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The fiottf oik fleuas
An echo front the president Inl cam-
"Groat IB Tnmmnny , mid CroUor
Its prophet I"
The Nebraska Independent nays llio
poopln love Hrynn. They have n voiy
pcoollnr wny of showing It.
Tlio ftiRlon rooster in u mighty rnro
"bird thin fall moHt exchanges of tlioau
parlies rcnioiubor only the crow.
Ouster county , the lioinn of
Slli\H Uolcomb , gnvo Sodgwlck n ma
jority of 17fi. Last year It wont for
JPojntor by 108.
The Soliloy inquiry in over nnd the
popplo can now give their undivided attentIon -
tontIon to the approaching ThanltHgiv-
liig foot ball games.
Pierce county didn't do so bad , from a
republican standpoint. It gave Sedg-
> vick 11) ) plurality , whoroiiH last year it
gave Pointer n majority of O'l.
The Kansas Oity .Tonriml explains
that "ono roaHon why Mr. Bryan is no
longer the idol of the plnin people in bo *
cause HO few of the plain people arc now
Milwaukee in ongngcd in a war
ngaiiiHt vice , or at leant some of ItH oltl-
7.onn arc. Many of them probably con-
elder that it wan vice which made Mil-
wankoo fatuous ,
Now the price of jam IB to bo regu
lated by a ( runt , the seventeen large
preserve mannfaoturerH of the country
having gone into a combine with a capi
tal Btook Sa.BOO.OOO.
It is probable tVat if the officers of , the
Tfltnil liquor dealers association had ,
made , tholr exhbi ) ( earlier in the cam
paign , ifldgo Sodgwiok's election would
hqvo boon unanimous.
k" *
The O'NoJH frontier jabs a thorn \n \ a
nero spot when It says : "Thoso 10,000
voters that the fnsloulBts have boon
olixlinlng were brought back to Nebraska
by the republicans last year to vote must
have become permanent residents. "
Wnyno county was ono of the few
that backslid a llttlo. Last year it gave
Dietrich a majority of 170. This year
Sedgwick'H plurality is 150. The re
publicans there should coaco their
quarreling and nnlto against the com
mon enemy.
The Wahoo Democrat of Sauudors
county thinks the returns from that
count } ' indicate that there was fusion
Iwtwcon the populibts and republicans.
A good many individuals of various
parties have been fused by republican
prosperity and republican good govern
The Fremont Tribune would now like
the fusionists to state whether the late
campaign in Nebraska was fought on
ntato or national issues. The fusion
press was confident i ( ; know what the
issues were before election but they
probably know nothing of thorn by
this time.
Church ladies are accredited with
many curious and devious methods of
enticing the modest nnd elusive dime ,
.ranging from teas to bloomer parties ,
bnt perhaps the latest idea is a , "ceme
tery dinner"which must be appropriate
and meet the requirements of not u few
Among the counties that turned polit
ical snmmoisahlts at the Into election
were Holt and Antelope counties , two
fusion strongholds that wont republi
can by good majorities iwd elected al
most nil republican county candidates.
Antelope gave Sodgwick 228 majority.
No wonder Nebraska 'republicans are
If Nebraska must bo represented at
the St. Louis world's fair TUB NBWS is
hero to suggest that the people relieve
the state of the burden of making such
nu exhibit and that the funds bo raised
by popular subscription. That the exi
hibit then bo something original and of
benefit to the state.
Last year Thurston county gnvo Die
trich n majority of 88. This year it
went for Sodgwiok almost two to one ,
giving him a majority of 807 while Hoi-
enbeck received but 39G votes. This is
the county where Editor Mosea Warner ,
who a year ago deserted republicanism
for populism , lives. With a few more
.flops Thurston would go it unanimous.
The dailies report that the beef supply
of'the country is endangered. If thia is
a scheme of the plutocratic cattle
raisers to raise the price of that neces
eity Mr. Bryan can well afford to get
his sword and his pistol and go out in
defense of the common people , most of
whom eat beef when they can get it as
they have been doing with the aid of re
publican prosperity.
Tbo Kansas convicts who broke jail
may have secured a brief liberty bnt
many of them paid for it at terrible cost
and it is safe to presume that nouo enjoyed -
joyed it , When a person is punished
by the law , experience teaches that the
better way is to patiently submit unless
liberty can be secured through the
B or by pardon. There are few
who tire permitted long to otijoy liberty
Bootired by foreo when they are once In
till' tollH ,
Hurglnnt nro doing a wholesale busl-
with tin ) hanks of Houth Dakota
and north wont Iowa and few nlghtH
an * but that n bank vault is artlHtlcally
lipped and thoUHandH of dollars taken ,
luiiy of tluMo having largo NUIIIH of
money In olmrgo are posting nrmod
nardH an a precautionary measure. The
nines and Younger brothers were
icarcely moro bold and successful than
ho Iowa-South Dakota robbers. They
to grlof and the latter are almost
curtain to sulfor calamity. Tliqrn maybe
bo shrewd burglars but there tire shrewd
UlcorH of the lawus , well.
Unolo Siim'H now pOBHCFHlona , it ap
[ ) oarH , would bo not altogether ndvorbo
io 801HO of their uncle's homo protection
dona. The , State Journal Hays of the
unugural mcBsngo of Governor Hunt of
'ortoHloo : "Tho most notable of hie
ocommondatioiiH in that congioBR bo
asked to impoHo a duty upon coll'oo im
IKirtod from any country to the Island.
This IH to give the coll'oo growers of
? orta Hico the bunefltH ot their homo
narkot and alno to prevent the ro-oxpor
atlon of foreign coffees us Porto Hico
cotVoo , which , being a superior brand , in
njurod in KB reputation in the world'H
imrkotH by thin sort of counterfeiting. "
Unolo Sam'H prosperity Is still going
up and those astonished at the remark
nble showing of the treasury depart
ijiont for the year 11)00 ) arc duo to re
colvo a greater surprlso when they note
ho extraordinary showing for the UHCII !
yuar ending Juno DO , 11)01. ) The receipts
from revenues for the preceding fiscal
year were in excess of those of any other
year , bnt thin year has topped those
figures by 120,000,000 , , the not ordinary
revenues being $ fi87,885i10 , , ; ! , 181)1) ) )
the government has had extraordinary
expenses bnt its financiers have managed
to accumulate surpluses. During thp
past year the receipts exceeded the ox
pondUures by almost $78,000,000. This
was it little loss than $2,000,000 below
the surplus of KKX ) which may bo ac
counted for by the lopping oft of a largo
percentage of the war revenue. The re
publlcau party may evidently bo entrusted
trusted with the financiering of the
government with perfect safety.
Cure I'roicntH Condition.
The question of compulsory vacchm
tiou is being strongly agitated in the
state and Superintendent Fowler has
ruled that boards nro empowered to
compel the vaccination of children or
refuse them admittance to the schools.
The need of precaution to prevent an
epidemic of smallpox or other infcctous
diHease is apparent and the people
should bo willing to co-operate with of
lloials in preventing or stamping out the
disease. Many people would bo glad if
there were BOUIO other method of pro-
volition and not a few believe that there
are , than by vaccination ,
Recently people have come to fear iu >
nooulation almost as much as the dis
ease. The experience at St. Louis with
anti-toxin , the number of serious re
suits from vaccination , late of which is
that of n Now Jersey boy lying
death's door from lock jnw , nro tending
to increase this opposition to what i
popularly considered the only preventive
ivo of smallpox
While this may not establish n righ
for people to refuse vaccination if tin
order of officials command it , certainly
it should result in compelling the use o
pure nud healthy virus.
No person will wish to take sovora'
disonses into his system for the purpose
of preventing one. But if n person
should not wish to toke the vacoin
preventive ho should certainly comply
with the other alternative of official
making such a ruling.
THE NBWS believes that a person
having such a disease and not taking tin
proper precaution to prevent infection
of others is guilty of criminal negligence
and should be prosecuted , or at least ru <
quired to isolate himself. With the , exercise
orciso of proper core by the people theri
would bo absolutely no need of prevon >
lvesnud no epidemics. When they Vf il
not do this , however , th y force others
to submit to inconveniences that they
ore not ready to undergo. A rooou
case in Norfolk emphasizes the fact tha
some people have absolutely no concop
tiou of the rights or the privileges o :
others. They nro extremely selfish and
if a rigid law could be enforced in such
cases it would mightily please all citi
zeus. When people will not use
voluntarily they should be forced to
so. Norfolk ut present has no opidoml
and n proper precaution would proven :
one , and that should be required in one
way or another , the most satisfactory
method being for people having a cpn
tagious disease to prevent its spread. t < ;
others ,
Time to Call u Unit.
Governor Savage has given it out thai
he favors the idea of Nebraska ninkin
a big display nt the St. Louis exposition
in 190 ! ) . Ho does not , however , regnp
it as judicious to call n special session
of { he legislature for the purpose
making an appropriation of funds fo
that purpose. Ho suggests that a fun
be raised by private subscription suill
oieutly large to make a creditable exhibl
at the big show. He believes , ho says
the next legislature will reimburse th
Conors and thereby convert the private '
subscription into a Hta'o obligation , thus
obviating the nxpi'MNC of a notion of the
It'glhlnturi ) , and I ho dnn cnt of ono with
none too good a reputation at best.
Thorn IH precedent for this procedure ,
t may bo found in the advancement of
loney to bring the Nebraska troops
omo from Hiin FianeiHco , and its
epaymont by the legislature nt its last
CHftion , Hut there will bo n greater dl >
/talon of muniment than in the matter I
f bringing homo the troops , There nro |
miny persons who will not bo dtaposod
o consider the ono as patriotic a pur-
> OHO as the other.
The Tribune bollnvcs the fltato should
nnko no appropriation for the St. Louis
xpqsition. Nebraska is n part of the
joulfllana purchase that can afford to
; ot along without it. The condi- '
ion of the state treasury Is not
itich ns to justify an appropriation
'or ' that purpose. Already there JH moro
him a million dollars of floating indobt
Warrants for that amount arp
now outstanding nnd drawing intercut.
Svory Houston of tie | legislature seoa ni |
ucrvaslug deficiency in the cost of state
iiBtitutioiiH , Of Into the state 1ms suf-
'orod heavy IOHBOS by fire In the burning
f the penitentiary nnd the Norfolk nsy-
nin. These must bo u'mdo good nnd
ho public debt therein' smaller. Siini-
ar institutions elsewhere nro constantly
calling for increased appropriations and
ho debt grows and grows.
It IH time to talce some practical stop
o got out of debt nnd prevent incronH-
ng taxation. Nebraska has indulged
n a good deal of exposition luxury in
ate years. It made a good appropria-
lon for the Chicago fair. It nuido u
nrgor one fqr the Omaha exposition.
There was a second Omaha exposition
carried on by private capital , This year
ho had n modest exhibit nt Buf
falo. It also invested $50,000 in n state
'air ' site. In view of nil this wo believe
t about time to call n halt on exposition
ixpeuditurps. An exhibit of n clean
balance sheet vfould bo a bettor advpr-
isomout than n display of alfalfa and
corn. Wo believe the tax-payees of
Nebraska are ready to forego the latter
n the interest of the former. Fremont
Insurgents Attempt to Re
peat Tactics of Sqmar Rebels.
Manila , Nov. 12. Major William L.
Ditcher of the Eighth regiment of In-
'nntry , commanding the Mindoro ox-
: iotltlois ( , reports that the garrison of
Abra do Hog was attacked yesterday
by n force of Insurgents commanded
by Leiiocoa. The Filipinos apparent-
y attempted to repeat the Samar tac
tics , but the Americans , who wore
breakfasting , fully armed , completely
outed the Insurgents , who left flvo
uen dead on the field , each having n
rlllo and ammunition. Quo American
ivas seriously wounded.
Captain Noyes of the Thirtieth In-
'nntry , commanding 'n ' detachment of
50 men , has captured n deserter
named Klchtor of the Sixth artillery ,
wearing the uniform of an Insurgent
Major Pitcher says ho recently
captured three officers and a largo
part of an Insurgent company , all fully
armed. It Is bolloved the Insurgents
recently received nn Illicit supply of
munitions of war.
The insurgents In Snmar nrss flockIng -
Ing northward. They are suffering
greatly from famine. Many Isolated
bolomen hnvo surrendered. Only fear
caused by Lukbnn's proclamation ,
threatening with death those who sur
render , prevents a general submission
of the Insurgents , but It Is expected
this will bo assured In a few days.
Anna Crawford at Clinton Fatally
Shoots Jenks Dillon.
Clinton. la. , Nov. 12. Jenks Dillon ,
a sporting man of this city , was shot
and killed last night by Anna Craw
ford. The woman , who was Imme
diately arrested , stated that she shot
Dillon In self-defense. However , this
IB denied , ns two shots took effect In
Dillon's back. Dillon , a number of
years ago , was n well known pugilist
and later a manager of prlzo fighters.
At ono time ho was manager and
trainer of Oscar Gardiner. Ho con
ducted a saloon here.
About a year ago the Crawford
woman was nrrested nt Davenport ,
with her husband , J. McKeen , who
she had married but n few dnys be
fore , on the charge of horse stealing.
She was acquitted , but McKeen was
sent to the penitentiary.
Jeffries Still a Strong Favorite In the
San Francisco , Nov. 12. Gus Ruhlln ,
who Is to meet James Jeffries on Fri
day night In a struggle for the heavy
weight championship , Is growing in
popular favor and yesterday crept up
In the betting BO that the local odds
are holding fairly steady , at 2 to 1.
where but a few days ago a consider
able sum of money changed hands at
3 1-2 to 1. This is partially accounted
for by the fact that George Slier , who
has reached here from Chicago , has
expressed confidence In Ruhlln's
chances and looks for the adveut of anew
now champion.
Tlie Hr t nnd Moit Honey.
The finest honey In this country U
gathered from hives where white clover -
ver nnd bneswood nre acoosslble. In
quantity , however , It falls behind that
made from the goldcnrod and buck
wheat bloBEom. From New York ,
Pennsylvania and Vermont comes the
most of the comb honey nnd from Ari
zona and California the largest amount
of extracted or liquid honey.
nsurgent Leader In Samar Sends
Smith a Dictatorial Letter.
Manila , Nov. 11.- According to ad-
ICCH from ( . 'ntlmloKiin , Saninr , J
mn , the liiHitrgi'iit li-nilor. has sent n ]
n nuuHngo to ( Icnortil Smith , declaring
tl lint ho will not llHton to negotiations
fi 'or mmciidor until all the AmuricaiiB
It itivo withdrawn Horn Oniidtra vnl-
oy. ( lonoral Smith has ordered every
juldlur on the Island nnd the Island
of Loyto to never bo without nrniH ,
oven nt meal tlmcH. Ho IB determined
oa ot lint there shall be no moro HiirprlHos ,
and coinmnndlng olllcerH will bo held
responsible. General Smith also ill-
recta that Hcontlng nniBt continue In-
c icsHantly and that nil rice nnd hemp
c inpturcd must bo destroyed. Ho con-
Bldorfl the capture of Lttklmn only n
of n very short time.
Anniversary of Battle Celebrated at
Now Tomb of First Harrison.
Cincinnati. Nov. 11. The annlver-
nnry of the battle of Tlppcconoo was
celobrnted yesterday with n very
argo nttondnnco at the now tomb of
General William Henry Harrison at
North IJpnd , O. , near this city. The
ate President Honjnmln Harrison be
fore his ( loath had a now tomb built
over the grave of his Illustrious grand
father. The principal address was by
Congressman Jacob II. Hronnvcll of
Cincinnati , followed by Jndgo Con
nor , Captain McClnng nnd others.
The wreath of flowers was placed on
the tomb by Carl Schmidt , president
: ) f the United Gorman Singing socloty
of Cincinnati. None of the members
of the Ilatrlson family were present.
Anti-Vice Crusade at Milwaukee.
Milwaukee , Nov. 11. An nntl-vico
crusade Is on In this city. A com
mittee of three , which has boon mak
ing nn investigation for several
woekn , made Its report last night.
The report brings out a variety of al
leged disregards for the lawIt Is
bnscd on < q written and somewhnt ex
tended statement prepared by an un
named agent who made a thorough
canvass of the city with reference to
the subject under consideration. The
clergy of the city took up the sub
ject yesterday and from a dozen pul
pits there was expressed hearty ap
proval of the movement.
Nebraska Runs Up Big Score.
Omnlm , Vov. 11. The University
of Missouri team was too light and
weak for Mio Nebrnsknns Saturday ,
the score ngnlnst them being 51 to Q.
Substitutes were plentiful In the Ne
brnska lineup , owing to Injuries re
celvcd In the Wisconsin nnd Mlnne
seta games , but the Interference was
nevertheless excellent , nnd Missouri
was unable to make any adequate re
slstancc. Over 1,000 rooters cnmo
from Lincoln on a special train nnd
5,000 spectators witnessed the game
Robbed Army Paymaster.
Atlanta , On. , Nov. 11. The police
department of this city have plated
under arrest J. H. Alexander , n negro
In the employ of the United States
government , chnrglng him with Imv
ing stolen $ ,500 from the valise of
Major P. C. Stevens , n United States
paymaster , last Friday evening. Ma
jor Stevens states that the money was
loft In a valise In the negro's cnrc , to
bo taken to the Union depot In this
city prior to Major Stevens' depart
ure for Pensncoln.
Buy American Trotters.
Lexington. Ky. , Nov. 11. F. Dally
nnd L. Lamina of Bologne , Italy , who
have been hero buying trotters to race
In Italy , have purchased of John D
CroigHton's ngents the 8-yenr-old bay
mnro Letn , 2:131-4 : for $5,000.
Engineer Killed In Collision.
Pnoln , Kan. , Nov. 11. A Mlssour
Pacific train crashed Into a freight
cnr nt the Missouri , Kansas and Tex
ns crossing near here last night , kill
Ing Engineer Dowers of St. Louis ant
seriously Injuring the fireman.
Election Riots at Barcelona.
Barcelona , Nov. 11. The munlclpa
elections here yesterday were nttend
cd by bloodshed and excitement. Revolver
volver shots were exchnnged and one
person was killed and 40 others were
South Dakota Buttermakers.
Huron , S. D. , Nov. 11. The annua
mooting of the South Dakota Butter
makers' association will be held In
this city , beginning Dec. 3 nnd contln
ulng three dnys.
King Edward celebrated his COth
birthday Saturday.
Thirteen persons In Kenosha were
poisoned by tainted cheese.
Mmo. Chrlstansen ended her 30-day
fast In London , having lost 261-2
Electric rnllwny promoters plnn a
combination of roads in Michigan , In
diana and Ohio.
Flvo kings and ono emperor have
accepted Invitations to attend the
coronation of King Edward.
The British war office Is alarmed at
the outcry raised over the unsanitary
condition of detention camps.
Senator Lodge In a speech before
the Middlesex club in Boston said the
Monroe doctrine must be defended at
all cost.
Witnesses in the trial at Seattle of.
John W. Conslcllnc for murder said
ex-Chief of Pollco Meredith was help
less when killed by the accused.
In a fire which Sunday destroyed
the homo of Joseph Tomashiskl , a
Polish minor at MInonk , Ills. , his 13-
year-old daughter and 11-year-old son
burned to death.
The scliooner Emily Taylor was
wrecked at Zelzer bay , 20 miles north
of Menomlnee , Mich. , Sunday and the
crew , consisting of Captain Stone and
five men , were rescued by fishermen ,
Dickinson Insists Brigands Sub
mit to His Proposition.
Bulgaralna Continue to Embarrass Ne
gotiations nnd Are O'ficlally Noti
fied of Uncle Sam's Attitude Con
sul General Dickinson Places Blame.
Sofia , Bulgaria , Nov. 11. Informa
tion has boon received hero from
Doitbnttza , that the band of brigands
holding captive Miss Ellen M. Stone ,
the American missionary , called about
fortnight ngo at the village of
Smetchevo , nnd subsequently pro
ceeded to the monastery of Ililo , but
the movements of the troops com
pelled the brlgnnds to flee toward the
frontier , where they nre now In hid
ing. It Is also asserted that lUio bri
gands have recently been treating
Miss Stone with moro severity In or
der to oxcrclso pressure and to com
pel a more ready acceptance of their
Consul General Dickinson Is Inflexi
ble. He Insists that the surrender of
Miss Stone must precede or bo sim
ultaneous with the payment of the
ransom. His attitude Is justified by
the known determination of sonic
members of the band , particularly the
captain , Ynnno Sandansky , to kill
Miss Stone nnd her companion ns
soon ns the ransom Is received , owing
to the fact that the captives have now
acquired Information regarding the
secret committees.
Competent persons , however , ex
press the opinion that the cupidity of
the brigands will overcome their fears
of revelation , nnd nil such approve
the declaration of Mr. Dickinson.
Yesterday Mr. Dickinson made ener
getic representations to the Bulgarlnn
government ngajnst the movement of
the Bulgarian troops , reproaching the
ofllcinlp with the fact that notwith
standing their solemn promises to
give all the assistance In their power ,
their action ws embarrassing the ne
gotiations regarding a settlement and
placing In jeopardy the life of Miss
Stone. He made a declaration that
the Bulgarian government would beheld
held responsible for the death of Miss
Stone and of all the -consequences of
her death , should It be proved that
the attitude of the Bulgarian government
mont forced the brigands to kill their
All Are Below the Avreage and Some
Pronounced Very Bad.
St. Petersburg , Nov. 11. The minis
try of agriculture has published Its
annual autumnal crop report for Euro
pean Russia. . The ministry has 7,600
correspondents. All ciops wore be
low average , It Is stnted , and In some
parts of the east and south they were
"bad , In many places very bad. " The
staple grain , rye , was paitlculaily de
ficient. Winter wheat was "bad" in
the Don provinces , and good only In
the southwest. All summer grains
were below average , and ranged from
"bad" to "very bad" In the east and
southeast , summer wheat nnd oats be
ing notably deficient.
Bethany College Celebration.
Lindborg , Knn. , Nov. 11. The 20th
anniversary ceremonies of Bethany
college ( Swedish ) yesterday were at
tended by several thousand visitors
from nil parts of the west. Bishop
Von Scheele , representative of the
king of Sweden , preached In the audi
torium In the morning. In the after
noon there was a great welcome meetIng -
Ing , with 5,000 present. Addresses
were made In seven languages. The
bishop , In responding , paid a high trib
ute to Bethany and to Kansas educa
First Monument to McKinley.
Tower , Minn. , Nov. 11. To this vil
lage belongs the honor of having
erected the first monument In honor
of William McKinley. Representa
tives from the entire northwest were
present yesterday at the unveiling ,
including Governor Van Sant and
other men of prominence. When the
monument was unveiled all the bands
that Tower nnd 4he surrounding
country could muster played the
hymn "Nearer , My God , to Thee. "
Fatal Shooting Affray In Church.
Hopklnsvllle , Ky. , Nov. 11. At a
colored church near here yesterday ,
during services , Henry Davle quar
reled with Abe Allen , with whom he
wns occupying the same pew. / Davlo
shot at Allen with his pistol. The
bullet missed Allen , but pierced the
heart of Jerry Wilson , on the opposite
side of the church , killing him instant
ly. Davlo was arrested.
Schwantes Is Convicted.
Wnsau , WIs. , Nov. 11. The jury In
the Schwante < murder case , after being -
ing out all night , brought in a verdict
of guilty. The convlQted man , a young
farmer , was charged with setting fire
to the home of an aged couple named
Klokow , thus causing their death.
Father Tlmphaus Dying.
Topeka , Kan. , Nov. 11. Father J ,
M. Tlmphaus , a priest who CO years
ago performed arduous labor among
the Indian of the whole western
continent , is dylne at Wathenn , Kan. ,
where he has qontlnued In charge of a
church for 20 years.
Oelweln Strikers at Work.
Dubuque , la , Nov. 11. The Chicago
Great Western strike
at Oolwcln wns
settled by the men returning to work
Saturday , though the objectionable
( qreman was not removed. Three
hundred strikers were out for three
Two Killed and Two Seriously Injured'
In Kancao City Packing Plant.
Kansas City , Nov. 11. Two steam-
litters were killed and two others se-
rlously Injured by the blowing out of
a valve In the water pumping nppnr-
nttm nt the Schwnrzelilld & Sulzber-
gcr packing plant In Armourdalo ,
Kan , , yesterday.
The dead : N. R. Murphy , suffo-
rated or drowned , nnd J. II. Russell , ,
The Injured : James McMahon nnd
W. 1J. Hoover , scalded.
The accident occurred In a depp-
pit In which , Is located the packing
plant's machinery. The apparatus la
nil below ground , where the men were
working on repairs. Suddenly the-
Inrgo "T" valve , which is used to reg
ulate the pressure nnd flow , was
blown out nnd the men were 9nvol-
oped In a cloud of scalding water and' '
Nothing could bo done to rescue tho-
men until the flow of steam had ex
hausted Itself.
Murphy was dcnd when tnten out.
Russell lived four hours. The injured
men nro In n serious condition. Me-
Mnhon has a slight clmnce of recov
Struck Down in San Francisco by Unknown -
' known Assailant.
San Francisco , Nov. 11. Otto M.
Ekborg , a nonunion teamster , was m
murdered last night at Third and
Townscnd stieots by nn unknown
man. Ekborg was struck on the head
with a gas pipe fully two feet long .
nnd killed almost Instantly. The only ' '
witness to the murder was Mrs. Alma.
Miller. She does not think she would
be able to Identify the murderer.
During the recent strike In this city
Ekberg and another nonunion teams
ter were attacked by 20 or more union
teamsters. In defending themselves
Ekberg and his friends shot Into the x
crowd , wounding ono of the union
men slightly. It Is thought this oc
currence supplied the motive for the
murtler. .
Eleven Passengers Robbed of Their
Money and Valuables.
Valley City , N. D. , Nov. 11. Whllo
an omnibus was on its way to Nortn
Valley City last night It was held up
by masked men and a number of the
passengers robbed of their valuables.
There werell passengers and they lost
money and valuables to the amount of
$400. A lawyer who was riding with
the driver jumped from his seat In
the darkness , ran back to the nearest
house jand telephoned for the police.
By the time officers arrived , however ,
the robbers had escaped with their
booty. The hold-up took place within
the city limits and was a bold piece ot
Shot by Six Year-Old Boy.
Devil's Lake , N. D. , Nov. 11. Th
G-year-old son of William Barber yes
terday secured a revolver and began
shooting at persons passing his home.
Miles Miller , a merchant , was made a
target of by the boy , but was missed.
Bert Crary , a 12-year-old boy , was the
next person to pass and young Barber
shot him through the apex of the right
lung , probably fatally woumbng him.
The Barber boy seemed to < hlnk he
was having a good time and did not
realize the gravity of his act.
Ratifies Joseph Smith's Selection.
Salt Lake , Nov. 11. At a special
conference of the general officers of
the Mormon church the action of the
council of apostles In selecting , Jo
seph Smith as president of the church
In succession to the late Lorenzo
Snow was sustained. The conference
also ratified the selection of Joseph
F. Smith , John R. Winder and Anton
H. Lund as members of the first presl-
.J , ; . ,
Confesses to Bank Robbery.
St. Louis , Nov. 11. John Callahan ,
who was arrested In the Union Iron
foundry , after attempting to hold up
the night watchman , Michael Henne-
berger , has confessed that he was one
of the three men who robbed a bank
at Turon , Reno county , Kan. , In Octo
ber , 1899. After the safe was blown
open by nitro-glycerlne the money
was divided equally among the trio.
Mrs. Richardson Scores
a Point.
St. Joseph , Mo. , Nov. 12. The wid
ow of murdered Millionaire Frank
Richardson scored a point In her fa
vor at Savannah
yesterday when the
court granted a change of venue on
grounds of prejudice. The case will
go to Platte City for trial. Richard
son wns shot to death In his homo
Christmas evening when ho un
expectedly appeared. His widow IB
indicted ( or his murder , but It Is the
belief of the
prosecution that the
shot was fired by
unknown man.
Diplomatic Relations Resumed.
Constantinople , Nov. 12. The
flag waves above the French
embassy in
for tbo
first time since Aug. 26. M. Bapst ,
counsellor of
the embassy , has called
upon the Ottoman
minister of
affairs , thus foreign
diplomatic renewing the
relations between
and Turkey. The destination
of the
of Admiral
ron , which left squad
the Island of Mltyleno
yesterday , Is
the Island of Syra.
Machinists Return to
San Work.
nounced Francisco , Nov. 12. It Is an
nearly 500 machinists
employed by the
Fulton Iron
hnvo works
to work
been having
on strike for
an effort to several months In
ten '
nine hours' pay for
It Is
they return to their
schedule of benches on a
nlno '
hours' work. pay for nine