Nero's palace , Rome ; interior of
the Marmertino prison , the collisonm ,
the Roman [ amphitheatre and arena ;
the burning and destruction of Rome ,
and the death of Nero , the sign of the
cross and the dawn of Christianity.
While the theme of the play deals prin-
'cipally with a somber subject , the wit
of Petrouius and Ohilo , the Greek phil
osopher , together with the overweening
vanity of Nero , cause much amusement.
This remarkable play will bo seen , at
the Auditorium on January 1G and a
packed house is reasonably expected.
William Donnc'i- Strangles Him
self This Afternoon.
Complaint Sworn to by HisSon Con
dition Discovered by Chiol of Police -
lice Kami Efforts to Rustiacilate
Him Wore Unavailing.
William D.mnor , lined about M > years ,
ommltted miielde by hanging In lhi >
Uy Jull tills afternoon shortly after 2
I'eloek , l > y IjliiK u wool scarf Iti HIM
mire ulmve the cell doortluiii"h ( which
itt placed his head and then let the
veli'ht of his body -impend from HIM
mpmvlM'il ' nniiHM.
Oliicf of Pollen K'ino ' entered HIM Jail
ilmnt 2:15 : ami alter releasing Dnimrr
'mm Hut position summoned Dr. llolilon
who winked over HIM Mrmujlrd man al-
nest ( an hour in an < ll'ort tonmtore him
0 life , but bis cIlortH wcn > unavailing
mil Hui last s'gn ol' lil'M was KOIIM ulioin
1 o'clock.
ThodMi.d man had hci'ii on a sprco
mil was nut all night. Hu was ijultM
sober this morning but vt as arrested on
.ho complaint of having astaulleil and
threatened his wlfo , Hm complaint bi'ing
sworn out by his son , 1''canIt ' Donner.
Ihi WIIH arin ( oil about II o'clock by
Ollluer KIIIIM assisted by A. C I1' . Hchtil/ . .
Ho had before served a term of Ifi days
in HID county jail for assault on his
wifn , having been mmlonced on March
24 , IMW.
It is generally considered ( hut his
drinking and family troubles had un
balanced his mind and at the time of
nnminlttliig the deed ho was not rcsH > n
Bible for his action.
The decensed was an old resident of
this vicinity his homo being four miles
northwest of the city.
Ho had a number of friends in Nor
folk and vicinity at'd appeared to him
trcate. ) ) ovnryono better than ho did his
family. His worst oneiny appears to
Imvo boon drink , as ho was very agree
nbln when hober.
The proper officers wern notified of his
death and an inquest will probably be
held. j
For Salo.
Thirty head of horses , consisting ol
woik horses , drivinu horses and nuldli
horses. Must bo sold ut once , regardless
of priH ) . ' ( ! . H. Sicu.r.u
Foil SAM' A good milch cow.
II , Gregory of Wayne was a city vis
itor over night.
Mrs. L Lewis of Meadow Clrovo is i
Norfolk visitor.
Mrs. F. M. Morris of Laurel spen
Now Year's in Norfolk.
Miss Edith McClary returned toda >
from her visit to Fremont.
J. A. Reynolds of Neligh had bnai
ness in Norfolk yesterday.
E. J. Wilson of Plainviow trunsactci
business in Norfolk yesterday.
John Hill arid Hugh Hill of Creigh
ton were city visitors yesterday.
A. B. Sciinnell of Madison visito <
Norfolk friends over Now Year's.
Mrs. Will McCuno returned today t
Way no after a visit with her parents.
Miss Hildreth Sisson returned to college
lego ur Delaware , Ohio , at noon today
J J. Clements was over from Miuli
sou to attend the meeting of the citj
Miss Edith Berrymnn was in the city
yesterday from Creightou doing som
Mrs. N. E. Spencer returned today
noon from a visit with relatives a
Boone , Iowa.
Goo. 8. Bndgo of Chicago arrived a
noon today to attend the funeral of th
late Mrs.C. S. Bridge.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Krahn and littl
daughter , Adolia , returned lost nigh
from then visit to Iowa.
Dr. R. A. Mittlestadt , dentist , Bishop
block. Telephone 147 A.
We make loans on real estate a
lowest rates. Elkhoru Building and
Savings association. T. E. ODIOUNE Son
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Win. Ludwlg
January 1 , 1002 , a daughter.
The Royal Highlanders had a com
bined social and supper Saturday night
John Host of Norfolk was visiting
hero Now Year's with relatives am
Harry Weisonstein of Columbus i
visiting here with his nncloErnst Hans
and family.
The Young Ladies Good Time club
hod a social dance in the opera house
Now Year's night.
P. F. Zimmerman was a lucky man
on New Year'sgetting ; a 76-dollar horse
for 48 cents on a rafllo.
Henry Wnrtzol of Cniuing county
was visiting bore this week with hi
brother , John , and family.
Next Tuesday the voting members o :
the Lutheran congregation will boll
their yearly business mooting ,
Our town duds have lots of trouble on
baud uow days , vis ; street Itunpa , water
vorltH , ( ( 'leplmno , dog taxes and fomo
Mr and Mrs. Ml ! < o Amlrns of Norfolk
me vlMlHng hero Friday will ) MrM.
ndiiH1 parents , Mr. anil Mrs. ( Imi ,
Allxirl , Hale , who lius hce.ii wniklng
( no during HIM holidays In his brother's
tore , went homo to Leigh again Wed-
A MHiial patty look plnen at , tint Tuy-
ir home In Highland paik Mill unlay
it-lit. Miss lilollo Taylor Imd invited
er friends Id meet Miss Hlintt. .
The Lutherans comimmccil HIM Now
'enrjwlili n Hcivlco In their church.
lev. Iliifman matin Hm following Inter-
statement for the year 11)01 ) : 20
hililiMii weie clirlstcned ; I deitHin ; n
tmples mairled ; IK peisons confirmed ;
IDC , iccoivlng Hut holy Hii'iiiment ;
Hlfi. 10 received for missions ; 101 voting
( embers ami 710 souls in Hm congru-
Men's underwear , glovesmltUsiiRhats
ml caps at cost at Hohnnrl'H ,
Land Marks
Made famous by the onrly hudors , ex-
ilorers , | ilonc ( rs , Mormons , ( .militants ,
lony express riders , overland stiiK'o
Indian encounters , ol" . , are
linn fruin the car windows of the Union
'aolflo ' trains , Ho Hiiro your ticket
cads via this rnnle.
,1 H. KI.SIITIU : : ,
At'cn ( .
Is the inane limn ,
Wonderful West.
Towaids whit h the oyiH of the west
ire tiirntil ; whom great opportunities
ire open to ( veryone , is h st and quick-
sl roaehed by the Union Pacific. No
Hitter trains in the world than thoao
run via this lino.
For full information call nnoraddrcsH
I. B. Klscffor , agent.
$4 M ) to Lincoln nnd return via U. P.
railroad January 20-22 , limit January
27 , 11)02. ) Occasion : Annual meetings ,
State Hoard of A ilcullnrel , State
Dairymen association , State Improved
Stock Breeders association , State Swine
I3reeders association , State Dnroc Jersey
breeders association , State Poultry as
sociation , State Veterinary association ,
Ktute Knger Meet Oroweis association ,
Htnte Jersey Hreeders association , Htnto
Funnel H institute Impure of J. H.
If-cllor , agent.
Tin : NKWS keeps us job department
up-to-date with the latest , faces of typo
and does its work in approved stylo.
Itc ill 15 Me , Loans , liwnce
I'OK HKNT-HU mom lionco , KIHK ! order ,
fiirimcu luiit , clljv ur. Sl'iM per month ,
Knvi'ii loom liniixn fur Hiditur icnt. Now burn ,
coiil hoimc , tile , Oood order , llrnt , J1AOO.
KOlt HAIK CHIiAP-Onn mid ono-ludf Mor- Vo
tcH , 0 KKJIIIH. IS no 114 , Htidiln , rniMcrlli , T\u >
blockx from Norfolk itvciiim , ill * ) ( X ) .
KOIl HAI.M-Twn nlnry nnd wind 7-room
lionee , lotllO hy 17H fcot , Inrcn burn , Hood wall ,
100-lmrriil rlHlcrn , linn IKIIIHO , nod re ) Id r , In
olid ( if tlio Ix'Ht liloclH fu Uioclly. $700.10.
KOU HAhK One BIII ! orio-lmlf loU in Dnnoy
Pliicd. Tree * well Improved idl mound thorn.
Ikwt tmlldiiiK idtd In Unit part at ttm city.
Other good lutH very cheap In dllTerput parti
( if the city.
I"Ml HALK- Fine cortor lot em Norfolk nvo-
IIUB , M liy 17A font.
I idro offer for unto nna of the very hnit bnel-
[ ! ( > loin and hnlldluKH In tliu heart of the bnsl-
IIRFH rnnler ( if the city.
Curno and nen HIP. Lot tin tnlk. ( hnro two
Hi KM I ioHiiinncn romimnirtH , I'lilHtliift of London
nnd Aninrlrxn C'entrid of Ht 1,0111 H , nnd will ho
Klud to li.Hiire jin from fire or tornndo.
.1. K. SIMPSON ,
Oflicant Hnrdy'iiConl Olllco.
Practical Piuniber
and Steam Fitter.
Agency for the Myers Force and
Wind Mill Purnps.
Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Work
First , door West of Post Office
Sioux City Florist.
Awarded first premium on
Funeral Designs.
Handsome Roses , Camations.Palms . , Ferns
Flowers shipped in fresh condition.
Phone 4661. . City odlco : Cor. Cth nnd Plorco.
Office with J. D. Sturgeon ,