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Lloyd-George Arousen Government
Supporters to Pitch of Fury.
I IxHidqn , Doc. 19. David Lloyd- ,
George , M. P. , In speaking hi Ulruilug-
ham town hall last night , proclpltatod
a Bccno uuprccodontcd In that city
elnco the Aston Park riots. The ma ?
Jorlty of the audience wore hostile to
the speaker and wore enraged hy his
pro-Doer and anti-Chamberlain utter
ances. They rushed the police cordon
Guarding the platform. In the moan"
while the hulldlng was besieged from
the outside hy a mob of several thou
sand people , who fusilladed the audi
ence with atones through the win
dows. The police reserves wore turned
out. and succeeded In dispersing the
mob after repeated charges. A num
ber of persons were Injured and the
town hall was completely wrecked.
Lloyd-Georgo and his friends were
compelled to retreat to an Inner room
for safety. They were unable to leave
the building for fear of mob violence
and were thus kept prisoners until a
late hour , when Mr. Lloyd-Georgo ,
disguised as a chief constable , left
the town hall with a posse ot police
Many constables wore seriously In
jured In their attempts to clear the
streets , which they did not succeed In
doing until a heavy downfall of rain
nnd sleet came to their assistance. It
is rumored that ono civilian has died
of injuries received. Several arrests
for resisting the police htrvo been
made. At a meeting held outside the
town hall , resolutions of confidence
in the government were adopted.
Estimates of the number of demon
strators vary from 10,000 to GO.OOO
Takes the Place of Her Husband and
Brother Who Have Been Killed.
V : New York , Dec. 19. A dispatch to
the Herald from Colon , Colombia ,
says : A woman colonel , Senora Ramona -
mona Mendozn , fought bravely with
the Insurgent forces In the conflicts
between the Colombian government
and rebel troops at Nombro d'Dlos
last week. Her husband and brother
were killed last Thursday. When the
government troops drove the Insur
gents from the trenches on Friday
Senora Mendoza escaped to SanDlas
in a small boat with Indians. Senora
Mendoza has been an Intrepid fighter
during the last two insurrections on
the Isthmus. She displayed gallantry
* n the recent battle at Buena Vista.
According to the latest advices the
rebels are still offering resistance to
the government near Nombro d'Dlos.
Rr Strikes Decided Lawful.
St. Louis , Doc. 19. In the St. Louis
circuit court yesterday Judge Taltey
decided that strikes are lawful and
that any number of men may band to
gether for the purpose of enforcing
a demand for an Increase of wages ,
by leaving the service of their em
ployers. The case In which the de
cision was rendered was that of El-
bridge W. Chase against the Journey
men Steam Fitters' union.
San Bias a Total Wreck.
Colon , Colombia , Dec. 19. The Pan
ama agent of the steamer San Bias
from San Francisco has issued the fol
lowing account of the loss of that ves
sel : "Tho San Bias ran ashore five
miles north of La Libortad , Salvador.
All the passengers and crew were
saved. The baggage and deck cargo
will bo saved. All the other cargo is
under water. The steamer will prob
ably be a total wreck. "
Storrs Formally Resigns.
Creston , la. , Dec. 19. H. S. Storrs ,
division superintendent of the Bur
lington , with headquarters at Creston ,
yesterday announced his resignation ,
to take effect Jan. 1 , to accept the po
sition of assistant general superin
tendent of the Lake Erie and Western ,
with headquarters at Indianapolis.
Mr. Storrs' successor will probably
be Trainmaster Fabens of Ottumwa.
More Trouble In Ireland ,
Londno , Dec. 19. The sentences of
Conor O'Kelly and the other officials
of County Mayo , at Castlebar , are like
ly to be the beginning of further trou
ble In Ireland. The sentences were
secured under the old crimes act of
1887 , which has long bepn dormant.
The navy department has an
nounced the final acceptance of the
battleship Wisconsin.
Governor Van Sant of Minnesota
has granted the requisition of Ne
braska for Charles E. Kates , wanted
at Omaha for forgery.
It has been decided to canonlzo
Joan of Arc. A great formal cere
mony for this purpose will shortly bo
Tield In St. Peter's , Romo.
Dr. Matthew D. Mann , In a public
statement , said ho and his colleagues
look to congress to pay the physicians
who attended President McKlnley.
Dr. W. E. Bowman of Elkhart , Ind. ,
surgeon for the Lake Shore road , and
au unknown companion were struck
by a fast mall train on that road Wed
nesday and instantly killed.
While suffering from an attack of
violent insanity Dexter Knight , a
ranchman living near Bryan , Ida. ,
killed his 5-year-old boy and severely
Injured two other of bis children.
Dr. Scott Brown , a prominent resi
dent of Chllllcothe , Mo. , Wednesday
slipped on the icy sidewalk and fell
on bis head. Ills skull was crushed
and death resulted In a short'time.
Two daughters of Mrs. James E.
Wing , 6 and 4 years of age , were
burned to death In a flro that de
stroyed the house occupied by Mrs.
Wing and her six children at Canon
City , Colo. Another of the children
falu-ly burned.
Wntrr Cnrult nrni
The number of carnivorous uronturca
found In the water seems out of nil
proportion to the usual order of nature ,
hut thin Is perhaps because the minute ,
nlmost Invisible crcntnren of which the
riven * and ponds are full and which are
the main food of the smaller water car-
nlvora , live mainly on decaying vege
table substance , which Is practically
converted and condensed Into micro
scopical animals before these become
In turn the food of others.
It Is as If all the trees and grass on
land wore first eaten by locusts or
white ants and the locusts and white
ants were then eaten by semlcarnlvo-
rotis COWH and sheep , which wcro In
turn eaten by true carnlvora. The wa
ter weeds , both when living and decay
ing , are eaten by the cntomoBtraca , the
cntotnostraca are eaten by the larva )
of Insects , the perfect Insects arc eaten
by Uic fish and the flab arc eaten by
men , otters and birds.
Thus we eat the products of the wa
ter plants at four removes In a fish ,
while we eat that of the grass or tur
nips only In the secondary form beef
or mutton.
Flali Thnt Uo Forty Mile * nn Hour.
Few of us have an accurate Idea of
the rate at which llsh swim. When we
say that a person Is "as fast as a porpoise
poise , " we hardly associate a quick
rate of swimming with that Individual ,
yet he and everybody else would like
to be able to get through the water as
rapidly. 1'orpolses have been seen to
dart round and round a steamer travel
ing seventeen miles an hour , thus prov
ing their capacity to swim at a greater
late than that.
The dolphin may be placed on a level
with the porpoise , but the bonlto has
occasionally boon known to approach
forty miles for short distances.
Herrings , In shoals , move steadily at
a rate between ten and twelve miles ;
mackerel swim much faster , and both
trout and salmon go at a rapid pace
when migrating up a stream for spawn
Wlin'es ' are not fish In the scientific
sense , but It Is Interesting to note that
these monsters swim at a rate of six
teen miles an hour when excited , al
though their ordinary speed Is estimat
ed at between four and five miles.
The Question He Ankcil.
Sir Peter Edlln of the British bench
was noted for his courtesy to prison
ers. On one occasion an Incorrigible
culprit was sentenced by him to twelve
months after the mendicity oillccr had
given the usual evidence of bad char
"Can't I speak ? " said the prisoner.
"Am I to be sentenced without 'avlng
'ad a chance ? "
"Certainly you may speak , " said the
learned judge. "Say what you please.
You shall have every opportunity. I
withdraw the sentence I have Just
passed until I hear what you have to
urge. Take your time. Pray take your
time. "
"I want to ask a question , my lord. "
"By all means. Put any question you
wish. "
"Look at him , my lord , " said the old
rogue , pointing his finger at the men
dicity officer. "Isn't he an ugly beg
gar ? "
Sir Peter laughed till the tears came ,
but he didn't reduce the sentence.
The CoHtllcnt PnlntlnR.
The Duke of Marlborough Is believed
to be the possessor of the costliest
painting In the world , which was at
one time the property of the first Duke
of Marlborough. The picture Is known
as the "Blenheim Madonna , " painted
by Raphael In 1507 and now valued at
no less than 70,000. It Is eight feet
high and represents the Madonna and
Child seated on a throne , with a figure
of St. John the Baptist on the left and
that of St Nicholas of Barl on the
right. Its almost fabulous value Is
due to the fact that It is one of the
best preserved of the artist's works In
Dnld ThrouRh FrlKht.
The recent case of a boy who be
came bald through fright has been dis
cussed by sonic people who do not be
lieve It possible. But other cases have
occurred. Dr. Pozzl , a Paris physician ,
once treated a fashionable woman who
had been frightened by spending a
night In a lonely country villa evading
the attacks of her husband , who 'had
been seized with violent hydrophobia.
When rescue came , she dropped para
lyzed , and during the next few days
every hair of her head fell out Lon
don Standard.
EnUImn AVrentllnR.
Next to gambling the Eskimo men
like to wrestle. The usual way of doIng -
Ing this Is a test rather of strength
than skill. The wrestlers sit down on
the floor or In any convenient place
side by side and facing In opposite di
rections , say , with right elbows touch-
Ing. Then they lock arms , and each
strives to straighten out the other's
UnuTvare * .
"Oh , my ! " she exclaimed Impatiently.
"We'll be sure to miss the first act.
We've been waiting a good many min
utes for that mother of mine. "
"Hours , I should say , " ho replied
rather tartly.
"Ours ? " she cried Joyfully. "Oh ,
George , this is so sudden 1" Philadel
phia Press.
A no Put it.
"I have been upon a llttlo excoria
tion , " once said the first Lord Balti
more , who constantly misused one
word for another , "to see a ship lanced ,
and there Is not a finer vessel upon
God's yearth. You have no Idiom how
well It sailed. "
We do not believe that any one who
makes It n practice to go around and
tell people what they should be thank
ful for Is ever liked. Atchlsou Globe.
r.csncDiNQ o- THE RANGCO ,
Railroads to Take Up a Work of Vast
Importance to the West.
Omaha , Doc. Ill , It has Just leaked
out from rallmml sources In thin city
hat a plan Is now on foot which con-
omplates the ultimate rosomllng of all
ho western ranges. Thin proposition
s one of great significance and many
ramifications. Should It bo carried to
i successful tssuo , the ranged of No-
braeka , Wyoming , Montana , Utah , Ne
vada and Idaho will bo vastly affected ,
f the proper grass plant or plants can
> o found , the different railroads most
nterostcd In these tcrrltorlco will go
a any reasonable oxttmt In furthering
the plant.
Ilowovor , a condition nocosnnry to
any extensive promotion of the schema
by the railroads has been plainly
stated by thorn to bo the hearty co
operation of the government ; to bo
given as soon as the possibility of sue-
cuss haa been demonstrated by the
experimenting of the railways Inter
Western Iowa Retailers Unit * Orders
to Make Carload Lots.
Webster City , la. , Doc. 19. A now
combination among furniture dealers
n central and northern Iowa him Just
jcon formed for buying purposes and
.o get the benefit of lower freight
rates. Dealers will buy wholly In car-
oad lots and ship to central points
'or distribution. They will save near-
y half the freight rates. Webster
City will bo a distributing point for
northern and central Iowa. This now
combination will hold Its first meeting
In Webster City Jan. 3. Over 100 deal
ers In this section are In the combine.
They hope thus to bo able to compote
with the big catalogue houses.
Slack Foreign Demand and Car Short
age Given as the Reasons.
Minneapolis , Dec. IS ) . Four flour
mills of the Consolidated Milling com
pany wcro shut down yesterday.
There Is every probability that nearly
all the Minneapolis mills will bo closed
before the end of the weok. The clos
ing of the mills results In part from
a temporary depression In the demand
for flour from abroad. A. C. Lording ,
president of the Consolidated Milling
company , said that a very serious ele
ment In the conditions which had com
pelled a shut down at this time was
Lho shortage of cars in the northwest.
Zero Weather In Kansas.
Topeka , Kan. , Dec. 19. Light snow
Toll In eastern Kansas yesterday.
Zero weather generally prevails. Nu
merous narrow escapes from death by
freezing are reported. Some alarm Is
Colt among stockmen on account of
the great scarcity of water.
, *
Hayward Is Bound Over.
Lincoln , Dec. 19. The preliminary
hearing of C. E. Hayward , on the
charge of murdering John J. Glllllan
on the night of Aug. 22 , last , was com
pleted before Judge Comstock yester
day. Hayward was bound over with
out bail.
Features of the Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
ChlenRO , Doc. 18. Numerous licnrlnli con-
dltlnriH , nbt'ttiMl by llbcrnl HcllliiK nftor n
firm opt'iiliiK , brought a Hliarp Hlunip In nil
pjraliis today , May whiwt cloiliiK MIC down ,
May corn 14" ' % ' ' lower uml May oats Vl ®
% tlower. . Provisions closed 'JnTic down.
Closlnn prices :
Wheat-Doc. , T.'i'Xic ; May , 7nfii79 .
Corn Dec. , lKle ; May , ( . ( % . - .
Oats-Doc. , ll'/ic ; Mny , 44c.
Pork Jan. , $1I. ( : ) ; May , $111.75.
UlbH-Jan. , JH.-IO ; May , $8.00.
Lnril Jnn. , $ ! ) .8Ti ; May , $ .Ki.
Chlf.iKO canli quotations No. 2 red whpnt ,
80@ttiV&c ; No. 3 red wheat , lOV/nSSc ; No.
3 sprlnK wheat , 71r < i75V4c ; No ? 2 hnrd
wheat , 707U'/jc ; No. : i hnrd wheat , 75'Xj/n )
7lc ( ; No. 3 IIO\Y corn , 04'//if'We ' ; No. 3 new
yellow corn , GSV $ < < I(5.c ; No. 2 cash outs ,
4(5Ho ( ; No. 2 white oats , 48V4sH8ic ( ; Nu. 3
cash oats , 40c.
Chicago Live Stock.
. Dec. 18. Cattlp-Uccelpts , 21-
000 , IncludhiK 2.V ) TPXIUIS ; westerns gen
erally ir > ( fi2oc lower ; good to prime , JG.2r > ( < J
7.35 ; poor to medium , $ : { .75 < ft5.f 0 ; stockers
and feeders , $2.00R4.50 ; cows , 51.00JI-I.05 ;
heifers. $2.00rtf > .2fi ; dinners. $1.00CFr- ;
bulls , ? 1.7rxa4.M ) ; cnlves , $2.fXXS.7G ; Texas
fed steers. $4.30 < gr > .Si. ! Hojfs Receipts , to
day , 48,000 ; tomorrow , 40,000 , estimated ;
left over , 10,000 ; steady to 5c lower ; mixed
nnd butchers , $5.85fi(1.515 ( ( ; Rood to cliolrp
heavy , $0.2oJfl.70 ; rough heavy , $5.0050.15 ;
light , $5.00@5.X > ; bulk of sales. S5.80 < S .20.
Sheep-Receipts , 22,000 ; sheep lOc lower ;
lambs ir > < ft2T > c lower ; Rood to choice weth
ers , J3.7r.Jl4.40 ; fair to choice mixed , J2.70
@ 3.50 ; western slioep , $3.034.00 ; ntlve
lambs , $ > .50&G.55 ; western lambs , $2@4.
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas City , Dec. 18. Cattle Receipts ,
8,000 ; lOffiric lower ; choice steers , J5.755J
C.40 ; fair to Rood , $4.C.VH8.70 ; utockers and
feeders , $2.8. > @ 4. < 50 : western fed steers ,
? 4. . ' > OJJfl.OO ; western range steers , $3.rM
4.75 ; native cows , $2,704M.50 ; heifers , $ .1.00
( W.2.V runners , ll.T.Vii-.CO ; bulls.$2..r.Xft
4.25 ; calves , $3.GO@5.23. HoRS-Recelpts.
18,000 ; lOftlfSc lower ; top , $0.75 ; bulk of
suli-s. $5.7.Via.CO ; heavy , $0.05 0.75 ; mixed
puckers , $0.00 fl.CO ; llpht , $5.25ffl ! .3T ; pigs ,
$4 2WHS.OO. Sheep-Receipts , 3,000 ; stronR
to lOc higher ; native lambs , $4.75 © > .40 ;
western lambs , $4.0@50 ; native wpthers ,
$3.70(34.50 ( ; western wethers , $3.50R4.2.5 ( ;
ewes , $3.00(33.85 ( ; culls and feeders , $1.23.
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Omaha , Dec. 18. Cattle Receipts ,
3,500 ; slow , best steady , others C10c low
er ; n&tlvc beef steers , $4.0Ofi0.75 ; western
st rs , $3.7GiT5.70 ( ; Texas steers , $3.60Jj4 40 ;
coirs and heifers , $2.80 )4.05 ) ; canners , $1 50
C12.70 ; stockers and feeders , $2.254 40 ;
calves , fa.OOQO.OO ; bulls , stags , etc. , $1.75
M,10. Hops-Receipts. 12.WX ) ; slow and
lOo lower on nil kinds ; heavv , $0.0000.70-
mlied , $0.20510.40 ; llKht. $5.80Qfl.l5 ( ; plRs.
jn.CXVjIG.W ) ; bulk of sales , $0.00ft0.30
Sheen Receipts , 3rXX ) , steady to stionR on
sheep , lambs unchanged ; fed muttons. $4,0t
rtt-1.25 ; fed lambs. $ .7.rxfiG.r > 0 ; ewes. J3.00JJ
3.43j : ommon und stock sheep , $2.75 < Q3.25
St. Joseph Live Stock.
St. Joseph , Dec. 18.-Cnttle-Rccclpts , 1 ,
000 : steady ; natives , $3.25Jt7.15 ; cows am
hulfprs. $1.00fi5.25 ; veals , $2.50fti.23
( lockers and feedera , $2.001.25. HORS
Receipts , 11,000 ; weak to lOc lower ; llfiht
and light mixed , $5.SO < Q.GO ( ! ; medium nud
hoary , fp.U54iO.75 ; ptgv , $3.75&l.25.
A Woman's Awful Peril.
"Thuro is only ono ununuo to savn
our life and that Is through an oponv
ion"woro the Hturlltng words heard by
Mm. I 11 , Hunt of Llmo Itldgo , WlH , ,
10 in her doctor attur ho had vainly
rlod to cure her of a frightful oiuui of
tomaoh tronblo and yellow juunilleo.
Gall Htonos had formoa nud she con-
liintly grow worse. Thou she began to
IRO Klootrlo Hitters whtuh wholly cured
icr , It's u wonderful Htomuoh.llvor and
cldnuy romudy , Ouros dynpnpHlaJ IOHM
of apimtlto. Try it. Only f > 0o. Guar
anteed , For mile by A. II.
Great tonlo , braoos body and bruin ,
Irives away all impurities from your
ystum. MalcoB you well , Hooky
Mountain Tea. itrxi , Goo , 1) ) , OlirlH-
oph. _
Just ns n Fire
proads in dry gratm and woods , NO does
in inflammation of the throat the ro-
nit of a cold grow down into the sen *
Itlvo iitr-piiHHi\KOH of the InngH. The
old , like the lire , should bo promptly
loalt with. When yon begin to cough ,
iso Allen's Lung Hiilmun. It will our-
ninly heal the sere throat and lungs
and it may MIVO you from ooiiHumptlon.
The only direot route between ( Jull-
ornia and the oust is the Union Paoillo ,
'Tho Overland Houto. " This was the
Irst road to span the continent with
bands of steel. It made friends in thono
arly days it Is making them now , on
iccount of iln superior Hervico and
uport ) emiipmont and qnlolc traiiiH.
Kor full information call on or mldronH
" . 13 , KlHotTor , agent ,
Saw Death Nenr.
"It often nmdo my heart uuho."writos
i , 0. OverHtreot , of Klgin , TOMII. , "to
iear my wife cough until it Hoeimtd her
veak and sore lungs would colhipm
- < eel ( doctors Hiild she was so fur gone
vith consumption that no medlolno or
rrthly help cop'tl ' HIVO her , but a fiieiul
ocomineuded Dr.Klug'H Now Ic.ovory
ind pornistont UNO of t'iin ' oxcellunt mod-
olno saved her lifo. " It.'s absolutory
( uarantoed for conKliH , colds , bronchitis ,
iHthmaand all throat und lung dko.iKOH.
> 0o and $1 at A. II. Kiosau's. Trial hot-
Jo free.
A Good Cough Medicine.
From the Gn/.otto , Toowoombii , AUH-
ralia. I find Ohamborlam'H Cough
Ilumedy is an oxcolont medicino. 1
uivo bson sull'oring from a Kovuro cougher
or the liiflt two months , and it IIUH of-
'eotod a euro. 1 have great pluiuuroin
ecommcndlng it. W. O. .Woc'knor.
This is the opinion of ono of our oldest
ind most rospeoted rriidontH , und han
) eon voluutiiirily given in good faith
hat others may try the rommly mid bo
lonofitcd , as was Mr. Wooknor. This
remedy is sold by Kietmu Drug Co.
A cold , cough or la grippe onn ha
"nipped in the bud , " with a iloso or two
of Foloy's Honey nnd Tar. Beware of
substitutes. A. II. Kiosnu.
Nasnl Cuturrh quickly yields to treat-
nont by Ely's Croniu JJnlm , which in agree
ably nroinutio. It is rocoivcd through the
noiitriln , clcnimos and licnla the whole Biir-
nco over which it difmaoB itself. DruggiatB
Bull the GOc. 8i7.o ; Trial eizo liy mail , 10
couts. Test it nud you nro euro to cautiiiuo
, ho treatment.
To ficcomimxliUo those who nro partial
o the UHO of ntoinizora in applying liquida
nto the lineal jinssngoB for catarrhal trou-
'iles ' , the proprietors jiropnro Cream Ilnlm iu
iquid form , which will bo known ns Ely'a
Liquhl Cream Unhn. Price including the
spraying tube it 75 cents. Druggists or by
nail. The liquid form embodies the incd-
cinnl properties of the Kolid preparation.
To Stop a Cold.
After exposure or when you fool a
: old coming ontako , n dose of Foloy's
lonoy and Tar. It never fails to stop n
cold if taken in timo. A. It. Kiosau.
H. T. Mclutyro , St. Paul , Minn. , who
ms been troubled with ndwordord atom-
ich , says , "Ohamborlaiu'H Stomach and
Liivor Tablets do mo more good than
inything I have over taken. " For sale
by Kiesau Drug Co.
Wonderful West.
Towards which the eyes of the west
are turned ; where great opportunities
are open to everyone , is best and quick
est reached by the Union Pacific. No
bettor trains iu the world than those
run via this line.
For full information oalljon or address
J. B. Elsoffer , agont.
Says He Was Tortured.
"I suffered such pain from corns I
could hardly walk , " writes H. Robin
son , HillaboroDgh , 111. , "but Bnckleu's
Arnica Salvo completely cured them. "
Aots like magio on sprains , braisescuts ,
sores , scalds , burns , boils , ulcers. Per
fect healer of fikiu diseases and piles.
Cure guaranteed by A. H. Kiesau. 25c.
Coughs and Colds in Children.
Recommendation of a well known
Chicago physician : I use and prescribe
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for al
most all obstinate , constricted coughs ,
with direct results. I prescribe it tc
children of all ages. Am glad to reo-
ommeud it to all in need and seeking
relief from colds and coughs and bron
chial afllictions. It is non-narcotic anc
safe in the hands of the most unprofes
sional. A universal panacea for nl
mankind Mrs , Mary R. Molendy , M
D. , Ph. D. , Chicago , 111. This remedy
is for sale by Kiesau Drug Co.
A Blow in the Back.
An overcoat is a necessary nuisance
and the tendency to take it off on
warmish days in late autumn and win
ter is as strong as it is unwise. A
treacherous wind bits yon in tbe back
and the next morning yon have lum
bago. Rub well and often with Perry
Davis * Painkiller and yon will bo aston
ished to flnd how quickly all soreness is
banished. There is but one Painkiller ,
Perry Davis * .
Food Changed to Poison.
Putrefying food in the Intestines pro
duces effects like those of arsouio , but
Dr. King's New Lifo Pills expel the
poisons from clogged bowels , gentlv ,
enoily but surely , curing constipation ,
biliousness , sick headaaho , fevers , all
liver , kidney nnd bowel troubles. Only
25o at A. H. Kioeau.
Brain F-ood Nonsense.
Another ridiculous food fad has boon
branded by the most competent nuthori-
ities. They have dispelled the silly no
tion that one kind of food is uoodod for
by our new invention , Only those born deaf arc incurable.
IULT1MOHK , Mil. , Mnrch v > , toot.
GtHtltntrn . - Ilf Inn entire ly rur t d of ilenfneM , tlunkt to your treatment , 1 will now give you
R full lilnlory of my c r , to tie ined nl your illxcretlon ,
AlKint ( we ycHtR iuo ; my tight ear bcRim to line , and thli krpt on RCttlne wore , until I Io t
my hearing In tnUenr entirely , .
I underwent n ticiitineiit furrntnrrli , for thtf c iiioiilln. without nnvMicceM , con iHed num
ber of pliynlclnnii , nnmtiK otheri , the moit eminent rnr upcclnlliil of thin city , who to d me Hint
only nil nperntlon rntild help inr , nnd even Hint only tetniwrnrlly , Hint the liend nolic * woulij
thenrenne , 1ml the hrnrlliK in the nlTrcIrd rnr would lie lout finever.
I then Hnwvout nilvertUeinriit nccldminlly in n Nrw York | > < Mirr , nnd onletrd yourlre * ! .
menl. Afterllmd uneil It only n few ilnyn ncronlliiK l' ' < your direction * , Hie noi ciice ed , nnd
loilny. nfler five wrrku , my lienrlny In thedl rnrrd enr ha * tieen enlltelyieitoted. I tlmnk you
lictttlly niulbcc liMcnmln Very Ituly your * .
7 V A. WURMAN , 7jo8 Ilroauirny , Ilnlllmore , Md.
Onr treat mnnt. donn not. intcrfnt'c with / / i/r HHIUII occupation ,
train , another for numoloH and Htill an-
ither for bones. A unrrimt dint will not
mly nourlHh u partitutlur part , of the
tody , but , it will mmtaiii ovnry other
) i\rt. Yet , howovi-r good your food may
HI , its nutriment In destroyed by In-
Hgestlou or dyHpnpula. You miiHt pro-
> urn for thi'lr uppniiraiu-o or provunt
heir coming by tailing regular doses of
Green's August , Flower , the fnvorlto
nodliiino of the htmlthy milltoim. A
'ow doses aids dlgoslion , stiuiulatos the
Ivor to lumltliy notion , purilli-H the
) lood , and million you fuel buoyant , and
vigorous. You can gnt Dr. O. ( J.
irnon's reliable reinodlos of the Itiomvu
Drug Co.
Got Qroou'H Special Almnnao.
Satisfied People
are the best advortlmirH for Foloy's
Honey and Tar and all who UKO it ngroo
that it is a splendid remedy for oougliH ,
colds or Here lungH. A. H. KloHiiu.
Had a Good Time.
A J. Snoll wanted to attend a party ,
tut , WIIH iifruid to do HO on account of
miiis in bin Htonmoh , which ho fuiirod
would grow worm ) Ho HiiyH , "L was
oiling my troubles ton lady friend , who
wild : 'Ulmmbnrliiin'H Colio , Oliolorii
ind Diarrhoea Hemody will put you in
xmdltion for the party. ' I bought u
bottle and lake pleumiro in Hinting that
; wo doHOH ournd mo and enabled mo to
nivo a good time lit the party " Mr.
3nell iH a resident of Rummer Hill , N.
Y. This remedy IH for Halo by Kicmiu
Drug Co.
Olios. Ropioglo , Atwntor , O. , was in
very bad Hhapo. Ho says : "I HtilTorod
i great deal with my kidneys ai.d WIIH
requested to tiy Foloy's Kidney Ouro.
I did so and in four days I WOH nblo to
go to work again , now I am entirely
well. " A. II. Klesau.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Try them
When you fool dull nftor eating.
When you linvo no appotito.
When you hnvo n bad tusto in the
When your llvor is torpid.
When your bowels nro constipated.
When you hnvo n hendnuho.
Wlion you frol bilious.
They will improve your nppotito ,
cleanse and invigornto your stomach nnd
rpgulnto your liver nnd bowols. For
sale by Kiesuu Dnig Co.
A beacon light to the Hick and af
flicted. A lifo enoonrngor. Take
counsel with yourself today nnd UHO
llocky Mountain Tea tomorrow. Pence
and comfort follow its use. Goo. H
Women and Jewels ,
Jewels , cnndy , llowors , man that is
the order of n woman's proforouces
Jewels form n magnet of mighty power
to the nvorugo womnn. Even that
greatest of all jewels , hnnlth , is often
ruined in the Htronuous efforts to mnko
or HIIVO the money to purchase thorn.
If n womnii will risk her health to got n
coveted gem , then lot her fortify her
self against the insidious consequences
of coughs , colds nnd bronchial nffootioiiH
by the regular UHO of Dr. Boscheo's
Gorman Syrup. It will promptly nrrest
consumption in its early stages nud honl
tho'nffected lungs nnd bronohinl tubes
and drive the dread disease from the
system. It is not n euro-nil , but it is n
certain cure for coughs , colds nnd nil
bronchial tubes. Yon can got Dr. G. Or.
Green's reliable remedies nt A. II.
Kiesau's Drug Co.
Got Green's special almanac.
Information Wanted.
The mnnnfncturors of Banner Snlvo
hnving always believed that no doctor
or medicine can euro in every case , but
never having heard where Banner Salvo
fniled to cure ulcers , sores , totter , eo-
7. < mm. or piles , ns n mnttor of curiosity
would like to know if there nre such
cases. If so they will gladly refund the
money. A. II. Kiesau.
J. W. Bryan of Lewder , Ills. , writes :
"My little boy was very low with pneu
monia. Unknown to the doctor wo
gave him Foloy's Honey nnd Tar. The
result wns mnglcnl and puzzled the doctor -
tor , as it immediately stopped the rack
ing couKh and he quickly recovered. "
A. II. Kiesau.
Headaches , dizzy spells , bad blood ,
rheumatism , indigestion , constipation ,
absolutely cured if you take Rocky
Mountain Tea , made by Madison Modi-
son Co. 85o. Geo. B. Ohristoph.
O. W. Lynch , Winchester , Ind.
writes : "I owe the life of my boy to
Foloy's Honey and Tar. Ho had membranous -
branous oronp , nnd the first dose gave
him relief. Wo continued its use nnd
it soon brought him out of danger. " A
II. Kiosau.
Editor Lynch of Daily Post Phillips
burg , N. J. , has tested the merits o
Foloy's Honey and Tnr with this result
"I have usrd a great many patent rome
dips in my family for coughs nnd colds
nnd I cnn honestly say your Honey nw
Tnr is the best thing of the kind I hnvo
over used and I cannot say too much iu
praiseof it. " A. H. Kiesau.
fluttering or irregular pulsa
tions are an indication of weak
ness of the nerves or muscles
of the heart. A weakness long
continued produces deformity
and organic disease. If your
heart action is weak , make it
strong. Huild up the muscles
and strengthen the nerves with
the greatest of all heart reme
dies , Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
"Tho Icnsti PxcrtJon or excite
ment caused my heard lo throb
nnd pound and I hud
aiH'lls , | Kiln and
Thrw boltloHof Dr. Miles' Ilcarf ,
Cuns ( ivcrc.atiK ! all these dlaturl > -
anci'.s and made mo well. "
Mua. .1. A. COUTH ,
Upper , Ohla
D * . Miles'
quiets the nervous heart , regu
lates its pulsations and builds
up its strength as nothing else
can. Sold hy druggists on a
Dr. Miles Medical Co. , Elkhart , Ind
At alf rfrug itorti. 25 Do * . 2St.
F I L-L.
DCS -r
For Sale by Of or go B. Ohriptnph.
Ely's Cream Balm
Gives Rellal at once.
It clcnn-es , soothes nnd I
liealo Ikeillsem-iMl momI I
brnne. It Catarrh L .
cure * , - - > * r %
and drlvrg nwuy a Cold U A V FF V t R
In the Head quickly. It M I lK.VK-11
Is absorbed , llruli and Protects the Membrane.
Kf stores the Sen PCS of Taste nnd Smell Full slro
60C.J Trial Slzo lOc. ; at lriiBKi ta < ir by mall.
KLY I3HOTHKH8 , 60 Warren Street , Kcvr York.
Road Notice.
To all whom it may concern : The
commissioner appointed to view and
locate a rood commencing at the north
west corner of section twenty-five (25) ( ) ,
township twenty-one (21) ( ) , north , range
one (1) ( ) , tveet of Gth p. m. , and running
thence east ono mile and terminating at
the north-east corner of said section 25 ,
township 21 , range 1 , has reported in
favor of the establishment thereof and
all objections thereto , or claims for dam-
apes , must bo filed in the county clerk's
office on or before noon of the 3rd day
of February , A. D. 1903 , or such rood
will bo established without reference
Dated at Madison , Nebr. , this 2Cth
day of Nov. , 1901. PHIL. BAUCH.
County Clerk.
Take the genuine , original
Mude only by Madison Medi
cine. Co. , Madison , \Vj. | It
keeps you well. Our trade
mark cut on each package.
Price , 35 centd. Never sold
In bulk. Accept no jubstl
tute. Ask i'
> tcoKp < mToi > jour