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BY"Z5 / * " * % C
is now in full swing , and goods are moving fast , but as the stock is not broken , there are plenty of :
Great Bargains on hand for any one who is anxious to secure their Winier Supplies
At Actual Cost.
Plenty of fine , choice goods in every department to make your selection from , both Dry Goods
and Clotliing ,
The Best of Everything.
Call and see what we are doing , and you will find out that we are in earnest.
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Wolverines Roll up Fifty Points
Against Hawkeyes.
Have Iowa City Eleven Completely
at Their Mercy Missouri Beats
\i \ Kansas by Score of 18 to 12 Wisconsin
i -
consin Defeats Chicago.
Chicago , Nov. 29. Michigan scored
almost at will ngalust Iowa yesterday ,
making 50 points to the Hawkeyes'
naught. Thus Michigan closes the
regular football. season with a total
record of 501 points , while not one of
the teams she has met has been able
to score a single point against her.
Iowa played a sturdy , plucky game ,
but was outclassed. Hcston and
Shorts played a spectacular game Tor
the Wolverines. The teama began
play at 11:10 at the National League
baseball parkr The ground was in
good condition , except In , the clay
which marks the path between second
and third bases. It was in this mud
that Iowa made her best stands.
Eight thousand people occupied the
stands when play begun. The wind
was blowing across the gridiron and
there was no advantage In having
either goal. Iowa had the kick off ,
and for a few minutes gave the Mich
Igan supporters the only scare they
had during the game. Sweeley
caught the punt and ran back to
Iowa's 45 yard line. Iowa gained ten
yards through the mud by masses on
tackle. Michigan held and Iowa
punted. Michigan lost the ball on a
fumble and Howell carried It 15 yards.
Line plunges'netted ten yards more
and then Howell tried a goal from
field , but missed , the wind carrying
the ball to the right of the goal post.
Thereafter Michigan's goal was never
in danger. The Wolverines had the
ball nearly all the time In Iowa's ter
ritory. They seldom failed to make
their distance on first downs and fre
quently made eight or ten yards.
Missouri , 18 ; Kansas , 12.
Kansas City , Nov. 29. Missouri
university eleven yesterday won a val
iant victory from their old-time vic
tors , the Jayhawkers. The final score :
Missouri , 18 ; Kansas , 12. Forester of
Kansas City made all three touch
downs for the Mlssourlans. It was
Missouri's first victory over Kansas
Blnco 1895. Playter , Missouri's left
half , suffered a broken collar hone
and retired In favor of M. Anderson ,
The Kansans average weight was ten
pounds heavier than that of the Mis
sourl men and the Jayhawkers were
the favorites In the betting.
Wisconsin , 35 ; Chicago , 0.
Chicago , Nov. 29. Wisconsin , 35 ;
Chicago , 0 , and Wisconsin's goal only
twice In the slightest danger. Thus
did Coach Phil King's Wisconsin
eleven make good their boast to defeat
feat the University of Chicago foot
ball team by a good round number
over the score of 22 to 0 , made by
their rival for the western cham
plonshlp , Michigan. Straight footbal
won the day. Chicago throughout
the game putup a manful , though
unavailing defense.
-L. Nebraska Is Champion.
Lincoln , Nov. 29. Nebraska 18
Haskell Indians 10 , was the ending
yesterday of the fiercest and most sen
satlonal football battle ever waged on
Nebraska field. Three hard earned
tpuchdowns for Nebraska with as
many goals by Drake accounts for No
braka's tallies , while two Hold goals
by Bain were the sources of the Red
skins' score.
Has Collar Bone Dislocated.
Kearney , Nob. , Nov. 29. The game
of football between the second lean
of the University of Nebraska mid the
Kearney Military academy , played
hero yesterday , resulted In the defeat
of the latter by a score of ( I to 0.
Finch of Kearney was injured In the
second half , having his collar bone
Sioux Falls Wins Championship.
Sioux Kails , S. D. , Nor.29. . In a
game of football here yesterday be
tween Sioux Falls and Sioux City
( la. ) high school teams for the Inter
state championship , Sioux Falls won
by a score of 21 to 5.
Cornell , 24 ; Pennsylvania , 0 ,
Philadelphia , Nov. 29. The Uni
versity of Pennsylvania football team
ended Us disastrous season with a
crushing defeat atf the hands of Cor
nell , the Ithaca boys scoring 24 to
the Quakers C.
Minnesota , 16 ; Illinois , 0.
Champaign , Ills. , Nov. 29. In the
fiercest game ever seen on Illinois
field Minnesota yesterday defeated Il
linois by the score of 1C to 0. The
game was witnessed by a record-
breaking crowd.
South Dakota , 12 ; Iowa Normal , 5.
Slonf City , Nov. 29. South Dakota
university , 12 ; Iowa Normal , 5.
Engineer and Conductor Killed In a
Tennessee Wreck.
Turktown ) , Tenn. , Nov. 29. A
northbound freight train on the At
lanta , Knoxvllle and Northern rail
road was- wrecked two miles south of
here last night. Conductor Harvey
Ott of Knoxvllle and Engineer Edward
Dawson of Blue Ridge , Ga. , were
killed and the fireman and brakcmau
were seriously Injured. The locomo
tive Jumped the track while running
at a high rate of speed around a sharp
curve. It rolled down a 40-foot em
bankmcnt and was followed by sev
eral Iron cars.
Injured Victims of Detroit Boiler Ex
plosion Making Progress.
Detroit , Nov. 29. The list of vie
tlms of the Ponberthy Injector works'
boiler explosion will probably remain
at 30 , two more bodies having been
recovered yesterday. All the Injured
In the hospitals are reported as mak'
Ing satisfactory progress toward re
covery. Superintendent Dons and
Bookkeeper McEldownoy went over
the pay rolls and succeeded In ac
counting for all of the employes.
Knights in a Wreck.
Syracuse , N. Y. , Nov. 29. A special
train northbound on the Delaware ,
Lackawanna and Western railroad ,
carrying 300 Syracuse Knights of Co
luinbus , i an Into a freight train on a
siding at Tully at 1:15 : o'clock this
morning , wrecking both trains. A
Wrecking train has Just been sent to
Tully , and officials say the accident
Is not serious. A special press dls
patch from Tully says several were
Shot While Hunting.
Cutbank , Mon. , Nov. 29. James Me-
Kllloups , aged 21 , was shot and killed
by Frank Gagglns yesterday. A party
of young men were shooting for tur
keys when a 22-callber rifle held by
Gagglnswas accidentally discharged ,
the bullet entering McKllIoup's head.
Boys Start Fatal Blaze.
Guthrle , O. T. , Nov. 29. Herbert
and Howard Glllman , aged 2 and 4
sons of Tllden Glllman , were burne < ]
to death In a stable at Shawnce yes
terday. The fire was started by the
boys. Several head of stoqk and 125
bales of hay were also consumed.
Father Clark Sails for Europe.
Boston , Nov. 29. Rev. Francis 13.
Clark , president of the World Chris
tlan Endeavor society , will sail for
Europe , where he will give his per
sonal attention to establishing the so
clety more firmly on Uis continent.
At Least Eighty Lives Believed
to Have Been Lost.
Charred Remains Crumble Into Pow
der When Dragged Forth Exact
Number of Victims Not Yet Deter
mined Railroad Man's Estimate.
Detroit , Nov. 29. Those who have
been Investigating the awful calamity
on the Wabash railroad near Seneca ,
Mich. , have found nothing to alter
the estimate of about 80 lives lost as
a result of the collision. Superintend
ent George M. Burns of the division on
which the wreck occurred Insists that
the estimates are too high. "I do not
consider , " said lie , "that the total
deatli list will exceed 20. "
However , ln support of the larger
estimate It is pointed out that there
are now 14 passengers known to l-e
dead. The bodies of eight of these
have been recovered and It is consid
ered that the fragments of other bodies
ies now In the morgue will account
for many more than the 12 dead neces
sary to make up Superintendent
Burns' estimate of 20. In addition to
the comparatively few fragments re
covered and -sent ' ' { o the morgue ,
those who were early on the scene say
that many more pieces were discov
ered which crumbled to powder while
they wore being removed.
The Free Press says that the loss of
life was , In round numbers , 100 , and
that the statements made by the Ital
Ian Immigrants on train No. 13 bear
out this claim. These Immigrants say
that there were about 125 of their na
tlonallty on the train and that only
about 25 of them escaped.
Only one man was found who was
an eye-witness to the collision. A.
W. Ely , an old man 70 years of age ,
residing at Seneca , stood at the depot
platform and saw No. 13 go by. Ho
watched the train as she went down
the level track to destruction. Ills
attention was arrested by a crash.
Then a stream of flame and smoke
shot 100 feet Into the air. Ely rushed
to the wreck and was the first outsider
on the ground. According to his state
ment the scene was one of awful her
ror. He said :
"When I got there the Immigrant
car was already on fire and the
shrieks wore terrible. I got hold of
one man In the collapsed car and
pulled him out. Ho was horribly
crushed and his legs were broken.
He died almost as soon as I got him
out of the car. Then I went to the
burning cars and what I saw made mo
wish I had never gone to the wreck.
I don't believe more than 15 of the
Italians got out of the wrecked car ,
for I saw very few. Those who could
get out ruslucd around like crazy men
calling to heaven for protection and
weeping and wailing In their horror
Those poor Italians ! Nothing could
bo done to save them and wo were
Blraply compelled to let them burn.
Alleged Discovery Made by Inspector
at Buffalo Stock Yards.
Buffalo , Nov. 29. Dr. C. H. Zlnk , In
epoctor In charge of the United States
bureau of animal Industry at the
East Buffalo stock yards , discovered
yesterday what ho believes to bo an
outbreak of smallpox among a con
signment of hogs. The animals were
received from St. Louis last week
and they passed the first Inspection
After they had been slaughtered
Dr. Zlnk , In making a microscopical
examination of the viscera , discovered
what ho believed to bo evidence ol
smallpox. The slaughter houses nru
In the Polish district , where the loca
health authorities are at present en
In lighting an outbreak ol Hinnll-
lox. Dr.Ink brought pnoclmoiiH of
.ho diseased UHHIIOH to tlin board of
tealth and Riiliuiltlcil tliom to Dr.
Wondo. After examining ( lioni Dr.
Wendo unhesitatingly confirmed the
illagnosls of Dr.vlnlc. .
Has to Leave Philippines to Uccovcr
From Recent Operation.
Cincinnati , Nov. 21) ) . Ex-Congresn-
man Charles 1' . Tivft , a brother of the
governor general of the Philippine ) ) ,
William H. Tart , yesterday received a
cablegram from Manila , stating that
Surgeons Stafford and Rhodes liuvo
successfully grafted the skin on Gov
ernor Tal't's wound and ho will prob
ably bo able to pay his projected visit
to the United Statea"at the end of Do-
Presbyterian Creed Revision.
Washington , Nov. 29. The prelim
inary work of revising the creed of
the Presbyterian church so as to make
It more popularly understood was In
augurated hero yesterday at a meet
ing of a section of the committee of
20 appointed at the last Presbyterian
assembly to accomplish this ri.'Bi K.
The committee began the preparation
of a new statement of the doctrine of
the church. It spent several hours
In discussion , but no action wns taken
on any phase of the subject. The
creed to be adopted will make It clear
that the Presbyterian church does not
hold the belief that those who die In
Infancy are "lost. "
Start Work on New Road.
Fort Dodge , la. , Nov. 29. McArthur
Bros. , contractors on the Great West
ern road , have started a largo force of
men and teams on the Omaha main
line of their now road from this city
to Omaha. Work on the Clarion-
Hampton branch of the Great Western
line will not be completed as expected
this year. Work on the Omaha main
line will bo pushed with all speed ,
as there Is much heavy work to bo
done. A large cut on the west slrto
of the long bridge over the Des
Molnes river In this city will neces
sitate much heavy work.
Deadly Butter Color.
Grand Fork , S. D. , Nov. 29 , A sen
sation has been caused in the vicinity
of Walsh Center , Walsh county , over
the death of the IS-months-old child
of J. P. Kouba , as the result of a swal
low of butter color which the child
took from a bottle. The father took
a swallow from the same bottle to see
If It was from the effects of the butter
color that the child became 111 and
ho too became very sick , but recov
ered. An Investigation will bo held.
Boy Fatally Wounded at Perry.
Perry , la. , Nov. 29. A 14-year-old
son of Oscar Swanson , an employe of
the St. Paul railroad , was seriously
shot yesterday. Ho had been out huntIng -
Ing and when a St. Paul freight
stopped at the railroad crossing ho
undertook to get on the caboose with
his shotgun , which was discharged ,
the full charge entering his person.
The attending physicians say ho can
not live.
Chicago Sees Comet
Chicago , Nov. 29. What appeared
to many to be a comet was visible
hero In the southern sky last oven-
Ing. It was difficult to judge of Its
length , as It was pointed directly up
ward and was going from the earth ,
but Professor Cox , in charge of the
United States bureau , said that In his
Judgment It was about two degrees
Stevens Case on Trial.
Mitchell. S. D. , Nov. 29. Little
progress was made In the Stevens
case yesterday , even though court
did not adjourn for Thanksgiving. 0.
P. Auld , present receiver of the bank
of Planklngton , was'on the stand all
day , giving testimony as to the assets
of the bank to show Us Insolvency at
the time of failure.
\ \ II III
Norfolk \I.K\\NUKIt
National Bank
Capital , $100,000.
Surplus , $2
Does a General Bank
Buys prul Solla
IntcrcHt Paid on Time
DraftH and Money Orders
A General Steamship arid Foreign Piuumjgo Huujn ]
A. BKAIl , F. P. HANLON. I' . J. 11ALK , W. II. 1
W , D , Hall's Barber Shop ,
Manicuring ,
Shampooing ,
TliLEI'MONUjNo. 417.
Rooms on North Ninth Street
Office with J. D. Sturgeon ,
James Richards , M. D
And Expert Refrac-
Kxnmltmtlon of the oyoa
VO.RK to pntlonte nnil patrons. Ofllco 1101
Knrnnm St. , Omnlmopposite I'uxtou Hotel.
Sioux City Florist.
Awarded first premium on
Funeral Designs.
Handsome Roses , CarnationsPalms , , Ferns
Flowers shipped in fresh condition.
'Phone 466L. City oflico ! Cor. Oth nnd Piorco.
Practical Plumber
and Steam Fitter.
Agency for the Myers Force and
Wind Mill Pumps.
Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Work
First , door West of Post Ofllce
Plnno Moving a Specialty.
Phone 5S. Calls Promptly Answered.
For I'lainliing ' , Steam Filling ,
Wind Mills
AD" all wofl <
Biitlifnctlon Gunrnntood.
First door Booth of TIIK DAILY NEWS OIHoo.
I-ionvo onlnrs nt Tolopliotin A 221.
will nmiiln In Norfolk during
the wlutor Boaton.
i - for all occasions.
Sale and ! *
Boarding Barn.
Horses Bought Cand ! Sold on
Commission ,
Braojcli Avenue ] '
and Third St. 'PHONE 44
. . . .TRY. . . .
Road Notice. f
To all whom it may concern : The I
commissioner appointed to view and
locate a road commencing at the north
west corner of section twenty-five (25) ( ,
township twenty-one (21) ( ) , north , range
one (1) ( ) , west of Cth p. m. , and running
thence east one mile and terminating at
the north-east corner of said section 25 ,
township 21 , range 1 , has reported in
favor of the establishment thereof and
all objections thereto , or claims for dam-
apes , must bo filed in the county clerk's
oflioo on or before noon of the 3rd day
of February , A. D. 1002 , or such road
will bo established without reference
Dated at Madison , Nebr. . this 2Uth
day of Nov. , 1001. PHIL. B.vucu.
County Clerk.
, - . ,