The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, November 29, 1901, Page 4, Image 5

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Government Forces Lose Heav
ily in the Fighting.
Decisive Battle Likely to De Fought
at Monkey Hill Cemetery , Outside
the Capital Liberate Sorely In
Need of Ammunition ,
Colon , Colombia , Nov. 27. The
overdue tmHHcngcr train , with n mix-
rlno guard on board , Ima arrived hero.
The train brings IUJWH to the oftoct
tbnt ( lunonil Allmn , with about 300
Eovornmonl troops , bus crossed Ilur-
bacon brhlKo and In continuing his
march to Colon. Ho In now at Tavorn-
lltn , where bo IB resting. The llbural
forci-fl continue to retreat before him.
They oxplaln their retreat by saying
they have no nmmunltlon. All of the
fighting occurred ycutorday &t Bur
lirliluc. PuHfluneoru by the do
layed train assort that fully 100 con-
jK'rviitlvcR were killed and wounded
during the fighting thcro nnd that the
liberal losses were liiHlKiilllcant. The
liberals are now approaching Oatun
station , about flvo mllt'H from Colon ,
nnd It IB holloved a decisive engage
ment will probably be fought today at
Monkey 111111 romotory , distant oiui
mile from the llmltH of Colon ,
The traliiH which left hero yoslcr-
flay for Panama with the Iowa ma
rlnns and the passongcrH from the
steamer Orizllm were delayed In
transit , but reached Panama In Btifo-
ty. Ueportfl current hero thjit the
General Plnzon had bombarded Porto
Hello , have been found upon Investiga
tion to bo unreliable and not authen
Walt Till Snow Disappears Before
Proceeding With Negotiations.
Sofia , Bulgaria , Nov. 27. The brl-
garnis are determined to wait until
the dlflappearanco of the snow per
inltB them freedom of movements before
fore roHiinilng negotiations for the ru-
Icano of Miss Ellen M. Stone , the
American missionary , and Madame
Talllcn , her companion. The Impros
nlon which prevails among the best
Informed people hero IB that Mr. Dick
luson's departure for Constantinople
increases the dlfllcnlty of gaining the
confidence of the brigands and expu
riltlng a Bottloment of the rntiRou
Work of Pan-American Congress.
Mexico City , Nov. 27. The commit
tecs of the pan-American congress are
rapidly completing their work , -will
the exception of the arbitration com
inlttco and the commuted on com
niorco and reciprocity. The latter is
withholding action until It learns the
stand which President Roosevelt wll
take on the subject of reciprocity in
his forthcoming messngo to congress
The work of the arbitration committee
too is delayed by the dlfllcultloB of
the subject and the many conHlctlng
Interests which it is necessary to
Judge Dunne Hears Whole Story.
Chicago , Nov. 27. The habeas
orpu8 case of Andrew W. Lawrence
and H. S. Canfleld , convicted of con
tempt of court by reason of their re
sponslblllty for articles appearing In
Hearst's Chicago American , came before
fore Judge Dunne yesterday. The
day was occupied by Attorney Sam
uel Alschuler , acting for the editors
In reading to Judge Dunne a complete
report of the proceedings of the con
tempt case heard by Judge Hanccy a
fortnight ago.
Sea Gives Up Its Dead.
New York , Nov. 27. A dispatch
from Tom's River , N. J. , last night
says that live bodies have now washed
nshoro from the five barges stranded
along the coast. Four of the barges
have gone to pieces. The fifth lies
out on the bar , tossing about and
pounding. She will probably break
up In a day or two. Only two men
have been saved from the flvo barges ,
fcut no ono at Tom's River knows
Jiow many were drowned.
Studebaker Is Dying.
South Bend , Ind. , Nov. 27. Clement
Studebaker rested comfortably last
night , but In spite of this his condi
tion is extremely critical. It is evi
dent that ho is much weaker. Mr.
Studebaker last evening surprised his
physicians by recovering conscious-
DOBS and recognizing the members of
his family. This period , however ,
lasted only eight minutes and the end
Is in sight.
.Semple Jury Unable to Agree.
Philadelphia , Nov. 27. After delib
erating for nearly 30 hours , the Jury
in the cuss of John L. Semple , the
Camden lawyer who was tried in the
United States district court hero ,
charged with aiding and abetting
counterfeiters , was unable to agree
and was discharged by Judge MePher-
Two More Deaths From Tetanus.
Camden , N. J. , Nov. 27. Two more
deaths from tetanus following vacci
nation were recorded in this city yes
terday , making a total of nine deaths
from that disease during the past
three weeks. Yesterday's victims \roro
Ada Heath , aged 13 years , and Gcorgi-
ana Overby , aged 9 years.
Predict Severe Winter Abroad.
London , Nov. 27. Danish meteorol
ogists predict a severe winter , with
great cold. Snowstorms have oc
curred in Belgium and Spain , with
eelous interruption to railroad traf
fic. The temperature In Spain Is
lower than In several years.
Western Magnates Agree on Division
of the League ,
Kt. Joseph , Mo. , Nov. 27. A now
Imxelmll league , ( o tale In Mlnneapo-
UH , St. Paul , KantciH City and Omaha
In the west and Milwaukee. Indianap
olis , Columbus and Toledo In the cast ,
was formed here yesterday , uud the
revolt of the Wostoin league WUB
ended , an agreement having been
reached between President Hlckey ,
W. T. Van Ilrunt , owner of the St. Jo.
soph ehib , nnd ( loorgo Tebeau of Kan
sas City. President Hlckey will re
sign al the annual meeting of the
league to ho held next week and hiu
Bticccnsor will be appointed.
Van Ilrunt will glvo up hlfl St. Jo
seph franchise Blnco St. Joseph IB to
bo placed In the minor league , and
Tobeati , It Is said , will go with the
Denver team. Tehean agreed to nl n
a pledge not to employ a single Kan-
Ban City player. The league formed
yesterday will be distinct from the
new WcBtern league , as now planned ,
and which IB to comprise Denver , Ht.
Joseph , Colorado Springs , Slosix C'lty ,
Des MolncB and probably' Lincoln ,
De Molncs Man on Trial for Using
the Malls for Purposes of Fraud.
Dos MolnoB , Nov 27. The trial of
, etson llalllett , mine owner and large-
y Interested In the properties at Hit-
ior City , Or. , was begun yesterday In
ho United StitteH federal court. Hal-
let t watt Indicted by ( bo fcdr > m\ \ grand
lury two yeara ago , charged with us-
ng the United States malls to furthei
i ftcheinu to defraud by Bending out
L-opleB of a linker City ( Or. ) paper
nnil clrcuhua ndvertlulng the White
Swan gold mine of that place , adver
tising the mine as a lucrative pleco
of property and offering to sell Htork.
The prosecution assorts the mine IB
worthless and that llnlllett has real
ized $250,000 by selling stock In what
they call only a hole In the ground ,
llalllett is a mm of Judge S. F. Hal-
llott of DCS Molnvu. Witnesses are
here from San Francisco , Portland ,
Salem , Haker City , St. Paul and Min
neapolis. ,
Congressional Party Back.
San Francisco , Nov. 27. Among
the passengers of the Btoamer Doric ,
released from quarantine yesterday ,
were Congressmen Mercer , Jack ,
Galiieo and Greene. These gentlemen
have been to the Philippines and will
report on the condition of affairs at
the next meeting of congress. They
were on the Sheridan when she got
Into trouble , and weie later trans
fened to the Warren , which went
Choctnw Judge Convicted.
ParlB , Tex , , Nov. 27. llotenm , the
Choctaw Judge who Is charged will :
murdering three persons because ho
believed thorn to bo witches and re
spoiiBlblo for the deaths of a nuin
her of children who were aflllctei
with meningitis , was yesterday con
vlcted of murder In the federal court
If the ease IB alllrmed by the supreme
court ho will bang , as the jury made
no recommendation.
Fines Violators of Injunction.
Chicago , Nov. 27. Judge Kohlsaat
in the United States court yesterday
passed sentence on the men iicainei
of violating the Injunction against the
Allls-Chnlmers striking machinists.
Alexander Story was sentenced to 30
days in Jail , while Herman Poggen-
dorf and James Crevlo were given
fines of ? 50. An appeal was taken
and the prisoners allowed to furnish
Death Ends 20 Years of Suffering.
St. Louis , Nov. 27. Mrs. Nancy A.
Burns , widow of the late Colonel
James N. Burns , congressman of this
district , died yesterday afternoon ,
Having been a constant sufiorer for
20 years. Mrs. Burns was heiress to
part of the $10.000,000 estate of Dan
iel Burns of Platte county. She was
73 years old.
Alleged Wife Poisoner Arrested.
Guthrle , 0. T. , Nov. 27. James M.
Nix of Shawnee was arrested yester
day on the charge of having poisoned
his wlfo , who died suddenly last Fri
day. A warrant has been issued for
the arrest of Mrs. Nix's sister as an
accomplice. The stomach of the dead
woman was examined and found to
contain arsenic.
The battleship Missouri will be
launched at Newport News Dec. 28
Reports have been received of fight
Ing between Turkish troops and Ar
mcnlnns at Sassoun.
The French chamber of deputies
after a stormy sitting Tuesday , passei
the second article of the Chinese lii
demnlty bill.
Martin llogan , the Irish patriot ,
who has been lying at a Chicago hos
pital for some days , died Tuesday ,
aged 93 years.
Professor James Henry Thayer ,
professor emeritus of New Testament
scriptures of Harvard university , died
Tuesday in his 74th year.
At McCoy , Tex. , Tuesday J. A.
Hurst shot and killled his brother.
Hurst then turned the revolver on
himself and blow his brains out.
The large packing plant of the G.
H. Hammond company at Hammond ,
Ind. , is to be moved from there to
the Union stock yards In Chicago.
The dead body -of Bert Williams ,
a union miner , was found near Nor-
tonvllle , Ky. , Tuesday. The coroner's
verdict was that ho was shot by un
known parties.
John T. Hayden , formerly treas
urer of the Swift Beef company at
New York , who , it was alleged ab
sconded In July last with several
thousand dollars belonging to his em
ployers , Was arrested Tuesday at Wil
mington , Del.
Lesvcnworth Mutineero Charged With
Capital Punishment Offenses.
LeaMiUHh < , Kan. . No27. . - United
ed HlntrH Attorney Dean was hero
with Warden
ycHterdny In i-nnmiltatloii
den .Mic'liuiKlioy of the federal prison.
After tin- consultation Mr. Dean Haiti
that every convict that was In the
mutiny would be tried for murder at
the April term of the United Statcfl
district court here. Mr. Dean sayB
each one of the IB prlHoners recap
tured IB guilty of murder and ho be
lieves several will bo hanged hero.
Warden MeClaughey haB received
word of the capture at TiiBrumbla ,
Ala. , of JamcB Seymour , one of the
convicts who cBraped during the mu
tiny. Word III.H also been received
that a JIOBHO of deputy United States
inarBhalH have surrounded Kilting and
Murray In the Shawnco hlllB , In the
wcstein portion of the Indian terri
tory. Thcflo men are dcfiporato and
battle IB expected. The man held at
Council Bluffs , at first Biipposod to
bo Frank Lawrence , IB now thought to
be John Morgan , alias Baldwin , who
escaped Nov. 22 ,
Told the Day After Tragedy to Attor
ney Gardner.
Washington , Nov. 27. The fact
was brought out In the trial of MTB.
.ola Ida Honlno for Iho killing of
lames Seymour Ayrcs , Jr. , that flho
iad iiuido a private confession of her
nut In the tragedy on the evening
ifter the homicide , several days be-
foie she took the pollco otllclals Into
icr confidence. This recital was
made to Mr. George B. Gardner , an at-
orney employed In the law division of
the Interior department , who was a
Hoarder at the Kenmore hotel and
iHiiatly sat at the same table at which
Mrs. llonlne took her meals. Mr.
Gardner was on the witness stand
yesterday and told his story for the
IrHt time. Ho Bald Mrs. Bonlno had
Bought him out and asked his advlco
is to whether she should make a pub
lic statement , and ho suggested to
licr that she should delay her con
reunion until the theory of sulcldo ,
which was first entertained , should bo
fully exploited.
Attack the Men Who Rescue Them
From Overturned Cars at McCook.
MeCook , Neb. , Nov. 27. AB the Bur
lington and Missouri special stock
train No. 70 was pulling Into the yards
here yesterday morning from the west
It ran into a broken switch , which
caused two cars to leave the track ,
turning one car completely over and
leaving the other on Its side. The
cattle In one car were able to got out ,
but the roof of the other had to bo
removed before they could bo liber
ated. Three of them were killed and
a number crippled. After being liber
ated the cattle were crazed for the
time nnd attempted to attack the per
sons present. The Blow speed at
which the train was going la all that
saved a serious wreck. The stock
were being shipped from Denver to
Sovth Omaha.
Nine Indictments Returned.
Denver , Nov. 27. The special
grand jury which has been Investigat
ing alleged irregularities In the crlm-
i Inal division of the district court dur-
ng the first trial of W. W. Anderson ,
charged with attempting to kill the
proprietors of the Denver Post , re
ported that whisky was furnished to
the jurors In the case and young
women Introduced to the Jury room by
a Imlllff. It further charged that the
trial of Police Judge W. J. Thomas ,
Court Bailiff Robert Schrader and
Daniel J. Sadler , on a charge of em
bracery , was not In good faith. Nine
Indli'tments were returned.
Lark Is Acquitted.
Springfield , Mo. , Nov. 27. Joe
Lark , the 'Frisco porter charged with
the murder of Gazelle Wild , which
caused three lynchlngs and the run
ning out of all the negroes In Pelrco
City months ago. was acquitted yester
day In the circuit court at Mount Ver-
non. He left at once for Kansas City ,
accompanied by the sheriff as a pro
tector. Stories of an Intended lynch
ing caused precautions to be taken.
Shooting Affray In Hotel Lobby.
Salt Lake , Nov. 27. William
Haynes , a traveling man from Chica
go , was Bhot and probably fatally
wounded yesterday by Roy Kalghn ,
the 19-year-old son of Colonel M. M.
Kalghn , who is prominent In law
and G. A. R. circles of this city. The
Bhootlng occurred In the lobby of the
Knutzford hotel at noon and created
a panic among the guests and em
ployes of the hotel.
Indiana Bank Robbed.
Valparaiso , Intl. , Nov. 27. The bank
of Julius Conltz at Wanatah was
broken Into by robbers last night.
The burglars effected an entrance to
the vault and attacked the big safe
with explosives. Until the safe Is
opened by an export now working on
It , It cannot bo known whether or
not the robbers secured the $10,000
The doors In the safe are Jammed In
Union Miners Defy Court.
Madlsonvllle , Ky. , Nov. 27. The
news from the strikers' camp is that
a contract was let by the union men
today for the building of a temporary
box house , 20x100 feet. The building
Is to bo used by the campers as n
home during the winter and they
claim It as their place of legal resl-
1 dence. There are at least 100 men
' in and around the camp.
Kitchener Atks for Staff Officers.
Calcutta , Nov. 27. It is said here
that Lord Kitchener has again applied
for a number of staff officers from In
dia to be sent forthwith to South Af
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Ely's Cream Balm
cleanes , soothes and beala
the dlteued membrane.
11 cures catarrh and drives
away a cold In the bead
Cream Halm is placed Into tbe nostrils , epreadi
aver Iho membrane and Is absorbed. Iteltetls Im
mediate and a cure follows. II la not drying-don
nol produce sneering. Large Size , 60 cenls at Drug
gists or by mall ; Trial Blze , 10 cents by mall.
ELY BIIOT11EU8,60 Warren 8tt t , New Y rk
Scrofula in but n modified form of Bloocl
Poison and Consumption. The parent
who h tainted by cither will sec in the
child the panic dtt.canc
manifesting itaulf in
the form cf swollen
glands of the neck and
throat , catarrh , weak ,
cyeq , offensive sores j
and abscesses and of-j
tcntimcs white swelling - '
ing sure signs of <
Scrofula. There may !
be no external signs for j
a long time , for the disease develops slowly
in some cases , but the poison is in the-
blood and will break out at the first favor
able opportunity. S.S.S. cures this wast
ing , destructive disease by first purifying :
and building up the blood and stimulating'
and invigflJating the whole system.
J. M. Bents S PublicSquare , N. hvlllc.Tenn. .
sn > i : "leu yenmngomy daughter fell mid cut
her forehead. 1'rom thli wound the glands cm
the side of her fncc liecamcswolleii nnd Imrstetl.
Some of the t > cst doctors here nnil elsewhere
attended her without nny benefit. We decided
to try S. S. 8. , and a few bottles cured her en
tirely. "
\ ZsM "I'ltcs new mm pint ;
it KT blood to nourish and
SofSfZsM strengthen the body ,
fetorw rViiJ n" 1S n Pos'lvc ' a1i
VVU1' " .
"Si safe cure for Scrofula.
It overcomes nil forms of blood poison ,
whether inherited or acquired , and no
remedy so thoroughly and effectively
cleanses the blood. If you have any
blood trouble , or your child has inherited
some blood taint , take S. S. S. and get
the blood in good condition and prevent
the disease doing further damage.
Send for our free book and write our
physicians about your case. We make no-
charge whatever for medical advice.
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premiums that may t'f secured by saving
the wracpm. furnished free upon request
Send your name on a postal card , and we. ,
will mail > on ihr catalogue
The Cudahy Obrintoph.'I :
( ' ' Soap far tatt by all Ofitri ,
Take the genuine , original
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co. , Madison , WIs. It
keeps you well. Our trademark
mark cut on each package.
Price , .15 cents. Never sold
In bulk. Accept no aubstl *
. .
tute. Ask your drugget.
At oil rfnig ttom. 35 Dotta 25e.
ortvcnv PHYSICUW
For Bale by George B. Obrintoph.